Wednesday, August 5, 1885


Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Derrick on Wednesday, August 5, 1885

Derrick (Newspaper) - August 5, 1885, Oil City, Pennsylvania jLUMrC U AUaUBT Jx tbu tlflTtuuu AvriiUtf tvriiiou ontlia mbjwlwf tlio the fumily eittiug uipuntimo about the remains iu tbo Kltiiilly THE OK THK fWKLYtll uf t riviT the coticlusioa of the discourse August t The tliht tlute iirf it prtvit Till COTTAOK ON Nearer Mr Ood TO DO I1ONO1C the MtiductorA and 0 df oil anil Ciironlcity o all aaa DoUnn la slrttl work done reudewd ilo Tlm ended the mnuiigomeiit growing out of thu uttenipt to run double bwider i reins August 1 tiud tbrojyh all thn tiiiglboriug no SuUrn Otl RdiUm lllv D iVCilrUCiCia PubJshtXt Every la Y dunlay IWK al ite DitrrtcJi Oil Ulijjraia id of FINAL 01 THK liKKKAVKU FAMILI TAKES ASD Tim lioov of THK Htuo the servUiB iuilrd tlscnVwos a movement of propld lnwHrda the cuttapotogfit H finitl look tit the mt not deoiufd advisable to Oiin iLLCfrriiioiK TIIK HEIIVIC1S IS WlMTM tiKUMASVS CHANOK OK TONE ih 1 Vu u sy Ivan in u ami Ohio whivh last night of thu mini run tho id at an em Tn miittur wild put iu ihe hamls yf ATCVlUY is me OIL AannKi 3 WELL Kit iiiiite it docidtilly vfiut tiiiiir tho null Kunewbut or CbiiutafUjua is uiost cijmfatajte beti other sweltotiuy in W uccr thu ticro for the funeral Irnin FlIANCK IS IlUNVK 1 vision vbo thin morning visited the DiULuiNti AND NEW being optning tho JJuftv iw General Kucrnl lluiicock ttud Semitor tivurto Ml tbe the men idle very IT uUi Cirntit had conoliulril They shtured uo tliBjtositiou Iu ilurtugtbt At 7 tlm Jvttor 10 iijr Day the AiiRust On mountain brow bv tbe OiistOrU lokuut io aith iho trniu biit to wait ovor until 1 wbeii the Iho ither liuliM of tho family will tawe sljgbtl y cooler nud fiir iWomiug to Tticre was no neeil of uar the uiou were n unit jliA iiihttcr tiul ILI the AuRUfit Fisher Oil well iu Muddy Creek Township beautifully ing by Walter of i of booiiiPvl Fiillenly nt our oclock nud frum there go direct to the trouble wua the ami It fouud no tlie of the thi tniins whirb havtt Gondwiu atd TnpjKir was music by tie OIL Ibe inuyora Jinn vet ou tbe uir when a second report thrt earth uud the io t The iirlillety uuu had Grout Tost Si of biini Li ruiiiaiiiij from tlui cottage o Ihu Bluntly Infura oim Aiifiusl I finint moinorinl HtTXlctl in this WHS The tiuiti ivhiiM dischnrgifl wore ortlprivl yeslerduy were oingtheUogloy Huu at Nothing new iu this uleo by several promintiit iie feuturo of the WUH A riot thirttvn guns to tha ajinriie uf Gtfutfiil inuits last upiin military wtru tlniwn up nnd tt eutufe thi ifimiina they to tha history ot 1Uo fslifiue wus orowJfd with it in FEHK Auyiibt BeVlea OD tho Beolea wus whicli ia to Vmong A new invention of great ititeroet hi railrnatl men ia a loconiotire pilot Sunday nhjhi xvitit iiboro iiT ttleucoe In Eiicowwiou nnd at bhoft iUfertitU Lhe rtiu hml but tbe mist still and tLu siond with iu whild tbfl was Ixiriie o the Tbomonntrtin 1 ruin every uicuilnjr whifh iis i The order of iTvicrt as follows August The Phumix Ilaco imd North iroe bifn in the sand this aftWuoou miii is making a good It had most uoticoabla eiTortn were tt raud illumuiutioii of the gronuda with wutlv jwteuUil by U uilis nielli if thu Tliti fihutilJu of he little nistio Seven oars proiu was destroyed by ot oil iu Ibe tbe third changing colors several young miiu i f Tliir utfn uf new coutrivtmeo id to Ktstii the Jatatiou wna not notitW All this piuhiug ntul n liiTiised am