Wednesday, December 10, 1890

Lock Haven Express

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

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Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - December 10, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania mnm NINTH YEAK-NO. 241. LOCK HAVEN, PA., WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 10, 1890. PBICE-TWO CENTS EVENING EXPBESS CURRENT COMMENT. Wiktbr'9 apparent failore last year was only s temporary saiipension. BusiDess is Taaamed at tlie old atand thia year more briakly tbao ewr._ Ez-Lieuteoant-GoTernor Black has oloacd ao engagQinect wifch the New Yoik World to write political lettera from Waali-iDgton and will be aitaobed to the ^YorM bareau at the National Cap.ttl. DuKiKQ tbia year the dtebureine nificers of the Treaaury will pay out $21,000,000 (or peDeiona. Money paid in this way goea directly into circulation and la widely diairibnted oyer the oonntry. Eassas ia becoming a prolific source of political mOTement�. Iti latest production ia an organization called the Knights of Reciprocity, a seoret order whose central idea ia free trade on the American continent. Tha farmers are laid to lie juinlng it in great numbers. When the extent to which new speou-lative enterprises have been put on the London market is considered, the money panic over there is easily accounted for. Within the past three years there have been put on the London Stock Bicbange enterprises capiulizcd at $1,750,000,000. Tbebe ia a prospect now that the dispute o�er the Cherokee ttrip may be permanently aeitled. A sydicate of oattie-men baa offered the Cherokee Nation, which is the owner of the strip, $10,000,-" 000 for its t'tle, which is $3,000,000 more than was offered by the United States Government. The etrip is about fbree baa-dred and sixty miles long by nearly sixty milea wide, and it is said to he worthless for farming, but admirably adapted for , grazing. Alt. is now confusion in the camp of the Irish Nationalists. Their campaign baa been broken up, their plans disarranged, and, worst of all, their army divided into antagonistic factions. Those w bo predicted that their cause would be aet back fifteen years by ParneU'e obstinacy already tied their predictions justified, for Ibongh fresh overtures will be made to Mr. Gladstone and the Liberals, tbey will be made on behalf of a section of the party only, and, uuleEs reflection shall calm the angry temper of the Patnellites, the new alliance, if made, will be opposed by that faction. Ik the alleeed discoveries of Dr. Eoch have no other result than to stimulate ex-perinsenta by other physicians and scientists in kindred directions, they will result in much good. It Is already announced that an eminent Scoteh pathologist, has been following in the same lino of iuTcsti-gation, and has discovered and secured the bacillus Dr'piirasite which is the origin of canoer. These reports must of course be accepted with proper precaa-tiODS andiTtaerve, but it seems almost certain We are now in the right line for making many valuable discoveries which heretofore bare been but expectations. Adjotast GEHEaAL ha6tisg3' report on the condition of the State Militia is in-tereatiag in more ways than one. It shows tbat the condition of the force at the present time ia excellent, and has been steadily Improving. The cost of the aniioa! en-eampment of the soldiers at Mt. Gretna was about $123,000, which is about 450,000 less than the oost of the encampment at the same place in 1887, and $35,000 less than in 1884. The troops are all armed now with the regulation Springfield rifle, tha same as tbat used by the regular, army. The eoat of the service through rigid economy has not during the past five years exceeded the annual appropriations. The efficiency of the troops was never so great as at the present time. A Boitoa Man's AmazloK Keenest. From QuiK. A BoiitOD mac besought bis wife for the privilege of a latch