Friday, September 5, 1890

Lock Haven Express

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

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Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - September 5, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania " JUL. >i:!il 4l KIM Til \iiAK-KO. UK lock haven. pa.. f1uday. keftemheb �. 1890. pk ice-two cents evening ExyMEssjKHfflHJTC ATTACK OH QUAY CURRENT COMMENT. Ti-r. Democrats bavii their vH-.iTies-b* fore the else tit^ has its v. .:.�!; vi'\u;\ a  a Leap better than a incus-tchy. TniiV! VbLh'i; r�pi\ppr icciv '-"^i v un i.u 6souvrt'vo,j .". 5�'..r .'.j;o. .itkI V'.iey m t tog^th^r :i .rew d.iyi, The ^rst sun vorsary of the affair to congratulate c-;;e: other that they had lived down -\ popul?-superstition. Hal? a hundred llut�e,atia� miner* alter drawing their monthly pay at. 6her-andoah, ieft that place f�r their former homes in Hungary. Thin ii>a htep whio i will caufiO no regret iu any r, in;:* mucU an there arc few foreigners wh j come to this country who are lets deBir able than tbo average Hungarian. By tbo prompt action of Congress thu original package business is at an outl and tho scoundrels who were so swift to tako advantage of the remarkable decision of the National Supreme Court have been ootnpeiled to elo*e their death-deaUhR es-i.^bliahments and seek some mora honest if less remunerative employment. Tnr_'ia L'ai'y r. � "winch hart a Vuuited ein;uUl..ion arid whlcl. has changed bauds ^rorai Unifs wrthii she last fo" years, has uguw out for I'atti son and without a Uuo of ptctioiiuary warning has suddenly developed ac intense loathing of Senator Quay, and there fore of Mr. Delamater. These things happen in every coosiderable campaign but they seldom have any influence on tny result. Ax Associate Fress dispatch from (Jon nooticut gives the details of a peculiar d :d, and her growing population makes the visits of tbo ceUHue-taker desirable. As a token of what KanaaH can do, the members of the Foit Worth Chamber of Commerce have Bent Prcbidei/. Harrison a one-hundred pound watermelon. It is no flattery to Bay that this mighty melon is an object of national interest. Tho human eye Jikefl to rest uu anything of utu:aal size1 especially if the object be edible. A giant prcf.fttoe or turkey is a druwing card at a oounty fnh. Lirge fruits and vegetables are dear to the farmer's heart. No one jeers at a soaro sivo he who never felt a wouurl, and ho one speaks iight'y �i the tt'zo rne^mR c:ib^r�p/n 8^''; �ts '-?h -^n y - <�--�) f. � � .-;ja;i.:,. will bo bo id : "!'-,:,}-- The Vouog IVwIu'h fllifcsionarj Society of the 1'rcsbytoriau Churou will commence to hold their monthly meeting to-night in the chapel, at 7:30 o'clock-, after a vaca-ion since .lu�o. t>. t>'*c-i-.irtt!il V'i'nii thu "timirref-loot 1 Ilccont." inn ihis VctUm i!� Tor i)>e Prenpni, Wa?h!:::vivn, Spet. 4.-The Pcnnsylv; -nia Kepubl'caus wern very anpry w!ie i they read the published speech of tfopn -sen'ative Hobert P. Kennely, of tbj K'ghth Ohio dia'rlct, attacking Heur.tor Qviay, and aditnadvertiug upon the Ue\\\-roeut by the 5onato of the Lodge Llec-tions bill. It so happened that, n� tho hoar wa� Jate and it was understood that nothing but debate was to occupy thu time, no Pennsylvania Republican members were present when the speech waa delivered yesterday, and they say Kennedy would have been oalled to order before he had progressed far in his attack. When their attention waa attracted by the published report of the speech to da; the Pennsylvania He*>* esentstives put * hoi hsfiria tog?tber,and the resul* was the pre p.irutio2 of a r'soluticu prohtbiUug tlu public printer from