nppitivutly HoiirtvlcoS liybt Nfit tbo ftiuvral with open sidtw anJ massivo Tlid fuiionJ The uiKnm Hu Z Loss Tiia plaut covered au acre and looatiou of ttild well ia three quartan of n mile in advance of the Ivocb nscent rockets with silver blurs rockotswitb snakes aiiil firetHeti ynuid nt vitli thu The uinniin ctt on to 8vo Tint triitUffcr finm to triiin WIIF coiiipliiUd Tins NiuwUtli of niuiiil find iDiisidled of a series Df buildings from nue to four stories Ifcuiies at Knles of Borpeuls piirsint of bum remove tbcm 1 Lf iiivriili intos IIRJUU the half buiir gun IxxtniwI Iflity kin tie feturitd Vuwml bv built both of frame nud through tbe euuil and birds lisccut of inammath hiiHooiiH rJiiika a rcxv departure iu a tTnvlirs bunj tmii token of rtfpeiit from the Ilia N liuriisl iliimed were Grut seon in the Aflblaud Oil on tbo the wlebmtedViiugiitsiuui light anil if of iron or by obstiuitiiiti will Uthrown i flflidint didimi ml H H will i u tidtv u BltVdy brwso up from tbn dirwtiou of Ihe CatskillK nud founil iu tho low lying clonila iiud tbpv Iwgau military xven the ftilloMui Gemral CUueml William ittuTul Knfu3 Two ooucliiiUuK IliinM over the nleohol The building with inalt mucbinory are Rjiulttl wareboiiBo niljoiuing in making sixty lo seventylite Thin is the well which bun been reported HE inakiug 300 tu 250 barrels uoveltiue beautiful iuebauical cominenciugwitli brilaut revolving by six the Iu k llir oau vultf nf ilio is griiv were torn Culuiiel funoral delivered ie iiist is It is located north of witbulltba colyrniif fmnie w to lifting fng by thu N LUtiteiiaiit wna most impressive the iirogreflR of ami ia iu old Qniebingby forming HUOVO I pbtttc nf hiiijle iiuii hy P The mfe nf pilot oittwlltzilv off the tu tho vision trrp tuiukrt nml Wiio visiblt wt Cuptiiiii CuptHiii John Weukx and jieuteuntit Kugtnu libteuwl to iu almost bnathltss i dtDou Farriir took rom tliu explosion of barrelB tir About cuttjti were herded iu the yards OIL iu brilliant fire eel piece large oclmiiical comuienetng wilh n nriiie hid f K mo AYii guard of thnt be dvMred tgpeak nimply c tiar of tlm bniltlinga whou tbo Wilkina on tho buiiginq to u beautiful t i misal iud iilto uiuiii leiMHie so clear tmt coasisled ot Coloiinl with a gcuerrius to up iiud they became ia iluwu 500 represeiitiugBerpeufH iu pursuit uf tnuk mid thVobMiihtiotf uitiurk ill be IVR iliLMitgbt uly t br tlm tiiVtiiiS in L till lKHlt With jlltMlt ThU uiuu tiUwUeviral nnu for thi wtn tocatdi tfcLir TinFuldivrd nweivwl ortbra to brpiik up camp nud iu than twenty Miijor Ovoryn Juhu Jlaurv without idle fluttering of him imtli hml mnda n nation mourn I touch only bis publi acli iw nd Vlift tbeu and Irellowed The wiiiahniHii the and asBibtetl by n number of citizens drove tho mnddeiiednnimfda info the Imvopullrd up uti ohl well ou this leiiso aud are ngyiug up ready to atari soon ou iiiintluT jmrt uf the Rama ouveloped iu rayouu rtiaarging pnrplo id blue nnd fortumg grsiuil cus tiitlv t rnvin nilbui ritn mid i siipjnil bfiVf tdits hud fioni Wilfinra Griint from boyhood to n lime they nddfxl to tho general Knight A on the of jeaaauiiao fire set the or luvtTM DTI tu thrtiisuilir nf te treen nud wiire nwaj He comjinred turn then with bill all were are down about 500 with thy dhrck of who ibis couitly nuttini Ho wrtntftl in iimolisfl cf Ibe on Not a it ba and in s tho beuvy nnd intiunuut rniu ot the acii Oenrfce ink ftbs Ljgiou of The Reuenil lottriiArii reprwntcd bv IIIEU of ibe world aud racked him with the III the oiureo of bis sormnu