Monday, January 27, 1890

Lock Haven Express

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

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Lock Haven Express (Newspaper) - January 27, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 11 if t-nt (ft EIGHTH YEAR-NO. 271). IX)CK HAVEN, PA., MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1890. PB1CE-TWO CENTS. EVENING EXPRESS KINSLOK KKOTIIKICS---FIJBLISHKKH CURRENT COMMENT. A wail goes up all over tbo Siato for better roads. How would it do for Cleveland and IIU1 to go to Mississippi and fight it out? The cranberry crop in New Jersey is a failure, but the crop of red bead girls is up to the average. Calvin S. Brice, of New York and Ohio, will make his mark in the Senate. It will be a dollar mark. Newspaper men are, as a rule, the most social people in the world. There are some misfits, but they are generally disposed of at "slaughtering prices." NELLIE BLY'S OWN STORY She tells Some of H'ir Experience in Her Trip Around the World. ;*n)il by aftorwanla. At 130 I bad the Paris correspondent, IIEIt FIRST caelkokam Arriving at Brindiai, Miss BIy says: "I put down my handbag and went out to the guard, who wis waiting to take mo to the telegraph office, where a cable might be sent to the World, The purser said I had not much time, but it might ba done. The telegraph office was in a building Leaving New York on the Eaet and Coming down a dark street. The little room was In Again on the Went In Seventy-Two bare, and there was only a desk, one sheet Days, Si* Hours and Eleven Minute*- of telegraph piper, a bottle without any Graphic Account of the Incidents or the ink in it, ouo pen and one small window like a stamp window in a postoffioe. But the office was closed, and there aeemed THE FASTEST TOUR Off RECORD Kemarkable Journey. New York, Jan. 2G.-The long aud interesting story of NeUie Bly's trip around the world, extracts of which are given bo-low, were dictated while the globe girdler nothing to do except to wait and send a cable from Ismalia. "The agent is taking a nap, but we'll MONDAY'S LOCAL MELANGE All the Latest Local Events Up to 2:30 P, M, Told iu a Ooacise Manner. A NEW BUKML SCHEME. LATEST NEWS ABOUT THE CITY at tbe rate of nearly fifty milos aQ hour. Ho who pondors deeply over aoy eon- The telling of the story was interrupted by I tomplated aoiion is much less likoly to the BCOres an(J seore8 of , � g T. L x- -v- i get him up," said tho guard hopefully, as was speeding from Chicago to>iew\ork �, rangnoar ^ c]osodP win*'0* near lie rang it several times, aud thou tho window oponed with a creak, as if long unused to business; a dark, sleepy looking face appeared. Tbe guard spoko iu Italian and finished it up in English, to incidents of tbe blunder than his neighbor who heeds only trjpi and wag ^versified by hand shaking, the passionate impulse of the moment. congratulations and cheers. It was writ- which the man respouded quite "well.' I The first is almost aertain to succeed in ten QU^ ^0 stenographer from notes wrote my cable after ausweriug his inter-all bis plans, while the second repents taken under these adverse circumstances, ^gatory as to what country Now York was his folly in sackcloth and ashes. It % therefore> not a8 polished aB it ffiight ^0^^ Four days, nine hours and fifty minutes otherwise have been, but there can be no momont. I oried breathlessly to the guard to cross this continent, from San Francis- doubt about the brightness of tho com- <*at I might possibly have missed my co to New York, the fastest time ever ment and the fresh spirit of the narrative. ^ ��<^ ^Tdotr and Here it is: down tho narrow, dark street. 'Can you "M. Juleis Vernes said it could not bo run?' ho asked quietly, and I, feeling the done. I have done it. He told me when a^ety in his tones, folt myself tremble. . . ^ . . ..... . 