Saturday, November 2, 1901

Daily News Standard

Location: Uniontown, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily News Standard on Saturday, November 2, 1901

Daily News Standard (Newspaper) - November 2, 1901, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Vo 13No 276 UNIONTOWN PA SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2 1901 Colonel Barnett On the State Finances HOOKS AUK OPKX TO Alh AND Xfio Treasury It in ft Healthy Coutll llonCreasy anil Corny Were Among Thoje Wlio Drew Advance Notea of the IoculCanvH99 g Pa Ootobcr Treasurer Baruott issued n signed msnt today in whioh ho every orltlnifim made of Iho management of Blalo treasnrj by ex Gov Psltison anil oilier campaign orators Ool BuneUS statement IB a plain unviirniBhcd utory oltLa condition o the Irmnry nnd its splendid record under Hopublican ad ministration EC says lam tbo sole custodian o tlio luuds lu tho treasury scd when my terra ul office my EUCOCEeor will Jlnd every peony ol tlio stain Cumin expended ur unexpended properly acconntfd for No individual corporation bank or poli tioian can name any person or person other LLan myself who control tbe state funds There arc no robbers in Ihe elate treasury Thcso allegations are tho deliberate falEehoods of Ihneo who ore attempting to deceive Ihti pnblio It hna been staled by erQov Pat lison tbat certain members ot the Icgis lalnre werefavored by advanced pay uinnb on their salaries For his infor mation I will state tliht Messrs Coray and Creasy nero amongst thoso so favor ed by advances Sir Creasy received bis first advances of SSOO on January 17 1901 and Mr Coray receiving bis tirst advisee of 8500 on January 16 1901 Jite legislature adjourned June271901 In connection with Iho general qnea lira it mby ije pertinent to qnote from lim report ol the present state treisnrer to the last legislature When my EncoeBsor appears cither by election or my death five minutes will enfflca to put him in charge of the entire busirjfrfa of tho rfBoa The do parlment and te iffiitu are at all limef open to tbo inspection of the menibit of the legielalare in d by Ihe citizens of the common wlsltb I no recollec tion or air Ol easy ever soggteltd that the legislature tlit authorized gfut of tbe people should either meptet or the state orthat either entered its doora ncept for the purpose ul drawing iboir salaries Tho citizens of the ccrrmonTeallu regard to party trade or profes sion are invited tn come lo tbu state tremury and IDF peat the workings of Ihi eyalem under which the moneys of the state are received and ilixhureed They will get accurate information instead ol secondhand mitslalcujcnts of prejudic ed politioiarjs Treasurer Barnetttben follows nilh n detailed statement of the hcaltby oicdi tiou of I finstate finances The nomination of Cnray OLd the oir onlatiou of his campaign bonk in Fay fs a delibtrcito iuFnit toSnnnfcr Bojd Jndgo Umbel and tbe koal Uem ooratio nrganiziliou Tho bigger the majority against him in Fayelle the more emphatic will bo tho rebnko lo him and his insulting campaign boot A large vote for him in Fujelto vfonld lie contrned an indnrBemrnt nf 1 h on Iho Fayutle coiiuly bench ocd on Kepublicvj and Demoomlio li cdeiB Politicians nil over tbu flute will natch the vote in Fayotte to see has he Coray Wannmuker on Senator Judge Umbel and olbers is re ceived by their nuighliore Tbe liepnblican purly of Fayctle ooanty has every reason to bo satisfied both wilh tho record ei their party and with the men who flro tbo standard in this contest Oo lo tbo polls nfitTnetdivy and csft a solid voo of coifidcncf let Ilocpbvclf Hauls Pot tr Kiefrr Jones Kjan and Allen Achfngo baa btcn cotde in Ibe vot ing plBM in Oerman township from tbat at first contemplated Tho election will ho held in M H Hnhns bnildiDg whfch tfTcrda ample rtom atd shelter And there will bo booths enough to ao coromodate all the voltrs The ballot is o big and complicated one Take no chances in making a taistrte that will invalidate yonr ticiel and it to be thrown ont Mark in the circle at top of first column Tbe Pbiladelpbh courts have decided that a Fastonist