Saturday, April 29, 1865

Williamsport West Branch Bulletin

Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Williamsport West Branch Bulletin on Saturday, April 29, 1865

West Branch Bulletin, The (Newspaper) - April 29, 1865, Williamsport, Pennsylvania i i Y trjlo of OtJT _ f OK W. preserve ear J.fbertfes, -or -NO WJLUAMSFOH1V PA, J or deaiji of the fruits of good, be WCB TTiQSt 1 hnd ihe -oonfldeiioe ot> the people u; UKS'. 1 left vout city on JVATnrrlAV night, oo to of Ife in of -IP, Aprtl xs, IOO5. HOTEL; L O. COOK, PKOPBrETOH. 'A frpcfc H OJf SQUKTH-4 iirn.pirt, Pa. V ARTK Proprietor hot M JMt M bw rm e out of in P.V tops 3 u4 Tx helli.b Ohi ly in of bj tfieir crime, ft, MATOfKT STUART: Dtiler Ia, Goodj, PaSenl ft JV ViUiA'uf-l HJVKBW J ostTuuc j ter crime, "'i8a who-! vVSA o( lL effect abroad got drunk ao his second H- H. AT J.AW. CoHeetione made BOD of th gjfl'y upra i to skip d (xlte tho _ _J think 1 .ro or o; Pa Sept. S4, 18M If until tho -ilajr, aa I nqvu time by the Dr ASD.CQONBBI-tOB AI Hotel prices m'i down. CO., feeling is one 1 success.. 8av, U The war bfliwcori the of The irill irifluenncfi the opinion" of a uiura thunthe the will fit believers in the Doited States ait to fife millions. K. paOTHONOTARY, The ruaeraTcereojonles 'ike to most conntiy w wprl you a Hfu-.ription, boj shuil .be bv tbo reach you sooner. The rsafut ts n state toJffsyj in eaat pboin of t WftjlC lllMibV, LliU uiuwj Uj to Notaries in 3d of isflnfXx too for city a sUaane. coutinst ita the rjtght I left it. nil bright bRantifnl, glad nhiiiint Bow BVCryrhTfig wwrs tip of monrnjrrg. never ancJIi beforo. All and all parties, und n OBue. at the _- fabl AND L05DON CAPITAL COUKB'r.IJ.Orl AT (for- 0 hurt thj O thy tho jpqr. H- T. TAGCARTi 0? tuuwri. l the Coort HoaiBnoii J. L. Cook'i who killed Mr. at P Jk-UI. ia ViUwui limit, pour, w of i-6 cunolading. very lajija'B like T UHJF for with -the soldiers is work MiB uiJ U -IP V Bright, foriuerly SfnStot from Jn- in nuft in other in Ttoeir in "DBUe, DsnntJ Con TM'-nrM fol Coding to h- "u< ioK if4.jl eruujeut though the Jfresident Is' Iba gflneral -opinion 'nmong those drei or wSUo Tinting nil no are sold frvui th Frtodouj IITCB, -Truth livea, JSTTmt themurfer of liod lives, and by His blearing, thongh sor- to- of U_th month, the Preident wan in ita K. J. WMWIHG A. ._ IlfJurlflg Mtn. lu row may for a night, joy, N joy.of a N erated, comrth with Ike moming. _- TBB w aooa of who -i -ar 1665, trie Engljah mettopolis WM vis- it, a molt atupendoni bj thif V o .wfi a few hoore altet- is desijned to.rtcoil fwirfnlly opoa the It ia nil tbo chwgeo of A MiUwrijWBJ ita.isriotu Will devofe ioi 481. f. 0., B- AT I'AVv, Conrt BtreeU Agint-fer Au.ars of Pay, and allelatmii Btate or U. S. Government All -oommnnjcatiobj -'Rov. Z8 ly .._2_ ------_. A KHOYVEBS SROCERIES, Ac., at C- d; 3d COOK' COUSTI, I u New Hotel, in with the the of gnttU na" "Jnple aoeonj- COOK, Proprietor. .anil_ Wo.t I Stttwt, in" front of Court House, "Wil- constantly bn huuS an i to Jan 7'65-ly lp 'Table LK DEAIiiJBrlH STOVES of varioiij Also" of Tin Ware on-himd, or tq order. FSujLri street, Bear -TBkrkel, north side.' R. OHVIS, 3d Boor, Port Office Balding. [Ij- Will atteo-c '----.Bind tQ J" of. Boots Shoet No. 35 6T CoBtom Walk nod at short notice. Pa. nr', a. ra UfJit In infl'W opinrtfa iaj on St. or d Dealer fn; Hi.jieM. Trunks, gbojpon Court BL, Oa Stilrel above. Kach of ihefeChurrlieff every .._-.___-_. Jl.tCIlaNERY. BRANCH ._ J. IlEATHiBT i Co.', of Cylinder chine Shop, -Pa. f XjTf DER 1J AND MACHISES1S have t-nhen the TrorKa lately occupied A Johnnon, nnd axe now prepared all kinds of and Machine Fence, ic- --ANC'BE W 8, Of CART 8XRKL 6AW8, Sirwt, WiIH-mipOlt, Pi. SAWS, (paUiiitgioiinA) .MPI.A.Y SAWS, Jiii.T. SAnS, CEOSS-CBT SAWS, DBAS SAWS, B of klndg on or mtde to orders made to BBPAIKRB. IV _ A W At K ft. TANKS. pi EOr" ZJMMKR ca PLAI5 AND TjSDRKSBKn LUMrJER, 'SHIN MTH, 84SW. wXwxjwsr Bi-raDS t DOORS, ATI Scnoi.i. Biwus donp m ordtr in the ---.....Jw 'A Port -XB-KS g, 2d Floor, E8- PA. Corop-njej are fill Antta, id Protection Co., Alaats, .SMO.OOO STOCK COMfAMFlS. AMotS, W JJomfl of New-Ynrk, -------ia OD Cash Capital, AiMU, CO Cish Capitil, 4Q Hartford Fire Iimirance Co., Harifotli, Conr.. Co., X" Cfuili 00 liamar tAiro Insarapce Co Jlew York, Cash (JapiuvL S3POJJOO. 2MJ.374 00 Market Ineuranfo Uo Nfw-- Cash CipOal, Afaetj, Cash Capital, A Phoen'n Fire Insurance 19 jOiSpital feppeienUd, IXBURAKfE ABENCY FOR Lire, HAB.1SE A5D on one rick. Policies Zwaed Loaaed .ar.d teraporaiy policies on reABQTiable _ Forfnrther particolara onqniro A- LUNDY. KTnipurt, Hov. SO, '64 ly_ K. P. HAKKEJ-IT r 4 No. 49 HAST THinn 1X5TXN U F AGTC RR A JXEA ITI lor JipiiSied-'Wiire of eytty greit vmrlety of Coal Oil T.-mp-Bharf'! a Urge of "Tjimp Burcen, 'larjfB-ii-rfd and some littU bigger. T.-mjj riiee. Boat of- Oil. Goal oil lamps neatly of every deuripUon, mid wire, Lubl fur fauda. AlrU Sqn'.-J Parrot. repaired to tfrtler. Japftnned Toilet BjRttl. Wimh Bowli "d fcit'hBr. Cof- fee Planished It-Coffee Pota. Table Gallery of all kindf. JPjtJe Silver plated Table Spoons, 8po.-i v- Qrjddlao, Cwh Boxn witfl locka, Ware. Tm ooruditing-ofcrmiiibai- CalHj Wagora, Carte, Upta m, Tlgiia, BufTklqes, ta "OTUIJ- ngfrora I'm -to ElephiMil.- Toy Cook Store. compiete. COOK BTOVKS ANb-KJ'OVU Parlor EoonutoTcj, Avo tus., rectipta a inckj: esc-pe fronj were failed to earth', cnisingTmri Uig le ft at the WBT nr piuxu'to Birrimond, bat none cannon Jrorn the rebels The Globe oxrtton millB, at Maes., have' saepfiided worls fotVcss'mpnth. paper hsadsits'lii io CQtirt, "Matrimoniai -34rev are municatio'u CHiiforni" and Oregon. So oon3tru6f: a city Tailwayjin ler ladies 'Batter trHj.jrrore they cost-, Lots which utJjGer' fftadly noid a.L ?fi.