'Come. I would not have you lose this boat he met me at Amiens that if the tour was for fift'y pounda/ he oriedf and takiag ray made of the world in seventy-nine days he hand without further words we tore mad-ould applaud with both bands. Io baS ly through the dark streets and along the been made in seventy-two days, and M. water'fl edge. Fortunately we caught the Verne may now applaud, and two hands will not do it-he must use four. It was only sixty-eight days from the time I left American soil until I touched it again. During that time I was in many different climes, bnt only here-in God's own couu try-have I passed amid fruit and flowors, in valley and over mountain tops, amid snow and frost, all within tbe space of sixteen hours. In no country save Ameri 04 is the passage from orange grove to .made. Who says Nellie Ely's trip has been devoid of results. This is also somewhat better than the schedule speed of a Western Union messenger boy. Lord Salisbury is earning his salt. Another international complication is on foot requiring more diplomacy. France is on her ear about the Newfoundland fisheries. But we advise France not to get excited. She should sit down a while before acting, or, like John Bull, go to bed and reflect three days before raising a row. Albeady a lineal descendant of Christopher Columbus has taken the field. He is not a dime museum freak, but a genuine member of the Spanish Cabinet. At the approaching World's Fair-for it is still approaching-some of Washington's misfit body servants may find work in retail ing personal reminiscences of the lamented Christopher. A New York man has been sent to prison for failing to pay his wife 400 that he borrowed before their marriage. This seems to be a harsh and unnecessary proceeding when tho wife could have canceled the debt on the installment plan by [ boat, and my journey was resumed. entering the suez CAXAb. "On November 2~th we made our first stop at Port Said, the entrance to the Suez Canal, and wo all went ashore. The moat amusing things on shore are the burros, on which tho passengers are generally very anxious to ride. The men who own these animals call out their attractions much after this style: 'Do take a ride. Here's Mary Anderson; she's got two beautiful black eyes. Here's Gladstone, ho's got two beautiful black oyes.' If one objects . , . . . �,, to the name of the animal they have snow-crested mountains possible w tho 8impiy to say 60, aud it is quickly named sama space of time. after some other public personage. Tbe preferred deatii to failuke. Suez Canal looks like nothing else than a mammoutb ditch, tbe sand being dug out 'At many junctures since my departure and thrown on either side. It took us have I been compelled to face what looked twenty-four hours to pass through tho like failure. Did I ever give up hope of canal, tho boat only being allowed to , ,T , xr , travel at the rate of six miles an hour, be- success? Iso, not exactly. Never hav- cause a rapid rttt0 of Bpecd wa3bed down ng failed, I could not picture what failure the high banks. Tho next morning we meant, but I did tell the officers of the anchored in the bay facing Fort Ismalia, Oceanic-when success seemed very, very ^"SP?^0/ a p.alaco onoo,.oocu: rummaging her husband's inside pockets I weatner. hazy, owing to the unexpectedly stormy j pied by the Khedivo. As wo continued our voyage the heat became intense, the --------that I would rather go into New hot sun beating on tho sandbanks making in the misty morning light and quietly York successful and dead than alive and existeoco almost uuendurablo on tho boat, appropriating all the small change. behind time. I have already told t'.e storv ^*f}VG People rushed along the bauks -- , , . . . .. .. ,v . , calling after us backsbeech, which moans Ip there is any truth in tbe old adage of my trip across the Atlantic. We had a mODOy< The ouly green spot that wo saw Nellie Bly's ears certainly smarted yester- rough trip across-bad winds and rough while passing through hero were tho dif- day Her trip around the world was the seas. fercnt stations where signals are given to teading topic of conversation in this city, "M 2:30 on Friday morning, November ^S^oling? with "very" pX as it doubtless was in almost every oity, 22, we anchored off Southampton, but ,reon gardens surrounding them. We. town and hamlet in the civilized world yes- shortly tug which lauds pas- reaohed Suez and our trip through tho terday The fair globe girdler has captured sengers came alongside and we were taken famous canal was ended. Wo saw nothing tbe earth, and is entitled to the prond dis- to the pier. I was hurried from the cu, ^"^T^l^ a^mi^ tinction of "the fastest young lady in tbe torn house to where a dark train stood. A After detailing her experience at Aden WOrld." guard as they call them there, came along and Colombo, sbe continues