ia neither a Republican nor a Democrat Ooray haa DO parly in Fayette and he should have very few Watch Dr Art Hagane vole in It will be a hnmmer is popnlar young man with ikpabliMDi Oemcortta alike Tiiusr Open fur lluslucsalcoploa Hank Moves lu Tbo Citizetib Title A Trust oorapjny cpeued up for business in their new Tmrtora in Iho MillerKaily building today TUG Peoples bank Khioh occupy part of IUB now room hnvo also movid and begin biitintes hero lodiiy The new qnnrlera are lianilsomely llu iehrd and providid vrllh tha latest im proved ijuipmcut for carrying the banking bnsiucfa A largo fireproof vault built of mabcnry and slcol been ercotei in tear of tlio bnilding A number of visitors icEpeoted tho new rocms today Tbii oDloera of the Title 1rmt ore Albert Oaddir preBideulK F Hopwood vice prtsi diint aid 0 P Marble secretary and treasurar LOCAL AND PERSONAL There are many items of news that we uro nnablo to get in lypo Oar readers will know Yesterdays NCWH Standard wasnt cs big as usual but we got ont all Ibe Eamo There will be a regular meeting of the Uniou HOBQ company No 1 Monday evening A fnll attendance is desired Wo ask tho indulgence of our adver tisers iu the matter uf changes for a few daye uulil we cau get Etraighlourd out Tbe loss ot display typo by Iho fire maVca a heavy handicap in tho matlor of Boiling Wafer is eoarcer here tbifl fall than it has ever been known Not only ia the sopply from Iho reservoirs Ibe lowest but many WOB and Bjirings in Ibis vi oiuity that were considered unusually good have gone dry Many oro obliged to carry their water a long diataico The ecoial given by Ihe ladies Aid Beciely of the liaptitt chniob at Ihe home of llrs Tala ou Ben Lomond slreet Friday evening was a pleasant event being a Eccial and financial FUO cop hnd well ailuickd Ice cream ard cake were ferved and a eborl pregram ras rendired iEoludinR rolos by Mrs Fred Miller aurt fehclions icoiled by Mr Gottlieb Schmidt film Hiawatha and the Jlcdel Chuicb which were well rucderul iioarliJr applauded Church Sotes Cumberland Morning snbjtot Tha Clothes of tho New Man iivotiiug Joseph Testing Hie Brothers St Pauls A M E alass n m led by S S Oattir Sunday eohool 230 p m preaching 8 p m by Mrs liohel Wnito Oaorge 0 Sampson pastor f St Panle KvatgellasI Lutheran Ernest Anton TraMrt eobool a m Chief service 11 a m Yeppera p m Janior Lather Lsagne i p m Luther LcDgtie p m All are welcomo onoivcrsiry firrmou at It n m at Iho opera honsc Sunday Bohool sumo placo At G A B hull in tin evening B P U sermon 730 pnjer meeiing Wednes day evening Fimcrnl uf Jliss Stern Iho funeral of Miss Henriella Stern ccoarrfld from her lota residence oo Biet Fiyetlo street Friday Nov 1 1901 at JJ p m The services were con fuoteit by iiiobi Mover of Piltsburg ttio fuubiil KBS largely attendel and tho tbral emblems were Lnmerous and handsqmu The pall Iwarors were Leo Fell tsiao Hilverraan Soly Ltvy Joseph Michael Lnia Hosnibnrg Al bert Bittioliilil 0 A Borgmin and Mr Ueis of Parkersbiirg Interment in Hebroncemetery at Hopwood 1VIIVEIK1SOELI Mr Oeorge Whycl ard Miss Margirct wnre united in marriage by HJV Q F King at bis siIencc Fayclto Rtreet Uniontosn Pa Thursday oflir noon October 31 1901 Tbe homes ol both luida ncd grooai are ia Hopwood Pa Mr Wbjel is euplojeit by the Frick company at tha Loith works Wharton Farm Sold J A Menhart of Cbalk Hill has sold his farm to Squire William A JIntscr of Ellioltsviile The farm coneielsof 104 acwa and tho consideration vis 81000 Posseaiion given March J 1902 3111k Goes Up On and niter Soy 6 1901 the price of milk and cream will bo an fol lows Jfew roilfr ID eeois a jtisrl cream 25 cents a qnait skimmd milk la cents a gallon 6 cents a quart 11 2 If Rcymcrs and Lowneys package al ways fresh at C F Hagans 102ltf Star Brand Oytten Received daUy at r N Hagana lea Cream factory Soulb Btreet Tele p none your orders Brief Session Held By judge Reppert and Umbel KAfKKAX NKW TRIAL AlttiUKl Hole License at ICvcreou to Edward and De Dismissed to lack sonva Yougli Ice Company Judges Rpperl and Umbel hold brici seeeions of court today at 10 oolook Tto raolion for a now