Friday, February 6, 1885


Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Derrick on Friday, February 6, 1885

Derrick (Newspaper) - February 6, 1885, Oil City, Pennsylvania VOLUME FEBRUARY KTUMBEJi 123 PA I j rpjjp DRTQANFR notion hwlile AT W ASH NHTON i i 1 iSli 1 UU 111 r A LLO j Mull trduiugin 1 M LJ 1 IMOUli lio Ii iniliin ml I njlnnd y j i former ter f lirtln r r StflV iwis tu i on thu uruiinil of clunbt w to thu doptrd f JD n vii niir limit of thi fri utter ia Ulir y Wl Ml It 1 It t 1 i 1 M TtlPM 1 K 11 SI 1 1 from the committee on tiOKOOX CAP lixainf a AltltKMKIi AH M WL b muriCium to 1 ill mufl 1 NAIKIUSt LSS i 1 in tlw departmental nud Dolcfcti In tho of wca Tit VitA flewrnia nxnifat tiuio iu HAMS ACCOMLIJOi n110 lLo without of the frontier back origiiiallyoN covrtJ i I t ol uiiAitiUUi Hem U by tbo Secretary Oil Besfton 1 Tl2 DAILY Evwry lo Sunday and thu vVESSIiY DEKIilCK Every trumDiJnp uhirgo In a Utter tu A frknd at Utrecht hu diifi mo bait TiiLutmiK KFOU THK THAT tbe nsts the ami intrra who rtfnscd tiMtlowihd Mii rsppditiuu to btari la bpitt ol rn ItusfiA is j Knnmm on l uK TIIE umouut uf ijieuwy lauarrtkl tliti prondiDfj for iLaflppointmtnt if ppnty chief bupervisonitind At thn Derrick Oil in wwi of Muini until voto FjiKKiU is TONOIIS A irj Tlie Jfoiiftciir CicTfl Uf of electiou ami in stttoi Kiliinr Mid i Hw lHrliuoifiit in of mi afpropriation Ln 0 nlvi o ur tiiAiKii Mi in n article todnv iCitKl that Iirnoll sail is Tin money lisa Ueu from tlio CQUiniUjpe OQ foreign V rif TT but w him rejiortetV the resolution di r trr pvr Even if tothBilrnamito Tho the Btcrdtary ol tho JVtaa iklicmd Mi tAf fffj 1 ATAtciiTBD J etncttciiwl fotthwith a privionc ny tx IULD i liiink1 tiiU lories thinks to tmuemit to ttr llonwi fry nr fry tiw t bivo lncii wail if regulations nud melructioiia tne a rival of tho on nutil wiiuli n i Ii v nv rttl v to thT of tn filter t jdtwt of tho of in thcillv it Vobniiiry Tho mysterious i yiumitn Tho bMuibfciied bythe rtvurity thitmg Thfit itoiifij of htaitflbnfi revivu bore that Ktortmini K Chnptl with by 1nrucll and tho hishnpH vroulrt IBIUV February Sboruian intnHlilted a bill to provide for cmia 3nlj law siiJi riuulhtiou Com bsukri tu Tho uiotiiv i o oiin1 OonJin iro lOW Tbo lioi in his H gtwd iiiiprieHiou in Knglaud uud to cMiusueiaurtle tlio TV I c OIL it ii tu xv lnt ho i priajaer fall of tiroh iho i in Bow Police Court and foruiHllT clrtrgcil with otlccr muj iseuo tho A TO UK Tbt bill tiift lYiinsTlvacia legislature Mgulatiug uuutrncU fur Ihn purchaseand siift ot in full in TMlwihTH in hli war mi A man wtihont or hin lnwu iF bUuiox a fikisT baa liru Hvutm itwrii bnrl nl ba Julwt 5 tulrpraplia tluil klinrtoain baa java tlmt Colonel wbr Wfit from to tha lisiulp of lhi IE tt Melfinnth iindr n hMrv fire t1 a iu i fry iliiply u i ml to their former dlaiim wstw than that of will ihno liy Hjforf the EefittTJi Tur i pur of Asia fo thn it i her 51 rrlii in tiiciuliug evenif it pliHll tlio nf Hairy Billion cud 11 twnilj iis yrnra of hud ly t i ibiuct Xbo prisoner U ClirkcnwpH fur a further hoarDnriog tho wiraiuuliun rvidenca was ddnccil aliittitiij Uiiftna left Neiv report is oimu thiit Oiinlinii Jncohiui bus finally decidvd to reniyu hiYpoittiou HB pngiat ncurotary of stato niul will wwn formally Tho for tho decision is tho cardinal finilaus position growing daily more diiUiMiit of tils conlinued nnd growing BopmtontiitiTB Governor of n stae or