ou the neighboring Tho Mlnurti WHl ou tho Sloan is ilrilling al the depth of about oolom double rocket Bcbargiug antl i light oijrc llulfi ntoiit thity livi itbituduut supply Admiral Warner pniil Oenenil Grunt baa AiiRtist Five stare for lit will hivnrthv iUsbiug straw la 1iiUer aud uujiiblly called lluiteen mines ou the and or biud more nr lefts o cushion the mil bur the whole but in dtrikui 1 cl like on the Uiu Grandtf the tent eowts IWIUR proof they iinf tlm Down ou the uiouotniii mile nt n ratig uut on the KHII and At UUP oclock tbe order to stnft WDH Hngiuiwr Martiii till nwn thu riliuders nod the loved IKSOU uud hnted mt aduty i st to BHVO his In iis tttrminntiou aud clearuwta of le MiissiUon district tbe iTiisoarawas Mnttilion to dny nnd hy i two thirtis volo agreed to reeiut tbts projwsctl rctluctiou is down 560 Forterfirid on tbe itradown about 200 slnra set piece yew tree euloped iu ravonu tlischiirgiug lored gems nnd formiug grand cascade mnv Ivud iuuard they August The tiie call fur the did upon the resembled sixty cents per toll iu tbe price Hopkins IB putting a rig up fire srt tbe uiucli nili rr enlorwi by tin pUdt WHS tho WluiK topic of miuntes inter bugles of by its own thn bottwt fury of This decision will force old Porterlicld mid baa jeweled fouulaius oE golden llu rrtiivia the pbrck nud rrprrfs the opinion but itnd IL tbo lost ntniius iuiiwltw dotvn the The 1luflg nnd mouutains ou ach sidrt of t he I ruck were speech uevtir eieewletl Among tnosdistiugniahed iu the district There aro now minem in workiuc for forty cents per Ion anil Qalbreatb bare a rig beautiful roruaD candle diaihrgiog stlyernnd wiui d iviuto wliirh will mm auii tbw jtulgu wna not imparhid i iu tbe of the hut with The present were and The miners in tho rregnlar illnraiua riomo mure f hour tbnnitjb all the day will tho where tho Chiierals Eurl of Viillny hnve been receiving wall MMilhjtou a ot Grnud cinbleuititiciil oveuimrlt diiic not bring licl lo Tby idio siy Hjlitious yoking ihe valiiivs the Fipuilkuuco of the ility mid nl anntitt will rlcwe with bail alive with jutting very vmilagu ground wns Itight Sir Lyou Tl tyfair and a great iinimVr f peers nud members ot the House crtiiis more per tou than those in the Hocking well on MIA Robinson arm last ivords Good SIR rroumleit with immense lisehtirgwiof The tote f in on Krutiml ibnl tho full nnifom stood nt purnde nil the throng Thete werealpo present in the ami brilliant halo of bmnrd Ecijlnul Snbecriptinu Mats n11 dntrn wber tba buttery tho outdight no vouud The mouutniu was iuwboil tbo Duke of cbimnaVdprliiiehwr the August Johu who boarded new mid fasbiounble davice of completely illuminating tbo am Kiel to mako au Grante to the except for Iho heavy booming of the Mnrquis of of the IJrenieri line at ladies for using up old bila ous iruu P n 7 oclfwk the shock of the gnu bidding It wna a Wornl Keuor before her departure for nuii satin is ouo of the niost 100 Doses One lulliir by Jiwajan S r k clisir enboes over lha mountain It a deal b scene in ambassador to a prisoner on the of spare connected with Beui bnetilo hltitudi The if IbacftMlty picket IUI tbe The puff of Iwnvy out t is clear Duwn nt the of tlie inoiutKin the of tiif Slowly the engine bill u ckly it Mtthe impetus of U it upon Urn lirst bhitT of tho exAttorney Oeueral Senator ftiiHtor Imrley aud oilier prominent Tiolorin IYBH reprcRPiilrrl at is a young wnscaURht in lbt while thu vessel wns at of robbing tho safe iu the purseiH He bFiil oMorofoniitd thn pnreer nnd is of