key. "Latch-key!" sbe exclaimed in tones of amazement, "what use can men have for a latch-key when the Woman's Emancipation League meeti on Monday nigbt, and the Lidies' Domestic Mission on Tuesday, the Sisters ofJeriobo on Wednesday, the Woman's Science Circle on I huraday, the Daughters of Nineveh on Friday aud the Woman's Progressive Art Association and the Suffrage Band on alternate Saturday nights. Yon oan i^tay at home and see that tiio baby doesn't fall out of the cradle." He stays. Mlalatera Are I.lke Cat:. ITrom the J�ew York Tribane. A prominent clergyman gives thij de-agription of the life of a mioister: "My experieooea witb eburchcs nake me think that mlnlstera are like oats. When you go to a new place first every-bodr aays: Comepuaay! oome pussy! nice pussy,' and you oome. Tbw tb�y begin to ruk your fur and �Foor vauj! poor puayl' ud tbm tbey ay.'SBatl"' PAMELLAl OmiN AGAIN The Oonespondeuce Between the Two Men Mada Public, O'BSIEN TO SAIL ON SATURDAY. The EfTitt* UelDiE Made to �ffect An Ad-jQSlmeDt or the KatloDulUt Pimcultlcs ^ -AppaaU to Parn�U Mad* In Valo-Ar-runxIiiE for a CoDferenca lYtth the De-poied Leader. New Yohk, Dec. 9-This afternoon O^Brien made tbe foUowmj: sUtomeDt: In coDsecaeoce of tbe misleadiDg versioD? of oablegramB which have just passed be-tweeu Pacoell and myself on the subject of nesotiatioDfi for a reunion of tbe Irish party, I have decided to make public the entire oorrespoiidence. It In as follows: O'BBIKN TO PaRSELlf. New'Yokk, Dec. 7. (Uon fid cd tlal.} I �briQk wllb horror Irom taking Rides agamst you in a Btrugglo which opens such an appalling prospect or ruin and dlEgrncs to onr cauEe. Throughout this unhappy buBlness I have absi^ilned from saying one vord personally offensive loyou, and have read with deepest pain and disgust some of the personal attacks made on you. and now hefure Ireland is irretrievably committed tonrulnous conflict, I appeal to yon as a leader that I have for ten > ears been proud to roMow, and as a frlena tor whom I shall fee! a warm aflecilon. Can you not see some way by which, while safety guarding your own reputation, the country may be saved frcm the destruction which threatenii It? parnell to o'DRlEN. Had you wired prior to Saturday some sug-eestlon from me might have succeeded. Now too late for me to rescue seceders irom the false pooitii.n. Shall, however, be glad to see you>nd consult you on arrival in Europe. Id addition to tbe above O'Brien today forwarded the following oablo to Paruell: I regret to flnd mlslendlng version of my coufldentlal cablegram published lu thepresR. Your reply shows a total misunderstanding of my message, which was prompted by my regard for your past services, and by the still ex-Islinff personal aSeclion, and sent with the knowledge of my colleagues here. In the earnest hopes ttatyou might in consonance wl;h the will of the mBjorlty of the party, whose election ofa chairman we bave endorsed. llud a way by which the country xnlgbt be taved from a rulnona contllct. To me your reply leaves little ground of hope, but having regard to the horrible conseiueuces to the country of a prolonged Internecine struggle, I am stUI anxious to have an Interview aud shall start Saturday for France on my way to Ireland. Am communlcstlDg this to the press. Late this afternooo Dillon sent the fol-lon iog cablegram to Justin McCarthy. O'Brien sails Saturday, to convey our viiiws and consult you and your colleagues. We pubriFh to-day full cablegrams with Parnel). Gill will undoubtedly sail with Mr. O'Brien. THE IRISH PAllTY CUISIS. London, Dec. 9.