- tay the Copperheads who uiime. Ho are all traitirs bat any are DevertheLi'96. _ ,Sii acres sf-Innd in ut field TJJ---Imvf Sclwc Lincoln's burial Th'e Jlaverhil! Publisher eftjsi- be glrla." responds 'te' hasn't the objection." Boston has subscribed to the Christian Cornmissioil, ftnd'tie work is still gowg op. _ Bishog Potter, of Pennsj'lvaniivhnfl etar- ted for for trip benefit'oWiis _ readiest ind "wuy tu -find oat fnture duty wjl! be, is to tie causeway OUtsirfe, nil betpKened the prti- RAQe of thai dreaded monarch, whose wiU 11 at-tiat time sat eporj thu Uvrotuj of the of tho brilliant niid reckiess courl m nn- hEi'diue the riimentaUons of-hi55iri'.-fcun sirb- the life Ijinj by mains, a Queroaillt-a, or soine other tiupt of the nhnnieless cocrt over which he presided. Amidst .the Do tJie traitor papeiS A their copper- when he il n-- ly__. -K J. WUH the responsible at the Luminf Of a putt of Rirhrriuiid. Oil riarfbaBn BtlUck in Schaylir ifinty, K, y., the hend P. T. is to uf Where'i "Museby, tbe der of If let ba There in west Pa-, Hn SatnrdajlJstf' Thundar te did iu the suumwi; cuuvul ofjWm .vs. j.uij _ Mli Xilrd Sir men, joined {tfl SHOP AND SHOPS are nf_ _ The BoWsera in f alien their rink, ii> of 'going out tfie FISHER'S PATRNT SRAT.TTJQ THE 1.AP1K8' CHOICE. "Tlhe blood of the is the seea of trip blood of reH of justice torebe n the give Now J sennitivE in wharfhave iir, for BWn -gira u a shot giip, through, that Smith intended to feall tfe nnoV mistook Conner for frifu that Srji'tb. cootegsed to that by-TficiUiB V, rendered" ifi the 'cirnith' in nrUolf. ffaOVT' d heavj, to Engluui u marked bj has been plumed nfrlTjging opojoVMi right in ithoj will inw. One In araij tonu in the above to nd for at the Tin Store of _r K. Pr .'n apppai in ail sincerity anil -fut- y; and .FUon i _ r-_- l women by'eolnred TEey t they .never wete aujtortuded by before, trip Administration, ttf afteast i who miles from rj.Klji which to WrfR .nrtiil conia reach POO'i'Sl BOOTS I I la ib.8-Kew eocgreas not haye nfngrg topper betid re D -.Jtlieil ttereJore wner, tne gosuicinjir ot- rers aroused. the prise for Lhe tn'Siejeyianrl r the OIL, u oil as uoois LH S uruie v- jra Iliiilj- MllTi -1 _ 3X wbb h.'wfi' 'irvT -uo ail -1" S" diifli i from the (jrowing, hae of vi the Mpect pro tented by wers 'attacked, was rajjid, anfl ijntJrrie crises almost instJ DT3FT. hurrur cut upon and Bonght-a-refoge in the most remote parts of the country. Ihe scenesnu thojstrecta of iondoi the plnsrue wore most eo freely launched Preai- dent. frotti ccrmfn quartehi, he has at a victim 10 saperabnndaut_ fenitr uT liearl nerof donbttbitlfhe hndbocn e. thousandth part n't bra enemies jurerepresenteslrllB -would, etilf bt liyuig anrl-I ferveotiy trust thai oue of thc-fessons latfght bj bis death, be the folly .of "ihowing goofinesa and- forgiveness" A large iflcermg, compostd of many raoflt. intaHTgent cm sens of -woa rcccutl_v htiJ Ii, (he e-ristiag restnetiooe upon the travei -trt colored people in tie