Tuesday, January 27, 1891

Daily Huronite

Location: Huron, South Dakota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Huronite on Tuesday, January 27, 1891

Daily Huronite (Newspaper) - January 27, 1891, Huron, South Dakota VOL. VI. HURON, SOUTH DAKOTA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 1891. NO. 16. -AGAINST LOSS BY- Judgement be displayed in. buying medi- cine above all things. In. selecting a re-medy for any disease, you should positive that it contains nothing inju- rious to the health. Many remedies on the market leave the patient in much -worse condition, than before taking them. Q Q BUILDING A SENATOR. ft'e Moody Releases His Now for the General Scramble All! IB purely vegetable, and perfectly harmless: 'he most delicate child can take it with Absolute safety. It contains no mercury or minerals of any kind, and yet it never fails to cure the dis- eases it is recornmended for. Book on Blood and Skin diseases frea, Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga VV. BROWN, can 131 ace your insurance in tne following well known ROYAL, of Liverpool, England. CONTINENTAL, of New York City. LONDON an.i LANCASHIRE, of Liverpool, England. IIAMBUKU-BUEMKN, of Hainburg, (Jeraiany. NEVADA, of San Francisco, Cal. MUTUAL Chicago. LIBERTY, of New York City. HURON, s. D. --------Ser.ond Floor-------- Tlte Great Novthevii Ilailwuj1 Line. [MA1UTCEA..1 St Paul rvllnnea-jolis the East to Water- town, liiiron and Way 1'oints. p.m. CJIAS. AsiususioN, Agent. South troisslit......... North passenger..... AVE WOLSEY. a. m. .......S.-DSp. m. a. in. p. m. T. ii. HULEKIIT, Agent. E! sa 19 58 i H i d I a I IIPI afclas: u THE v Special to the Huronite. PIEHEE, Jan. 26, republican caucus closed a short time ago. Seeing that it is impossi- ble at this stage of the proceedings for him to gain the solid vote of the republicans, Senator Moody released the republicans from all obligations to himself. This plan will allow some of the ambitious gentlemen to verify their assertions that they can get more votes than Mr. Moody and thus sttcure an election. The entire state and nation will DOW gaze on the play to see THE COMING MOSES who will lead tha party intd the wait- ing seat in the senate, A.S some of these would-be Mosas-es have secret- ly connived at withholding the full republican strength from Moody, it will be quite interesting to note the the rapidity with which they cooper all of this strength for thsir own pet boom let. WILL BE A BEPUBLICAX. Do not allow yourself: to despair of the next senator being a republican. Ka will be. And while it possibly may not be tha choice of the state as abundantly indicated, ha will be a re- publican. Well, that is, I think so. But I may be 'over-confident-. I have had somewhat to do with poli- tics for a number of years; but I never before tarried among a set ef politicians who were so unanimously encouomical in their dispensation of the truth as those I've mingled with Don't be shocked if they elect Loucks senator! Of course ha's ineligible; but that counts nothing with these D. Jims. They know what they want and will get it if they have to steal it. Converse sot so disgusted this afternoon that ho moved the house do now adjourn siae die. A pity that it failed to prevail. 2o. J ons. THE LA.TKST. The Unlucky of "HP iu the in It. Special to Hr.ronite. PIERBE, Jan. 27. 2 p. bal- lots were taken in joint- convention to-day. There were tha unlucky number of 13 in the list, as follows, with a few scattering: THE LEGISLATURE.- The South Dakota List of Members of the Sen ate Assembly District. The Seiiiite Posioflice. County. A M, Stewart......Elk o__John L. 13 lYencli .....Yankton..........'i ankton i-TVtpr Bvrne )5on lloinmo Bon Homtue DnbhamV.'.'.'