Friday, February 6, 1874

Newport Daily News

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

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Newport Daily News (Newspaper) - February 6, 1874, Newport, Rhode Island ism. I XXVIII, 335, f NEWPORT. R. I.. FRIDAY AFTERNOON, FEBRUARY 6, 1874. PRICE, THREE CENTS. Daily flews. rUBLIJKXD BY DAVIS PITMAN, AT XO. 13 CIIURCU STREET. TEEMS JS.OO PER AlfNUM. nrrnx OKXIS PEB WTEEIT. PAYABLE TO CIBRIKB. Thli HEWPQRT JOURNAL ia Issued from th office every Thursday. Prlcn jcsr, A DVEKTISEITtENTS lueerfed for >flk aquare for the first Icuertlou and 25 ceiiti fo etKU subnequeut iusertlon. Ten lines or lew, Nonpa- reil type, (like this) make a square. Funeral 50 The privilege of yearly advertisers IB limited to thai awn Immediate business. It not include Legal ifotlcci, Auction Sales, Lost aud Found, Cards, Wante to. TTOWE A CHASE, OIVIL AVD TOPOGRAPHICAL ENGINEERS. Landscape Gardening and Land Sur veylnjf. 70 WsroOssET STREET, OPPOSITE AKOADK, John Howe. Edwin A. Chase. PROVIDENCE, B. I. TlOUEU'r COPEIiAlVD, Landscape Gardciiliig. "1TAS HAD twenty years experioiice in laying ou [J. Towns, Parks, Cemeteries aud Country Place! BMt of references. Engagements may bfl made will Mr. Pitman of the SHUTOUT NEWS. City Exchange. Boston: 765 Lanson Street, Philadelphia. Illdley Park, Del. Co. Pa. TOHrr H. TOPOGIlAPiuCAL ENGINEER AND StTRVEYOH. Oypios, No. 229 THAMES STHEET, NEWPORT, R. I. Surreys made, and Phus, Designs aud Estimates "for the laying out of Public Lauds, Hoads, Summer Besorte and Private Estates, carefully prepared. CIBACE, HOMflSOPATHId rHTSIOIAN, No. 11 Clarke street, Office HOUTB A, M. V. H ylB HEWTOKT, R. I. C, A. IIHACKKTT, O. HI. D. DESTAL K003IS IN YOUSH'S BLOCK., S Washington Square, NEWPORT, E. I. HO'JKS, fC A. II., 2 tO 5 M. TT E. BAUIVEY, PIANOFORTE TUNING. Orders received at T. A. Speucer'g, N 85 ThinKi treat, and Charles E. HanuueU, J 34 Thainos treet. G. rECKHAfli, ,ir., A T T 0 It N E Y A T L A W Trinity Building, No. Ill Broadway, New Tort. Commissioner for Rhode Island In Now Yort. TTEMirr ST. WABD, JUSTICE OF PEACE AND KOTAHT PUBLIC. rTorthltooill, State House, PToii-port. attention given to tlio acknowledgement QfDeedi, Affldaviui, kc.___________________________ S1 RIJAI A: ItMJCH, 141 TUallies street. POULTRY VEGETABLES, GAME ov ALL KINDS in ITS SKASOH Orders filled iu all parts of the city, add nmiiies regularly sutplied. W ILMAM II. SMEltiUABf, D3ALEK IN 5IEAT3, I'ODLTHY, OAME, UAM3, LASD, TOSQUEB, TRIPE, SAUSAGES, BUITEB, Eoaa. Fruit niitl Veg-elablos. No. 4 WasuitiKton Hqiinre, Newport, H. I. ALIilEO, DEALKK IN FISH ASD LOIiSTEKB, I5D THAMES STREET. Families Supplied tvltll the best the market affords and at fihort m. PHIMBEH, BKAS3 AND UOl'PEn W011KEB, ICASDFAOTCEKI1 OF PCMPS, KETTLES, STEAM PIPES. No. THaiucM Street. and general jobbing promptly attended to' CUATUIX A Large Assortment of TSHNKS, TALISES, ASD TRAVELLING BAOS, Of All Gruilcs and Styles. No. 10 Broad Street.' BAfTIVIWG, INSBKANCE AHENT, 20 Broad street) Newport, K. I, ojl-tf GORGE Tt. FIIAPHIE, PAPER BOX MANUFACTURER, IVo. :ir IV, Itljtii' street, TALL ItrTEP, MARS. O KIN ALGER, ST., FIRST UOOR FROU BROAD ST. (Opposite John D. Manufaclurcr of nil kinds ot mid Sikoen. SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO REPAIRING. If. TARKU, (Formerly of Tuber k U3E PAINTER AND DECORATOR, 13 Broad. Street. Ali work done In a satisfactory manner, J, JR., DEAI.ER