Thursday, May 1, 1890

Lock Haven Express

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lock Haven Express on Thursday, May 1, 1890

Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - May 1, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania :.::v-ftV'i-A':^ NINTH YEAB-NO. 53. LOCK HAVEN. PA., THURSDAY. MAY 1. 1890. PJRICE-TWO CENT&Mv^ EVENING EXPRESS � pcbushkhs �^'�'�ril teiu,i*'�EijT comment: BtJckst shops may corns, and banket . shops may go, bat the Iambi w�lk up to be shared forever.__ It hi tbe Intention of the Democrat* alio ai* rantingMhan B. Partisan for Gov eraoij^H aoont%lm bo a William L. 8ao� ft^pUtfoiwi.v - ^ - "~ f 'Toi^iok<*lma,in�""noit bere-after reside in tbe city. An exception la nude Id bahalf of those already Id service, bat new Ttin^jg'tp^ from other cities sod towns need lotspnly. ' � . .. Onraa^kiiiMB'iit the close or the mi liBded la Detroit without a oent, aod bid to barrow money to pay bia board bill. At piusuut baowai 300 square mllea of pin* Uod In Mlohlgeay easTi la reputed to --"1 MO,000,000.  ' -'-'* ' TM EIGHT HOUR BIHAND. DekosgtmtioBi to Convince the Public That Toilen Want Shorter Hoars. THE EVEHT IN TWO SEHISPHBBE8. --Beakil is already a icigs eager grow leg ooontry, bnt the Governmeut has T0trt�It89i^t�1) aCali-fferolan, who "came all the way from that State to do tbe dead, and whole now dead. If tble.le trne, why waa it not told before? NBBBAiaxjgjaUJn^ etp,1k*VWp trace growing In thM..8t|ft~aet .pQlf bybuasn . heads. It hi tine, It baa taken eighteen yean to do this, bnt that U far better than not to ban done It at all. It mean! sev-aral mUtloani of acme planted in trees, wblahhapfatty big BMrre in the right B-eesxylag trade under the United State* flag decreased from 111,843,168 toaa in 1880 to 87,866,299 In 19B8, la not ereoAtao'.e to our \avr-m�Y-sre U Oongresss who beve thai power to restore tta'Aamleuuaiehanl marine to Ma fatness greatness by elmply following tba example eat by England in protecting Ita own eblpping. PornurrzB-GzinraAL Waitajcakbk's hearty and kindly latter, peraoaally tbank-la# John Mouatt, tba Chicago mall eol lector, far Ma Wordy example of fidelity �ed da^'ite bravely dafasdlng the maila In bis eaavgaagatnat reMere, la another evkteaee of tba warm appteelation whioh the Postmaster-General haa for tbe faith-fol cervices of tba employes In bia department. The Pittsburg DiipaM haa been making an extended investigation into tbe condition of farming In Wee tern Pennsylvania. The first of ita series of report* abowi that the profits of farming hare bear, eat down .to �a considerable extent, bat oat co greatly as to depress sgrioalture or make H wnproStabhv The moat fz-haaathra InveetlgetloB will probably die-eloae ao more and bo laaa than thie result, farming haa (offered the aama redaction Ib pa^te.wHth'maanfaetarmg and gen-crui^busteans. Jjbli daoreaaa la profits haa baas general, and not confioed to eg-iiaaltan alone. I� another eolnmn will be fonnd the addrea of tba Kerjtabllosn Campaign Committee of One Hand red, composed of prominent and suosessful Philadelphia bwalDjBf