Friday, February 13, 1925

Aiken Standard

Location: Aiken, South Carolina

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Aiken Standard (Newspaper) - February 13, 1925, Aiken, South Carolina TRW!! ‘ TOWN Mi! SSK Vol. IO. No. 38—'Tenth Year. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA. KIUTMY. FEHR I VK .13. HK-’S. Price 3 Cent- Jeff Davis Highway Josef Hofmann    | Marker Unveiled Praises Pablo Casals Tho beautiful granite boulder, as a Of Pablo Casal#, the great Spanish marker for the Jeffers Davie High- ’cellist, who will give a recital at the way, erected by the Edward Croft Aik* Opera House Saturday evening, Chapter of the U. I). €.. was unv* tied February 28, Josef Hofmann is quoted Wednesday afternoon with befitting as saying:    “When I last visited Kus* etc re i aes at the First Baptist Church kWi. he wsi spoken of aa a god there, and at the site of the boulder. Prof. Casal* is not only the worlds area -W Jay MeGariiy, superintcnder-t of est Vc Hilt. He is also ope of the; the Aiken Institute, airted as chair- world’s leading orchestra! conductors, manof the exercises Mrs Ethel: Hr has founded his ow® symphony. Pavnr Black of Johnston, the state orchestra in Barcelona. Spain, and-president of the LL I). C., war prcsc t- uich vear dire-is two sen.« or con cl to the audience at the chu!*h, fol- x< rt? there.    ,    . TSWtBg several app rope one hymns    AVIwju he was a ooy he ptaye* sung in chonta, and a prelude by the ’cello in an orchestra ta Barre.ona. organist. Mrs. Felder Seigler. Mrs. -The corductor. a fussy r■!<»>«-»< ";*»* Laurie E. Croft read an essay, writ- very n fficult to atis./. U nap m nee ten bv Miss Eva Sommers, on Kii- that the cadenza. a* ifnprovieatu n Patrick’s raid at Aiken, picturing the the ’cello, was given to Cital# tor a defeat of the northern general and the certain perform nice t he I isi urn* pat riot It - add successful fight of that Casals played it at.the rehear, ii. Wheeler’s men and the homeguard of the conductor snapper. toy lo ig. a ken    tiertiy Cabals attempted it again. Th,    of    Mrs. Bl«k jM.«-    A T-\ »hd th* speaker wa. rn- qomO innocently. VVhat a thusiastic in her warm words of loyt* wnt.n .    _ and tenderness to the members^     b    pianist 'tsrs^^tsrzjf $££ whT«~ ss — —     : out the state to have the faithful obi    Clarence Mackey for the Belgian wives of the Coti f J** ran J.    Ambassador on the' 17th of February the home in Columbia admitted to that    York- institution, to pass their last days rn in N«w for*. peace with their life companions. While Jefferson Davis had not come in for his rightful share of eulogy, the speaker said. nevertheless he was a noble high minded statesman, and an  -- un* elfish Southern patriot, who had Th* Student Club..hauhl rrcmv th. riven himwlf and hi., all to the cauae hearty support of the peyleo>Aik* . fj th Southland Mrs. Black compli- and vicinity in their efforts to help men ted and congratulated the Edward the Aiken Library in its present c:tm-Croft Chapter on securing the hand- .-sign to ^Wajl equip anew -iiimv boulder, and encouraged them to building in Aiken. 1    1    .    .. in still further forward in their great taking at great expense to bring the and noble work in upholding the Charleston Spiritual hociet> to A * kin glory and achievements of Dixie. on Saturday evening of -his week H?