Tuesday, July 20, 1915

New Castle News

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New Castle News (Newspaper) - July 20, 1915, New Castle, Pennsylvania Phones. Telephone Your Items tp New Castle's Newsy Newspaper. NEW CASTLE NEWS Weather. Generally fair tonight and Wednes- day; moderate temperature. VOLUME 291 NEW CASTLE, PA., TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1915.-12 PAGES. TWO CENTS A COPY. GAIN RUSSIAN ARMY IS NOW HARD PRESSED ON ENTIRE FRONT Germans Claim to Have Captured Several Towns and Are Driven From Fortified Positions and Fall Back-to Narew River By FREDERICK WERNER, LN.S. Staff Correspondent. BERLIN, July 20.--A11 along the line in Poland-the Aus- tro-German armies of Field Marshal Von Mackensen, Field Marshal Von Hindenburg and Gen. Von Buelow are forcing back the Russians in their great drive against Warsaw. An official statement issued by the German general staff- early today reports that the Russians are falling back at various points alltho, way from the Baltic to the Galician line, and announces the capture of The towns of Tuckum and Schlock have by the Teutonic allies. The troops of Gen. Von Buelow's army have occupied Windau. Between the.Pissa.and.Sk.wa rivers.the Russians were driven out of their fortified positions by the assaults of the Ger- manic forces. Between Ostrolcnka and Novo Georgievsk the Russians-have'fallen back upon the Narew river where an- other fight' is 'developing: In the southeastern theatre the Sllestan troops took the advance Russian position at Cicplice by Btorm. Only at one' point. between the Vistula and the Bug rivers, namely west of Krasno, has'the Rus- sian army attempted any.serious re- sistance. In the western theatre of war a day'of has been followed by an -increase of activity. Numerous artillery duels have', oc- curred between the Oise river and the Argonne. A French attack near Souchez was repulsed. The text of .the official report fol- lows: "Eastern theatre of troops have captured .Tuckum .and Schlock. Windau has been occupied by us. During the pursuit of the Russians our tro'ops- reached Hof- zumberg. .West of Mitau the enemy is maintaining prepared positions. Northeast of Poliany and Kurschany lighting is in progress." "Between Pissa and the Skwa riv- ers the Russians have evacuated positions which had been repeatedly (Continued on Fagre At Oil Plant At BAYONNB, N. J., July thousand workers at the onne Austrians Gaining On Bug River Official Statement From Vien- 1 na Says the Russians Are Retreating. BY. BURNETT, I. S. ii. Staff Correspondent. VIENNA, Via Berlin and Amster- dam, July troops have crossed the Bug river, northeast o: Sokal, and have gained a foothold on the eastern bank of the stream, the war office announced today. The re- sistance of the reinforced Russian forces has been broken down and they are retreating, the official state- ment adds. The official statement, telling of the new Austrian victory, follows: "The offensive of the allied troops in. Poland was continued yesterday. West of the Vistula fighting contin- ued at Alzonka. Northwest of Itza, Austrian troops captured some po- sitions. "German troops advanced success- fully to the heights near Krasnostav. pany were ordered out on strike today and the tieup threatens to cause an- other serious dislocation in the ship- ment of supplies to the warring allies in Europe. Rioting broke out this af- ternoon and many persons were hurt when 50 policemen, armed -with revol- vers and cluhs, attacked of the strikers. conjunction with German forces, Austrian regiments are engaged in violent fighting between Skierbiczow and Grabovetz. "On the Pilica we obtained a foot- ing in the enemy's positions on the heights. "Our troops made prisoners there. '.'Silesian and West Galician troops Police Inspector Daniel Caby was struck with a stone and badly hurt. Several arrests were made. The men, although not unionized; acted in concert when the still clean- ers asked for a 15 per cent wage in- crease. The Bayonne plant of the Standard Oil company is the biggest in the gained a footing on the eastern bank of the Bug river northeast of Sokal In turning movements. The force under command of Gen. Klrschbac captured 12. men and five machine guns. "The successes achieved on the whole front by the allied troops broke the enemy's resistance. He Six steamers-are tied up at the was unable to maintain his positions docks there taking on hoard he had moved all POS- 1 j s France. Most the employes are I few days, foreigners. troleum and gasoline for England and sible -reinforcements during the last I few days. On Sunday night he .began to 100 Company Proposition retreat and evacuated the battlefield for the victorious armies. "In eastern Galicla the situation is generally unchanged. The enemy made attacks only on the hank the Dniester below of Councilmen were .-notified this moraine by J. G. A.