Saturday, February 2, 1924


Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania

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Derrick (Newspaper) - February 2, 1924, Oil City, Pennsylvania Yesterday's Temperature. THE OIL CTFY DERRICK. OIL PKODDOnOH THK OltOAN O1-- Oil, oiLuruno (Ur Fweeast. fair Sun-iuMtlf prntaUy kx-al raJus IH north LMirllou, Moderate ESTABLISHED IN 1871. NO. 15.570. 16 PAGES OILCfTY, PA., SATURDAY MORNING, 1924. 16 FACES PRICE THREE CENTS U. S. ORDERS PROBE OF PENNSY WRECK WILSON GRADUALLY LOSING VAUANIFIGHT FOR LIFE WAR TIME PRESIDENT IS SINKING NEARER DEATH CLOSEST TO HIM ALL BUT ABANDON HOPE AS SLIGHT VITALITY CONTINUES EBB Vigil Kept Through Night on S Darkened Except F or Room in Which i Dying Man Lies MEDICAL ATTENDANTS CONCERNED CfflERY IN GIVING MM REST AMERICAN IS ABDUCTED BY HIPOLITO VILLA BAND AND IS REPORTED BEING HELD IN MEXICO FOR RANSOM WukinftOB, Feb. The qaet y'tfH at the hoot of (onncr Pnudort Wikon wu main- Uined ndntariMd 1 o'clock tkti moraing. Or. Grayvon remained ia side mkliiifbt Mn. WiUon retired. Power Company Man' Taken from Mine Near Jiminez El Paio, Ter.. Feb. J. MacKtnitc, genera! manager of the Power Co. o( Chinuhua, mine near Jlininet yeiterday c. noon ViUx and hi! held for ransom. HMD INTO UMOFIIIB Candter Defense'Rests Case Enlirely on 32 Letters Read in Evidence Feb. At rakJniffct wu no in the grave coa- dilioo of former Prtudent WiUoo. Tlx boaM wu SLAYER OF FOUR mSSENTENCEOF LIFE IN PRISON Grand X, D. lancn. lUjer of four irnorj Klocen, IJ-, lax and cen- -nctj lo lift dwkcaed excvpt Mcki OK 'REBUTTAL SPRINGS MORE Atlanta. 1. of promise brought Onctl'ni. de FiouchH ajraln'i An U. Csti'JIer, toJay Into a. batltto nt letttn In tho aiilrk'. court hci A talist closed F testimony irli fnr U Allr.ntu capi- Utlon rf direct offer a Tvti- iluced. 1hr Hourha I ilic in'.r'idufU'm i I from 3- ti-l 'xcuM I Monday, by "Mr-. Washington, Feb. 1 Former President Wilion hit "gradually lost Ms said In a bulletin mued at p. m. The bulletin "Mr. temper- ature is normal; retpira- He graciually loit ground. He has no pain. "Our chwf preterit con- cern to insure a restful Dr. Grayaon told newi- papcr men that the for- mer pieiidcnt con- scious. ,n. Ftl.. INSURGENT MINE WORKERS PLAN A GRAND FLARE UP clun; i--> c, aliuuL him hi'] oC hli reco ill Lut Iv, i.icrlt nf h nl ih IKc for Mr. rfi was trn cnlilvitln? iKo .ir- v, hlrli to tho Ihf: NT." Orl'i i.ny fro n-llcr tr FEDERAL PROBE OF WRECK AT ST. GEORGE ORDERED BY INTER STATE COMMISSION (NO OTHERS III Dohwy Testifies of Deals During Administration of Creel as Press Agent Announcement Made After Engines Are Out of Service Finale in on Conser- U Dot to Come Off Today Feb. upon tbt ,-c aJijiSnUunton of UnluJ of Anirrlra. Irjurf- CQU to-pfflil pliRJifcl A _ for lomorrow 'in Alexandtr of rflnila'.ril A memtier ot Their Eait-defrit day whtn the toriTentlon fnlrn.led to rle poie Kllli At cdltnr of tht Mine Workers Journil. and pfovldc ihit only a coil irsail hol-1 (he Joli, prtildent h.ia a following ol rill In convention, but. ftccorJins u> .Tl m Initiation leaders. the creat a ruppoil of policy. I The ciimniltlCf