Monday, June 16, 1890

Lock Haven Express

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

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Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - June 16, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania ucnm - . 1 t"*. NINTH YEAR-NO- 91. LOCK HAVEN. PA.. MONDAY. JUNE 16. 1890. EVENING EXPBESS [ihslok BROIBin - - ' pebi.18bkks CURRENT COMMENT. Tub Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company hu followed the lead of the Read-iog Railroad in refusing to employ men who in addicted to the no of intoxicating liquors. Massachusetts and Wsshlngtou are both investigating aqarges of bribery and corruption against their legislators. Tbie evil seems to affect the youngeat comma, nitiee aa well as the oldest. Tkkt are going bask to gas as an illuminating agent oyer in Heir York-that is, the oity Is doing bo. There .seems to be� combine among the electric light companies, and the cost is higher than the authorities think it should be. Oun regular army la small, but it was mads still Soulier by 1,578 desertions during the past sin* months. This is a costly pieoe of busincM, for" the deserter oosis the Government a good deal o( money in one way or another from bis enlistment until bo skips. _ Chicago has at last begun to take defl nate action towards raiBing the oaah necessary to carry on her big show. The Councils of Chicago bare unanimously decided to appeal to the State Legislature for permission to borrow five millions of dollars for the purpose of the exhibition. Chicago's credit Is good and she will have no difficulty in getting the cash. Pkkbi dent Harrison has again vetoed a Public Building bill, this one providing 140,000 for a post-ofBoe at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The President takes occasion to remind Congress that In "the present uncertain state of public resources and expenditures resulting from pending and probable legislation" there is an "absolute necessity" fur limiting these expenditures. _' British tin minufaoturars oomplsin that if the McKinley bill becomes a law they will have to shut up shop. The tide of good American money (hatha, support -ed them so long will cease to flow into their oapaoious pocket*. It will go to American workers instesd. That's why they mourn. And that's one reason why American protectionists want the HcEinley bill. LATE TELEGRAPHIC MS. A Boval Reception Tendered the American Sifiemfln at Bremen. HOW THEY FILLED IH THE TIME. Washington toadyism is the sentiment In this country. To illustrate the fact, it la stated that when President Cleveland and bis wife selected theFrst Presbyterian church, Washington, aa their plaoe of .worship, it became so popular that sitting* were not to be bad at extravagant premiums. The ohnrcb is now advertised for sale or rent, the congregation having dwindled away so. The crowd sow attends the Charon of the Covenant where President Harrison has a pew. The, latest Illustration of robbing Peter to pay Paul is shown in the report of the committee appointed by the Maryland Legislature to investigate the defalcation of State Treasurer Aroher. They find be was eminently respectable, was not a gambler, nor dissolute ; but that he robbed the treasury of 1132,401 simply to reimburse his private creditors. While it ia gratifying to the taxpayers to know where their money hss gone. Archer's method of disposal will hardly satisfy anybody except those who benefitted by the distribution. W�k Women. The more sensitive nature of the female sex renders women much more susceptible than men to those "numerous Ills which apring from lank of harmony iu .the system. The nervous system gives way, sick headache is frequent, tBe appetite is lost, and other ailments - peculiar to the sex cause greateuffaring. Hood's Bsraaparilla Is peculiarly adapted for ineh oases, and has received the most gratifying praise for the relief it has afforded thousands of women whose very existence before taking it, was only misery; It strengthens the nerves, cures sick heedaohe and indigestion, purifies and vitalizes the blood, and gives regular and'healtby action to every organ in the body.7- Mlta SalUs fflatoa to bo Harried. Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Miss Sallie A. Hinton, daughter of Dr. R K. Hinton, to S. William Hallo-well. The ceremony will take place on June 18, In Bt. Andrew's Protectant Epla-oopal Church, Philadelphia. Miss Hinton is well known throughout Ibis region, having filled a suocess'ul engagement in this city but fall. fcovelaad'a Sew Store. The mercantile business of The B. Love-land Axa Company at Lamar having outgrown the old stand a new and handsome ' room has been secured, and the opening of the new atora will take plaoe on Thursday, 19th tost. A large stock of new goods will be displayed and everybody is Invited to tbe opening. Call at the new store and see the new goods. � �. � � When you com* to oooalder the drunkard, ttwralasj't anoh di�erai�e between LW idea] sad the reel. The 8chuat�Bbnra committee Groats ths VUltors With Music and Banooat, Pop-alar Sparta, Firework*, a Bssqast aad a Boll^etloa lamfrmysaos Compll-mnti anal a Geaoral Good Time, Brehek, June 15.-The schaatxenfrst committee assembled this morning with bands and banners and marched to the Central Hotel, where the American riflemen are ataying, and conducted the visit, ore to sohuetxenhof. Enthusiastic crowds lined the route. After a banquet in Rifle Hall the oooteat opened at3:30p.m. The evening program included a military oon-cart, popular eporta, fireworks, supper and a ball. Sneaking at the banquet in reply to a toast to the American visitors, Mr. Schneider, of New York, eaid that the toast to the Emperor and the Empire proposed by Hausohild, president of the Bremen Sohntzenverein, found a joyful echo In the hearts of the German Americans. Only since Germany had been united had the Germans In America become prominent and respected. What the Germans liked about America was the general freedom enjoyed by the people. He oonclnded by offering a toast in honor of President Harrison. President Hsusahlld announced that Captains Wehrenbnrg, Sieburgaud Mayer had been elected honorary members of the Bremen Bohuetzenverein. Captain Sie-buig expressed the thanks of himself and his cemradea for the oompliment thus paid them. from: a far off uxd. BASF. BAZA, BKCOBD. The Three OrgulxatUae aad Their Stand- Adviaes From Goo) By Way Of Toklo, Japan. Tokio, Japan, June 1.- Thenar* many vague rumora afloat concerning then-ported taking of Coras by the Russians. There is some tronbla in Cores, but the government officiate of Japan know nothing definite as to its nature. All that is surely known is that all of the British men-of-war are lying In the harbor with ateam up and under orders to sail at a moment's notioe. Several of them have already gone. The American naval foroe under Bear Admiral Belknap la also expecting orders to sail for Cores- An officer of the British ship Severn said to an Associated Press representative that he had seen dispatches and orders which would satouud the foreignen in Japan. oadktb on a cbcisb. The Snip Constellation Off for the 8uon�r With two Classes. Akitafolib, Md., June 15.