publishing the speech In the Cu>iii'i.;>9i<.'iial ut:"/"�, us ii oonsti Euted a broach of decorum and of the rules of tho house. The resolution was entrusted to Representative Daliell for presentation in the House, but before that couAd \ie done Representative Burrows, who is Speaker pro tern., was consulted. By his advice representations were made to Mr, Kennedy, which induced him to withhold h\& speech from the printer for a few days, and co.i sc-ijuently th-i resolution was likewise withheld. Ueforo the Housd met Mr. Kennedy was asked if he iu:6uded to withhold his speech ;o:.\ tuo '; t>ttiii .-.,r<', lii.auswer-ed enip[iii!ic;i!]y( "Nro in, it will appear io the iirc-jr-.i just a aid that he could litid uo precedent night �'heL Kennedy was making hia speech to shut him off on a poiut of order. There- ', fore it waa not clear how tbo speech could be kept out of the Record unless Kennedy himself withheld it. The Pennsylvania members were in hopes he would do this and so delayed action to give time to think the matter over, | HEADWAY ON i |]R 'I.\H!!-K iJlTJ.. In tho iJGuzte Mr, Davi� offered amendment taking bindery twine from 1 the cotton schedule of the UriB bill so that i: cuv.M ha pln^d oo iho free list. I: was agreed to, yeas 'l-l, nays 2i. A number of committee amcadmeciM were adopted and the schedule was lioaily disposed of and schedule M, pulp, paper aud books, 1 was taken up. This was soon disposed of, I the committee amendments being adopted ; and others offered by the Deniftcratri were rejected, ricliedute X., tuuiirie?, was reached and reail iliruu^h The llrr.;r. did L lf: }�:;*>}-? J (iJ1. , adult roley. They hava good voices, aud, i what is almost as necessary, have them well trjuij, d, to say nothing of owning pretty fa-v:;s and preWy gowos. The evening's cufertaititnetiC was refined aud cxeo'.-lent ;n all 'espce's. The company is Ruch a? to deserve andieucr.i limited only by i\'.r four wnllM.and the indica* iora arsi th:.' /'-t'T-'i'ts will b'i fully realiz-ul.-C'.iii- TRAIN WRECKERS AT WORK. �Civ Avitroi.rtfvtl: R�tt St^iT* Ilsitrii^? Dt -rnIi�'�t~J'oar �'eraon* Killed., i* , Sept. -i.-The trail Jrom New York, due hero a- j 1 ;�30 p. m., has not been hnard from since it left Hud-sou on time. ltisuowtwo hours lato. No infji'uia-tiou can be obtained at the ftatiou here. Lateu-0:45 a, in.-The train was-No, 15, known as tho Adirondack, Moutreal and Niagara Falls Express, and was wrecked three miles north of Castleton. Four men and a woman are reported killed. It it* reported that rails or tien were fastened ou the track. Details are not obtainable at present, The first news of the wreck was brought to East Albany by a farmer who drove in, The train consisted mostly of sleepers, rilCA HKARS OF l'L\ I'tica, X. Y., Sept. -t.-A railroad op erator ;*t Albany says that a pile of iroi waa placed on the tracks and wreaked thu i Niagara Fails Express, due in Utlca a '-MOa. m. A j .- rt.t?/ t'l.ioiigh iiioun^uiu reginu kv.u '.hp trict o! New Vi/ik may joining the Pentisyivan a bouaiiy.conducted lour Thursday, ^eptembei 11th, l'etinsj i van:.i' a noted iftke di.s-he im.j.jyed by Kaihoad'fi iit-r-airmgiid lor Tuiirists will leave Washington by special Iraiu of Pull man Parlor Cars knd iJay Couches (it 7:10 a. m , llaltimorR Uutou Station, at find arrive at Niagara Falls ai ll:!