Friday, August 27, 1897

Mckean County Miner

Location: Smethport, Pennsylvania

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Mckean County Miner on Friday, August 27, 1897

McKean County Miner (Newspaper) - August 27, 1897, Smethport, Pennsylvania K.I i-I.SON, liJitor i PATER OF THE COUJWV natnrnl tinjjp. time." Helntnoucbf bin haJ' oonp .of jroo WI-'TO bwn JICTP." thow- TRRMSs VOL. XXXIV. .SMETHPORT, PA., 'FRIDAY, 'AUGUST. 2j, IS9J.- i l tlrruMB II, M.-rih. I 1. II. t, A. i 1 VJ. Alum. H4.MinTiiU, Jl i llfurv A, T. oaii-t ;a l, "HYMC1AX AMITS More, Ji. Ityun, HttKUN, OBi-t m Main il. I., Hn.-lin.f4.M- Wlm. K Mil Jim. n. H, and J. H- Jn A. llAllMstMti, J.T. i' r'.- KlW-Alttpntrn. 271 I Ttiinl of tutcb vOIHlK.No. M. 1.1I.O.F. hi I. 0.0.1'. II. firtt No i .u-r i ThurB'lAy nn.of a A. O. t'. W. tUH H. H. i -IV. Itlll. HKH. KATE L. I.-O. fX F. H. L. KXAI-F, Km. Con. A: I Ixxlge, Ko. 1M, A. O. tfoMTPM, M- W. UKt.KOS. Ofttte JM-3 JlrlMv Robert Hamil ton> M. D., C.M. KANE, AN O'S DKKVA> l-liv by DENTIST. TvMh yrilaout pain. All kinds This hotel has 'e and Tefumbhrd Jimc'ol promptly oj'a Store M.D. -3 Hj.c EVK, EAR, NOSK a Oflice hourrf Barry St; Opp. 'I'HHOAT. 1 'to ;i and 7 to B p. m. Park, Oi.EAKrS. Y. HOTELS. JAME J SlcUUlRE, Main Street, Smetbport, Pi., been renovated "Ike table and bar constantly supplied with the best the .market alTonls. i Firat-class in every respect. i easonablfl CHAUTAUQU Main Bacon, A HOUSE Sim tbport, "Pa., Proprietor. hsw ly Jbcan il of tbe convenient bo; el a in the cnnaty. <joot] attentive mcrka. The are uip- l the of tho MMon. A of Oil public pfLtroniKC is 1 t. Tent, No. a, intits Mnn-Iav in A. tX U.: W. at l f. a... In M. E. M aa; It. k. riee'T. flltl friends, ane n't.NYwoMTu :rtii'proper maxi -.MIOKW, A M.f IjLt's Mwiiai. Siimlnj- 1 -______- i-.t .N.-.-. m. l.nfae WTWI 1W IS. PS. It. At kund, ra. wan I ill in il UOEL I L :.nfl77 MA CUE, liitx r ,trntiM have- nolhiDg; more to do with had bevn ptrat. had not make Iier- She.bad pai'oleij iu evil associations and Cfin- s.vrith which she would nwes- Iw brought iu contact.; HPT plea t not beon 'rojjnred bat tfaeio was mbch tentpiatira. to do ;v.d the pita that the bad been from U by thought nf tfio honor of jbw family had gone tjtnugbV borne to an whom Ibo' pride of a rehprn .notfat-r <if the iutt-nrie-sr was 'iBCoLady iValcctptbat If JTatTrffly i-d Lola his Iqvo was to.tbti full! as pa-ssiniiut- IT, and this tad ap- natnrnllj- to tht heart, her ji-Ocimnt tola. anmti n'Ru-ltwl the affair ss mnrfi Sho aict iwlStive tha? Jaflray ficti bait w ttb T as with al.t have (ft thtsi tf yoa tyish- Iwtt'Bho dttlu'e kuow. J uot ijoitP- colt ctjfuiub to all Ific world to Cfiaio aud take a hand. I' bate tbrco play <2UtJ oasv ajjji. vocti; r BO sort flf Railo ia bpr ptwi Ytra cau her io pla; wcalil baro .tejectcrt the wife." witioat a word, but Hho Irnpllcasion "Tlm-u Ffap'IJi ntror play at aILM Sba tberts WBW mbch tcmpfatlrai (o do "Then is after ajl, it. an. is aflrr it, and Lola gt-tMEw SJrs. Do Wilt. ItmkiuaC'ap rjo.rkEy. "Ithoagbt m nights Tell me all abotit it. Bcrryl? itiir JafTray wailtKt'at her cagpmcw, called me ati-'odd atod I'm that a cooipli- ICtKI C tl HUtfl 1 Bab! Yo-a mcti ail card tricka ra< we cu opo- we don t, 6! ytnt aw tr jud wmev ccati't to Rt t A laaiiy we win by aud nutl are I ap fftols (nnugli U Bat tt b i rnt Co be her rishthdiMl to haTohim mar j tlewd what rylBervI mrtead of Lola, tot sho .rtiDff A I t nj, t her CPE coition bccuiue Ibe f vou to fisr it were changed, ir saw this as mtt his mflllHT at the carrjiigr? doer gave hrr bin arm into the bOaise. r asked aliuoat' a boy. 