Friday, January 28, 1921

New Castle News

Location: New Castle, Pennsylvania

Page: 25

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Text Content of Page 25 of New Castle News on Friday, January 28, 1921

New Castle News (Newspaper) - January 28, 1921, New Castle, Pennsylvania Liberal Credit Extended Boys' Mickinaws Heavy Blanker Plaids Variety Colors Open An Account EVERYTHING IN READY-TO-WEAR BoysM nits Overcoats Values Sizes 12 to 18 Years UST DAY OF Only One More Day. Come Early and Pick Out Your Bargain. It Is Here For You II ill Saturday Special We have sold hundreds of beautiful Coats during our January Clearance at ridiculously low prices. Saturday, tomorrow is the lasi: day and to wind-up, with a whirl wind finish we have added another cut in prices. Coats Coats Coats All favored materials of the season. All wanted Belted Coats, Silk Lined, Fur-Trimmed, Wrappy Styles, Trotteur Models, Silk Stitched. Tailored and Embroidered. SPECIAL Plush COitS Coats Coats _ Coats Lowest Prices in New Castle at The Outlet. Spring Hats s Just arrived, 'distinctive, Spring Models, Feather Turbins, Satins, Straws. Tangerine Grey Henna Navy Not one new shape or color miss- ing. Exclusive liats at little cost. 200 SWEATERS S5, S6. EVEN S10 Sweaters. Take Your Choice. LADIES' MEN'S BOYS' Ail sizes and colors Saturday Special SUIT SALE Ladies' and Misses' S35, S40 and suits grouped in one lot at S24.98 ,not one worth less than S35. A surprisingly large and varied selection in. Hijrh Grade plain ones serviceable for Spring to the stylish women and critical misses of this city an opportunity never before known to buy handsome Suits for iessihan what they cost the manufacturer to produce them. Choice Fur trimmed, plain tailored. >ilk lined, silvenoncsr suedines, yalamns. j Georgette Blouses Giving them away. Think of it.....-Crepe- de-Chtne, Pongee, Georgette Waists: So, S7 Waists. CJcorjfclle Waists Beaded Plain ALL FUR PIECES Selling At Mz Off Spring Model arrivals for Srin vH.> "tl Ill fl'f ttn- d-w Willis Prof. Edward Kurtz Will Plav Simdav unit n fun- ui i n ltlp LJM til 1 Jut w :is I ti-i-tiili niiMil Uii'.v Imiirovt-.l. Sun hi-r i I'nliru iry 10. urn plnn- i in si'i-lnui mni h.-v i.t; nliiK i very jtood [irnKi'iim unit r.i- I Presiding H. T'liiiiiiner I'jm- ry. Sin Pol olio run. I'ollsli :dlnne.r wan 11.1.. Kpanelnd In a manner. ThoHe In Prof. Huuln-a. the piirly were Mrn. Huok. '.'Pref.erilaUon of 'Korean Work." Mrs. .lamnn llatiwidl. Mrs. TlmiiiiiH I'tnr- Mulrlieai.l and com mil ten. "A Dr. 1C. 15. Itiicli. A iiierion iilxitl ion buruun. state of PiiiiiiHylvunlii. durfl. Community Grcioer, leader. Wampum News CONVK.VTIOX .Vlr.s. W. It. Murllji, MI'H. 13. nindliiKcr. Mt-H. 0. A. Huller and oill, llfiwiird Noni'l, Mrtt. John llrnwn innl Mrw. Shul- Mr. and MM. Klltiworth Ah-y. Mr. anil Mrs. M. .1. Mlnner and I'liinlly. Mr. and MI-H. I''. M. MU'-.H, Mr. nnd company, of Ifitlwood I'.lly. for IIIIHII nnd tiyntpiilhy ilijrluK Ultifmt mid death of our mollim1. Mrri. 8. nlKii for tlui lifiiullful lltinil trlbiiti.'H. II TIIIC FAMILY. .M I' I ;.M P Kit SOX A I .S Mm. Klnier niiiillnin- of UrooUlyn lldlK'UM. Tluii'ntlm' In Ni-w II.-. Boys Department Enjoys Social Mr Kurtt short '.Snip titjo h.'H 'I ml IANKRUP1CY Willi In Tlini-Hiliiy, daughter Jlolun, Mrs. rluB MI-H MlliMidiHl the nineral jn ol MI-H. I'llnnir Aley nuinulay m Niirlih Sewli-.kley. PallheurerH MIHHOH Clriinu null Ve.lma Mlnuor, Mury Knare, Crime Hlhlobrand, O-uy ami CunnlnK'hiijn, .voiinx InilloK who wero I'l-ltindu of l.liirilo when ulu.1 In Wnin txiys ilcpiiruurtiit tho V. M.'c Hi.'Ill tho tllfll. ('f TOUI-IUl- iiioiit in bi> hi'ld In tho tWO niltlllllrf. A Of KllllU'H wim pluyi'il whli'h tnohiili'il hlllurilrt. roiiui-. ohnckiTM, ,Mnn- ittid Hunk Six toiuurt i-omporti' rompi'linl, RitHh inoiubor of tlu winning lonin u of t'untl.v n IH-IRO. Afior thf lout- It uUfiU-! will In' h> hi-, ...I'M. 9. Kos iiinl Mrit. KIMT Martin worn Cnnllo vlnltorn nngini Albnrt. VoKfilDi' of I'll tiihurKh, IH j Woddntl. .luhil MtiKhon nnd n, fi-.w ilayn with blu brnUi- llrtiiidhi'iii. h-ul U'f Final Practice For Life Savers Klllitl ir> i-uli ti'i- tin- l.lfi'-Snvurd oi'l-tUU'atu will (H. n.'ur.a ;il tho V. M. 0. A. ihtvaU. i i 98 PETIT1ON