Friday, October 16, 1874

Newport Daily News

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

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Text Content of Page 1 of Newport Daily News on Friday, October 16, 1874

Newport Daily News (Newspaper) - October 16, 1874, Newport, Rhode Island N----------' l.s'-HI. yol. XXIX, 110. NEWPORT, It. I. FRIDAY AFTERNOON, OOTOBRU ID. 18'74. PRICE, THREE OB.VTS. MUTT, M. 7 F It A N K L I N STBEET, Newport, It. I. Office hours 12 to 1, ana C to 8 p. M. II. KIULMN, TOPOGRAPHICAL ENGINEER AND 8UKVEY.OB. OFFICE, No. 229 Tniirea ETBEET, NEWPOIIT, Ii. I. Surveyi made, and Plans, Designs and -or the Uying out of PubUo Lauds, Hoacls, Summer Ileaorti and Private Estates, carefully prepared, mil ltt M L ytoro and Mauu- 't, a few doors K. CMACK, M. noitffiOPATniO PHYSICIAN, No. 11 Clnrku street, office Hours 12 A; M. fc p. ylS NEWPOIIT, E. I. A. BRACKET T, D. HI. D; DENTAL BOOHS IN YOUNG'S BLOCK., S AVashingtoii Square, NEWPOBT, B. I. HOURS, I to I'J i. M., 2 to 6 r-. u. C. I'ECKHAM, Jr., AITOIIKEY AT LAW Trinity Euildinfr, No. Ill Broadway, New ud Post Ofllce building, Euglewood, Now Jersey. for Rhode Island In New York. Jtl factory to Wratmiui above tnt; old ItH-.-ition, all kinds of Solid Gold and Diamond JEWELRY. I Employ uoiio but Workmen. A UOOOS Wl III: tVAHK ANTIill TOOlVEElV'jrillESATISFACTIOIY. We have a flue assortment of Jewelry, Silver Ware, Jet Goods Ac., at ItclLNOunblu Prices. CALL AT S. PA.INE'S, 50 WESTMINSTER STREET, PROVIDENCE, It. I. my28 W JL1.IAM H. REAL JETS, A.ND Black Garnet Goods, Just Received at A. HEATH CD'S., towttrttt. Received A CHOICE LOT OF BUCKWHEAT, Haxal St. Louis FLOURS Wlileh we are Helling very for cull. Also I'Vwih around Craliam and liye Meal, Oat Meal and Crushed Wucat, Bolted and Rhode Inland Meal A I, WAYS ON HAND. Ooru, Oatfl, tnd Fowl Meal, nay, Btrav, and J.PEuEHAMiOO., Oomrnuolal Wharf. Newport, li. Inland Salt. no! the Block In Store having repurchased 223 THAMES STREET, Will bo projiarcxl to meet hie former frloudi and cun- toinerHj and by itrlct attention to business, hopes to merit athare of their custom at the Meat and Grocery, No. 233 TuunM Street, Newport, It. I. (oppoalte the Pott Office.) n7 ii. o. scon. Fine White Shirts to Order. Having taken the agency fur WAUD'SNJKW VOItK A I Perfect Fitting Shirts, I am now prepared to take measures for the Biime. A FIT UUAItANTEED. C. I-I. PEA.BODY. MilTllAHUiS NTIIKUT. i'ur Everything1 and Nice Iti Furnishing Goods. Smith Jiutlcr, mjrls HATS, CAPS AND CLOTHING. AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, IVo. 9 ToliU Street, R. I. Sides of Real Estate and Merchandiso of every de- scription respectfully eolicitcd. P. 0. Boi 13. Je27 S OtUCK, 144 Xliiiiucs street. MEATS, rOULTKY VEGETABLES. GAME or ALT. KINDS IN ITS SEABOS Ordera filled in all parts of the city, add jufltlios reguiarly supplied. H. SHEllMAN, DEALER IN MEATS, rODLTBY, GAME, HAMS, LAUD, TONGUES, TEIPE, SAUSAGES, BDTTEB, Eaos. Fruit aud Vegetables. No. 4 'SVashiuKtoii Sqnare, K. I, Q DEALEI! IN PISH AND LOBSTEI18, 153 THAMES STIIEET. families SiippHea ivlth the best tho market affords and at short notice. 