IN FRESH AND SALT BEEF, ifhj UnniR, L-nrcl, Sftiisngcs, Tripe, Pios' FEET, POOI.TIIY, GAMK, fcc., Fniit and Vegetables in tbelr acason.jEj Corner Onk ft Broad Streets, Newport, R. I, JR., HOTEL, HOUSE AND STEAMBOAT Hanger and IjOckMiiilth SPEAKING TUIIES PUT UP TO ORDER. BOOHS 18 TIUVEH'S BLOCK. (Up Stftlrfl.) G W. BOWI3N, OARtliNTEK AND l.nng Wluirf. fEDtraucfl on Whtttter Avcuno, off Tliamca NEWPOIIT. Ordm promptly Ami oxecutM. HMi- ________ (loncp, 0 Dubnqno Kioux City R R CO. 00 ahs. JoliCt Chic. Ml Co.. Stock. 00 Albany i Snsq'na R K Co. 00 Cleveland Pittsb'g rOO NY Cent. Hud. R. Conn River Company 00 Hew Britain Nnt. Bank 00 Nat. Bank of tho State of Mis- souri 0 Shares Morch. Nat. Stock.. Merchants Bank fi.QOO 00" Mechanics Bank 20" Farmers Mechanics National Bank 28.COO 00 Shares Hartford Nat. Bank Stock. 00 Farmers Mech. Nut. Bank DO Phoenix National Bank RO.OOO 50 State Bank oO Conn. Jtivcr Baking Co. 7.BOO i ".Etna National Bank DO American National Bank City National Bauk 38 First National Bank Ohartcr Oak Motional Bank 00 National Exchange Bank 00 American Ex. Kst. Bank 00 Nat. Butch'B Drovers Bank 00 "Hanover National Bank 00 National City Bank 00 Nations! Bank cf Oommerco 00 '-Nat. Banker the Com'inv'lth 00 Importers 4 Trncicrs Nat. Bk." 00 Market National Bank 200" Mechanics National Bank 00 Merchants Eich. Nat. Bank 00 Nat. Bunk 5U.OOO 00 Bank of tho Manhattan Co. 00 Nassau Bunk 00 North River Bank 00 Bank cf New York 00 National Bank of N. America oo Nat. Bank of the Republic to Ocean National Bank io Peoples Bank lo.noo io Pliocix National Bank oo Union National Bank lo N Y Life Ins. Trust Co. jo Union Truat Co. ccrued Interest.................... Total Assets of the Company Liabilities Net Assets UCIOS D. HENBEE, Prsisii J, GOODNOW, Secretary. DAVIS, ARCllt Attorney. JsnlG Orient Insurance Company, HARTFORD, CONN. STATEMENT OF CONDITION JAN. 1ST, 187J. CASH CAPITAL, ABSEl'S, ash on hand and In Bank, ash in hand of Agents, on 1st Hens, jOftus Hecnred ny pledge of Stocks and Bonds, ntercat Accrued, M) Shares American Nntlounl Bank Slock, Hartford, oo yEtimNnt, Bk. Stock, HnHfU oo Charter Onk National Mock, Hartford, oo FanuorH i Mcchanlcfl Nat'l Bank Slock, Hartford, 5o Hartford Nat'l Bank Stock, Hartford, 23.4oo.OO 5 shares Oily Nail Bank Stock, Hartford, oonli.ires Mercantile Nnt'l Bank Stock, Hartford, o Bhnrefl I'limnix Natlonnl Hank Slock, Hartford, 8 Hharefl First Nat. Bank Stock, HnrLfonlj 0 slmros Nntloital Exchange Nnt'l Ilnnk Stock. Hnrtfonl. llfio.oo KI Hliares MclroifflliUti Nat. Hank Htock, Now York, I2.Boo.oo 17flharcfl Mich. Oentr'l RR Stock, oo Lake Shore Mich. South'n Railroad Stock, oo nhnrcN Allmiiy A RtiflqiiclmnnA Rallrond Stock, oo nliarcs Olftveland fc J'ittnburgh RRllrond Stock, 17.2oo.oo 17" N. T., N. H. A Hftrtfcrd Rlflrond BUjck, o Iricllitna Ccnl.'I RR Co. Incllitiapolin fc Clnclnnstl ilftllroid Cr.. 18M, 2o Boiidg JIarlford, Provldnncn AFJahklll JUilroad Co., BoiulB Mlddlo Dirtrlct, Harlfortl, Ct., Tutel Cwli Net (Infill ArVMc, faints and l ESTABI.ISHtD 1T49. ANNOUNCEMENT EITRAORDINARY! 