-Mr. Gladstone has written a letter regarding the crisis in the Irish Nationalist partj in which be says there appears to be no question affecting himself; but only an unexplained coutra-diotioQ between ibe Parnell of November, 1890, and the Parnell of all former dates since tbe Hawarden interview. Justin McCarthy, tbe aDti-Parnellite leader, has expressed the hope that the division betwesn the two sections of the Nationalist party will bo gradually bridged. When Parnell started for Dublin a large crowd of Irishmen, residents of t!iis city, bad assembled at tbe railway station, and on the appearance of Pdruell cheered wildly. P.irnell entered the car, and from the wiudow addressed his couDtrymen. lie said: "lam overj'iyed t') sec that you have honored me in Euuh large numbers. Tba demonstration will help me in tho fight which I bavo underUltcn. Over sizteen years ago the IrJahmeu of England gave me the first assistance in framing for my couutrj the path which abe has pursued. From tbat day to this I bave never forgotten your help, never forgotten tbat to you exiles of Erin was due the credit of tho flrstGod speed in the new struggle. You will have no c.�use to re-Kret that you ttjod by mu in those days. You will be witb me to the end, and together we will win for our country what God determined we should get." A number of tba MoCarlby facllon of tbe Irish Parliamontiry party woro on the same train occupying seats in tbu rsar cars, PARNELL in UURLIN. DuuLiN, Dec. 9.-Piunell baa arrived in Dublin. He is tbe guest of the Lord &fayor at the Mansion Uouae. He intends to reorganize tbe National League in Dublin. The Pownpatrick brunch of the National League has adopted a resulution repudiatinR Parnell. Bishop Woodlock has fcfcrongly prononnced agaiatt Parnell. &go.'* That quoted sontf ooe is aa grattfj-ing tn tbe people of L^ck Haven as to those of any other part of this great Commonwealth But take tbe abort seotenoe immediancly following the above quotation: ''Then ihero were no eraded schools outside the Urge cities. Tbe pnpila warn in claHses, tbe bright and the dull ones, the f-low and tbe more advaooed ones, all toeotber." Any pt?i8->D who has reoided in L'>ok Haven fnr mnre (ban thirty years past knows that tbe above statement is not true. The older and the middle aged people of Lnok Haven, then resiienta of this place, remember very well that thor-oa^h^y graded scbno's were opened io tbia town in July, 1S55, under tbe management of Prnf. \. K Browne, of the State of Naw York. That from tb�t time on for a period of mora than thirty five years the rising generation bave bad the advantages arising from well regulated graded Bohools. Tbat many of our best and tnret ratfable basinesi men were graduatei from tboee 83ba(l(>; tbat tboee who availed them-oDlvrs of ihei>o opportaoities became snob men and women as tbe present generation are proud to reoogriiza abd honor. Providence has kindly cired for thesn teachers, in tba^ they ali still live, while many of their pupils have gone to their resting places. Hon. H. L. D.tffetibaoh, snbnr ard Qompiler of the school law of 1354, wah prrsideut of the Loofc Haven School Board at that time, hnviog but recently lefc the aobool department at Harrisburg. 8j interested was he io those sohools tbat he visited them every day during the first three weeks I ihirJr that be and T. T. Abrn,ms, E^^q , arn the only members of that board now living. Hun. Aiiifon White, Judge P d others of tqual ability aud Htandiog in the community were ready and desiroui to serve as directors and do a'l in their power to make the schools a sucossa. The teachers wore employed by the year and promp'ly paid at tbe end of each month. Wp could well wish tbat tbe above qio. tation purporting to come from State Snperintend* nt Waller, is a miatake, as it BviiU'i.t!y in, not true. Orrin T. Noulb. TRANSPIRINGS OF A DAY News of Interest for Oar Many Beadsrs to Pernse. THE LATEST MKJAL HEWS BULLETIN. Chrlltinai Tr(�. forth. >-<w Turk H.rk.t, The aaouiil harvest of Cbriatmas trees for tbe New York market has begua in the erergreen woods of Msme, and a good m\ay down EjstotB who would oiberwise be idle feel thaukful to Santa olaus and tbe groat merropolia for providing tbem witb woik. Many Cbrifitmas trees are cat nlon^ Ebo shores of Penobfioot bay, others in Cumberlaud, Oxford and Frankliu eoun-lies, and more down along tbe eastern coast. Dozens of carloads are shipped to N'/w Bork every season, besides tkousands of trees by steamer, and Maine never misses them. They are from three to thirty feet in height, afid are selected from tbe handsomest spruce and fir growth. When a BanRur boy wants a Christmas tree be simply taketf a hatchet, walks a mile or so and takes his pick. The only thing that vforrk'B him is tbe fact tbat there are more trees than presents. Fr.parinE o Celflbrate-Teacher.