'Jewelry SPECTACLES, M. LYOIV, ff PLTJMBER, BRASS AND COPPER OF POMES, KETTLES, STEAM Pirsa No, 230 Tliames Street. Repairing aud general jobbing promptly attended to. E. C. BLAIN, Watchmaker Jeweler, 161 TUAH1ES STIIEET. Dealer in all kinds of American Watches and angl S. T. Hubbard, At 37 Tttamofl !Uroet, ivneuiiuy on band a full Una of Hour, Frcm (iroiiud (lolf Fresh Baked Crackers, Pickles and Preserves, Also all Hilda of Fruit sad VegeUbletln their neawn. Uwda dellvored lu any part of Iho city, fret of charge. mart Tailoring Establishment. THOMAS M. JVOKMAN, Having taken ono of the ulortK in Public Library 176 TI-IA.M.ES ST., Would be pleased to attend t hin former cunlomo a Hid til others who will favor him with call. Than Hug hla friends aud cuotonion for their lllwra patronage bcutowed In tho poet and soliciting a cou- Uiimuce of the eamo ID tho future, which ho will en- deavor to appreciate, fol ISelltiVKu Avenue, mateta, Out Flowers and Cholco Plnuto. GarUciiHJ'iiiloutand kept Jn order by tkotlay, or year. NHU'i'oirr KXOTIC ViriHBCKi; can 1 llnd it? w.i.iotlinea united T 1 1-y BtrmiKcrf, lull iitvcr old visitors. Now in the time tu Iji-Jdinji; plaiHfl. Wo never iH'J'on: bud :mdi a and never such flno plants as this WUKOJI, coiiHlKtiiifj of all tlio now and rare plaiilH. to couiu nml look aud BCO for youruolvcs. UOHL-H, Uraemias. Oiitaiirlnfl. Oerai.iuuiH of all sorts, Cumuli out- (Jolmiie. Ac Mot thvKfi by llio liiiiiilrcd or IhotiHiiid. Ilnudmls of othur varictii'B of and planta, all at low ratca. YatiCri, .'ar.limcres. A Jlno lot of L'oriici, Bct-oniiiH, Uiihi'liiinifl, I'alniB, KupliorblatT OatncliaH and Azalhfi, IJoht> tho Jiundrod nnd pvrtulaliif! to a firHl-clnjw Horticultural KstaWiidiiiiejit. BJTAII onlt-ra received thia anison forUuqiK'lfl, jiaHkelx, Cut Flmv-TP, and dccoratlotu wi'diJii.RH, I'oci-ivnlat Iho Kardcit, us wo liavo vacated Kloroon lii-Iloviio iiv., to avoid cx- tortionato reiit, which wo by all our busl- iiL-RH :it tlio urofiihouKPH and which our jv-'..oafl will liavo tho Ix'iiclit of. Trct'ri of various 'Horts to found in addition io thy aliovo. A: Wcarlrtrn and .fyuliiu Htrteta, New- port, 1C. J. NEW GOODS -ItEOEIVEI) Tailors, OKATKIX A Largo Assortment of THUN1SS, VALISES, AND TRAVELLING EAQS, HI All Grades nud Styles. No. 10 Broad Street. P A P E BOX 31A N U JP A 0 T D Ii E B IVo. 3r N. main street, FALL JUkST RECEIVED AN ASSORTMENT OF CLOCKS 1 In Bronze, Walnut and Rosewood Cases, which will bo sold At a Low Figure lor Cash And Warranted to bo good limefeeeporB. H. W. PBAY SON, (Formerly Wcstcotl'a.) STBEET. UUY AN C. G. Handy Son, Agents, -----DEALKRB IH----- Choice Family Groceries, Fresh and Salt Provisions, FOREIGN 4 DOMESTIC FBUIT8, to. AT Wo. !WO THAmiES, COItNEIt Hf OAKMOIt STItEET, And three Doom South of Poit Offlco. Wo aro now prepared to furnish tho above named Goods, In all their variety, at extxemely low prlcca for UAHH, or approved credit. Our former customers partlcnlary Invited to call and BOO UB, ae weU as the publlo generally. A f ,argc stocK 01 Excellent Flour ou liand) to bo Bold by tUo Jiarzcl or 0nft DEOIDELY CHEAP roil CASH. S'l'IlJEK'T. Cheap Woolen Goods, For Jtton And Boys' tvcart For Sale at WILLIAJTIB. SWAN'S JwiS? No. 168 Thames Street, Nowjwrt, II, I. MUSIC. ______, la jt. prepared to receive pupilu for the Flute, Cornet, Haruiouy and the I'iano. Also iidiaic. furnished for balls, parlies, etc. Orders fur Sheet Music promptly attended to. fioplG-tf Apply at PoIImiti street. Tliirstoii'slFory Pearl Tootti Powicr IB tho moat perfect Deutrlflcoknown. 