128 Years of Successfu Engagements. Messrs. VV. H. Green Go, "VTTOUIJ) reapecciu-v to the ani Y Y visitors of Newport that they are nriipared ti do PAINTING, IN ALlj ITS BRANCHES. OUH PAPEK HANGISG WILL BE EXECUTED BY MR. D. M. HAMMOND, wli fa aebuowleflgcd paper Iianger of tlio age. Our imitations of Wood, Stone and Marble cannot bo ex- celled. Hard woods filled and polished au entirely new process, and warranted to cire SIGN PAINTING, GLASS GILOING, SHOW CARDS. NEATLY EXECUTED BY MR. J. R. HOWE. who BtaiulB without a rival In this branch of hia pro- 'easion. Ornamental I'aiiiiliiff, Bronzing, Wood promptly attended to, and executed- at H3 THAMES ST. Edwin C. Blain, ST1IEET, eecureil tlio agency of tbo celebrnted BOBEL AND COTJBYOISiEE NEUCHATEL, 3 now prepared to sell a drst-class watcli, fta regardfl oth Case and Movement, at a.reasoiiablo price, Suit- bio for ladles aud gentlemen. Also American Watcbes [or jysi JOSHUA GRAY, 241 Westminster street, V 1C O V I n E W C E UOII A3 GOLD OPERA, GUARD, LEONTINE, VEST AND NECK CHAINS, Aud n great variety of Klcli Seta of Jewelry, Dla- lond Itiuga and Pine, Studs, Sloovo Buttoas, mothyBt, Onyx, Pearl, Garnet, and a largo lot of ber Kind's, together with many articles in Finn Jew- ry not ucro mentioned. A very rlcb anil well elected stock of Ladles' and Gents' A Silver tvatclies. Solid Silver ami Silver Plated "W'nre. dec2 JOSHUA GRAY. and (tents' Gold and Silver Watches, Lockets, Charms, Crosses, Seal Rings, IHO a new and dealrahlo Block of Fancy articles just nportcd. A full assortment of Solid Silver aud lated Ware, at HEA.TH GO'S., OU Th antes Street. Diamond Spectacles. _ ,IIESE SI'KCTAUfjES ara manufactured J_ from "MINUTE CRYSTAL PEBBLES" melted gfitlicr, and are called Diamond on account of thoir archies arid brilllaucy. It la well known that Bpec- clcfl cut from Brazilian or Scotch pebbles ftfo very ijnrioiis to the eye, hcctiUBo oC their polarizing light. aving limi tcatcd witli the polariscopc, the diamond IIHPB have been found to admit fifteen per cent, Icaa cated rays than any other pebble. They aro ground ith great scientific accuracy, aro free from chromatic produces a brightness aud distinctness vision not before attained In Bpcctaclcn, Manufactured by the Sticnccr Optical jg Oornp New York. For Halo by rcsponHlble Rents in every city In Uio Union. H. A. HEATU 0.. Jcwclcrfl and Opticians, arc sole Agents for Now ort, It. whom tlioy can only bo obtained o peddlers emnloTod. Do not buy any unleau you the trade mark J, 8; Postal Cards 50 Cts. Per Hundred, eut by mall or express. Address 0. W. Slmmona on, "Onk Bonton. gainplcs sent. Jnn22-4w New Sacks and Cloaks. QPRNEH on Satniflay a uew lot of Dolman pnttern, also Water Proof and a sli lot of Trlmmlnos, Buttons. at rJc pricoa. WM. O. OOZZBN8 ft CO., No. 74 iainns ulreet ____ Cheap Calicoes. ONK C1ANK nice dark calicopfl In romnantfl, for Mlavftr; cheap, at WM. 0. COZZENS A CO. November 10. S. T. Hubbard, At 37 ThainM Eeap. conaiimilj oil Dead it full Hue ot Flour, Fre.t ground CoffeM Sfc Lara, Mum.., Fine Frvvh Butter, Fresh Baked Crackers, Pickles and Preserves, ALw all kLida of Fruit and lii theirseasou. SIT" Oooda dellveved in aoy part of the city, free of charge.__________________________________ marC T Newport, Jan. B, 1N73. I HE hating ropnrclnwed the itock ID Store 223 THAMES STREET, Will bo prepared to meet his former and cus- tomers, aud by attention to busline, to merit ashttreof thslr custom at the Meat and Grocery, No. 223 Thames Street, Newport, K. I. {opposite the Office.) n7 H. D. SCOTT. Just Received! A CHOICE LOT OF BUCKWHEAT, Haxal St. Louis FLOURS' Which we are Belling very cheap for cash. Also Fresh Qround GRAHAM! and RYE MEAL, OAT MEAL anil CRUSHED WHEAT, BOLTED and ItnODE ISLAND MEAL AtVWAITS ON HAND. Com, Data, aud Feed