-nTy Bush... aa ™»Uti~ of ^£"3” ^ MSM M». Black whSTThort un.iartak.njr .n^.howa . fine spirt. Speech in which he offer*! the un,th£ S.mVT of C^me^e has tndura.d . !&    Orft ^p«£m hoMi»* ^ worktn* ^fo^Wj* UhraryJ anti paid a splendi d tnbufit inc I Spirit<Ma Society concert. Hat, ?¥l 2 e * f * a c    est* loved Southland.    .. library campaign presents a splendid Following the indoor exercises th )ortl|nity for    Aiken organza audience gathered about the granite tl to ,j () effective work in making boukkrt where darner Edwtn Kerr. ■ lihrarv a certainty. read his poen/, “When Grandpa Pol-lowed Lee.” and the marker was unveiled J»y the Daughters of the    Fro    Arte chapter. The stone bears ^1*    ’ n * Owing to the absence abroad, this eription in bold raisin! letters Jeffer-    summer,    of    Mrs    Josuf Hofmann «.n Davis Highway, Erected J>.v the ^ cor sequent delay in booking Ninety-three Years Old To-Day    Cross James U. Jackson Its Committees Addresses Kiwanians Vt the February meeting of the A km Red Crotf* Chapter, hill Tuesday in the Rid Cross cilice, the chairman, E. S. Henderson, announced the following committees for J925: Home Service, Mrs. Cullen ( Comm tten, K. G fArar. . Mr- field Thrip*. D. M. George, Mrs Henderson; Volunteer Service Sh. f-F. P. Mrs. H. V Thomas Washington Coward Bl ll* \hv S Johnson    t    ;    ti    ,.k    Dr.'. I he) ‘ The days v> our years are tii'f/sd'e yea s and fen, and if by reason ut strength ’hey he ’urn ore wars, vet is thro <trrn’jk labor and so fry IL ".ski, **• •. ha ti to ,**• a h<'Ii UC., Cod pat dp with it .O' i> *iw a- Ile calid. *ftd I heil I It bro IkIi 1 ''ii ti t war !■* I.J it ‘ o vcr ii this fount!) Die abolition • »f da)«n pave the Is ii th. exception that proves the rule. jHior win ic man hi- h.o. > ti. n i\ I.u»J rhoin.c VS ah hi tuft on Con.* rd of the MIU-, * nJ '■'*« a ho!,H ' 1    ,hj4 ’ o-cti Mi o! Aiken Ctwmfyv whI «hi ' AJ    "     !    '    *    u Friday, Fehruatv 11th, celebrate he ninety- wind.! buy it ui u-f t- >    \ th* -ma nun t hit J birthday, and his ’ave is a, a luny from <rttui* any ’IV system aam’, rte’.' winter, fro-ty. but kindly.”     and '* ,,l t ^ ,ukt “ % v< ’ ..    -S    mth,    .n. I tan f eel ll a I to the | -. tnt Mr Coward ne Ivirn in Birnwetl I an-    ,.    ,    , ,    .    .    ,    \ tem «' farming I believe that a tour tv in IKI J. there -|H*ndmK his boyhood    .    ,    , .    iii    j    hor e tit rn I is ti,, idt al M.c It just atxiut la\ Late- he til \ cd I Vici! an i wa'    .    . . .    ...    ,.    LILI.    bt- III With the i a pit a I and labor ol I Tie married to Miss rranees Burckhalter in,    . ,    , at i*r i ji* iii ill \V ! I t lilt DCA I lialVl illitJt, Dccrmh*^    Mr*    CV aet rd dtni VI .\»c. h ..... J a. I made ii un lciL. sons* n, the l*ro Arte way. SIKES SENDS MESSAGE I    TO    CLEMSON    SU    MNI Edward Croft Chapter of the Daugh- artjgtg for the u r* of the ('onfedenicy,    ;»nd I*    placeti    ^     rn nnfv nnr att.action    th: on the eorner of A nrk tree! and H • t-     st;aHOn    However, this one is    au^h Inn*! avenue ut the end    of the    High     that    ^    ^ould delight th*- Aiken    public.    