Thursday, March 23, 1899

Bradford County Republican

Location: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

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Bradford County Republican (Newspaper) - March 23, 1899, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wo-i iffenng wonwfo, taka' 2K R -.tfnbX' nngs wiJvanisfc." MRS. MAGCIE pHnl OTB, of Ladoga, Ind, ntes: MRS. foor years I iffered Jom tnlcera- ra of the womb became weak I PPt walk Across 01 hopes of I's Vegetable I began to improve stored to health." In Business, ible to Housekeepl )le as a Saver of any station communicate subscp altered' over 35 start FOB BALK BY f :.v 51 i Agints, To-nda. i Ike jCalafoguS system w uss at Priws? 3 40 cent on your purchase linq and-vr'l goods don't Steft you- gue- Wges, ,000 qaobtions-cbste IdmaiL We will send S i i rf IY f SIJJMllJWlji ik r, 1 It, SI Powers Address Hotes on the PBOTEST Poor Substitute For Inward- Worth. food health, inwardly, of ttver and bowels, to come if Hood's Sar- is promptly used. eecoree a fair outside, and a the frame, with the jlo, of health on the cheek, good perfect digestion, pore blood, M5rc? British. Oer- HOTEL HOBBJB. "a Military feanta Clara Province.' The United AM Italy to settled, Grant I have had no return of whica troubled roe for years, since -v T de- Sarsaparnia curedme." MBS. BBB, Washington St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. The, French has secretary, of war, Mr. Meiklejohn has made >ublic a report fforn a mili- tary ofltcia: who 'has Just returned from a Sitp to Camajuahi, Remedies attfl Cafl- harien, In the province of Santa Clara, r'-. According to this official, taimajuani Commiaaionei has a popvuation in the town of in the mun crpalfty of Unlike rtany other towns irf Cuba, the population of place increased. during the wart Caimajuani is thfe a tobacco district, It1 having produc- IVaehlrgton, March 3S.i-The "assist- IJTLtfXi- States Oallg Off n im. IWWH Itteir Anns. 'A Lay litAliffl MUW TO 30LB, Xalte Plain to Them Government's Intentions.. .Transport Sberman Arrlveii at {at Cefon. I Many Bones Found In tltyft Rw. The Death New York, March is now thought that when -he of search- ing the ruins of the Windsor ho- tel is complete the total number of dead may be 50. The-number of 1" New York, March 3avalry Officer rells About Meat Porj Troops In Florida. of the two bodies tiflcations have already been made, Is '35. The number of employees in the ho- tel at the time of the flre may never be accurately determined, hedause Pro- prietor Leland num- ber of scrubwomeh were in the ho- tel at the time nor -.heir names. He Javld FleUehnumu Some In the Caiea- j aro S Meat Burned Bin r n T wwMwwm lerican ministers have ad- favorable seasons as nxjich sends, to The Journal the f o lowine however, that perhaps 12 were Chicago, March The court of in- nx> AAA i OOii bales of tobacco a year, Viery enlisted In the Cuban army in; th.s; section. All of the young severe painsi Hood's Main Street, Aubpm, Me. i ami lo tike with Hood's .s 4. Under the Spanish sys- oenina the concession, temj the taxes collected last year, it is reported that China absolutely amounted to There are no sew- reruses the demand of Italy.for'a con- ers in the! town. The, wells have be- cesslon at San-Moon bay. come contaminated through the earthen dismtch from Manila relating to the work of the Philippine commissioners: The address to the natives drafted by the American commission in i behalf of- the 'United States government and em >odying'the views of the president has been made public. It has been translated into all native dialects and is to be disseminated throughout the arcjipelago., Tiie salient, points of, the. address, there on' number was probab y larger. afternoon, but that the quiry investigating airoy beef examined lieutenant J. D. L. Hartman of tht Vror, K yaurts, the result being that typhoid which, has 'been- prepared by the Drench minister at Peking, on fever is very prevalent at certain times dent's order are these- of-his the year. The municipality of Reme- It assures 'the population of the Phil- 'As far as has beta learned from the -Irrt cavalry; who was acting employees Who did escape, not one of mental quartermaster while the regi- i the scrubwomen was seen to escape, sient was stationed at -lakeland, Fla. Their room was in the rear of the top 3e testified that refrigerated beef-was floor, and their only means o? escape received from Armour Co. It was from the flames was the servams' stair. to Lakeland in cars. At first it way. This was one_oi the first pas- Tras very good, and there was ho objec- sages choked with fire. v "ion to it, but in four days it The remains of eight bodies have so to get poorer in quality. ..