Thursday, August 6, 1868

Williamsport Lycoming Daily Gazette

Location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Williamsport Lycoming Daily Gazette on Thursday, August 6, 1868

Lycoming Daily Gazette, The (Newspaper) - August 6, 1868, Williamsport, Pennsylvania I On Vio W111' IV tiiMaii Jl'.M AKD i ri a me THY AVD VOL. 2. aofl COtferr A SfUSSINA. KKfil AXD H 0 T E THIRD AVp.PIN'Eb'lS. if.T.IA'Sl.-'i-uni VAN HUSKIRK' Proprietor. t rtilrd uv.l nt of ER will of tho Jon. 03k s UK aso ilrd No. comer of Market Sopnnc. KRPIO H 5' IOB URKAM.SALOON. M AJIDRV-I.-HFSlHMF.Mfl Partly ITECT AND BUILDER. BOLICUED. or it HOUSE.' PA. BTX AT T.AW.---7 V KIKF-yy. PINE K. -Me M. i N HOUSE f I. AN W THE wu j-_ ct.. if. Tl PA. LV. m' KK M D. JAMya P. SJcVlCK K.H M. D. H OF OOUUL ojl1 __ H ktf loe OYR- in i t. A.ND jA. NTT-RET AT A Hfi I'KJuTjH.- J CTU cootr O TII URSDA A UGUST Otbtr PLOT NO. i a so _ -li 71 SJ t-ifi il ATl-OBVtl' AT LAW Jx-fiKii A JJO. jii CONt AT BHOUTS1 AND r-' AT NO 40 PX. Mui --___ IV'EW DENTAL .4l 1 Drftncliw. Special mre uf HIP Urthnml motilh CONXECTIOXAKY i npn 54 f tlty to innnr of tip A French nF.NiiY HOTJ8R1 H CORNF.R OF COURT l' OF COURT irnl''ji he la to fttrvie up li stylo. Hla Ixir arTonlii tJia uoraof Give him n civil. IJTuf A'o. bdaxai up In tbe of emplnyod for Ihe Slnx-l. nt No. Ji. und in Konrth Jane t-lj-d. of iiinl Vine near SiVRlNtt S JQSIAH Aa.iapr OI 1 rNO GENTS' FOR.VI3HLNQ .Parlicnliir Paid to CUSTOM 1n Stnrp -HiAic I J. C. JlcG_RA-THr Good mn be ni MJ i Ihc most jirlfcs. GOOD HTABMVO CAV UAlfi -'Vy.iCf Hoofland's German'KitteiS ___ lloofland's-Coiutan The Hoofland's-Geinipn BittefB iesS t lion of Iho la I. Luift Hoofland's In of bol- BiUers 31 Jy. _ QVERBECK'B HOTEL --_-- No. I The pioprieUif. Ut_... WhUMu itylc. iM A i. j._ PIPES. PA. OS tXJKRLKH T. J VT c o Mvr OTST j N CIT TY COAT. On Afulbufy. n' A CHART.'RS i ATO to nrnihTr-kll irni'les nt I I I at i 1 l NO vn.i.iAJf- I. 3PORT..PA.. j r Ifnt wnKtonUv on Jnuc K-lyd. ___ FOK-THB n AJ.J.F.RIKS OF jr4Tff WITH- bft wiJted on wlth.iutgoiinj npor of' PERFU- on nrl FAAuf A fnn auortment of 1U fnnn- tinna deranged. thWt patleat or roorool _pf Alopdto tho of of tie Hanled'or PlatUtlng ntittm Ft-Uiro. of Lying cimn of or the Dnii In ol pnln thn 3.. AXVrFiuMoo of JH oh I U i HID r-'n m f V- _ riyuvc. of woe at we to with of Kin knu Only hrmrd whrti cry. to u Into mail J ITTnU VATOftll refue rrbhTitorm De itront to nvy brut 1 CD' of tonll. Jo r tme HKIT tfiz -thc hJ-.t1 of the took in London 't' premise of Wajue 4 rubber timers. .It apoenra'th'J sun feJl npon the roof of a tniMing one fe.- fott filled ijued a connidirahle ijp.iting the the with lightning that In Oi.rv a qnnrter -wMcli MM principaUy'r of. a hnto of the fins high in. to tho ni to belching forth Of TOltjinO- All a oi flVftiy Hjipv.'uVxl be pcuji'e at sent off for the of thg weJc noibloto'xet the citinKuLihed antll 1 to- be ofthe fivas beron vrhirh U supposed i.bT.the hf-ut of fho at one rely Among the jileaxurtrj ip nu- 'and bonntcoTwlT supplied for tho and the Honv none hnve so met with the and npprobation of its oc- cupintx tho exhibition'of la on evening. Ri-framing to accede to tho granted un an invitation would proved us both guilty of nn un- p_eccexarj' well-jn ea- Tnnujr fuT OUi BVPII. in the rproftiiiopal .----of hnyp we witnrwod tia chauuing R duipUy oC-gtacc and ele- gance combined as nnllvericd into gaity the so pcrvndei with heat our An aiiflmpt to with noniJ iIMiuuui nnd the lol- lowlhg rerharka if preaam- Thc brilliank ovsrturw of bot the of furzo proiuptly attended could be ex- body Burns 18157 tnere .'I10 body of tjif tn refMntng vttrtort' of of 'bno' who into the sleep rof the lordly -laiched nnd. nnd tho' rx-rfprtly firm and white.1 iiThe'isceiie. no'.irnrxyiing'thjifc most of the workmen stood bore and unco- JJf. Gregory .ntr'he. 'tipij of the'hero of Uint at the felt their 'framM'tHrillihg with effect iincrKary when they procetdtdr a shell or n belowTthe coffin the herd 'Scjinrntpd 'the with the eiceptfon of the bones crumbled 1ng''hci coffin body of.'John found it banil his OP elf. XncAlcA In A lone and vtxur la to wh'ol o Syrictn. AppeUtA U ftxjdB li finm a oloom to PfiRRONS ADVAffCKD IN hn'nrt of ttino 'wrlgnlng heAvll i. will flrj th. or TlPvrllfa tTlp jj- of TI B. WIIi'ivl give ItUft-iv'cD ol .