Thursday, October 15, 1874

Newport Daily News

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

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Text Content of Page 1 of Newport Daily News on Thursday, October 15, 1874

Newport Daily News (Newspaper) - October 15, 1874, Newport, Rhode Island EnUtkll.hed, IH1B. Vol. XXIX, Ho, 13J. f NEWPORT. R. I. THURSDAY AFTJ3UNOON. OCTOBER 1.R. 1874. PRICE, THREE CENTTS. HrALTiill IUOTT, M. D., 7 FRANKLIN 8 T B E I! T Newport, It. I. Office 12 to 1, ana G to 8 p. M. JOHN U. IJKJI.MW, ropOQRArinoAi ENGINE'S! AND SDIIVETOB. Omoi, No. 228 Tni-iEB STIVER, XXWFOBT, H. I. 3urvern made, and Plane, Deslcni Mia Entirnitei for the laying out of Public liotds, Bummer aeaorlfl and Privato Estates, carefully prepared, mlt R E M O V A. L, Ttt" CUACE, M. HOMffiOPATHIO PHYSICIAN, No. 11 Clarice 'Jfflce tlouia A; M. St v. H NEWPOBT, R. I. fl A. BHACKETT, M. D; DENTAL ROOMS III YOUSQ'3 BLOCK., 3 Washington sqnaro, NEWPORT, R. I. OJTJOE Fionas, 9 to LI A. M., 2 to 6 p. M. fJAVINC KKillOVIiUinySIOTOluKl Maun- JL.1_ factory to CG WC'HfiriiiiHter Mroot, u few abovo Hie old location, I shall continue to liiHiiuutctlirc all kinds of Solid Gold and Diamond JEWELRY. I Employ 110110 but First-Class Workmen. AI.I, ooonaavn.r, HE TO GIVE Kf We have a Hue JcwcJrjr, Silver Waro, Jot Goods at 1'rices. CALL AT S. PA.INE'S, 66 WESTMINSTER STREET, PROVIDENCE, B. I my28 ffiwmiw. Just Received! A CHOICE LOT OF BUCKWHEAT, Haxal St. Louis F L, o CJ K S Which wa am willae very chwp for ouh. Also Fresh Ground Graham iiul Kyo MeaJ, Oat and Oniihed Wheat, Bolted and Ilhodo lalauil Meal ALWAYS ON HAND. Ooni, uid Feed Meal, Hay, Btmr. tad Tartar1 Islaud Salt. J. PEOKIJAM CO., nol Commercial Wharf, Newport, It. 1" TjCfW. G. 1'ECKHAM, Jr., ATTOBSE2 AT LAW Trinity Bnildtas, No. Ill Broadway, New ?ort, nJ Post Office building, New Jersey. Commissioner Rliodo Island in Now York. II. CBANDALI., AUCTIONEER AfcD COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. Jolin strict, Newport, IE. I. Sales of Eeal Eatate and Merchandteo of every de- scription reapectf uUy Bolicited. P. 0. Box 13. Jo27 CJLOCtJItt 1U.UCK, 141 Tlimiios street. UEATS, POULTBY VEGETABLES. GAUE OF ALL KINDS IN ITS SEASON Orders filled in all parts of tho city, add tunillea regularly supplied. REAL JETS A.ND Black Garnet Goods, Just ReceiYcd at H. A.. HEA.TH GO'S., VST II. SHEltJlAN, DEALER IN MEATS, POULTRY, GAME, BJIMB, LABB, TOSQDES, TBIFE, SAUSAGES, BCTIEB, Fruit and Vegetables. No. 4 Washington Square, Newport, H. I. QAMUEI, ALBIJO, DEALER IN FISH AHD LOBSTERS, 169 THAMES STBZET. Faiulllcs Supplied tlio bout tho market affords and at Rhort notice. JOSEPH M. LYOiV, PLIIMBEH, BRASS ASD COPPER WORKER, MANDrAefrOBEE OF PUJIPS, KETTLES, STEAM PIPES No. 23U Street. Bepalrlng and general jobbing promptly attended to. CItATKIX A Large Asaortmout of TRUNKS, VALISES, AND TRAVELLING BAQS, Of All Gradcbt and Styles. No. 10 Broad Street. OR Thames street. WATCHES, CLOCKS, J e w c 1 r y SPECTACLES. E. C. BLAIN, Watchmaker Jeweler, 164 THAMES STKEET. Date In all kinds of American Watoaos and augl havingropurchMol tho stock In Store 223 THAMES STBEET, Will be to meet hie former frloudu 0111- tomers, and Ly itrict to buutiiPHB, to merit a ohare of their diatom it the Meat and Grocery, Ho. 223 TtaniM Street, Niwport, R. I. (oppoalte the Foot Offlco.) "1 II. D. SCOTT. fine White Shirts to Order. Having taken the for U'AHll'S