Thursday, February 20, 1890

Lock Haven Express

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Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - February 20, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania EIGHTH YEAR-NO. 300. LOCK HAVEN, PA., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1890. PRICE-TWO CENTS. EVENING EXPRE^ KINSLOE BROTHKK8 - - - PUBLISHERS CURRENT COMMENT. Soutu Adams, Mass., ia au old town Miss Susan B. Anthony waa born there, PiTT5BUJto ib �a pleased as & pig with two tails over its new library, and so it siioulJ bo.______ If th�y hauged Hars iu Now Jersey, it would require a largo coil of iopo to dts pose ot Ibe witnesses in the Lccony trial. It ia Tcassuriuj; to know thai P. T. Uat-nuni brings back to America, as tbe result of his Loudon engagement, about $500,000 in British gold. Tbe biggest thing in the sbow (Mr. Baruutu thinks) is the profit of it,___ Tnn significant greetings which are givtu to General Alger, of Michigan, in his travels over the country as Commatder of tbe Graud Aimy of the Republic, indicate that he may be a stronger candidate for President in 1892 than he was was in 18SS. _ An inventory of tbe wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth, made in tbe 2600, recently published, shows that the Queen then had 90 robe?, 126 kirtles, 269 gows, 136 "foreparts," 125 petticoats, 27 fans, 96 cloaks, S3 safeguards, 85 doublets, and 18 lap mantles. The gowns appear all to have been of tbe richest materials. The New York THbune publishes an article fiiviog advice worth following in case of fire or other emergency. It advises a person who finds it necesaary to jump from a window to first throw out mattresses or similar articles that they may break the force of the fall. A Bhawl or overcoat wrapped about tbe head may prfcvtnt fracture of the skull in Buch a jump. A coat or blanket held by four stout men will check the fill of a person sufficienty to prevent serious injury. A few simple precautions of this kiud are worth remembering. The Philadelphia Inquirer is authority for the statement that the proposition to collect money in the schools of the commonwealth for tbe purpose of erecting a monument to the memory of the late JJr. E. E. Higbeo has beep so generally oppos-. ed by the press of the state that the project has been abandoned, and the sums already collected are to be returned to tbe contributors. We are glad to bear this. Beyond the special and particular reasons which rendered it improper to demand such a tribute to the memory of Dr. Higbee from tbe children of the state, there are general reasons against any movement of the aort, and it is to be hoped nothing of the aort will ever be attempted hereafter. The Ttr* BOQMi of Congress, Washikgtox, Feb. 19.-The Hourc in Committee of the Whole today reported favorably on the Senate bill authorizing the appointment of an assistant Secretary of War. and also discussed tbe Oklahoma bill, hat did not reaoh a vote thereon. The Senate to day agreed to tbe resolution authorizing the Inter-State Commerce committee to investigate the alleged excessive charges made by railroads on food products shipped from beyond the Rocky mountain to eastern points. Senator Blair continued his educational bill argument, Ketarns AH In. The election returns from the townships and boroughs in the county are now all in. The last of the returns was received at the Prothonotary*s office this morning. BeUte<l Mail. News Express train was one hour late to-day, owing to a wreck at some point east of Harrisburg. Tbe train brought do mail nor no Philadelphia papers. Anil Hoptlns Has lo Ha Second Time. HE DBS WITHOUT FLINCHING Bids FarewelHto His Friends and Believes Sins-are Forgiven. HOW HE SPENT HIS LAST MOMENTS FKBSOKAL. PENCIXINQS. V. Solimer loft this morning for Ridg-way. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bickford spont yesterday in Williamsport. John Consadine, of this city, visited in "Williamsport yesterday. MrB. Silas MasterB is serioasly ill, with slight hopes of her recovery. John BrosiouB, of Nippeoose Valley, is transacting business in this city to-day. H. Q. Krapa is moving to-day from this city to Rebersburg, Centre county, where he and his family will reside in tbe future. Ralph llingbam, tbe boy orator, was in the oity last night and accompanied tbe large audience at tbe Opera House "Around the World." Gottfried Binder, James Dougherty, George Geiger and George Hartman are prominent Philadclphians who are guests of Peter Meitzler, proprietor of the United States Hotel. W. H. Zellers, of the editorial staff of the Williamsport Gazette and Bulletin, spent yesterday afternoon in this city on his way to Bellefonte. Mr. Zellers was a Girard College boy and while here yesterday was shown around by Mayor Mason. Elder Ira C. Mitchell is now located at MansQeld, Ohio, having been recently appointed pastor of the Christian Church at that placo. His Lock Haven friends will be glad to bear of bis advancement, as Mansfield is quite a desirable appointment. The Final Breakfast-Two Hundred Persons Witness the Kxecutlon-HW Words on the Gallows~The Story or the Crime-The Career or the Criminal. Sptcial to tbe Evening ExpresF. Bellefonte, Feb. 20.-W. Seeley Hop-kins was hanged in the jail yard at this place this forenoon for the murder of his wife Maggie and bis mother-in-law Mrs. Wighaman. The execution was tbe Srst that has ocenrred in Centre county for many years and naturally created considerable excitement. Hopkins slept but font hours last night, yet was feeling cheerful this morning, and ate his breakfast at 5:30. A slice of toast, two eggs and a cup of coffee was partaken of by tbe doomed man with a relish. At 8:15 tbe death warrant was read by Deputy Sheriff Wilson. Revs. Barvin, Honck and Long,'spent tbe morning in tbe prisoner's cell, and held devotional exercises in which Hopkins joined with great fervor. Tbe doomed man did not exhibit the least Bign of nervousness, or fear. Inside the jail perfect quietness reigned unbroken except by the sounds of singing and prayer in tbe paisoner's cell. Outside the bnilding a great orowd of persons were gathered, awaiting^the final scenes in the tragedy which began by the killing in cold blood of two innocent women. A large force of special police and Deputy Sheriffs were od duty. Many oi tbe people who were assembled in front of the jail came there with the expectation that they would be permitted to view the body after tbe execution. Information was given to tbe pnbliolaeveral days ago to the effect that the body would be exposed to public view immediately after tbe execution, but such was not the case, n.uch to the disappointment of many whose morbid ourioaity led them to desire a view of the remains. procession to the gallows. At an early hoar those who bad cards admitting them to tbe hanging began to arrive, and before the hour of ten about two hundred men were in the jail yard awaiting the moment for the execution to take place. Hopkins ate a lunch at 9:10, and promptly at 10 o'olock the procession from the gallows moved. Sheriff Leahy, of Lock Haven, and Captain Clark, of Philips burg, marobed at the head of tbe procession, and close behind them came Sheriff Cooke and Hopkins. The prisoner waB dressed in a neat fitting suit of black clothes and wore a button hole boquet. On the scaffold were beside tbe prisoner and Sheriff Cnok, Rev. T. Avery Long, of Howard, Captain Clark of Pbilipsbnrg, and Sheriff Leahy, of Lock Haven. Rev. Long offered a prayer, after which Hop kins stepped to tbe front of the scaffold and spoke a few words to those present. He gave bis friends good-bye. He said tbat God bad forgiven him for bis crime, and that he was ready and willing to die. The prisoners limbs were then pinioned, the noose adjusted and the black cap drawn over tbe head of the doomed man. THE rope breaks. At 10:15 the drop fell and those present were horrified to see the body of Hop-kinB fall heavily to the ground. The rope badbroken, and Hopkins lay unconscious, and his body Jimp and apparently lifeless. His neck was broken,. He was carried back upon tbo scaffold, tbe rope was readjusted and at 10:20 tbe drop fell a second time and the lifeless body of Hopkins tbe murderer dangled in tbe air. In fifteen minutes he was pronounced dead by the physicians. After the body was cut down it was given into tbe bands of an undertaker who will embalm it and hold it until it is given over to the keeping of Hopkins1 relatives. Mr. Burt Hopkins, a brother of the murderer, and Mr. Baker, a brother-in-law, both of Rochester, N. Y., arrived yesterday morning, and this evening they will leave for their homes, taking the body with them to Rochester for burial. The breaking of the rope was a part of tbe proceedings entirely unexpected, and when the body fell most of the men who were in tbe jail yard as spectator!) turned tbeir faces from the horrible scene. It was with blanched faces that most of them watched the officers oarry the unconscious mac baok to the scaffold and support bim up in tbeir aims while the broken ropo was again adjusted. Few who were present will evor forget the dreadful scene. THE BAY IN THE TOWfi The town of Bellefonte is filled with people to day who ars not residents of the plaoe. Citizens from all parts of the county and strangers from other countieB throng the hotels or walk tho streets, Great crowds filled the streets near tbo jail, and every housetop in tho vicinty from whioh a view of tbo jail yard waB obtainable was covered with auxious sightseers, rnsrABATioss for thb hanoing. The gallows upon which Hopkins was launched into eternity was constructed for the purpose by a Btllefonte carpenter, and were used for the first time to-day. The instrument of death is made of seasoned white" oak wood framed and bolted together after the same manner as the Lycoming oounty gallows. The rope !b of bemp, and was tested on Tuesday with a bag of sand eighing one hundred and sixty pounds. The trap is sprung by a lover whioh requires but a light touch of tho Sheriffs hand to set tho machinery in motion and end the life of a murderer. All of tbe arrangements for tho solemn occasion were finally completed yesterday afternoon. sketch of hopkins' t.ife. W. S. Hopkins was twenty nino years of age last July, and was born in Spencer-port, New York. He was a resident ol that place until he was twenty-one years old when he went to PittBburn, N. Y. His father died in Rochester, N. Y,, nearly twenty-six years ago, and his mother and j other relativoa stilt reside in that city. His aged mother is almost crazed with | grief caused by the acts of her wayward son whose life was taken to-day as a penalty for the dreadful crime be had com mitted. Hopkins after. remaining one month at Pittaburn, N. Y., went to Phil-psburg. Centre county, where be worked at bis trade of carpentor for some timo, engaged in building cars. It was at Phil-psburg that he met and married Miss Maggie Wigaman some three years ago. After being married for some time be and his wife moved into tbe house of Mb mother-in law Mrs. Wigaman, in Philips-burg, where the tragedy occurrred. The revolver with which he committed the murder he purchased in Rochester, N. Y., only a few weeks before committing tho crime. A DESPERATE MAN'S CUIUS. The crime for which W. Seoly Hopkins was executed to-day at Bellefonte, waB the murder of his wife, Maggio, and his mother-in law, Mrs. Wigaman, at Philips-burg, on tbe twenty-second day of last September. Hopkins had assaulted his wife a week previouBto that time and then left his borne. On the morning of tbe murder he returned and attempted to renew his quarrels with his wife. She repulsed him, when he drow a revolver from bis pocket and shot her dead. The murder of his wife was committed on the first floor of the house and the frenzied man after killing his wife rushed up stairs where his mother-in-law was and shot her too, kilting her instantly. He immediately left the faonsa and went to a livery stable in the neighborhood, where ho attempted to kill himself. He fired two shots at his own bead; but neither of the bullets created other than ecalp wounds. He was immediately arrested and taken to the jail at Biillefonto where he has siuce been confined and in the yard of which ho was hanged to-day. THE TKIAL FOB MURDER. The prisoner waB brought to trial No-ember 27tb, and to tho indictment for murder pleaded not guilty. His counsel was W. F. Reber, and the Commonwealth was represented by District Attorney Meyer, assisted by Colonel J. L Spangler. The trial resulted in a verdict of guilty of murder iu tbe first degree, and since then Hopkins has been actively engaged in spiritual preparation for the doom which bo knew surely awaited bim, JlOPKIH's WEIGHT. Hopkins waB a man of medium sizn. He was weighed on Monday in thejail. When he was first placed in confinement he weighed only 119 pound-' but when weighed on Monday his weight was 134 pounds. The rope was teBted with a bag of sand which weighed 190 po-nds. He was taken out to the jail yard yesterday afternoon to see tbe gallows, and expressed perfect satisfaction with the arrangements which