.. .Saddle Creek......Lincoln L 1 vuorman......Parker............. Inraer S-Oohi? S liean.......Armnnr.......... .DonuhiB n-A 15 Kittri'dfrc......Sioux l-alle... Ltiirpe 31 Wkkhiiin......A lltli Harden.................... Grose...................... Melville.....................14- Kyle........................12' Lake........................w- MeUette..................... Winslow................... King........................ Seward..................... "J Martin...................... l Pickler a Wtli ...39 .25 L l.nk. U 11 K O V> Tit worm 1 1. llircii...........Hoviini...... N Smiiii.........A'la.......... C SVaru-1 Bnile Mooriy Luke Miner 1 Steal-as... u Oawfnrcl. Major... "I- Kratik Dre'.v.. Austin.. Ir-.vin. Pembroke I'aliner...'. Vienna Hyde- Beuol li-niiiliii 1 i.'arrii'r..... HU--K J Corey........ Win Uirti......... WatiTtown.....'' ai--X D Scuit........ "2- -D ,1 11 K.vie'.'....... T W K Kunnvily... ii K Jiortnji..... :iS--F .1 3 i W S I T 5 i'io Grant. Day Brown Mav.-lia! 1-1. itti Electric Llelite'l and Trainafietwrten Chi- Correspondence Solicited. Send for Plats and Prices. e-tea-m'lieated Milwaukee, St. Paul and .Minneapolis. with Li-hted and a team fJ.Hatcd O.-uncil lilulls, and the Paciiic. raft Kaijunal between Cnlcsso, Kan and yt. .loseph. JHo. iVIUort Jlond reaching all prtndiJC.i noiutsiu Illiaoia, Wisconsin, Miesonri and Dakota. Vor MHOM, tables, ratfl? ot pssBBiie ;i-na frefi'ht, etc, apply to ths neavest station utient r.t tUe JfiV.vRulwe Pant Kjiilway, or tc an'v Katli'Oftd Asent anywhere in the world. ROSWELL MILLER. A, V. E GAMESTER, General Manager. Fass imrl Tkt information in refere ni ;e to Lar.i.s aco Towns owned bv the OHJO.AGO, MlLVvAUibB PAUL KAILWAY write to H y. HAUGEH, Land Commissioner, Wisconsin.; during the last month. Bub this is enough of the morals of politicians. Two more ballots ware takea for senator today. Moody lost, two votes those of senators Gory and Pres- Scattering, fi. No more cases of unseating in the morning session. Senator Pettigrew luEb for the east this morning. Miscellaneous. The Western Union anuouaces the' renewal of business nftev tho storms in the east, to some bat it is subject to delay, especially in New England states, New York City and vicinity, Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and District of Columbia. The storms have beea among the worst- Isaac Mooi'i'... 11. U. .1. Austin.. Nnrlin.. H'pv.'i: Frank .1 N Stont.... Aninist Kotni; John VVit'.niiiv M.osr.rip... K O fioiu.lnx- i: Doa'lwooil......l.awrwnci4 ..Mrt.ni city__i'e n ni listen lit-restori'i...........Union ..Clay Vi-ri ml ii ...VaJilrtDii... Viinkt'.'.n... l.'.irre'.t.-i... ..Scutlaud.. A Hiincloll.... Bucchlc-r..... A M Klinu...... Clark K Veacock...... (t -Li-r'iy Norton C W llnhli.-rO. .OaniDU Hnrh-y ..Dcnvillf ..Murle.v I'arketoii .Bon Iluinme .......Lltsooln .........Turner ti ___UiilcVirifon '.'.'.'.'.'.'.V'liiif. Mix riii-i Ci I) Vnil-y S'iriii'--- i" liny H-K J Oik'H '.M.jii'.ro.-i Goods anfi Tcilst Articles, Blank Bcote, THE 1 Dakota Avenue, Huron. RUNS Jfast with rullman Vesrilwlert Room Sleepers, Dinin- Cars iinrt Co Mae a of latest clesirrnbetsveen CJticaeojind WLUviinHei; and St. Prtul and Fait Truins wUbPnllnmn Vestlbuled rjraw- Uooin Binius; Cars and Coaches ot latest, design hetween and .'vmiwan- rfiee and limrt and Fadnian VesHJjuled Drawing R.OOIO aiTtl via fhe l- too. The fusion candidates polled about their usual, strength. Tripp 23, Harden 28, Crosa 15, Kyle 13. Add all of those together aud their aggre- gate ia just that of Moody's highest figure. the sum of t-hosa four is insufficieut elect. Let me explain the L4WHENOE COUNTY CASES to you, very concisely: For a for- eigner to become naturalized it is first necessary for him to make oath before the clerk of the court in the county where he resides that ifcis his intention to become a citizen of the