and, with a key large enough for a polico- off for china. man's club, opened a door and I stepped ^ow for China. The Oriental, the boat into an English coacb. I must say that in which I traveled from this point to they leave much to be desired. First I Cu'lQ�. very commodious and the ofti stumbled over something, and then I was cers most agreeable Wo arrived at tho , i picturesque city of bingapore on tbe 18'.h bothered with the odor of ao oil lamp. 0f December, and, having a few hours to When I sat down I began to investigate spare there, visited the gardens, the rau tho obstacle which bad almost, put me into aeums, the temples and other points^of in-the oar headforemost. I found what look Sad Death-Death or a Former Citizen - Going to Alleutown-Sale or a Valuable Farm-Board : and (Jresent Commadery, Knights of the , . .: , " . , , -,, j , , his wife who were waiting lor meat tho Golden Eagle, will attend the meeting of _ � & ' , . 411 , . station in company with the World s Pans tbe Grand Commandery at Allentown in F _f . . . , i_ t e . correspondent. M. and Mme. Verne were April, in a body. They will go about forty ,.�.... * . ,. LjrriTi very cordial in their greetings, and were strong, accompanied by aband. The Lock * . . * b terest. During tbo voyage from Siuga , . , , . , . . . . , r P�ve t0 Hong Kong wo had tho Monsoon ed to be a long p.ece of iron, but which I agaJDRt UBf gab th(f Oriental, which was learned waa a foot warmer. They think making its first trip to China, and trying this is comfortable traveling in Englaud. *� make � record, fought it bravely, aud the situation. "Here is a shoe shop. One of the men is always busy during the day. In the eveuing he goes courting tjome nice girl. There are ffvo other meu that don't do any sueh thing. They spend half their working evening in dissipation. Tbe first joung man, by and by, cuts out those oth-GTk and gets a boot and shoe store of hfs owu. Then he marries and is able to take Ul� wife out riding. Tho five former companions, who set? him indul ging in this luxury, retire to a saloon and pass resolutions that there is an eternal stru gglo between labor and capital." very anxious that we Bhould go into the house and remain thore during our stay iu Amiens. It took but a few minutes to drive, there. As Mme. Verne spoko no English, aud I spoke no French, our conversation was limited to smilos and cordial pressures of tbe baud, which I considered extremely kind and friendly." A most delightful time was bad with the Vernes, who were extremely kind to tho little American aud much interested in her trip. "We traveled," sho said, to "Calais on tbe club train, which I believe 1h considered tho finest in Europe. It in modeled Missionary Society Meetine- after our vestibule trains, but is so small Tber� will be a meeting of the ifoung tbat it impresses me as having bocu built "Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of as a plaything, instead of for daily use. Trinity church this evening at 7:30 Wo had our dinner, French stylo, in a din- �o'clock. ing-car and our coffee iu the palace car i Haven Commandery members will make a strong effort to have this city named as the next place or meeting. Tbe people of this city would be glad to have tbe annual meeting in 1891 held here and will assure tbe Knights a hearty welcome and excel-1 lent accomodations if they decido to come here. Look Haven is one of the prettiest towns on the west branch and is centrally located, easy of access by rail from all di- j rections and tbo local Kuights will spare j no efforts to make tho visit of tho Golden Eagle's pleasant while here, should they .decide to come. reached Hong Kong two days ahead of my itinerary-December 23d. Here was another five days' wait before 1 could leave for- Yokohama, Japan. I visited Canton, where I ato lunch in tho Temple of tbe Dead, whero thore are hundreds of bodies, soma of which have been lying inciakets forsevsuty five years. While oating my dinner, in company two gentlemen and a Chinese guide, the priests were chanting prayers iu a room opposite for tho repose of tho recently departed. I visitod tho leper city, saw the shops, tho ivory carvers and many other th'.ngs of interest. On tho execution ground eleven pnoplo had been beheaded tl'O day before. I returned to Houg Kong after nightfall, because tuero is no accommodation in