-The United States ship Constellation, Commander Henry Glass, left the Cheaapeske yesterday on a enmmer cruise, carrying the first and third classes of esdete. The second and fourth clssiee remain at the academy. Two sailors were taken elok on board the Constellation and wen sent to the naval hospital at Washington. The headquarters tor the cruise will be New London, Conn. Naval Cadets Lswes, Robinson, MoGraim and Bowen, of the first class, will nmain at the academy to take the advanced course of marine eng'-neering. There were eight failures of cadets la the annual examinations. Dedicating Temples off Wotshlp. Baltimore, Jane 15.-To-day Cardinal Gibbons dedicated to the service of God his third church for the month, and on Sunday next be will dedicate the fourth, while fonr more edifices await the ministry of hii eminence to make them temples fit for the service of the Catholic church. St Btephen'i obnreh at Bradshaw was dedicated to-day. Committed Suicide After a Fight. BuequKHASHA, June 15.-At Spring, field, this county, Saturday night Dills Koong, and Urbane Button engaged in a bar room fight, after whioh Button went to a drug store and bought fifteen grains of strychnine, saying he wanted to kill crows. He took the dose soon afterward and died. The Administration Mot Endorsed. Nashville, June 15.-At the Republican county oonvention held ben yesterday to select delegates to the Gubernatorial convention in July, a resolution endorsing President Harrison's administration was voted down. Half a dozen counties In the state have refund to endorse the admlnls-tion. Two Boys Killed by a Train. Cbicaoo, June 15.-Two brothers, Otto and Bberman Bert, aged IS and 15, wen struck by a tnln to-day and Instantly killed. The boys saw the train la time to escape, tat apparently wen too frightened to national league. Cincinnati-Cincinnati 9, Cleveland 0. Brooklyn-Brooklyn 16, New York 2. Boston-(Firat game) Bostons 8, Phils delphia 5. (Second game) Philadelphia. 3, Boston 0. PLAYERS1 LIAOUE. Boston-(Pint game) Boston 6, Philadelphia 5. (Second game). Philadelphia 6, Boston 4. Cleveland-Chicago 8, Cleveland 2. Bnffslo-(First game) Buffalo 9, Pittsburg 6. (Second game) Pittsburg 5, Buffalo 2. Brooklyn-Brooklyn 7, New York 6. american association. Louisville-Louisville 11, Toledo 1. Philadelphia-Brooklyn lO.Athletlo 9. Rochester-(First game) Syracuse 4, Rooheater 3. (Second game) Rochester 3, Syracuse 0. St.. Louis-St. Louie 8, Columbus 3. sunday association oaices. Gloucester-Brookly 7; Athletic 4. Syracuse-Syracuse 11, Rochester 7. Louisville-Rain. St. Louis-Columbus 9, St. Louis 1. Standing off the Globe. national league. Won. Lost.! Cincinnati_______� IS Philadelphia-^ 15 Brooklyn______.35 17 Chloaft>_.....,_23 IB ------------.B Brooklyn__2J Chicago......----31 flayers' league. Won. lost.! Won. Lost. Boston.-.____20 2< Now York.______is a Cleveland-......13 26 Pltteoun..--- � 31 Won. Lost. Phllad�lphl�._22 21 PUteburx---.]� 22 Cleveland....-IS S3 BofSilo......__12 25 american association. Won. LoaL] Athletic.____ Hockeater..-28 Louisville__21 St. Louis...--22 Won. Lost. Toledo_______.-18 22 Oolumbua.-29 21 Syracuse....-17 21 Brooklyn_____It 24 Grand Eodao (Msean Coming. To morrow evening R. W., W. P. Mec Calla, Gnnd Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania, accompanied by his grand offleera, will pay a gnnd visitation to LaFsyette Lodge, No. 199, F: and A. M. or this oity. Ths gnnd officers will arrive in Look Haven on Niagara Express, and wilt pay their gnnd visitation at 7 o'clock in the evening. All officers of* lodges In the thirty-third district of Pennsylvania an expected to be present. The distrlot le composed of lodges at Look Haven, Re-nova Driftwood,. Emporium, Rldgwey, Wtleox,and DuBois. Visitations by the Grand Lodge offloen do sot occur often, the last visitation to LaFsyette Lodge, this oity, having been made six yean ago. Letter Ust. The following list of .lettera nmaln uncalled for in the Look Haven post office op to Saturday, June 14, 1890: Mica