'J5 and 60 Conta ______per Bottle. Thompson's Pomade Optimc Is fully crinalto (he boat French, and but half the Post. S5 aTjclJjQctiiiU pfir Bottle. JOPCB'S Morons m Giiiye Cieaiier renovates soiled Gloves thoroughly and quickly. 25 cpiits per Jlottlc. All uolil at jJrutf ami Fancy (lubtfa Wi-lla Klliott 11 Gold street New York, Uholtbale Bgeuls. W K I- JL S JT1 A <J Jl I ff K WM8L FKiDAY, OCTOBKU 1C, 1874. FOR SAI.K 11Y JA.IIl'N H. VAVIMll, BCHK.VCK'H Tonic, ScuESCK'ii I'ILLH, Arc the only inediciuDsthut will euro Pulmonary C'on- fiiinijitluu. I'reijimitly incdiciiics that utop a will iMX-aalon tho death of the patient they luck i tho liver, Btop the circulation of Iho blood. In follows, and in fact, thoy cloy the aclioi orgaiiH Uiat caused the cough. Liver Complaint and Uyspepntii are the Cannes of two-thirds of tho cased of OoiiBumption. Many persons complain of a dull pain ill tho Bide, cuiiBtipalioD, coated tongue, pain ia (ho the food lying heavily on the stomach, with acidity ami bolvliliiK up of wind. These Bymp. tonis uBuolly origiuate from a disordr-red condition if the stomach or a torpid liver. 1'ereonR BO affected ff they take one or f wo.heavy colds, and if the cotiuh iu cflHca bo suddenly chocked, Mill find tho Etoic- ach aud liver closed, remaining torpid and inactive and almost before they aro aware tho lungs n T..-ICJ of sores, aud ulcerated, tho result of which Ncwpoi-t Brass Hand and Orchestra., MUSIC furulilii'il lor all I'UHLIO AND VATK OCUASIONfJ. llnuis ami llilitary Band rrom W to 25 nieu. Qiiadrillo 6 to 12 men. Ajiply to a aud Orchestra Irom I'KOP. J P. 0. SMITH, J.HADEH, Corner Thanaea AV. Marlboro'. joints IU1V ALfiEII, ring r DOUU irnoii BROAD BT. (Opposite John D. Dlunufucturcr of all KinUN of Jtoots una shoes. SPECIAL AITEKTION PAID TO ItEpArarHO. II. TAU13U. (Formerly of Tcljer 1IODSE PAINTEB AND DEOOP.ATOB, JIJ Jtrond Street. All work Cone In a satisfactory manner. f 1EOIUJE C. KAUtt, DEALER IN FRESn AND SALT BEEF, fork t Hams-, JLaz-cl, Trilic, Pias' FEET, POULTBY, GAME, i'rnit aud Vegetabled their seaaon._al Corner O.ilc J; Broad StroL'tf. It. I. 1 OtYNIV, JK., HOTEL, HOUSE AND STEAMBOAT Hell Hanger ana I.oclisnillli. flrzAKraa TUBES POT DP TO OBDEB. EOOMB 18 Jfe <l TEiTBB's ELOOK. (Up Stairs.) Improyed JETNA Sewing Machine, ami you will be fully ealisfitil. entirely the llecCNNtty or ntittiiiir any kind of work under tlic iinu o( the um- chtito. YOU CANNOT FAIL TO J.IKK I'l. C. BANNING, Agent, 29 BROAD STREET ri HOWES, OAEPENTEIt AND BUILDER, Over 24 Long (Entrance on Whittle- Avenue, off Tharae. atrtet.) NEWPOET. DrdorB promptly and BatiBfactorally exocntea, Rwi- _________deiica, 4-1 Brldgu Street. FINCH, ENG8 CO., DEALEB IN Lumber, Hardware. BUILDING MATERIALS. A TOLL ASSORTMENT ON HAND. FINCH, EKGS CO., Imincsstrcct. A. L. BTJHDICK, Mouse and Sign Painter., TIIE uuslnces carried on In its branchosVsud wort warranted to Do done according to contract. Carriage Painting done in llio best style, and at raaaonaulo prices, 158 Spring Blrool, at -A. Sleveni bnlldhig comer Spring anfl Barney Btroota nud on Weaver Htroet, rear of Ocean HOUBO. Proclamation, lor Pants to Order, from First'' Class Goods, at WILBUR'S, 2331-2 Thames Street. Jel7 IJ. DATEMAN. G. S. GARDINER. Schenck'H 1'ulnionfc Syrup la a doeanotcoutalno Llealh. expectorant which to chcc a cough