-oloar popn' klnd-of One work done In a _-----------_________________ -He will rvTso faiiilnhtrnnim. tion yrlth thin foorKL will In tno nvvrlceV. Jane 1. liiA-dtf. PA. Tko Bool Shoe Store ol- a DRY GOODS tn NottOTii nml Do- Ais .to ftui.UU i. f bnt '.AHHINGTON Nov.18. 1867. FOURTH nf.P- fjit-nfiL npon licit ind of 4 CLARK. 709 principal tfnd Penom the City irlllflnd It urThclr J Uu of-the all th with 4.NU OJ- bW tt'-J5 to hire on _i -r'. r- L I on rano a rail oi L 11 i V Jv I pTaznblng y Iron Plpf -I Afautk Carton Pa. Couhsefior'lit i ATI wiitlc uiCiiiptJy unJ at- i tended In. O A N at- 1 i SO T.1CITOR Iff BAWKR UPTO If yoa -ant a nUcci before fj pine __- -and Safe 'April Hat and AND To wh'lrb we-JnvltSlTK' old toiueii nn-l the nrlDK thmlt be ouralnj It to inurulto ft. JJ H U U H' A'iN U V-E C l-JTK Dye and .FAXCf Ac. r'AMEs-iit-i _ itt ui.tO leoi U or devoid of of D Aro wuJA rtrong by the of elUrtr of Ui -mor -of KAHAA. wltbuUt Attain Uic of tho but of IMI It arc men of nota of TTOITl HON. n 1J8 U h.rfl- la of of I It. wiBi 3A v irKOiT KXV. inTTim.AB .nith tilfn-i.oiit of mfKll Bperac'L_by talent which1 doth put to blush in ratio to the eflbrti and ojftho 'And the feet produced enhanced the obligation of the privileged the'hiatrionir whose ndmui- were fita M thepiTneniiiff of the Free As memory can recnll wc.giw- n idjglitTcviprv.of .IrCt imprp5wioiu in the failardof tho r littlf of General bfiricd Erio.- furty ycure the Yfrj- M-to bo reaHi'r by who were fai'iiiluirlwith in hiA .lift time. Ita pcrlect oW tu- the chaiftctcr of tho in with of the''Knglish coal the of employed nt'ths'pit 'I'he thfrh.MKbb6rhood of Wijjiia F alene is five irnoAt'of iwhom-are titclre tofiftyyeors. I They a'particular thoJt. worn Dy ronncr i i Pi other hnrt B less would hnve proved a t fkult.'Uowi not made. -t arid No Oj for er t concep- for onyuigemeat nnd repre- all iM portraits r together wt rti ite In- found expression In the .'Acre all tho blmded'nith a that to en- fhrine purify.' .itself with from her who gave and vision all combined gccined the-rtoUght'lnavfcUing-'iji hcTsouV-flnd por- it in its imiKco m er song mid offec- tively in until eyes ed watering back throiigb. silent Abbeys of fiirjpto the njjirlt The -Only. TVr'eciilion of Ihe WkloWr- Mitf The ia claimed a o- of good of and were well The jpUoductjon'of comlo airs nrTbrd- ed both .vaxicty arlll younger pordo'n of audience were with thcirjrpd- _ may bo iCCQ like the drinking and behaving a-i' if unwicd. Th'ehabitnal iwfiring of this OM'ume ttr.rfu in dratrov nil scnsc'of decenej anong them. naturally lo.a but Thfi labor of thpm U and gvi'3 6.Vhfcl i. luu i _ j very rendering their peEcon and doth- ing black coal. They'BaTo to noTing 'Coel mK-ea nt j rnouih-ottho soroeiiniea to fip tiiln fnto-tho coal The work is severe even for yet the women i-iyl-t appear to Kom healthy Rod rob'urL 'ni tali. .below .n -ju Hartford two which ketit a itcfct from to the present time. The nu ng A mnn in Iho a few days eintvi act a box oi the bottom. Being fifihed up it naa-found to C'opfixlernte There U to bo a-picnic of rf New- nr 'll be allowed' to participate tfie leativi- who'wclgh-i'vindertjvuliti.inred A fellow on a bet of tot five- him- ale wo-iby-fonr mi thifC pint bottles of .in .the Cnli did the more to Lqndnn. Get a faiTt in figured 10 thrin mort ui Ctvm fl..... Yo-'imUuly. 5 ._ yj-N Alt a Prlncl-i Whether proupcctcd from n'ccrxaltjr wo'aro tinjiVle to but hJif rnnnyjpeiplenties no doubt to faVuro lucccv'y in the of ribbon win firio u tho genctiV Kicritcd erery compliment effort 5 CJui _ fiutHf. avrariehon'ie thelitBer drily escaping detection. In Xew York. piBj'-'p of thfrn in nn ont tho Icfti' vtfJyoU observed the tlic giTC .Tf n loolt day In the whcie te his OKO IW I icUonnilso well MJTna uf well I thRt'-whlcK uCiTued with j hoay PRTOKSt j.-Lfn 06 f thut.-WhicH uOnjicd with j hoiy iq_ i. f pftlls

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