Wednesday, December 3, 1890

Lock Haven Express

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of Lock Haven Express on Wednesday, December 3, 1890

Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - December 3, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania "^A'.'jY LAnD well worked R PlCH. ! Is a cdii'ititiitifiTdl niv\ nut a loo:\l tli^cnse, niui th-r-'fi'i'.' il t 1.'; curi?d by local r'-ini-'I> lini! IluOil's Sai-jaiiariihi, -whioh, w Hiking U'.roii-'ii Llio blovid, tViidifales the Iiiiimiiiy ulii'-;i '��lusci atiil iiromotea tlio 'U-. :vi>;u-iU;\ ;iUo builii.> up llio ^Yholo systi-m. riinl in;iki'-; }oii f l �.ik'.h.-. -1 '> S.VL "I w^aii ITockI's yai-siip:irii::L for c.itirrh, nnd re<-t'ivr :it;vo'j:Llil.', causinf; c'oni^iaiit disrhai-ge from my nose, riaginp iiois'.'-i in my ear"^. utul pains In the back of my head, tho uflect to clear my head In Uio mornln:; I'v ImwkUi^ and srliUrc: \va3 pain-Uil. Hood's Sai'saparilla, s^ivo mo relief Im-ir.oiUali-ly. wiiiW^ in tiiiii^ I vas CDliiely cnn-d. T ["diik Ho.jJ's Sar'iap.irJIa I3 worth iW wrlL^hl ir\ MitS. G. E. CinD, 1029 liiqliili Stro.-t. N.W,. Was 1 ling ton. D. C. "llniid'-f Sars-ipariilalias hidpcd mo more fi.r catarrh and impure blood llian anyllUnB tdse I ever used.'' A. IIall, Syracuse, N. Y. I Tiu-.].\y h.r\ 1 ,]ani;.:;i|rl �l.,l,-fiil. ;nnl ood^s Sarsapariila RoIin>v.inj^-^-',its. f!; ..11 fnr5,S. I'rcpared hyri .I.,v CO . A i,..t i;,, r...well, 5Iabrt. {DO Dosos One Dollar Ij i SoliiliydriiEitl.ta. S1; gli for $.5, Prepared oulj. by C. 1. IIUOD.11.O.,Apothccarlca,Lovrell,Mall. lOO Doses One Dollar iinrryin;j, j.i-iiini; j .i.i-.'.-ii ih'' Strnii.l i h:hl '.vd li. : l..--'Ti ;iir -'1 hit. I! \v;i> ;i .�:ir.:\;i iv. - , .it: 1 -h-i.! .-.74 Th.- fa.-.. .�a- ri.'(iti!ii{ airaiu't !h-1 w.l- 111-' i.;i;U'', a.-.T �.�..�>.: ar.'l.i.a.l :i..t :i a I'.rri.-. �u]} h,. . laaiM -ii:-:.r!.-...i I.. a, h.-flniia'al...ur the n.Knii, tlaen \-r r-.lf i.ii '.li,- aii.l � M- liJ>t.T:-al l.-ars. X.ilarally i.aj'at liinil..hi.- sl-nF;.-s ,il ..ic.'. I.- ]�:>�:��). a:al ].a!.,l. aiMl M.,.ih,-.l II. Thu! i! i.r..a_'al ! ill- al ]<� 11- .<1 i\t,,b.|-. ,!.aOT,.il. .-li.-i I .if th. F..m. I !ail> I 1.. \h:a ��\--'u afra;.l \. Mir .-x is hofU 1 .lUl ^!y oidu.--. ' i>";::j inv..- all.i > a tiillik 'l a l.-tt..-r i:.iv w;: .iiii; fr' la :ia iii.livi.laal wa-; ill.- i-.i^-' \vh"!a y.-i: iia i i\\-n in i'v.'i ill.....1. had �T!;>. nii^i (un- ['!av.-i wiiii a:a: -qu;ii,l>l.-,i \VU"U liUl- :�� h:- .h--'i. � 'I'iTi- tii:i! i.;^ ^-a:-.^-.l at ikt ' -x-.lh . and 'lrni:,iy Taa! ills ia-.; a- i.'!',rJ:. ilia- 1'ivs..t::1v W a''rL.!ii:)aTiiia. 