Meal, Hay, Straw, and Turks' Island Salt. J. PEOKHAM k CO., no! Commercial Wharf, Newport, R. I' C. G. Handy Son, Agents, -----DEALERS IN----- Choice Family (Groceries, Fresh and Salt Provisions, FOREIGN fc DOMESTIC FRUITS, tc. AT No. 220 THAMES, COltNEIt OF CANNON STUEET, And threo Doors South of Poet Office. Wo are uow prepared to f urulsh the above named Goods, in all their variety, at extremely low prices for CASH, or approved credit. Our former eiistomerH uru imrticulary invited to call aud see us, HH well as the public generally. A Lftrg-c Stock of Excellent Flour on liaiul, to bo sold by the Barrel or itnff, DEOIDELY CHEAP TOR CASH. THE NEVVjfOUT TEA CO. Teas! A GOOD, swcot drawing Breakfast Tea, 4 !bs. for ALSO A FIFE 3 pounds (or A liberal discount to jobbers. P. Bryer's 15 Broad Street. Uananns, Pears, Figs, Lisbon and Malaga Grapes, NEW FIGS, NUTS AND CONFECTION EiiY, Carry Bros'. At dcc27 Bricks. FRONTS, Brown, Dark and Re Brick also Haverstraw and Long Island Brick under ahcds, at HAMMETT'S LUMBER YARD, marlO 231 Thamea Street] c L, m s 69 SPIIINO STKEET. At No. 90. OampOhftlrfl! Chtldron'ei Rock- oral Easy Chairs! Blblo and Coquet Stands! Fancy Frames Hacking Boidfl! Writing Desks PJano Stools! Slipper Boiea I (Vnll PocketB! Ac., ire., Ac, STAFFORD BRYER- .10020 Chea Chintz chMpost Cretonne Chintz. fMt colors, fltrtl I ing at aacentfl, worth double thtt price, WM, 0. C07.ZF.N8 CO. 0031 8. T. FHAF1UE, (SUOOKSSOU TO OEO. W. Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer. ITNOHTH Full AH klndn of Prlntod Work, at lilclH. Nownpniifrfl, Munlo-Ao., Irfiimrt Itmny flwilrwl nliort notice. Iflft Wm. P. i. or At offlnn. weather (Strips I iloivn, iir.pllort If S 00. ii unit Win W. 0.'OOX- 4M1I The Rhode Island SAFE DEPOSIT CO, Of Providencfl, II. L, IN ATLANTIC BUILDING, NO. 47 WEST- MINSTEU STKEET, COE. EX- CHANGE STREET. fEntriuice throiiRli of tho Flnt NallonM offcra tot Kent, nnfes InMilo Itn Finn A PKOOF At pricca rangtliff from J15 to per annum. WU recelvo on doponlt for Hftfo kmpliig, under TEKOFTHB COMPANY, flovirnmrnt, anil otlior Bondfl ftnd iwcurltlnt, Coin, Bullion, Plate, An. It Iwllovdd to bo the atrougnt vault ever built for Tailoring Establishment THOMAS M. JfORKLLN, Harlug taken ono of the ttores In Public 176 THAMES ST., Would tw plenard to attend to hia fonntr custouier and all others who will favor him with u caU. Thanking hli friends and iriiatoiitera fur their liberal patronage bestowed In the jiaat and soliciting a con Uuuance of tlio fiaioe In the future, which hu wlli eii <leavor to appreclnte. fe Fire and Burglars. ARMED WATOIIMJCN will Im on ilutj ftml A TKLKOHAl'lI coniiKt tin with tho Pollen Station. Open dftlly from a. Io 4 m., flunflnja and Holidaya The public are Invited to vliilt the premium, whether for Diimnfm or from curiosity Olroulara mailed tc any ftdfil.'rwt. B, mum, I'M. JOHIIITA IIM ilwIT WM.A.MITOI GO TO W. C. LANCLEY'S AXD BOY CLOTH FOR AX OVEBCOAT, SUIT OF CLOTHES, or KI3GLE GARMENT, or LADIES' SACK At tlie present reduced prices. declc-uj NEW FALL GOODS! GOULD Tailors, 70 THAMES Woolen Goods, For JTIeu and Doy'N wear, For Sale at UII.I.IAH H. SWAN'S Jan27 No. 168 Thames Street. Newport, H. I. Something Sew in Photog- raphy. JUST RECEIVED an improved iHHtruuien which will take Tin Types, cartfl do vielte which cell at the low price of four for A, WILLIAMS, THE "ORIGINAL." i Hrnvniiiga' Block. New Photographic Rooms! [Over C. E. ILmimoll, JrU Hook Store.) 