suddenly, gcbeiicb's dissolvte (he food, mixes with tho gastric juices of the stomach aids digestion aud created a ravenous appetite When the bowels are costive, BLiiieallow, or tho Byniiitoiiis otherwise of 11 biliouH tendency, Bcheuck'a Mandrake PiHw are required. These iDtdicinea arc prepared only by J, If. SOUBNCK. .t SON, N. E. corner Sixth and Arch streets, I'hila. And are fur Halo by all druggists and ilealcra. Dr. fjchcuck will be at tho Quiiicy llouec, Boston ou the following Wednesdays October 7lh and 2Jet' November 4th and I8th, and December 2d, JCth and 3Uth. octH Bell-Hanging LOCKSMITHINC, JJATEBIAK GARDNER, NEWPORT MARKET. PELHAM STBEET. OPPOSITE U. S. HOTEL, NEWPORT, K. 1., DEALERS IK ALL iNDS OF Meats, Poultry, Game, Lard, Salmon, Mains, Tongues, Eggs. Butter, Fruits of all kliuls inarll NOTICE, Green 143 Thames St. Wo Keep constantly on Hand, and For Sale at the LOWEST Market Rates, ALLOFTHE Best Qualities of COAL Red A TTAVJNO accepted (ho Agency for tho NONPAHEIL PAINT, wo aro prepared to furnish the same, In any dosirefl to Uulldors, Contractors and Heal Estate ownm, CLEGG-'S 69 Spring Street. A nr Delivcrwl ana Well Screened. _ PINNI6ERS MANCHESTER Juno 21, 1874. MIJLL WJIIAHF. BOYNTON'S "New" Baltimore Fire Place Heater. THIS BEAUTIFUL S K Lf -fEKDIWO Ii I: A T Jt: M naa all tho advantages of tho old pattern, with 1m porUnt ImnroTCmrnta which add much to Ita beanif and efflolencr. SOT Bale by BBOWH, GODDAIiD ft BARLOW, Sole Ajronta for Newport Blankets. AI.AlKii: STOCK, of Vlniikoli very chran. Homo extra wide, of excellent fjnallty, a now lot of comfortables made from clean cot- "cpta WJI- COZZENS cos- ABSOLUTE SECURITY FOR BONDS, STOCKS, NOTES, Any Articlespi' Value. The Rhode Island SAFE DEPOSIT CO, 47 Westminster Street, COR. EXCI-IA.NQ-E. PBOVIDENOE, K. I. Ivies! Ivies! lyies! 300 Hardy Ivies, from 15 to 50 cts. each. THE DOKljft. Finn to trim rouiiil your Plclnro Frnnirv, HOOIIIB, A good chance to bavo fiomctlilng growin wUl IB Promptly AttenM to, It. Wilson, Kiiiuiy near _________dry. Mpia Just Received. nosovrro IIAHS. Anew patent, Jmt the best tlilnR ont. Tlioy aro also the cheapest arrangement for the pnrpoflo WM. C. 00. honra of iM rwolveu on Biinranlco of tlio Oonijany. Ruardert bj ARMED Mmmnnlcullon with Police liMdiiiiwt, Worcester's Yeast Cakes. A Frwh anpply at CORN ELL'S, 17 angli) 19 Broad streat. SPENCER BRAOERD, of Coach and Single Har- ness, Trunks, Ac., NO. B DOWNINO'8 IJMCK, I. on nhorl notion. This Paint boa boon FUfcJLY TESTED, on Iron, Brick and WooiMvorlr, aud for those using water from tin roofs It hoa 110 enporlor. It CoiUalila no Jioads, Acids Poisonous grcdlonts In its compOBlHoD, thereby rendering it I'EItFECTIiY SAFE to mo ou Tin or Iron Hoofa. HavIuBbcen uaed lu competition wltli tho beat Imowii branda ol Whlto Ltads, It haa; iu all rc- iccla, provott superior, and na Bucli, Is recommended ill desiring n good article, Miieclally for cottagca situated near the water, cud for rcssela It hna uevcr been criiialert. Tho above, paint supplied aud put on by competent workmen, on application to Wlffi. H. GREEN CO. Kowport, n. I. .Tnno 18, P. T- SHARP'S PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO, No. 124 Thames Street. Pbotonrnpliar ol alzo ar tnkcn from life or copied from plclnten liiMnhod to iiilt pntroni. Furniture 1 Furniture Furniture 1 HA AlNQ A LAIIQE ASBOBTIIENT OF OOOD AND Fashionable Furniture On we would invite our friends and others In of anything lu qur lino to call ami KCO If wo cannot do you good, Langley Bennett, 10 Franklin St. Flannels, Cotton Flannels, Bleached Cottons, Brown Cottons, Blankets, (Juilts, well to look In-fnr.. mahlnii W5I. 0. COHZIJNS S t Vm. r. OF it Nm o.nni. mum A. T. Fanrnm Co. e PTOTM men Mar-1 Mn Co.) MAKHLE MANTEI MON- UMENTS, noi und Jtowl Xllnkif, WMh Tiibd, Ail kliidd of rffKftlittiflfl orHfir, inOU HT PKOV1DBR OB, 11. I. A. T. JfAHHTIM, >t. fjf, Alao, 150 rolls C-fnuiic KiifiHsh JJniSBOle, at boiiiK tho former price. Also, 350 rolls good Ingraiup, fit 45 cenla. Alflo, au Ins oluo of Stftlr CarpefB, at three value, Also, iOO rolln Oil Clolli, from M ci'iitH ujt to tho flncnt oiiftiuctlod fliilali for lens tlmii tho coHt, uf pro- ductlou. Tho Kpecln! Hurs oT carimlB our cuHtoniprs will flnd to ho very much niidnr vnluo, nil opiiortuuity raroly oircrcd at auch low prlcrfl. NEW KN3LAND OAIU'ET CO., BOSTON. Itcmovod lo 85 Hanover Opiwaito American UOUEO. mptir-4w TEAS! English Breakfast al 38.45. perPonnl Wong, alMO, 50 Japs' at 42, DSc. Iiupcrial Hysons al 55C, ft 11.00, CHEST, Peleg Bryer. 20, Iflfil. ,111110 13, "The test Slat Sprii Bed in the ftcnnoinr. iHrrithilHy nnd fnri u Hnff no fiffitni. >'of n rut-el.tuft KuriithiiA P.COBIIRN, nt M., Hoium {tliisn, L U C I U S J) D A Y I S Jcoo TWO NEW Light Express Wagons FOR SALE LOW, Achilles Stevens, Hl'lltlll SI'KIIVC STUUF.T. i wjr. c. COKKENS 13( .t CO. arc liHlaynpM-Full yoiuls -t, (.looiU are t-hcii ings prpl'JO A. IHAVH.1HSTHKUKIVKI) STOCK Plain Ornamental U L 0 C K S I'lTeonnllyficK'dcd, and nu-h clock WARRANTED. The nKsortintuit iiidinloH conio Now and Pleasing Styles, to wlil.-h Ilic atlfiilicn of biiyrrs in Invltod. Wmn R. Pitman, 20 J5ROAD STREET MeADAM OPENSHAW, Agcnls for tlic Peonies1 Foil IStlio vfry lipNtVorrol'miipdvpr nmdofor J. niiytlilng llku tho low price at whlcli TIIE NO. I, IN.UOUE, 18 ONI-Y J-I3. Wo havftcoiifllimtly In flwlt nil lilnils of I'lmnhrra nifttf-ri.ilH, nml do all UH llvdry tiling in our lino wo Kiiaranlco to lionn wo rei- rntcnt. NO. 6 MILL STREET. NKWI'OKT, H. I, I..ST.I n i, i s n r, i> i rt IN -i u. tnarll VIHITINO rml llrl lol lionrd cnnlH your limnr- nnd a KKliililK nliri'1 dlllfiTiil Ti.r prlnllni; r-.i-'Jilrh.. AIIKNTM unnlnl. llnv.....Jl nilcl ".'illo.lHKl wilhlii i; run I wnrnuil wcctt. hut I will M'tii1 n lilnlu, Inillirnl full iKiMknlnrK IcnIIIK I iliin'l Miy my fni-ilfiiirc (In. Ixiil .In Hi" world, bill ono t'llt'l'd Iliiyil 111'. llllHM'i'l! Will tn mine." I liinihli (iiori'lliiin I'l vlnlllliK onrdp, liavn tlio iii'.'orliiii.nt of inr vMlliil'.rnn! 1'rinilnr. nml llio i.l clvlivi rvrr llnrr In. niinlc Ihnn frnin my Nlclii'l Ullvi r Mali'il Tylio. Nrarly ail I could Illl llil.i ullti ini'liln my rnrdtt tvi-rlii'd. O.OANNON, lloxlWIl. Jlnlon, MWH. m'ldo.iw Largest Assortment OF WOOLEN CLOTHS, Flannels aud Dress Goods EVER SHOWN THE LAJH' OT LF1TLK FISHING. IIOIJCUIKU THE WILDE1INESS OS'CK WAS. "They were n rough Bet licro lit Litlle nil tho for boiug nil inon; most of the other camps full of linlf breccia and Indians. Tho island htd been a (dation awfly back in tho early days of tho HmlKon Day it was a sto- liou for thn Nortlm-ost Company while Ihtt lasted; then it buck to tho HudsOD, nml stayed there until the