Friday, November 28, 1890

Lock Haven Express

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Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - November 28, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania mnm NINTH YEAR-NO. 231. LOCK HAVEN, PA., FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 28, 1890. PRICE-TWO CENTS EVENING EXPRESS KINSLOE BBOTHEKS---PPBIJSHEB8 CURRENT COMMENT. The Doited States SnpromB Court has reaffirmed its previous deoiaion that elcc trocutioD is oonstltutional. BiLTiMOKE is already well supplied with parks, one of them beiug among the finest Id the country, but for all that she baa just purchased another one at a cost of (45,000. ViROiNiA's leading Democrats, lilie Senators Barbour and Daniel, assert that Mr. Cleveland is not the man for their party io 1892. This does not look like "a solid South" for Grover. Mb. Wall.^ce, not wanting the empty honor of a Democratic nomination for Uaited States Senator, word has been sent out along the Demioratic Hue that it shall be given to Channcey F. Blaok. Secret-ikt Wisdom is trying to devise some safe plan for tbe expansion of the onrrenoy. He does not apper to think tbe plan of the Farmers' Alliance a good one and the majority of the people agree with bim on this point. Facts are continually leaking out which tend to show to the people that much of what has been sa'd about Russia's treatment of her Jewish population is true, despite the contrary declaration made by that government and othete who from time to time speak in her defense. The run on the Citizens' Savings Bank of New Tork has ceased. Tbe men and women who drew out their money are now bringing it back to re-deposit it. They only wanted to know whether it was there or not. This bit of information has cost them about ?S,000 in tbe shape of interest, which they sacrificed in order to secure their cash. It is usually understood that a lawyer's business is to take every case that is ofler-ed him, and do the beet he can for his client; but Senator Carlisle's action in be-oomlog attorney for a numtierof Kentucky lotteries will not add to bis reputation as a statesman, however much fame it may bring him as a lawyer. Ddring the year, the government life-saving stations rescued 3,159 persons and $5,431,843 worth of proJ)eity from three hundred aud eighty-four shipwrecks. This is ground enough fo Superintendent Kimball's recoifimendatioa that the miserable pay of the men who risk their liies in the work be increased to something like a respectable figure. Mr, Wasanaker is still a firm believer in postal savings banks, and will advocate them in bis forthcoming report. Itseems, however, that he would use them as an adjunct to and not a rival of the savings banks of the cities and would, therefore, establish them principally at county post-offices where there are no other depositaries of small snms. THE GREAT FOOT BALL GAME Tale Defeats Princeton by a Score of 32 to NotUng, COLLAPSE OF A BK FREE STAND Were wb not told a little while ago that this was a famine year ? Then what means this cry from the far Northwest for car* to transport the grain, whiob their ovstflowing storehouses cannot hold ? It is hard to famish this country all at once. But another thought on the same point is, wby should It be necessary for the Ta-ooma Chamber of Commerce to pass a formal resolution oalling for oars ? There are as many freight cars in this country as there were last year, if not a great many more, and if they were available, they would be sent after this offered freii^ht quite promptly. If they are not sent, it is beoanee they are otherwise empli)yed. At Urcensburg, Penna., Wednesday while Bdgar WhUe, aged 16 years, was trying to kill a cat, he accidentiUy shot and killed Meade Walker, aged 7 years. PEB80NAI. PENCILIKea Two Thotuand Ipectatora Snddenlr Precipitated to the Ground In a CoDfoMd and BtmicUnC Mass, mini CP VfllH Broken Tlmbvrs and Wreekas*-Fifty Persons IiUurcd. Nkw York, Nov. 27.