on appeals' the <vill report to- c.irtle-1 niornlrc of atipn-.ij thnt of Tho- he j wiiu FALL IS TO TESTIFY Washington. G. McA.loo. candidate- for the demo- cratic nomination for president and Thomns Vf. Grtyory, the de-mo- ral hy I'resldcnl Coolldpf assist in the prosecution ol oil case, had employment aa ounsei for oil Kdward Delieny. California oil magnate ustified todAj- tjcfure tiie senate in- lea tine committee. Mr. Uoheny BAtd personally ail retained ilr, McAdoo after hli etlrcment ns secretary o( that lit thuusht his COT iany paid him alt told abo In fees and tlint It m iayii him .T. retainer of J50.000 .ear. His com puny anil half oilier oil companies iloyerj Mr. Gregory after he quit an ittorney genernr. Mr. Poheny stated, for the purpose'of appear- ip before President WJIaon or Ihc ;aita department In connection Ills Mexican oil shares of was If.CQO, he taE4. TRAIN SCHEDULE DISRUPTED HERE Two Southbound Are Consolidated, And One Very Late M'tDOD IDMITS IEIHEGH the Federal Investigation reck that coat three their at El. atorje ifternoon when the PC BurTalo.PUIitutjjh ind nit cars were derailed. to fcc made, according lo nn announce- ment at the offices ft di- vision superintendent here Friday rending such investigation, rail' road ortlclnU lo tht findings or their oivn Investigation, htch completed Friday, ..eefnlr.t it unadvJ Bible ii the government prohe to to make anythingpublic at this Announcement of federal probe follows closely on dls- uutlnr of train -i. It ww lack o Denies Any Connection with Leases Under at Present, However ADVISED AS TO MEXICO (r.y Tiie Associated Lcs Calif.. McAdoo, candidate Tor ilia democratic nomination for lala today telegraphed Senator Walsh of Ihe Hh K'Hay r of Uon. aftrr they quit oBlce, Franklin Ii. Lnnc. former of the In- terior, and Jjlndley M. (J.trrlson. dinner t.i-crelnn- of war. Mr. to the prCFldcni ot Ific Pfln American petroleum and Transport Co.. Mr. IJuhcjir iwld. whiles Mr. Carrijon was with the Xf iv York b.inUng linn of Ulalr fc Co. I Tlir roiniTilltfC aUo tolil by I Mr. tint he I JS.OOO lo l.ra J. h'lacV. ot frolurado, iwliot'il-l IIP wanttil the Ocorgc CrcclA'rialrman of tho com- {riilUcn jin [UiMlr Inforiii.itlnii l STr. St.irk f.ilil. In conncrtlon tilth i- ao prevent ihn leasing cf naval reserves siflrr 1ho i nf Thh was In [iSIf. he a.liled. when hc> ami Mr. (J i Slack were j--rh1nff 10 a Icnse on the Travot Dome reserve, (rom tho Ihen Secrcl-iry Ll 1 llie emplny- c i mcnt iif former olTiclals hy nil U-AS brought nut U n rr-.inmse ,0 trqiilTLf.-- Chair- Czrctw.Sloi.iVii. elerlrrt Vn Ihe firj; ccnsf. ,r tv] ,hir lit ou J OnlF ft A cnriYlctton 1-y upon jll nf Ihr-ire closes: hinv, huwcvur rtiouta h- live to m -lay, enil n-o-jiil fcc only Im me d late mino in June, were rrtiiry-lrfafurer of IKInoh >Wx- j SOS. John Ulti-J- of III. art Kent c-irnll.Iilfl ROI In the not In H as cnoush (in-J MLrh il iln-Itrtnlno Mjpiiot: 1'irjt. yo hippy w To all of U.osc q DAVISON ONCE AN EMPLOYE OF GULF CO. f Id-nt of Ih-- r'JT-vry. nf T' In the imiWoE hi .t vrai not con fc. 