Saturday, August 30, 1890

Lock Haven Express

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

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Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - August 30, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 0* J ili? I �>" -.15' Vii !J "S �^'.rU.'^"'^^ ,'gj f-f^V%^' 4% npV |V "--A".*.'. is..^-. ' . ;;.l��" '- %\&~r> /% ^ ^ ^ *r I:. fc.-'i a 1' Effort � [. .i.m hasn't pro' idou ;v ;>;I-' furnished a pretty spectacle. -c-.v :ir the man "ho ha'h n.. I N�: ea*-. in :ro'i?o c it Yoik � thae. in a,' �illation in tho city 'mm WHO to l^'i is v England. Ihv P'in, consider the- grf-si>hopperi h3 wouldu't bo able to get on in the world if he did not jump at every chance. Canada flunks sho wants un agiieul-t-ira* cn-nbine. What sho real!}' wants D fi.nnr>:a,,ou. And sho will pot it. "W-;.vr sUa.ll it proG: the farmer tV lit can buy a woolen ahirt for a few occUi le."-.-: anr: Irro his mUre dock of sheep ,T ft-ks rbnrtdtf'iitV.a Inquirer. Ti:?::1,:: ito d>]-ii:;n^ ihc pr of Aiiri^as. According t'j tbu WtcUit� T.:vs\ , (ho natives can got into fho circuf for otic liusbol of com, while last ypar it cot five." are said to bo po many yachte for Xot York that their total cost w-->ui<] reach -*rPct ha--e a passion for yachting, ar: ! [!.';':r ipn av.i' doTii*1 in life arf1 rn:iny. iv :;�:':':*'> bp ti'ia'.'^ lit'ci'liji! thn*. do-ba'i- -".i t!;c 'I'ariS b:i: v. ill ^t.'V'i^rabir and a f1 V ta' Sen:;'.'1 in'mudir; '-bcriviCt^r STTTRPY ?1XA FOR RrCTVROlUT'i. r -of I'r'^^rl Inn ijul lciHt >ud tba" will insist upjii bis former potiit .on-that the mow discharge-! ! lit !\ l"' V'.' rof=.islue to cor/.'!]!]!1 work. All the Lat VI NUS'.Nr POT I'OL'KKI. 1 GENERAL AP FOREIGN NEWS up ami Viows of ti: 3-00 P. a. (Jit.' .M iHcrllunooua !llix!nri: of Sen?t> Mini^o .S '~ tiik value of somu deposits for fertili/.ing, it is m^-M iha'- last year Paris fertilized 1,-00 acres with its sew an-! niade them the most valuable agricultural laud in Europe. Berlin treated 1,000 ?,ores in the same way wiih a like rcsii^. The sewage nf the city of �o:i .'rings > -> -,o 00 ". uiocka hi a new business in Now York. Over 1,^00 c'ocks >:>t this kin-', have been placed already iu that city a; a rental of To cents a month. In some oases where -ha time of operatives in a taetory demantlp careful adjustment, an employe of the company visits the place daily and rejr'ilates the clock so far as may bo necessary. Ordinarily the clocks are wound once iu six days, and the. company attonda to that. A S.\>' Fp.ancisco paper assorts, that the fat-bion, or practice, of vrenring �^andon shoes is f>n -be increase in this country and in England. It is averred that by the aid of machinery a really neat and comfortable shoe can bo made so stylish that r.u youutr woman need be ashamed to vicar it for the street. The traditional wooden t.hoe which we have all read ab^n*. was i clumsy, baud made implement of inconvenience and noiao. "ut now, when a dainty maid trips along 'he Greets of a pretty mountain wwn, with h?r little *-;.titers clicking on 'be pavement, it make^ ma:iy i foolish young ri^art beat warmly. am; tor;, �>f ' ritury r of nr.- fields, thorn, 1 to have ne^n expectr'' w .i-the tiin*i�ands of emigrants , st*.'.irmed \w--i the new terri- : mma werr* given [n the world a-; i. his actiiiiiiy cornn to pass, �!v ti.'.i1'; �d th'i ji- ''plL' in that ter-ire in iM'ed nf th": ac'ual reocssities , whi'e twu-thi:ds of -ho f'innera j -.viR-at with which to piaut their These people, went *hcu>, most of iVitli Isttlo else than a few yoke of osou or a pair of hor^r-s, and the wa^un in �which t:i?y rods. Tliey nnw tiud therasolves in actual need. Nothing else could be lonketl for. Xo doubt all of these people could have done much bel!er by rymaininc whi'ro they name from. E''1 tir.STi.v the Ctsr^on County Uemo-crat'c Couvi'iiT.inn did not Huit Editor John I . S!iatTer, of tlie Ilenovo Record, and ho embraces occasion to express liis Roui i-meuts in Ill-linage more forceful than or-d;tt-.: in Thiiisdav's issue of that paper. Here is what he says. un T ntj'- nil. ct|.. ')ttc:H.