-Tale won the foot ball game by a score of 33 to nothing. Promptly at 1:50 p. m. there was a wild waving of orange and black flags, and "Hurrah ! Hurrah < Hurrah 1 Prinse-ton," ran out upon the air. In a wild rush the Princeton team came upon the field. King and Homans playing with the ball in an imaginary tackle. Five minutes later tbe cry was heard, so deep and sonorous that it resembled the roar of the ocan. Yale's eleven appeared, and the public woke np and cleared the space marked out in huge ehalk lines five yards apart. At eiactly two o'clock, almost before the spectators were aware of it,the ball was put in play and tbe great straggle was began. Th* excitement was at its height and flags danced up and down and Princeton with the V trick. The orange and the black had the best of it for five minutes, and then Yale went to work. Ten minutes later MoClung made a touch down and kicked a goal and yells greeted tbe work. From the first it was seen that Yale's rush line was too strong for Princeton. It was like a battering ram. Poe and Knight did great work, and Homan's also, but tbe star of tho day was McClnng. His work was remarkable. His head was bandaged and his long hair got so rampled in the Strug, gle that he looked like a wild Indian as ha ran through the Princeton tackle line with the ball bogged close to his breast. He made tbe first three touches down for Yale. Heffeianger was another brijliaot worker. His rushes were phenomenal and at one poitit he ran five yards with that nam her of Princeton men clicging to his back, lu oocsequeoce of Yale's superior rush line tbe game was rather one-sided, and most of the play was around Princeton's goal. There was no wind and neither bad an advantage over the other on tbe field in point of position. Notwithstanding tbe immense oddci against them the Princeton team worked with a will and never lost hope np to the time the last point had been made and time was oalled. Tbe Yale men celebrated. After 10 o'clock the boys became wild. The scene in the Hoffman House bar was one not to be readily forgotten. Men were shouting and waving hats and colors. At ten min. utes of 11 Ed Stokes, proprietor of the Hoffman House came out of his private office and ordered tbe lights out and the doors closed. A wild rash was made for the Fifth Avenue Hotel then, but there the boys weie disappointed (or the bar room was closed against them. Tho St. James was tried next but there too thoy failed. All hotels and cafes in the neighborhood were closed. A few arrests were made. A STASD weecked, R. J. Coffey opened bis meat market on Bellefonte avenue to-day. W. C. Sherlock, of Altoona, is circulating among his Look Haven friends. John Leahy, of Clearfield, is visiting his brother. Sheriff Leahy, In this city. Masters Harry and Joe Rittman spent their Thanksgiving with relatives in Re-novo. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCollum are at Salladasburg attending tbe funeral of a relative. "Charley" MoGhee, who is in the teath-or renovating business at Hornellsville, N. Y., is in town to-day. Harry Peoploa came down from Johc-sonburg to eat bis Thanksgiving dinner with relatives in this city. Ex-Sheriff Jobn Candor is going about on orutcher to-day, on account of having sprained one of bis ankles very badly. Hiss Lucy Morgan, of Bellefonte, accompanied by her cousins Miss Gertrude and Je.inette Erbard spend Thanksgiving Day with friends in this city. J, fl. HinksoD and 8. M. MoCormiok, Esq., were the only representatives of Canton Look Haren, L O. O.F., at tbe inititatiog of the new Caoton in Jersey Shore Wednesday eight. Fife; PertooB iDjnrcd at the Tale.Princetou root Ball Game, Brocklvn, Nov. 37.-A terrible accident occurred on the foot ball grounds a few minutes after 12 o'clock. A big free stand on the eastern side of the grounds suddenly collapsed, carrying down its en tire load of human beings. Tbe crash came without any warning whatever and at tbe same time tbe long rows of bleachers were olosely peeked with 2,000 spectators. A scene of indescribable confusion followed. The occupants weie mostly men a great majority of them students from Yale and Princeton. There', were also many women in the crowd. They all lay in a conlused and struggling mass upon tbe ground. Many of them were completely burled under the wreckage of planks and two joists, of which tbe rickety Btrueture was built. The people lutbed to their assistance and soon had the wreck cleared i.way. At first it was feared thai some might have been killed, but this fear proved to be unfounded. Many persons, bow-ever, were very sevirely hurt, and broken limbs and bruised heads and bodies were nnmerons. Tbe injured were taken to the Brooklyn hospital. The list of the injured comprises about fifty names, most of whom are college students. A Prinoeton student named Curley is unconscious aud his case Is deemed most serious. The ataod was evidently in a most unsafe condition, for the broken timbers showed that many of them were nearly rotted in two, while the whole strnctarc was the most flimsy affair imaginable. When it began to fill Dp with �peetator* tbe joists i were beard to craok and itraio, and ni*Dj who started to find seats gave it up as a dangerous job. Tbe greatest indignation prevailed among the people on tbe grounds against tbe management. THE INDIAN SITCATIOS. It IB Believed That tbe Troubles Will Soon be settled. , Cuic.iGO, Nov. 27.