1.:, �N'.'V, r 11,: .'i. Ciinsia', 11 1 a..' Mra-:v..iy a-- aiiyw.iy. .ioVi 1 V,d.-ar.-" ri:.�!���. � �� . .:� � .-V ;-a!i>; v.v.r.:. -i. .I.'; k Ta;. far,.. V u th:::k I � il- ��.r.-r-i am rr\ :ii_r. i!> 1. t ^"' Uiu i n-t - i' I a^.i;;-.- ^ ,a. Wiiy.Cr.n- ; ':��!", 'li - ' � " :i t!;;ak 1 al.; ��!��': a ��.ar i'a-l K, r- 1:: v. n,- 1 . !a. , w � ual] - t r-a.i " .i!.! � f. 1 S-.aia, -a: - \ �, .�M-r.-!,..l;a.l ..... 1 !. . , : a ^ � a. w; � : and iii- � i.;in .iaMa-.a-. f r ,.t jung iniii hrr carriagia Imt sh.; .-^tuiijx'd him and l^hvp liim lu'i- h.ind and dn-w h;m :u :� a u-w iiiuin..-nl.s' o>tiv.'n^v "I am .-;lad [ ha]'i>uiii-d lo iiir'''-t y,.ii:," .�^lid. "i \\i.-ih.->.l iM^pt-akii. ynn-m -rm a niaticr of ba'-ant-^s. It U a favur I am piiUL,' 111 .�L-^I; '(f you, "Nm; dt' Tii't 1'.' so r.-i^)i't- ii' '^'ram. it 1" l'(ir.'h:Liid. lint promisf^ to coiji'' tu tho h'-nso t't--ii.�rri'\v m'>rTiint,'and w.- wiU talk it. '..v-T. I siiall ho in until 12. ' r . i--v ; hi' prt- vu;." Will 11 I'Vrri-. \v;i.s sliowu in;-' Mi.-7.s Si;iiili ..>rl'iil �iri' \va-< Imniiii^ i" ttio u'rarc. iif sim -:,ruLr::l -i->-v\-- ill'.' warm r.i >'-,; a^i-and \-rv .t? L;nTt--i! hijn \\'\\\\ hi-r u-ual iVau.Ii iiM'-.--. Si;-.- a - -iii-' a!i.T .a Irv.-'-"m!:!. >!ii>::i.''' n-m.ark d.T.U\ mad..'an .ir; !� > ;linni,"-ii .-a'lj'Ti \v-i_:h:iiL:h-.-r nun.'.. ��i a-lu-d y-!i t.' L'niai' h.-r. \--iiav'' -i .m.-tliiiiL: 1. � :^av :�' v. a ! a-c'rn.-^ u.- I'-th-siWOftiiin- 1 >ii Th*" Pulpltuml the *;t�ae. I Rf^v. F. >L SiK'-nt, P-sror Unit^-d 1 riici'itfrn Church, Bin- .Muiuid, Km.! >.t,Y>: "I Ir.d irn.vj'.irv what! u.iLd'M.H ' iCi'it:*--- N'' �'� dfuc |ur lata My Lmi-^ ' � ;\> (i, aad my f'-' 'f^' C. vf.; . .....7. �., IT,.- � 1?^ cts. -..vcv has ; ,li.. : 1 ..-.aU 1 1 1 -.k till- � >� �ad:i � I nlv a f. (.m'la-s ( Dr. ICinfjV N am h<.iiti(l ami well, j,'.iiiair; -Jt) Ar'hnr L-.v,-, M m a;:, i ...... Ku.ay ' I-'^ (�.aiihina'i.m, � : i � .:  \ t   , [ tliuiiui^'h liial a!id c'livrm a-m , ^. ,a a , ' ; atn cunndriit Dr. Iviim'^ Nvu D . rin' i.'r-1. I ki'idiii'^s I iMH dj my in u.y '".i-a-. i,. ' inci.dsisiu nrsje thi^iM m, i i �. [.\ ,, i niai b.itfli's at Sc! a-lli Ii,n;' K'.-^idai hi/.es .'lO^a and -tl ^u. j lOO I.iitUi'H Wiiin..,!, and lUO LiuMi to call on ��.ay dll,^^'is!: [or ;i ' pai'ka^;!'ni Lane's (iirii.e, tl;e � uri'ar, rnot lual herb renu-dy, i! ise..vci t-d l>y | Dr. riili..s Liinc while hi ija- Ib.cky .Mimn-Uiirjs. Fur di-^ea.'-es i.'f i li-- IJl-.a i, Jyvi-r and IvidncyK It is ii |'":Ur.f cmp. For oonsiipaLKin und cleliriui: ] ' Im 'ann pliat ffxT rtx t t T f\ ion It ti.k'k w.mdt'ra. I'. i> tli,. !i,.sr nprinii ijjj || medieinc known. Latt:f parkajje, .'">0 ! Ill / l-fl | |B cenlfi. At all drii;.'Ci8ts. iinlM.wlyi *vl^lL?J.ll V llnc^leii'b ArtJU ,1 s.i:vi*. The tM'>t Sa'v:-in the � i id ior nts, fin:i!