Sunday, June 13, 1971

Florence Morning News

Location: Florence, South Carolina

Page: 29

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Text Content of Page 29 of Florence Morning News on Sunday, June 13, 1971

Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 13, 1971, Florence, South Carolina HOUSE OF THE WEEK FLORENCE MORNING NEWS SUNDAY, JUNE 9-C Open Floor Plan 'Enlarges' Ranch MORE DETAILED PLANS Full study plan Information on this archlloci- deilgned House ol The Wook In obtainable In a 50-cent baby blueprint which you can order with thli coupon. Also, we have available three helpful booklets at Home-How to Build, Buy or Sell "Ranch Including 24 of the most pop- ular homes that have appeared In the feature, and "Practical Home which tells you how to handle 35 common house problems. House of the Week I Florence Morning News Florence, S. C. 29501 Enclosed Is 50 cents each lor_____baby blueprints ol Dasign No. L-2.............................................. Enclosed is lor RANCH HOMES booklet................. Enclosed is lor YOUR HOME booklet................_____ I Enclosed Is for PRACTICAL HOME REPAIRS......______ I Name______ 1 Street ___ Icily______ State. .Zip. IJy ANDY LANG ModcHl enough to permit placement on most suburban lots, this charming house creates, on (he outside, an im- pression of conlness and, pn Ihc Inside, an illusion of much more space limn the 1502 square feel actually enclosed. H's an L-shaped ranch, pleasantly combining stone veneer and board and batten siding, with a sheltered porlico adding to the over all picture of quiet comfort. Architect Samuel Paul has successfully met the challenge of stretching the most out of a design to pro- vide more for less. A spacious central reception foyer leads to a roomy 20' by 13' family room kitchen, a warm spacious area for in- formal activity and informal dining. The kitchen area itself is a homemaker's delight, pro- viding an abundance of cabinet and counter space arranged in an efficient U-space and con- taining space for all the modern appliances now available. There are windows on two sides providing good ventilation and light. Adjacent. to kitchen is a conveniently Jlocaled laundry-mudroorn and access to the garage, the outside and the basement, all located In one convenient spot. To the rear of the foyer, is the real "stretcher" of the home the 20' by 19' <t" cathedral v e 11 i n g c d living- dining room. This, almost- square area features a cathedral ceiling with exposed wood beams, two sets of sliding glass doors flanking a great wood burning brick fireplace, and glazed high win- dows, all overlooking the rear patio. The entire picture is one of livable luxury; that is, it gives the impression that it is meant to be lived in and not merely looked at. There are three bedrooms, two children's rooms plus a master bedroom. The master bedroom features a walk in closet plus the two entrance foyer closels. The hall bath is roomy, with a large laminated plastic vanity. The private master bath includes a tub and shower. The house contains a side entry, two car garage plus a All-Star Election Special 121 W.EVANS ST. FLORENCE Gillette DOUBLE EDGE BLADES Our Daily Price BJ3Mm81MUfl 59 LIMIT 2 Tib BLADES DOUBLE EDG EDGE OUR DAILY PRICE S1.93 LIMIT 2 INJECTOR BLADES 7Qc PLATINUM PLUS OUR DAILY PRICE S1. 01 LIMIT 2 GILLETTE ADJUSTABLE RAZOR PRICES EFFECTIVE JUNE 9 THRU JUNE 19 PICKUP YOUR BALLOT AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS LIMIT 1 OFFICIAL All-Star Election MAJOR LEAGUI3ASEB All. COMMISSIONER OF V; _ SPECIAL OFFER Official Major League Souvenir Baseball Helmet value only WITH PROOF OF PURCHASE Adjustable Razor III III Jjl -'.'Hi PI AllNUM-PUlS Hull's VACATION OR IRAVEL SIZE RIGHT GUARD deodorant RIGHT GUARD Only PUDS PROOF OP LIMIT 2 100% NAUGAHYDE (CH-7QK COMPAPATIVG v I f "J RETAIL VALUE LIGHT EASY TO CARRY partial basement for storage, playroom, rumpus room, etc. All in all, a solid house. L-2 STATISTICS Design A-l has a living room dining room, family room kitchen, three, bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry mud room and a foyer, totaling 1502 square feet. A partial base- ment van be left is or finish- ed as a reercalion area. There is a two ear garage, with a door leading to the mudroom, which also has a side entrance close to the basement stairway and the family room kitchen. The over all dimensions of 4T 8" by 57' include the garage. Killer Whale Cuddles Boss DUDLEY, England, (AH) A killer whale named Cuddles tugged a zoo director