* Inslttota -Hop. Hosa Oompsoj'. Ofllcera-Atl.nd Io it Ta-D�y-Oonrt Uousa Improvement. - A LltlU GUM Lost - Ulomry Exerel.el-Cbilstinas EBWrlainmrnt. rreparatioDB far a propar obaervaoce of the Fourth of Julf 11891, in this oity are already In progress by tbe members of tbe Patriotio Order, Sons of America. On that day as hu already bwo stated ia the Es.-riiEfis the P. O. 8. of A. anniversary association of tbe district will maet in Lock Haven aud celebrate tbs occasion by a grand parade. A meeting of th� committees from tba samps sod oommiodery in this oity was held on Monday night in tbe ball of Camp No. 161 and organization effected by the election oE tbe following officers: President, J. T. Zimmerman; Seoretary, Abi� Beltman; Treasurer, C. C. Curtin. These gentlemen are officers of tbe general committee and sab-�omrait-tecs.will be appointed later. This district is composed of camps in Clinton, Lycoming, Ceutre, Elk,Clearaeld,Cameran and Blair counties. Tbe annnal meetings of the Anniversary Assoeiatiou of tba disltict are held on the Foartb of July and the members of tba order in Look Haven and vicinity will spare no efforts to make tbat of next year a grand success. From Colorado. The Wiliiamsport Qaiette ami Bulletin. of this morning, says: "Boyd C. Packer, of Lock Haven, epeit yesterday afternoon in Wiliiamsport, visiting bis mother, tbe widow of the late Governor William F. Packer. He is freah from western Colorado, where be spent the last two months, and. brongbt with him several bams of venison and other game as specimens of Colorado prodnctioo-game of all kinds being very abundant where he was. He lefc Adjutant William P. Clark in Grand JuDotion, Colorado, pn Monday last, bale, hearty and enjoying bis western eiparienco immensely. Mr. P.cker proposes to revisit Colorado, where be has large business interests, after a few weeks, and tbe Adjutant expects to remain there until bla return. The Desk, of Dead Statesmen. The desk which tbe late Judge W. D. Kelley, of Pennsylvania, used in tbe UouEo of Kepresentatives for more tban a quarter of a century was on Friday taken out of the House and sent to bis widow, to be preserved by her as an heirloom. This graceful recognition of long service is to be followed by sending to tbe widow of tho late S. 5. Cox nod to Mrs, Samuel J. Kan-dali tbe desks which their respective husbands used for a similar lenirtb of time io Iho hitll in tbo House. No formal resolution to this tffecl has been adopted, but tbe action \vx^ been taken by general consent ot membara, aud it Is known that it will be warmly appreciated. A. Good Then as N ow. Uader tbe above,b-ading tho LmtaHiKr New&a takis ocosfion to sny'tbal "� very interestioft &tatvm(Lt has been srnt out by 3ta*o Superintendent Waller, wb'cb throws a good deal of liKht on the prrui nt optntiui.s of the ocmman (Ohonl sjg'em of the State, Ooa of the first tbiDgs which an<agei tba attentlaa In this report Is tba aperior ohnifloMioo nf tbe tobooN ~Df tb� ptetent (l*7 OTer tbat. of (Airfy yeirs Saap From Corn. From the Omaha Bee. A company has been organizad for tbe manufacture of soap from coro. It will be ooutrolled by Council Bluff capital. From experiments madu during tbo last week it baa been ascertained that tho new soap can be put ou tho market for loss than ooe cent per pound. It is made wholly of corn and alkali, and one bushal of corn m<ikes four hundred pounds of first-class washing soap. It is claimed