-frt umo-l uvTV �1' of ! 1 hin t'.lP county -n i-rili-ry, c->rnjj'Hcin (-�ilt.-r.-. iumI 'Jrunk(-i; i un pr-nMiiiitnt It >!.t wcitlt ui !):. national questions he said. I wish to declare the opinion thai the UniLui! St'-ite � liaB reached a poiLt where jno of its high est dut'es is to enlarge tho arena of forcgi trade. Under the beneficent policy of pro 1 'Cction we have developed a votunm o ! maaufaotures wlpob, in many department; t overruns 'he demands of the home market per;t; ) -n tjlC o{ agriculture, with the on roeuao propulsion given it by our agricu! tural implcmentfl, we can do far more than produce breads tuffs and provision? for our own people. Nor would it bo an ambitious destiny lor so great a country as ours to manufacture only what we. can consume or 'o produce what we cud sat. "Happily the great majority of �..ui" pro pic, without Stric� regard to party lines, bclic-e "hat the results th** AmjrVan ;r-n. pi* fv'">m the ]t ' ,'ctiv^ p:'>".\y h.irf L--"n '.ccalculably l.'er.eiicntit, aggreg'-i^ng a <;uart-Ji of a ccnti.vy of national and individual life wealth bnyond- anything e"er dreamed of before in the history of the world. I do not mention pro'eciou, he cause I iu'eud tj speak in reference there to before this audience. That would a needless, if not un impertinent e'.fort. i merely wish to proclaim its victories "What I mean to speak of briefly is a sys tcm of reciprocity not iu with a protective tariff but supplementary ttn-ro- 1 to, and preBCotiug a field of eii'.orptinj "hat wdl richly repay the e:T.':;s and cl.*'g. f :he American people." After citing figures to show that the ; balance of trade with countries south of us � was against us, exceeding our gains from all the rest of the world, Mr. Biaiue said. "Tho inevitable tendency is, I think, w ward an increase of the free list. ' 'ur great mistake was made when we 1-^gan to repeal war duties on so large an amount of imports. Instead of thia course-which I must say was one of carek^suess and wastefulness by both politic.-.I psiv'ues'- every repeal of duty should havi; he>;u preceded by a most thorough investigation, and whenever it was found practicable to export anything from the United States and thus establish reciprocity of trade, it should have been done, but with all *he duties we have thus far repealed it has been a question of whether we should ge* something or get nothing. \Yo have olirr sen with our eyes closed to get nothing. I hope now with our eyen open tltV. we shall in future choose to get, something. i\*e encounter opposition tr* this policy from those, who declare that if we enter !M-.' r�eij)i--ci'y of tr id-- \m-��!.<� �( :in'; and th^iK indirectly bring abou* comjiltte free trade. I don't -ire the. h^'ic of this ;\>m\ 1 vn*i -^re the face Wili not pruv� what is p-vdi reeiprne';y with -..... !:atio>,i h'jc'.inse wt Tin 1 advitnt.w;;- m it. *�Ve may ileclinc to en"er into rec.pv-jc'y with another nation because w� s-.-e no ad vantage iu it. "Reciprocity Kintply & i>*/r,':y :>n may make Or lose torus. Our peoplo �lo not roaIi**e the great fact * hat if specie payment is endangered in this country it is likely to be endangered by our present sysH-m of trade with the Latin American state.