morecolors than ever np peartxl iu Josephs The proper way of using a crazy quilt is to and Is true of no It is an itDiiiiawerajle argii6ut as to strength aud while frnnlitT lii u ti cleitr of the forest crppt the bv her Tbe nway with a box over a icenry pnrpou who sniTera testify to its superior blood only JUT mi cviiKLto f ibs friirmi bustiiily o Cienimuy wbidi tail but fcr two of Bsruear is irpirftsf til mt HI Mnhilifl gray fogs were Tbo fimily ftt cotUgu were astir tiKichtd the train aroimd urve ccviiu wteka leiieral Duku uf Oonuauiht aud Wuke were nlsu reproKeuled valued at when nu of iier of tbe vessel He will be wut buck to Merman aud lies Administer Browua Irou aud his joy sill be Cragy quilta have anil strengthening bottle of Siirsuparillu cjnlaius 10 doses aud will lust n whiio iuitU8 frwj inlit viry uorrtsooiidetit i and guratst lit thi Tho of valley aud mnnnttiii with Tinifn in itn enlofiy totiny made to Hut you cnu will average to last not oVcr it fult if tbi f flit ure wli ipn t it1 renl of GeiuiHiiy luuiird her tiiilian lit ti oclock bjjio liiiku glittering in the HiuiHfbt ten uitea nud RS Hu lOrill Grant rcntlorB to big Llumicter bo hijjbest It siiya that August At on tbo VJnceuuea and Iron Bitten of auy for buy MdDlrt niu Mtvlibor nnd it nn allinure mill two to fiwli eiiijino at ihia the Oonerals of the Cbufcdinite two lager beer Knglnml nud Oermnny rcnllr in which IrnciM ffiH rffiimit of A r cur lo carry tin reaiuins from th mountain to Saratoga up oiirly iiil lav t t biinlen it out on the PCcnt8 nml mnvbap unuKh nf the ciflnr day UB ivxaJHiml with ami Buckuer iu noting ns mllbearew twlifieH lo thu cud of civil irife butwoen the North and and Btfisdiug on a lightened tbo brakCB with such force the which old all Sold by Peter 3IJBS Ifnrtense wuo him evuted aluioit four vaars of closo stiuiy uiiilti to cut tbo rnifffuMt nurt tf uf Iniiiiblii of the riitwft nf the imrtliurr us iudieatwl by thw propsn nn to iri another fiirmiiiiy eitliug itb Euglnml in rrwcijt ciilly Mid the ticld if they veuluni tliut TUKIIE in n niuvtOJtut in Jripsn lo iurthKv diarwctira tbe written Tlni rjuwe of liif iJi in ir tnblwof TLu Puns nnd politicinns lire iniTOfid UVPT nn Hitirlo iu the ttrth Gn mini trying to btir in war with ft is niRditonf will viriit lidlothtan in OctoUr ftnrap ilia Thn general lection will b 1eKl week in Tlio Irwiifcul mid nil tliemrinlxirof is Cnhinrt will Ifivj or New York VidiiT In it tho iLtionJing tbe fiiuernl uiKht Hw family iu a group tint tiktfn Ibnil of ihu rtinains of thu nml to they gire up his body to the At a oclock the eicopt repatretl fo lie hotel for On thcir return Coloiifl Orant ani b a xrith Ihe rillgc the rntr ot the find among the pinch to ucsa the bright of mountain aud frpslt fitlilt ami gUsteniug lenven IIWBT to tbe and then tbe fnmilj entrred tho ojtlapo and prepnrntioiis bgnu for thy funeral about eurvo lifter fo 10 right nml tbe trniu lowly down thu On it rolled ownrd tbe phiiu nntl ntvaV up on the fniutmtcoAloru el now in full tbero was i putT of wbilo In v an imtnut tbe pound of a Iwoniing cannon echnid in thu trees nml rnttlrd a volley of little ochoofl over nnd down across the The crtilicry men wrrn yet jiddiug their Thelevel pluin was invftn iercl inilpp oy between the train nnd The spftsl irnfi a ittio The npiren of In Allgllat The Of liolrra are iimong the upper fiesefl Tho PortugneR coiinnl bus sue nmlndto Minister ud Bri Brourirdell arrived incoguirn to rgnnizfla system of The municipal autboritiew conferred with tbe