-A special from Pino Ridge Agency says: Unless tbe Indians are frigb tencd or driven into a fight during the next week, there is every probability that the Indian troubles on the Pine Ridge Agency will be settled without diflioulty. General Miles has received no iaforma-tion of the reported confiict between Indians and troops near Fort Eeogb, and does not believe the story. TO HAVE PLEKTY OF LIGHT Blanchard and Schultz to Erect Our Incandescent Electric Light Plant. ACTION OF THE BOAKD OF TEADE At tbe PUybouM. Breathing spaoo was at a premiam at the Opera House last night and many were unable lo get into tbe building at all. The play of "Roaedale" was entbua-iastioall received and proved to be inter-eating throughoat. The Waite company wear well; the more one sees of it the better they like it. Miss Crego is young and talented. Her figure is lithe and graceful and her face full of expression, her eyes being exceptionally fioo. Sbe has a full, elear voice, a distinct enunciation and admirable elocutionary powers. There are many actresses who thrill us, many who command our admiration by physical beauty and art, but scarcely one who creeps into our affeotiona unawares and gains a firm place as Katherine Crego does. Her "Fanchon" Wedneeday night and **Kathleen" at tbe Thanksgiving matinee were revelations and disclosed stage powers of an nnusual cbaraoter. Her tenderness is supremely captivating acd her anger makes one shudder. Mr. Waite, who has been on the stage for twenty years, needs no commendatioD from oar hands. He knows all tbe ins and outs of tbe profession and in the selection of his present company has shown ezoellent judgment. Tbe music of tbe orchestra at every performance is heartily encored and the sensational overtures are alone wor'.h the price of admission. Tbe company remain with na bat two nights longer and full bouses should and doubtless will greet tbem for the rest of their engagement. To-night "Our Jack'will be tbe programme. It has been seen here before but by the introduction of numerous specialties and rearrangement will appear entirely new to all. Special popular presentation matinee to-morrow afternoon at 2 p. m., when one hundred presents will be given away. The play will bo 'Fancbon, the Cricket,'^ a cbaraoter in which Miss Crego excels. Qo and take tbe children. On Saturday night a gold watch will be given away. Numbers will bedistributod among theaudience to-nig'st and to-morrow night, which entitles the bolder to a chance in the time piece. ThaDkiBlvlDff at Renovo. Renoto, Nov. 28. The anion Tbanksglving seivioe held yesterday morning by tbe M. E., Lutheran and Presbyterian churches, in the latter church, was a surprise to every one, the ohurch being filled to its fullest capacity. Tbe muaio was excellent and the Rev. J. D. Cook preached the sermon, taking the first and second verses of tbe 107tb Psalm as a basis for his remarks. There was also services held in tbe Trinity Episcopal churob and the St. John Sweedish Lutheran and the St. Joseph Catholic church. Tbe cantata given in tbe M. E, churoh last night for the benefit of the churoh was a success, both flnaucially and otherwise and those who labored so hard to get it up are entitled to a great deal of praise, while every one acted their part well and it was a well spent Thauksgiving evening. George B. Qlenn has packed hisstock of store goods and household furniture aud shipped Ibem to Johnstown where be will reside in the future. Samuel C. Barr is at HoUidaysburg attending the funeral of his brother, John Barr, who died at Saxton a few days ago. The Rev. J, Patton Moore is suffering with a large carbuncle on tho side of his neck. AlissMadgo McCallum spent her Thanks-giving in Harnsburg with fi-iends, SoDlal To-Ntcht. Dou't forget tbe social of Cbriktlan Endeavor Society of M. E. Church to-night rt 8 o'clock. All invited. Arfcnmeut Court. A session of argument court will bo held next Tuesday, Deoember 2ud oom-mencing at 3 o'clock a. m. There is a household in Victor with a regular family altorney. Tbe parents are suing lor a divorce; one boy is arrested fur corn Gtealing; another (or brenoh of promise, aud the la^t one is mixed in an assault atid battery case. Tbe latest recipe for tbe preveotiou of insomnia in to drink a pint of hot water just before goiag to bed. Has nothing acoidantally dropped out of that prescription? SentliiiButs Ezprtaied F�vorInR tba Llftbt-ing of Ebe Str�U by �Iectricity~Work of ErecUoK tb� Plant to Cummance at Once and to be Pu�be *'TitrtlN^W 'bik^^LiqilT.