into its pool Tuesday just for fun. Don Rob in executive of Dudley Zoo, wound up in a hospital suffering from shock. He was handing Cuddles a fish to eat when the whale snapped back its head, pulling Robinson into the water and banging his head against thej side of the pool. Attendants held Cuddles off with broomsticks as Robinson was helped ou t of the pool. One zoo official 'There's nothing vicious about' Cuddles. He, or maybe it's she, was justbeing friendly." FLOOR PLAN Shear Back Candytuft Now So New Growth Can Begin By CORA A. HARRIS Are you keeping up with things to do about candytuft, one of the favorite and most popular evergreen perennials in the garden or border? This is the proper time to clip off their faded blooms and shear back to where new growth begins. If you'll do this, the plants will become com- pact and they will repay you for this extra trouble. Once I had charge of an estate garden consisting of two long borders, each measuring 200 feet and all sides edged with candytuft in full sun. These plants performed beautifully until I learned that something happened in hot, dry summer weather. That was when these plants began turning yellow and that red spiders took over year after year. These insects are a menace and you seldom see them unless you hold a piece of white paper under a branch and shake the leaves. Rather than examining in this way and railing until they have done their damage and turned leaves bright yellow, treat Uie plants soon after blooming if you have noticed yellowing in other seasons. IN CASES OK yellowing can- dytuft, dust will) sulphur in early summer and then apply water about, the plant. Sulphur dust sets up a fume which spiders dislike. In addition to mocking out red spiders, watering revives -the roots which have gone too long in dry soil. This is an important duty now. Evergreen candytuft is easi ly propagated by cuttings made of new shoots soon after the plants have flowered. When making them, retain a bit of the old stem. Use a sharp knife when you do this job. Place these cuttings in a box filled with moist sand or in a shaded bed where the soil is loose and loamy. Don't fertilize the culling bed or flat. Apply plant food after seedlings arc transplanted. Press f i r in ly around each cutting to prevent air pockets. Drying air soon damages the roots. LAVISHING IS another method of perennial candytuft propagation. This is done by placing a mound of soil over Ihcir brandies. Peg them down with lit lie rocks or bent wire. Cover wilh soil and keep it When a good root system develops, cut branches aw.iy from Iho mother plant and transplant in a permanent) bed. The little branches arc easily layered. .Remember, d o n I siivtr them from the plant un- til (heir own roots develop. Kvergrcen candytuft, likes n location in full .sun, but it will stand a little shade not heavy shade. The more silicic, the loss vigor. Too much shade causes "leggy" growth. It likes soil filled with humus and it must have extra good drainage. It will die in loca- tions where there is standing water. Sow these seeds in early July or set plants in the fall. I mention "perennial cand- ytuft" because there is an an- nual type which can be planted now. It doesn't survive the winter. CLIMBING ROSES can be propagated by layering branches that have finished blooming. A brand new gardener will find this to be an easy way to increase fine specimens of climbing roses. When doing this job, make a notch underneath the branch, peg down with wire or little rocks, cover all except the tip of the branch. Put very loose soil over the layered cane and keep it moist. The branch should be rooted by tatt when it is cut avray from the mother plant. Then, plant it in a permanent bed in full sun. Fancy-leaved caladiums arc among the most popular plants for shady nooks. BORROW UPTQS2000 i ARRANGES IT ALL Months Annual mount Monthly lo Total of percentage ol loan payment teuay faymenh rate ,815.26 24 23.75% -185.72 52.00 36 1872.00 15.69% 68.00 36 2448.00 15.69% Dial Finance one tor money 130 S. Irby St. 669-3162 SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL Western Round Up Week 1-Week Only Wagon Wheel 3-Light 21" Spread Antique Brass Antique Copper Wheel 4-Light 21 "Spread Antique Brass Antique Copper 3950 New Shipment Arriving Daily Wagon Wheel 5-Light 26" Spread Antique Brass Antique Copper Ox Yoke 4-Light 26" Spread Antique Brass Antique Copper 3950 MITCHELL LIGHTING "TEMPORARY LOCATION" 127 E. CHEVES PHONE 662-0214 IN OLD HORNEFORD BUILDING NEXT COX MOTORS