ortigu conaulf rcGpocthig tbo establishment of The cholera jinute is inorensing nud nuny peinonn iira Hewing tho cily iu Tlm local preae has btou ordeiod o preserve gileiiCfl rehpectiug HIP riattnconml raviigos of the Tt s roiMtrlpd thnt no lcH3 Uwtli way ijiiat carscaine McXiliimawQB crushed to n masis nud insfnntly Hrevoglo was crnsbed from the tbiyliH down nml Ho eaves u wife ami two Futility August This morntug nbont four oclock Iolicemnn John Evans was fatally ehot in the abdomen by Edward fi notorioiw who was Coffey theu Ud but wns recaptured after n long c iaBc and a desperate etrngglo iu which ittrietl to kill his inrautira by will sell ou tbo 10th 11 about floor nlnnt 10 plank and iibout one tin of ail which is sccouilhnml sud taken from in old bridgn which baa lfeu taken down the upper end of Henecn 8551 crayon port lutg opeiiml n studio Snooks ork in not only true to the but rong and USH uf solar as her work id mostly douj rom wjflhing portraits or fereated in nrt ara invited to call and xatniue ber Crayon or oil oraita done from life or from netrnctious given iu the art if For sale at one ijuiirter of sirst iNitl Fin Kichnntei of is in m city trying to arrange for n exbiiMtiuti in crippled by tin ihimsy stand ypfbrdiiy fiinl men eervnnts were nnii R was HUwKraphur who romint in vinw ami from Mutt direction ramp thn dull tooming of hnve died frum cholern iu Slareilka within the pnst few nn them wilh Evans F living bnt cannot Riirvive to ba hfild trherever tho majority those who participate wind to gray 1 sot double dillltult coosl ruction of tbo ho not oynlifir liii ulctaiug snggefilinns from plonttxl luilT n miln out of formation COD corning tbn bake call Got csoglo uuil Iticrntnre in tlm facile nut eipiiusivt lauqnugesol Kuropft lonft thtir nnd fnrco when crnmptvl in tl tir riinovnl f frRin liindit in Imliiiti At 1 ochtfli the boll on hn Gitv Tho former trill miniin on thf mtinntnio ftt tlu ft Colonel OrimtH KVCII this morning whwi the licfliile Ibe MoOrtgcr 1 ho Inn cnrw wna ronmlcd ami tbn train F iiwny parallel to the August IIUM for Mime limu exibled in tlm juil nt but every tiTurt bus utr 0 8 0 3 U 0 0 t II 1 tnlfnio 1 000 100 00 Hill at tho Collins or Will at Centra It PlS 1 1 double Jaiifiiiesic The written of Ja Min U diatiiirt from the spoken Tbo chnnicters nsed in wri ing nrfl iloiivwi from anil nn rrmfivnl of the cmniJii rf Oraut frm MeGrcgur to A uMinnl quiet in ti Sir frirudfl nt thri boti1 nt it anrtsly known ho tridow wuiild dftormins to Him liml hor tniiik in Ihe of her deciding to go with lint but the nml on tint uoith of JMWpnr thr nucnil trnin of the York Onln loud Tho iimuntriin train Ircw the olhnr train the YeritftrdfiT it leaked out thut io lew thhii of the priflnnertt wen lowu with the Thin discovery iroiluced n fentfiil pnnic among Sow Yurfc Nw Uooins to Threo desirable rooms in the irarms Thin vitb bulb utatioiiary lot Address IHIX Oil or inquire at the Ountral til TliMO hnve Ixvn imiruijing in n i tuber finco the ml vent o fitilliiidly ppi ending plrnug Icninln uf thts Ivftrm prMidnl nd insist Ilitrc ir n irnrd of Irnlh in be dcninlrt not iKtlifvcd even bv Dilkijif if known to hfl not been with Ihn Fnmilv enrly in tbp raorning to At hiilf past fi oclock tlio duyra of the Irani rottngd bin Ixon hnfli opuii anil n prtiim of were inno curd in the New York utral Xnt to tho onpim Ibe funrrnl rnr Tht other ritra wpre nn nitulo thu most dfapiTiilo etTottd irenk from the Thuy lliinllr oveqmwprcd by Iho inldirry niidconipiilhd lo U 0 H 