*. The few millions of gold ' hat have gone out of this country within tho list tbreo months havo created uneasiness iii certain quarters as to our financial posi tion. !t is very extraordinary that tho loss of these millions from tho b.uiks in all should ho accounted ho serious an event when we have lost a much larger amount during the samt' period from the eondi-tion of our trade with the r-uiiiitncs south tt -is without i .xci-Uip thi' h'!i;.t '.o*t>iva tiou. "When oui inemhiiiit.'' ii.o h.inl'crN corny'm thon.v.igh'.y atpre"!,!*" -J.'h ta-;' u'e shall rocwive itid and inliut ui the reform of our trade from a quarter which tins far It. has been impossible to >�< KILLEI Tif.i \ 'it :i-Ti~ of iii.- Klcotrl ';;k�:;.i:;. , W. Aug At - o'clock this evening a colored man named �Toe Solomor, employed in the Wheeling terminal railway company"*) tunnol, now In course of construction, stepped on tbt wire which supplied the current to tu ston 1^, l'ittsburg 0. *' York-New York 11, Chicago r>. fdklyn -Brooklyn 10, Cleveland V*. ladi'lp!iia--I'h:,;ideii>hia i;, Buffalo f rh.. Piilifnlciphlf i n'.eiik'o ntn.)>u 11'!eveiRiel... tituir.uo..... oiiisvtlle... :.. I..mis. AMEI'.ICAN , Woo. Lost. Kaitmi(j[i- Tlie lltiifihftrt ^f>:-tfi -u rhf t;r�:iti Tbt' Sisters wore welcomed by a magnih-ceut house and in turn gave a maguitlceut on tort ain merit. The Misses Leo, Bertie, (Vo'.die and Stella Rinehart were received with marked favor, while tho comedians won a complete victory the first round. I.*."* Kiuehart is "i'.-.-iiut.inl af .-wct't' A ;:-.J n-' a- tn'aiit ihig furd^of! as t;a> ~ uotten nr n a. readable fori. Jljillnttttii; for ToachurH llcnth of :iu Arim' Lauy-Uoion Veteran Lc(;i�>n-'I'!iey Tl'un' � rri!** Iii hIc'j-'I'Ih! White 1 �i>crco-i he Lulu* a D�f e�* oil -Tiio Welcoino Ti'tie Hrnwli-e Nci'r. 'f ho contest fur the handsome chair which Sloan propuses t j give to the most popular gentleman teacher in Clinton county, increases iu interest as the time draws near for tho polls to closo. V p-wanis of ten thousand ballots have been oast up to 8 p. m. last night and of that nu;nbur Mr. J. l\ Anthony received "j"?'!. There is likely to bo somo surprif-ivi, however, ffh-ui the foial count is made. Tho. following is the roth tor each teacher up to last night: ' 1*. Anthony......................'JOSS ............2500 .............r:ss ..............iti-fr, ...........KC7 ........... r-i Kay, Kl?:lr- i ringing w;^ Th>' '..�-.mpa:iy is ;' tii'io's aini v/c ] itig it tt> mir sister on the :oad.--UUi i'rh. �1 out with new eos-isnre in recommend oh as one of the best Jmrnnl, Nov, Tin' U.rrf'liiweijirt HHiliMf. Down at Williamsport, according to the ><f', a largo party van given Thursday t'veuing by Mr. and Mis. Hollow ay, in honor of Mirs Mishler, of Reading, who is the guest of friends .hero. A dulight ful evening was spout by every one, but, when they w'-nt out for refreshments wha' was their consternation fo find that they had been ;UV,eu. A policonian was sent for and found an ico oroam freezer in. the barn, but it was empty. Tho thieves, who are believed to be tramps, took cakes and 'vorything, refrigf-a' ot and ven went through the It has bee:; at tho rncotin; the Mayor of Cily Council company and Chest;::-uu-Vn < '.ti;)'v"�-lun. ested that ,'ity (_'o:mcil tin on Monday night, request ho '*:'.y nnd BresidoLO of; to accompany Mope i lose 1 Lock Haven delegatus to \ oce'j'don of tho State Piro-�'�T� W!