NISW VOIIK Perfect Fitting Shirts, I am now prepared to lake measures for tho uniuo A FIT GUARANTEED. C. 1-1. PJ3ABODY MltTHAltlUS STIIlJlVj'. Ilcmlqiiurtorii tor Evorytltlnjf New nilj Nice In Furnishing: Goods, HATS, CAPS AND CLOTHING. U1J15 Smith .Butler, Florals, Itolluvttc; Avenue, Bouquets, Bafkcta, Out Flowcra nml Choice Flnnfo. GiiriU-tmluid out.ind in order by tho day ii-outn or year. S. T. Hubbard, A( 3) TUamii Street, Kespa on nana a full line of rionr, Freub Oronnd Collect aud Haiiu, niio Frcnli likttur, Fresh Baked Crackers, Pickles and Preserves, AIM all Wiids of Frmt and their Beaeon. UoodB delivered in any port of tho city, froo of charge. aut Tailoring Establishment. THOMAS M. NOIIMAN, Hivliig tatcii 0110 of tht fu Public Library Building, THAMIOS ST., Would be ploasotl to altcud t his former cuslouio.-fl all others who will favor him wif h a call. Thanking his friouda aud customers for their libcra patronage bestowed iii tbo paat and Bollcitiug a con tlnuajico of tho name lii tho future, which ho will on deavor to appreciate. fcbfl TV. 1 PAPER BOX MAN D J? A 0 T U H E H NO. ar nr. main mruct, FALL RITEII, MASS. ALGI3K, MARLBORO' ST., FIRST DOOlt IfKOJI BROAD ST. (Opposite John oS all kinds of Boots mid shoes. SPECIAL ATTEHTIOS PAID TO REPAIRING (Formerly of Tabor IIODSE TAINTEH AND DECORATOR, 13 Broad street. All wort done In a satisfactory manner. JOSHUA GRAY, FINE STOOK American aua Swiss WATCHES, DIABIONDS, Fine Jewelry aud Silver Ware, wholesale and retail, No. 241 Westminster street, WWATCHES AND JEWELRY KE- febll-nij rAIIIEU. C. G. Handy Son, Agents, -----DEALERS IH----- Choice family Groceries, Fresh ami Salt ProTislons, FOREIGN DOMESTIC FBDITS, Ao. AT No. 330 THAMES, COKNElt lock nr, liver, olreulation of the blood, hem "rrhaso follow, and in fact, they cloe Iho action of ilio "cry organ, tlat caused tlio cougli. JJvcr Complaint and Dyapepsla arc the causes of of tile cases of Oouiumnlion. Many persons complain of a dull pain mW Bionldor-lJadefeelhjjuofdrowBlncsBandreslIcHanwiB, the food lying heavily on Ilio Hloiuach, accoainauied with acidity and belching np of wind. TUCHO toniH iiHually originate from a disordered condition of Ilio stomach or a torpid liver. Persons no affected If they take ouo or two heavy colds, and if Ibe COURU in these be .uddeuly checked, wiU find tho ach and liver clogged, reniaiuine torpid and Inactive and almoBl hnfore they aro aware the lungB arc a of BOrea, and ulcerated, the remit of which death Scheuck'sPulmomc SJrup Is an .spectorant aoca not contain opium or auyihing calculated to check a cough suddenly. Schenck'8 Seaweed Toiiicdiasolves the food, mliej with tho gastric Juices of the stomach aids digcatiou aud creates a ravenous appetite When the towels arc costive, skineallow, or the othcrwiBcof a bilious tendency, Bchenck's Mandrake Pills arc required. Three medioIncB aro prapiral oul? br J. H, SOIIENCK .t SON N. t. corner Siith and Arch strectB, 1'hila And aro for sale by all druggists and dealers Dr. Scheuck will he at tho Quincy noslon on tho following Wednesdays October tth and 21st and Bcccmhcr 2d, 1C11, ami oct3 THURSDAY, OC'TOBEU 1874. OMera promptly and Batisfactorally executed Rosl. deuce, ii Bridge Street. F1WJH, DEALER IS Lumber, Hardware, BUILDING MATERIALS. A FULL ASSORTMENT ON HAND. FlKCil, ErtiGS A CO., 1'OU C'ArVrVOT FAIL TO LIKE IT. C. BANNING, Agent, STREET BOYNTON'S Baltliuoi-e Fire Place Heater. THIS