company movud its forces farther to tho north. It was net at any time n regular post; n camp for tho hunlcrii. Tho post was farther down tho lake. Oh, but those wero wild days! You think you know tho wilderness, itiiS "o know nothing, absolutely nothing. It if iLo very "inte mo laugh lo see the airs of you city gentlemen, with your fine guns, improved fishing tackle, elaborate paraphernalia, as though you wero going to wed the wholo forest, floating up and down the lake for a month or two in Summer You should haye seen tho hunters of Littlo Fishing going out gnyly when Iho mercury wrs down twenty degrees below zero, for a week in the woods- You should have scon the trappers wading through the hard snow, breast high, in the gray visiting the traps and hauling homo the prey. There were all kind of men French, English and American; all high r.nd the low, tho educated and tho ignorant; all lazy and the hard working. Ono thing only they all had in badness. Home had fled to the n-ildernena to escape tho law; others to escape order; some had chosen the wild life because of its ivilducss, others had drifted into it from sheer lethargy. This far-northern border did not attract tho plodding emigrant, the respectable settler. Little Fishing held none of that trash; only a reckless set of fellows who carried their lives in their hands, and tossed them up, if need be, without a second thought." "And other people's lives without a I suggested. "Yes; if they deserved it. But nobody whined; there wasn't any nonsense here. The men went hunting and trapping, got the furs ready for tho bateaux, ato when they wore hungry, drank when they wero thirsty, slept when they wero sleepy, played cards when they felt like it and got angry and knocked each other down whenever they chose. As I said before, there wasn't any nonsense at Littlo Fishing, she came." "Ah! tho "Yes, tho Lady, as wo called her. Thirty-ouo years ago; how long it "And well it said. "WLy, com- rade, I wasn't born Tho stupendous fact seemed to strike me more than my companion; ho went on with his story as though I had not Epolten. "One October evening, four of tho boys had got into a row over tho cards; tho rest of us had come out of our wigwams to ECO tho fun, and were sitting around on the stumps, chaffing them and laughing; tho camp-firo was burning in front, lighting up the woods with a red glow for a short dis- tance, aud making the rest doubly black all around. There wo all wero, as I said be- fore, quite cany and comfortable, when sud- denly there appeared among us, as though she had dropped from heaven, a woman! She was tall and slender, tho firelight shone full on her pale face and dove colored dress, her golden hair was folded back un- der a little white cap, and a white kerchief lay over her shovlders; she looked spotless. I stared; t could scarcely believe my eyes; none of us could. There was not a white woman west of the Siuilt Sle. Marie. Tho four fellows at tho table sat as if transfixed; one hud his partner by the throat, the other two were disputing over a point in the game. Iho lily lady glided up to their table, gath- ered tho cards in her white hands, slowly, steadily, without pause or trepidation before thoir astonished eyes, nnd then, coming back, she threw Ihe cards into the centre Jof the glowing fire. 'Ye shall not play away your she said in a clear, sweet voice. 