}Q \), ;u. Hound srip :.iek(-'s valid for teu days, allowing a stop-off at "Watkina in either direction, will be Bold at �10. It will be well to remember rhut if the last opportunity to imjoy one of theHe very eciect aud pleasurable outiugn, and immediate attention should be paid <o securing accommodations, which will be given upon application to Pennsylvania Railroad Ticket Offices. A Tourist Agent aud Chaperon will :io-comp.'tjiy the party and look alter the eom fort and f-njoyment of all, making ihe 'rip ) partako of peculiarly private char rtcter from wbieb the personal escoi' sys tfcin of vhti i'enijsy'r-'aiiia Ha'droad Com pany lias derived so muoh uf just praU." ��The Little Hbj- M�kor." It is seldom that aLock Haven audience ia more interested in a play than they were last night in "The Little Haymaker" as presented by the Floy Crowell Company. "The Little Haymaker" isavery aweetstory of country simplicity and city duplioity. A tale of a girls devotion, sacrifice and conjugal love. Tho thoughtful city judge falls in love and weds the "child of nature"' The blue bl^od of the sister of tho Judge rebels against the uuion and enters into a conspiracy that causes the girl wife ~o for-.-i.'ifco fier home and seeks shelter with poor bu! Ernest friends. Then comes the final reunion and happy denounement. Miss Crowell was vory sweet and her winsome acting endeared her more than ever to our people. The emotional parts were p^rtioulary affecting and brought tears tu the eyes of many. She is certainly a !i msbed aotress and charming dresser. C. Ed. Dudley as the good-natured Yankee boy caused considerable liiiigeter aud proved a faithful friends in time of need. The "Judge'* and tiro "far-met" by Fraok MacDonald aud K. F. Eberie, respectively, were superb aud the, remainder of the company were considerably above the average. To-night the farcical comedy of "Throe Marriageable Daughters," This is the laat nvghT but one of Miss (,'rowell and if you have not already seen her do not fail; to do so. I Tomorrow afternoon matinee nt *:30 whe:i "Molly Bawu." will be repeated. Annual Vi. C. T. I.', Cunv,;nllon. I'he annual meeting of tho christian workers will be held in Henovu Thursday and Friday, ^fpt. IPh and 1'2'b, lS'.iO. . Tho pr.igiivni. 1'ipiifts of ofticera, stiperin 1 tcudonu and woikcrft will be fraught with deep interest. 1 Ua animal address will be delivered by 11*v. \V. A. ttepbeiiH, of WilhamsporL, 1'residiug rUder ol tins Di& Uiat and �ho :.<? a heavy weight on Temperance qtie&'ious. The mu^ic aud ult the i exercises will bo of a high urder aud prup- 1 aritions are being made for tho best meeting of tho kind. Tho Henovo Umou is, sparing no paitisi for a succosbful nieeMng. ! Let evt-ry L nion aeud delegates and good reporU. scud duos 'u county, treasurtr Mra. Kate L. Williama, Heuch Creek, Pa. iieport promptly so our county will be duly credited and reported at tbo State Cunvobtion in Scrantou otober 15, lti, and 17. | '*And on my servants and ou my hand maidens 1 will pour out in thoao days of: my spiiit, and they shall prophesy." PtJKI.LA. E. DORNHLASKH, Mas. Levukn, President. Secretary. Chuuto Kor i.n fiHluntrv. Tbo WdliaiiiBport -~>u� says: J, H, Car pen'er u; the manufacturer of a lirst-olass oojcry �vtiuel, and is locatfcd at Liudeu. He, wautK ' � come '/�> WiUiamspon W operate, and should bo encouraged. Ho niafceH the be:-' emery wheel in the United -talcs, the only wlici'l I'.M will luu in hi J pleased, everybody laughed, and everybody applauded, Leo iiinobart nuita won all hearti? with her mature ways and quaint face, and the Mioses Ueurtrico and Coldio Rbebart -"Ufc'ained the important pipe will connect at flald Eagle r-troet with tho main flexor and will dram all tbM portion of the First ward which in wot weathor ha* heretofore been a regular swamp. TERSELY MHAPPIU1UG8. A:! the Late Xaws aud Viows uf the Oity Up to 3:00 P. M. G0TTF.S UP IH A READABLE rOKH FUly-MOCfju;! Aunliyrijnry . JH*)Mlnj*n T�-Ni�ht- T^e Oeutv* Cunciy Murdor-A� l-iirrrKtlag M<*4t(np-Kn�th �f � Child- A firwRt li'vjii(Ion- ammer iheu, l� meliow now \u j-'Ohl. >\jt uow as then.the hituiv nice is finished with fancy Jiyhts, Hut ineimiry of milder era�-e rihitil rule Ihe feast t IniUidWe Ulble Smdy. The following are a few of the many testimouiala accorded to Dr. Harper's plan of inductive liible study, -,vhich we mentioned in a former issue: Dr. I.yman Abott : ill am very glad Lh&t, vuu have inaugurated this movemeuf, ind 1 ahull givo it cdiiorial endorsement iu the Chritttittft f'.