Saturday, February 6, 1875

Aiken Courier Journal

Location: Aiken, South Carolina

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Aiken Courier Journal on Saturday, February 6, 1875

Aiken Courier Journal (Newspaper) - February 6, 1875, Aiken, South Carolina VOLUMfc H FEBRUARY 1873 OLD Tlic Till ANCIENT I jo us ti could HIH and buauts too w MS mint1 built me castles wiih cquippage And all the wnrM wnl iltcn wih Rich uiuis cnint mid humbly bent the kn As it I MII angel most divine Alrts li w cuingid the rene bow no And vuihkss nine now brings me sad tie With wild red leaves to In upon my ib i no A dcsei i us fur un eye can Ken to I lie lumlsciipcs iiirtbcrest And dutvn the vuie secret powtr dotli it And h me towards that silent unknown hint Where ml it n await to whelm me ker intl coire In Htv pitcd I t the who I as ir1 Inthnuulu 1 WJIH and vhis The tliAmptat Hra sltopp r Ho intn the ofthe dirpit Hiiw mi elderlv i cartic fixed upm t 1 had iiathei How a Physician Was Frightened by a Supposed Mad I have no news iliis re marked f a reporter who if d I can relate an inl btoryttb ut the joting man you met at the The ivprrtcr had noticed theyounp and rumem jcU his appearance and ihe sory to and the physician viriil ngn I was calhd to ttteiiu ilfiit y und whose it LisU lor biaiti 1 him ruflmnjj iirtsit und 1rom uiul teiiujs and that if he ever did jec ver he would be a ltl ripht in my conjecture that bin u iuU uould be seriously in lts ih n a uiek alter I first saw le was ravn at times and gr wiiSt ills r fearui his vit Knee and my u 11 Id them to send the unfortunate jOLiiji M to un uiid his pa rei ta o to do if I wotId make affitiuit s 10 J promised thiui nld und jittciid the ik triiil the C ty uMin decided the Mid ihu who was in as natutal and th lus IUiiuini could tn know 1 had been instru uiwMo m asylum Cutuiiig hud his 10 look c ID me or Ind his with all the 1ucy of a liitte he turned 1 ncur titat so full of uuiee ani cunning as it nor 1 1 t tin mvlul threat to kill Owe hi uitcrid JS the offices led him terrible atrujr j mid prepun d to d as it be a I slowly en tered the There d with both fcjtyuls und r the k of his and as his ryesthe that id lhat ook in the mure be the linlu rour d ftcr he d th consultation room ijMin I Mo d speechless w th I ox ectinji t st e my death in the pktnl was1 und r his iir my friaittrned he laughed miri bendimr I to bnim ur shout whis pered Doctor Ive jjat hive you I and ihe band of Lisle L heartily him on ins the chilis waiting to und iheti jifier eur that the special the wnS not around he oiitorvd seen other He WHS a man that had ihit Ills years hlft cnit shone and ind there his A puliccmat would nieiit ilh retarded him us u without a and the havo chance of being tritteJ the My gxid he commenced as he the innocent old couple from lleyvetis sake ielp i i Ulc l iltln are the struck with lilt buimuer sfoncsome voice and general hftvd HAPPY I cannot name thy grueehAyond compare The sonl rlidt hetinicth in thy loving Thai fhrtme the deep cerulean of the And give me glimpse of Heaven reigning there Likn wave lorfsed mirmpr Who h s burk by aomti fhr And hopes through it to renoh a haven fair So my do hope to find in IJbee A pori of n of reel at sweet both you I Io Shull make nmsniJU for clouds nnd stormy Tlmt have so long loves glimmer He ivvnly when BhftJ onrsmnmer happy thai brings my love to Die much aPtnnishud at my sin but seemed Chipre hend when I aked him how he hjd been cut of ihe Courier Wont Find An individual who had ivoid thefi or yesterday entered the and securing a firm niilie in front of the desk Ise inquhvd ol ihe rrjrciiit anvbody ffuund Charles Boss JOT Not Ive heard was the do you w want we to find hhim continued the uYts or Id like to 6nd him me a bouncing ddriuk of Wfiibkey and Ill him Ah I arc a dead n his htad ns if ymi tunnng affectt those poor unfurtun Htcs who were iikiost nit up by hdjpyrs vxcfrititcd iho her all Thi aUhed JOHCB j t leave to New aftr as here and puve Heaven only kROwy wliat will become of us Are you married she uiurWifen childrpn they are out comuions the irkd to drive awy the fear which ted or but ii from my tuind lor many and ovui then the terrible Inok atiiU ihriat wtuiU flath before At latt 1 ceased to think of and latnied secure the violence oifriu nf wi6 kept IVom me i ho v allot an asj lutn a huu Sunday J T