'Is not tho game sin And its reward death Ami then immediately, sho gave us a sermon, tho like of which was never heard before, no Argument, no doctrino, just simple, pure entreaty. 'For tho love of she ended, stretching out her hands towards our silent, group, 'for the love of God, my brothers, try to do bettor. did try; but it was not for the love of God. Neither did any of us fqel like broth- ers. _ Sho did not give any name; wo called her simply our Lady, and she accepted tho title. A bundle carefully packed lu birch bark was found on tho beach. "Is this yours asked Black Andy. 'It is' replied Iho lady, aud remorinR his hat, the black haired giant carried the pack- ago reverently inside her lodge. For wo had given her our best wigwam, and fenced it off with pine .saplings so Hint it looked like a miniature fortress. The Lady did not suggest this stockade; it was our own idea, and with one accord wo worked ht it like beavers, and bung up a gato with ponder- ous inside." (Atlantic Monthly for September. IN THIS CITY ALL BOUGHT; Direct From Manuiaclm er and Importers, AT SAUBBTJRTS GREAT CLOTH HOUSE, 103 St., 37 Exchange Place, Butler Exchange, PROVIDENCE, R. I. A STOCK OF OVER WOUTI! TO MKMMT J'KOM. GEIIMANV I-IIOM A liitrnsn Tho London Standard says, "We entertain a deep admiration for Germany and [the Ger- man people; indeed, it is too deep for UH to dream of Haltering them. Wo admire thwir army, wo admiro their navy, wondmiro their intelligence, their spirit of patriotism, of discipline, of self Hncritice. Wo wish them heartily well within tho limit of thoir own territory, and welcome, every advance thoy nioko in tlio consolidation of thoir union and tho development of thoir liberties. But it would bo a cowardly falsehood to pretend that wo think their army a defensive militin; that thoir navy is sure to fight on tho side of moral right in tho next naval conflict; Hint the splendid and highly creditable triumphs they liavo achieved havo not in- spired them with military inntincts and lun- bitions with difficulty to bo distinguished from thOHO wo formerly lined lo noto and reprehend in Franco; that thoy have not grown covetous of influence abroad, nnd anxious, lo use n colloquial phrase, to play first iiddlo in Europe; that Ihoy have nol sacrificed tho most precious constitutional liberties to the sovereign and tho stalcniuan who havo led thorn lo glorious ballloand lo valuable or, finally, that it is to Ihem wo iiminly look for tho preservation of tranquillity and tho rights and welfare of mankind. Wo will venture lo go yet further, and lo affirm lhat tho Englishmen who approach Germans with any such fulsome- confession of faith nro heartily despised by tho pcoplo they thui addroMH, who bavo not forgotten that Napo- leon III., in Iho days of tho fiitaita tor- dialt. waN similarly 'fbUUircd, nnd that tho adulation would bo transferred tomorrow to tho czar of all Iho KnnniM if ho [otorthww tho armies of Germany and dictated pence Alllorlln. For oureolven, wo can only pro- test against being mippofied that all Kng. llnlimen aro prepared to up m Igno- minious an nllltudo, and tltnt wo, for ont cannot and do not regard with 'cora- plaenney' the. policy of n Jut'iti) which can iron! n weak neighbor m Gorumny in nllll Ironllng PetnnAik-"

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