maw. Tba committee believoe that Blaa-tOBthe of tbe voters of PcauylTania faror tbe nomination of General Daniel H. BxatlBga for Goreroor, and ealla apon the paople to eae that no delegates are sent to aba State Convention who can be need by the polWelane to thwart tba wiahee of the pie. We eommend the peraaal of the i to all oar Repnblleen readers before tbe aleetloo for delegatee on Batarday iKaVibi answ. - Br. W. J. Shoemaker waa called apon tide forenoon to eat a broken leg for Sterling 8lmeox, a young main who la engaged, la hauling paper mill wood from tbe mountain aonth of tba olty. Tbe aocl-damt ooeorred m tbe gap above the react-TOlr and waa eaneed by the wagon loaded with wood on whieb Slmeox waa riding, : IseaCBafBIia. mebalae. 'lb Maria Mlaholaa, an elderly lady, died at bar home in DnsMtowa laat night after a long and severe tllneaa. The time of bar faaetal will be announced to- ff. ^ atoaher Bala Uvery Bmbla, vesterday afternoon _ I the Uvary ataale of P. B. Smith H ftnotl a^BBC alley ajsd tawk pegfemUm galBwawaaBtoea^ . a hundred men employed by the different builder* In the city had been granted the liuireaee, There are about 3,300 members of the Brotherhood of Carpenter* owteida of those who It le believed will go on strike to-morrow If ordsrod. The negative board of tbe journeyman carpaakn has endorsed the demandaof to* em here and will stand by them In their strike. tbi BOSTOB CABPEBTEBS. Bostob, April 30-The threatened strike at the enleweaiaaviasieuf Boston for an eight-hour work day seem* Inevitable, as their representative* have .been uneble to secure a conference with tbe bosaee. It is stated that the Employers' Aaaoeiatioa not only have refused to grapt a conference, bat have determined under any otroomstanoe* to force the work to nine hours a day. VOBT WATHE CAEPEBTEBS GO OUT Fort Watje, led., April 80.-The master builder* o) thie city bave refused to grant the demands of the Carpenters' Union for a nine hour working day with the minimum rate of twenty-flve oent* an hour. The carpenter a will Inaugurate a trlke this evening. All the carpenters In the olty belong to the nnlon. SLIGHT BIOT at BOSTON. Boitox, April 30.-While seventeen Italian laborers, employed lo the place of tbe striken at Bqulree' packing establishment, were on their way home last Bight they were savagely Assaulted, presumably by striker*. The Italians ware knocked In all directions. Stones end briokbste were thrown and one of. the Italians waa severely injured. ... in ravoat or sex. hahimb. The Aaavsce ef the Pfcllaislabla fa-Hlee tm To th* Etpv&iian Voten of Hmuflnania: We beg leave, fraternally, to call your attention to the importance of electing delegatee to the next Repahllean Btato Convention, to be held et Harrisburg, June 26tb, In favor of Gen. D. H. Heatings** oar candidate for Governor. In doing ao we do not in the least desire to underrate the blgb character and political merits of any other candidate. The most thonghtlal men of our party bave not failed to discern that the tide of popular support, which oerrled Benjamin Harrison into the Presidential sbatr.haa