'What .1 say will step yoo. fr jj, I tuow. Vou are on tttii coar- ri uid I rail in'it dixaxter can sec Lola's bcaocy.'' He iced tat- oao of -tbo Chrutian d wag pleaded. "If yea do.wlust J will'not marry "And if I cannot thin it aa yon asttxl- I shall not stand in the way any t I nxl now to get yna Iu r turf area t yon ia aboat the objectiqnablti- aad anoflmfcrt- able timed possible? Yoo'ro a bit worth afccat, and you're not fit for aiiytlihjg tot.totio'niarried." a bit af.Ccr a 'I'm .glad I came orer; wo ooght to have a word cr two to pat matters rtnigbt. Of it xnake a ebacge in thingcs. meun JTOOT engsgciuciit with Under the olrconutaocei f wonder yoo ebo replwd crossly. i "I carafr to tee BeryL" I am Klad be tegaa. bat she in "I yxm're Tory rraptcd him at once t tappedi ottt irritably "That tfeat "Don roc I ain as not only in the way, bat that I've oppoM-d to il as ever, bnt pan B tcing Lola I huro changed soma of my t lOdghEsL I dread thi; oiui tap the coBSWjnruwfl, tat ytra nball not ml mo. othMWww tban ready to tiy ttqi yonr wife; evtn if my heart Iff a matt interesting explana- tion, between yoa tiro. I think I'd bet- ter go to .my hott-l." And aho got tip from her Meat aod nutted ucr .dress angnly fjJloffcreboaiUR f sorry yea take it badly." said "lamslEWL said blr-laffray on." ,Efrjyfiassat.sfitd HoVrnw. "I wlat yoa mean by trimly Mamoge B> ryl aud liow hjicd I t mat, i mau a it foiicht .gainst Kivinj? wav in i n nty tfmp alto nymnch Ho was wart tor all that Of cnnrst I can quite leased also at tho that Loli understand yoor wanting to train for il tbDs-Afctm her ronnd it med an nQcompromisiiis and inviu ible resistance. Beryl, ho added aft I t pjrcw J- 'I sno bcr raid Ladf 'alceJe, "And now that yeo'lmTp [qocrcd in smiled 0 go." Ho openctl tbo door cf the -mom 'where they bad'stood. as sbe passed font'ho Baid: 'I know all that means to jcra, mother. I shul! urrcr it all my She with a Klnile aod laden with love, tmt yet sad- he vras alone, be Became and rtistlesj, arid after wan- dering thrtmph 'thf1 rtraud the stables bn had bin honx> out and act cat for a hard gallop old bahit. Be met his' mctber ogaio at dinner and was sorry Co notice' a kind of re- serro betweenitbero. the uamo of cither cl the girb who formal tbo subject ol Uiottgftts df both an.U the ecd of wben, aa Lsdjr we-i leaving tbo table, said: tava writtta to Beryl, -Jaffray, ahinjnEi? yott woalzi Jite thSng iet- IMaSosceasi} not f crflcg cqnsl to a iournfy to Tr'iSii.tij1 1 aaa R 2d- Toa astaaaJ baiasi Tbnu it if her opinics he I wa i of jjoiCK bacii to The oH fj It mJEht IK a trial yoo Imt si coald sotae port cf opiates tioa it wt'ttld smootb, tho lataje and Bv.ry! 33 veiv dcir tame 01 (bat fct to go, Beryl uijjht wasaing of iu cora ins and so srcjti aa it pV fe 1 a 'l to itra. IX Hi T- i -1 re to Tr JT di ti i IJIi r o tar that l JSi T n 2P c met him atom; at (Jte staElon. ciisU-f2CT, nod yoa <in't too HOCO Bat oeednH start blsitSgtcsifsjg tTray wotxtszi yoo'vo yoa faaren't lived _io 'Sony. 