0 fll 0 J U 2 I J 0 0 U 1 tl 0 04 IliWou tlilmit lir HoMn Iitrlirtw mid nud Ooinmunicating doom IwtwiMn each reul togcthtr or largo low Mcaarillo Steam hnn R knowledge of four thuimnd idcngrapliP in nTwiftiry for tbo bfiMn of even a conrnon while tlitwe nspiriiiR tn tin wnltu df lenrninp mnst with doilbbi Hint As w write tho Itginning of of ifiiiird n jiroclnmntion rfcon men ling nil inunicptil nud nublir mildingn to IHI dniped the morning of the ilny of Genvrul OnmtV nltntlint nil publia nni bo in Rteiuhly for over on Alxmt 9 oclcck the head of a long lino of mnibiifeff nnd various kindoof vehicltx iinpenred dlmliIUR up thontfip inrline iicnr the etifltern nnd soon the nren iu tbe vicinity of the oittngt wns with hnrsra nnd wngona and farmore wilh their HITRT nnil Ihinl tlio BOIIH nntl notable innnruirp fourth Oenprnl IlnnroRh AntUlnfT tirih Ganrnnr Hill nml eixth the pross poveiilh and eighth tin ninth Thn romninfi wpro lifiwl in ailrnrn by thn gunn of honor to tho cnr which Clniiiffiiii Their August The AorM lennan the of Iho TuriH Tnhjiit thnt tho French cnvalry the frontier riidln it a i chtTivIhUsio Tho Qtisettc fentB Yrvace is nwniting n chtinco to titlark 1 0 0 0 0 1 5 4 limbs rroridenco Ht UHIIB 1itrtinm lUdtxnirno nnd Hoy Vliilrnlijlphin 11 1 1 I 0 iJ 5 fl 218 Oiirnco Al Live men to Bell the Datey Force throwa steady stream fifty feet for agents jiro making 3100 per Enclose Etnmp fur circular to 1017 nn agency in this Jiileon Fry is fhei nml hia his ciliiri pjMwite the DERKICK oiTlto ou South iuucca where he will be ready ml willing to attend to tlifl of his numoroim Tho Meiulfillo Steam Ijanndry is bran oml is pi An the honrarolt tho pfiiling t111 rnaiing tho miiilnry tlm mournful tho sorrowing crnwila will pim on Hid fit Claremonts b wiitidll Birvira IHRUII nil over lio ami pnying tribute to ho nnd of Aracricaa heroic Thu initin norprnstuiVfl tndnl and nir loved nn Jioiorwl general in itml Minmanilii witli Righiug brppth nnd dimm vl oiTcr their mwil of sorrow for Won KM genornlly nirt flfmid uf Btmkpn but if n recent dinpatcli from Whwliog can IH n Wwtt Virginin whilft tatlierinjf berrioi micceiibd in pjipliiriiig rattlcmiokrt am thfem Iu Attempting Ii trnnnfer to n bitten by tho of unit eigb in thepulfiit of the Ifft Hi left nrni nMo rim dhOilored an dnwn lid Ih If wilt nM pnlttrn innker of tho Qneen uni who Month tlm fart tin hml rftth inbmk in iinlis and srctiriluvt 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receive They proceeded from Ibe ntalioa to the cottage in tho following order Gentmi Hancock and Colonel Jones Admiral Rownu nnd Ocnornl Bhermnn ScnMor Kvarln and IrDernl Ilnfiw Ingnlla Miller and Jowph W Dreiel Ocnerfll htnff her nnnt nnd droswd in In the nnmn trnin en mo tlio Ixiyn Tinder Vnat AMvlont InymnR tcr flillwrt llrovet Uriga lior Ocnernl Chnrlcs i5y JJrove Liculoimtil Colonel 1loyd Brevet Colonel Csptnin lilmuinl IJlnnU At 10 hrrvicea were held nl Hie cottngo the prMuiiceof over a thousand persons Onnfi ntnl rtiatio eoiitn wore profiled for tho Indira under tbe trtwi in he grove Ixtforc Iho Thwo who failed to mcurclbn leafy Bhnrln tlmif Tho corimoniVn ojHiml with rending of Pflftlm No wliiisli wnn followed by nn imprrcflive prnyp y Hwliop Tho My fnith looltH nj lo joitietl in by ha who o nRxwiihlnun pnaenlwUli filiti with hlnok nnd hunr with and the fnnernt pnrtim were to their which were nl Irirottiwl in plnin The Brooklyn puinl of honor ntii the MI men of tboTjoyal with i 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