- Paul, superin- tendent of'the Mahoning and Shen- ango Valley Railway company, that the resolution passed by council pro- viding that the company would be re- lieved of repaving the right of way on Highland avenue between Boyles Lincoln avenues, until next year, was accepted by the company. Some arrangements were also sug- gested as to paving now being done. These were accepted by the city, all councilmen, with the exception of the mayor, voting, for them. REV.- PROSSER TO SPEAK ON DIAMOND Weather permitting, Rev. Win. A. Prosser will'speak on the diamond on Wednesday evening, Instead of In trades assembly hall. This was de- cided upon on account of tho ex- tromo henl of last week. In caso of -ruin, tho meeting will take placo In the trades assembly hall, as usual. Unity. Worship." Subject, "Justice, Scales Will Remain Higher Than Street No Chance to Mmlo on Wilming- ton Avenue to finit. Elevation of Scales. No change will he made in the grade of the paving being done on Wilmington avenue to suit the loca- 'tlon of a set. of scales at the city line, councilmen decided' this morn- ing. Scales located In front of a store just across the city lino are higher than the grade of the paving. The storekeeper wanted the paving made so that It would reach the floor ot the scales, 'as it Is impossible to low- er the scales, ho said. Councilmen and the engineer visit- ed the scone and decided that It would not ho a wise move to change the grade of the paving and make a hump on the atroot. KAISERIN GREETS WOUNDED SOLDIERS AT HOME SHE ESTABLISHED. "afternoon home" nt Pots- GREETS, The picture shows the kaiserin shaking hands with convalescent soldiers nt the dam. wounded soldiers who are convalescing are a difficult problem'to Berlin, where .there are a score of big military hospitals. The convalescents wish to return to the front as soon as they are able to be out of bed, too soon for their own good and the physicians and nurses have a hard time keeping them from becoming fretful. Condition Of Frank Favorable Indications Are That He May Recover From Villainous Attack. OFFICIAL INQUIRY IN ORDUNA CASE WASHINGTON, July Secretary of State Uansing to- day stated that' an official in- vestigation of the submarine at- tack upon the steamship Ordu- nn had .been ordered. The inquiry will he conduct- ed by officials of the treasury department and was- ordered following receipt of a'letter at the state department from W. O. Thompson of Chicago, who was aboard the Orduua. Mr. Thompson's testimony related to the shelling of the Orduna after the torpedo had failed to hit the vessel. It is expected that the in- quiry will be in charge of Dud- ley Field Malone, collector of the port at New York, and will consist of taking affidavits from passengers, officers and crew of the ship. The state department, it was indicated, would require positive proof that the Orduna was attacked without warning before making it a base for representations to Germany. Probe Asked In Orduna Incident Rev. C. S. Joshua Believes That United States Will Cause Investigation. Rev. C. fi. Joshua today expressed the gallon of the Ciinnrd line steame would' result, owing to the fact that (International News MILLEDGEVILLB, Ga., July 20. M. Frank's condition today is favorable. His temperature has receded to 99. Physicians said his chances of recovery have improved noticeably. Frank's condition is more satis- 'a'ctory this morning than at any .Ime since he was declar-1 ed Warden Smith. "There is no sign of infection and physicians are I much encouraged. Barring the un- 'oreseen the physicians think Frank will be able to sit up in a day or .wo." Light was today thrown upon the attack on Frank when one of the >rison guards said that the liberty ranted Mrs. Frank about the prison and the restrictions imposed upon Mrs. Green, wife of the man who at- .acked Frank, was one of the reasons lor the attempt on Frank's life. Ac- cording to this guard Mrs. Frank las been allowed free access to the >rison and has seen her husband at j vill and alone, whereas Mrs. Green, I vho visited her husband last week, nprinlttpi-1 tn Mm nnlv '0 iuini.t.-u oiuic.i BUVCIIIIUCIII lan-U some, mnutls and in the of a PARIS' Julv more sue- action in the matter to protect its uard She had to wMt wo hours cessful air ralds have been carried citizens and lives were before aefinc him at all Green bv allied aviators, the French endangered by the firing of the tor-! seated nuftured'a erudce because !ffar officc today. The! pedo and the shelling of the Orduna stated, nurtured a grudge because raihvay station at Qolmar in Alsace I on July 9. REMINGTON ARMS MACHINISTS ARE LOCKEDJN PLANT Big Strike Which Was Called for Noon Today Failed to Materialize on That Men Are Offered a Dollar a Day 7 Increase BRIDGEPORT, Conn., July strike of the ma- chinists in the Remington Arms plant, scheduled to take placo at noon today and postponed until 1 o'clock, failed to mater- ialize up to p. m. Yice-Prosident Johnson of the Structural Iron Workers, announced at that time: "The Remington Co. has locked our men in the factory. They have offered them a dollar a day increase, and the men are in that much. What can we do to get them Plans for the inauguration of the strike hi the Reming- ton Arnis-U. M. C. plant at noon today spread shortly before'.''