------------rf-------- _.__u At CLOOUICTO lilt? iJUUUlcLUOu OL LElC i sougnt an extension of the French dios consists of Buena VIstaj Gueneblbi Islands of the intention of the of flesh scattered PTTlPTir 1 n -nn-Vin t ft n. -J.. _ _ _ Shanghai. The granting of the new concession by China was ant a portion of Zulueta. The popala- Americana to tion j of Remedios Is and thai of government in the peopli the Jnunicipallty is Previous to thai the United States has assumed in- the recent Spanish-Cuban war the pop- ternatiohal obligations which In two instances a board of survey rejected the beef. In one case the wit- ness rejected a whole carload. The, stench was observable before; the car Of self about, but from, them no definite idea was opened. The beedwts not received, i far been recovered frcSm the ruins, mak- ing the list of known SOL far. In night many bones and charred f rag- of how' many dead they because decomposition had could be had. The say that the- The rejected beef v.-as not accounted ---------r-r W.U.V11 t JHUBI fragments' belong to no less ttan five for in the vouchers. He had no recol settlement m Shanghai in wag Remedios has suf- fulfill and which make it resoonsiblp to bodies, but they e no means of prov- lection of any conversation between ii r. ----American and British sett e- tu _ ;1_ Old Kuestion Has to Be were united wes, but the French settlement has repeatedly re- fused to Join them. The interference of Prance in the ex- tension and general i settlement of twecn and It la exneotpfl -..I: The list of dead now given out by the saying anything to him withi reference Watdoth3 people of think uClWBeu T ,D t Police is as follows J John'CoEnolly, a to meat preservatives. :f he Wd said lie published below'{ Can _ _ __ onlv one other town in the Presldent United Gualalianlf Thlrtrt Ward them anfl t6 "ie es-] Answered Cam if y by Tirvanda Peoile, t must fered greatjly by the war. The district the whole forThe stable this, and, the physicians fffom Sergeant Mason, nis clerk, arid the rep is a sugar producing one, and four fcen-, government of the Philippines. board of health whc examined the frag- resentative of Armour Co.; Mason trals are located there, all of1 which will Tiat the United States divest ments said that they could .form! no Ijdea had charge of the delivery of the grind this I year. The annual taxes of itself of these responsibilities the ad- of the number of bodies they represent- to troops. j citizen asi for more convincing proof claimed for the article under rion What is there lacking in h evidence The most superflcial in- rtion will corroborate it. It is findaprocf for Towanda people. It not the style of proof other 'medicinal itions offer. Viz: Kalamazoo, proof for Towanda people. The traacting canpot wish for anything tare. Read ;his: H. McCraney, oi 304 Pine says "I believe Doan's Kidney tare a most excellent remedy for all troubles. I had headache and nlarity of the kidney secretions, for e time, characterized by scantiness and iin profusion. I used mineral riadLitMa tablets, some degree ktenijwranr benefit, but they were not general i settlement of Shanghai led to the cilllng of a ;o nt meeting of the American and British associations, at which i-esolutions were adopted advocating jblht action by the American and British governments to prevent further concessions to Franra. the town were, in peaceful j times, be- dress assures the people. ed. The witness had no recollection 01 the JUEY FOR DR. 1 ty of The population increas- N Twelve Men Obtained to DeciUe IlPr Guilt or Innocence. Bridgeport, Conn., 32. trial proper of Dr. Nancy OuilfordVthe- midwlfe, on a charge dt alleged secoarf degree murder in causing the