bad been made for effecting his death. He waB also sbown his coffin and said "it ts all tight." Murder Jacobs Besplted. IIaiirisiiuiio, Feb. 19 -Tbo governor bas granted a respite to James H. Jacobs, of Lancaster, to April 9tb next. Tbo murderer's exeoution was fixed for tbe 20th instant. Irian Tenants to be Summoned. Dublin, Feb. 19 -One hundred and twenty tenants on the Ponsby estate In Ireland will be summoned to-morrow to surrender po&sessiou ** Amputated'"Aronnd tbe World"-A Wumnn Applleaat-Y. M. C. A--Kunnlnv Pay and Night-The KetnrnS All In-A Boom at Gazzain- The Bluebirds are Singing. John Morningstar, a woodsman employ ed at Emery's lumber camp near Westport, was taken to tbe Williamsport hospital last week, says the Williamsport Republican with bis left leg broken at tbe ankle, the result of au accident whioh ocenrred while at work in the woods on Sunday, February 9th. Tbo injury was a very bad one, but it was hoped by the physicians and hospital attendants that tbe limb would be saved, but Bach was not the case, and Tuesday it was decided tbat an amputation was neoessary. About 4:30 o'olock Drs. William R. aud Waldo W. Hull, in the presence of several other pbysloians, amputated the leg midway between tbe knee and the ankle. It is now thought tbat the injury will heal without any further trouble. Mr. 3Iorningstar is about twenty-eight years of age. A Boom for Qazzam. Gazzam is to enjoy a boom tbis spring. The DuBois Courier is informed that tbe Beech Creek Railroad is to build two extensions into its coal fields from tbat point and to lay some 6,000 feet of additional sidings, as well as to make a new opeutug. To house the workmen required for these purposes fifty additional bouses are to be built and the promise is for a season of prosperity, sucb as tbe place has never before known. Around the World. Fleming's "Around the World in Eighty Days" faced a full bouse last night and in some respect* was a vey acceptable production, while in others it fell far below the expectations of tbe audience. Tbe sconery was meagre, the costumes ordinary and the ballet failed to mater:alizotmuoh to the disappointment of all. The character of Phincas Fogg and several others in the oast wore very good. V. M. C. A. Tbe Wil>iamsport District comprises fifteen associations, Bellefonte, Danville, Hartleton, Lewisburg, Bucknell University, Bucknefl Academy, Mansfield State Normal'School, Milton, Muncy, New Berlin, Pennsylvania Furnace, Selinsgrove, State College, Westfioldand Williamsport. The Distiiot Convention will meet in Wil-tiamsport, on Friday, Feb. 28, and continue to March 2nd. The Bluebirds are Singing;, A gentleman from Chatham's Run who was in the oity yesterday, says the blue birds have been Biuging in tbat section for a week or more. It is altogether likely that the bluo birds have arrived a great deal too soon, and will have cause later on to regret tbeir coming at such an early date. Household tfnrnitare For Sale. Mrs. John E. Furst will have a public Bale of household furnituro at ber residence, corner of Fourth and Fairview streets, Saturday afternoon at bait past one o'clock. The furniture is In good condition and tboso who want anything in this lino should attend the Bale. Baby Carriage Taken. A baby carriage belonging to W. C. Franoiscus was taken from in front of his drug store about eight o'olock last night. Any information as to its whereabouts will be thankfully received and rewarded. PUNGENT POT I'OUttl. Death of an Infant. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Truokenmiller, of Flomington, died this morning. Mrs. Trnokenmiller is very sick and tho atHiotod family have tbe sympathy of the whole oommunity. A Woman Applicant. One woman baB made application to Captain Brioker for appointment as one of the census enumerators in Clinton county. As women are eligible it is to be hoped that tbe lady may be appointed. Banning Day and Night. Tho Lock Haven Nail Company are so crowded with orders that the mill is now running day and night. This is a good Bhowing, as tbe force of employes is largely increased. Raising a Sunken Crart. A flat loaded with sand was run into the lock at tho mouth of tbo Cross Cut Canal a few days ago, where it Bunk. Efforts are being made to get the suukeu craft atloat again. A Tatkluu Ciuniry. The lamllord of a public houHO at Birmingham h;is a canaiy bird that can speak several