-!'; At a spebial^meeting^bl tie' Board of Trade on the 26ch instant, the following action was taken looking toward better laoUiticB for light for t'^ poopio of the city: Jb the Hoard of Trade, Lock Haven, Pa ; Gkntlemen:-Your committee on manufactures, &.C, would recpeoUiiliy, report that they have had aeverul meetings with William B. Rommel, represeatlng Blanchurd & Schultz, e:eculcal eoglueers of Philadelphia, to whom City Council has granted the prlvlltige Of the alleys of the cliy of Lock Haven for the purDoses of lighting the streeta, business places, manufactories luid realdencos thereof with electric lights. Your committee l3 fully Batlslled of the practical and flDancrnl Hblllty of Blanchard A SchuHz for Bald work and ihattbey will serve tht people of the city with lights on satlKfAct-ory terms. We have carefully esi'mlned their estimate of the cost of the plant and feel sure tho block In the company proposed to be formed oirers good paying dividends to those who wish to invest in the enterprise. Blanchard A Schultz will take the whole of the �tock at once and nllhout delay laHtall the plant. They will then sell any portion o( the stock which our cltlzfus may bo disposed to take. It is tliolr purpose to put tho stock down to SIO per share, with the view of givluE all who wish the light an opportunity to take one or more shares in tho company if desired. We earnestly approve of the plans and oflera of said Arm to our citizens, and recommend that the Board approve the same, urge the favorable consideration thereof on our people and ask them to give vigorous and prompt aid in promoting the scheme. A. S. GRow.Chalr. y. D. Ball, Geo. W. Mason, H. Simon, J. W. Briugens. Tho report was adopted, ordered to be put on file and published over the signa tures of the Prcsiclent aud Secretary of tho Beard. Wilfon Kistler, G. E.CuLP, See. Pieisident IlLANCHAItl) & SCni:LTZ STATICMENT. Having rocelved sulliclent encourasement from theciUzensof the cliy of JLock ilaven, W8 liavo bfg'Lin work to provide incandescent electric light for them, aiiiilr rates. We will prosecute iLe work ai^ rapidly as good work wUl allow, and if sulIlclenHy patronlzeJ, by the people and tho fUy nnthoritiep, will provide all arc lights ncLdcd.and will improve the plant and servleo. We propose to complete tho plant at cur own expense, and when complete we will divide the actual coal of the works into stock, of ten dollars a share, aud sell to aU citizeus who may wish to purciiase it, and form ihe stockholders into a company to control the works, thus alTordlng consumers an opportunity lo secure their light at the lowtBl, rates possible, Mr. William B. Kom-met is our agent hero authorised to construct the works, aud wo will acknowledge and fui-flU any contract he may make In the prosecution ont. Mr. Jonu E. Kelly has been appoluled our superintendent aud Is authorized to make contracts for lighting. OIAKLES M. BLANCUAUD. Lewis K.ScuuLT/,. Trading as "The Improvement Co." ^'oveIIlbcr 2SLh, A. D., 1S90. -- -- !lha "Ghost" at Tyrone. The people of Tyrone are somewhat excited over tho appearaoce on their streets of what is termed a * Ghost." It wanders around tbe back ttrects ut uisht dressed in black, looks like a woman but acts like a roan, and threatens vengeance when it comes in contact with tho person it is searching for. This "ghost" is said to ba armed, and at night the streets are deserted ^ by tho female sex who are too frightened to go out of their homes after dark, and, as a consequence, the merchants say they might just as well close their places of business with the setting of tbe sun. Tbe authorities have taken the matter in hand deputized special officers to bring tbe "freak" to time, either alive or dead. A Plretty Charcb Weddlne* Tho marriage of Mr. William Fredericks and Miss Jennie Mitchell was solemnized at 9:30 a. m. on Thinksgivintt Day In St. Paul's Episcopal church. Tbo church was well filled With invited guests when at the appointed hour tbe bridal party entered to the strains of Che **Bridal ChoruH," played by Prof. Theodore Reim-er. The tisherB were Mr. Harry Geary, Mr. Joe M.