'rca'Ta takes- it !iip Wo'vo 15001! liltto 'asd cjaiij o tbteg toe A'tr- a-lcaSnlEKM Mm I EMU haw secsrcd to-tato it jrery Iji aJraid Bat Kmentbor 110 3 a -Bom-a, Jnd wheu we 82ie tx. J jft s only that we're Ttsrf af louDB tLeja, bnt sngry with Tho ITITL from as." list s sll ftght 1-" then yon I fc du-iiay allon'UTca and that's not a rio OBI y Ba8 t s Btpnctlira safer than whin fir c-3tij on tlio Sable rc- te-t 1 hog afte- a fc-cwi langh and r a c _" d Trotra tbiuk I m SJ CT lilt I do Sfco'a a Latest Ma ia! Rose x ard co others.! C WELLS Dfllgp Pa. Fire -and ..Aeclderv written Dy ePECHT, MCKBPOKr, P4, i-Ji ps ms cf lua ji. 11 i- 0-. r 3 'Jl E r i- a _ ;-T T t _ ra g J O T C b i T J -i tl T "ll I IKf Iba s froai a T iv. <frl r tl cnlr (old me vir .seani I cctihl r I t cndcrtlia v l j. n t I sent r 1 ci fibongli i? u Ar r 4 _r "r jumped a EO T-a 1 c ,L tag TS i tu on t T 'I re a-1 hod never got aafariu even 'the miEdeattltrtaticTD. Ho bad (wch glad to KO to her npatte wheu' In town and bad be.e.n aninsed uioro tbau auytliini< else to watch horr devolop a batlt of uim Uo liad beep qofte iinnngh to rviul her and mtmt anzitios to hetp yob ia fUttUai; X it yoa with all my httort. 'Yoor affwrtlooato nain, BEBTK. "She is a good said Sir Jaf- fray, banding'tbe letter to mother, who read it quickly.' 'Ir-would (ndimcalc to find a inoro sensible girl than Beryl." 'I'll sco her today." answered tbe CHAPTER T. IS TUH- BIAM." Beryl had not written the letter of oongratnlatiod to her cousin without a stmggre. Sbo .did not like and did not trust Lola, and she bad noticed Iu her many things that distrust. She had at one. time 'seen a great; deal of Lola, an Mm. Vill'ycn bad mode many efforts to bring the two girls to- and though at first Beryl had. to some extent conic witbin the influence of Lolu'H unquestionably attractive manner tnere had been no Kgord or reati Qaitc irrespective af her own disap- and how deep and stinging ami- bitter that- was no one. but herself was dead against the mar- Hhc felt tbat Loja did not love JafTray ereu with such love as site -was Tealing.. She bad bewitched hitn with tier beauty and gia-' monred hiin .with-, her surface aeusuoos charms, but tbat all. Bad Berjl written as she felt, there- fore, her letter would have been very different, bat she had a gt-nnine friendship for her cousin to want to canso" him 'anything but pJJeasnro. She would have.done her utmost, to prevent the bnt she would not say a wont to wound Sir Jaffray'a feel- ing. Nor .this feeling altogether free from a. touch of relf. So far as ahe could help it, not a soul should think that she wan in reality anything but pleased at the marriage. Bhe was no fool to mope and palo over a lost romance, and the held no ridiculous ideas exaggerating tbe effects of tuo disappointment to her. It would- have been au infinite; and in- describable pleasure to. through-life by tho side of Uir Jaffray as his wife, but she did not.intend tbat the break- ing of tho dream should gloom and spoil herlife. She would rather that it hid been any one else than Iiola; but. even so, sbo WM prepared to accept what was in- evitable. Thus when Sir Jaffray came: sue surprised him mnch with bier chccrfulcora aa she had surprised her facbcr by the wa; ebo bad told the to oioi. I'm afraid it'll be a disappointment to 703, slie eaii, when telling him of Sir Jaffiay't engagement, I -.vas always afraid we shouldn't able to do what yon wfsheil I tried ba- eamro that yoix an'd his mother wjsbed it, and 'I'd have gone through, with it, bnt Imcstcoafcss it's a relief." Her father, who as a county man took great interest in pubiia of the district and had only a dim per- ception of what went ou in bin own bouse.