Thursday, August 12, 1948


Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania

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Derrick (Newspaper) - August 12, 1948, Oil City, Pennsylvania M.U. Par caprla. THE OIL OTY (PA.) DERRKX THURSDAY MORNING. AUGUST 12. HOT at 1 the tieaawec-tax col- ffct Ott day achaal aa fella wa: BroBtrtjr, aV property lax far vetr waj n <oe aa asaeate' of taxable real attate wtola the par eaptta rate wu for UM daata. Tbe for the year wen totaled aad wen at foJ- lowi: Balance en band July 1, 1MT, all ruadt ochiatva at auUlag (dad, taxet, de- To EoroD Vets in Naval Reserve h Oarion; Office To Open Today ssqueat tax (frtvloui to iaaxh JCriei; itate ra, traajportaUoa. tuillam aad re cttlonal. imitUO; tuition aoa- Hldent ptipUf, US493.12; taje of eal ajtaU, luppUM wd fUM.K; ud all other CoirttU Uatad u toUovai con- trol, COWT52; of In etrucUoe, cxpeuce aiuullary agenclej aad actlvttJei. I1J.MJ.J2; I operaUee of ecbaol plant, IM STWT: expenses of o plant, JBmfT; eipefises o( (tied charges. debt ecrv lee, M84U.7S; and capital outlay B.249.T7: total payments, Balance oa band, to be available for Kbool year fttmJB. la staking fund. July 1M1: Cash, ud lavett aunts, Total aasetJ amounted to U6S1, Tali Included school build and altea at coei, lutad at IT TAKES ALLTHttE neja aseea awwm Hacfc aad Mr. WoUtoacroft alto rtported lUat the ackool dlatrlct haa par U. S. 1 per ceat UB4 DOCOJ IB adattloa to other K-, lcurltltt amounting to W3X, lUt- Ied as followi: Varlou certificates of amvlBg and loan U. a. T boada. aad U. atrtee O bondt, H, oco. FAST AHtt MfOtDABU TtY USt Body Of Drowned Recovered Tbe body of Joeepb Brlotky, Jr. U, of Bethel vniage. Alia gboiry fouaty, drowned In tit Alle- gheny river at. Dotter atatloa, at p. m. Monday, wai recovered at p. m. Wedaeiday at a point Sapproziaiately 1.000 feet down- etreaai from tie scene of the trag- edy. The body wat first noticed by Edward Sheep ot EnlenlOB, R. O. 1, ens of tbe volunteer searcberi. approximately 40 feit off there fa water eatlmited at 30 feet In depth. Tbe body waa alto righted t} Gene Ifenlage and Chaxiai Galeeac of BbanBDn, relatlvei of the yonlh. Robert Parker, Doaald Bnudate T. A. CABNAHAN Clarion, Aug. U T. A. Caraa- naa and John P. Baker, botb reil- deatj of tbla community ud vet- of World War U, bave been utlgned to active duty here by Ibe ooaiBftaadant of the Fourtb N'av 1 dlatrlct, to handle a Navy program or enrollment of ei-Navy per- aonncl In the naval reaerve, and to conduct ft volunteer training tbe advancement of ratings or ffaval reurve Botb vettranj are naval rejerv- litt. Mr. Carnaban holdi tbe rank of Uauimant commaader while BaXer la a chit! petty officer. Parker D. Cramer fait, VFW baa donated the uie of roonu on atcond floor of tbelr borne on Wood it Tbe office, will open to- day aad will be open every Tburt- ay from 7 to 10 p. m., for tbe pur r. nf officer while Chief Baker will bla aulitant in tbe courae will alao handle the recruiting of1 botb men and women for Ibe re- tent. Hen will be ealUted in the U. S. Naval reiecve. Glut V-a. Inactive luty, while tbe women will be en- oiled in Clui-10, women'i re erve. Tbe woman will have the opportunity at men in part in varloui icuvitlet of Babe P.uth Foundation. In June be appeared wltb bis JtU New York Yankee team at tie tilvei aDciveraary cclebTB- of tbe Yankee stadium, "the boutt Ibat Ruth buill." Tbe Blf -N'o. 3 which he "Ore w Yankee wu retired by tba club at ihlj ceremony. Tbe crowd fare bo Babe a tremendout ovation, u Iways, and be recalled proudly In a brief talk that be hit the fire LOOK run in tbe indium. SauabH Til Thlj wat uct of 714 he aaubed m