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Derrick (Newspaper) - June 9, 1969, Oil City, Pennsylvania Hal Boyle says being on a diet today is an 'jn1 thing. Column on page four THE DERRICK. Mild tiiunclershowei'3. Tues. partly cloudy, mild. Sunrise: Sunset: FOUNDED 136 Phone 645-1221 OIL CITY, PA., MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 9, 1969 16 PAGES SECTIONS 10 CENTS U.S. To Pull From Vietnam Reds Shell Allied Bases; Hospital SAIGON forces shelled 59 allied bases ,and towns overnight and lobbed a 100-pound rocket into a U.S. Ai'my hospital ward, American military sources said Sunday. The sources said only 17 ot the attacks were considered signifi- cant, meaning they caused cas- uallies or damage. In wliat the U.S. Command termed an "indiscriminate at- an enemy rocket slammed into a ward of a U.S. Army evacuation hospital hous- ing Vietnamese patienls ill Chu Lai, 55 miles south of Da Nans, killing one Vietnamese child and wounding 34 other Viet- namese. Some U.S. servicemen in the hospital were also killed, but U.S. headquarters would not say how many. Two civilians were killed and On Convalescence Leave Vietnam Vet Drowns During Melee At Party MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa. (AP) A Vietnam veleran, home on convalescence leave, drowned early Sunday in nearby Bridgeport Dam after a going- away party turned into a melee, police said. Police said the victim, 20-yoav- ohl Army Specialist 4 Wayne Shawlcy oE IK. 5, Champion, was having a party with six friends before reporting back to the Ft. Dix, N.J., base Sunday night. Police said a group of 10 to 15 mer. in cars pulled up during the party and started fighling with Ibe youths. "One of the guys started lighting with Shawley and they bolh rolled into the a corporal at the Grwnsburg Stale Police barracks said. "The oth- er youth climbed out but Shaw ley stayed in the water, and no- onc was allowed lo help him out." "Finally, after he yelled for help, a few men went out for him, but it was loo the corporal said. A Funeral I I Homecoming BOMBAY, India (AP) Vasiidcva Sawaut relumed home to find his family 1 preparing for his funeral. Z, A man who had pickpocket- cd his idcnlily card was run over liy a Irain and police thought it was Sawanl. 5 wounded in oilier allacks vhich hit the provincial capitals if Quang Ngni, 8" miles south- vest of Da Naug; Tay N'inh, 50 uilcs uorthwt'sl of Saigon, and nh Long, CO miles northwest f Saigon, and eight dislrict owns, South Vietnamese head- quarters said. An estimated Norlh Viet- namese and Vie< Cong troops lave been killed since Thursday lighl when the enemy stepped ip (he level of combat in what ionic military analyst.; regard- id as an attempt lo influence he conference on Midway Is- and between President Nixon and President Nguyen Van I'hicu of South Vietnam. There is no count of U.S. cas- lallics for the period, hut nformnnts said 150 U.S. sol diers have been killed and sev- eral hundred wounded. The sources said this estimate was conservative because U.S deaths from booby traps ane .mall unil actions are not in- cluded. Official casualty figures 'or the week will be released Thursday. In the last big week of enemy iction (hat began May 11, U.S. casualty summaries ycporleti enemy troops killed at a cost of 430 Americans dead. At last report, 177 South Viet- namese soldiers had hen killed and -132 wounded since the ene- my stepped up the attacks Thursday. Civilian casualties also were on the rise 33 reported killed and 432 wounded since the enemy stepped up the attack Thursday. Couple, 10 "PT Die in r ire PAHKERS13 U R G, YV.V.i. AP) -A roaring, rapid spread- fire killed Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bnilcy and len, of their S children hero early Sunday noruing. Kjrc inspector Dale Pringle aid the fire was so complcle hat it was difficult lo determine vhat caused it to slarl. He said he 12 bodies wci'c burned bc- rond recognition. The six-room, frame slruclure va.s silu'iHcd just inside the city imi'.a ol Ihis Ohio River cily of bout G5.0DO. One 27-year veteran of the fire department said the blaze was [he fire rasedy in the cily's history. Three members of the Bailey 'amily escaped uninjured. Two