It    is only necessary to mention th*- name and date,, Pablo t aaals oft February 28th. It is not OI ten that the South has the opportunity to hear the great 'cellist and everyone should avail themselves of it T eke tx wtH bi’ on '’alc at Hall $ Pharmacy at a time ar I price duly ad-v rtised and all sudser.Hers, as w*-li as oth«*rs, are urged to obtrin tir kets and res cry e seats promptly as ia^t M iiMiii'ti arrangements v ill not hold good this sealion, Those suiaieribors to Pro Art? who -(IT ’My pury i ‘he bes ha!! to make Clem-pliice possible for a boy til go who is *,-aking un ugricultuiai » r mechanical t iucation. my aim shall re tf> make mn of chn meter fir-t and then men o' technique,” says Dr. E. W 8*k’-. p*'"- f-h-nt mvt of < Irtrtr ttt College, lit a - batement given out to i I,, rn son alumni thr*>u?rh K. ti. Parker, alum i si i tary, on the occasion of his first visit there since his election 1 i the ! re si ene\ Dr. Sikes aid further:    ‘‘I have <>me re a I:/.at ion of what Clemson nu an. to South Carolina—especially it tins time when e> noma* chang! s an- coming rapidly. I appreciate the anxiety and concern of parent! who entrust the;.* son.- to ‘th;- tir«*--*<!*• university of South ( arolilia as the late P Pe-ode’ ‘ Rirgs calli 1 1 it. With faith in God an i with tru--t in ’.our loyalty, I w !! enter upon the ask hopi fully and cheerfully. ‘‘I have acct |d. I the pc i at i-e I h..t» fai’h a th Du faculty, the trustees, an tu. t- It i — tii.s faith that m. t<> tie' wark with buovin*’> ar )•»». I an:Pupate .v tb delight th" e itu * i WAth th vitality, h >p*-■ a d | icture ju- ne- s of youth, the close companionship holat-. I shall watch w th pr; la con ributn ti ti:ut the Aluntm make the welfare of South Caiolinn alai na* •. I - hail i *ggr< (’.em on as large family into which each year w son- a< ■ adopted and from which kindly synt in their su'.isrripttors in advance for this s.-ason w ll have the full amount returned to them. Mr-. Hofmann desires greatly to make tin* as o< aition a Derma * n? feature for Aiken for the future and will take up the \\ >rk again next seas n and sh*-wdl welcome th® cooperation of all who care to hear the greq/er artists in Aiken. J. VV A SH HT RST Ministers M****t The member of the A.ken Ass elation and the exi cut ive committee hell! til important meet *-.:    at    tho I* r«t Baptchurch on Monday morning. Next Mon lay at Id o'clock the exec i-t tv** cnmmitt. »* will m< **t and at ll o’clock the minister* w ll .i.-sem ; Ie. an important qucMtSo:’ ' • bv d**ci*l ■ <I member - h - * u I < I be pre-ent. uh, iii j re n<*w liking, Mr t ward maine J Mi-- I . ephme Owen *>l I 1 • .a. and to lid' union there "crc ituit i ’addn ii, .ti! ■ ! w ii iii . *.    !i\ mw Recemlv tin writer sprit: . vt.*. i:    i -    \    I    A    •    >w    a • • I bt. Turin. Mf t w .rd w. -ini’..-runt r ;v’" rradina hi- IDde. par. uti> .• ha\e ., \    •    * I I I in it ii.... I    -.ll   ll*) Im- -r*i»l I .adv welt! a few tnontle life I walkrxl about four mile* t ' . n .! ... ... ti -nit t ce and cr sr I • t*t : “    >• •*•• Very ti  n""e P ,.J to . s , .Don : hen    In b ad - ’ 1 -ti. pc pie s i vc J up t! cir mon l< night tic • s VV hen i tram -titan i a me • .t ... >' . it. ! i’ " \ , folk- on t a r rn never eas. I hare ne e *e iii Un I ( ’ d* W. B, Turner, <'hairman, Mrs. Wyman, M Rat.. Gar r. Mi (. A. Milner. Mrs. Leon S. Holley, Mrs. Iiug!