-"hei eouueil will Two From tVUiiameport. t-'r..iui ! lie KepuMloau. Manager Clark, of the Look 1 la von *'< ��<*-/', accompanied by his wife, was iu tho city on Thursday. Mr. Clark wns the nominee of tho Domocra* ic convention of Clinton on Tuesday for Associate Judge t and the D�t/i--critt is liable to support him. . .fudgo Clark would not fail to look band-1 some and dignified by :he side of Judge \ Mayer, but Judge MeCrea has warmed ^ 'hat seat ami doesn't propose to give it up coming on cold weather. I Judge K'rebs, of Clearfield coun'y: ( Charles S. Corsfi, Esq., a leading fittoiuey of Cock Haven: Robert Suodgrass, of J larrisburr, a former Assistant Attorney General of tho itatc, and R. R. Tealo, of I'hiladolphio, &f at the Park hotel Friday morning aocP were etoEotcd togothor in one of the rooms of tho ho'ol until noon when they mot Iiou. S. R. I'ealo, who came down from Look Haven and joined them. Just what so many legal gentlemen arc doing togOtiiur \i not kuuwu, but it is bolioved that their meeting has something tj do with the Kmt which K. H. I'ealo, son of the ex Senator, has brought ajrains* his father-law, A. C. Hopkins, to recover i 10,000, which he allegOH is due him a? administrator of his wifeN estat.'. IV. C. T. V. MoL'tlnst. Tho National Superintendent of Temperance Work among Colored Eeoplc who wili speak in the Court House on tho l'.ouiiig of Sepi -till will also bo with us :vi the Annual Meeting � .j be in our : oi.m ovi-r Hilton's drug store on Thursday nf'.ernoou preceding the lecture. All chris' ian women aro iuvited. w. � , t. t- Death nT itn A*;eil Laili. Mrj- Mary Adams died yesterday at tho residence of her bod, J. CJ. Adams, in Hunnstown, aged years. Tho lunoral services will be conducted iu the M. E. ehurch at Dunnstowo Sunday afternoon a' '�2 o'clock by Rev.S. B. Evans. Interment will be made in tho cemetery at Punas 'own I ulfiFi Vt-tenci Lr^l^i, A regular moeting of tbt: Liii�iu Veteran Legion will he hold on Monday night m t* o'clock sharp, by order of tho Colons! Commanding. As business of importance is to bo tranivsett'd iv fu'l attendance is rvq nested. Tliey Want �i Free HriilKe. The citizens of youth Henovo aro eircu-lating a petition for a county bridge, and praying 'ho Com' to gran' an order corn-polling tho County Commissioners lo rebuild tho biii'.ge carried away by tho Hood of ___ Tli� Lulu'* Oerpa'ntL The Lock port baseball club defeated thy Lulu club, of this city yestorday nffernooy by a score of li to 2. Tho game was played on ' he grounds on Bollofonto avenue. Tlio Whlto Decree. Eighteen members of Camp 88 l*. S. ut A . of Ucnovo visited tho now camp at W'.s'.poit Thuisilay night and conferred ' ihe White degree upon tlio nietubers i bore. I 1. )] t li is tnc'uH-ii; lieoaiiso 'I o innrry me �lie little dreamp!. Ami now, wiien'er from any i-aiH" i ma'tea ttreak, says wi tli enit'etnnt. "Jimt like ;i in:o,"' No mouhe b.i:j ever caught a woman yet Why this trepidation1.' Love and marriage arc intoxicating it: this sense: When courting the parties are usually single, but whoa marritcl they are aecn double. "Hands wanted ou waist-"," is an advert isornenr, iu tho New York I\aw. Really the /'.t-ss should bo ashamed ol itself. Lovers can soon rido from the United States to Canada through the St. Clair tunnol. And thry will do it. They would, though Che tunnel wore twenty in ilea long. A South "Williarnspo't boy says bo knows why it is so hot iu summer time: "Causo the minister goes on a vacation and Satan turns ou tho bent. A Bollefonte court has decided it is not a crime to ask for a kiss. That depends. Miss Nelly lily has accepeted an oder from [Vibl'sher Munro. Sho is tn write serials for his publications for three years. The rirfet year she gets �10,000, the second and third .-To.UUij each, and no rebate. Good for Ely. A bank paying t oiler says checks drawn by ladies are always more carefully examined than others, as ladies are not sup-piisod to bo export in snob things. Silver sleeve-buttons colored shirts. Crisp t go hand i ornings and hand. are proper with buckwheat cakes Thick-skinned me'.otis tt keep long-'s:, The skirts of the tiuiost brush the ground. toddler must It is a well known rule of physics that while heat expands cold contracts. A proof of the latter fact can bo read My aeon iu a twenty pouud lump of ice contracting to ten just as soon as it gets away from the ice man's scales. "It strikes me,'' said the man who went out collecting bills, "that I get a good many short answers."1 RESIDENTIAL FAMILY AT 0EESS0P '.