-JefTerifl, Mr. Horace Fredericks and Mr. Charles Harris, who preceded tbe bride and groom to tbe altar when Rev. Charles James Wood recited the solemn and impressive service which made two bappy hearts boat as one. After the ceremony the bride and groom, the ushers and tbe immediate relatives of the newly wedded couple repaired to the residence of the bride's parents on Water street, where refreshments were served. Mr. and 3Irs. Fredericks left on train 3 for Philadelphia where they will remain for some time. Tho bride isa daugterof W. P. Mitchell, tho well known survoyor, and the groom is the junior member of the firm of Jeffer-is & Fredericks, Grocers, of this city. The ExriiESS joins with their many friends in congratulations and best wishes for a life of unalloyed happiness and prosperity. Kailroad News. The editor of the Sugar Valley/yurnai has been informed that the projectors of the Wilkesbarrc & Western Railway have over one hundred men at work on the Eastern extension of the road to Rohrs-burg. There remains about ten miles of the road to build yet. This line of railway and the proposed Bellefonte & Eastern Railway are identical, and it is stated that as soon as this Eastern extension is completed to bhickshinny the gentlemen at tbe head of the project will turn their attention to this end of tbo line and push the work through to completion as soon as possible. By this it will be seen that the project has not been abandoned, and there are still hopes for a railroad through Sugar Valley. Church Uedicatloa. The Union Church at Tylersville, Sugar Valley in which Lutheran and Reformed congregations worship has been repainted and improved in modern style, and will be rededicated on Sunday, November 30th In the redcdication services it is expected that tbo Rev. Dr. Ernest and Rev. J. W. Reariok, of tbe Lutheran Churob, and Revs. J. Dotterer and J. R. Brown, of the Reformed Church, will participate. The public is cordially invited to attend both services. The PrizoCap Winnsrs. The hand:Jome silver cups presented to the Kuights of Labor by X. Ringler, the jeweler, were awarded to Mr. Frank Mc-Nerney, of this city, and Miss Nellie Bergen, of Williamsport, they having been declared by the committee to be the most graceful couple of glide walizers on the floor of tho Armory. The committee were Charles Welliver and Newton Bridgons, of this city, and Luke Malloy, Mahanoy City. TbaniElviDi; Sermona. Thanksgiving services were hold in tbe Baptist and Episcopal churches yesterday. At St. Paula church a special musical service was rendered. The members of tho choir wore Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Lichten-thaler, Miss Lizzie Seymour, Miss Grace Fisher, Mits Elsie Barrows. T. C. Hilton and Clair McCloskey, with Miss Barrows as organist. Tho services iu both churches were well attended. m NEW IBM LAUD BILL Balfour Outlines the Government Policy Por the Coming Year. �WHICH IS ACCEPTABLE TO PAKNELL AU th. Natlauall.t Member. VoM Wltb tha Government od the Pro-vlilona of the New BUI Not Matellally DllTerent From Those of l^ut Session*. BUI. London, Nov. 37.-Iu the Hoase of Commons to-day Ualfour introduoed the Irish land bill. He eald tbe Opvernmeut's policy was the same as in 1889, bat for simplicity tbe bill had been out in half. But portions, however, wers practically the same as ic the bill of 1890, One variation of the present bill from that of last year was that it met iu some degree Parnell's views. Parnell had saggested that the privilege of purchase be confined to tenanis whose holdings were under 50 pouuds valuation. Though he (Balfour) could not accept exactly that limitation. He bad altered tbe scope of the bill, by cxoludiug all purely grazing farms and farms whose tenants did not reside on thum. Among other changes embodied in tbe new bill one had reference Lo the objectloo taken at the last sesson to the limit of twenty years purchase then proposed. That limit did not appear in the new bill. (Cries of hear, bear). Further power would be given to the viceroy to extend the period of five years during which 8 per cent, of the purchase money was payable. In regard tL> increasing tbe power of local autboritlHS. Balfour said he considered that the original proposals therefore iu the