. 11 o 'clock from an order calling 500 men out, to an order af-. footing every machine shop in Bridgeport by-contract or sub-contract any parts of the bayonets, ammunition or bul- lets for the II. il. C: Following this announcement from un- ion headquarters name the report that the naval militia had been ordered to report, for duty at the armory for service in the strike zone on a-fifteen-tap blow- on the city fire alarm' system. "The strike will be Inaugurated noon as originally planned in the new Remington Arms plant and also in all plants in Bridgeport handling Will Oil Road For Two Miles State Highway Commissioner Orders HarlunsbnrR Hand Closed for Ten Days. sub-contracts for the Remington con-'; announced Vice-President J.'> J. Kepler of the International Asso-. elation of Machinists, after a con-, ference in labor headquarters short- ly after 10 o'clock this morning. "The Bridgeport-Engineering Co., v the Gaynorlianufacturirig Co'., ..and the Columbia Bolt Nut Co.r will be pulled also at noon. "There will also be a factory pull- ed later in the afternoon." "The more work and the less mon- ey they have, the better off they are. To reduce their working from ten-to eight hours, would he simply to give. them more time to loaf around the corner is the language at- tributed to Fred Atwater, treasurer of the Columbia Nut Bolt Co. Mr. Atwater's plant was the .-Brat, shop ng resurfaced by gang of 25 men un- outside of the Remington, to be' sla- der the direction of J. .G. 'Miller. The ted for a walk-out, public Is requested to use the East- j Walking delegates made an at- j brook road to go to Harlansburg dur-. tempt today to have work stopped ation of the' attempted torpedoing ing the time the Harlansburg road is'on the new addition to the Locom.o- t the Cu'nnfd line steamer Orduna closed. [bile factory by the Flint Two hundred and twenty-five tons Construction Co. of Palmer, Mass. On orders issued by State Highway Commissioner Cunningham the. Har- lansburg 'macadam road will be closed for its' entire length of four miles for a period 'of ten days commencing Thursday of this week. No traffic of any kind will be allowed on the road the-two miles of which lying nearest two city to the city will be oiled, miles farthest away from The the have been closed for "several days on account of the fact that they are he- William 0. Thompson, council to the Federal Industrial relations commis- j sion, was a passenger on the boat and was on the promenade deck when the attack was made by the German submarine and witnessed it in every detail. He had been in England dis- cussing methods of dealing with dis- putes between corporations and em., ployes witii David Lloyd George. Rev. Joshua met him and was much im- pressed with his ability. The following is the public state- ment made by Mr. Thompson in a New York newspaper in regard to the matter. He.said: "I feel so strongly about the at- tack made on 'the Orduna by the I German submarine that 1 will bring jit before the state department at Washington. I have my business to attend to in New York on Monday and will then go to Washington. I shall lay. the facts before Secretary Lousing on Tuesday and request the United States government take some PARIS, July more sue-i action in the matter to protect its Air Raids By Allied Aviators Railway Station at Colniar is Dam- aged as Well as Train of Cars. of silica gravel will he used In prevented the. delegates from nection with the oling of the road, 'entering the plant. As soon as the oiling of the Marians-; TJIC Locomobile company has enor- burg macadam has been completed.' mous ortiers for the European allies. Ihe Youngstown road will be oiled automobiles and motor trucks, orders of the highway commissioner.' principally for the Russian govern- Surveyors have completed Ihe Locomobile company of- ing out of one mile additional to be refuse to discuss the matter macadamized on the Eastbrook road. morning. The contract for the work been let yet and the work has not will not likely be started for a short time un- til the successful bidder has been an- nounced. And Council Reach An Agreement Two Driveways Over Sidewalk Hast Washington Street to lie Allowed. Will Kndeavor to Organize Club in Neighboring City nt That Time. this treatment. The Georgia prison commission will begin .a thorough probe into the case, Saturday. It .was learned today that Green had threatened.to "get Dr, Compton ooner or because the prison ihysician insisted upon vaccinaling ilm for typhoid. Footbridge Is Not Properly Lighted As a result of investigation made by council last night at the Grant treet bridge site, they are of the opinion that the county should have the