Wednesday, January 23, 1957

Williamsport Sun Gazette

Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Williamsport Sun Gazette on Wednesday, January 23, 1957

Williamsport Sun-Gazette (Newspaper) - January 23, 1957, Williamsport, Pennsylvania ff- The News Inside Consistory election Page 12 Cost of f Page Federal Court report 18 WHS shellacked Page 19 WILLIAMSPORT SUN-GAZETTE AP News and Wires ssoclated Press Wirepboto International News i> e r v e Newspaper Enterprise Association The Weather Prf f c mirh o dnr lo n qTi T Middy Low lorught 10 n valley zwro n mo in 8 R 4 3 rising Pm C p ?6 7 a 1C 156th Year No 19 Single Copy 6( WJliamsport Pa Wednesday. January 23, 1957 28 Pagts New Freeze .Slows Run-Off Into Corek H. The return of cold w eathcr tn the area ap- peared to have ended a potential Hood threat caused the eafK week and augmented heavv rains veMerdav ith I and Creeks rose to minor to stages hv rrooff" jitcn -starred to recede the mcottunc ig sections said thtv don t anvthing reallv sen us CITX OFFICIALS, ENGINEERS, AUTHORITY MEMBERS, OTHERS jntentigation of JGrafius Run -where part of channel w HALEEKA RESIDENTS WORE OP WITH WLL OF ICf after Incoming Creek blocked dupwjniitlit. Hooding commumtj, dronped ice on hen fern n Channel Changes Disclose fnjm-nsing waters Howler local I w js hi ing fit U[ and down both c 11 i ks t The fi lei rtst todav u f r all abt uj t Hit n M c old-vsparftpr, hairing the limpeiaturf lo- oT the night ti ID dtgins ahose nude ft hod i s nf jhe 711 i ifi an unsi 1st nable ststen; w t i__Th a fi.ll it 5" was reai hed this with ihe hope a suluti m mT. found to clearing skies i he ttttsotvrd ot three ..raided he-i old Both were wel cnrne afti r rainfall totuK-stich as AlitnoriUta noted 203 inches I 60 at nf 1 Bodines and J (0 nt At the o m I n s Cguntv Au[ U rainfall was just i i K A in a in __ tri< la thp thr-e sil n and e Man-made dianges in tne channel ot-Grafius Run fetUsaid it knew which Citv Comtek-said -to hghj yesterday jlunng a City Halt confer eVe An" engineer told Council the work, will create .aJWaJ emergency in times of high water _ Part run s channel north 'girl who will be -christened Al ing I vcommj: o n nncnborhond wns nf .from, thp ovtsidp (hunks of ice ft behind i rn k w rx Inured through a m< d u e hir iftade Thp mad i mtitMrng thp M u th P utr F'tili j i th d any the )IIH ma w Thp iind -hv police as 51 a laborer Hsimnie w m v uies fm'h, mterr Po- ,41-, hv ice blm Ir, said h, had ho n qu, st.nned (oriOOfi.t _ and'" leasV' St ua "R..D near In r h Wi re found Uw' aJnddda'uruht, Mr and l Mrs Jaik c SijnUird ami thi ir !l fl h nu n'Bht "f Dpl M salute "the signa, The of the ship sirens and mm.rn, r Mis the roval whistles and church helU tame sanl .f (ue n. M .1 i as-, n in the_otv_ nt-R-H Sh r n i mi Mat in ai I'll IB" lali, d >t i d Joseph v nd s t s. i tin d l) 150 sla< k and hen I understanding the Faxon Land Co of a channel change should be L noted He said, ft will pose -al (Continued engage 4, Col 4) mHtlf Illr----nn Qthfir GOP congressional leaders had cdnTerred Ersenhower about1 75 minutes It Eiselihower's tegular weekly sion with Senate Repufthcan Leader, Knowland of California., told 'Max: C In the fast nf __.____annual rejjprU Eivenh the third time n his oppONjt s imaj t ,__ihf t ri nut "S man> to its in wage e" h 1 N'TFfv ;'r" NEW SI I Ul rORK Metes Bomber who had planted 32 hrimhs ,5 Mad Bomber was Iri public places iim-e iWii IVm and more ue Hospital todav await tv-two exploded injuring 15 per (aught in thi examination His one senoiw and autimns, r laws ___._ Output Keachm Record balding MefesTTv was flp C 3 -news __ Senate of a program signed to block Corproumst gre-raon in (fie Middle East terror was at an We tall balding MefesTT'Twas nflp "nat, ,n s oufftit of declined to speculate as W its qutWd as he never had anri VTMKS naihici a 'Continued on Page 4. -Col. JJ Martin said the administration W-war-old bachelor plan p "hah.v would he apprcned than -4 hours after police arrested later todav nr tomorrow hv the him at his ,Conn House Joieign Affairs r.immitlee home He said he looks foi the start of 1 m giad I did It Miteskv Houae debate in ahout- a week said with a smile Ian visieiriav Knowland said the Senate proh as he was brought [forn avis ho "ej on hurv In New >ork Cilv for N hi L il TTC yn pi si 11 i oast nT lintr t thi ulf r TrriPTP Israeli lt, h f i is J's an- si 1 h Iding (a-sl lid-MUi llis' wiekcnd Hlli d oi Isin 1 to on of all l, tl shi iluilnj; the id iskTm BSTn MI wn_n i diii but Nia ti n Isiael iom- s uicis hod i.