words distinctly, haviug learned thorn from a parrot with which it bad been  brought up. A ItlUerllaneone Mixture of Sense and Nonsense Scissored and Scribbled. Livrb of bankers oft remind us We should make our sneak In time. And In skipping leave behind us Footprints to no other clime. If is with characters as it is with coats -better a bad one than none at all. "It is said tbat tbe Japanese people never kiss." Come to think of it, when they look at each other they ougbt not to want to kiss. There are a great many children afflicted with colds, which may lead to oronp aud diphtheria, in Altoona, and parents should exercise the utmost care iu dress-fug tbo little ones warmly and seasonably. Never allow them to go lo bed with cold feet. The gentleman wbo is going to marry Mary Anderson wilt not suffer from a failure of tbe ice crop. A man seldom realizes what "ashes to ashes" means until he has to sift some when the ttiod is blowing great guns, Dampness is unhealthy. It is better to live with a swearing ma-i than with a crying woman. The shrewd girl divides her time between airiug impressions and impressing hoirs. It is not strange that stove manufacturers should be fired by ardor for tbe grata cause. "Bet yer back teeth" is the way the small boy accentuates bis remarks. They buried it darkly at dead of night. The Bods with their lead pencils turning; They planted the chestnut out of sight Aud went on tbeir salaries earning.' They burled It darkly at dead or night, ou, deod of vain endeavor; The darned thing sprouted, and the crop Is blggar notv than ever. Gibls just let into society are wearing shorter glovea than last year. They hardly reach to tbe crazy-bone now. Nearly six weeks earlier than usual the iasb of tbe street urchin is undulating between tbe whip top and tbe pedestrian's eye. A number of men have to go through life with one foot just enough larger than tho other to make ready-made shoes a barren ideality to them. "When a fellow gets 'mashed' on him-jelf," Bays a talented Roman, "it isn't long before he cuts out everybody else. Robendaum (the elder)-My gracious, Abie; don't study bo hardt, or you vlll ruin your Bpegdacles. It is said that a man from tbe Pine Tree State oan be told by the pitob of his voice. "Ice oream will be dearer nextsnmmer," says a querulous contemporary. That will make tbe girl all tbe dearer. But bow about about the Ice oream trousers. THE SAUNDERS MURDER. United 8tate� Marshal Mizell Beports Regarding the Saunders Case. THE DETAILS OF THE KLUING The woman who went to a city bank with a hundred dollar check and replied to the cashier, who said, " You will have to bo indentified, madam; we don't know who you are," " Neither, sir, do I know wbo you are," may have thought herself very smart, but she didn't get the money. He wore a dainty overcoat All buttoned up around his throat. Each button like a dollar. All neatness from the bead to toes; What living wight would e'er suppose He didn't have a dollar?" It is a curious fact, and one that moralists may well ponder, that full refleotiou is necessary to sober thought. Mrs. Langtry's silver bathtub is not such a novelty as many seem to think it. Every photographer has his silver bath. Answering an oft-repeated question, we think it should be pronounced the "Lose iana lottery." "We depend for a living upon our eorn crops," remarked the turkey to tbe Coebin China. We don't wonder tbat some people who try to waltz get discouraged. They are constantly having reverses. You would certainly expect trained speakers to articulate distinctly, but tbey all do not. Look at the brakeman, for instanoe. Anh now oomes a Mr, Newdecker, a largo tobacco manufacturer of Baltimore, audaciously asserting tbat "Pennsylvania oigara kill more people tban cigarettes do!" Is the sovereign Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to submit to the colossal slander without resistance? "Mobnin' paper, sir?" sung out tbe news boy, "ouly 2 cents." "Here's 5 oenta, sonny," said tho facetious customer. "Keep the It cents, buy a eake of soap wich ir, and give your face a washing." Tito newsboy handed back tbe change witb great dignity. "Keep the ohange yourself, sir," be said "and use ic In buying a book on decorum, sir." The Two Officials Were Bvldently to be Made the Victims or m Murderous Flot. Into Which the One Fell-Saunders Was Inveigled From Hla Hotel on Pret*nse of Taking  Bide With a Friend, �Washington, Feb. 19.