124 THAMES STREET, NEWPORT. B, I. TTAVIIVG leaped rooms Ju Ihe ubove luiildiiiR fitted them up. I nan prepared to tako JPOBTBAITS from life or copies from other ftr.isli thcia black or In the bfst styles of the art. B. Particular attnutlou paid fo copying jiicturrri from DAHUEIIIIEOTVPER, AMBKOTYPE9, fltc. P. T. SHARP, Tlianicssircel. nol Pictures, Brackets, WaU Pockets, CARVED WALNUT O1CJVABIENT.1, CDAIR9, TABLE3, AT M O O T T R B L L S, t !t C O T T It JG M. II I. O C K Ncit Smith of Pout Office. lie Furniture I Furniture 1 Furniture 1 HA flNQ i LABOE A590RTJIENT OF GOOD AND Fashionable Furniture 3u hand and wlsliing to of It to mnko room for Spring Gooila, wo mil udt it at rates. We would invite our friends and others in want of nnytliinR iu our liiio to call aud see If we cannot do yon good, Langley Bennett, 10 Franklin St. FURNITURE, PHlDAy. FEBKUARY C, 1874. J. L. a. A. HAZAKD, Maiinfflcturera and dealers In First-Class Furniture OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, NO. CIIUKCH STHEKT. Carving and nrlwlslnrlng In every 1 fltylo ou Hhort notice. If- Orlglml Drawings anil Plans fnrnlibcd and ev- erything warrants LANGLEY BENNETT, MeralaiilFiuislilDilJiiilertaliers, Warerooins, 10 Franklin St. tw OnskelJinnd Cofflnitofanydwcrlptloii, imd "11 the duties required of an UndortAker, promptly at- tended to. A. T. Farniim Co. (Tonnctiy coirnKtsI with Hie ProvMcncc Strain Mar- ble Co.) Mfinufnoturors of MARBLE MANTELS, MON- UMENTS, fttlHtoiiin, Cftbinol And Wimh Bowl SonmUmo FlrcpJftCOH, TubH, Ao. All Af ttmnltti fnrn.thcrt (o order. 480 HJOH ST., PBOVIDRKOK, B. I, A.T. TViwiiM, .T, W, 1'AHnrM IN UNCLE 3 TO ilAEE A YOUNG WIFE OF AX OLD JJ-ilD. The following true story might perhaps furnish matter for o little coweily. if come dies were still written: It iri generally tbe case that the mort beautiful nnit the richer a young female is, the more iliftieult tire hoth tier parents ftnd horself ii: the choice of a husband, and tbe moro ofl'ers they refuse. The one is too tall, the other too short, this not wealthy, and that not respectable enough. Meanwhile ono spring passes after another, aud year after year curries away leaf after leaf of the bloom of youth, aud opportunity after opportunity. Jliss Harriet Sehvood 'was the richest heiress iu her native town, but she had already completed her twenty seventh ycav, nnd beheld almost all young friends united to men whom uho had, at one time or other, discarded. Harriot uogan to be set down for an old immi. Her parents began to br- unoasy, nnd she herself amented in private a position which is not a natural one, and fo which those to whom ui-c and fortune have I'ecu niggard of their gifts are obliged to wubmii. Jtut Hai- was handsome and very rich. Such wiw the state of things when ht.r'.m- clo, a wealthy merchant in tlio north of Eng- and. canio on a visit to her parents. He was jovial, lively, straightforward mau, accus- tomed to attack all dinicnlties boldly nnd coolly. "Yon snia her father to himonu dny, 'Harriet continues single. The girl is hand- ioiue what she is to have for her fortune, 'ou know; oven in this scandal loving town uot a cveaturo can braathc an imputation against her." replied tho uncle Mjiil look yon, Brother, the grand point iu every affair in his world is to seize the right moment; this pou have uot doue. It is a misfortune, but ot the girl go along with me. and before the md of three months I will return her to you is tho wife of a man as young and wealthy us herself." Away went the nircowith bur uncle. Ou bo way home he thus addressed her: "Mind vunt I am going fo Bay. You are no longer Uss Solwpod, but Mrs. Lumley, ray uiece, young, wealthy, childless widow; you had he misfortune to loso your husband, Col. ".umley nfter a happy imiou of a quarter of year, by n fall from his hor.