death of feojuthingion has begun. The court opehed on Gullfofd, the was on hand promptly. Her condition was much im- proved over that of Tuesday, her face showing color arid her general appear- ance giving indications of greater Hcf the and U has more by business depression than by the ravages of war! The princ bal .'business is; importing and jwarehoiuse storage. Tie taxes before! the war amounted to from to a year. The.ipresent collectioft is about i a day. The municipality is in I a bankru at condition. About desti- tute people ore there at present. are aVatem the not to Hold of Mall destroyed the Spanish power and accepted sovereignty Ijpf ,the islands; the United States is bound ,to restore peace; in the Philippines, to carpenter; Kate F a.nagan, a servant; Mrs. John McC, G.bson of Cincinnati, Mies Eleanor L. Goodman, permanent guest of the Windsor; Miss Lucile government asf-Grande' Washingtori; Mrs. Maurice P. Henry, permanent guest of the Wind- sor; Mrs. Nancy Kirk, Chicago; Mrs. land; Miss Fannie Leland, daughter of Warren Lelandi Miss Amelia Paddock, Irvlngton-on-Hudson; an unidentified wearing black serge-waist and skirt; .an unidentified man, a woman wearing c othea marked "Due. 2-21 Rue supposed to be Mrs. Margaret Auze of tais city; an uniden- tified found with fragments of flannel on and thought to be T. A. Bar- rett, an- Englishman; an unidentified with limbs and; all of the head f, in any I learned of Doan'a Kidney Jw 'act, tha prisoner seemed i brought me a box from H. Porter and Son's drug store; I took as result was satisfactory, Klr.lniort! si; than any remedy pre- brafefed herself! for the ordeal. from Skaguayi that -tons ofi! mail are being lost' or destroyed at that 'place he which 1 means for her fid that Canadian mail carrijers refuse Spanish rule. in the government that emanpi- them from tjhe1 oppression The or imprisonment, who were {chosen Tuesday U1C. unless ,jhey .bear of the commlsaioAers ik- ..-..-H. Canadian postage is emphatically cline toward giving the Filipinos a s6rt Partmait ti CiirtAw4 At Or H_ ijmitit iClilDUV OL j I talte pleasure 'In recom, were aU Dn hand- and an extra panel of by Assistant Superintendent Harry Of tribal or provincial local autonomy commejjnoratlve service away off liDg the use of Doan's Kidney billsaffers from kidney troubles.'' I Doan's Kliaey Pills for sale by all Price 5.0 cents. Mailed by Fos- ilknrn Buffalo. N. Y.. sole s. for the U. S. 14 talesmen were present, from, whom the last juror was to be 'named. Twelve men were examined and! rejected, .but the thirteenth, Benjamin Squires of a farmer, answered the re-' quirements of both sides, and he v.-as v IVVJcLl ___ of the railway mail service. He under a central American government Minor, in honor of :ts -hat a large amount of mall ac- which shall be military untifa jurely Vervevis, A Smyrnaite who..was cumulated at, the win- civil system improved to be feasible the crew of the ter months, and it was imjiossiblJ to it is hoped that the greater number kllled ln actlon in o-ot rtrr.T _. "uiiiucj battle of Cardenas, May 11 last. The cver carrers r in February. Three of intelligent natives will desert the in- are already, on their way1 to 'tanember the" name Ooan's iind take. as the .twelfth niember of a full the Yukon, by way of S.-ca- h., guaj, Dawsbn, Circle City! Forty Mil? aridi ither camps. J. Mo- V w ;icesler who laltj of Hats, Caps' Gloves, catering to the va test trat e, can show yon ti ww. complete variety of styles and -qualitefl, and do a Ittle better on prices than otter dealer? possibly can We hare k oj Jury, which contains ten farmers, grain merchant and a carpenter. The selection of this rhan occupied 1 hour and 25 minutes, and then Clerk Havilandv read the Indictment under which the mid wife stands charged. Mrs. Guilford, having pleaded- at the Janu- ary term of the court, was not put to plea, the Jurors were promptly sworn, and the trial began. i State Attorney ;Fesscrj'den addressed the jury and outlined the case of the state. During Mn Fessenden's address Mrs. Guilford watched him closely and seemed to be, very nervous, rier face paled perceptibly several timesi and she was in turn watched narrowly by the trained nurse, Mrs. Tooker, who evi- dently feared the prisoner would col- lapse. E. C, Belts, a photographor, took the stand and identified photographs he had. taken of scenes In the trakedy. The boys 'who found the dismembered body on the mud fiats then told their story: nar- rating the, discovery, in detail. A Battle trull, AraUd. March 22.