BEAUTIFUL S E LV F E E I) 1 N O H I: A T U U nas all tho atantagcs or the old pattern, with im portant improvomenta which add much to its cfflclwoy. Tor sale by BBOWN, QODDAHD 4 BARLOW, _______ Solo Amenta for Newport E Best Qualities of COAL BDOn A3 LXKEIVS PY, Ucd A, (tilS I.ACKA.WAKNA. (c'ray sciiv..... it ICcfl Asli.) Asll.) tf Delivered liry and'wcll Screened. PINNIGEMHANCHESTEB Blankets. STOCK of Manlcota very cheap. Sorao ciira of cxcrlicnt a now lot of comforialjlca made from clean cot- WJI'Oi COZ2EJI8 COS. NOTICE, Green 143 Thames St. TTAVIHO accojiled Ihe ASCUCJ for Iho NONPAKEIL PAINT, wo arc prepared to f urolAh Uio gatno, In auy desired color, to DnUders, Ooutaotora and Bcal Eelato owuorj, nnd nil otters itlshlag oOEItUIME A HTI CM! This Paint lias locn eWLLY TESTI3B, on Iron, Brlct >nd ffood-ffortr, Bifl for inoio wotor from tin it haa no superior. H Contnlm no Srcdlonta 111 lla composition, thereby rendering It SAFE to tun on Tin or Iron Roofs, Having been used In competition with thQ best fenowu brands of White Leads, it hag, in all ro- BpectB, proved aliperior, nnd as sncb, Is recommended to nil dCBlring a good article, especlnlly for cottngM Bltiintcd ncnr Iho salt wnlcr, anil for vessels It has noter been equaled, Tho above taint eupplisd and put on by competent workmen, 011 application lo WM. H. GllEEK (JO. Nowpr.rt, R. i. u, is7j, jcl Bell-Hanging LOCKSMITHINC, B. BATE3IAK. O. S. BATEMAS GABIXNEB, NEWPORT 3MA.EKET. PELIIAM STEEET, OPPOSITE 0. B. HOTEL NEWPORT, Ii. 1., DEALEIta IN ALL J.NDS OF Meats, Poultry, Game, Lard, Salmon, llanis, Tongues, Eggs, Butter, X'ruHs all kinds and Vegetables marl! Flannels, Cotton Flannels, Jilcachcd Cottons, Unnvn Cottons, Blankets, OLEGG'S 69 Spring Street. Furniture I Furniture I Furniture 1 HA Ma A LAKQK ASSORTMENT OF GOOD AND FaslilonaMc Furniture On hand wo would Invlto our friends nnd others in want of Kijthlnp lu onr lino to call ami BCD if wo cannot do you good. Langley Bennett, IO Franklin'St. fob 13 at ivtlitr.vl n-ccivc-il fills wt'ok. CUH- toiniTH will .In ly luok iiialiln.i; their chascri, :it W.U. G, COZXliNH CO. Fi'pP5 Itemnants of Prints, lleiimaiits of Prints by the Pound, Henmants of Woolen Cloth, StocMiig Yarns, Colloii Batlii, Stores! A largo Variety of Oook Slovcs tunl Torlnljlo Ranges uow in ntoro, and for Bale at Reasonable Itatca, SOME ENTIRE NEW PATTERNS. 1IOT AIK FUKJVACES. Wo have Iho OMobratcd JJoynton FurnnccR.Dr. Nlcli- Ota wrought Iron Furnaces aud 1'und'H Fiimncf'3, nil of which ffe nro prepared to put up at short notice, and warranted to glvo eatlafacUou. Brown, Goddard Barlow, 120 STItMiT. Jy3 1 insurance. SUKIilIKIC and others do- Blriny lire insunmi-c for loni; or shurt ternju can obtain iiolicies In Blririly first class companies at tho afiency of '.ho nmlcrsiKiird, at DAILY NEWS Oillce Tho following arc nimins Hi" coiupaulra renrcseuicd: ('Dim, of llnrtford, C'onii. Itor.iE., of INS.DIP. IV. AilIIvI'ICA, I'llila, KCOTTINII o! Scot- Iniiil. UGUrtlAiV AM KKIUAN, of York. OIIII2NT, ol of I'rovidcnco. I U CI U S DAVIS. J030 Horse Blaitt, AND TIIE TWO NEW Light Express Wagons FOR SALE LOW, Achilles Stevens, J.I .STItEET, PEBBLY TOIWL WHARF. Juno 21, 1874. ABSOLUTE SECURITY FOR BOSDS, STOCKS. MOTES, on Any Articlespl' Yalue. The Rhode Island SAFE DEPOSIT CO, 47 Westminster Street, COR. Received. TEHSEY moStlUITO HA US. A nirw tl patent, just thn bent thing out. also tho cheapcat arrangement for tlio purpose WM. 0. 