�t's,Soree, L'lcer.s.Saa. iJLo .ai, Fevor, Soros, TtMtfir. Chapped ILtn-l^. Cnilbhimrt, Corns, and all Skin Ernptioi.s, and positively cures I'ik'h, or no pay retpiircd. it i-i irnanmt-'jd to givw p'-rf.m ^ h.^'-.Mfitction, m- mom-y rofniaicd iMtv- '25 >.;ntfl p;r I � � a Fur sai-t bv C ^ , K..'m:i(.!V;i- i j Stt'.idy enij loymei.l aad Idicral wai^erf i^ i otb'red in another colnniri by S.-ar.-^, Henry : <Si V.o.. (lenera. N. V. They aie a udiatdi^ ! Mrni. Kstablishi-d l^G.". n .v Cd. iv. 4'v � iPrffc niilij 2-j rc'-"r. Srfd t-/dnirj^jisf- ) Roliojcs quickly fiheumaiism, fi'au-rali]ia, Sviolllngs, Brin's'^s.Lumbaco, Sprains,Hocdac'w,To'^ihccho, Cu^^, Burns, Scalds, Soros, Sacl:cc!:o, �c. BENEDICT'S KEYSTONE JEV/ELRY STORE, SATL'KDAY, NOV. ^.jTli. .Ml ��in: !� irdialLv invil;.! l,. In^pi el Ihe Mip; ly ot Perkins' Keystone Store IS THE PLACE TO BUY YOUE :NE DRESS GOODS .�^lu-li .-is ti!k ^v.u�|l .-uid .-ill woul Henrietta Clotlis, Bhick Silks, all won] ;-'erg('s iukI ntlicr goi-ds fcr the coming season. AJso Silk A'elvetri, in all tiu- new am\ mostrdcsirable sliadcs. Also the right place to Imy IsAKKETS Or.-ill gr.-u.les. We still ci.'ntiiuie the sale of the ONE DOLLAR A PAIR Blaukots, biitb white .-mil eolorod, as well as the finest grau^o. Wo are the unly agents lor the Demorest 19,50 Serving Machine, which is e<'|ua!ly as good as those sold some years ago fur sfiO.Oii. They will do any kind of sewing machine work. Call and see G. B. PERKINS; -.- ^).�^-an. a-' that 1 . v..11 mii^ rs .-r .iiaknlf fr.i-'1 ,-ir... ii.-r. Ml- I-, .!:- i\-..-ii; -1 ...Mm ..... llaal --P. onl.-r. -:ir..-.l la-r �-x � �-!),.. ��Wr.-Ta -W. �Wlia '-.-'li. alt.-r f. .nnai til.- inn.-h." Wvil. Sia uM t.-iik fi. - honrs txjtwfon i.< !:-a.-..-al. lia-,-.- .-^j-a.-i 1,- � �! -iina; a'...i ; til.' ra:n-~ ^ia- - I ..�.-1,,,-k. , i-- lll.l .-. til.- 1 sht: \voald a.iit;! ;ii.-ii. la'iia- f- .i.i I'll sll.. W. nld vi.-.;i wh.-a 1 t.i- aa. .-. ill- ll u-.i-i (il aL'ai ; rhat \h'- end a.i Ti.Av.. , lal t.-a.l:ii "i was ;i M ddt-n a:;.i<k- .,f la la -rriia t, Iii<-sa.i,'c �^��nt i'aid .at 1' - - ~..... 11.-1- M.-i.i- - iiit-air-a J.- i..;-.-- .-.. a;-.- hu.-.h a hill.. -�ru,,'j:h- -andi u 1 .-'i.-i- \-.-a- V. I . M. r.-'ar^ : ^ .. . ,..t ,-ia.'. Ila-ki T - \-.- 1 ill 11.; :� anii .. v-.a* mail >on our illu.siraled '..aiip!)!.-! e-xahiuj-ini; ail abonr Dr Dye's C.-a-liratt-d KUaM-io Voltanic l!f!t and Appitaac.'s, aad their .dji'.-nun..,^ etleelri upon l lir a. rv - his del^li^ latfu >ysti'm, and how tl : y jli ,ji;ad- ly r.