<-ey Arriv* -at Thr.t lEoPnit Last Evi'ii'ilfc-liifitanliy Kilierl, Twt. Victims of l!n* Klectrit: "-Virii nt Wheplins, AV<-t"t V�*.-Tlifl Kf frfflTtn'Obtf? Stolen -I'OHt OMlr*' CuiusaoN, Aug. 2'J.-The Piesidontial i family, consisting of Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Russell Harrison, Mrs. Mc-Kee, Mrs. Dimmit; k, Mr. me Roe, Baby MaKeo, Mary Lodge McKee au�l stall of tim presidential household, arrived here this evening on Pennsylvania Limited express. Tho dis ttng.nsiied party occupied a drawirjgroom and several section:; of the vestibule sleeping car "Austria.'' Every member of the paity looked brown and hearty after their prolonged visit to the seashore, and Mrs. Harrison appeared to be in excellent health. Sho was "aMefuIly attired in a handsome traveling suit and her quiet and unassuming manners won the admiration of the 1'JO passengers on t be Limited. At every station on the road a Urge assemblage of pooplo had gathered to do honor to the wife of fho President, �iud at erosion th*1 inhabitants of the hotel and cottage? f-athered at the station to ,j"elcuT'-e her The peoph Heomed to ryp-precni'e the presence of the first lady of �he land, and they gave her a reception which might well have been envied by royalty. The party went direct to the presidential cottage, which was in perfect order, even to a handsome silk flag that tloated out over tho attractive portico. �.)u account of the long day's journey of the party no special demonstration was made to-night, but to-morrow evening a public reception will ba tendered t'jo presidential party in the groat drawing room of the Mountain House. The fact that the presidential party travel-id to Cressou on a regular pasnencrer train, on w hich every tiling that could min'is'-er to their comfort and convenience wan obtained, is a grand illustration of the magnificent faQcilities of tho representative American railroad. The dining-car in which the paity took luncheon was' most, tastefully decoratfd by the Pullman car company with roses aud smilax, and presented a most attractive appearance. Mr. George W. Boyd, assistant general passenger agent of the Pennsylvania railroad, accompanied tho party, and looked oat for their own comfort: cuted on tho day it bears date, but ou some day durin-j tho present August. Tho Arm otaim that they do not owe tho plaintiff the amount of judgment or any other amount, and it is denied that Cleworth had the right to sign a note that would bind the lii in. and the. defendant a believe said judgment noto was given by collusion between Crawford and Cleworth. Criw-f-_td, it ohdmtMi, know that the Board of Director of v. hich he was one, h'vd entire charge of the businrss, and they oidy could bind the firm. Tho petition concludes with the state ment that both Crawford and Cleworth knew that the firm was not engaged in business, and the 21st of July last a bill was filed iu tho (Jourt of Common Pleas of Clinton oouuty, in whioh all tbe members of the co-partnoiBbip except Crawford were made plaintiffs, and Crawford was made defendant, for tho dissolution of tbe partnership and a settlement between the members of tho partnership, which, bill is fctill pending. The petition aBks that the judgment be striken off, and that it bo open and a defense let in. The petition was signod by tho Lock Haven Textile Manufacturing Company, Per H. Simon. The rule is rc-returnable September 15 next. PERSONAL Gopisiji PENdLINGS. About Voq Frlentle. spr Truo only at the North PjIo-laria and no mosquitoes." 