- J Iv stated thit j. Kiael an- ihi- Mn cHllitl I i h n n m ,ne had w th I-.IIHII n f thi nil vtisal sin, (l m but the r-hi Injured said Xne r_ and the driver had no jjver the uni The rtter the1 trailer tiurk and a light standard finally stopped with were "damaged when the to j steering unit became defective front the ahout 8 15 p >i sterdaj Jr craih. tractor ed inio the rm the Island at (ronl end right the entrance to 4he Pine Street _ ramp of he-Mflikf( Street brjdge (ContJnued on Page 4 Col 7) According to ritv the tor wai. Robert Lmiis Rando of EuMis LakP Fla He said he -was driMng sOMth -en Pine Stieet and was atout to make a left turn onto the ramp when trie Befire todav s session nt TfT? committee two senior Gordon (D III! an, Vorvs (R-vJhio) said ihe> had no amendments, to nffc r But Bid Crowd ot'tOfl A crowd of 300 pej-sons ing some 150 newspaper televi- sion and radio representatives watched Metexkv climb oji of t r police car caravan He was hand some committee members hetween lwo detectives did fice i PennsvU ania Service will nt of th at ea f ir Hal bf sc n at Millt Statt1 ,i i e as ac t UK hflnnii i n me M -L_ J; V 3 w 1 is eli t ti d Mi Red was delate1 ir c-embcr but he resigned b. if tuvness ritvil Ihients in Haihfson wax the HSsOtlllmns execiltHe at the Milton B( rouRh 84, last night The exerime hiald 1 K ntinued n Patee 4 t 1 3 nrj 1-101 Accident fifliircs from Jan I to todav for all of Lycoifl. ing County Including Wil hamsport compared with the toll of the date lasT year Pupils of fhe Southern AvenQT" Grade in South Williams port tomorrow win end 'heir ex tended vacation due to boiler fall ure Classes will be resumed at 8t45 a rn Thursday Trje announcement of the reap- nd a top Democratic liouse leadei charges oes 412 t >iiu n d U-t s H and. r L n M I the ti rial quai t r h t i j f r v i f M bn t- annual (f t Hisk] ldj i r r rt ri i i M in a n f n L. i d tinux ux tit iiid kj l x B it h s 1 is t! i v- ar af >f( TO 1C S 0 J l i indusii and In r I i d s f HH H k 1 j in Ihf 1 1 nrm nt n M k i t i t- a an 1 tn st f t r ii i i f l C.KK an uuituuu't p 1-1 Ai tjis Hi mnr j "S >6ul __ aa of >r t td that th( t unfix fi d L Li" las! if tt-p annul i w n i -U n 1 Hi ail lf M l h sl D.lmto shniKH I u, 1 d i I an i- nl 1 p (r HHiras.s 11 SMi s r _ Nl i t i la eJ x n i 1m h n s i a n njn its srt-j y h lesinls i ne i tte n T it t n nncj il H n s w he i t 1 iconomic 'uiu.e x _ sfn Acting I n lu V'ld hi rh nks thi k H ig <ll it an d rrr 4 s'C nt T F ME 1 I 1 s i i U i r tut n VX Accidents pit Injured Dead 29 0 1956 Record to Sarat Dati Ace 85 56 Dead 5 Torqualn railed h i s< ap< goat in ihe s t L H t ut whn h c ame to a hi-nd fmm of quirn s ahi ut the stains f t spe ml some ot them proir ian was l HARRISBt PO fi-VThe rtism ssal .suspended without pav a gi lup f Slate I nem; OMIH if 1 )hn P I irquatiXas scVTctaix 23 investigat is u hi. wiik ti n Fund of tabor and mdustivVas prompt without fixed houis -tn In A ie into He said Tuciiat o( fiauri m lavmttu of Oi ti bet agalim th enln'g of the school was made h> tndav hv T irquaV. johless benefit damn t. recover the n Raymond R RornmeU supersismt, to collect hai k pavrcMI taxes principal of the South against the (alher c( schools Randall sicninv to Ueader Mr Rommell said the -M. Rep H 1. Andnw'X lost five school days because of the. Democratic house leader bolUirjr failure during last weeks scnhed Unndnll as nn cold wave He said the linn wilt Torquon whi was flrad have to be made up and that n vesterriav in a series of dra schedule providing for ill be developments that Sparked announced within n few days mands fur a legislative mve A new boiler has been installed tion a result of the breakdown of the The governor removed T uqualoVridon R old Onlt which was considered well from utter he refused tn Operator owes past in length of service. {resign At the same time Leadei in back pajiull tases to the Dij ariment est gat i _ 1 11 s itt NH d Denied C Hindall in n i it lid 1 i Idei It e i anner n hatnl d nj si ids thai nnfi hire pldc r it l md hf f ur fu ins ha1 al N a an f h i s X ts f i fernni, nt wsn aj Ranria Randall lh< 1 t e last jjhless benefits fund lai A Allin Sulc wi d i Rai la I i i in 1h s n rfltc i AS I kn w nuin 1 7 n 1 t i il n 11 s i p t I IM I s. Hi. t s. I x at an AshttlWd ma] Stale than J ooo reau t mpli In the Ihi Hv at H I ho w e d Ml I at 'fl 1 rti 1 fl I r in! ti .PWSFAPFR!