-ti./n."' Hbv. F. N. Pelouhe! . "I think the plan Is a grand and gcud one, a blessing all ir.'lividuali' and wchoulf-' who take ii �p '" Dr. Phillips P-iooks ' I cj.ii sto how dmirably useful your plan nf examination may he made, and wish it iho most wide success.'' We leei sure that there are many Sunday nchooJ teachers ami Uiblo student*, who would gladly avail themselves of the priviU'gu at' joiutug the class about to lie organized in this city. The first session will no next Monday evening, Sept. 8th, &1 half-paid, seven o'clock, jn the Presbyterian chapel. Kov. U. W. Perkins, a friend of Dr. Harper, will conduct the class. ^__ Owing to tho threatening condition of the woathor to-day, (he lawn festival announced to bo held on Charles Ivreamer's lawn to-night, will be held iu tho hall of Trinity M. K. Church. Tho basement of tho church will bo open and lighied, but the fcHtival will be held In tho front hall, and in case it does not raiu thero will also bo tables on the lawn iu front of tho churoh. Ito Mandoiiu Club will fumlsh music. Ton gallons of the ice cream for the occasion will be furnished by J. II. Hiller, tho opuh'.; Mai/; riri!'*i ::;>!Lfoctintmr. ,t o/.rfint on I the '.;.!-' i .-: .J-' 'r'u .':;''ioc of it can ! JO *: i ' � '. :;w J.-.-tlbl but Mv. ; M.-..-. � . - - ' i iu. : vcntiv . . , i..r.-i.'!L':iii i.-cn of Ueuuvu are cir- culating & petition for siguaturea praying Uie Po^Bi^Vcr Gcnetal to give Henovo a Sunday mail train. Iteoovo is certainly entitled to a Sunday mail and will in ail probability pet it. Pt'SUKST POT POfTKRX. A Miscellaneous Mlxtnre ol" Sense and mmsc Scissored and Scribbled. Tender-hands .stiobe :i nettle, A nd H. Rj,lnRs you for your pains, tJrasp it as a man of lnelile. And U soft as silk reraaluK. "VKUieoftmRwiUi common natures Uxmhem liindly, Ihfy rebel. Hut he ro\iyh us nutmeg srnterP, And Iho rogues will use you well. Between the logalized hunters and tho poachers the seals are having a hard timo saving their skins. There would not be half to much wick* cdoofis iu the world if a roan were com-peUud to give his excuses beforehand. About tho only things the modern tribe of ultra fashionable folks lay aside for a rainy day are umbrellas, overshoea and imported mackintosh. The band played "Praam God From Whom Ml Clearing* Flow," wben the Potiatown bridge was opened to the public on Monday evening. Fancy jewels are to be worn in profusion. There will be do saner kraut famine. The latest in silk nuderwoar is dove gray. The qucstio now: "When did you get back-'" "Times are getting so hard,*' remarked an unsuccessful buesiness man, "thats it's getting to be all that I oan do to collect ray thoughts." An old maid asks: If winterer is, is right, how does it happen that I am left? A Philipsburg women sent her best fellow, a local butcher, three, klttem by express, and in return she received a.small bologna sausage with a blue ribbon around oue end aud a card a;i ached reading: "One of tho wanderors returned." It is obsorved that a man never forgets how good ho w to others. The female who BUgcestod a special postal card "for ladies ouiy" uow wants a mourning stamp." One writer s&ys: "When