*r Hall; Pureha.-mg ami Supplies, Mrs. B.ick; Ptitmcity, Mrs. Henry S. John ann, \ colored committee, composed of Elizabeth Ball Elliott. . Inimum, h lor enee Anderson, Eliza McGhee, Rev. R. S, Lawrence, representing Schofi *1 i school, was also announced. I he colored committee has stony valuable WO rk in the past, and plat s to be of more -en ice in the future. Several new members have been elected to the Executive D immitt e is members at large, among whom wcr** Mrs. Claus Busch, Dave VA e is berg and Mantel Suraskv The complete committee for 1925 is as follows; ('huir-man, E. S Hemlersnn; 1st vice-chair man, P. J. McLean; 2nd viee-chair man, D. M. George; treasurer, VV VV Edgerton; chapter secretary, Mr-. E A. Gnen; bomi’ service secretary, Mrs. Dulh ti Tori <s; executive secretary, Mrs. Laura Bock. Members at irge nee: Mesdames Sheffield Phelps, K. P Henderson. VV B. Tonier, ll. V Wyman, John Williams, VV VV. Muck-• enf*T-s, Leon Holley, ll T. Hall, G. A Milner, f'laus Busch, Henry Johnson, Mnses Dhtudia Phehis, Mnrv, K.tti*' Gardner: D B. Woolsey, VA J. McGunty, R. G Tarrant, D. I mc (Iowan, Dr. (’ ll Farme r , S ll. Moody, Langley, S. Mandle Surasky an*l Dave VVeisberg. ’ The regular «lnt<* of meeting was changed to the fir-t Monday at four o’clock, in order to suit the convenience of the members. Matters of importance regarding the rt lief work conducted by the Red Gross and sex* ♦•nil eases requir rig attention were brought before th*’ committee. On ac count of the num'ver *>f calls, it "as decided to have a telephone instated in the office to facilitate the work. 'I he committee approved th** report ren dered bv Mrs. loiura Bock as <*x»*cu-tive secretary, which showed an im menso amount of work in spit,, of the i a lement weather. Horn** Service report of the Red Gross for January: Bonus applications filled out fntervu ws    ’» Letters written    24 MRS. GULLEN DORI ISS. Home Service Secretary t iii n" Music Memory Contest The Musir Memory contect directed by un exlen it n division of Winthrop ( -d.ege vi i I tie put »•* lea n tin- >**ar bv ti. in us i* department * <t the V i ken Instil Pe. I bis cont* ’ is up* n ta «*v . v put bi at hi.*..! x ai -I in Ad.. »  ii Iv I nut . ii" t * * b«* a *" \    *    «    !    tell    ni    l -iraI mind ’ appear t r t air ; . r: s;-'*u! ive "*    •** in. \ ‘ • *! St.r 1 • ; id..... VV Pl he iliaved on nailHi or vie! rohi be “No tcrritary in iImt United States is. sa susceptible ut development aa ta Aiken county,” declared Jainca U-d..> in, et North Augusta, in an inter-estirg addrest before Un* Aiken Ki-tiir.b GI un thursday noon, ' In an audress filled with antbusiasm ,.hd vision ti a great dew.aliment among the hill* of Aiken, Mr. Jackson aireuuy famous for th** devekipnwnts fit* lias successfully sponsored, told his hearers of the plana already adopted f««r developing the great*-t tour|at center in America. Prominent in his di.