-.e '.virile hmit- ng." "But, "Let rue if you Lum- ey. Your father bns invented me with full lowers. Here, look you, is the wedding iug given you by your late husbaml. Jewels ud whatever else you need, your aunt will upply you with: ,and accustom yourself L-i ast down your eyes." The kesu witted uncle introduced bis ncice very where, and everywhere the young wid- excited n gi-jtU nrmsuiiuu. The guniie- nen thronged about her aud she soon had her hoico out of twenty suitors. Her imelo ad- isisd her to accept tho ono that wns tho deep stiu love with her.and a rare chance decreed iiat tliisshould be tho tuost amia- lo aud opulent, Tha mutch wan soon cou- nud one day tbe uncle desired to say fow words to" his future nephow iu pri- itc. "My doar ho began, "we have told ou au untruth. "How so? Are Mrs. Lumley's Nothing pf tho kind; my niece is smcere- attached to you." "Then her fortune, I suppose, is not o what you told mo "On tho nontrnry, it is liirgor." wliat is tho matter, then "A innocsut joke, winch camo ito my bend one day, when f wn-s in good umorj we could not well recnll itnftovwav.l ly uioca is not a widow." ''What is Col. Lumley living "No, no, slio is a spinster." The lover protested that he was n happier 'How than ha had ever conceived himself, nd the old nmid was forthwith nietnmor- hoscd into a young wife. OXE OF BEAU HIOKMAN'8 TRICKS. Bonn once mado R raid ou ths Baltimore estinirnvtts. Ho to dine well lat day, or know the reason wlir. Ha iuto Guy's rostfturnnt and for no propriotor. said bo, "I want the best dinutv ou cnn givo mo." "All right, Mr. Guy; "walk in showing him into n neat little privnto oom. The Bonn nto itnd drank of thn and ust aftor ho had finished his cup of, itoir ml hud lit. his cabanns, n Borvant ontiired vith a folded paper on a silver waiter, which ic gravely handed to tho Beau. "What IK this inquired tlio Bonn. "Do bill, sftul the waiter, "Bill; I don't want any bill. Auk the pro- priotor to eomo here.'' Tho proprietor appeared, bowiug nnd funiling; he hoped there was nothing wroug, nud that his gueat had liked hia dinner. "I likod the dinner well enough, nud tbo sniil Bcnu Hicknmn, "but I want to know what this moatin.'1 "That's tho said tho proprietor. "Well, I never pay any bills. I am Beau Hickmnn. I don't pay anybody. Besides, you havft no right to charge me for this din- ner. I Rsked yon for tbe best dinner jou could me." Bonn, you havorimg in on and got the bettor of me fairly. Now 111 not wily forgive you for this trick, but I'll give you if you will plfiy tho trick on tho St. Glair, on tho othor side of the way." Tho next day tho Benu farotl sumptuously at the St. Glair, find tht scene wan ro-onnct- Tho bill was presented nnd the propri- etor wound up with, "Beau, I'll Rive you if you will play this off on Guy." "My dear snid the Baau, "why didn't I call hero firot Guy has paid me to play it ou you. A Pnii.ADKT.PKix The York correspondent of tho St. Louis Republican ban boon doing Philadelphia something as follows: "It makes 110 difference with tbo Philadelphia phomalo