by Ibo gentlemen embarking In the business that the flnest toilet so.ips can be made. Doa't Mil. It. Mr. Geo. Staley, in "A Koyal Pass," although new to us, is widely and favorably known in other localities, and needs only to be seen to at once established himself as a favorite. The press everywhere has showered encomiums upon Mr. Staley fur his individual performance, the bi^b order of merit maiutiiucd in hts play and the excellence of his company. In addition toa haudsomeperson aud great dramatic ability, Mr. Staley is tho possessor of a aweot-singing voice which he uses with good effect during the play, by appropriately introducing a number of beautiful songs, the greatest favorites being entitled, ".MyHeart's Dsligbt," and "Little Rogue's Asleep." Don't fail seeing him at the Opera House to-morrow nlgbt. -- Hope Bom Company', omcrs. Tbe annual election for officers of Cope Hose Company was hold last night, and the following persons elected: President J. W. Zindel, Vice-President William Caldwell, Secretary J. T. Zimmerman, Treasurer E. E. Brown, Foreman J. T. Zimmerman, First Assistant Edward Lucas, Trustee John Fox, Joseph Scbeid, Charles Weaver, Delegate to tbe State Convention Irvio Habne, Alternate William McCoUum. FONOESIT rOT POVKBI. A Mlscellaneoaa Mixture of Sena* and Nonsense geisBared and Derlbbled. In oaie of toqjtbadhe or .neuralgia relief can generally be found by an application, of a towel saturated witb hot water and applied to the parts. It is the time of year for the Christmas shopping woman to bay her husband a box of pure Havana cigars for 50 cents-a saving of $450 on bis usual outlay. The proper furnishing of a lady's writing desk involves the seleetion of dozens of little knioknacka tbat properly belong there. Just now they should be in silver or out glass exclusively. Girls always slide left foot first. There is alwaya room in this world for man of first class ability, "What do you do for a living?" asked the magistrate of the pickpocket. *'0h, I take things as they some," was tbe reply. And the next thing be took was six months. Hiss Sum mitt-"Do you tbiok Mr. Dashaway, there will ever be snob a thing aa perfection in dress?" Dashaway- 'Not naless onr present credit system is improved upon." 'Did your husbaod have a will" asked the lawyer of tbe weeping widow for tbe second time. "I don't think he could. I know be never had any as long as I've been married tu him." His choice.-"Which would yon ratber be, Willie, a monkey or a giraffe?" "Gi-raife, every time. It would be bully in the Summer time for looking over the base ball ground fence." Finger rings witb tbe diamunj sunk in tbe band are affected by some men. Tbe old plan pf wearing a finger ring witb the diamond "sunk" for whatever it will bring is still another thing, however. Resolutions will be about aa plenty as snow flakes on New ^Tears, and about as fleeting. The plumber wears a smile of satisfac-tiou, but tbe mau whose hydrant is frozen up looks glum. Blessed are those who have nothing, for no man will rob tbem of ir. A good cement for chin, is ordinary carriajje varnish. If pot together neatlyl the fracture will be hardly perceptible, and it is not effected by water. When one has gone wrong the proper thini{ to do is tj make instant ameud-ment, nut to mourn over past delinquencies and then go on in the same fatal course. The man who has never been dissatisfied can never reall ze contentment. The fellows who do nothing six days out of the week are usually tbe ones who object to making Sunday a day of reat. "I'm not lazy!" said Mr. Snmnus, indignantly, "but ten years ago I adopted a rule never to work bstweon meals, and I kept it up e\er since." Prohibitionist-"I have a good many conscidntioUB scruples about drinking." Boozor-"I guess that's right. Just enough scruples for a iram:" Prisoner-"I don't think there will be any need of your addrcssiuK the jury," Lawyer-"Why not ?" Priaonur-"My insanity will be instantly plain