'Tt-iln l Shanklin V-h. Convicted >f. ShirVlIi rourl heri o In for K.ilf .1 rs In ihP w riH. bu; f illion Amer c A Rolls Royce (ourlnR car, valued at WM presented lo Wibf.n for .CTtb birthday hy Broap of New Vork friends and admirers ere-n lo Mr. Wilson. He is ilKiwn with Mi Miu Mirjarct Wihon, leaving for in the nee- Ly lAtliv h.ij Li-.Tn neij llltifri -1 upon him four '1 four inomhs Aft. tuoi A 11v< MTloyi In iho aln a-nd rfc.ith. iVftllc the Kreai nf flhd Ihc r In A of c( ilhy er at h iprtts fntlr concern, n; houM the and nlsht in fjlnt to ho nere with him. t'j laVi Piorr.'j Irlde rerr.nlnei] fcr Ihn nft lie fjflercd but hot-: It y.olc.Tlly. Tht nkinr the twllljhl iw him ctill flirhSlnp. hat thm rrr rn Hfns hit to thit "rial (h-ii-si [or waj Jn INSURGENTSTO HGHT AGAINST MEUONMEASURE Witt Sirtai CURIOUS THRONG PASSES IN FRONT OF WILSON HOME, HUSHED AS BY THOUGHT rANIWENOINB SORROW Schedules of Finn Treasury Secretary of ortr ifie .I'Mlon cf th majority mrniTicri of the rioim m am In ite- to report tax hill carry- rild 'ecrei.iTj Jt-llrjn crj-el.illlitrl Kiww ur.flfr7i. thai tr, vcouM be I'm h- r4id lo Dr. p -'-Ph j i roul I. than A Y-.tlp- Klnce loi n at t hf wen: on. New Torh. Ih SMUfmrttf. hti ncl TIT In Ihe day firrx pr th' famlTy mmmonfd hy irle on n. result n nil made In th-1 ?cnntr yejter- lolldatnl Kiiothfr was four Ute, while twoVnglnm omftelltd to make'douWe Ji learrved 'th'at'pov- !n the city for several rftuted jiermtt enr' to taken out In their-present condition-; The, office of ricad- here. FrMaj- afternoon, la- fine 1 the follnwlns etslemenf for Ihe Information of the In ronnecllon with Hie de- railment of Irnln 9QO nt ijt. r.eorsf. IM, Jar.uaTj- 30ih. have our tlon of tho cane ar 1 have rftichtit conclusion .11 to the catiee or the but In view of the [nrt tli.nt we hive juit ndrlvil hv Mr. I1. Borland, illrfclor, tvureau of' itut !iV woiiM Inveetlsate this accident ne deem Ji Imdrls- nltle to nnnotinca our conclu- i jlor.s .it thh time i J. J. iiheaAc. Superintendent. Insprclors unJer ttir- dl- rcdlon nf the InlcnUU' commerce continued to tiuvefl niotlvu at Ihp N'nrth and Soulli sMfi ahoris of I'. Tl. Friday with Ihc result that ore was antiulnl, one trnln de- four lii'uri; nni] th lno ot irlj" lifforr Ms firm tho Ifirc for California aial rcsTve No. 1, uhlrli the- rnment now to annul nlrtic Uli Hint to the Dome rc- LTVC sranttil lo Ihft Sinclair tnter liy >tr. Foil. Ai A result of ItumlMr. (hat Mr, -r w] fnr the Isl.iti'l Oil Co.. Pre.-tdent hai ilttinltrl) up mind nit to retain Mm JIN roun'el In the oil tiie exerullve Irtlkeil ist Itial.srtCcJ over Hie r.iatlcr toTilght ivlih Ch.iJi I rhiblr ent ftf r oprcl or- otlifr toJ.iy ;rh an- train HCciirc ne on the tu t their Journey wtlh Iho en nlilcTi hrciucht them Jr. vttrc ordered not to tlie unlll rei'ilre.I In .1 fT to the nti orjcouenoM v.-c; that nn c rould not f No. SI? to ea l'. Ihe U.i In wai nnnuled the of Ir.iln No from Tllusvllle the ear !er nil'Inc-1 with U fller.t- .tily mtr u Uuy vers ihv. for- nn tilrif-I hope-. Ihe Wilson Itomi1, lilgh rllnrtu n retch o( and, a HM of tjl ntri Ihlrr.ed anl Rrtw IV r turl tlify nelchl-orhood. Atii-jng 'inrn wc-rc lillle rjf children c.iiiqhl In thi nifdrt of IhHr pl.iy Ihe of tUe sllcni nvl her rjuclit I rowfuf (iptftanfy'of lh< ,T vcrr quickly ar.i) drifirj ly awrty. It riot any ihouM .Iheni lo Jn the aturnoon thcr? lies Arrive to leftvt at (Tie door. "rmr. of thojc. mm: times or rtoiTn the MHr fireet I tare ff syniplthr Aix ii'tji.i WllJon.' 