been ebbing since the laat election, end many strong bold* of tbe Republican party ''Eva been captured and some States hitherto Republican have gone Democratic. It doee not belong to oe to speeuBtte apon ceases, for they may be removed, bat the same Inftueneaa prevail In PsnntyWanta aa in other States and being timely Warned we ebould omit no effort to keep Penney! vauia in tbe Republican column. To do tbie we feel that  proper regard should be paid to tbe overwhelming demand which comes from all parte of the State tor Gen. Hastings. In the city of Philadelphia the feeling isalnust unanimous that be should be nominated; ao strong Is this sentiment that on tba 22nd day of April, 1890, an aaeemblege of business men gathered at the tbe Continental hotel and adopted the following teaolntkma: Whebxab, The next election for Gov. ernor of Pennsylvania la fraught with important results to our State and nation, and Whebeas, The best Republicanism Is tbat which ie guided and controlled by an Intelligent pnblie opinion, now than, be it Besotoed, By tbe Wanes sacs of] dolphin bare assembled, the* wa do earnestly reooaisarod to the next Repabll can State Convention the nunc of Colonel D. H. Hasting* as the oandidete of oar party for Governor of thia State. The demand for tela -bomiaattoo w baaed on tbe feet that he ie the undoubted choice or nine-tenth* of tettrlepnblloaaB of Pennsylvania, who beitevS be possesses every qual-ifleatlon neossearyto a triumphant success. Manly) cossageous, self sacrificing, aod latellinet, be bee already, by hie ad-vrjeacy of RapaMlnea principles, rendered Incalculable ssrvieee to the country, while his eonapiouoaa humanity and modesty bave endeared him to our entire people. Senlved, That-tee Chairman of this meeting appoiat: a committee of one hundred eitisenS ito take charge of tbie Bjovenwntih favor of General Hasting*, to use all houorehjeaod legitimate means toeeeurebteaoMasa, . General Heating wa* born in Clinton county In lSat, and la therefore In the prime of Ufa; at bis bead of the National Guard of oar BBste, a lawyer of high standing, a man the moat dauntless ooorage and spill em Integrity, be has stamped his iadttldasllty npon the poli-ttosolonr 8tabss>0 Batiou by bia able advoeaoy of aspa|liaan principle*, while his private and paWlo virtue* have en-; deared him to the jbtlre people. Will gov not, tktnfan, yjss' prceneol tftet la thi ewAei <^jwar ewej parpls, uAieA ut kntne an MinUar to cere, and da eeeryl/uno wUeA bat ia goitr p#swr it prtmoti Ms luutu. We are coaOdeat thet the Democratic party will make si';:host determined effort to carry PenueylvaBla this fall, aa a preparatory movement .to the next Presl-dentlal election. Already the indication* point to a complete rssoaclliatioo between hitherto warrlag factkna. It ft apparent to all ohooivcie that General Hs*tings would Inspire lees opposition than any otter oandVdate whom we could name, hot because the other gentlemen seeking the DominaUon are- not worthy to receive (all Republican sspport, but aimply because we believe they cannot receive it. The Repnblloana of