'So ma- Culurctl Folk CfMiipmet.-tinj; inipm.'otiiii* of Wi Wiil;. Thers may be a silver lining to every cloud, but you can't see it till yon get to heaven, and you probably won't need it then. The ooruer stono of philosophy-If you can't have what you want, don't want it. Th�* Welcome Tltnti Drawing Xear. The time is not far distant when tbe peoplo of this beautiful city can havo what they waited so long for What An entertainment that a father can bring his child, a brother his sister aud feel assured that '.hero wilt bo nothing said nor seen tha* will cause the blush to come to their check. We claim that the Mihs Floy Crowell Company witl fulfil this promise to tho loiter. Miss Crowell and her ablo asHistauM can muke you cry, laugh and oujoy yourself without iutro duciug anything that will offend the eyo or ear. This is a legitimate dramatis company. They don't carry a baud, nor do thoy give away a "diamoud" ring valued at Hfty dollars, its actual cost being thirty ooutB. They don't mako such a (statement, but they claim to please the eyo with boautiful soenery, delight the ear with grand singing and music and do everything for your oomfort and amusement that is possible. Miss Crowell can have a baud, give away a lot of trinke's, ai:d give you such a "show" an otlit-r so called companies have p'ayed hero for ouu.quar-tor what her present organization costs her. S.he don't propose to deceive tho peoplo in such a mannei. her reputatiou is made in all the largo cities of this country and it is hor aim to retain it, ami she will. Go and see a legitimate drama, s*iven by artists, staged in a pin per and careful manner. "Storm Beaton" will please you. Miss it and you will regret it. i with i a: d v, Mr. E. A. RosenVdutb speut yesterday in "Williamsport. Mrs. Oeorgo Weymouth returned yesterday from a visit to Columbia, Pa. Warren Martin of Williamsport Is circulating among his Lock Haven friends to-day. Rev. Hiram Short aud wife of Tioga county aro guests of Dr. A. K. Merrick and family. Mr. and Mrs. "William Aohenbaob, of Hughesville, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Poust. Lillian Lewis, the actress, was born at Emporium and was for several years a teacher in the schools of that place. Prof. J. B, Suiter, of Woodward township, left to-day for Weatherly, Carbon county, where be has be?,r\ elected Principal of tbe grammar school. Mr. Suiter is a successful teacher aud was for more than a year a member of the formal School faculty. Tun Textile Company's Iiefence. The Philadelphia Lo.i'jcr of yesterday contained the following: John K. Crawford recently obtained a judgment iu the Common Pleas ofthis oity on a judgment note for $-ij0, which had boeu entered up against the Lock Haven Textile "Manufacturing Company in favor of John IC. Crawford. The Lock Ilavcn Textile Manufacturing Company, being the makers of it, yectorday filed a petitiou iu the same Com' in which tboy state that Crawford stated ho was *he owner of tho best machine fjt tho manufacture of hosiery in tho market, and that ho could make tho goods for key money than any other manufacturer. It was also agreed that Crawford was to supply fifty ma ohiues ^n the town of Lock Haven to be tiM:d in Urn manufacture of hose, and that an assessment should be paid on the ttock. That the u'her members of the firm, from time to time, as tho mac hi net* wore sot up, were to pay seventy live dollars in cash for each machine put in operation by him, aud that the other members of tbo Lock Haven Company other than Crawford had I paid assessments on their stock amounting | to SMOU, but Crawford set up seven or oight machines which were of inferior1 value. Crawford was elected suporin-; temleut of the business, and they allege