-ciOurse was hts tribute to Bi /jam in H. Mar'hall o#4’tiicago l prominent ti nam lee and arvhiUs't woo is join UHT w ith Mr. Jackson in developing the boti I and tourist colony among the hills m ai North Augusta. A* * ordkr.g to-Mr. Jackson, Mr, .Marshall will finance an I 'tiiiii inc finc-t tourist hotel in Arm rica. hour thousand acres have been secure*!, ail in i e boily, ani on this gr urn!. Mr Marshall, builder 6f the Ilia ck scone, The Drake, arui the Edgewater Reach hotels, ,will erect his mast* rpieee. A golf course unexcelled, a* roplane landing field, etc., Witt-Iv a part ut \nc development. This according to .Abr Jackson will be but lh** beginning of a development which is unlimited. Tor Hint', from hrs discussion of th** hotel :*> ti"* extensior of th** (Jeorgia and I* * im la railroad, Mr. Jackson ik* .Int.d that Aiken would benefit direct-Iv bv this m*w* venture. The line from V ikon t*» Edgefield would connect Ai ken with a direct line from Cincinnati South. V Scene road from Aiken to North Augusta, along the west**m side of the I it k * * s in Horse Greek Valley, und ti urn North Augusta eor.necting with th** Dixie Highway would prove of the greatest value in advertising this sac-lion. ’‘Once let people rale across th** rid ire of the Aiken hills ami see that marvelous country in all its beauty, ami every hill top will he dotted witli beautiful hum**',” declared Mr. J ackton, \A itll reference to manufacturing, Mr. Jackson declared that a cotton rn ll < sui In* op*‘rat«*<l in Aiken with «*!*•« tr:»* povwr mon* »H*onomieally than it an in the valley on water power. “The : me is passed, 11 he said, “when fa«ton**s and industrial plants are-ioeat* i along the hanks of streams. Fleet ne (tower, transported anywhen* is th** main ource «tf our power* today." One cannot help but catch M»me-tIt. g of the vision which Mr. Jackson ha- seen and he filled with something of his enthusiasm. Anti Mr. Jackson i# rn* atli** dreamer of dreams. IU has ii . uDml a clank ami a dreamer hut lore ai** many living who have seen n - dr*.tm take form and -abstain*** ..("I VVC •rf iii • themselves beneficiaries ii i» I unfailing optimism. dr* arn of the ptMsihidlica marble thai ic*! to it - won-! ipment. He k- ew that if f -. md*- th** nut nonti* > t*» • true ion of th* N«*w Excuange t- .*-u*'ces.sful i ired. II enthusiasm Vt 1- i* rd f*i ’■•re : t nor *»nl.v i Soh on* ii! the (hire( I, rh t pel ea* Ii OI >1 ii. I a (ll', a! I - lait*I • ran    Art of Min mi ut the t> .,i*-i i \ av I ' No i ne mo ban a It I PW thor md it v rt k nevet < vvitcd one : • ir a1 at D" I K ie ' atta lf lit < K * .do v* ’he’. - ,d ■    (    ) if ti new! e-er    .myth \ I t a- .- I t!e -    t •; . art : a: W “ i ■'    ar. .    .. ii    «he - I '    •** I:* *t 'I'*’,    .I':”.:    ' rt i    * * nu pi! - t < ••    <     :    • 1 ' **    ’.' hearing the mu- e I    a following af"    D e    *..*'    ,    ■    * I , iimpo .it ion    -    copic'l    ' r    *m A     1    * h *    - I. rn- Bulb rn f. r Pad ■ I \mar\ P. r* m:*** •    r    m '-a:- I reach '    Mn. a    *    *iD    Be.     1    *    .    < mans Stir ■ ’e    lr y.    'id    *-I.Ii•    .    < ” V.    America, t *    Ii    d If ii    W A M,» re a Oh! I lf    ll    '    F A rn**i ica* a fie! Am a -r rn < ' re It ti m rn, m t column ■    : Pe fir ha marble, fuin and untinnif * n- : ne Aui ai a. ami I. *1* i Mill I" built no ii r ■ ii Ii un a electric Hoe trt k rid f t the town of North Hampton Ter I by tire la 10ld. that Mr. J o k.