'Amon; olio nftvct la i C-rJ wxi Alcncsr c- j i UTAJII, nit'l slioidl' rhllipi'lnc In'depm Icqce )w in The In in ih-r bick pan -of tiie ard "vrr the brick sanlfn rAraldrir. flont Ihi M S ii. entrance nf the iuM ill-Mnrli him. thr noli rtrerts coul-l rhe Ltl-jortly llnl and roiipii ihe cTar lo tar whi to niAftsl d nvoment befon o A ConTinucd on page the nsjistflTit rcpnt.llcan' iler In (he irmtc. JIc rrlll pet Tr. (irosorx uprvrt hh hero omorro-.v Texr.n, Heforo reiuininc; its Inqnlrj' to- lixy, the oil commUlfc rteciJeil lo thr; attendance ot Mr. Fall oninrrriw Morntng for quesHonlnx. This dc-olclfin was made 'OruTiTittefi'R mcilnl eommlwlon In Trrlllnpr thst (lie 'ornier srv-Tedry Ii In comlULon II NTut whUo ho Is In "Aniletr ntntt'' l< no rvl- nry orr.inlc ncrvou.' d1s- and no symptoms. iroceeded to Thn Ok _. nt 7 o'clock wns dcViyi ill! nwahluc the ArtL rf locomotive. N'o luld Irt furnL-hfil Jn tl. In Irt caro lo The cnl n! tny former firm r ihrac companies ox tended vcr Iho past tour je.irs." In conclusion lie slitetl AS IraTlne Tor lomor- en nccoiini of the of is fnther-In-lnw. Wllaofi. le linpps he n'o'jld .he asle to leatl- xl the (cna'.nrin! Ir.Tey.lfratlfln the srraior to make Mr. Ami McArJrjo earlier 16- ay h'lil plnnnul to depart for allonsl rAplrnt to Bight but frtun-t int they couM not arrange to ntU taM mornSnf. CREDIT BALANCE LAST ADVANCE IS INSPIRING STOCK SOITTO JAB. Ffb. Mn- 1 oT.e-imK ye.irji. were Im- [fldiy FcilerAl Jmlre Ix-arned 17 nur. foi ot whom pkadfl (rulliy, of tht public thrnxj? Ihe maili Tiy scllmp Casket C. anfl Fe.liral menls tot.-lld a million ho pUadcd of Altoonn. Ta, nt lie the fi h'jt ihoK ttlil to tloa.' thr-.t they Tiad defrauded In- of When ttlA" tlree werts there 'Ut'trrTaiiU. lh" mAjorlty of th- CAStS IftitS for nrorable DrU n. P- rittltiUTuh. In th( cr -llt to c .....klny Ir.qulrlej for to drill when iprlr.R tclurn In the soul h we f! (leMt, county the me M time. There double Incer.tirc for Vt few Ihe compleiSonn proved iota' They m; not have ton ml oil hut almost I r.irtahly ?roi tn coiiimerrl tltrsnlUila this In us rrofliah R< ft llchl oil producer. There no for equipment or nfter A well Wi eompleled'. have fulli 10 H lower point In the CleJdF IMrt at nrvy prerlotit and a rrvlval wllj he wrtconirt) WAGEDOEASE GIVEN "BIG FOUT HEN BY N, Y. C t Pay Kauc on Ttrmi Granted Engineers u4 York. Tork Central railroad .innnanced iod.iy that IL had aerewl wilh trx, of Ihc "IV.f; Frui" untoni CTAr.l .ind iralTirrv t Ircrta-TS upoa the ir M were and flTErr.Cn Janiisrj :r. FeK 1- The of th" of the oort of Trnlnmtn and Ihc Or.lT of Raliway hare to meet pexl MonrTnv -it the pf VC. N. rrrjilrlrn; of tin- men anil I- K, FhrprvirJ fl[ she cori'lnotors who beci wlih the New Tori: for TV ARC for; pj the. irro w, c. THesM-Tii cr the trthi-, a Tinr. Hte DERRICK'S EXCLUSIVE WLfEWS c ON PUGCS 1