in hit major career be greateit tlugging record la tbe lame. Ruth wat lut MCQ in public on July when he went briefly to the premiere of tbe film, "Tbe Babe iuih Story." He wu supported on bidet u be catered the theatre and appeared too tired to .ore than a bare tmile. He lef v.hen R was half over. Rulh started hit major league career In Boston and became highly touthpaw pitche In 1920 be west u tbe Yankee i an outfielder and MB boomi t ani colorful pertonality ci ated one of the aagu of sport in the next dozen years. Particular] u'aj he loved by tbe kld5, who en throned him u their king and Icej him as their idol long aflor his playing daya ended. Erect New Street Markers of obtaining Information In Ing of tbe personnel will be accom- reterence to the reserve, the vol DBteer training program and fo ealUtnuat ID tbe reserve. Lt Comdr. Carnahan will swear th enlltttes Into Ibe reservei. The Ikutcnant commander wil be Identified u the volunteer train end Rabvrt Blyier, of UK gard lo tbe volunteer training pro- gram. For those unable to vijlt Ibe office, they are requested to write o: U. Comdr. T. A. Carnahan, Clarion.. Lt Comdr. Carnahan stated that :ralolng officert bave been ed In cltiei and communitiei where they may be available to the great-! est number of volunteer enlisted personnel. He said that tbe traln- Continue Order In Transit Case The temporary injunction iaiucd by Judge Lee A. McCracken in the case of the National Transit Pump Hid Machine Co. the Oil City local union of the InLtrnatlon- Condition Of E. Bell Described Critical The cLedjiion of Eail Bel; it MI., wto admilud to ihi Oil City early morning with lajurlai received motorcycle accident on the ROLIH- ville road, WM described n -Crii. al1' IMI Eight at the boepiUl. tuffered fractured in tbc mlthap. TIHE...LAIOI...YOUI al Association straining by meant of tclf-ttudy courses, which may be taken at home. Tbe purpote of tbe program It to give the reservists an oppor tunlty to be advanced In their rat- lng te for the final hearing will be Lied later, following tbe filing answer. New' street pictured above, erected yesterday by city imployes at the Center and Seneca sts. marking the initial itep in properly identifying all main local and intersec- tions. According to Mayor A. Sforck, th'e two markers are lamplej lent by the manufacturer the desire thet the city will procure others for the remainder of the town. H is the intentfo-i of the city administration to erect similar signs throughout (he city In the near future. RRaeky.Gran TOtiBtttr depart- ment, were called and tbty brought tbe bod) to there. Dr. Brldenbaugh of Emlentorj deputy Venanfo county coroner, after viewing the body, stated be would little a certificate of death form accidental drowning. remalna were taken to the Crlswell funeral home ud later removed to tbe Htmel funeral borne. Bethel Village YOB WOULDN'T EXPOSE YOUR WIDOW tuck a, litw a wMow rreqnmtlr leaven the Mlectloo of a burial1, let to trleaea .or-reuUlvet. waattvcr the CO.L BE HIM: Hlect jonr lot la bMutltnl Bnnxt Hill ItiraorU Park'atw" ear iMIerreil .earmeat pua. Tou it TO- REPORTS RUTH 'HOLDING OWN Every woman knows that carefully choeen accessories "make" her costume. Elect to select yours at Armstrong- Collier, Inc., where you'll have a wide beautiful choice. HOSE rConlinued OneJ ten, Mrs. Dorothy Sullivan of Ne Tork and Mrt. Richard Flanders of North Conway. N. H.; and a sister Mn. William Moberly of Baltimore Tbe exact nature ot Ruth'a 111 never baa been disclosed. Although he has continued to make public appearances from time lo time, his loss of weight aad the raspineas of bla voice have ind: cated tbe severity of