bill were the best that could be devised. Labouchere moved an amendment ai;aiDst pledging tbe Imperial credit for the purchase of land, until the country should have given its consent at a general election. Labouchere's amendment was rejected by a vote of 263 to 117. Gladstone, Sir William Vernon Harcourt and Mr. Motley walkad oat before the vote was taken. Parnell and all Parnell members voted with tbe governneBt. The bill was then given Its first reading amid cheers of the government supporters. BCVEIf TEARS REST FOR 8EAI.. Peter MellllerV.Generoslty. The Sugar Valley Journal says Peter Moitzler, of Look Haven, did a very liberal act tbe other day, when he contributed $75.00 to tbe Lutheran church of Logan-ton, which is to bo expended in constructing a new pavement and making other improvements. The members of the ohurch uuito in voting him thanks for his kindness. The Tobtl N.mher in Americ.n Waters Be- daced to 100.000. Washinotos, Nov, 27.-Professor H. R. Elliott, of tho Smithsonian Institution, will present a report to Congress on its reassembling on the seal fur industry. Professor Elliolt will recommend that the catch of fur seals at tbe American rookeries be suspended for seven years. This period of inactivity be considers absolutely necessary for the preservntion of the seal from utter annihilation. At tbe present time he estimates that there ar* only 100,000 seal in American waters. Tbe continued depredutiocs upon them by pirates has reduced the number so mnch that hardly a sufiiciect number remain for breeding purposes. The utmost care be considtTS necessary to preserve tha few that remain, or else the magnificent indu�-try which was purchased from Russia with the Alaska cession will become extinct. It was on account of Professor Elliott's knowledge of the lur seal industry that be was especially designated by Coogtess to visit Alaska and make a repoit on the subject. Tbe agents of the fur and seal companies who enjoyed the privileges about tho islands of St. George and St. Paul, made represcnt.'vtion that thero were 1,000,000 seal in the American rookeries. Other reports placed the number at 500,-000, aud still others at a lesser number. All these aonHtotiug reports, made by parties more or less interested, induced Congress to send Professor Elliott to Alaskan waters, and his report that not over 100,000 seal have survived tbe war of exterroiuation will, it is believed, call halt iu their destruction. A Generon. BXerth.ut. Harry E. Fox, the popular -Maine street grocer, gave a number of poor bo>s their NOT CHARLIE BOSS. The "World's' Sensation Proved to Bo a Mass of Falsehoods. New Youk, Nov. 27. - Detective Adams returned from Boston to-day and dinner at tho Montour Bouse, yesterday. I reported to 8up.;rinteudcut Byrnes the re- _ ..... ,f :______>;/v..ti..,. t.. H.m (Miitrlin There were enough of the boys to occupy all tho seats at one of tho tables, aud they were served with an excellent Thanksgiving dinner. Woddiid on Thanfcsgivlnc Eva. Mr. Henry Kapp, of Williamaport, and Miss Annie S. Workman, of this oity, were married in the Evangelical church, on Thanksgiving eve. by Rev. J. A. Hol-lenbaugh. The hour at which the ceremony was performed was 9 o'clock. McKinnny Brothers, oil operators, have sold to the Standard Oil Company, for $250,000, ail their leases and property io Warren, McKcan and Butler counties, Penn'a, and at Flodlay, Ohio. The sale covers nearly 20,000acres of developed and nndevelopop oil territory. to their plant, aud the contract given to the B,>11 Engine Company specifies a one hundred aud forty horse power engine. The conJpany bas also contracted for two large boile-rs of suitable capacity to drivb the engine. These together will liunii^' sufficient power to run two dynamo*, one of 50 arc lights and one of 1500 ineandea-oent lights. The company will also have in reserve tbe engine and boiler now in use for any future emergency. Mr. Will Harris, the Treasurer of the company, tates that it is hardly to be expected that so large a number of consnmei* of incaa-deseeut lights could be found in this citj at present. Mr. Harris also saya, that notwithstanding tbe present eleetrio lights in use have not so far paid them, jet th* company will assure the citizens that th* price for the incandescent lighta will be made as low as other towns furnish agood light of this kind. The company also hopes by having a surplus of incandescentr capacity to be able to make special contracts for lightning any and,all institutions or manufacturing establishments in the suburbs of the oity, thereby enabling them by quantity to keep the price low. A Terrible letter.