of Ihem, 15-year-old Susan B.ii- ey p.r.d her brother Roger, 13, iclpcd their C3-ycai'oUl grand 'nther from the inferno and ron lo a nearby rc-tauranl fw help. l-'ive rieparlmenl LI. Hi jeorge said Hie house was com- pletely engulfed in flames when iirrived efforts to save il were hopeless. Most of Ihc bodies were local ed ill Ibe Ihree bedrooms bu enc official said bodies were akcn oul of every room in the small house. We arc simply .wh more of Ihem didn't gel oul, Lt. Gecrge said. Victims of the bltiie were identified as Mr. and Mrs Charles Bailey, in their -10s, 10 ol Iheir 13 children: VI year old Nancy; Patricia, 11; Clau dia, 8: Mary, 7; Tim, n; Debbie 5; Sieve, 3; Dale, 2; Ted, 1 an G-munlh-old Ricky. CANCER STRIKES Taylor, one of (he big- gest of Hollywood movie stars from (he 1930s into (he 1950s, died Sunday of cancer. He was 57. Taylor had been married (o Actress Barbara SUmwyrk in 193D (Icfl pholo) and lo Gcr- niaii-born Aclress Ursula Theiss in 1051, Surgeons removed his right lung last October. N. Korean Spy Boat Is Sunk SEOUL Korean coastill defense troops sank a Norlh Korean spy boat earl} Sunday off Pukpyung on the cast coast, 140 mites southeast ol Seoul, the Defense Ministry announced. A spokesman said the smal Communist vessel was sunk aft er a 20-minute gun .battle. The spokesman said the ship was first spotted Saturday morning attempting to land an unspeci fied number of men. He said the bodies ol lw< North Koreans were found the waters along with a subma chino gun and (our pounds o TNT. There were no South Ko rean casualties, he added, bu en enemy shell hit a o shore killing five members of family who were sleeping. The incident occurred TieaT Samchok, where a 110-mcmber North Korean commando group landed last November. Most of them were wiped out. Movie Star Robert Taylor, 57, Dies Sunday Of Cancer General Assembly Reconvenes Today HABR1SBURG (AP) The General Assembly was sche duled to return Monday at 3 p. m. HOLLYWOOD (AP) Movie itar Robert Taylor, who thrilled cminine fans with his good ooks and set a Hollywood re- cord with his 27 years at one studio, died Sunday of cancer, fe was 57. Surgeons removed Taylor's right lung Oct. 8, J9G8, as the re- sult of a fungus infection known as valley fever. His wife said later the handsome actor had malignant cancer. Death came at a.m. Bom Spangler Arlington Mrugh in Filley, Neb., and re named for movies by his !onj- Umc employer, MGM Sludio Taylor had legions of women fans for his striking handsome ness end forceful but low-kcj acting. Wilh a heavy, masculine voice, he stood 6 feel, weighed J70 pounds and had wavy black lair and glistening white teeth Taylor was a rugged outdoo man who in leisure periods wen fishing on the Colorado River o hunting in Idaho. In 60 films at MGM he wa paired as leading man with sue feminine stars as Greta Garbo Jean Harlow, Ava Gardner Elizabeth Taylor, Myrna Loy Irene Dunne. Joan Crawford, Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner, Katharine Hepburn and Greer Garson. His movies included "Ca- "Broadway Melody." "Johnny "A Yank at "Quo "Ride, Her Cardboard Lover" and 'Balkan." His own favorite was 'Waterloo Bridge." Looking back on his career in 967, Taylor (old an interview- r: "You can't have too many mediocre pictures and maintain an extremely high status." He said he'd had more than his share of mediocre ones and mentioned "The Glass "The Hangman" and "The Killers o( Kilman- aro." In J95D-S2 Taylor starred in de'.cctive scries on television. More recently he had been and occasional star of tele vision's long-running "Death Valley seen in 130 U.S and Canadian cities. He re placed PLonald Reagan in this a.ssionrr.cnl when his longlim friend began a successful cam for Ihc California gover norship. Taylor was born Aug. 5, 1Q11, Leaders AT NfliiyL-n Van Tliicu (right) of South Vietnam salutes I lie colors as In1 is psrnrlcil past Ihc honor guard ul Midway Air port Sunday by I'rcsiik'nt Rk'hiinl Nixon. Pentagon Not Certain What Units Will Be Withdrawn From Vietnam WASHINGTON Pen Son officials said Sunday iglit they were unable to iimcdialcly wliicb units would c nmong the resident Nixon announced be withdrawn from Vicl- nm. The Pentagon