ti rnfori nud tlu mednla ehidi ho ittrnclTcir for sale to the general t followiug rcaotion which wca to ihat tlio Seorcbvrv ot tbo thfi what amounts wora duo Ilia TJiutwi tics bv tno act ot I8S4 Adoptwl naing to a qnttUou ot hud read astrflLtB fnun epeoabtn by Reed nud UiEcock rctlectiug njon tbe com mitteoiofjiTDw and put a rdwclaimer wlurh iind in Bnbatoncft visions aw ai incrfer UIT ute tho 1j cull ij dj il oe n nrtn n r c me thft of canliniils upon FririSu tl i lib 1 anI Piss fliiily niisl JIJb of Vnioand pulttiunl amounts have beoouio Jutcrcsted in n Aa nfScK ronllrios tho lo JierbiT aul cJ o Uwi i oiling8 n I December 81 of tho moucy iu t tuejr tea bettiTo 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prepare for Motemuoli by Wo hnvo Uiutunnskeil wo faro 00 TuraVe iu Chiowo yatcrd for It is report IM nhiLhiWHB ngreed tu f lint tho commit tea on Mississippi What doea that ia itrf ralatjun to nth svtuit but in froniOencral tjr wo linvd now lo FHVO fur anil nn empty trunfc t nitrfstl to two nmutiftho French Algerian bejlirected lo inqmro nud report io tba hnimto jw to hot her Irgiplntiou j Ibe judge foir TtUiiuoa tn on it v wbrfhtr thn repot 1 1s fi1 uiiARLtui Ou HIP when vpnrrivetl hnd if BO in rugnrii to j 13T a fiiw idtfniificM u t o proing labor all In the early Uyi of tho oil tnds tha ndmirahle of to go tuck lo ii b of actuil oil ni aa million pawing from 6fty oeoeiaitntod atbwet from each ptrty for anXJimt and hrokera iud wetu tu da so uf Thid was dono triUi by the of destiny the buiineM AH on nudcr tba esuellout lit rr lineilrnl inujiloywl al iiw millhofl Ttio LuipfiTiH O ivirs imMis n lha Soiiih aioin Jwwll i d nt tlw fur tevcral piiddkraat thfi Tuiitb itaot in tor Uiu llrat tjnio dneu Smv df it is csppriod will bo put in opitniftoij within tlunwi tun day a At Hotiili FiflfCDth filrwl tho puddlunt were piiil nnd rtimnttvl work llieekiHcd alo iu tuti anil a imjuritv ff thiDi iiro now tit A in a Kvituu to kcov naid Ihir the linn htiily n iineibtr of to fctSp tlw mills Tho that Ktiarlonrn has iiikeb by f din but iia nn diflimtch fiorn confirm a p iho report lisa It CVthitifl Wilson imiba to rpuoli Khartoum uiiiy lo the tiroof ihfl eimoy nnd liU ro had hwn The vvur oftteo iiinwl thu following A tpJesrhm Oiiucnil minonucw that tbu fall of Kbaitonm tiok HP ibni Colonel arrived Juniiarv was ijrcntly fliuprifod to Cuil tliat tlw enemy wars iu liowflaioii ot that Ho Htnrieil on IIIB retttrn dowu tho river prtKwdcil undor hcavv firo froni the Whtiti inilw Iwlow tho Shnbkn Colonel Wilwnw nteainera item but hn nnl whnte party oiHuaftfil1 to roach an inland in safely whnw they A gonti to them Iwrk 1 En hir rbarcs UPOU n1 ifhol Kluirloucj hi found that M d iUtt fjict a 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prisfiritir nsKed him irrclfivnnt j Burton spoke with grrnt prisoner was H is iliiiiciiH to obtniti R closo nnd o m ito deibriptiotiot bis bn f in Bow Street Volne Ounrt to to bw hut TChs H hill felt mid ha trt wiw haliVUiis nftwaooubt ufvn tho oilinuls ptiict IronBiirj md home clcpartiiicutfi tunl iitppeotors 6 SntUiiuil lunl H is Lehevefl tlu ureucu was rctfht ilvuamttncnmcs nud another important Hires I in for Citiiuca ou wbiib thn Prfitco of tValw r HH n into colliBiou oilay ii Lhe 1 n ice of PtifTarotl nohmg ulifiht from the rcnl s of Fuus obnnirj 4 i ho Btatos ho FoninasTof Marin have a to ODonovnu lossn upon bii oswipa frum dtath nt tho lauds of Mrs