Pennsylvania, tbere-fbre, ought not to take doubtful ehancas againat assured snsssss. Hoping yon will agree with aa, we remain. Toon truly, Joan L. Lawsoh, Chairman, Jt A. BAECOcx,Chair. Kx.Com. Alex P. Oousbebbt, Sec. TBE OBBaTiTTBH, TIm loUewiaa leedisej elllsses ol PkUe-delpbUeompoeetaeeommrrsse: Xdwle H. Fitler, M. X. VeDowenYH. C. Roberts, Joel J. Bailey, John Lucas, John Mnodal 1, Alex. Crow, B. Blenkan-borg, Cbailee VHslll. Jaa. O. Ksloh, Job. Martla, Jobs W. Woodslde, J. Raymond Cleghorn, Then. S. Wsidershalm, Wendell P. Bowmao, Lewi* Blayloek, Harry Blyno, Chas. 1. Field, Jas. J. Eatr, Jas. A. Freeman, J. B. Berr, Alfred Pearce, Chas. H. Woodrnh*, Geo. B, Howell, Arthur Derranoe, Wa. H. Oak-ford, Samuel Disston, Loul* D. Bangh, Dr. C. Kilawortb Hswltt, R. Dale Benson, John a Kennedy, Wm. B. Bllsy, T. L. Katteon, J as. F. Hope, J. Wesley Sup. plee, W. W. Allen, Juo. A. Clerk, Chas, F. vTerwiek', D. A. Keyee, Wm. L. Gregg, J. M. Laughbead, A. H. Millar, William C. Houston, R. D. Allen, E. A. GaatllL John G. Croxton, Jos. Colbert, J. 8. Singer, H. B. Altemna, J no. M. MoCnrdy, V. X. Arcbambanlt, Jr., J. W. Campion, George Campbell, Henry Brben, Frederic A. Lex, John L. Lawaoa, X. A, Hancock, Wm. H. Barley, Wm. H. Hurley, Jr., Walter T. Bradley, Lewis Merrill, Winthrop Smith, Jno. M. Walton, J. B. Agnew, Jacob H. Donaldson, H. X. Ganed, Jno. R. Wolcott, Wm. B. Maun, Was. B. Wane. F. M. Brooke, W. F. Donaldson, Richard A. Lewie, W. B. Tucker, H. Ernest Goodman, E. F. Krewsta, Joseph Petit, M. D., W. b. Lloyd, JobaC. Grady, John B. Ray-tarn, T. A. Grenew, Thoa. C. Btinson, B, B. Paxaon, Wm. B. Bmith, O. T. Hanoa, K. C. Irvln, Bdward O. Ealgbt, Geo. Berry, C. W. Pickering, Jee. Pollock, W. 8. Stewart, B. 0. Perkln*. Bdward L. Levy, H. W. Llttsraeld, Albert Wagner, M. B. MoDoweH, J. Addison Woodruff, Georgr A. Bernard, B. B. Tyson, Arthur Moore, David A. Woelpper, Abm. B. Pet-tenon, Wm. H. Penoiast, M. D., Even W. Burr, William K. Jewell, Jamas M. Bennett. Cfiaa. Bsnj. Wilkinson, Samuel B. Haey, Thomas K. Coroiab, J. B. Mitchell, Bdward Longstreth, JamesBata-man, William H. Caetle, Richard H. Downing, Malcolm 8. Wyde, John H. Oatherwood, Thomas C. Hand, Jr., John T. Ballsy, T. Morris Perot, J. U. Bradley, William W. Aleesn, Jamas W. Cooke, Thaeaaa Potter, Jr., Arthur H. Little, David Weather!*, Jr., P. P. Bowles, C. H. Howell, Also Wood, Jr., John Taylor, William R. Leeds, Thomas Cochran, Jamas GUllnder, C. W. Bergner, 8. B. BUusoB, Chas. 1. Field, George R. Howell, Charles Lennlg, Bdward J. Howlett, J. Hlok* Coo red, Bphraim Tonng, Samuel L. Bmedley, Leroy Kramer, T. B. Shriver, O. W. McKeehao, Tbomaa Allmaa, WUI iaa 8. Reybnm, J. H. Blllingtoo, J Mason. Jr., Charles Roberta, B. Frank Xsbelman, T. L^Gillespie, O. F. Hseel tine. Justice Cox, J'-, Jamas 8. Moore, J, X. Hynemsn, B. Thaskara, James Long, Mltton Birch, John W. Pearce, Hood Gilpin, J. B. Wlckersbam, B. Frishmath, Iaaao A. Sheppard, Henry W. Gray, Jamss N. Karoa, A. O. Hliash, Henry F. West, Btooktce7Baa% Jaasss Dcab, Jr., T" -' Bryan, T. W; rrhr rcnoairr por potrstau. A BTieeslleasemi mutsnw ef Siasa