officials noted lial the is less than one ivision, indicating lhal Ihc JS'ix- n Administration was being n-udcnl in the initial withdraw- il. They indicated that the 25.000 vould include'some comhut ma- neuver ami some sup ?ort units. Smock., Pa. Invaded By Rat Packs SMOCK, Pa. (AP) ttnls- )ig ones, .small ones, black ones ones and lazy nvadcd this small, former niin- ug community in I-'ayetlc Comi "Some arc as large as rab- said cnnsUhlc Jnmes loll, the only law cnforcemenl A NIXON announcement of .roop withdrawals long During Ihc uitilical campaign and alter lie ook office Ihe new president Kid made phtii his wish lo "dc- Ihe war. However, Ibe admiiiislralion uul kept Wasbingloii gucssini; up to the time of the Mid- way -.UUUHUlCLMlUMlt Oil JUSt wUell Ihe first piillback of U.S. forces would be ordered and how large Hie culback would he. "I don't sec that this is significant indication of any pro grr.m to try sind resolve or cm the war." Sen. Kugeiic Me Carlhy, D-Minn., said. Hvcn al there m clouhl lhal Ihc Nixon niinouiicc nielli an hisUu'ic poin in U.S. pnrlicijinlion in (he war It is the first force reduction announced since American com Imt troops began intervening in .Spcakor Siiys U.S. Held Ity 'Virus Of Pessimism' he war in the .spring of lOltf, One major qursilon apparent- y slill uniinswered by Ihc Mid- y annouiiccmenl is IKIW much urther Nixon intends lo go in roop pullhacks and fasl. S09IK U.S. strategi.sls believe hat no mailer how well Iriiiiicil ind the South Viet- (JHOVI-: CITY, PJ Commerce Secretary Maurice; SM II. Sl.ins (old the Rntli com- iiH.'iu'crnciil audience al drove lamcse becttmes, il will still need out-side help if Norlh Viclnam continues to forces into Ihe Smith. They uole lluil U.S. forces arc slill ii Soulh Koreu, Mi yenr.s after tin Korean armistice, as a bulwart agninst a possible re-invasion from Norlh Korea. A second iniijor qucslion i; how will the enemy react (o Nixon's announcement. The nilministralion has taken pains lo make il appear (bill Hie U.S. withdrawal does not menu a lessening of allied strength, ['he reason it adi'ances for Ihis thai Ihe American Iroop.s are icing replaced by strengthened South Vietnamese forces. Mill il roriiaio.s lo he seen whether Hanoi and Ihe Vicl Com; will another a sir." that tile Ameri- cans are going to pull oul of i come what may. ress For Peace MIDWAY (AP) President Nixon and South Vietnam's Nguyen Van Thicu announced Sunday American troops would be withdrawn from Viet- nam, and ended their .summit talks witli a pledge lo press for peace al the Paris negotiations. Tile Iwo leaders appeared .smiling .iiiil confident at the end of the cue-day summit on Ibis miu-Pr.cific island. Tliicu went cul of his way to quell "specula, linu" that siiiy differences had cxisird between him am! the American President. A CO.MMUNlQlll-: issued al (be end of abonl six hours oE urivale (alks and consultations among Iheir top advisors cited the (Icleriuinaliou of the two lo continue lo seek a icacc giuirnntroing selfclcter- iiiu.ition for Ihc South Viclua- The conimunifiue rejected any oalition government for South 'ietiiam "without re- gard lo the will of Ihe people of Vietnam." -lil-year-old Smith Viel- president .said he d lo dampen lhal he lad come lo Midway ol Inferences wilh Nixon. "This i.s not Irne." said 'lliieu. I brio fer more under lar.tiiiiR. We Iv.ul no diller- nccs." lie added Nixon's ighl-point proposal of May 1A "consistent wilh the I iKiliou and Ihe world. officials will not! ,hr ysU'ni is from ml it has in il Ihc means of elf-improvrmciit. "Imbedded in our nalinmil lie said Salirrday, 'there is a deep desire lo right he correct Ihe incqui- ics-to rnakc Hie whole .syslern )etler." Slans said: flag burners f Ihc will be held in his- gler Andrew and Ituth Adel Stanhope lirugh. His father was a grain dealer who later be- came a doctor. At Doanc College, Crele, Neb., Robert was cellist wilh a string trio that played on Ihc lo- cal radio station. When Dnane's music instructor, ProJ. Herbert Gray, transferred to Pomona, Calif., College, young Taylor fol- officcr in the community ol a mily. The rats guess how many there are but 5-year-old David Pike said he killed 150 in a three-day period- entered the village last week aflcr a garbage dump was or- dered closed by the Pa, Dept. of llcallli and the. rats to look for food. We ordered the owner of the dump lo poison them and he did, hut not said Mike Oinalick, supervising sanitarian for Die health department. "Thai's why some of thr.