--�ton- >"u Ui vaijor and :i.;o)l... ni. I'anipidri ;re;;. ! I" yon aru thus >.'a:,.-t. d. v.-a wjl. �^ei.d a r.elt and Ann . ina's lai a Ir! d "Oi.T MC IlKl.T Co. 'a:i.-'.i Ivdftv-' 'i.n.-naii, .Madi. i j.>EECn 'CiiKKIv KAUdiOAD. VvA n\ >it oi..!i) rh !tallro-,,d (,i \: �� i'a liiid'-ipaM, Sk-.:- \^ rit .v Cnr� fur Con�tfpJ�hni i Dr. Sd.i;-. LaiM', will Mountain-;, discov nMi ..ombiii'd with o:her ��asy ai-.d c-.:; tain enre h' i-i ill the hn n\ of dry i � m ih" K >� k,- : a lo.,- uP-ai ! !m i Ik, ni ikes an ' '-'- n-' ipal am. 11 � - ar d li'avfs, .".iai \ d<,-:phi:i .t tor lt;.i..!ii;- .No.:--. .� :.o<-k i:uv[j IP-'--. : !-.�--�-. ll:vi; arnvr l-mi:td--'i' i;i �: In ' V. !-i : New Y..n: p. m. .Vo.-!..:.v.- l.o in � N "-w Vc! :i' t'. im. �J'KAINS WKsf. Nt>. -I . \v l.o.-k flav.-i, ^;1I a. nt l':ra, !'..-oi-n'Yi'-'k, Si;uw .^u.'.a l' r at d kida.'i-a anil idf-arMiL' ; up the complexion it do"-- u-rrlfrs Drn>;- i lrl^!.s t^ell ir at aO cents a I'k ; -lai Ibiawlv i �a !;-� a. 1.1 Ac .pruaio-l-i- V.*!;Marh^-p(>rt ;in'l I l;.-! .'p|i 1 r,a li--. i'a ^in-i-i '^i .tiin: y\..\\ H.j:-h ..-trrv.-d on i.oiux- t Wt's ARE LEADERS IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES. ao]viE -a^nsriD see xts. NO. 4 MAIN STKSET. Our line of Table Delicacies this year includes everything which is necessary to prepare a first class Thanksdvins: Dinner. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. .--ill' wa- v*a-y n-'.ar \ ^�p..' w -ai,r,n,-, �.Ml tn-~.i- ur," .~h' Haid rapidly in I'r'-rii-ii. �[havi- of a.-kin;,'y. .a r liand in laama.a' f^r Miaa .-^tatihL�l-�, 1: i:;ra lib- a blow. It blind-.-d i hi^ I'path away. J1-' '-ould . \va.- �nly e.-nNcii.u- iliai Mar- � Kri.-.'iaii; i..--M-j; ni~ i-aa:r wr,b - i'M \:\^ ai-ta: That IcT l";Li-o -I'd. irrav'- and ^-a.p.r.' � -il" v.-hi.-p.T.-d, -1 I....- y..-. it r-;; him '" i WW 'd :it l.a Ma:-a 1m:;;; Pa . Ii::i:k b:i- . 1 kH' w � darlii; r, '.'aa-- r.' !'.;:� ,- :a la-a:,. �d. ^Vheu BhehaiJ ChiKlrfn, she gav,'f,hcm CastorU . f'.irvviM^a;in-. iirni i!-'li'-- tiiip .\T. i �:. � u-.-,; -a.,.- a. lo.-l fo.iii I-i.;;..-- .1- ! !'� : Tl- I.i. �\i ,1 'M'v .-h--:-.- \v;!h I'm. i o'r.j.: of K.M l!;ol\v:.\ At �.V;; :;ini-:'orl with Pn i Iv.Ii 1 ph ; a ioni I'l-i.-i "' V.'v:. HKKKIMA.N. A. i;. I' �. !..M!:!(. UfO'l i'av'^iniLn-r Air-i.l I OYSTERS, MINCE MEAT, CELERY, TABLE RAISINS, CRANBERRIES, TABLE NUTS, SWEET POTATOES, BANANAS. ORANGES AND FIGS, ETC. To lie given to our patrons in presents, consisting of three handsome music I bo.xes valued at $i 20.00, $90.00 ';'.nd $50.00 respectively, \ For further particujtirs see I "dodger'' ur c.-dl .-f la... 1 i. a � .lll.l n. Ma laa-t y. n !. i\ o r-.