about, tho voathor. She brenkd the ico in her and eheorfully to work glaring thoflo iramaculittd Htepa, while tho windrt howl round her and tho mercury goes down to un- heard of deplhfi. TlloRfl her! ulie iliden off the nloop, she fOcntefl on her oar into (ho gutter, and rMbued by of thfl ocoupantn who are not Mntbblng. No- body can bold thoir ptrpemlioular one in- fftant upon tho ocene of her exploits, and with pleaBuro on tho nownfull of the Yorkor, The nntiro in all tho while intent' ing things in nlrov-Vnvent the norubberfl. The IftUsst kiuk r.ii ftvticlo polled ft little horseshoe shaped thing, with sharp, short spikes that screws on to buot heels. The Philadelphia woarg thy and the Philadelphia woman is in a ceaseless stew lest ha forget to take 'em off on the steps and goes prodding round on her car- pets. Therefore the instant tbe windows are properly glazed and the stoop k-ed, she sits in the hall to watch for the perfectly harmless life, but one destitute of attraction to an ease lorinjf. scrub hating woman ine." QUF.EH You boys wid g'rls, just before tbe shirt-collar and back-liair age. manage to twist words in a comical way. Ofteu I have a good time listening to the wee folk who come to our meadow. One day a little girl, seeing, in the last part of one of her Christmas books, that a sequel to it would soon bo published, called out to a playmate, "0, Kitty! isn't this nice? My new book's got a squeal to But she was quite accurate, compared with a little bit oi" a boy, who caaie to creek with some other children, one day last summer, to look for water-cresses. "I'm going to take an awful lot o' cresses homo to mama." he said, trudging along as briskly as bis fat liitle. legs would allow; "'cause my mamma's got o fjdgdaior, what'U keep everything as cold us ice, to put 'em in. Your mamma got "No, she answered a tow-headed little chap: "but nhe's got nnteolegg-beator." "Ho! a leg shouted my wee young- ster, turning squarely about to 'look the speaker. "What's that "Why. [ eggs with, goosey." screeched the little chap in scorn, "She'd hotter look out. If she goes to beating eggs she'll break 'em. Eggs ia brittler than anything. Guc-ss you 'mast don't know what you are talkin' 'from St. Nicho- as for February. A CALIFORNIA boasts a Pompeii on a small scale. It is the own of Meadow Lake, on the Sierra Neva- da range, POOO feet abovfi the level of the ;ea. The spot on which it in situated is full gold, and in ififio there was R great rush hither, feet of the land being aken up in the Summer of that year. By pring the next year the Califoniians had iccome perfectly wild over the golden pros- iGCts of the region, nud during Slay, and 'nut uot less than 400M people found their way up there, aud the retd estate went up ike a kite, sixty by eighty lots bringing rom to A town of f.00 houses vas built. The trouble was with the ore, n which there was KOUJG substance that would not yield to the usual processes, and. n addition, the snow wsg not unfrecjuently wcniy live feet on a level, terrible storms teiug common RK Inte as June. All nt once he people saw that nature had played an wful practical joke on them, and they aban- loned tbe town so precipitately that a recent isitor there, walking on snow shoes through he streets eu a level with the second stories ooking into the windows, saw the furniture tnndjng just ns Ibp nrciipfmts bnd used The Daubury News in as liWe remem- ber n'i occasion, when the wind