United Shates. But notice carefully this fact: The law reqairing this oath no where states that the oath must ba taken in the clerk's office. Therefore the clerk of a large county often takes his seal and his papers and goes io different, localities and administers this oath of' intention to those desiring to make it, This is done iu every county of the state and no one has ever opposed in the Dakotas. The court clerk of Lawrence coun- ty followed this practice last fall. To DAY the first votes foi: sena- tor in ths K'-msas legislature to ba taken. It will be strange ii! the alliance do as not name the man right away. JOST suppose, for instance, that theie in each township four flowing 3 inch artesian wells, with the hnudred little streams that might C iv is ,J iJ J.oniH M Iv llDVi-y Clark S Uiisvi; 'ilniH. l-'onnlain J J-: Xell'-y L'-uvini'T Kei'-ai! Ii U BDWI-U Jones Pot-r ]'.i.-W II VicK.-r- lii.i'iu i oliiuu) Winfi'-i .-'.rliifiUn oom a li oouss r -i em I'auMiti hetivfen (Jliitngo and ,0i-e. to and from Eastera, M'fiStern. Northern and Wisconsin piunts allccl servic.u to and Irom wau i tin DBBGS BOOKS and the republican legislative ticket war, elected iu that county. On telegraphic order these seats j.' JL llanniiford, Gen'l Traffic St. Paul, Xiun H C B'irlow, Traffic, Mauuaer, Milwaukee, Wis Louie Eckstein, A. G. P. imd 1. A. Milwaukee, W is i were contwated, because 114 of these oaths of intention were administered in Lawrence county as abovw de- scribed. The democrats and ba msde fco extend from, them, and then that every bit of grass that. Bea- dla coanty coald raise shoald b e tarned into wool and meat! What ghouid we care about the price of wheat? 'LOon native grasses here ara the richest meat and milk producing grasses in the says an old stock raiser, "is there any way to preserve How won Id it do to change the method a Instead of plowing 160 acres and getting H gross return of suppose we so cultivate 16 acres as to make them produce the and leave the other niuO'taufclas to pasture and meadow. Then when coma to the clover and timothy, etc what an ad- vantage in baing able frequently to change the location of the sixteen cropping acres': S T V Cdiivurse Ada Hans 2s' eleven Kichun.1i- ,s liuips Arlington Henry ...Klkuni... Hanson Duvideon. Anrom ......Moody tt .'.'.'.'.'.'.'iliner (L .....Sanboru ......HuiTiilo n Kinaebury A N Uiihlun.'.V.'.'.'.l.iik" I'r-'s'on i' John (_ K i; M Harrison......Huron......... Hijilniiin.......D'.'un................Hnnd Joliu Volney.............. Frank Trutnian 2U-J'. KMc'-Vinuauk.. 27_T iS-navld -3J O Hoe............'iary................I >e'wl .1 IVterfcon... (J Thna Mellon C X. ,1 11 Kin-...... M--A Ji W C W.-ildron.. i-i H C >i U K ,1 K .Iliinilin .Chirk .'I'nlaro time I We carry a full line of every tiling m Our Line of Business and onr Patrons will find it to Their Advan- tage to Trade with ns. 1BTHVEST. Home seesers will find the last of public domain of agricultural graz- ing on the Great Northern Ky. in >forth Dakota and Montana. LAPS SEW TOMS 100-or more on the Great Northern-j Kailwav Line. Business chances. Write 'F. I. WHITNEY, Paul, I for Books, Maps, Ac. Write now, j uuu -11 ufe- Settlers on free Liovevumant lands on the Great IS ortbern KT. line in North Unk. and Montina get low rates, fine markets ior products. LOW RATES If you Wish to renew your subscription to frmTTlTXiri! Finest resorts in America on test lUW iiWul Northern Ry. line in Minn., Dak., and Montana. Beat climate for any publication, call on us HURON. DAKOTA. health seekers. Slontana. produces the finest Hor- ses and Cattle. 