Carrie Benshaw, Albert Bishop, Charles Bigler, E. T. Bltts, Beasis Dayton, Standish Fox, J. �. Frecht, Miss Clan Fredel, Mrs. Mary Henry, DoUiaGamling, Hiss ixure Jnrgan, Kit. M. D. Mattaon, J. M. Malloy, Miss Nina MoCloskey, Miss Bessie MoCIain, Hits Alice Naff, Mrs. A. (Merman, Elra Bieh, Daniel Biggie, P. 8. Snyder, Mrs. Smith (2), A. Snider, Mrs. Mary Santera, J. 8. Sohrook, B. P. Vogle, Cbas. foder, Mrs. Alden Yooog, Mn. Cheery Young, Cbarlea White, Wenok & Son. R. B. Barxkr, p. M. A Ohm* Stain Bohbad. Lut night thaolgaraod eonfeotlonery �tore of John Pranar,on Henderson street, near the passenger depot, was entered by thieves and a lot ol cigars and candy stolen. Entrance was effected by removing s psne of glass from a window. The robbery ia supposed to have been the work of tramps, as a gang ot tonrlste were seen in that seotlon of the city yes. tarday. Kexnlar xtsatlBa. Bald Eagle Assembly No. 6432, K. of L. will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday, Jane 17th, at 8 o'clock p. m. All mem-ben in good standing an requested to be present aa business of importance is to be transacted. By order of Secretary. �alldlaw a Mow stoaae. Joseph Gronett, toll collector for the Lock Haven bridge company, ia erecting a flue new residenos on the old homestead back of Lookport. The materials used an all of tbo best quality and the building will beau ornament to that section. Flaatlag Tobeeeo. Ths tobacco growers in this section began setting out the plants for this year's crop last week. The cool, showery weather is favorable for the work and the acreage for 1890 promises to be somewhat larger than last year, J Pocket Book Fond. A well-worn pocket book containing letten and a nilroad ticket was found at the passenger depot on Saturday evening and left at the telegraph office at the depot for identification. A Grand Banosa. The strawberry and ice cream feitival of Hope Hose company on Saturday evening was well attended. Ths Hops boys an f very gntsful for ths liberal patronage t they reostvsd. Sr. A. 0. Walls Expiree fotniday at the OantineBtal Hot^ Philadelphia, THE 0ATJ3E OF HIS STODEH DEATH Fatly DiawatloaToff the- xUart-The Kernel n. Tskeai toXswUbwrx, Where Ther Will Be Imtensd To-Korrow-Tbo Sad Mows Casts a Shadow of Bloom Over the KntlraCltr- About half-past seven o'clock Saturday evening this community received a terrible shook by the aamonacement that Dr. A. Gi Walls was dead. It was generally known thrt ttmdootor was out of town, and aa ths newa spread throughout the oity npldly then were few who wan ready to believe that ths anaonooement of his death was bsaed r,I>. Hayes Agnew, with whom he terms of intimate friendship, and to be Improving'. On Saturday evening beehatted for some time in his room with bis friend Judge Mayer, who also eomeo from Lock Haven, and then took a sponge bath before retiring. When Judge Mayer, who had left the room for a few minntes, returned, be found Dr. Walts lying unoooaolous on the bed. Dr. Wolford was called in, but oould render no sasUtanoe, and the doctor passed away without recovering conscious- WHAT COMGBISS IS BOM A Vote On the Silver Bill Likely to* Be Eeachsd To-Day. Dr. Wslls wss 52 years old, and was a son of judge and ex-State Senator Walla, of Lewiaburg, Pa., and a brother-in-law of Judge J. C. Buober, also of Lewiaburg. He was educated at the Annapolis Naval Academy, and served throughout the war in Colonel Welsh's regiment of Peonsyl-vania Volnnteora, He bad; an exteBsive practice in Lock Haven, sod was widely known through the oentral portioa of the State. He leaves a widow. The Timet hss the following account: Dr. Augustus G. Walls, of Look Haven, i of the best known surgeons of the State, died suddenly at the Continental Hotel on Saturday