--The Telegram me that -vere raiding country- GhaideiA is 'Situated about j'300 m les south of Algiers, in the Sahara. It Is furtler, announced that a party of Tou- aregs. recent y attacked a Eurppean ox- petliilon .which was on its wiy to 'Air, in Sahara, and''that.after'a flerco surgerit cause after next defeat of their arms. n Our Troops Active. While since Sun- ,day, really the opposite has be4n the case with the American forces. A re- organization entailing many cnanges has bepn iri progress since the abandon- ment of the flying colufnn. i General Wheaton's and General Hall's brigades have not been assigned, but the Oregon regiment, th.e Minnesota regiment -and the Twenty-second) regi- ment have concentrated at the camp pn the Luneta, at the water front, the expedition [lost 100 men killed, and part of Us caravan was captured. Jockey Stubbed to Death. March BD- i II- anything, witness would recpllect He had no recollection of any 4onversa- tion with Armour's representative on that subject. He had no reason to believe or sus- tect that the beef had been treated'-witb- preservatives or chemicals. tThe spoil- ing was due, he thougnY to I the faci that the meat had been chilled and would not hold up after exposure to tlu- excessive heat at Lakeland. After the rejection of ia carload one agent of Armour said that would not co, referring to 1.he way in which the meat had been furnished. The agent i triad to get the meat shipped in In some ice was" put in 'with thc! teef, but this gave the meat a Slimy, re- pulsive appearance, and I- was rejected .-i Witness then got authority to beer in the open market. A Ui'IIboy'n Testimony. ,r, __ David A. Fleiscjiman testified that hr Vlottm of War Remembered. was employed as bellboy at the Hotel Washingion, March navyjde- Morrison, Chicago, during the inonth of Juiie ig98 day ,n. June J he gald "a gentleman in room 131 afked me i; I would be at, leisure to go to the stockyards with I went out there' with him and had to carry two i the t n or galvanized lapses. "He went out to see some man <iboui some meat, he tcld me. We took the boxes and went to a car where there were three or four rowd of Hieat. In j eAch of the boxes there were four small er packages, containing, as I recallit, a black or rather light gray colored sub- stance. He1 put this into perforated trays made for that purpose, set fire to it and placed it under the meat. "I asked him -what that, was dune for, and he said it was done as an experi- ment to prest-rvo the meat. Nex.t day I was 'to go back and get tho runs. 1 I asked him whether it was to kill g-erms or t.iat, but he said, 'No: Bimply to preserve the meat.' "I put my linger on the meat anil tasted ,it, and it burned the end of my i states that imposing funeral services took place in the Church of St. John the Baptist in the presence of the friends and kinsmen of the dtc.d sailor, and many spectators. The American flag crowned the collyva. Mr. Stilpon Pittakis, the director ,of the museum and leader of the Greek colony, well known, as it is sai'd, for his warm ad- miration of the American, nation, de- livered a speech which deeply movpd all present. To UiKt-nHM FrelBht RatvH. Washing-ton, March 22. A confer- ence between railroad magnates rep- resenting 30 trunk line railroads west of. Chicago and the members of the in- commission will be tion when the plans of the military leaders have Our troops intrenched, and the held in'this city td consider the freight T attention tot the far-i situation is practically unchanged. The enemy has refrairied from making any attacks" recently, and it would, appqar been stabbec to death by Jameja J. i gan, a horse rubber. The menihad enemies for a long time. When they met, a aijarrel ensued, which; soon ed tO nition for a decisive movement. rate situatipn. The officials who will attend are mostly tie presidents of the roads, though a number