was blowing direct from the west, aud bad been blowing from that direction and bid fair to blow straightfrom that direction as long as there iras any direction loft, that n man. we need not dressed in his best suit of clothes and with pomade on bis hair, stood on the west side of a sitive of co.U nsheG nnd undertook fo screen them. We remember, too, and we remember it with a vividness that is quite rt-uiarkable, that when he had gyrated that sieve about three times that western gnle veered around to thn east with such appalling promptness that before he could make the slightest more to save himself ho had Sunday clnthc.s, pomade, and n blinding eloml of ashes, out of which im- mediately emerged tho most extraordinary irhpfizing, sneezing, and coughing ever heard in that neighborhood. One sieve full of coal ashes, with tho operator dressed for church, has been known to change the wind to thirty-two points of tho compass." Persons troubled with ennui, es- pecially ladies, will find that one need not go far from town or country fo find means of doing good, and saving instead of killing time, if they will only look about them. They come to us with two or three practical queries like these showing the little excuse they is for dullness: ''Is it notprobabln tlml you mistake tbo object of life, when you wish to Icavo tho niche in which find yourself, simply be- cause it is dull Is uot tho object of life formation of character, rather than securing much pleasure The chamcfor that c.innpt ondm'O discomfort will lie beaten down be- fore It w easy to expand one's or better, recognizing, both duties aud pleasures. A woman whose culture is above that of tho people about her, can make it a lover to elevate tho whole neighborhood, nnd litid delight in doing so. Tho most surprising things cnu bo done in this direction, if QUO has a little fact, pn- tienca nud hearty good will toward theigno- rnnt, dull people. It is easy to work for ngreenblo people, but how to got, interested in tho stupid ones is tho problem which ia only solved as one ceases to thiiilt much about one's own enjoyment." Sir Uftttle Froro tho British government to wend another expedition to explore the Arctic seaa. AMERICAN AND FOREIGN PATENTS, R. H. EDDY, AOLIOITOK OF P For Tnklo Mfcflt PfO. AFTER A1V EXTENSIVE PR ACTIOK ofupwanls of thirty conUnuru to iwtontslii tlie alfw Iu Groat France and other fordgn coimtriiw, Oarrats, Spcctfc amtM on rMwouAblfl (orniB. wiUidoapntcb. niMlo to determine the validity and utility of Inventions, and livkl and other advice la all inMtM-n touching tno HUne. Ooplpa offliflcUlmiof any patent by remitting one dolln-. AMigu- recorded in No Agency In the Unltmi PMMHM fftcilllieiforobUlningPAtoiiUor ascertaining the pt- UnUblllty of invontiomi. All nAenMlly of a Journey to WadingUm to procure a md mini gtrnt delny TKHTIMONIAUJ. V rwrd Mr. Kddy M one of the meet pncUMonnn with wbotu I had offlcM OHABT.ES MASON, of I nohff tUtlor. !n that they cannot employ ft in an iiiorc ooiniwicnt mult runt worthy Hid inoro of putting upplicftt ioiiH lit a form to Monro for them mid rt the OfflCf KDftTUND BURKK. OoinmlMiloner of Patwita. "Mr.. R. H. KnnTliibinimlflfor ineowrTHIHTT for hwfi iiuccMMful in rnort ciM. inch nnmtotdkwtWe proof of ffmrt UltntMid AMllt7onbli JMH, iMdime to ALL inrKton to rpply to htm to proctm thftr Jhittnto, M they mnybfl rift of huTlnff the (rttm- 1,

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