temporary footbridge properly ighted. This matter will be brought to he attention of the county commis- sioners. and the railway junction at Chal- lerange in Eastern France, were at- tacked. Six French aeroplanes took part in the raid on Colniar, which occurred early today. Four machines were j in the squadron that raided Challe- range on Monday. At Colniar the railway line was. damaged as well as the station, and I a train. All the aeroplanes return- ed to their base undamaged. bombs were dropped at Challerange. "I felt that I had a right to return home on the Orduna, although she flies the British flag and because she is a passenger ship. The fact that we had no war munitions on board fortified this opinion." Health Officer Is After Ice Man Now <ew Alderman's Bond Approved Real Estate Here On Thursday evening a large dele- I gallon of members of the New Cas- tle Rotary club will go to Butler, making the trip in autos. After reaching Butler, the party will stop As a result of the conference he-jat tno Njxon hotel, where a lunch tween councilmen and the P. fc '.-iwill be served. E. Railroad company officials thisj while in that city an effort will be morning it has been practically to arouse interest in organiza- cided that the company will be of a notary club for Butler, this lowed two driveways across the principal motive for the walk on East Washington street. trip The present alleyway near Duf-j autos will leave New Castle ford's store will be made 27 feet in-iabout o'clock, and some 35 have stead of IS feet in width, and an ad- ditional driveway be allowed near the Pennsylvania Railroad sta- tion, this to be used jointly by the already announced their intention of accompanying the party. F. E. Sowersby is in charge of transportation for the trip, and D. L. City Health Officer Harper this morning that it had been said "Eastslde real estate is more ac- tive at the present time than at any time I have declared George T. Weingartner, extensively interest- led in real estate in that section, this morning. j "Work has now been started and is under on ten new houses in that district and nine have been P. L. E. and Pennsylvania com-1 Cole, of the entertainment. ]pany. I The P. L. E. company i p J A tatives agreed to have the approach: Kcpnyfl I .IfOWn I ill to the tracks, which was "CtUi U VrlUYVU VII constructed to the sidewalk on East Washington street, removed. It will be placed nearer Produce street. A conference was held this after- noon at which time the question of ported to the department that an ice man Is In the habit of washing off ice at a catering trough for horses In the Seventh ward. He has no facts as to the guilty party or a prosecution would ho started. This practice must be stopped. Dr. Harper says, and the place will he I watched, sornc of the neighbors be- ing Instructed to watch for the par- ticular Ice man guilty. completed since the winter, making 19 new houses In one special local- ity this summer. One of the houses was erected on the Butler he said. C. B. BROWN IS DEPliTV HKOISTKH II-U J. T. Glcason, deputy register ami BACK IN TOWN Bond of Claude Mantz, newly ap- pointed alderman In the Fourth ward, who succeeds Cassius W. Han- icy, 1ms boon approved, and tho now alderman Is on the Job. The rooms lormorly occupied by Alderman Ran-1 duties this morning on account of III- James McMillan of Ncshnnnock nvo- icy have been fitted up for use of ness. It Is expected that ho will bo nuc, his former roommate. Brown Is C. F. Urown ot Vicksburg, Miss., who was In this city for some time several years ago, In tho five and ten cent store business, Is In Now Castlo recorder, was unable to attend to hifl for a short visit, being a guest of the crossing near the Pennsy station being used jointly by the Pennsyl- vania and discussed. P. L. E. companies was FIRE ON OKLAHOMA TO BE INVESTIGATED WASHINGTON, July navy department today ordered an investi- gation into tlie mysterious fire aboard Ihe battleship Oklahoma in the Cam- den yards ot the New York Ship Building company. Secretary Daniels said that ho had instructed Admiral Bonson, chief of Alderman Mantz. able to return lu a day or two. .in charge oC tho store at Vlckaburg.jcauao of tho fire. Captain Kom- constructlon of tlic Oklahoma for tho department to make a thorough Inquiry Into tho operations, to direct merllng, Inspector of Grocers' Picnic Day All arrangements are complete for the big Grocers' picnic to be staged at Cascade park tomorrow, Secretary Ed. O'Brien estimates that a record breaking crowd for the pic- nics will be present if the weather conditions are agreeable. Barbers are eagerly anticipating a chance to get at the Grocers in the baseball game, while the Groc- ers are Just as anxious. the Barber-Grocer melee Preceding will bo a regular contest, Amhrldgo playing the New Castle Works team, this contest starting at 2 o'clock. DEATH RECORD. Mrs. Alice Knight Forbes, Alamo- (In, Col. Thonms A. Hiisscll Now Clulllco.