to them when they see tbat I have retained you to oondnot my case." The lead men are form ing a trust, will be a heavy combination. It It ATjiB llrcd iB the Bone. ii'rom tlie Portland (Me) Arvus. "It was born in her and she couldn't get it out," was what Judge Walton sa'd to a Waldo county man who wanted a divorce from bis wife ou tbe ground tbat she could not be blamed for what was born In her bo refused to grant the libelant's prayer,, Where it ii Oold. Losi)OJ!v:i,LK, Vt. Dec. i),-Tbe mer cury was 30 below zero here this morning, '-i Don't Bake any ogigamtnta for Deo. 30tb, 31itaEdJan.8d. ' If ollday OpswlDs: of Fine China. Seitz Bros., ofWilliamspuit, today advertise in tbo ExrnESs tboir opening of Que obioa, cut class, brlc-a-brao and decorated ware which takes place to morrow. Tbey bave ooe of tbe Snest establishments in this section of the St.te and it is well worthy a visit when you arc iu Williams port. Court noun Improvements. Two bbndred patent filing oises are being put in tbe vault adjoining the Pro-tbonotary's office in the Couit Hoiisu. William P. Beck is doing the work. Ueath of Mrs, Satterle.. Mr man, witb font of his men, attacked a raiding party of Indians and killed four. This story is not verified. SETEKTKEK SIOUX FUtSOXEBS. Mason City, Iowa, Deo. 9.-Seventeeo Sioux Ghost Dancers, including one Sioux Chief, passed tbrongh this oity yetterday en route for Foit Scelling, Minnesota, to which place tbey were being taken by a detachment of United States troops. They bad been caftnred last Friday while on their way from Pine Ridge Agency to that of Lower Brule. A UtUe Child IM*. : The EarthauB TVmet ba* :iMWa bom Brady township, Clearfield ooantr, of til* �ndden disappearanoe Hondv 'tWBcoa ' Of last week, of a twoyaaMld ohUd of John Peel, a oosil miaer. Upto Taaaday. there bad been no tiding* of tba littla girl,-and if she wa* not abduoted ataaiaoar-tainly dead ^from- azposurs.. Tbe oaa* i� one that appeals to tbe beart of tfttj-mother. Aohildtwo years old, alooajo a dense vroods, and eapeoiallr at ttia: mtt;' son of the year, is a terrible tbing to OOD. template. Tka Bojal Areanawi; Followin are the ofaoeri leeted laat night By Olympic Council Royal Aroiiniiin' tor tba ensuing year: Regent^J. R SIta'ir- . enson, Vice-Regent R. W. Wfaita,',Paat Regent W. J. HoLee*, Orator F. Al'Hej-;; driob. Chaplain R. W. Perklni^; Oaida Geo. Rioker, Seoretar W. H. Bowar. Coi-leotor C. F. Oatasman, Troasunr H. Oi Erans, Warden D. K. Miller, SeBtlnel B. K. Farasons, RepreaenUtive . to Grnd f CoooairE. D. Batohelder, Ttatltmi GhfO. Weymouth, Geo. S. Good and Fv Ik Whitiker. in the forenoon as well aa in tbe afternoon; ' in the evening as well a* daring tba day. Better institutas mean batter taaobarei better teacher* mean* bettar aeboola, bat-, ter aehoola, better boy* and girls, add batter boys aud girl* meanabettar ,mao and women. Come, lend a helping band. "Help it on." ToB may ezpaat sometbiaK good, Miaa Fee, the soloist, will be prniant. If aba doosu'c "capture" ber aodiaooa nextwaak , it will be tbe first time abe bai baaa nur ' able to do so. Tae Bridca Viewers Meat. Yesterday afternoon tba Tiawaia;;:ap- . pointed by tba court to Tiew thalLook Haven bridge and report tbe amoiiatpf:' .V I' damages which tbe company will anitain la taking tbe bridge and making it fraa of tolls, met and made a report wblsb will be presented to tbe aourtattba Janoair.' term. Tbe report has not been filed b�t It la known that the viewaia nnaiuBUnaly - -J, agreed on the aum ol |16,100 aa tbs] pay to tbe ownera of tbe bridge; Tbauka. Alex. Beede & Co., tbe well knowa . ' '.f^ wboleiiale grocera of Williamapott, ban. 1^ oat thank* for one of their annnal ' dars year, wbioh we find quite useful eToiy By tbe way this iis on* of the mottsitS^S^ reliable and energetle grooery flriw in tba^ State and de^rvea the large' patnmige It ' enjoys. ' v ^ . tJ�mm la Dataaad. Six teams of bone* were loaded in..