-mi r* c*iv* *1    -    u h a - siatui** * ! South i *'d the p HUI' * pi a. ! tea.Iv all of .»in I ante out of * t thi fact. the >t • I, a tao rn i 11 if n pi rn - alo! . with - ,    repin    e ,t , A rn A\ ha dam heft In rn rd, th-,' *n*U i md v erv "I lo* VA'* rid-AA’Me A|«*ssakc l«v roMt v.imr •:    th. IS •ll Dr : ti, *i<* and with one mu r Iv lie -a* I it. ITI. J. I on la st r t w S today ni'*' prai-** s* " it , “The AVO I*. G. Tm*- !; *( -cher met At H [t. n. I>rummond. Mel ft*. WI’ “Th* ii S I I i IS* UM AN Mi I > I MHM i 9:1 he *n t Dr Wj Mc VV M .p* s sneak B. V gh« ml 1 p. ni. annie v one. .i atli! ■t tun * > the a *'<>m« > ans ■ -’leCe.XS diva* *.f yr pi ring va n ny ■ it * K. i*    v    art    I : * AA (las .!. M urphv Iud ,    <    I * I! ‘ gt ach ■ t field •ear full of s rv r< v- rt s iPie into vs t ( |( I II RVIl TC) ’ n f GIM VIS SIM RITI Al S<>< I! I A MFM HERS Al (Dmm ! arrau NOTICE ( OM FRN ING SIM RITI AL ENTERTAINMENT Those who have purchased tickets for the entertainm< t Saturday even ing given by the ( hora ton Spiritual Society, eau 'rusei v* neats now at Hail’s Pharmacy, dating tin* hour- . 9:50 a. rn., to I .‘JO p rn . and 5: 0 •*» 5:5© p. rn., today ami tomorrow Barn Burned Frazier Baughmafi of t f; * Rocky ' Springs section, had the m;sf* rt ane f " (.sc* his barn by burnit g last M o,day imrning at an eaiiy hoot I he explosion of a lantern caused the tire. a r I tv, V h iturdiiv fr.r the fund. t rn veil be ti It i- al mem •? J he GI „d r r t h« TV Than > wants Club ar Student 1 dtb in Charleston Soiritusl give a concert tit Aik jug at th'* Aiken "h* eht of i he A ;ki n Ti proposed to have «eve these organizations m| ton train at I |i m„ (“uh in p tieing the vi -ce that they are *' ' in the afternoon. If ’he vert- * . : is pro 1 '.rf' that a ’* will be played, ar i the vis have an opportunity to me < ken'- chief winter sports. Any member whose c; r will be available Saturday afternoon -how’I immediately get :n touch w : th the Chamber *»f Gum* mcree 01 K iwanis (dub officials. -i * a ■ t he 1 I CV or pi r MPI , h r - will Ai- * I. i r I D o u I j I« or i pf ‘Ii    Ile Milan re r.    ii ; 'ii ah i> "•    •    p    * riMf. *    •    , A > ■ h .* hi n <    ■*•    i- v >■? . poi • «- J Mill I I > I N d I \ (, Al. I RI EN D^lf 11’ Ne-. : Mo. ; ; iv rn.*! :    .    ;    ■ * H    t ■ . vi,,, es. a pc ■ *    ran Urging, rep! ;> O' Bt .    **' • ; a -1 *    ,. , — I- 1 me* * mg <! ti fptin av, ny * nu* n , J11 f*i • eunc * I rat • \ IX Id Id KH AI I FRI HI V si DDI* NI A IN ll AKN AA III. , ,    : iii A ken Tues• A K Bu re k iii < lit Id ll if A alentine I’trI v I rd ort ow . D err non a ’ * here will he a valent * »* pi members of th,* primar* of the Baptist Sunday 'chi erv member expected. •    -■    >    held    in    the    primary rem lit* ! ti d fay th did.*' In artm.-nt an*! r*v- .Al I Ii, PT) I. Hoi I** s will M* aide-- nu o|H*rution at hospital. Saturday morn.n i oh avell *n nu ,- . d p in ill health for *1 , ii.' ■ • !y it* ha I : • * * liv V    I -e Mi Al    II    ,o.„' >: po j, ha It* j w a born t Aik*', xix * 1    "*i    * the a * i* t i. sir * ’•.'pre Davis B irckh liter f in, ''aI erv pa- and u**t men’ ok* e AA cur; av a '    ‘» AI    iii,‘ii: 'sr 11 mb rs**n * ■ ’ ’ • e* k ef I at AA int! rop (    * «* with :* . Her, Miss A leli*:dc lh    un. Ben P of Atlanta, i- visaing tis parents, Mi and Mrs. M. S. Holier.