vlu n I hsi tliought of Litlu and sat with a the door sntiueiily tptned wuhout pre aiiH as rose to we who the visitor 1 beheld the Tu tnat I surprised nr fiiyh nvey no idea of ihe terrible which came over me as I stood Miuift paralyzed with fear watching Lible His former look and iiie tVicat rushed upon me with vivid I thcugut my was und believed t even a crazy wiih all the kind would seek a persnii whum he Imd to kill with irut armed with a dendly thought 1 and thon knowin that bticnjith would enabie him to trusii me I steed lie ni ared dropped his gaie which bud been upon my lace all the and with a deliberation and nlowneesthat me lime to said see As Lisle spoke and walked into my oiwultatiun the who had Kiit juiily by the unaware of my arose and reaiarked I must iur the sirj tnd hear a seize that half iruhfc replied the Tieu you wont irive me Very waving hix hand and then I w wont find A Pjcture of General J saw Gren Fremont in the lobby of the Huuse He is now old and Hs face is deeply chiselei1 by lie furrowing hand of liis are tsiyuly bleary cjitek bones stood ut as prnminenJy astliiseofa Sioux Iron short and closely trimmed Irom the base of his upon his thin His dark hair isye a dark and is worn quite It is eombcl wtll and MOWII in front of his A well worn bea set well back upon his head a bright co i a gray tweed and a dark suit of cljthing uiade up the general articievctr his He like a fussy old and little like the hern of the Kocky whose pictures the Presidental campaign of always represented liim with lonj in the garb of u Western chartinjr upon a fiery breathing and fire of bloody issaid Fremont is trying io allowance from the govern ment fir the rjton loUcr all sick and with Cold Ive hcaD utnenn gntsghoppers wnre i hey very asked tha old yon couldnt tell the differencet ix and and ihu runring ftftheir made us deaf My wasnt that aw ful si iad a of of lucres of fifty oice meadow t thct pajsh pperfi aiiide a beggariw me io five continued ight iip did Eat the fartn linked as U a fire had pasuid over They everything even chewed ap log I timed them on oiu hundred rods of every mouthful of it went in thirtyheven by the i heard of the likes cx cluimed the Theres fulks East here who wont believe cominned but a Solemn fjei that the graNshopiere chewed up iron the boards ftu the bit plowpointe all if wo hadnt hid the in the How his Wife Found Jamen Maxon is a duly initiated and valiant Knight rosiding on Fourth The he Itit tellini that he was t the About halfpufit oclock two wll dresecl men nrrj the door and when Maxnn appetred they introduced themselves as comptinion Knijht5of They Said rhe lodge had just held tn and that Mason had been umdsly called to the the highest pjsititut in the They hiid betn duly in acctrdince with the custom which is peculiar to ihe to inform IHT of the distin guished imnT thai had been on her and to solicit con to hU acctpiame of stipulation only to the f Maxon they according to their would huKi the office ior three and w niW receive an imiial salary of 162J being he exact vmoum uc c g to ihe iribule levied on kuilu by ihe ftupcrittr was thanked tho court tjouji gentlejien who hid meanwhile iir the lur and jrdvc consent to the liiith aud lucrative office conferred upon her win thy hus The visitors mse to I of Tire plods butsurrly for are sonic miraeuloug stir the iuipatienco offline The A very engine slumbrous en ciinntinent of low ind they would have been munched And you had to leave asked the es sold my land for got my family into the wafiou and sttirtcd BtB one hundred and eighty com ing this Mid buried two children un th way Lr knows whats to be come of us I was in that rivtr out there then my henrt wouldnt be bustm with gritf ind trutible Poor man the Ve him tTwudollars is a pile money mu8 ed the The Lord lovcth a cheerful added he drew his sleeve acr jbS his I a hard and we wont bo my poorer for givinjj two said thehusbm I as he d out his wallet and handud out a two dol lar bill kind replied I hope you will never see the trouble Im having Tnisll buy one nf them re umrked Oh I oy the I to ive you Maxcii especially impressed it upon uie not to iu A hur riedly writt2n noc Uaiuled to and retired to the lighter parlor and icail DEAR WIFE I hire been selected from among the 375 members of my loiijje to net ns ohanc a flattering worth nesirly a Ii is always