Friday, January 25, 1924


Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Derrick on Friday, January 25, 1924

Derrick (Newspaper) - January 25, 1924, Oil City, Pennsylvania THE OIL Cm DERWCK. OH. raODWIIWI THE OBOAK 9ff WMttMT FWNttt. TAX BATTLE MS mm UNILKiB I cowintt win mmiW Anderson Tells Tale New Labor Government Will Institute Diplomatic Con neclions with Soviet PETROGRAD IS RENAMED IN HONOR OF LEN1NE1 Funeral lor Dead Stviet Leader Delayed From Sat- urday toJSunday. I ondon. Jan Tin ne'.Y labor Intitule .liplc.rr.Jtlc reUlloni with Soviet Of A Mysterious Man BY TRIO OF H0I POSING _1 II mm. KKikiiilkmAU Who Gave Him bi It learned It was er ha im" O'Cirady. labor of parUimmt loulli- v.eV. division o( l.ecd.. ha ceiJ.CJ .n the aniba.i .1 ill r.nal Jan appolnlme sol be oniclilly eo. nno in cot.m-ctlon ttllli rec securlnc the the .iijcliuir.enl o! Mr. 0'nrady. It will. becontf throiiEh Mr. O'tlrady rutsnliiB pirlUiMitlary .-eat which racancy It 111 provide a for one of H'e H--1- inlTiInleta rot a member the communication to Ihe. un- of the So'Jih latwr patty in-ipeellns: ine ncceplance ot Ihe aniMuoJortUlP was from Mr. O'Orady hlrrjelf. With the annolntmcrt Tranx secretary 0( the nilnera fedfV.tlon a. ctrtl lorf of and ti.. 11 1] ch cow m? nl roui with has bttn achieve n'n ounc COOLIDGEHER ENDORSED FOR OfflO DELEGATES AUorntJ Gener Two gecatort Kuned O.. Jan. 't.-Tbe AS PROHIBITION OFilCERS Rhoades Brothers Announce Their Good For tune After They Get Thar Life Savings Safely Deposited in BaA oil Thursday ALLEGED BEEN IDENTinEfc EXPECT ARREST Tragetetne Win? Divorce WKeriShels NotG -FrlihuinJ of a It momy trom lu lo home and "tank (or 'BMowlh. Ixnalu r.TuacklS e men Mnkint iMllttilloM anfl Air Sir. lA.ntmtl tit. 10'.on rinoltitr niece anj W.-K. Utett. hdore ih- hold up the nhoiJts who llveJ wl.h 'aiaii" anJ ot m'-n. viilllnB It <TM she tnfl A. Ir. A Derrick came rro-tonain. "or I-omf. Salu An- nl.iit. jo.e lo anil Henry answered Ihe door. TM men ilaleil they prohlbUSoii aVnU.-inn what Urn. itw sjr. (tkoadef Sok it A. of I nen, who .tre not whlf- out rrrHrtra. bj tU mtlry Teed Jitard lhtr no lie back- itooi robUia. In he hoiiM. Ihref OitlllOWtl lOTf Lite t me rst waj rnarte that th t Nikolai l.tnin; has il from Sat ur Jif rude hails letaway brt "in'lhelt. Lasle the irio.hlM flnrt tti. rirhi o! money, of wh htlg i itale cenlral Bnil countr and party toilay at a m aeh ium of .home, and the Iranifer to n banl waa nmle [REBELS ACCEDE TO DEMANDS QF UNTIED STATES Wffl Biice Order Cancelled Caiifornii Oil; Magnate vanced Suni on tary'sPtniml Note, Says RELATioii.TO DEAL to loi floor tor i .mme-: o Allorr.ey J'ccora tlie K-a.fue an IrKlclrritltt 'charjtr; ffe'-lhtrj Republican contention. They th, Mltrtlon of PreJl'lenl nur.nsen. ar.d ir elecled the Ar-rll primary will the cl convention rtrilP''' t'i PreiMcr.'. rtVlial....._____ llh'o sin of U-ho eal'l. yrtivWfi] Unmll Cortune he, 'UVed hi. Ola Jth on Ihe itir.l hit n-n alter he hJ.l nuile 'ler.lal it the .IMo's Verdict Tct on j Jin. Tfniio it.ixOit lod.iy wlitif tru rejugani'ii us announce J Ain_er Wlr far-ce! Ih'- r.aval-cil ,nA 7. thus IirinKliis: ibr of atrea- "Ithdra. MURDER JURY IS DEADLOCKED! Ko b U.ild Introduc lllallimbre ofi M i ed, hlmielf of nnl ryland late Ih! lr.nt 1515 him him the fttumrt In Inliifft bnth hi H r .l In Lh- rro ifl f-it 'iirjce, Hat h.i f npon rharfi-e of I ihn tintl-rnrcoUir A I of Rulttv rHiifnnl. Mnr. O.lch nl4 that Ultr Vin hfr Hfd f-vnnlor (or Am rly -icn i, unirnCr Ili will r-dlTijT lha rican Ht cnln an.l pro than to raullniiB lo (rtIM Mr, i an.l r.' Mexico. n "t f. Tort 'ir.eTiihcrs of an o ,av ihnl ne Planned to Follow tiaHy Rates Mvocatad by Seerdary IWfon L GARNEfV DECLARES THEY Says With Majority Hmbm Alone Voting, BiH HtM Surety Fail V-iihlrsioa, Jan. liariUaa debate on iRxea on ot the ho'jse today provokw a by Republican ways to lax Iwhleh'ftcmc r a bttl before haute OB the Hnei jtujrcttud by Treadway, a republican the cbmiiMitce.'made alter declared In conrM of Irbile thai Ihe Mellon woaM j not Itv the "even If a vole of the tone" and that CooUdffi ,-ould not veto ft UK bill carryiw be hljrner surtax .debate mi.