Canton for the English people. UELF.HllATINO NEW YEAIt's EVE. "On Deeombor 28 I started for Yokohama on tbo Oriental and Occidental stcam-Hhip Oceanic. New Year's evo was celebrated on tbe boat. A quiet littlo crowd of Anglo-Ainui icans set up and welcomed tho new year, these who could and those who could not trying to sing *Auld Lang Syne.' Wo had a stormy trip across to Yokohama, bad wiuda and rough seas, aud reached that interesting Japanese town ou the morning of January 3. Thore was a delay hero, and I went to Tokio, where tbo Mikado lives. Saw tbe famous Slieba Temple and everything of interont. I also visited Kama Kura, where tbe great god Diabutmi lives. Tbe most interesting tilings to me in Yokohama wore the dano ing grls. 1 bcc.iinu so infatuated with their beauty and performance tbat I spenS i all my evenings there, enjoying and admir iug their graceful dancing. Tho Cousnl : Oeneral's son being absent, his mother j (Mrs, Great house.) called upon mo at the | hoUil. I also met Mrs ijeidmore, who is i there with hci son, tho Assistant Consul. I MisH Uly traveled '2-t,WJ miles iu her trip armmu tho world, uud the uuolUcial time is 72 dayn, ti boms and 11 miuuteH. The time consumed in hor trip from San Francisco was -i days, U hours aud DO minutes, being tbe fastest time ever made across tho continent. Miss Lizzio Floras diod Friday, 24th inst., at Flemiugtun, aged 51 years. Hor remains will bo interred in Dunnstown cemetery Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs, Kly, wife of Councilman William Ely, died this morning, after a brief illness of pneumouia. Funeral Wednesday afternoon, the hour to be annouced tomorrow. Laid to Rest. Mr. Jonathan Bennison died at his residence at Abdera, Thursday evening at 7 o'clock, Jan. Kith, aged SG years, Tho remains were laid to rest Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock in Cedar Hill Cemetery. Tbe services at the house were conducted by Rev. S. W. Pomeroy, of Mill Hall. The pall bearers of tbo deceased were his grandsons, viz: J. Had Allison, Will J. Shaffer, Dudley B. Allison, P. Mac Bennison, John D. Allison, Robert Bennison. Mr. Bennison was born iu Dunganncn, Ireland, Dec. 25th, 1803. Ho came to thiB country when 14 years of age. Was engaged in the wool business in Bellefonte aud Mill Hall for a number of years. In 1859 he retired to his farm in Nittauy Valley wbore he resided until his death. After life's fitful (ever hu sleeps well. Light lie the turf on his beloved form. Onr Bod i en to be Dried and Put A way in VatilU With Glass Front8. New Yorfe Sun. A new disposition of the dead as proposed mjy be called the "latest thiug in life." Ground for a "new mausoleum" is to be broken, it is said, iu the spring. Tho idea underlying the new mausoleum is based on the fact that a current of dry air will preservo a body from decomposition and change it iuto a condition resembling life, in which it will remain fur an indefinite time. This process is appliod by nature to the unfortunate traveler and his beast who succumb upou the great deserts. In the Smithsonian Institute are many bodies thus desiccated by nature which have been brought from the battli fields of Mexico and Peru, from southern plains and Indian districts of the far west. The ancient Colchians and Tartars sus pended their dead frum branches of trees to be dried by air aud sun. The Peru vians first dried their deceased frieuds and then buried them iu a sitting posture. Savages of South Australia place tbe dead body on the top of tho hut till perfectly dried, when it is bandaged and bidden among the branches of tbe trees. The body retains its form in tbe process, ani tho skin, though it becomes bard and dry like leather, remains white, while tbe face, though more or less emaciated, remains life-like and recognizable. Modern science and skill are to be applied to tbe original preservative power of the atmos phere. Experiments have recently bee: made by specialists, Srst on animals and later on human bodies. In the course of one recent experiment conducted by sanitary engineer in Washington, in nine weeks a pig was reduced in weight from �2 to 7$ pounds, and remained just as plump and round as in life. In a laboratory in this city tho body of a man weigh i ng 104 pounds was subjected to tbe process iu 1888 and the effect was marvelous. The arrangement for the