-A wife recently gave her husband a sealed letter, begging him not to open it until be got to bis place of business. When he did ss be rean: I am forced to tell yon something that I know will trouble you, but it is my daty to do so. I am determined yon shall know, let the result be what it may. t bave known for a week that it was coming bnt kept it to myself until to-day, when it has reached a crisis, and I cannot keep it any longer. Yon must not oensnre me too harshly, for yon must reap tbe results as well as myself. I do hope it won't ernsb yon." By this time the cold perspiration stood ol bis forehead with the fear of some terrible unknown calamity. He turned tbe page, bis hair slowly rising, and read: "The coal is all used up! Please call and ask for some to be sent this afternoon. I thought by this method you wottld not forget it." He didn't. Coffee a. a stimulant. ; It is asserted by men of high professional ability that �ben,tl)e system needs a stimulant nothing excels a cup of freeh -cofi'ee. Those who desire to resouo the dipsomaniac from his caps will find no better substitute for spirits than strong, newly made coffee witboat mi>k or sugar. Two ounces,, or one-eighth of a pound, to one pint of boiling water, makes a first-class beverage; but the water mast be boiling, not merely hot. It is asseited that malaria and epidemics are avoided by those whodrinkia cup of hot coffee before venorlpg .into th* morning air. Burned on hut coals, coffee, is a disinfectant wr a sick room, and.^by some of the best physicians it is considered a specific in typhoid fever.. . The OomloK Iiutltate. ' Considerable interest is already manifested in the coming meeting of the teach' ers in this city, and the evening leoforea are likely to be larger attended than ever before. Tbe entire program for the week is exceedingly intaresting, and not only the teachers bnt the public in general Will find it pleasant and profitable to be pfefc ent at every session. A Strainer for Immiaraiit.. From tlie Boston Advertiser. Make tbe steamship companies responsible for the character of tbe iamigraiita they bring to this country, and the immigrant problem is in a fair way toward solution. Strengthen tbe system of oon-sular inspection, and even beitter reshlta may be achieved. Th. Evancellcal Chnrch Sapper. The ladies of tbe Evangelical cbnteb were liberally patronized yesterday. and upwards of five hundred people were served with dinners and suppers at; th* Montour House, The bill of fare was excellent and tho ladies will realize about $140 for the churob by their efforts. suit of his iuveBtigation iu the Charlie Boss case. Tho supetiuteuduut said that Adams bad verilied certain facts which made it clear to him that much of the information published in reference to the supposed discovery of Charlie Ross was a tioeuo ol falsehoods. "The young man in prison-at Boston," said Inspector Byrnes, "is not Charlie Ross." Willie Tate, the ohum of Charlie McChiisty, the supposed-Charlie Rot-s, says that many of tho statements accredited him are false. He never made them. I am perfectly satisfied that tbereis nothing iu the case, and that the person who gave ont the story lied." The K. of I.. Ball. There was a large attendanoe at th* E� of L, ball in the Armory Wednesday dlgbt. All went "merry as a inarriage bell" and the second annual ball given by tbe . Kuights was a grand sccoeas. The Work BeKQn, The new electric light company eom-meuced to-day to dibtributo'the poleaoD which their wires w.ll be �tfung. The erection of poles and wires will be puabed as rapidly as possible. Dearee Lods* MMtia*;. A regular meeting of Rebecca Deg cea : Lodue, I. O. O. P., will be held to-morrow � evening at 7:30 o'clock. Joseph Ford, a colliery engineer tt Green Ridge, Pa., quarreled with bis wile on Tuesday nigDC and (.trnck her. ; whereupon bis 12-year-old son seized a : shot gun and discharged tbe contents In ' his father's neck. It is tbought the wound will prove fatal. Bean-Etbelinda is oeitainly afin*:gkV ; Mrs. Checksy, thongb there is on* thibi^':> I dislik* about ber; Mrs. q.--^lii*|ili;^J pany are making extensive impronmeate 'that, Mr. Noll}!' Beao-An^r t^U^;?^^ .- Exteoilve Improvt The Lock Haven Light and Power Com-

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