it comes to saving dollars, a man is more of a genius than a women; but when it comes to saving penulet*, a woman witt save a dollar before a mau has saved fifty cents." A SDBPBE1 IH NEW YORK The Finn of Sawyer. Wallace & Co. Kakt an Assignment. Mr*. H�rper'� Lecture. The seating capacity of the Court llonse was comfortably tilled last evening to hear the locture by Mrs. Frances Harper. Themusio consisted of now and attractive Sabbath School pieces led by Prof. Wol-verton with organ acoompament by Miss May Schuyler. The address was given in a rapid raoy style abounding in grand thoughts and practical illustrations from which it was evident tho speaker's principal aim. wa.s to arti�s,e U\a careless and indifferent to a sense of their responsibility on this all iinestion. The audience was quite attentive and Pprt'oiat:ve and from nil appearances returned home well pleased with what they had heard. A;i luieretfiiiiR Met tine. There was a good attendance at the annual meeting of tho W. C. T. C. yesterday afternoon. A number of Superintendents of Departments reported good work done despite (ho "hard"'year with its many and varied discouragements. All the officers and moat of the superintendents of last year were re-elected, after which Mrs. Harper made a short address which was full of consolation and encouragement for the workerH in the cause. Her appeal to tho ladies iu behalf of the temporauce work among colored people was listened to with rapt attention and a deep interest pervaded the meeting. TAIL WITH LOSSES CP $1.500,000 A Tork Deal Ijiot -January tu n'bttb ThCV I-OPt a Cltmti Million, the I'relimlnaJT Cause, but trrbrts to Squelch UlvalP <t Prime Helper-The i'lrm Mnkte a Statement. New York, Sept 4.-The assignment of Sawyer* Wallace & Company to-day cunw like ft thunder clap out of a clear sky, am-was a surprise on all the exchanges and the street." Samuel A. Sawyer, David L. Wallaoe and Thomas Miller comprise the firm of exporters of breadbtuffs and cotton and dealers in leaf tobacco at No, IH Broadway. The of the failure U the losses the firm have sustained in their foreign option business. The firm made the following statement: "It is with inexpressible sorrow that wo are forced to close our thirty-seven years' business career by a general assignment for the benefit of our creditors. Our resources have boon completely exhausted by losses in our foreign option business, wheat and provisions chiefly, conducted through Loudon. Owing to the number and variety of those foreign accounts wo cannot state the amount of our liabilities or assets The firm had branches in the following cities: Loudon, Liverpool, Glasgow, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Marseilles, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Buda-Pesth, Trieste, Leghym, Barcelona, Lisbon, Mannheim and Havre. Houses on Wall street say the cause of the failure was the result of efforts made by the firm to equelch competitors in the commission business by doing their commission business with European speculators without margin and at a small commission. In a pork deal last January the firm is said to have sustained losses of $1,000,000. On this account claims for these losses against European speculators are among the nominal assets. It is estimated tbat the sum total of the nominal assets will reach $1,750,000 amoDg which arc included ei.QOO.W lost in tbo potk deal. It is believed tbat they have protected their interests in this country and that their chief loasesf which may reach $V 500,000 will be in London aud mainly on their pork dealings. of which warf *v buckle, beat him until hia back wa^ covered with bfood and bruise*. Laler, when