Saturday, January 9, 1886

Huron Daily Huronite

Location: Huron, South Dakota

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Huron Daily Huronite on Saturday, January 9, 1886

Daily Huronite, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1886, Huron, South Dakota VOL. 1. DAVIS KETCHVM, Proprietors. Hfternoon (except Sundays) at ising made known on appli THE NEWS. Dakota's Senators-Jolm Sherman Re nominated. Cold Weatlier Everywhere. WELL DOME. The Republican members of the Ohio legislature have re nominated John Sherman. Election J an. 12. MAY BE ADMITTED. Judge Moody, chosen United States Senator by the legislature which met in Huron, Dakota, was at the capitol Friday, and Judge Edgertnn, his col- Icao-ue, is expected to arrive here Sat- urcfaynight" It is probable that a resolution will be introduced in the senate when it meets next, admitting them to the floor as a matter of courtesy. THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. Lottie Griffin, a colored woman, of Hannibal, Mo., who claimed to be over 120 years of age, died yesterday. She has a daughter over eighty years of ago. Several old citizens place her age at from 110 to 120. TUNNELED. Sixte-n inmates of the Little Bock penitentiary tunneled 15 feet and got away Blood-hounds are in pursuit FREEZING FIGURES-ALL BELOW 0. Sioux City, 20 below at midday. Glendive, 37. Fargo, 30. Manitoba, 35. St. Louis, 8. Omaha, 23. Cincinnati, 12 above. Kansas, the wtfrst blizzag for sev- eral years. Des Moines. 18. Nearly all trains in Iowa, Minne sota, Nebraska, and Kansas are blocked In Missouri all trains ,ue from one to three hours behind time You deny then, Mr. Sioux Press, tnat Dakota is a State. Neither your head nor that of Senator Edgerton are "muddled" with any such notion Well, we don't want any force wasted quarreling among friends. You both admit that Dakota ought to be a State. Who has the power to make <t such'? Senator Edgerton was once a Democrat, and stood, with both feet, on the Democratic National platfoim of which tbe following was the lead- ing plank: B recognize the rigUt of tbe ever becoming a membei: of the Union. Others may have done so. Dakota State may live and die outside of the Union. It _ 11 Llt5 in v force the people of the Uniteo. Thit platforto was endorsed by the Democratic state conven- tions throughout tbe nation Sena- tor Edgerton not only helped make the plank originally, but be helped endorse it in Minnesota state con- vention. We do not understand that change political heart was based upon upon any error in the doctiiue of that plank. After search we have been unable to find any subsequent utterance of the Democratic party, and certainly none of Senator Edgerton, repudiating tlie doctrine of that plank. Is it not good Democratic doctrine yet? A State must somehow bewnade be- fore it can be taken into the Union of States. Who has the authority to ur.keit? "The majority of actual residents" within its boundaries Is here any doubt in tbe minds of the Press but that in the political mean- no, of the term a majority of tbe people of Dakota have voted to or- ganize' a State? Indeed, "we-are-a-, The people have decreed it. They alone can change the decree. We are a loyal American State out side the Union, Such States have existed before. State, existed before the present Union was made. One State, at least, in the very heart of American soil, was born, long after the Union was consummated, apd lived and died in due time, WILL ____ The Trains and storm, tbe main train 11 ev there The storm was and will stay taeie. badly raging there this mormng as badly in that arrived 30 minutes s from the north and weBt of the followin g Thrall last night: hl We are having a snow b the Iowa division and l wi have advices that p -s aar morning this message from General manager Wheelercame to Mr. Oliver. the wheeling is splendid

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