trfnl in Iho cseo of the commonwealth vs William Fair fax Iwico convicted of murder in Iho first degree was argued by George B Jeffries and Wooda N Oarr Ills attor ney B Judge Umbel handed down Ihe fol lowing orders John D Jackson vs Youghiogbeny Jryelal Ice company The exceptions to tho decree filed aro overruled and dismissed and Monday November 18 at JO oclcck a m too lime for flnal hearing Joseph guardian vs Umpire Coal Oo The rule to show cansn why a new trial ehonld not be had is made absolute Judge Reppeit made a decree in dl vorca in the case ol William Blaine vs liiohel E Bluine Inventory and appraisement of Lswis Williams deceased late ol was presented flnd approv ed Estate of Andrew F Joffman J E fjaweou was appointed examiner lo lake testimony Estate ol Alpheus 0 Jrail Cunrlfa D Olarke waa appointed examiner lo take testimony Estate of Lida F Perry Judge Um bel nifde an order thai the rule to chow cause why Joseph H Ksrr should not be appointed guardian til Lida F Perry be made absolute and said Kerr give bond in Ibe Bum of S10000 fl Smilh Bond of Henry T Ooohrao committee of Annie H Smith iu Ihe sum of approved Estatoiif Ann H Smith decree of oinrt made ratifying sate madd by oom niitleo Thomas NEastman Ir us lea of Al bert O M Her and otherf acknowledg ed hia decree as Irnslen to Ucorge L Hiblis for 100 ocrea aud 94 perobesof Ihe nine foot vein of coal underlying a trcot il lard in Lvzmie loirnsliip for merly ol Jehu Conwtll Tho resignation of E T Brashenr judge of election fur Brownsville bcr ongh was accepted aud William H Fifher was sppointed Oharles F Kelorore refigualion as judge of oltciiou for the First Ward of Unionlown was accepted ond J A Striokler appointed Goldie Collins vs Albert Collins Divorce alias siibporuo swarded filias 0 Fratie Hmillifidld and VoaootOKD Iv4ilrmd compuny Pcti tiou for Ibe njiiiointmeuc cf viewers pro ainled and ordered Died Willitm H Binus was appointed gumdisu of K Kitciihcnsp a weak niidd ptiBou Boirt in the mm of S300 onus II Hudson was euaidjan if Waller Monroe Mary Jane Glide Alvnda Eeaucr William Hud son nud Julia Eopwood chil dren of Oeorgo Hopwood ddneased Bond io tbe sam of S100 William P Lindy noa appointed con stable cf Fnyellu Cily insluud of Noah Behauua In Ihe millr of a bridge over Grassy HUP ufnr tho rcHdrncd of Joseph lirown in Spriugbill township Heporl of viewers prceentfd and confirmed Etlaln tf Ljdia Uichov Peler A Johns appoinlrd gnardion nd litem cf Cora and Anna Hinlord PanlF Hoogli wns appoialcd minor ity inspector ef lower Tyrone No 2 iu fitead ol W D Hixoo resigned lo Iho eslhlo of John O Hufty linlo sranltd on 0 Weltncr sdminis Itator to show oanso why an altacbmenl ihonf not ifsue against him for eon tempt in failing In comply with the or der oi oonrt compelling him to file on account KetnrnaMe Nov 7 1901 Bond ft John J Richey gncrdian ol Maud McOoogan approved Etlate of Isaso order of oonil Andrew Matson administrator to sell rtai estate mada Bond in the EnmofSoOO lo ba given Thehotel licensoof Jliohael Morrfasy ofBveraon was tracafcrreJ to Edward Haley JWifs Scarum tonight Price 1020 and 303 Star Brand Oysters Received dally at I N Hagans Ice Cream factory South street Tele phone your order 9311 Saa Amy LM tonight in Misa Hainm P W Simon piano Inner repairer and regulator A I music tore g1J4J Two Cents OPERATORS JflJE INVITED If They Fall to Meet West Virginia Miners a Strike May Be Ordered Later Himtlnglon W Va Nov state intaors convention bat night after io UolJ an oilier convention In this city Xuv jiii There was alao u call for a mecttiiK hero on NovflK to wlilch tli oiiorators ol Virginia unil Uost Vir ginia will uo invKttt lion of tvo days rcsullcii In nuth luoio than this It is tliu objcci of the National Mine Workers ulliclals to havo the state iiiEncii request ojiejatois to confer with them Oiv to the tact that die national olii cials of tho United Mine Workers will La busy from now until tho time of lite national convention in January H Is thought Very little work will beac complished in West Virginia towards iJicreasjiig tbo memberaliiij jn the or ganization and establishing