007.ZKN3 CO. Worcester's Yeast Cakes. P, T- SHARP'S PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO, No. !24 Thames Street. I'hotographw t Wra. P. npn A. T, Farnum troraut) f otmnwtal with She ProTlrtmoo Mir- lile Oo.; Monnftoturcni of MANTELS, MON- UMENTS, UMKh tones, OnMnot and Wiwh Bowl KlabO, flranliKim. Hlnkn, All ttlniti 01 <n 4SO ,JIIOH BT, PJJOVJDJSHOM, I. A. i, MOM. i. w. CARPETS at LOW PKICES. One Dollar Supcrfincs at 70 Cents per Yard, Wo have Just purchased of flio product of a factory of n lato I'liiliidrlphla manufactur- er, comprising 250 rolln nil wool Supcrllnei, inodoru fltylca, dollar qualify which wo shall Bfll for ciintH. Thcfio nro tho cheapest carpcla Ihat liaro ever been offorcd In this market. Also, 200 rolls Topes trj Urusscis at 11.10; sold every where at f 1.60. Also, ISO rolls B-fraino ICujjlIsh DnisaoiR, M J2.25 being tho former ptlco. Also, 25U rolls good IiigrnlnF, nl -lii ccnia. Also, nn Invoice of Stnlr Carpets, at three quarters vahio. Also, 400 rolls Oil Ololh, from 30 ccnln up lo ilio flnntt oiiamctlcd fioinh for leas than the cuat of pro- duction. Tho above Bpeclal lines of carpctn our pusloniorB will flutl to bo very much under valuo, prosoiitniR nn opportuulty raroly offered at such low prices. NEW ENGLAND OAItPET CO., IIOSTON. Kcmovcd to 85 JInnovor St., Opposlto American Iloiier. KOptlf-lw TEAS! OF ALL J, liorPomi Oolong, sO s 62c, aU2, use.- Imperial Hysons at CHEST, Peleg Bryer. Jitun la, Itffift. 'AfliifH Jco. itun a, wtetSlat 8priDi M in the for llconoiiii1. nml (Mini- tnrtli tin nqiinli for l-'ornnln Itr nit (IrHl-c-inwH I'nrnlturo f.C illllliiiniiiiiroliil llnilun ftriiw WM. c COZZBXS fcCd. Wn CMisislinc or DrcKi I Silks, fco ,Jto. ot iowi'Kl ( uR-rhe.-xp. ficjil-jn I IIAVE.JI'STIIIX'EIVEII A. STOCK OF Plain Ornamental C L O C K S IVrsonnllynelodteil, and f-uoh clock WARRANTED.. Tin' assortment includes fiomo New and Flensing Styles, lo wlilch the attention of btiycrn Jn invited. Wm. R. Pitman, 39 BJiOAD STKEET Largest Assortment McADADL OPEN81IAW, Apts [or ttc Prate Pomp. rilillS IS the very best Force Pump ovor inatfo for JL nnythliiR Jflio Ilio low price nt which It nollp, TUB NO. 1, IN. BOIIE, 18 ONI-T mid do iniiiiibliiKliinlllfH varlotta hrniichor. KVcrythhij; In onr line wo to Ijo ni wo rer- rcsont. NO. 6 MILL STREET. H.NTA III. I Mil U I) 8 IV IN .III. niarll VIHITINd aAllliM-rn) real lira! llrMnl liinnJ wllli your iintno In imllfiilly prltilci] mid n iiiiinliln r.lTill fot1 jirlntlng for 'M ctii. Adr'.NI'M witiitoil. llnvn nut iHilit "rtUO.IHUMvltliln U nolllior eiui 1 you lull I will m'lul n plnln, Iriillirul circular, with full purl Iculnrfl fur om1 ltd I itdli'l imy Iny rnnlH arc tin, liriUlii thn world, lull cxiicn- riH'i'il nKriil PIIJ-H IIMUCHI "No'ir.tlidl cnitu, nit Unnlni'." I InniMi mornIlinii Umlaut havf, tho Inrcnit luisiirliiifnl or dmlftim fttr .llntf-ninl utiil llu< pn-tllrnl. ntylcu llnrr tininrsnl'iiinsii Iminitflo ilinti front my Hllwr I'liilnl Tyiio. Nc'arly nil My, My nn''lf nri'lvnl. (HMNNON, ll-l llimton, CLOTHS, Flannels and Dress Goods EVER SHOWN THIS CITY ALIjllOUGHT; Direct From Manulacturer and Importers, SALISBURY'S (MEAT 01.0TH HOUSE, 103 festinstcrSL, 37 Excliaiigc Place, Butler Exchange, PliOVlDENCJO, U. T. A BTOOK OF OVER WOU'I'II TO HKI.Biri1 KMOJI. A DUEL. Till: AIIIA- roou snoonsn A.VD i PEESISI-EST AN" AlilllTBAKY CLOSE. Tlio Clinton nnd Bwartwout duo! was n political