- fcoure. upon lieJnE opened a prepared speech of tive Mills. Torit defending Ifee-Mellon Jdae't. Xew r- brought i democratic _ plan erftlclttl Secretary fill Carry Tight. Ont of I Governor to Threihennen rLAYS BO'OZB TRAFFIC .mutton" by lH.h York. Jan. 2 Ann ounce-. .K-, M.-.I, tent'Was lijTiUtol tSal ilfunMy ol1 New York' Sun Qlfibe, Trthe nvtnlnjs (By Jan. H. -.11. secretary of Jnlori- rccjive.l a In an of In (or hS< ittnuitinl nola from K. oil r D.ilKnr ustlticil today lioforc if teintfi Tcitxit Dome Inrwll- Ulnp- conltnHlct. Tlir dale wi.? Elver; as XnvetnluT lii: than ft I't- irf Secretary Kill slfrrfd con- -.icl kiilnjr lo IJfthfMi- InlcrtiM IP oil rfwrvej ul ofwhlcli remlnilM Tr. TXhcity ht hii M to mskc i prflflt of XSr. Dolicny rlecbred !o Hie com- Hi? loan bill r.o rv- lllon 1ii nny of the nwle nUx Proterllve ai- Tclillnn here tonight. The Is'huldlns i; ccnncctfon with the eighth ami "U. fc'the open nauMlnS.oMh lonMUutlftnal Inw by leet'iil Hi- KOvernor.saW for.lhe Increase cf crUne In olhtr, of iwunler.; theft .irt-1 crime lion Isi-lo he thp-rtotfm of Ihe people who fllnV Al r.i the vennK purchased (he .T-venlni! .Hall .and d TOnaolldaie it with the ;Teleiram. e Ere- nth nnil ther- Ir; IM no illscti? ilon V'clwpen Mr. Vfill is to rniy transictSrm. To Tin- nil Hiaetuite that lie Advanced nionfy to tnribli Mr. Vatl to enlarso hla MtkLfrt holdings nnrJ fully Intended -to colled thi loa Mr. rall'K Tie.llth remslurd son .-xu.l iridi If he nun ntJ to emoloy Ihe formtr look Meile to tnahle him to of Ih. liquor crime M neviublc that rrll law onltr ,rwiV down It Amcrlcaii people TvernUt one parl of the roTutltwUon of tho United Si-ilca to become uockfry." covtrnor OecUrcd that as me Klrength.-I i hail USP tvcry power (he com .noAwealth of 4'fnnnylvanla lo put every rrlmlnal In tlie ranks of ttm hnot has a right I Jal'l.1' id nnt only will 1 carry unlll Ulh ntiicadmcnt I Ttctetl ITU TTte Uy. Jilei jiewnijaper ,vhkh be, the Teletram'aMl F.venlrxff Mail appear Monrtay, founde-i In ISO. T latef .It WM -omblnea Mall and KxpreM Ksprtri wMch ha< blinded the rotSer., tf PortlaM. Uler 1 irller leaves Murrey'' i.e EreninR WMhlnaton, Irailpn for ai nutlSnut ytaterilay by.r CoaUdcr In R metrage to will at a i-. feronca to held o( neit In which tlvM o( 'portatlon-wrvlcea will pftiiirtMte. I Hoover I have ncen rtllefl upon (ft thow to whpm wnf to .Uenrt, In the Ei wan to A Kattr erlns which' be able mjnelhlnK twliles thecom-cmiee U planned-to be national rmtlwr fiiin Although ID the craln tcmtrty. .live prwnted of the, problem which b the lo hare tmnJN jcenrral westert rnunlty In derree thH Mian hanklrp or fUsurM trill necewary ot srea m STHWE ELECTS of tlrt jl other1 K oulilAe- r Joumat. The ErenfnR Vorld. Po5l. pur t-M IhAn month ,Vyr H. K. 1 EDUCATHN HI UVIS OF KOOMEHS! r.t Sfe ihrrntrnf <1 lives of roon.- i-r- than 3 wore car- MtW rid tr Mrlilfta II ij knw'n ll rj-rapf'l. Thr ..ipldly ihroiuth whlk-flMArin touplil tncck thi r hnMlnjTJJ he adrlH'. "n'lt o at to tnaMe him to the flfiH nnlll Ihe f ejn> before the committee Monday ttep district ycftenTaj. Un. one pe 'ml 2! were woanoei between iincmrloyed In Chimnlt In thr; (infnipToye. ire rcroTKl ti nnrHr IrcUenrr.t-by thf. rnynlJt.'. rffuKi to v.-ork polk? were rtlrrerse th 4, red in irllrz Rfivrn irriwtrt At rme nae killed noon Al A who Irtre rtmil honsej In Ihe e momlns Tlje orter wa after entrttlwi ha ilt the strl. nVI I biVEri IT BJaTRvCnOS W. Jtfl. not guilty hr f Judtre D. Grontr. fttiniH by Jury lonlfnl oril court In Ihe K, C. merly dlrec'tor of In nlus rroporlr rth-Wos of deiwirlnient foor offlcera United Co. Tip olher were and He roer army OKLAHOMA JUSTICE ChUe. Jan- 1 e. an- r cabmet foTraed by J-edro Certa, (ormerly allache.1 tOnn 1, irVlro band In Jin. men! ot Frankrln K, K ot the court. e dent Hufherty al hkh endM ble lelcd P 'or Ihe d m tipofi by n4 Allormy a eeVa of .i-