night. He had bsea suffering for some time with fatty degeneration of the heart, to which his death as due. . Dr. Walls was 52 yean Old. He had a gnat many friends in this eity and his imposing figure was well known on Chestnut street He was a son of Ex-State Senator John Walls, of Lewisburg, who is now 90 yean of age and whose triumr.bant campaign as the Demoeratie candidate for the State Senate in that strong Republican district Is still remembered. Dr. Walls � graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis, after which he studied and received a diploma at the University of Pennsylvania. He p recti Bed for a number of yean in the west until the war of the nbelllou, during the whole of whioh he served as a surgeon, galuiug a npntation aa a vary skilful sad successful one. At the dose of the war he took op his residence at Look Haven, and be-; oame one of the most eminent practitloaw| en in the West Bnneh Valley, his (stee aa s oonsniting physiohwbemg mon than local. He numbered his friends by the thousands, and the loss of no man in the community would have been mon deeply felt � Dr. Walla had been In the city about ten days and waa out and about until the day of his death. With him at the time of bis death wen Judge C. A. Mayer, of the Twenty-fifth Judicial district, at Look Haven, and William W. MoEwsn and 8. T. Jaeqnett, of this eity. Judge J. C. Bnsher, of Lewiaburg, Pa., Dr. Walls' brother-in-law, and J. W. Bueher arrived In this city yesterday and attended the body to Lewiaburg last night DEATH op AN AGED CmzCN. James D. CounsiL a well known and muoh reepeoted- citizen of Flemington* died Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, aged 71 yean Jan. 4ht, 1890. Ths deceased retired to his bed as well as usual on Saturday evening and his death was sudden and unexpected. The 'funeral will take place Tuesday afternoon at 8 o'clock, the ssrvioes to be held In the Dlaeipto ehuroh at Flam, ington, and interment to be made In the oemotery at that plaoe. The deceased was one of the oldest citizens in the oounty, having lived in Flemintoo elaoe 1847 when he carried on the aboe business for many yean. He leaves a widow and three ohildnn, J. D. L. and Prank M,, of Flemington, and Mrs. James Gummo, of Wilkesbarn. He was at one time a member of Great Island Lodge, L O. O. F., and the family extend an Invitation to all the-old Odd Fellows that can do so to attend the funeral. DEATH of 1. t. riA&C*,JH. John J. Pearoe, Jr., a young man who waa well and favorably known in this city, died Sunday afternoon at 4:40 o'clock, at the residence of his parents, Rev. J. J. and Elisabeth Pearoe, on First street The funenl will take plaoe from the family resldenoe Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. THE DEBATE TEEMLTATED AT 3 P. at HKWiCODrjl;.F^:tjSW* f-ATK RSMOVO IMOAU. Resovo, Pa., Jnne 16,1890, Samuel Busk has gone to Btubeusvtlle, Ohio, to attend the funenl of one of bis ohildieni - Mrs. Alexander Clinton has received a letter from the dootor at the Pennsylvania Hospital, stating that her husband had to have his eye removed. Rev. J. D. Cook left this morning for Sanbnry to attend an adjourned esestlog of Northumberland Presbytery sad 'will spend the nmainer of the week with friends in Danville. Children's Day was observed In the M. E. Church yesterday and the honee waa filled to its utmost capacity. The decorations wen beautiful and the collection was the largat ever taken np on Children's Dsy. The nun who blows ont lbs ess sad retires, and the sw wto rattMtwd Mows oat his bnisa, wake np teeMtaaw vrsitd. Bdorts to Obtala Fledaoe Fraaa a ataJorlQ of ths Bsswieie. to Stead hf Cert FnipeeMleaw Fan, aad � Toes OaJr wm MoraalMtMQmoltloa-AItotthaBn BUI Comes the AppropiUtloaO. WaanxaeTox, Jane 15.