ono, and, occurring iu was alino.Ht tiuiulttincoua with tlio Hamilton and H A B HiMJkcr affair. It lias lioen alroiulj- rc-ferred :o by a. correspondent of Evening Post, jut wo add some of tho details. JJnWitt Jlmtou lind recc-iitlj- como to this city. Ko was then considered a vouug man of great had token a high position in Uio federal party, of which Hamilton was all acknowledged leader. The family was fritmlly to Burr, nnd lipuce Clinton oc- casionally came into unpleasant proiiuiity with John Swattwoiit, whose Wood was much bolter than that of Ilutdi generally. Tho politicians of that day asserted Iho largest liberty of speech, and, on one occa- sion of difficulty, Clinton puljliclv applied to Swartwout Iho terms "liar, Wundrel and villiau." As n matter of course a challc-iige followed. They met i.t one of the seconds (Colonel Smith has given tho following report of the affair "The gentlemen look their stations and were each presented with a pistol, and by order each faced to (he right and fired, Imt lu an iiicffoctiml manner. At tho request of Mr. Kilier (Clinton's sccondj I asked Mr. Swartwoul, 'Are yon He replied, 'I am The pistols were then ex- changed and reloaded, and tlio gentlemon re. Slimed thoir positions. When tho word was given encb again faced to the right and fired but with no more effect than at first. At tbo request of Mr. Hiker I again asked Mr fewnrtwout, 'Aro you and lie answered strongly in tho negative. A third shot was then exchanged without injury. At Inker's renewed request I again put tbo question: 'Are you aud Mr. Swait Wout replied: 'I am not; neither shall I be until that apology which I have demanded is made. Until tben we must proceed.' I then presented a paper to Jlr. Hiker containing tho apology in order lo obtain Mr. Clinton's signature, observing to him that wo could not spend our time in conversation, and that this paper must ho signed or we must proceed. Jlr. Clinton declared that ho 'would not sign any paper on tbe subject- that ho had no animosity against Mr. Swnrtwoul.nud would willingly shako hands and agree to meet him witb former friend ship.' Mr. Kwartwout insisted on a fourth fire, and Clinton's ball struck him in Iho leg, livo inches bolow the knee. Ho stood ready aud collected, and refused any propo- silion short of the apology. The surgeon kneeled by his side aud extracted tho ball and the fifth fire look place. Mr. Swart- wout was again struck in tho 'same leg, nearer the aulclo, but he still stood at his post. Again, at tbo request of Mr. Hiker, I repeated the question: 'Are you Ho still am not; proceed.' Clic. ton then left tho station, declining further combat aud declared he would fight no more. Swartwout was surprised at this ro- aud exclaimed to me, 'What shall I do, my I answered, 'Ho declines making an apology and refuses to fight__ there is nothing loft for you now but to bavo your wounds dressed.' This was done, and the. gentlemen returned to tbe New York Evening Post. THE DECLINE AND .FALL OF FENCES With Iho advent of tho lawn mower those hideous necessities of a ruder civilization, picket fences, and indeed dooryard fences of every kind, except tlio very simplest and most inconspicuous, arc gradually disappear- ing. It is a good movement in tho interests both beauty nnd economy. What a waste of lumber and paint, unless one do- sires to conceal a slovenly doory.ird from public view, to stretch a feuco before liis lioiiso !If absolutely nccessarv for protec- tion from stray cnttlo should bo out of tbo question in any well kept street or the fenco bo just as open and uuobstructive as possible. A low iron fence, indeed, of handsome pattern, mount- ed upon a well faced stone curb, is a good thing, siuce it docs not obstruct tho view mid harmonizes very well with tasteful sur- rouudings. But if your old wooden feuco is getting shaky aud the expense of a new ono in these anrd times gives opportunity for reflection, in tho first place remove tho old feuco, trim the walks, remove the sprawling nnd chok- ing rubbish of trees nnd shrubbery which a fence is apt to harbor, and tben see bow you like it for a few dnys. After that, if you find tbo cattle have made no ravage-, and even Iho boys respect your confi- dence, all temptation to their jumping and climbing propensities being removed, begin carefully to study what possible combina- tion of pine lumbar and paint can beany ad- dition to the beauty of your lawn nnd flow- ers. You will not desire anything so pecu- liarly aggravating as n picket fenco, nor any mnssivo bulwark which seems to snv, "All persons arc hereby forbidden to ioo'k into these nurmiy fussy and preten- tious device of carpentry to bo painted glaring white nnd put tho tender grass and modest flowers ciitircly out of countenance. By tbo time you have studied your now fenco suflicicntly it will grow beauti- fully less in your esteem, and snve a ham1- somo consideration to your purse. But if you hnvo recently invested heavily in a now fence, of courso you mustrcvongc yourself by mnintniuing it and defending it agniuBt all secret convictions, to get your moncv'a worth and justify tho outlay. A particuir.r absurdity is tbo pnrtitiou-fonco or imper- vious hedge which often separates neighbor- ing grounds. If your neighbor bo slovenly and his surroundings offensive, tbcro is an excuse for shutting off tbo view, but, if yen both hnvo beautiful nnd well-kept grounds, why not double tbo enjoyment of them and oven more than double it, by tho ampler prospect and breadth of view? It is not so easy to givo np old notions, however defenceless, but wo in onr nioro cultivated towns and villages, tho old wooden fences will not bo renewed in anything llkfl their former bulk and pro- t-inliousncss. They either will give way to tbo lightest, simplest nnd opcncst forms which may he necessary for protection, or to Iho simplest curbstone or low hedgo for demarcation, or, which in very many cases is about as well, to no fonco at nil. It hns been tried nt Williamstown, tho college fences and most of those connected with private residences having been removed, to the manifest improvement and onhnnocd beauty of tbo village. Loivg-mcnilow is try; ing the experiment, the fences having ro contly disappeared from before some of her handsomest residences with surprisingly plcnsimt results. Ono of the. most charm- ing inninifncluring villnfles in Conncotiont, ('bmn-yvillo, has no fonres to mnr its homily, nnd Iho. collagen of Vineyard Urovo owo thoir gardon-lllio nnd inviting look in n largo dogi'oo to Iho nhscnco of tho various (lyn-somi with which Iho cmtlomnry variety or fonooH am wont to deform the, landcnnpo. llrpubllcan. Wlon a dog'ii (ail IM straight, hn in in doulit or trnubU'; when ii, in curled ho merry nml linppy. ItiiL Ib'i always pro- to nirl hl-i owi luil.

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