-'put aud looked: at her sbrewdly. Ha very food of Beryl iu hin way, rad his chief com- plaint was tbat she wos.DOt a boy, Knt be thought he knew licr BO well that of conrs9 be did not niidoratiad her at all and had uo conception of the capable brain tltcro was buhiuf ,6bo calm, regu- J yoo really isuran _ away iroaj bia word? Wiiy, it aft tot setsted." The thing that appeal- ed, to him chiefly was tbat it looked Hals a traaih of contract "And do you oxaa yoa: didn't want to parry I Siavcr raid ttet before, johild." I to sesfcjt to thwart yoor Beryl answcral, his look calmly. "Hare jcz two made. CbiH tip between fto tmnt.oat ft with n aadilm abrcwd "I call it Hia aVa tha't tboxa titot- to tt> that '.ia vrtsijwl a jjiy add- "Ko, va1 havo. ,er. SiniEiiy ih-: ijtiiius lirw lalli- ii tin Ds iufi tM 1 "HT Wist il OB thu conuty. I'll hound him out of tlia' place. I never heard of such a thing. Wu uitght IM RltFtpket'jH'rR, laitkinfir iwd of- tho mirt." "Mot I'm ftt.ul. t itilL-r. Don't you on- If I rotild. It was a. uiiwtUUe from tuu Unit." "Do you tliiuk I don't kuuw xvlmt's btjat iu lie UMtiHl.' "Upon oiy tinioH uru. gottiiiK'ou wluiu a girl can. coolly tell her fotiicr thut his plutm for. hitr luurriage uro 'a mistake from the .with two ruit niilci by side for inlli-s. and uo boy tn bavti this oiiit. -'Mistukc, ihderdt He rtiHtled with a Ygi'tjturo of imn.ttic'bt tho paper he hold and apjicarcd to rrsamn reading it, but a niiuute afterward 1m Haid, less irritauly: "Why dl'du't you' tell mo you didn't want to marry him? jnnt .yon .wonicu, aiid yet yon, will stick your into public 'Yoa never .know what you want at a time which tlio kuowleduo be of leaat posslblu ate. I ilitln't want .force jrott iuU? tbe child. wjt a brate or a. 'Ibo last connection, was not very it let Beryl turn tbo ull tbewoineii himself, gald. Laughing au4 plaoiug her haudii oa bis ghouiders, slis leaned over him from bobiud, lier n close to Ills that sho could rub her cheek agaioet liig and' kiss hint at every pause. you don't want mo for a wifo yourself, you know, do you? Tbat would bo Uorribly improiKr, and -all tlA county would make a hullabaloo, and you'd 'lose your chairmanship of this, that and tbo other and bo sent to Cov- entry, and I'm not worth that, am 8he was .BO rarely dumonstrativo in that ha was quite perplexed, and.when she bad kissed him aud' knadu him agree with her view of SU Jaffray's eUROgenieut and had smiling oat of the room be sat a coupla of in puxxlcd thought till the light-broke In on him! and be smiled. "I'm-afraid I'vq bcoa bit blind. I thought sbo cared for him and now here sbo is so infernally glad to be .out of it that she cau't help kissing and hugging me. Bless the I'd known I'd have broken it off long much as I wanted it. Heighol If only the boy bad lived, thcre'd have been no worry of this And then ho re- bis reading, interrupted fay of thought. But he never doubted for' a moment that be had now read Beryl's accurately, .and abo was careful io.keep up herspirits aud'keep down, ings until her father quite recon- ciled to tha fact of the arrangement having coiuo to an outimcly end. :With Sir Jaffray, Beryl took u somer what similar course. "Of courso-1 goesscd it long Jaffray." said. "Do yob think yoa