new unions While Ihe national officials were nearly nil present ami dominat ed the convention the call or a con vention with tho operators Is liiisecl to emanate from the slate or ganization Prominent state and in tional otlicials of the order mlrnlt that they do not expect tho Sycrators u attend K they Jecllnc It is expected n general movement will begin to wards organising Uj0 miners of the entire state If rail in this a sympathetic strike will lo ordered MORE INSPECTORS NEEDED Law For Better Protection From Firs Is to Be Advocated Iitlsburs Nov ot Ihe state factory inspection bmeau held a meeting yesterday at which Campbell a state factory inspector met with his deputies at Ihu Seventh Avenue hotel ilr Campbell states that the eon ditions in tho manufacturing auJ mer cantile establishments Jiaie greatly improved TJicrc is great need lor more deputy inspectors During the recent session of the legislature Mr tried to have a law passed to increase the number from 20 to SO but ho was allowed only live The rapidity with which new indus tries aro springing iip over tho state raniires more deputy inspectors Tho 20 men last year looked after the in terests of 753000 working people Mr Campbell says tho greatest need now is butter prelection from fire He will try to have a law passed requiring outside lowers on all build ings over four stories high instead fire escapes TO FIGHT THE WADASH Lake Shore and Pf7yisy to Have To ledQSL Louis Route Toledo 0 Nov recent pur chase of Ihe He River railroad by the Lake Shore and Pennsylvania rail road companies acting jointly it transpires was quite a significant move It was announced here ihar the two companies would combine to make a TolcdoSt Louis route using the Lake Sliorc to Butler Ind ilio Eel River to logaiisport and the Van dalia a Pennsylvania line to SL Iouis This route is only 15 miles longer than the Wabosli Through freight and passenger service is lo lie established This is in retaliation of the Wahasli bniWing a new Chicao line in competition to tlio Iake Slior and a Pittsbiirg line in competition to Iho Pennsylvania A MINISTER SUSPENDED Convicted of Breaking Promise to Marry a Lady Ilazleton Pa Nov James Betiens pastor of the Methodist Fnls copal church at Sliver llrook hasWa suspended from all ministerial privi leges until the nevt annual session of the Central Methodist Kplsconal conference at Hhamofcin In 1302 He was found guittv at a re cent ministerial Irial of breaking his promise to marry Miss Jane 1orrv of this city In view of his excellent character the committee advised clemency and it is believed ho will he restored to full slamilnc in tho church by tho conference Soe Provo Knropus grenlest jog ler in Miss llirnru tonight Ucorjjc Hoover Injured Cliarlee Carter o lldsioae lowuship passed through town tins ruoruiDg on jis way home from Morganown univer sity to vote at the coming election He reports George Hoover son of ex Sheriff Boover oJ Uermru township con Sued lo big bed al Morgnntown aa llie resnlt of an accident whmh re curred Halloween night Hoover and Borne companions were draving a large when in Rome way ho waf suocktd dosvn and tho wagon passed over him culling a deep gash in brt head Good Bpeciallifs intiodncid n Miss Hflrnm ycarntn Largest variety of Chocolates In town at Chas V Hagans 1021tt Croquanls Cooc at C P Hagana Closing Out to Quit Business Having decider to close out my 6000 stock ot general merchandise at cost or less as 1 am going to leave January 1st everything must go re gardless of cost Great bargains are walling you Merchants wauling to replenish their stock great Induce ments aro offered both In prices and time to suit you Call before buying elsewhere as by so doing you will save money W1LLIA11 G SHAUPNACK 102dwlf Masontown Pa St Nichols Chocolates at c ln Hagans 1021tf The Property Losers Are Plan ing to Rebuild KO JlOItlj KKAJIK Council Will Pass An Ordinance tro lituttlngllioKrectlononnlUiiimnble Structures on Business Stresls of tho Tiie losera by Ihe recent lire aro hav ing plans Bubrnillcd for rebuilding Thu First National bauk are already re ceiving citimateu nuil jiluns