-.ik. iJli, �aiv... til.-: WiU .v'ju far a .i.-n-, f..r an � Ma.-iia- 1-:. lliu--ai-.ilu.. Wi,.. kiu.i, r. it I..- a Wi, a M..raai :.].-.-t.-" <-..aI.l .-il.. .v, a; . It it wnui.i .-.�la-,-t,a-,a..,l W,- will ,f U -...-a.-, I...--.., r a way '...-:u^ n-.l in Pan . ;.. !....k � ajiar:. aa 1 ii.. o lif,' | ni 'liilly. dri'ari'y. waiU i if mopoiwiiy until j ' �i-'- nmrmn- in,' nu-t ; r'-' i. >'n>- wa.-: jn^-i .'-top- i ; '.V Chi I,ir�. I ' 'My child H snbj. cl to -evere altaek.'^ fd dtaril.'i-a, wt'skeiiirj,'it --'ay niuell- Dur-\ int; \\.^ last 'i.'kn*'t-s. which was t specially srveie, Dr II lad's Diaril o \ Mixture was i Trcely i;iven ..nd an imnudiate cure rupult-I i �!. Ii v\'.u-i!have ri nuued pel lia.|ta lial t I a dozen visits rif a phyHician. as on fornier loca.-ioNK. I beiievi^ that Dr. Hand's j lii-tio'dics would hav� saved the llfl^ of a i cLild I liiHi, had ihey been %vithin my j leui'h al tlieliint; nfiis sickne^�.s."' d'hi-y I liic splendid (aniily lemediee. els, o[i!y, 1 all dni;^ .sroicB. Mnlhcrs try iheni tor ItliclilllL- oia's. The ahovr i.-vthe cxpt':-j �..nce of Mis. F. II. Meni.eU, :i'2 N.-w -tre:-t, t.-amdL-n. N. 1 For si]- bv C>r>>:-^'i: ; VV. M;'..s..n and C C. f^c) a Ilia \- ai a. Wh-ii :.d:i.: von .i;.-ak .- V IV w 1- a it 1 r'l-, Ih.w .-..lil.l .-i � � i>al JZo V.-': \\']\\\ kn-'w li.-r -.vii \'.-"p- ���'�'.ri .! - and ;.l.-.v.-.! '��ili: � ba'ii.-. Thi :- :�� li.i Ota- Ill til.- '-�-.rid :'-,,! ;ind 1- .ai::ii'a! a.'i Mar:-a:- S; .rd "p". .and Votj know ji. Aji-I I'a li - W.-i .1 i. 1 'aii. Tli-l-.- .an  \ [ r>-.-]'.'ii la h'-r � - wia-n .^1,.-^ i!:.s oi Vi. i ho; y 1.-: S'ol;;:. Voi ;in- rav- lU'^." :�: � �:t*:, 1 I'.'iai. .-^iinnuri i;,' up and ri'U'ardii .-���ly � 1 ft.r lid you to harm.:- : 1 oaadji- fi.r a inoni-.>nt. Mih> �.;i' >; a.- lar fi'iii' vod from nn; aw i f ,^ho > ' 1 - i.f Id -nl. Kvi- d( rjtly ; �lU d. -� i'.aii/.-' th" ddl'iTt-nf'' '�rd.'^iina' 1 .o: v: �'�I ]:� :r> -~ .'in 1 ,a ]-.aiiH- h-s :-n: �Tt - j �d;i]- '.aal. it' laapo '1 1.1 in ii-r p-ntlt-ii :n bi �n, and ��'.;]' I.ii.M �aVw'To tn-trh- a'-.- -^"U- \r,- � ,\ : 111. n � r'-poa!i-d J ad. di-ro- ;.:;irdi.nL ri,-- ';au.-o iii hri - Iitonr.'. ^"' ^, ; i an oh-, aro . '.ir.alo, ,1 v.-tKaooa i hv .1' iiplion. And am 1 lo Woi^ -d. ir L ,d; liiadain:-' ( ood (b-.d! Vol. dr; ni-' iii id;- .SLolia .va!'.-J .-, him Idanklv for a luo- M>.rv,.|..Ma i:, 'Ma- anaiuat al I; ' III- i.aai t ia ltf.i.|.iat,. nil lU'd by 'd- the (hiiniirr, l.or p.ib'i portions I ur'i is to �railt- � bnily supplied w d h blood n. not _;.-maa'!y � poisonou." laim wla.-'n .ani'-i's Die ; knov\n. I' bi;ai m 11:ii,UOb times, and forr-.