-m arc' so he said. Across from Ihc dump is Ibe Smock Elementary School where children play ball in the play- ground. The closest residents to the dump at the Wendell "This is jusl like one hn ungodly said .Mrs Pike. "I walk around the JKUIS with a ball bat knowing Ihcy ar somewhere around wailing t find something lo cnl." The 150 rah her son killci College "n virus of pessi- has lakcn hold of Hie Hoy, Killed In Auto Trunk 1KWIN, Pa year-old ywuh whit pMice A said cnr ory'.s conlempl wilh (he turners of the Ku Klux Klan. "Let -s address onrseive.s Lo pntblr.-ms." iiKifAiilies but in the process let's not de- stroy (he system from which strength he siiiil. wilh Iwo other youths lo avoid t a drive -in theater. was killed when Ihc ear was hit in Ihe rear by a piek-uji Iruck. Police .said car was eulerini; a drive-in theater l-'riday nighl and had slopped to make a lefl hand turn on busy U S Tin? victim, niehard Hodden of North Versailles Township, died early Saturday in MeKoes- port Hospital, where been transferred from Hospital in Jeanm-de, The oilier Iwo youths ridifin in Ibe trunk were injured. Bloody Bikini-Clad Barbara Bags Thief position of Soulh Vielaiam." "We have a very close iimlcr- Tlueu nsscrlcd. "I came here lo have better coop- eration and .1 better common losilion." Iteplying to Nlxon'.s glowing vorcls of farewell pledger continued support for Snntfi 'ielnanr.s .struggle. Thim s.tid: will never forget thai blnml ml lirmaii lircs are precious F.AKUi.'ii AFTKII (he first von hours of private talks. Nix- i and Thicu jointly announced ie equivalent of ;m Amerie.-m vision, approximately li.xOOO len. would .sl.irl to out of iclnam within :ifl days ,ind 0 more would he compleled Si'orlly afkr their appearance igether, Thicu flew home to "We arc grateful for [lie sac- fice.s (lie United Slates people nve accepted and continue to cccpt." Thim said before ho ft. "f would like to gain lhal it i.s our ily lo assume .1 greater .share f the burdcji in South Vietnam. 1 h.tie lo do our to ijc- Ihe noble .sacrifices t! o Jni'en Stales people have mado )r the Vietnamese people In announcing the troop wi'.h- r.-m-.'il. iKjth presidents said urtlur withdrawals would hn camerl nut in he seeuriiv .situation 1 (he momciif." Tiir .said Thicu ad asked for ''additional (i, strengthen Soulh's local militia forces ,-mil 'residr-nl Nixon s.iid "he would live this request sympathetic Tlie crminuir.i'nie gave no in- ic.'tion of progress at the I'jri.l alk.s, but It expressed Ihe hopfl hat "llio o'.brr side will he futility and dinners of its Plini Tuin To Pig e Satiiriiay after r.eon af'er i jmrv her v.-alk-t ;IM! ranier.'i fr'-ni Ibe she was s j Air I.. i> s y'.r'r. '.'.as in v.'u-n she a ijick her wallrl, containing SIKi, r.i.d ier camera and run "in-.: She '.ciearn'-d for and off in He jumped into i car and av.-ay, Barbara cornman- n'-'rerl a piekup '.ruek an to the clever lo foUov; lh'- car. The I'uer'.o flican tnick obligingly started the but in his h.i.ste crashed iv.o !hc rear of a parked vehi r'r- fiarbara banged her heat Ihc -Aind-hield, which 1R yeirs on 31. the rats a? long as they a'-c> broke-, but undaunted ar-.d with Classifieds I lalion at 8.2 million. males the island's careful nol lo shoot at them running down her jumped out of the truck jn> car his lime a Volk.swa; re took u] he chase. She the purse .snaleiier of tin- and nin int lr.i. Hay Aaron, Kmlcnton IIII William Illalr, HI) tV'llllam J. -Slign Ilclte Jane (ianrv, Kmlcn- lun Clarence VI. (ilbson, (Irove Cily Shirley Itulh Gilhnusrn. Him- erslmri! .Mrs. (iracc Judy, Lurin- ila .Mrs. Maggie I.'. L.ichncr, Pine Crove .Mrs. Hilda Hill, Tilusville .Mrs. Kunice I.caman, Titusvillr Mri. Dudley C. I.ongwrll, franklin Id) 2 .Mis. litulih II. Mrchan, for. mcrly of Oil Cily Kdwird J. Schwab, former- ly of Oil Cily Dean J. Shipo, formerly ol Marienvlllr (Hcalhs on S.I Charles (loodman Jr., Vic- tory P. 9 Jack P. t