for Iho re building of Ibo News Standard build The walls are thought to be iu laot aud it will nut bo long oiiiil tho work is underway ToJd liroH are giiioc lo erect a brink livery stable on their Bite Their htireeu ind vehicles are lemnorarilyquBrled at various places Mica Knight has lera porary qnnrters ia the Jonwell and airiotlnr baildiug on Main etreet It ia said tint council ul heir ntit ueotiog will pasa au ordinance pro hibiting tlie erectiou of sfruotures in tho business streets town This will iuoluite Puler street ad meeU fftb inlilio approval The scene of the Ore wan patrolled all nighl by watalimuu and duiing tbe curly pnrt ol Iho evening largo numbers if persons visited tha piano Tho ruins woro still burning There ncs n quan tity of coal in the ruins and it made 11 llszu all night Umt rcFCmbled tho bnrn bg of a liaio kiln Xules of llic Plre If il had not been for Ihe Newe Sfnnd aid brick walla on tho oni end of the fquate and Iho IODK Blrecb of vacant ground included in the old M E ceme lery lot at Ilia other ond there wwitd have been a olean nwecp from Broadway ou tlia enat to thoiei factory on Ihe west The Naw Standard has received many telegrams and other messages of sym pathy iu Ibe lose ol its nemo It u very grateful for all Ihcsc and astatho publio lo bear with Ibti raengrolssno il will bii obliged lo get ont nntil it Is iu ils rebuilt home Oue pirty baa already been trying to get pJuuB aud bids for n sbuuly to goupintha burned district ou Peler street Lot uo inch thing ha tolerated 0 H Seatou leal a valuable bird clog iu the lire The dog wus iu Iho atable of Levi Yumsinklp whioh was totally de stroyed iMr fckutou started for Ilia stable as Boon as bs know of Ihe lire but when be arrived Ihe bnildipg was in Ismes and lha dog could not ba saved LmiUKK COlIlANY LOSS Daiiiagcd and 40000 Feet of Lumber IJiirned The mill ct the Kpringhill Lum ber compauy on Ibo Holllree farm near Wymps Ujp ivia partly dcslrpyed by tiro Thurslny tieht Almnl 10000 feet of lumbar at tlie mill was totally de stroyed The fire did rot culcb from thu burning woods is tho flro wos not burning uvur Ibure It is thai it canght from Iho boilera nbon the mill Most of llu wnxlxork nlicnt tho mill was but Iho machinery was not damaged anil it istlinughl Ilio mill oin be repnirtd and work reeunifd in a short time TJinsa Iho cyra piuy are Prof Lo amith 0 H Senton and D J Johuson of Uiia place and B A Hcoitli cf Oaiopjlo TUB loss is about wilb no inburAuce List of Ijuinher to bo Delivered at Kvnns Slutlon Ktiyetto County borTJirce Iropoaeil Hulld Inga for Arthur Ivlrlc Son Co 9 pieces of hemlock SxlOxll feel loug l50 pieces of hemlock 2xGxM feet Ion j 30 of hemlock 2x12x10 feet lonsz pieces ot hemlock 2x12x20 lent long o pieces of hemlock Cxi0x18 led long 50 pieces of hemlock 2x10x12 feet Ions feel 1x12x11 H S 21000 fed 2x0x10 SS walls 75 pieces 2xlx20 r bjams pieces OxOxG oak posts 3000 feet Xo 2 oak flooring tongucd grooved ftod surfaced jiiU for any or nil bere ceired np nilil Toesd pveoinp 9 p m Work on Mmyo buildings to com menoa eooo i pnwiliti 10 2 2t Kxcurston o IltlsburR The R A O will bavn an i xoaraion to Piltebnrg t morrow Nov 3 Train leivei here nt m d ramming Iravce PitEbnrj at Fire SI for round trip Napolcons Choc at C P Hagans Oysters Oysters Oysters Largo shipment ot fresh shucked Star brand oysters received by I N Hagan Both phones 814U TURKEY REPORTED DEFIANT Orders Certain Ports Fortified French Fleet Old Not Turn Back Paris Nov report that Iho Turkish fleit hail turned hack was utulej U was said lo be proceeding to Turkish waters Paris miltrm has or dered the coinplelinn with all sjieed of the defenses at Salonika Smyrna ami thu entrance to the Dardanelles says uie Constantinople correspond Mi at The Echo Do Paris Sub marine mines will he placed ami troops mobilized al points ivhere tiia llsinibarkallons aro likely A violent anilFrench feeling pre vails aud fears arc felt for tlie safety or French rcsllonls In Jlles Conslanunoplo executed DEAD CHILDREN VICTIMS OF INFECTED ANTITOXIN Tetanus Germs In That Prepared by City of St Lotils Of ficial St Louis Nov list