-United States Marshal Mizell, in his report in regard to the Saunders case, says'. "William Mc Farlin, of Quincy, oalled at the hotel abont 10:50 a. m, to see Saunders. He seemed surprised to see me, but greeted me in a friendly manner and accompanied me to the Court House. At dioner time he returned and invited me and Captain Allison, who was present, to dine witb him at the hotel. We accepted tbe invitation. Soon after dinner McFarlin invited me to take a drive witb him that evening, but I declined. We then went to tbe hotel and on the street met Saunders and Langford. McFarlin urged Saunders to come in and dine with bim, but Saunders replied tbat he bad been to dinner. McFarlin tben said that he (Saunders) must take a drive witb htm. saondkbs warned. "I oalled Saunders away and took bim to his room, -where I told bim that I bad ever; reason to believe tbat there was a plot to murder him, and be mast pay no attention to tbe pretenses of friendship, but let these men alone and remain in his room until I returned, as I wag going out in tbe country and wonld be absent a couple of bonra. I went out to summon some jurors, and was absent three hours. On my return I went to Haunder's room, but he bad gone. decoyed to his death. I asked Deputy Langford who was there, where Saunders was, and he said he did not know, but be was afraid he bad beea decoyed away, as the last he saw of him he waa with MeFarlin. I went over to tbe Court Honse and there found tbe sheriff of Gadsden county, who had arranged to accompany Saunders and his prisoner to Ponsaoola, asfl asked if he knew where Saunders was. He said be did not; tbat Saunders told him be was going to take a drive into tbe country, and wonld. be baok. at i o'olock. While we were talking a man named Mitchell drove up to tbe Court House with Saunders' dead body in a buggy, and turned the bod) over to tbe sheriff. Saunders was shot through tbe neck. who did ths deed f "The Sheriff asked Mitchell if he killed Saunders, and be said 'no.' He then asked him if be knew wbo did, and be said no.' He would make no further statements. The body was taken out of the buggy and carried into tbe Court House, and Mitchell drove off. I learned afterwards from a reliable souroe tbat Saunders was seen driving ont of town in a boggy witb Mitchell and McFarlin. The prisoner mentioned was a colored man, wbo bad been arrested by the Sheriff of Gadsden for violation of the postal laws, and confined in tbe Quincy jail. In order to shield both Saunders and myself as far as possible from aaaasination on the street after dark, I bad arranged for the Sheriff to accompany Saunders and the prisoner to Pensaoola." Attorney General Miller said to-day that no steps would be taken in this matter by the government until after the President's return to tbe oity. tiveB* tbis evening. m When tbe Denio-arats attempted to pass some of the Hipper bills, as they are called, the Republicans attempted dilatory taCtiosfandSpeaker Hissell at length refused to tecognto) tbe Republican members. They became furious and both Democrats and Republicans were soon on the ir feet, and many abont the Speaker's stand shaking their fists at him. When the Speaker ordered them to their seats and threatened to call the Scargeaut at-Arms to compel them to do so, several Republicans dared bim to do ft- For a time it seemed as if the session would break up in disorder. The bill passed. SUKKOINDED BF I.VNCHEKS. MARIE THEBAH1T'9 BETDBN. The Handsome Woman Who Lured sllcott to Bala Again at Washington. Washi no ton, Feb. 19.-The woman for whom Siloott gave np bis wife, babies and honor oame back to Washington last night to look after a few of her effects, and to draw some money out of one of the banks, much of tbe latter, no doubt, having oome from Silcott. Tbis woman bas a pretty face and a pretty figure that waa tbe ruin of more men than Siloott. I know of at least one other case of a broken hearted wife whose husband forsook ber for this denizon of "The Division." He waa a newspaper man. When Siloott oame upon the scene, though twice as old and not neat so good looking, the Thebault woman turned the scribe adrift for Silcott's money. Now she bas turned ber baok on tbe forger and will try her aeduotions on other men. Siloott was a generous master. He provided bis bird with a oozy nest down on E street, wbicb by tbo way is now a poker room. It'a an ill wind tbat blows no one good, and Siloott in taking tho Thebault woman from the newspaper man made a reunion possible between tbe latter and an almost broken hearted wife. b. Outrage by a Tennessee Negro For Which He Has Probably Been Banged. Knoxville, Feb. 19.