and I bare been like brother and Histcir witboat my being able to read a good many of your tbonghtsP Of course not." And she laughed without the (east ap- parent rcs'ftamt. He'HOtioed that; she was 'unusually demonstrative. "I (bought it would surprise he said. "If it surprised me, it was bocuuw H didu't come sooner. I've always known tbat there must come a time wbea tbfii would happen on your side or she latigked again a. she said "and I alwaya wondered how it would feel if I were to he know, and had to tell yon, just if yoa real- ly my brotfaer. I often wondered how I should dp it or how you'd'do it.if you were first. I never thought you'd think of -keeping such a thing secret; And I've watched seen it growino; aud wondered wliyyou nev- er a word. I should have told you what I gnetsed the other uight at -night the. mother wrote- us those most ridiculously inistakuu ters-T-oniy, if you Do VVitt came out and (topped us 4u tbe middle.! And, after can't' make opportunity for that sort of deuee. It bas to cbmo u'dinrally. Uo listened to her closely, comparing the unnauul -niauuer with bur custom- ary calm, reserve, aud be gotniacii near- er to the rtval stato of her fc'eliugs'thau had-her father. It hurt bint, bnt he showed no sign of Ibis in his manner, teeming to fall witli her humor. "She's a good little soul, the little, be sho doeg put'her foot in it cometimex. I wish now I had told yon about this, BeryL li bopo you'll get. on with Lola." A chill scorned to touch tho girl's heart at the sound of the name, but sbo answered quickly, dnd with warmth: hopo so. .Who've not seen so much of one another: lately as wo used to, bnt she'll bo nearer when she's at the man- How Lady 'She is coming over to sec you toil.-xy some time. I think. She saw Lolu thu day before ycstcrdor, you know, Sho went to Mosscombe, to Mrs. .Vlllyers." "I am glad she has given Jaf- said "Of I know what she thought. It would have been a great pain to her and to you if she bod not been able to do what yon wish. I am very glad." "I find .every awfully returned Sir Jaffray, and then Beryl led away the tatk to other subjects, striving hardtomokb her cousin believe.that, so as aba herself coocernod, was not 'anything but perfectly pleased at the newt But she said aot one word in praise of or ope which could lead hun to belicvo that she liked tbe woman he bad cbdneu for bis wifo or thought wisely and well.1 Strangely pnough, ho was really anx- ious toL-get some enoh expression from her, and staid longer than he would otherwise have done in the eudeavot, but be failed, and the failure disap- irritated Mini. He Wed to bo vexea with her in but only succeeded iu feel- ing dissMisfiod, anil con III nofshoko off the impression tiiit in Mme way: It Was an ill emeu net 'to have Beryl's good word, I Tbroughont 'tho titjie that followed Beryl did utmost lotnislead others as to.ber reel optuion i. Lady Waloote csrae to seti her, not site went to (ke manor jurt.u usual, i nd even the close- and loving intimacy Phlcli' existed be- ceu the two womou uerer led Beryl to say a word other tiAi'j had alwaya tried to carry out the incnt lor tlio sako of tbe family inter- ests, bot that it a relief to bcr to ait ewl pat to it. Wakote at ''aud. her doubts'ptatB enough, bot Borytkeldto htr positSou and in the end jjnrevaltal. What did Uuta anytbinv to nmko the ml teal- ing and after -busyi'ug bi'r- aclf witli