% freight oar. in ibi* oity yatterday, and abippedta Cameron where tbey will ^ba; used drawing in log* and bark on tba job* of W. W. Barrow*. There iaa g'rntd*^ mand for teams In tbe up river reglona at present. � - Chrlstmaal ii We should judge from all appearances tbat a down town gaod~ looking widow woold iOoD ohaoga bar Btnia to that of a prominent marabaotnp town. Damas, tbe elder, once said: "Ait Uvea on misery; it dies on luxury." This doe* not apply to the dreacmaket's art. Motto for the oil driller-All'* well tbat ends well. A* aoon a* tbe negro ia edooated to tbtok and act for blmselt be will aeonre aomaof tbe apoil*. Freadom without fia* will it i tlavery still. " ' I liltcrarj Exercises. There will be literary esereisea at the dosing of the Second ward grammar and secondary, schools Friday aftemooo, com. menclng at 1:30 o'clock. All friende of the sobouls are invited, lha committee to whom tbe Express is indebted for an invitation are Be:isie McLean, John Gioss, William Hublvrand Maggie Smart. An EdllorMotlnlt. Washinotok, Deo. 9 -Patrick Welch, editor of the Augusta, Oeorgii, Chronicle, appointed by tbe President tba Demoarat-io member of Ibe Warm Springs, Indiana, Commission, has declined. Tiachets* lasMtnU. Well, well, it scarcely seems possible that we are so near the middle ol Decern-ber-the time for the balding of the Teachers' Institute. Tho teachers will meet at tbe Court House on Monday. What's to be done about it? Shall wa allow tbem ta m;at and not man ifest par presence? ,,^o, tbat would never Tbe Sunday school of thesBaglish -V; Lutheran cbnreb will gin  mntiisal entertainment on Christmas nigbt. A - - Christmas cantata entitled "Sbina for a -^^ Dime or a Bootblack's Cbrlstrass." will b* . "i^^J the chief feature of the program. ^ Arm BcokCB. Charles Beokman, of tbe First ward slipped on tbe icy pavement a day or two I] since, and fell breaking one o( hts arms. Either enforce or repeal lb* laws on the 'i statute books. Tbe dead; letter msssoTSt. ' -^'^^ only serve to breed discord and anseropa- . "'-is ions spies.__ - � ' , - '"S^i^ H�W8 Aim WOTKB. Roberts, Cusbmso & Co., dealeraia and' J importers of hatters' material, ia-Jliew ' 'T^^ York, failed Monday. . ~ R. L. Bicka. uf Covington, 6a.. oialma ' i that with one dog he has oaptorad 110 'possums this season. Like a postage stamp after it tua been used, Mr. Parnell may continue to stick ; but be has been cancelled. ' Can tbe trust recently formed among tbe manufacturers of barrestiog maobinaa' be (.tyled a highbinder society? Two brotbers were wrestling at North-wood, Iowa, the other day, when ana of i'i^psj them was thrown with sacta Tfadenaatlirt ' bis neck was broken. ~ f-^^ Of twin daughters born to Mrs: Taylor,- - $^ of Helena, Ey., tbe oLber day, one ol lb* 'T^ babes it ia said to have ei.tared tba world �-�.�Oi^ already provided with a full aei of teeth.' ; Is;^^ Washington MoLean, formerly of Cio-eiunati, and MtberofJobn HoI<eal^ piO:'':':;V^ prietor uf the. Ciooionati fi^titrtr, died Monday In Washington, aged 74 yeara. Oscar Meyers, of Headville, and' llisa--, ' '-'M Hand Grantham, of Albany^ stodabta-at ' theMisBoari Wesleyaa loslitnta^ at.Cam.^ '. .'H eron, HIsaunri, were drowned on Satoiday. -A^is while skating on a large pond. Thomas H Oreavy has served notlaa oa: .'-J/''S Edward Senll, Repnb|iaaa Repieaaotatlv*-' elect to the SZd Congress from the Twawi'^^^^'' iUtH<S?hetter,t; do. WemBBldoeiS*? lastyear. Our preaenee. will anboiiirtge and inapira them wobdacfiiUy. It vlH laad tbea tb.thiiik Md ib�l MtttDogh dMjr; lietb Pennsylvania District, of hi* Intantios ^ to contest-his ssat in th� Housa. Hr.v SeuU's majority on tbe faoe ol the letncw''i was 636. Frank Shirley and Jobs, Trapper, oioi^';: ers, were daugeroiisly. il not (aUllj, ia^lf'" iban^Ljured by a prematon ezpliaiOD';iai,tMk�- s prab Tree Hinea at QiisenMitirg, Moaaii^^:;';^ ^ 'Monday. OooigsiHoMhms^^ looa* katpai', had hia viknll

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