-Yesterday afternoon Jake Staples, a negro, who bas been working for a farmer named Renfel Lewis, near Heiskel's Station, took advantage of tbe husband's absence aud attacked Mrs. Lewis in a criminal manner. After a desperate strugglo tbe fiend accomplished bis pnrpose. Staples fled, but was pursued by infuriated men and woman. He waa captured and ia now tied securely in the depot at HelBkela. Dozens of maddened and armed men are flocking in, and although au effort will be made to bring the prisonor here it ia thought be will be lynched. Kavanangh Beleaeed. Chicago, Feb. 19.-The building contractor, Thomas Kavanaugb, a member of Camp 135, Clan-na-gael, accused of being implicated in attempts to bribe possible jurors on the Cronin trial, walked out of court this afternoon a free man. Eayan-augh's.release took place after the evidence for the prosecution was all in, and was ordered by Judge Waterman, wbo ruled that States Attorney Longnccker had failed to make out a case. This leave* one man, Jeremiah O'Doa-nel, on trial of the total of seven indicted. Two Shoplifters Arrested. Pittsbubc, Feb. 19.-A sensation was created at McKeosport to-day by tbe arrest of Mrs. Giles Collins and daughter for shoplifting. Mrs. Collins is tho wife of a leading politician of McKeosport, and is well known. The two women ware detected in the act of stealing sevaral articles in a dry goods store, and were at once put under arrest, A search of tbeir home disclosed at least 45,000 worth of goods taken from various McEeesport stores. Scenes In the Ohio Houee. Chicago, Feb. 19.-A epeoial dispatoh from Columbus, Ohio, says: There were exalting and disgraoeful scenes in the Ohio House of Representa- A Drummer's Fatal Mistake. Auburn, S. Y., Feb. 19.-Grant L. Davis, a commercial traveler of West Wat-wortb, Wayne county, was drowned in the Owasco outlet tbis morning. Tbe Lehigh Valley train whioh arrives in tbis oity at 7:05 p. m., stopped on the bridge near tbe New York Central railroad orosaiDg to allow a train to pass. Davis, who was a passenger, thought the train was at tbe station, and stepped off tbe platform, falling thirty feet into the water. Blggar, the floine Ruler, Dead. London, Feb. 19.-Mr. Joseph GUU& Biggar, the well known borne ruler and member of the House of Commons for tbe western division of oounty Cavan, died today at Clappam, a suburb of London. He was 62 years old. Mr. Biggar's death was caused by heart disease. He was present In the House of Commons last evening, and was one of tbe tellers in tbe division on Mr. Parnell's amendment to address in reply to the Queen's speech asking for the repeal of tbe coercion act. Dynamite in a stove. Belvidere, N. J., Feb; 19.-A terrible explosion of dynamite cartridges ooourred at William Taylor's home in Philipsburg this morning. The bouse was wrecked, furniture destroyed and Mr. and Mrs. Taylor aud tbeir two children seriously injured. A boarder bad placed tbe cartridges in tbe stove to dry, and Mrs. Taylor not knowing tbey were there, shot the oven door, tbe jar-causing the explosion. The boarder fled. The Foorth District Vote. Philadelphia, Feb. 19.-Tbe fall vote cast yesterday in tbe Fourth Congressional district for the unoxpiied term of the late Judge William D. Kelley was Reyburn, Republican, 21,330; Ayers, Democrat, 1,644; Tumbleson, Prohibitionist, 238. Reyburn'a plurality 8,384- Kollcy's plurality over Ayers in 1888 was 9,639. The Victim of a Murder. Tnov, N. Y-, Feb. 19.-Tbe body of John Wall was found in the flume of WoodB' mowing machine works, at Hoosio Falls to-day. He attended au emerald ball on the evening of the 15th inst., and left after midnight with a largo amount of money iu h:s pocket. He was not seen alive again. Hanged for Murder. Pikeville, Ky., Feb. 19.-Ellison Mounts was banged here yesterday for participating iu the murder of Miss Alafair McCoy and her brother. Ho was cool to the last, and as the black cap was pulled over his face declared that the Hatfield outlaw gang forced him to ongage in the murder, ..

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