Wednesday, November 21, 1900

Aiken Journal And Review

Location: Aiken, South Carolina

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Aiken Journal And Review on Wednesday, November 21, 1900

Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - November 21, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina WURiA it ills CK BafetJ a 1 SOUTH BY LIGOK jjgjj xv I Honest Ten N was miserably poor re the THE CADETS HAD A LAUGH AT THE OFFICERS r Adveuture In Which n a Millionaire by B couiitUirU your Bald the mfe A Strong by Tufts Liver an abso lute curefor sour orvTF F SOIOTI VJ U t Vone class of at lilt onil Pro us now prepared to i us TheM laendaj jas there m The FlyWheel of Tutt Liver Pills are Awheel of ever accident that of ills lilt1 t diuiribiMl lo wit i i N hi Ti by our IWcCreary UUIUUUi LMi fnnti iHg with iruiMiay of Mtli Ms 1 i11 n 11 Broad CARRETT to Garrett A of A rays kept on tap trom the by drinking ui of aoou became aware thai there was a billiard table sowe in U7 bear tbe balls clicking but U e couUl not find The to enjoy tbe prlvllugtb of Thcv mo a teal of What IB it oil the rJHtlc He Tlila mo of play at Atiormy al A Will prncMMj In nil Cuiiru r llh MondaVin ll JH til coiitainiHK lgbt niwDlw wil Sun Francisco It Und OlmmherlflinV the Corner Reynolds and Ith in F CARR H UV 1 MtS pnvrym AN n i i nhbv l sill I to Wenry Invi SAWYBR crnfl rn r 1 jWlif I ol Ulut M Hblic V A IKE and c C while the air Ui tobacco dlolnri and s a UICMPWIM JO run Seu ain Dont ull me no onSo oMmncr or sea have all of them cornq dowu the K nlisbt uud enjoy tbe fun a r pnJ Lit BURCKHj SEED FREE1 or lir L riTv BTJ b OfflNT te previous night Instead T tmrd had fatten Wj P pe wo aud had sooe bock for U v two went on and weie il their and their whispered When tliey bo nein In unu to d the of the club all he had and tbo n The next night GA into All Urt AH Tonetbor N All of us fellows iu tl said the now ivu decided to Sit should bo replied the if you all togctu hairs laoacli s prompt a indt Tluitiivruln Lfie liutltliliii tin niu liunilrud iihd lilty i CbirfC Souili jy lirinilrini jutil ihty nntru tr t iiT ifunl by tut by known us Me ijj Iluiue oily InnAlrtd rirlaiii luLor j

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