-The general debate on the stiver question is to does by ths present order of the Senate at So'cloek Monday afternoon, and It is the pravsilent expeetation that a vote wUl be reacl bafon adjournment on owe or mon of the amendments to the bill, If not upon the �sun Itself. In the past week eBarts were made to seeuethepledgeaof at jority of the Senaton to support one or another proposition on thai subject, bnt It monderstood that they wen west failmee, and that nothing bnt the roll Mil of the Senate will definitely determine just what oharaotarof a silver bill will' pass thai body. - '�* �� - When the sUverbill tadhnondof the legislative, executive and judicial- spproi pristion bills will be oonsideted, ..The river and harbor appropriatibn bill will be reported early in the week from the Com-, mittee on Commerce, and by the ariddlsof week the Batiubllean members of theFi-nanee Committee expect to have ths tariff bill ready to report. A feeling prevails that debate on the measure wlU not begin until the measures above nferred to; or some of them, an disposed of. 'Tim remaining Appropriation bills saw; to be vigoroutly pushed in the House this week, in pnnnanee of the plan agreed upon last week in order to have . the way; olear for action apou other natters of public importanee. The Eleotiona eommittee wish to call up the Mississippi oonlested election case otChslmen versus Morgan. This Is one of the eases when the commit-, tee has reported in favor of the sittfag DeeepenUc member, end It may aet as a eofteniaiiig prelude to the angry and excited etraina of dahata on the national election bill, which le expeoted to follow and close this week. A Kick That WUl Fxwva Fatal. PaiLADXLPBZA, June 15.-Joseph Mullen, sged 15, is dying at the Pnssbyterisn hospital, thia eity, from the efleets of a kick in lb* stoaaaoh administered by Nral O'Donnsll, of the same aga, on Monday list. The operation of laparotomy was performed by tto snrgeone today In the hope of saving the boy's life, but his death te only a matter of a few hours. O'Doo-nell was oaught to-nlghc after having eluded arrest sines the occurrence. He. esys Mullea took some pennies from bis younger brother, and that in the quarrel which followsn Mullen received his Injuries. . sTasnry Btssas a< Ftttekaix. Pittsburg, Jans 15.-At 9 o'clock tbie evening a terrific wind sad rain storm broke over this oity. Ths street ear lines were stopped and all railroads coffered heavily washouts. Trees wen prostrated In the east end of the city and the overflowed sewen backed water np in some places two or three fast deep on the main streets. An electrical storm also accompanied the storm, though no great damage has yet been reported from that source. Oh Blow Bioko Hla Hook. Pittsburg, June 15.-John McCauley. a rlverman, and J^ngus Smith, a powerful glass'worker, got into a fight at Phillps-burg, just below this eity, Saturday night Smith struok MeCanley a blow that broke his neck, killing him Instantly. Smith gave himself up. ThaBrtvOlvmoprrsxtasd. Nsw Toaz, Juae 15<-The rivet gave np its dead to-day ta nnuaually largenumben. No leee than esvea bodies wan picked up and sent tetbeasorgne between son rise andean set * i e i ..... Twew.ty.Flva resell Isjoswa. -Clxyelahd, Jane 15.-During an entertainment tadsy at the Beysrleae Park a bridge felt, injuring twenty-live people, eight eertooaly hot none fatally. ' Fmwaadeillkn Wlaa. Last Saturday' afternoon the Normal base ball club, accompanied by about fifty of their admirers, chartered the steamer "City of Look Haven" and went toQaeaos Run to play a match game with the Far-randsTUleclub. Both slabs ptarsd good games,-bat tteVNorsulitee axet with a Waterloo, as lbs FarraodsvllliaBe wen entirely too-much for them. 4�& From wm'wa�Aielwk-iBiu. latiaW ' Kov.mthetiaM'Ma QOMftry to get'&iikti*i&wii�iM |nfl^ssj le^aWef � United State* obiaatlha.wiiltam U-ased. WkthuahwdaTWllnM "H already pssltd tbeBaweswtt sWa^MtlllJ t.1' by the Senate-^oly .the.