eai �ea- esaae Balsseia* east BstltMsS. The wire ell day now alaee one scac, sonated for the ateaoepbere of aereet that paiadsd the Interior of tbenssln ofltee from early monbag uatU tba isgnUu Usaa of closing at 8 o'clock. In reply to in-qaMsaUtha sxmmonPreaUasitP(*�aBC spoke sanilnglyof tbe eouud oondlthm of. tba iaatttation, bat with a look of aaxlsty t taxed the credence of those who heard bia talk. President Masterleae aad two or three of ha friends wars running In and oat of the beak ecmtnoaUy through tbe day, and kentuptkesaaaereedeaectlritytkosgh-out this seoralng. Hot a word was dropped ahoat a saspemnoo boa anybody ittnad with the coooatn, howsvsr, until tba sotioe was posted on tba front door* at a quarter before 1 o'clock. With the closing of the doors the oaassrs asai directors shut tbaaualve* np la President Preiser's aanctaa, on tba Cbsstaut street front, and rafsaedtoba seen by any oca. latbb davklofxbbts. William M. Smith, president of Common Council, wae appointed receiver. Mr. Smith Immediately after a meeting of the directors prooeeded to the offioe of the order of deeds aad had a record aade of tbe assignment. He said that ha would at oswe take aa Inventory of the property of the bank, and sa eooa ae ha soald realise oaths assets be would dletrlbate the proceed* among the depositors ie proportion to the aasenats they bad dapomted. He had ao Idea of tbe Duaacial oondltion of tba institution, and waa usable toqoots I figures even approalmately in dlasnsalBg tba ehanoes the depositors hed of securing their elalaata tall. The directors, ha said, did all they soald before making the stgassant. "I ouaot say to what extent the stoek-boldere are liable for any deficit In the claim* of depositors, sa tbs bank was 1b-oerporated nnder a special charter. A sssetfng of the directors will be nailed la a lew days, wheo figuree shownaj tba exact condition 0r tbe bank will probably be laid before them." After the meeting the oBlsera and directors said they had no farther statement to ke. Presideat Pfelffer wheo approaah-ed bagged to be exeoeed froa dlasnssieg tbe affairs of the bank. Tbe saspenslan wa* caused hy the rnssura asVetlng the ataadlag of tbe American Life Iasaranee Company; npwarda of 8100,000 of depoalts ware withdrawn. The loesas will fsll mostly oa small shop keepers. The total number of depositor* is said to ha 4,000. �AXXV- BKCOBO. The Tense OtaaelmHeas. aaal-- la�jt���*ea,.v>;;./^J KATTOBAL LXASCE. PhUadUpUa--PBJbulsf^ Tork*. Brooklyn-Braoylyu e\-*sa*ii*;�'*:S' ClevelaDd-^levalsnd 0, ClnelBBati C: Chloagr>-Chicago t^ljas ^a?::,,y^Waj PLATBBE' IMAmV*. aT'vi'fe^JjI^^g miadelphla-Baatee) 9, PhB*aWy*a'�. Pittsburg-Pittsburg M, 'HmWiMri^Wm Brorjhlyn^BrooklynlO,llewToek�. ^'-il Clevelaiid-^Bvaland V OUtagw*.^ ,\g^ . SHEB1CAB SSaaTWSTTCnl. � ; ,j"Srtl 8L l�iB--Sc. LooJs 7,'ii.-.'-Rochester-TViahsster 7. Braaklyw.aU Hynanse-Synsaas 10,: Athletss 9a �� -. . : A i-y greaalBag ef tta.CBaMi,-;'.� HATIOBAXj liEAaiBB. J . Won. lost, f^iiearr s ft' nutaeelphla- 4 1 Brooklyn---4 � Boston--:-s 4 US PLATXEa' UtABDE. Wcn.Less.1 rAiaeco--------4 s___ Broohjjn___ 4 4 InumfSSiZ aaaociiTiOaV' frmlSviUe. - 7 .