ol deaths attributed to lockjaw as a re sult of the administration of diphthe ria Btitltoxin manufactured by the city chemist numbers 11 Iwo more deaths being reported Eleven other children aro reported to the health department as suffering from lock jaw with slight chances lor recovery The cause ol lockjaw in each case is to he poisoning from the citys diphtheria antiloxln The Health department has now he gun the free clislrllmtian of tetama antitoxin for injection Into tho of diphtheria patients whoHrwe inowilatcd with Ihe infecled wife and thus exposed lo lockjaw The health department has an nounced that no more diphtheria anti toxin will he nianufaclutcd bv the city of St Louis The Investigation ordered by the city coroner it was expected will lie completed in a tew days Three of the most experienced bacteriologists In St louis are making tcsls with the antitoxin and tho serum taken from tho spinal columns of tlio dead chil dren Dr Ilavold city bacteriologist who made the antitoxin complaineilof from serum taken from a horse which de veloped tetanus on Oct 1 and was shot declares that If the animals sys tem contained tetanus baecllti on Aug U when the last serum was taken from it it was Impossible lo delect it by an inspection of Iho horse At Zhe Baptist hospital au indenend ent Investigation has convinced Drs A D Nichols H C Harris and C C Morris that tho presence or tetanus Ecrms in the city antitoxin is Indis putable A guinea pis was Inoculated with tho antitoxin Wednesday night developed symptoms of lockjaw on Thursday morning and died AN APPEAL TO DEMOCRATS Creasy Asks Those In Pennsylvania to Do Their Duty Harrisburg Nov William T Creasy of the Democratic state committee issued tho following address As Ihe chairman of the Demo cratic state organization I wish to make a final appeal to the Democrats of tiio commonwealth as to ihelr duty at the coming election Never an issue more clearly drawn between a declaration for honest government on the one hand and a demand for Ihe endorsement ol political iniquity on tho other than is presented by tho platforms of tho parties in this con test Never was there a greater djf ferenco In tho character of men ask ing tlio confidence of the public than is presented by Ycrkes and Coray on the one side and Potter and Harris on Ilio other Wo have candidates who aro above reproach anil lastcard falsehoods thai have becii sent over tho slate in circular form should not deter any Democrat from giving them liis hearty support There are tens of thousands of Pennsylvania Republicans who arc finally disgusted with tlio corruption and misconduct of Ihe men who as sume to represent that party both in the city ami state government and they are cordially and earnestly co operating with us In the battle for tho redemption of all departments of of ficial life Democrats do your duly all along Ihe line and victory will bo ours beyond doubt William T Creasy Chairman Democratic Stato Com mittcc Hold Out For the Full Ransom For the Release of Miss Stone MAY HAVE TO BE SACRIFICED Should They Persist In Their Demand Nevertheless Negotiation Still at U S Legation In Constantinople Constantinople Nov fist of Miss Stone again becomes more serious The brigands It appears were still holding out for Ihe 000 ransom and II Is feared thit should they persist In their demand Miss Stone will have to bo sacrificed Nevertheless Iho negotiations were still proceedings Anxiety prevailed at the Untied States legation last evening whence there has been an acUvo eichanje o telegrams between Secretary Spencer Eddy and various points Mr Ertdy yesterday hada long con ference wtUi Sir Nicholas R OCon nor the Brlllsh ambassador here who is actively assisting in tho efforU to bring about Miss Stones relejue EVIDENCElpLY IN ARGUMENTS TO FOLLOW ITS COMPLETION Verdict in the Schley Cite Not Be Given For Some Weeks Washington Nov Adro cale lemly announced Friday In tie Schley court of Inquiry that hohid no morn witnesses to call and Mr Rayner following him said that no witnesses would be summoned onbe half otAdmiral Schley in surrebuttal For a moment It appeared as tie