his allment- The Memorial boipltal switch board wat Jammed wtta caEi from great Hafftft well' wishers Twenty children, their faces sad rought a bouquet to the1 hnspita and a nurse promised to pot It i room a possible. TJaeVrwmt Neck Operailoa Ruth, now U, underwent a del- te neck operation at French Hoj- tal two years ago.. Since tben h as divided his time between bot- tal room and his Riverside Drli .rtment, always under a doctor1 are. But he was able to take a Florid acatlon last winter and he too New fall in fashion-right cottume ahadei of Misl Shadow Dawn Horizon. 45 and 51 gauge in 15 lo 60 denier. to NIWFALL HANDBAGS Trim slimness the newer bag ttyles. Made of Suede Calf Saddle Leather Faille in of black navy green brown. IN art ip Hnnsrron-Lollier I er nc. Start At the Hospital AUTOMATIC IIONEI 0 Sii while JHM iroa aad me up to tbree heart ireaiaf time. The EASY AHUwatic UONtt iroat cmrihiai Iroea iheeu to sairtft r tod "easr-ai-Die'' 10 operate. Dcfue Ittrures inclade regdutd beat ceatroU, fut-hnc- jog sitiBleuueel ihoe, coareoita opeming coairoli, tad plrarr of eiiri work Set the EASY Auloatlic ONlTj ia aokw- Be- DtMONSnATrH1. UUr DEMONSTRATION FRIDAY AFTERNOON Picnic Is Enjoyed By District Police Admitted Jonn F. SampseU. IIS "Wash ngton. Ambrose J. Bauer, Luc-i Mrs. Edward W- Johnion, W.I Third. Carl HeK. Tylereburg. Mrs. DeWilt Williams, Grand- view Road. MTB. Charles J. Fry, Houseville. Mathew E. Dudilc. 182 Plum. Mrs. Arthur Stover, R. D. 2. Daniel Ward, Pearl. Joseph W. Rodgen, 217 Oak irove- James W. Carroll, Lucinda. Mra, Herbert Davis, 20T Central. Mrs. Paul Sonoskl, RoujeviUe. Mrs. David A. Myera. 817 E. Third Mrs. Bauer had her left leg broken when a tree fell upon her shortly before p. m- and Ward an of the Oil Well Supply Co., the leg injury when he waa r'i-. over by a truck. The annual picnic of the Tri- City lodge. Fraternal Order or Po- Romanian soldiers get the equiv- was held V.vdnesday after- alent of nine cenls a month. noon and evenir.jr at the B. T. Perry cottage on Upper Two Slile Pompeii was destroyed by a vol- run. canic eruption In 79 A. D. Members of the poHce depart- ments of Franklin. Oil Cily. Tuus- and Grovf City al'.endjd the annual served Wednesday afternoon. Those who obliged to attend nl other times, due lo duty requirements. found plenty of buffet lunch avail- able.- Sports were enjoyed by the mem- of the group, as weU u a social session (or the older mem- bers of the Viola M. Neivell, 18 High. Mrs. Witley Burnett, R. D- 1. Glenn Dint, R. D. L Earl Bell, Mala it ext- INackarfed lira. Ricnard Homer, R D. 1. ilri. Eltle U. Buck, Shlppenville. affair. Picnic at roon And i ne.v? were 5 o'clock Hospital AdmiU 2 Accident Patients Mrj. J. Bauer or Lu- ciDda and Daniel Ward of 5't Pearl av-e., are patients in the Oil City hospital wilh leg Injuries received OLDSMOBILE COACH PLYMOUTH COUPE H. R. BittHlMifcr Scwca SI. Mai 4-1B7 Oil City The lueJtia komc ef Better AwtewMhUe Mn Lawnnce Reid, 1124 EL Sec- ond. Philip Timlin, 522 Hiland. Marilyn Wygant, W. Front Thomas Nuhier. Tryonville. Mra. Siii'.ion Blaiuer, Van. Mra. ilelvln Miller, LamarUne. Mrs. George PoaeU. R- D. 2. Btrtka A eon at a. m. Wednesday to Hr. and Mrs. Martin Kay, Pearl. A. daugbter at a- m. Wednet- day to Hr. and Mra. Glenn Dille. R D. 1. A daugbter at p. m. Wednes- day to Mr. and Mn Paul Sonoskl. RouMville. ion at p. m. Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert DivU, 207 Central. A da'ughtar at p. m. Wednes- day to Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Doddl, S3 Wabasb. two accidents yesterday, ac-i cording to bospital aulboritles. 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