for the elec ted chancClor to furnish refreshments mrfho I have only five dol lars with Please send me ut least fnr I must do he thini p 8end 100 if you hnve it or bor row it i if the It will nil come hack when I jet Qiy first months salary Vour loving JAMES m tween Angusfef in and Beau its At cine and provisions help u8 alon the junction trains running be and I fflcl aif I could throw my around you and hug ye ior yer Thats all said the I wisl1 it was added the witman she hhook Jones He alid and ten minutes after words might have been teen in a sireeiealnun pouring bad out of a I on the South Carolina meet pufis tho trains to and fVuut Savan i a always As I the half hour of j waiting I enw the reception nf a legislator by his cnnstitu and women flocked around and it wus piiulul to note that Maxone CVCR and she thought n Then she went tn a pinned her hand into the pocket of her back sittc pulled out a pretty RUSSM leather and from its snugly tickedup tonk n It lookcd nice and hud in figures upnn it Goinsr tf the she inquired of the waiting Willyou lake the money to him The fineloking fellow who handed her the professing not to know what WMB in spoke Ill see thpt he gets it Glad to accommodate UI have only n f 100 and Jumes wants but and besides that I dont wUh to ihe whult of VTjIl you it chan please The two gen th man consulted a mo tuent and then we hnve ay they made up UJIU lu I iniui nj A L L eaihhadhisorhcr flippant joke con tall decanter and remarking to ihe bar j cerniLg the spoiU which the keeper was euppoeed to hnve brought w The man could hardly be Kansas that the is rt Virginia or werj so expected to but he certaiuly was as be turned away with the too true remark Reckon no mo money i They found a dozen lei in ole Columby nud some blue Iers I aint sefln none dat I bin Whereupon all the follow ers ct up a derisive buttons and ia California which ioduced a neighbm call around und remnrk spose ye didnt sec any thing of my old hand 5 diJ ya and it ty exchange fur the a very irid night retired with all the elegant grace and munliuiss of the ble Pythian In Jiboiit twenty minutes came said his thought you were enicrtnining knijhily I expect you befuro fiuifunt oi money you frr jnur feas do you nioatt T MJV kI dont didnt yurt its she hundd him the Riirht after you Icll two very clever and said yua Itadfcecn elected I nnd who hat over the note and discovered its rave it them iis a Bid ynu them utotiey Tgave them u hundred dollar bill and they gave me fifty do In re IB Here it MuZoitn a Wy took the money an J glanced itoter ilirn tiiiire bill suid he at this is a duuble all this money is c cxecpt two five dollar But wherein the iiiioie oi couttuon sense did you ever jjet a You didnt borrow that of the did you who appeared to her husband to tAraitely undis inrbedj that me about a year Dont you uicuiber Yon told me o look oat and not to spend Why thats a counterfeit said the ui know it Did you suppose I through their jttuput Maxon Your wifehsbta ioolif shis u them wo pKtd if you I just wao a new Try Wanted an A wholesale houso in Detroit hua a colored porter who is much to ex and downright but wiliioi and industrious his failing has been The other he lied the shipment of u box und the chief clerk called him up and you are a greut respectfully replied And che truth aint in Yuu would rather lie ihac tell the FTC oonoluded not to put up with your perbiciooft habit any next tune I Catch vou iu u lieyvull have to I want to know if you intend to yvu ta lj Ing T 1 Aon tyuu ptmiiise de Im here ut powerful answered bis and 1 be lieve 1 tihaU stop litp till de cashier inn dat de wages luz tten ml ia there on the old and his havtit changed Fret A Terrible Buffalo Courier of Salisbury Herfciuier left his home Wednesday t0 huk at some timber hind niles He became while crosMuij a creek He pulled off his tHota to the watir they hntrd he n jt get th GUI on He craw led for a limg distunce on his nd in of some rafeipe penetrating bmi an end u his when toutii was in that It where he had a with bark which the BH1 iu soother pace heat tempted to a sheher lor night in the bushy Those Who bwi think he travel ed at loaat he was everywhere ri there ioJIcHtions i ins havi every iuwawiaWo phn ffw Em A vouth of nineteen wiinr frlu yJwY torrid hero nwhife nwhife I t A i f H p H nrv top j dtBi dowu beach he HuiileJ m a