now famous case was about to reich n sudden conclusion But this de luston was soon dissipated by the an nouncement on the part ot Captain Lomly that he might aslc to bo allow ed lo bring in onemore witness on Monday and from Rayner that Admiral Schley him self would desire to return to tha stand on Monday to correct errors fa his evidence as officially reported There Is probability ad miral will consume considerable tlma in gofng over the printed record ol what he said and there also Is an understanding that he will make some additions to bis former statements But it is not believed that hoyonrl what he may have to say there will be much more testimony taken In tie case The c ly witness that the judja advocate slill has In mind Is Lieuten ant Strauss and Caplain Lemly said yesterday that it tho Lieutenants at tendancecould ho secured would detain the court for a short time only Captain SIgsbeo also will return to the stand Monday to make correc tions In thetestimony given Thurs day by him May Take Weeks to Decide These details completed the argu ment of counsel will begin and then counsel and the public will withdraw and leave Ihe court to Its delibera tinos Tho task before the court Is not a light one and it may be weeks before iho fiaal verdict will ba reach ed Fridays witnesses were Mr Sylves ter Score a former newspaper cor respondent who saw service in Cuban campaign Lieutenant Hoorl who commanded the Hawk during tho Spanish war and also a number of officers who were heard Thursda and who returned to the stand to correct testimony Tho court held only one session Brlday and adjourned over until Ston day TO FIGHT EUROPEAN COMBINE London Paper Says England and America May Act Nov Spectator discussing tho continued agitation In Central Knrorio against the United States will say today Tiicre is in fact a real danger If the conservative parties on the continent which inriiide tho Agra rians clcrlrals and absolutisls and the vast mass of the peasantry should achieve a temporary triumph a grand effort will by raaic lo ilvcolt Imlled Slates ami Ihe Argentine re public as a protection for vital inter ests threatened by their competition Mlhoiiiih the movement will pass and probably the hatred with It the common enemies and common Inter ests of Kngland and America will tend to drive all who srcak Knglish and Fell and buy footl freely into a singlo defensive group Tho News Standard having by many fiundrcda tho largest circulation ot any paper In Fayetto county its ad vantage ai an advertising medium apparent 7inc and grinding double the wear and car nations at Traders fca ifioacf UNION OF METHODIST CHURCHES North and Sontb lo Be Further Con sidered at Next SemiAnnual Conference Cincinnati Nor Good sell presided at tho morning session of the Methodist bishops It was de cided to hold tho next semiannuil conference at Chattanooga at which time closer relations and the union of tae churches north and south will further considered Dr James M Wing woo was the first assistant ot the lito Dr Spencer of Ailinla was elected corresponding secretary of Ihe Church Extension so ciety with headquarters M Philadel phia Dr Kings successor will not be named until next wcelt The reports of Bishops Cranston Merrill and Andrews wera prcscated and referred to the committees tor further consideration Hishop McCabe presided at the af ternoon session which was devotci to reports from nine foreign countries Bishop Thobiirn Is present re ported for his conferences In India Bengal Burmah and the Philippines Bishop Vincent for tho European conferences aau Bishop Hartsell for tho African conferences reported by letter Bishop Hartsell Is now en roulo to South Africa He Is able to travel from Capo Town by railway to New Umiltllla where he hopes to hold the first conference In that region next week Thework in Liberia phenomenal progress Tho report of Bishop D K Moors on conditions In China will bo pre sented today This report Includes Japan and Korea The bishops were given a public rc ccpllon last night which waa presided over by Hon W Mellai aid

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