name of preparations walking one afternoon in the ]wrk by the drlvo and not far from the honae wbtri noticed a stranger go ing toward the bouse. Her father frc- qaently bad people whom she did know to rail npou hint on varioas tnul- teri pit business, bnt slrangen were still rare to all met attentioo, aud certainly out of tho com raon. fair, bandsbmq and foreign looking, and thn girl hadtiaii) to notice him closely, as they were both walkiBg toward tlio iionse, and be warn notne or SO yards ahead tf As house by a.siik door tbii servant litr aad said that then wad visitor waiting to Kehti ia ttw library. "To SOB me, the man. V mirw. Jin mid iiwaato you ou particular siiulrf.. you sure, tiiftrc in no What ia liis HUnwt" "Tunu-r, lu'sa, 1 couldn't oalch usd IHT dwJu' give IBM a eard." Wall. 1 doai' or thas rtsttot vw V "You wiill to am met" wiv.-il'tlMi Biau nan aod air of IA luau uf world fa lurs> I IK r ,'ltmt t at fabat, ot u few w.j.i. uatd-r wbM KIX-.1 fc, w. Tujriia. I taHsf wlwthr-r Mlijw 11 "I do not kmrw un.i'jl Ir that vthat i to May will van ]4 .take to aay ajl I want to howeVrr. tiny 1 pray thatyn I bavn a that ia a swl axrraM stnan im KvirVat fmnr plaml a cbsjir tat JHT aa fit pAjiSi cm! "i bin, tt ward l at Itto utd THE DECORATIVE JAPANESE. lift; I Oft. a virrw worth to will ei-ttainiy liti'l huiit to it. no i how wjld Or will fllut hostaM hlg to UM; UtuajrifW of. over the of ami ever (ho prof.'ipicf; at' tint of rgratorM, tor in Japan tln'rii v.-iil tK 'm happy, to ph-aix: told -refit' their aud to coppers in for-lbe the viNicu and sQnimor houMi at I now etsyiutf typical of a skeloton wlmoturcof tvro rtnjplr rongly built afUT llw? masvu-r dwcllinirfl and a4 a 'of iw Tiiub- r Is.chrmp theothr-r of auHi ImiU could not In? ap tor WHO h on. lofty ciiif Krnni (.'rnpuil Ann met it is open' on" idc fholier trtmi tin- aayl wind is. giviru. hy ia cliff In-low, hut pin'-v. vi-jlli mwny foct MI pirlh. n.- sif of fhnso mighty linii.i t> nf the ami JMtiuy astla1 (cauvaft or Htraw) Jllliiiijr ijli'- or yellow. Mini- far pata tliread libe of Hie Hold IMa> sen'a cono tbrnxting inW afey like- Nome prodigious rrystal. iookiiiK dirii-tly clown ov.r-llw iwadlfl" of yoauitt'-r aw iK the 1 .C vitli Mini Yew viaw rajKh i. Tavtly i Aftrr m'nwrjrri it wind in yuur hair. art; fumu___ .with a bathing firvM, a Maj straw hat.of di the sqil, iMl-.ley ami aAhk X box HIM! a pillow, per dyy rtf HUH a orwlsl The piic-fct jn i.'ii- Iiiut anil to 3nmn> If with ;ii lautic MonLbly. FREAKS BGCOMfNG Far a Mart "If freaks iwcouif any nvii--1 t." diiut' imiM.iim proj-ric inr "rt JitMiiy r "Why dlUi'tyou il asked the "Cau't., If I you'd heard of it." "Vr'hat Hot 'what is Thai's ail ono. freuk lokiutthv can't be locaieU.. f-w him sad "Let's have Mid thn tlently. '.'The veteran HWla i stick type with "Ididfi'r thiuk you ROUISJ spring a miracle ou aaiii olkwr fM Im.ortlt-ri-il "Ifnrffl a kiiKl. York _. thtlt aiuil recelTtd with abould m drtvr froui p. arts. If the a gowl Store is its mstomeri, have rcacticd.a high slate of good ness. This condition is not We h.ivc always cndeavoro) to supply the very best gradt of driiijs and medicines at prices. If the valot o! a drug goes up, we our price, rather than substitute poor quality at a io'wei This insures uiiifotnvity, a of much importance in rootti. p Our-supply (t-.ltl ur.d'f.

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