JJuilluy bj ST ebruan 5 kaiiuQ ascarloiinjJ that of a rmirtronrhsl mid regn luticui nud pnctiOB m tnnlB bofort each r ittrta iu timrt of and wltethtr nndtr txinlmg law nn officer n conrtmarlml iii qiieu tbo ynrnmniidtr nccnaud to bo tneit i not tbo ofaed by hanrniHr WHB tigreeJ1 tj ctlimg uuou the PoetmafltLr Gcnornl for laformation fbo number or clerks ocnpieJ ou tho mnltor ot adjustment of tha poat m iscrt salaneti nnd proprcsa nun3i with tbo Tho bill paBEtd nnthonnnf Ihe con KmcUon of ii bridqo iicroew tbe MitrtiF ippi nt The Setnte then uxiV up tho bill to qnict of flcttlera on iha Doe Moiues but two oclock it disjilncxl bv tbo bill for tbo ro demptiuii trade dulhiand tbo BOH pennon of etnndard dollnr tiiw bowon took the ttoor He arfjuod that tbe trtio of I Bay and nhbCiluely by tlu record stalenient in tm improper bpmt f I mmplylillow the remarks inaimor ot so wfll yon Hisoock trephod which onticmed effect fhat the Lommittob on nver and1 harbors hail v not been sufficiently tbe He did nofmuko anychnrge impro pneh ngninst the committee 7 js member of the committee nver And aatd whila he thonglifes the criticiEins wore unfair lie did not le gnrd tbum as reflecting auyCimpropnety on the committee or its individual jatia1 Iwre Iho mntlor tbpn drcpped Tho Honsa then procaeded to business nuder tho new rulea with ILo beuatit bill nppropniitiug fortuo purpocO ofuddiLouut groaudafor tho Umtel SStales court Lonba fottuunte in not having tcu objectioDu made to Iu meitsnre and Ilia variini nniJ cleariug j MDi trcst brre tbut tin1 Sous hjiiws wofk i inp diatinriYaly i AnieiiLJii Bnrttian ekm in his Lair find wnsdcstroTtd by tlrniimitc of Ibur or uud kavo othtr nttioBP lo 1 oi f for l from tbe comtaittea on appro jia any AB cvidtiiutj Ibid it ocly to aifite ihnt during ISSi the of Iho Oil City Oil ftuftangiamonnted lo uearly two n half fniinrp a hut niiift linndrtxl Juat think of thneit fignrrfl for n fn ysBtamonut of two nnd a half billinua tho ninn hundrrti And th ISHI w a tind year eompaivona na dcoauat of thi monetary thsrp wtrn innny tbe nitrnbttrfl of tu tbia Thft vrhnlo clory n denied in t mwl ouiphnlw ll in purely hoitftflcial inni BixriHl in rtltbnuRbuoutf but thu unlives ci Kisjjinud ship It ia also i uniwl thiit nny for tbo jiurpoifi Tho raainlkw sav they urn A and only intnrestaii ny Whiln 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conduct nf tho police convince tbo public tlial Jiurloa nt tliH tiino of hia cftptnra f xecu i o and judicial nppropnn lion bill rcpnrtM to tho Uonse todnr iin appropriation of wliichw less tlinu the epliinalo antl Ibd npproprintion for tho iiscal of ISOepocinl rxnininorH of thft pccmion proridcd for at tho Inist from to tlio ueudnlioii o tha Interior Biiggofltal Hpoke for both ampndmont and niln said lie knewvtho Rentlomnu from Tennessee intended only on That wan his only bnt bo did not intend to reply in ihftl there wns no fiorioua inrolvod in tho to which tlm gentlpmnu from TouncgFCfl would nddrcea providetl hu ntre capable of of n cnusetl nt Iho Union dopnlInst evening by tlifl dipcovtiry of n woman droned in ranurt clotljua and lmvirtj ou a falsa Ilcr nnmo in Veil known in in and with her nteo oitizJD The gftnt bought tickclB to Union nttcr arriving nud niulit rtnuiny haiirrenfod grral in regard to wholo KgTplian problsm mnnng thn mcmtwrs the OtndKtocn and Enrl El Mahtii uplimu 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