-7 - 7 _S ' Ooieuba wesciasat. ! TV Hex* Satarday Captain h^wMljsjBfc i make his first ragnlar trip to Qiiiaaf Jjia I and return with hi*f risiiiMM.rtlij > of Look Haven, nod afterVthaa^datsJtt \ iu�Wl>thmssaMaiwni.^ : sons who have nsvsr enjoyed iha'. pisBanm \ of a rWte n�pt�lr Shaw's bptf smtaSij i mm klsw of the lawtiinl ga^rj^fflp i presantad to .view.' .frosa' tim^imi^iqlM \ stSBacrsspscially msprlag Has, ^ ^ . ArheexWamenahaw.'': r-" The High School wUI c*jtewrass~:'A�w�r" i Day, Friday, May Sad, in the B^lrBsaai \ room, eserekaa to. commeassst Traitollowtagprograabasbs sugbS lasasaxwkejseriU ha aaTunat-i frWadaidltonssM^M ! -1 ty^et[:: .GmiiBB^ i --- v.^ !:- � - '-^^^.-C^^jX - " -' Vrii j . A nnaber of rnfanaaa'wa�.-;laflvl^ with- - , -ijMjm iniiall thai ssoraiag. Thar* maw'-amsi. MMh Kortbaabarlend, aad etoas: reqnlred to get thwoaga. to that the low stage of water. I�>>lr^BaNa pUote have tba isfalBlliaj, haaiiss,;**. being able to get a n&K^ii^^lmi Haven. AU peraons dlally invited to be A Pbilipsborg boy who drew a revolver on bta school taacber when the latter at-toaorrect hla for eoaa aisde-nechobl, waa tried by a jary at for tba off suss. The Jury the lad guilty aad his attorneys have moved for a new Mel ef the case. The Centre county grand jury In the aa eg tha Coamonw*altb.j|k Joka Vsrb--* jtmmg'Tmrmjf, lg-aai %U b..' A tramp who was Madly;Mqab&ftsw� bored st tbs resld^of Maj\ &; W^Bsatr. at Pice, laat Saaday nighV aflat kWsakBM Monday aoralag, axcie'-WsBaa^^W amount of five dollars sad c^sajiijiaii'^w -parte unkaowa, CoaatabtorQr*ss^Sivai� : took him below Lsrry'e Creek aad Jreawr. srsd tbssu^artlolee. > ;" y'f+'^i '� I.M.aA.T^BTJcirt; 'I'r-'t ^ Thm evening a raeetiBgwiUbeYI^ ; taaatea^labbtlBnwaOhar* : poes of orsaaistng a branch of taw Tosn^ : Men's Chrfstisa Aaaoels^' tt^a^sh; ; ...........,.V;."-!!� } � Mr. Edward ^ai��\4, who take a position with Mr, Miss Minnie Safer' baa is*a4*a4j MlB> three months' rlslt with Mssmast alliai^' Ohio. ;- �" 5--'-f^= Miesss Csrrls and Gertie Araaws^'tsM^ cxpested to return todsjttuatkea vwat' to Pblledelpbla. - ..;-v.:;ji.l^ Bar. L*nkliie,ar*ttrswalstBC^a�lalB� ; later froa Tioga eoanty, bee' keaassaf-1. 1 resident of Beach Creak. - Mrs. Almlra J. Hoover, wklewof tas Uts Z L. Hoover, baa .been SE|niatsd postmistress at Gasaaa, Pa.  ^'.:i;'iV % Mr. and Mrs. Cos Jaeobe wto Jbeaaaaafc: a eereaade onTaeaday1 nigbr'wbk*!-**^; highly sppreolatad and very BMhaa]oi|ejl.�': i Joseph Qraflae, ae'annt^ror,tla;T|dit~ 'Baft' Company, pat a nugsd{$�sat^nB^ proof sate ia tba resideeee of Boyw0.r Packeryestsrdar. :X\l-*r: \ sirs. Mary B. Irvta aad bar slsla>^iiii, Dalrymr^kavar^urn^ home^jsa; ^1 sratsadad. earl with fjrhMaa *� ~ " phte aad at Treatoa, H. j. xiir.-V' I Harry Lsydaa, of Bsaah^.'CtaNsV^a stadsnt at But* OoUafa, haa bsaaVsa^sMf oimoftbafivngrsJaateswbswui^^ boaonryotatlea�s�tlw asst.. � "  'iiViH? tOm Katie flaals, the y�ex�IaeYanEa ^ TO. Beismec ak tba \mVmij, ^ 'i't* '<CcC'~" ' i-..r u-,!^tf ^^UZ&SS&'-S

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