city' pwseoger rl'he -chair waa -taken by Alathevr J., nnd addreflBCs were nmde liy li tf'ft trie ifiprnai i uuu LLULL LUC uuiv BUIU 11J60 i-ni. tSrJrg oT'rtrbin exterminate them'-i will.l I'timk. brto mnrc 'MSaTl nir Of JJybo "cu" w'mc? Jr. a BBpalchral aud tken One he au'lsdoltt i> teaU. w0cl voicCj iincwTDOse wixnvere i a t. r i to tie-irpiired JjyGie bnu? out -i-' y r, ..i.coj; was ij i ..i, x u is BOD .1.. ..r ,i....... i -t ii i Iciiruiii-c Lo Jake '1'lic.ninwm. lhe aa'lle color 11S thc Potter, BeDJumm H. Bnrnster, H.HU otEErt. Jiesolutioua tho. objects <A th- ing were adopted nnd a of. wiw appointed to lay tie pruceed- ings befare tie proceedings before ihc i compaaicj. Duriiig ihc i courst 01 which :4 Jjy the pestjtcrjce.'lo bring -tlfeir dfaii the shrieks of the angnislied I a Llearning to unite of lept'r-likf rcivn oa I 3 ia very knuHQ tu of the of the licentious minions who basked: iu the" of CBarTes Stuart's reign, continued their scuiwiatemiorgiea and. revelling BO _tEarXnlly__ veaohsafed by too corrupt aobihty balls, routa, eru the ragu, desplU; Uie reprobations uf afl ilun- Was good Hnd pure in-tfie English metropo- ha ahodriy aristocracy of that day pur- sued their evil course, daring and the winth'of HI offendea Piuvidfiflce. __ The burghers of old lionrinn, -fed- sorrowing" over the nation's rule etrict obaeivunce, jjell 03 ii.nnn8ni--of- the diiyS uf i thrmiged up of tha cityr offering tlrBliitter laUon migh't be averted from their prouioM city. Their. -pioos and well meant rffertJ did ii-, it'uvt- -tic _ -_ _ __< HH a leniiinjj in. fyi hLs uf llic Africa 'W that the.miseraHc1 ir that it was neidwarT to, aod were at once on of imir'.rcj, tgyitcd iiiu tojihXre. hi', tht-hVra of 2i and over rapidity and severily'of the. uronrge, ere 'he- propel: ojnitAry mt'win'Ei coold be the farther progress of the BNck ._. 1 Box i rible. committed ter- public" at Indian Spring, tu thw conTity. We .haye- gathered the following Harden 'arg 0{ thg affair, which W6 SUbStantl-illj correct David gjtiingin the two aoMietg terw, stepping np W the bv, -n gmiti iftTtuVe a drink" with tnprn been the hRri the poniard of heroic girl Charlotte Oorrifiy Bheatheiin bnArt. The monster VVashlqKtaDTaiirn in> intention of dcBlrpying gvc fiandrett thousand mo_ru of_qa_r_ c'lli _ ___ out toi horrible pttrpbsea. 'HsvT in ijarrvinoj, American Gaffiirifi T" rh, iu the same o On thejegal principles of nn not any man about being driven to'the laughter pen by J-incoln'a conscnption, A. right to the Jife of the old tyrant to doubt- editor most over the profoand IjiR advice bcea speedtry -cted OB, rid bended, knees he cun relnjn tic Mr. -Carter with of tho opminnri faend tor. iftin cdctifatedttiP-cnriclrmion of tolled nt of the iuid -the iw tJiHer} on forthe wtui.ily comrnenda J.both and Wr; Cnittr." the stewardfr liberty to b-11 ie' -'M -St lit iNEWSPA'FER

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