-s bv takm;: Ilood'.s Sar^apaidla. \ the hlood at Ihtj rat- of IMS noies a d.v. ^ : w Inch is :'.dion,n<Hl,iii](� times iiiai .'a b"/i,.--'^t) * mih-s in a hie linua No wr.nder tl:ere art; A Kortn,� Woin)!.., | So nimy l[e;irt Kailures. Thethstsymp- M iry L. r.-iktT, \if uaiH a ' cisUJi;, pain in the s'di* or stoinaeh, tbit-LMt'at .sutb'rer from licaii dlsiaisf for yearn ler.nt,', cbokint; in throat, oppression, then Was stioit of lircatb, had hioa^iy s|-('.Us, j bjUuw weak. bunt;ryi>r Fnuitherini; RpeUs. pain in sitha lliitli'rin<,', lainrmss. tde. j swollen ai.khp, etta i)r. Fianklin iMib's' .vma- �aKinL'- two ao'iics fjf ] �r. ."^lilfti' N'-w Hrar* fun-, ^bc says, 'd Am be'ter than tor l*h years, My ndnd and ey(\Hii;ht ! Ni-w Heart t iiic is the only reliable nnir.iy. Sold by C. w. .Mas(ni. f",'.v^..',',l'\ i ,, .nil','"'' ' , i" " '*" ' ThouHiinit Odllnrx per.'~uns t Pus a'tlK.' i'd lo nyt:. tins tfifiat | leniedy.'' I'>'^"" ^'"I ^chat (he, (ialsJini. 'I"hr-re . . ^...... , (a.ire B i eHeidivr. Lai^e botth-k .^lOo ami . wholesaleiin 1 i etail dru^'yihts niay'iDdawIy �'J at ad di to'i^i'O*! iaiil IdH) dawly Mil,--- N.- An imi.oi'ant i!.. ve you a fa! betHave yiui a n,o, luu*.' (,e hver. tie ruM V I-..... al 1 var, | cm ; �nd:i,lver I'lll* iteovi-ry. Tbey act on ! Have you a son a or daui;bter. sister aii.u'b and bowels thron^h | or a lirot her who has not ye" taken K t mp'.s A lew priiie-ple. 'I'hey ; lltbain for the TbrDu! and Luntrs, the � biboa.-^ni Fs, bad tasl". tor- ! fjnai an teed remedy lor th(^ em e (d t.'ouj^hs, and constipation. 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And the most complete line of Fancy Canned Goods in the city. FREDERICKS &. JEFFERIS, THE anOCERS- lei Fall Goofls J. G. H4EE1S' STORE. We are receiving new goods every day and have a well selected stock of-Dress Goods in plaids, stripes and plain goods, at all prices. In Underwear, Blankets, Hosiery, Gloves, etc., we can save you money. Very respectfully. GEO. EADiE, D. D. S K ��iin-if i's H. . !'.-nn'a. The old and r" lable ^ilirinofD S B .rus k |Co,b?e made .rr^nge-t..;mt9Dts with t .9 manu-^ ; . ifacturers io supply | I Pianos throughout the' ; flooded district at great-|ly reduced prices. If you i think of buying, you : will find it to your in- BALIAKTII S CC'SiSelrrt^ir"!! I dress is B.^ ^ gJD, S, AWDRUS&CO., F r H 21 West Third St. J". (3r. Hi^iims, 125 EJasti ]yCa,�i3- SijX'ee-t. -MMiHilJienne.l 111 Ni-'v oN I. Wanimit^ Silrlelly Pn:.- lOiH lb ;i-le line of t,'oeds ti�r Suits, Panidloons and Overcoats 111 til- .-1-. ..Ill- ..1-1.- .vhl.-ii will i,- aiail.. a. 1 111.- li.iiM a. ,1

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