of traffic man- agers and. other officials have vlted. The conference will be an exi- ACCorfling to a prisoner captured by ecutive one and the proceedings, in _ our troops, Aguinaldo has announced sense, Informal, though material re- sults in poor our all the fashionable Shapes and Shades, and best qualities'that dan be BW ink a Hat. And you don't have to pay any extra for the name inside the Come and us. pee A Pontma4ter Suspended. Leominster, March has reached here of the supension by the United States authorities of .Dr. Horace P. Nash; postmaster of the town of Lancaster. Miss. Sarah I. Lyman, who was assistant to Mr. Naeh, has been put in charge of office by Post- office Inspector C. H. Pendleton of Bos- ton pending an Investigation 0f the of- fice accounts. The suspended postmas- ter is, town clerk of Lancaster and holds 'Other positions in that place. He'was appointed postmaster in 1888. the the future are expected from gathering. f the when he diew a pocketkriife and plunged its keen blade in the Jockey's jugular vein. sausitqg a wound which proved fatal in a verK short trine. ;i _ Grand Nothing Hoose. POSTOFFICE. MAILS Elcuo of Fteintnflr .Case. Albany, March shadow of the the assembly when Mr, T. P. Sullivan 'introduced a bill vesting jurisdiction on the court of cljaiilms to determine :claim of Mary A. Prey as Mary A. Fleming) against the state of New York for damages al- leged to have been sustained bjr her liy [reason of her Indictment and imprison- tment 'for the alleged rnurdtjr of her mother and of which she was acquitted. In Schoolroom. Evansville Ind., March 22.r-rThomas H. son of State Senator Joseph W. Wlggs oi Pike county, lltdrally cut to pisces Wesley Hurt, a young who entered Wiggs' schoolroom him only ___ he defended himself with this a way as to leave his antagonist for dead on the floor. He was helped by ttat the mfjat looked rathier larger than when we wore thfire before. He said tnat was simply an onlargement of thr- meat from the ice. There was a sul- phurous smejl in the car and another odor which I cannot describe. T took tie cans to the hotel." i i Dr. E. E. Murdock, was for two years president of the auxiliary raedicel in the Chicago department j and is an1 analytical chemist, was the i He stated that he hact several examinat.ons of both canned and refrigerated beef, .dating back several years. Some time in latter part of June, 1898, he said, som lng able 10 take out a ton a da y. eoyd tron works by the British war of- fice; less than riix weeks ago, thel com- .The Situation In arch; !._ An example of the suppressed state before dience for the benefit Hermitage association.' he ,-Pencoyd company was given, Adam NEWS BOILED.DOWN. Senator Lodge shas sailed from New York for England. The Maj-quis of Salisbury has left London for the Rivfera. Fred Meyer Maybrook, N. was killed by a train at that place. j Seven people were injured by an ex- plosion In a Paris laboratory. The war department has no iftfor- matlon -regardlns the dlsturbaaces in Havana. Six af tjhfs Third Connecti- cut yolunteeffi'liave reached from Savaib'ilifelh; funeral i of Mrs.'Place, executed "On account of mjf in- ability to meet maturing obligations J am obliged to suspend business and close up niy affairs for the protection of a.l creditors alike. I have made a gen-- era! assignment to H. W. Alien. I'be- lieve that assets will pay al ibredlf- ors in full. Axkg. JTeSnes" His are about Ordnance Washington, M4rch 22. board of ordnance officers met and prepared 'a system for the examination of officers vtho desire to become members of thf ordnance corps. There will be" four va- cancies within a Ifew months, as the officers who may wish to besitra-nK- ferred to the ordnance corps arei scat- tered about the wcrld it was found njec- essary to have a uniform plan for their .examination. tm. immense, au- of the Ladles' Oeacral K tchener against the Ma He will be Introduced by Governor McMMlln. auiAieeai to Mr. Sheruiun Bettor, Santiago, March or State Sherman rested well all night, the having Mlpie W. Wurkatt of Ackley Station, suicide at a hotel in are almost but he is Jamestown, V.1 i I iNEWSPA'FERr 'I ''I

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