%roUB�i|laf dtissnsaion has delayed 'f n^^ssthsr � approval of ths Bts^ste^e Trsssjiry, toenaasn the pattefnei:of' 0aslsjJaAaj's ""Olns ,ss. may 'assaa-�to,..ttiaw. dsttfl�te-Whan this ahaU have baa. made DinetorLseeh wlU.SAtvarthmJa|aM^ and the contest will atenxA�s�tojA amateunandprofaaatonalia. with ^ntft of probably not loea than 1500 teaaa%�ma W2a*s*ic,..:>-.>^-:-44-^S!;,tf � - ifiaja Up toUmprsesnt ;Uae. tlk�lapj|hvaa� pesmittedany*^ '�fl The WUllamsport SatUi aad BvBm* says: "Mr. Char lea W. Seott, wife sis] two othen ol the family, wen taken sod-denlylllon Beiurd^y night, requiring the earnest sttsatlon of Dr. Ed, laron- The Mnnof taeteoQseewwtlMe^ efesU v�aw. at the enp^tebem, l4�te�b-lag tt was leseMsd that tbate Js'sst, � '......n."' ' : Mint, with teas. Buttaepssmgsgg ttaa^kfr th the Boontsn'SseanewslMeaar wm Imrwdsrad- aldered- very tv^sjtJstfesJIjt To begia wllb, tte-oawjajstitottia)} dollar la to bealtewdsssitalr 7 atife^i Weangmng toliave aesaeSaaav'oaV' ' tlrely new for thesQvar dollar/hsBx*,Bi. \ siiooJdiikatoAasraMM i sscMbs*rm'aavx*a1gm^nes libasb* f^f-' I shall drop hat aad yrtta hat |Ml li'tsgaWl ? ' thing very nlla%as� auybp. st^M*s4xl^ ; Washington, hill ibsl is-US hibasMsM � I artlatewhooonteed^teVarM mt^Hr"'' greatest variety of ideas aaxl ewga*Aowsai i maybe obtaiaed.^ i AMltt^ti^i serihs other side, itmnat s**Ii-:vf�*vustoatf ! in plaee of it teat jeef tbe twtvaSlglwaawl- : dosan't- look Uke  tarliey Iglnlili* lt&\sli~ � 'W4tti'<*MttSi 1 oolna--tlm quartet ar^taat 4t^i^m^., : alteratiosu Of eewna, aH QMM tme-m i! tome a very? iwelrllthlS^ ssa*ffef% ;; bfrd,aBdIratb�4blBk^ \ as it te; but the yonag fl lull ilMlljoB-l dw<*war ^Aad the pexuyr>**> ' 1 (S�aici "Tbe IndhM sssaste''vrll�x*wW % WkjlVwnMttfcld' lNaiit,; eshflssav^^ ing; tattbsUwssayetbttttteawWB : pwany aruat typify Irbwrtyi IaWtWlte*: typixwa, nxwaW"* hkf l aaW* ertyveryswalyalrmmx.'^isht . of bad wUtkr ttaom law : sossethlng Inplqeeof tltf reJeilV.Mwtgrf Ilmve�i't>notlan'r^ at11 rill ill'; $M , � the oompeting' deelgneia''msi* leastaW ; suggestleos.' The nle^ It i**tflL � apaHty falrlooeJiyoisln^rti^ WliJBl^ T or not ft wDl be elunageif 1 rnve'soi 0'i! determined. The gold oocse wffi ilW' I altered. They'an szltelraHs ae tawywB> -; Beoanaaof thetrgreavv : trouble wee takam original r� for them. Taesteni autmad-the'edflsadx*, ; the subsidiary oofee wfll'b% lanriaslMIP numliertoeornspacdwlthftesmBT]^ : States lit fms Uateoas HaK^M^^'xwjsV: Ingeiw^lntltelaetnnnb^ deelaree It anontHJatflit tiw/' eoietf'ir GodweTrueV Vuouid^'appsar-^irtyiW''' States ooin; but Lan.not tiSs^lla'ttlsey'' that the inottb'-LwlBM^ Wasai.. ttebiUaaapaassd'thaflsw^ the authority, advertlawaeslt' " for daeigns for^tM enfs�fsf tkm. Probably the '8am�1ary ury and myaslf wIB 0*11^ a number of fin>-rate .arttelB, sjjnv glve ua thslr judgsaaat fat the When -: the -tiaW! --ebease sbonld send thslr esatgamj'ir thealiapaorDeodsIs of plaa|^,aBA'^r ^ or sny.eriBjv^nwas WMmm* and set musly tawinga, '.Mjmntmfmft dmarlly vale yon wffi hide iliiiSiarlMf gei the design>tn oBsr tl* iaiiill br^n^ijja^ ie. Oothssbver dollar at |)rassak jg:* the initial"M.Votth� <lesat�S|i te.sOMi plseea-oataeedge rfthsaeek M wstb�imrasteb^^^ ys^sasal^sWsfstay1!^ 1 iMe^.^O�aa^ _ eel8o�styembalswdfaMs.I>ltel7s sjg take aetioa ob tb� deattof rDr. ili.1*^ &; Walla.' Tbemeexta.fwitt'beheiat .sftbrl -gi j \ It offlee of Dr. J. Hj Hayes.;, m A regular mesMa^^/l Board of,Tis*wfflJeisj' at 8 o'eloak. Erwyetei

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