that bo had neglected his duties and had proved himsoif uuworthy aud inefficient; that ho had disregarded tho terras of tho agiec:ne:i* to himself aud other members of tho dim and permitted "ho interests of the business to Miller, Tho members of the firm worn Wihiuu Kistlor, Herman Simon, E W. Bridgeus, .1. K. Crawford and G. W. Mason, forming a Board of Dirtcturs, � ho took eumge of the affairs of the firm, and elected Mr, Siiuon, Prosi-dv'it, Mr KistK'i, Vice President, and Mr. A. S. Grow, Secretary and Treasurer, and was composed of meinberd of tho Lock fx tile Manufacturing Company, utbvi aUoged Umi L. M. Puttei- L�bor Day. On tho side walks in all parts of the city this morning could be ueen the Ulisrnauof tbo Knights of Labor, which being interpreted by those who knew was said to be a call for a special meeting to-night at H o'olook. The meeting is probably called to make arrangements for a proper observance of Labor Day which occurs on Monday. Tbe feature of the day for Lock Haven workingmeu will bo a picnic in Strayer's Grove and a dance in tbo armory in the evening. The Farmers band of Rote will be in attendance at the grove all day to enliven tbe occasion with music. The Carpenters Uuion and Knights of Labor under whose auspices the piouie is bold extcud a cordial invitation to every workingmau in tbe city and vioiuity to participate and bring bis family along. Yesterday's 1'fetiic. The Sons of Veteraus picnic held yesterday in Strayer's grove was not largely at tended but those who were there enjoyed a very pleasant timo iu the woods. A feature of the -lay was a game ot base ball bytwoeu the f:-.ta and tbe loan:?, which resulted in a scois of \'S t.� 15 in favor of tbo fats- Tho p-cuicers nearly all reached their homis before tbo shower and those who were ou the grounds at that time found places of shelter. Havi-P : Post Otttco Hoar*. The post office will be open ou Monday from 0:30 to 1Q:U0 a. m. and from 5 to 6 p. m. Tho carriers will pass over their routes in the morning and mako a regular delivery, and in tbo afternoon from 5 to 6 o'clock they will deliver from their window in tho poetoffico. Attotillun, Young Kt \HiUUcaue. There will bo a meeting of'ho Youug Republicans this evening at 8 o'clock in tbo Fallon House parlors. A full turn out Is requested ou this occasion. T;ierf. is a great whthky ami remorse. difference bo ML'SOAY SICKVICKS. Theie will bo no preaching services at ] the English Lutheran church. ptu. Ei'.'.i*: SunLiay NCioOi at t.-0 E..i P no. '.�, M. by Ivu . -i turn. * * M. E] .th L counti) is in aims Haven ring, and strong undoubtedly pull through. G'izdte -r,d BuVeU'}-.. gainbl the Lock nomination/' will WilliamRport A conference is iu ;\l the get. cral offices of tho Chicago and Alton railroad between General Manager Cappoil and Grand Master Sweeny, Chief 'Vgaimer Mr. and Mis. R . s. Vcuatta desire to ic-turu thanks to the kind friends and neighbors who kindly assisted them iu their laU beroavomont. lOfoitit o. '-!inp- C t;u: oh -Preaching �". Pea:ct.\ Subject: -:. n j.i-Sunday mooting t\l 10:00 ..u.i pishing sa �Jv .an-. tached to regular morning trail train on tbo Boeob Creok road, tho oxcureintimts will return 'on day. on tho ; boat tide to Long Point, Now York, on Most of Soueca Lake, Wednesday morning. This Wodncs- is ono of the most boautiful of Now York i States many inland lakes. i'oaiiu^ date 17th nf .iuiy las', signed the "Leek Haven Textile Manufacturing Company, per Charles Cleworth." Tbo petitioners believe the note was not exo- AtTiinityM. E. Church, Rev. J. A. Wood pastor, preaching at 10:00 a. ru. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday schoolat2o'clock. Youug People's tjooioty at 6:30 p. m.

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