1'Tee rauaes yet in Mouse, Milk and Sun Hiver Val- leys and Sweet Grass Mills. HORSES TTTl H I (TUT S In Northwest, tree Lands, Sew PEAL IQ Towns, Railways, New Mines, TnTHTTUI I Low Rates. Largess area of goort KllMlIil I vacant land. _______ Sweet Grsss Ii ills, ililk and sun River Valleys, Mont., reached only bv the Great Northern Hallway Line. The Stock Kaisers' paradise. HTifiTiO hlll'U E Have Mont, the richeat State 3 per capita in the Union. Plenty of room for mora miners am otockraisers. Xow Is the time. needed these seats, aad- on the flimsy excuse that the clerk should have ad- ministered the oath in his office, they arw throwing out the whole of the five republicans. One went Friday and another tonight. The others will go as rapidly as the bouncer can get in its work. Now observe the inconsistency of' larcenous indecrats. This ___ the aid of Bowell, Kee- gan and Speaker Seward, a resolu- jtiou was adopted by the house sub- mitting tue legality of the court clerk's action to the supreme court for their opinion. This afternoon the attorneys argued it before the court, and at about the conclusion the house swallowed ered .their morning work and laid the submission proposition on the table. The speaker notified the court of this and that body .cess-fa their sxaminii- of the ease and give no opinion upon it. Valleys of Red, Mouse, Missouri, .S.fi. Milk: and Sun J-tivera reached by l U. 151 G.N. K'y Line. Half rates excur- j sioneSept 9, and Oct. 14 1880, I fl T Write 1" I Fuul Mmn. I II A house that can so completely SWALLOW ITSELF. and slap the snpKecne court in the face, all in one day, is of the dandy Jim Variety, as you- mast admit. SCHOOL BOOKS. An Interstate Co.-iveutioii Yanktoa Press and Dakutan. The Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and South Dako- ta legislatures are all considering the j common school text book question, and all seem to have had the same unprofitable experience, and ail have started in to correct the evil after the sains fashion. This being the situa- tion, it would seem-to be in the in- terest of the general welfare for rep- resentatives of these states to bold a text book convention and agree upon a uniform policy. This can be best done by a special commission created by the legislature of each state and empowered to agree upon a system and -pat it into active operation. Five of the most experienced educa- tors of South Dakota should be placed upon the commission and an invitatiou extended t.o all the states uamed and ocbers who wish to join in the to meet say, in atYauktyc, and determine up- on a uniform Yankton will be in shape by tnat tiinft to take ijtili.--...... K .loric-s.... L U I-' A Kiiswick. G. A. SUrv.'iT-. --.I. L. llr.v.v.i.... J. 1 Storm..... "N. ij I' Ciias U u LefUT.... K J u NeJli... E Rolicrts ......Day Ili-.viin.i N. II. Kowiile- ...Mr.rhsr.Bon ,T l.eoia...... .'.'.'.Moun'Ycity. e wt-ni-i 45_n A (.Jodard SmitlnvScus. fall Kivct Alvin .1 Way Hennona O D MO.JTH Cueter City. S M Biilcl'-vJ-i......Hill City..... W E Putnam.......Bear Buue... City... K W Graham......Terrwville... JdhnMcLsod...... H .M E P J A Kniclit........Deaihvood.. H Snyder.......Unite........ ......Meade it. Lawrence S 0. BICHEXBEKGER, proprietor, of TJJB Nicbolhs Hotel, DuQaoin, wrivr-s under date of JBU. 1891, UP follows: '-Enclosp.d iiadSS. J-hip MB by express nt once one A. en p.nd Accontit- Booi.' a fine rnn of trade, r en ono Sr. Nicholas, however, would not be compietfl without esteemed Fiotel Cuicago Hotel World- linuoxiTE's partiality for inx npirits ar, both ftnds of the line it pleasant to reproduce the number of Huron Utf ouowc .-j f c-are of vb.e reprpfieutatives, while South Dakota would be greatly bene- fited by having a gathennK of disfan- gnishedmen ivsid here dunng that month. frieuds gladly 'hear of. the- prosperity-, of the proprietor. of the St. wbilft a wasm-bearted few have ia! inierest in the BUCCCBS of the beautiful au'.l'useful Hotel "World.-

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