the (jithur returned homo and was informed of what had occurred, Ue sii ipped the boy's legs, took a lid from the stove and applied it to the bare limbs of (he lad in several places, searing him terribly at every touch. , The tuw :sh:p :;u:ho:it:es, hearing of tho &tinirt bad the parents arrested. SERIOUS TRO*DBLE~AHEAD. The l-.wn of AEni&'i�ry In PosftftartOB ol Kimiuu* Minor*. PiT-r^KCRo. Sept. 4-The 1,000 men at the Standard mines of H. C. Friok & Co., who struck baoauKe the Qrm refusod to diEcharjre IT nou-uruon moD, ordered a mass meeting at Moorowood last night, which waa attended by 1,200 miners, Next Tuesday'* Convention is called iu yoottdjile and labor leaders say to-night the i&dicatiotis ate that the eutire cegioa will be called out at that meeting. Advices from Armsbry, on the Creseon and Clearfield road, say a number of men armed with guns forced non.Union men in the mines thero to flee for their lives. The town is in an uproar, and seventeen of the rioters wore arrested and are now in Ebensburg jail. BASE BALL KKCOltU. The Three Organization, and Their Stand-ins to Date. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Pittsburg-Cleveland 2, Pittsburg 6. Philadelphia-Boston 7. Philadelphia 3. New York-New York 3 Brooklyn 7. Chicago-Cincinnati 4, Chicago 7. Clanrc called In the sixth inniugou account of darkness. TLAYEH3' LEAGUE. Boston-Boston 6, Philadelphia 0. Brooklyn-Now York 7, Uroofelyn 4. Pittsburg-Chicago 5, Piusburg 4. Buffalo-Cleveland IS, Burtulo 2. �ME�ICAS Ascocivnus. Rochester-Cuhtatbus tf, Hochestcr Baltimore-Toledo 8, Baltimore 2. Syracuse-Syracuse G, ist. Louis 13. Philadelphia-Louisville 8, Athletic S. Standing of tne Clnbs. Brooklyn... Boston.............� i I'liilRdslpbla...cK Cincinnati.......Gti NATIONAL LEAGUE. Won. Boston..............;n 11 Brooklyn.........KM New Yora........1,7 PlillnilBlphla...iiO Chicago....... jNew York... 'Cleveland.. . iPlUsUurg.... l'LAVElts' LEAGUE. Won. Logt, Lost. 13 61) Chicago... I'llUiburs..... Cleveland... Bullalo.............iy Wou. Lost. ......m m 511 ...4s The Ueutre County Murder. A preliminary hearing was given yesterday morning at Bellefoute to the nan who 6hot Iiarry Waterhouae at that place on Wednesday. The Bellefonte iVe<r ut <i cr.incritment. There will bo a. Ii-ibc^n coil .is heurir.g wl.ich v;ill tt'.uj I yiiwe prubsMj the latter part of next | *Ottk. \ V. Uoie TUey Will s� jp. | J'jhiiT, Be&riisley returned lust night from r'riti, Pa., irhitro he went to secure houl .'iCii'-mt!. )si;.tion^ ^ 1' j:.;ii:sl!ur C'oui- t'otK:i.vii. 'iuc ..'o'.uci.u.-iiLuiry *.vi,i w �: twed �' � l-.'.i':' !!..�, one ol UiBbest) hctois iu ihr; f:i"y. Atrcftlcd Ht the Depot. Depot I'oliceman Wait arrested and lodged iu jail this morning a yonog who was drunk and disorderly at the station. He hailed from 'WiHiamsport. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Won. Lost. Won. i LnulsvMe........6ti 38 .Toledo.....,....._65 81. Louis..........l�) 15 ' Athletic...........51 Rochester........55 -rs Syracuse..........a Columbus.........5� 1'J 'Baltimore........'�i UNPARALLELED FIENDISHNESS Uerttiia t?oiPK�. Warren Waltz died at Beech Creek yesterday raoroiug aged about 35 years. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at oue o'clock, interment to be made at Eaglevillo cemetery. The deceased leaves a wife and six children, and bis death wr.s the result of an attack of la grippe laat winter from whioh he never fully recovered. Intelligence reached thia city to-day, of the death of Mrs. Mary J. Rlec&ner, wife Jos. Kleokner, at Benton, Columbia county yesterday. The remains will be taken t Logantou for interment. The funeral -will take place at Logon ton Sunday afternoon. The deceased was a daughter of the late "Dr. Moycr, of Sugar Valley. O "Do no van IZoasn Hg ft Oru;ii)i)(*r. A.veoMA, Conn., Sept. 4,-When the quiet Auaonia merchants were visited last night by a heavy built man wearing an antiquated silk hat and holding oat a card bearing the name of O'Donovan Uos&a, tbsre- was % t\utter o! excitement. Mr. Kossa has dropped writing editorials with a dagger between his teoth, and is representing the liquor and cigar department of a Now York firm. His salos hero were large, and he expressed himself as entirely pleased with his reception. Latest Vermont Election Return*. White River .Trycnos, Vt., Sept. 4.- A revised and correot compilation from 232 towns, embracing the complete gubernatorial vote of seven of the fourteen oounties in the State, give Page, (Republican,) 32.651; Brigham, 1S.745; all others 1,21-i; majority for Page, 12.C92. The same towns in gave OiUinghava 4tf- 053; Shurtloff V.1,226, all others 1,352, The majority for Dillingham was 20,455. The decrease in the Republican vote is 14,402, and the Republican majority 13,703, The deoreaetT for the Democratic vote is 481. Dtiuh or a Child. ..I'.unie liiO'a'u, an interesting little daughter of Mr. afcd Mrs. William Brown, died yesterday evening, at the residence of her parents in LoeVport, of membrane croup, aged two years. Funeral ou Saturday afternoon, tha services to be held m the Si. E. Church at Dauustown, at Z o'olock. Uyittr Supper Xo-NlRht. Thu Goad Templws are mafetag extensive preparations for the oyster supper and ice cream and aake festival this evening, in the room four doors west of F. F. Ritt-man's auction room on Bellefonte avenue. Supper 25 cents. Everybody Is invited. Attention. Haml-ln-Hand* Every member of Hnnd-in-fland Hcbb Comdany is hereby notified to report at tho hose bouso r,o-ruorrow evening at 6 o'clock, in uniform to proceed from there � to tbo engine houBO for the annual inspection. W. E. Puake, Foreman. Terrttito Tor tare Inflicted on � R%bs> and a H*]f-WIttei1 Boy. East Liverpool, O., Sept, 4.-Word comes from Walkers, a smalt hamlet situated between this place and Wollsville, of a case of barbarous cruelty, which occurred there a day or two ago. Etias Glass lives there aud works in the sew or pipe work-* at !h:,; !w. wr'e ^.;,rk3 jn j '-be g;ai)f. f -ry *:\ th::; Uo-h uv� �h  'rom hom-> Uu.'u^'^ Urn ilay, aud tc.e :joii.vj i/> Urit i'i if y" -heir ji/u::.,1 -'hiUii'en. Thu yt-.iiijjtij, cliV.d in -itiotu a jis-.n" oM and the is i� haii "viilc-t hid dbc-ut r\.-.;r(e?r. re^s t old. v, hi!e parot.ia wdvb ^kj-.j', �.? u^fj, hub:-. "?uc2nw fuiJu!, and \ti ; iU'cs >ir.r;�i;vd -1-.:. ':oy ihal he lif yd it* ; :d;:yt!i ;;ud pta^d ti.e- VV.W- �:n? y:> a hot ' atovc una hcl.l it tluro until it was burned tn a novrible mannor. i -When the mother returned home in the evening and heard from the other children what had happened, aho bared the boy's baok, and with a stout strap, on tho end Need* Kei>�iri�. The WiHiamsport newspaters are unanimously of the opinion that the phono-gr&pb. wbAtth, tatn^hed a co\umn. oi copy for tho Democrat last Tuesday is sadly in need of repairs. mice tu- t?�e "V*s.*� .'rt ;. v..-;;* important meeting' i ;,{> to-morrow cfternoon. 4. i: oi.cey i>t Belie- jlr. .ir A M -.ii. fnp.tu. i'.e;-o giiu^'.s r^ of Mr. and ilrn. ,\. li. Mann. Kiv K 1'ar*^�;;13r eii Jcruey � ^re 'i.:;- week wjd n'l ;iti there �javc the Capt. t'arL-c, w�i- ru--s �ho Faiker Uousc, PUUipfiuuig, was in the <A\y terdoy. The Captain is a jolly good fellow and has the reputation of conducting one of tho best public bouses w Ceatro county.

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