interment of desiccated bodies in the new mausoleum will be similar to that of the drawers in safety doposit vaults, while the interior plan of the building will resemble that of a well appointed public library, with main corridor and diverging halls leading to different Kections. These drawers or sepul chres will bo of solid concrete four inches thick, without joint or seam, of certain sizes, and arranged iu tiers, of six on either side of tbo hallway. Tbo opening into each sepulchre wil! bo provided with two doors, the inner one of glass hermetically sealed as soon as occupied, through which tho body may be viewed by those holding the keys; the outside of iron, wrought gold, silver or brouzs, decorated and adorned according to the ability and taste of relatives. DITTMAN'S BODY FOUND His Decomposed Remains Discovered Floating in the Schuylkill River. CHAT III' THK WAY. THE FATE OF THE BANKER KNOWS The Body of the Long- Mtuing Man Cornea to the Surface Veaterday and ia Fully Identified From Artlclea Found in the Pocket a of the Clothing-Cause ol Hla Death Uuknowo. Items of Local and General Intar^at Gathered by Our Reporters. I sirp no longer In thy praise Ah I was wout In former days. My heart was like a sweet toned lut*. But now that heart of mme Is mute. For when you had me on a string You touched the cord to make me slag. But when perchancealute'sstring breaks No more In dulcet tones It speaks. And bo with me, confess I must. The string you had me ou-Is bust. The great sensational Yankee drama, "Reuben Glue," will be given at theOpera House, Friday evening, January 31st. The Philadelphia Jtem says: The play it dramatization from Mr. H. Thomas'stories "Tbe Bushrangers, or Gold Hunters in Australia." It is exceedingly interesting aud full of thrilling situations. The plot is laid in Australia, during tbe gold excite-muut in 1S50. The company is an unuBu ally strong one for such a play, and all the characters arc personated in excellent style. Johnny Pnndle, as "Reuben Glue: was especially strong. Testing it Fire Alarm. Saturday afternoon the Gumewoll sys tem of Fire Alarm Telegraph was given a thorough test in WiUiamsport. The test was very satisfactory. In one minute and thiity seconds from the time the alarm wai given a steam fire engine was at the point where a fire was supposed to he burniug having hitchid up the horses and made the run in that time. Tbe boxes are to remain up a mouth for trial. To riirclnist; a Bntiiier. A grand drawing and distribution of valuablo prizes for the benefit of Cresceut Commandery, K. G. E., will take placo in thin city March 20th. Tickets are 10 cents each, aud tho proceeds will be used iu purchabing n haudtome silk banner. The prizes includo a cold watch, bed room set, decorated lamp, eto. Board or Trade Meetius. Members of tho Board of Trade should bear in mind the regular meeting of the Board to night at 7:30 o'clouk. Tho election of oflloera and other important business is to be transacted, aud a full attendance is requested. Sale of a Valuable Farm. The Nelson Duvling farm near Beech Creek has been sold to George T. Fursr, of Beech Cvoek borongh. The farm contains 179 acro-i aud is ouo of tho best iu Bald Eaglo Valley. pkhsonal They bad been engaged to bo married fifteen years, and still be bad not mustered Philadelphia, Jan. 2C.-TUo mystefy �P ^solution enough to ask ber to name tt .. , � , tbe happy day. One evening be called m surrounding the disappearance of Banker a particularly spoony frame of mind,' and Joseph G. Dittman, who was last seen asked ber to sing something that would alive on December 11th last, was cleared "move" him. Sbe sat down at the piano up to day by tbe finding of bis decomposed aDd 8aD�� "darling, I am growing old,"-and swollen body floating on the Sohuyl- kilt river. The discovery was made by .J f�7> "JT* if ">at *^�JJ�t swal-, , , n lowed Jonah had as big a month as this three employes of the Philadelphia Gas 0ne; why didn't Jonab walk out af one Works. The body was first seen under comer?" asked a youngster at the whale the bridge of tbe Pennsylvania railroad exhibition. "You must think Jonab was company, which crosses the river at Fil- a fT1* 56,dJ?tti!1 l? wal-k , F " , , L . , drowned," was tbe quick response of a bert street, and it bad apparently just younger brother, before tbe mother could risen to the Biiriace. ------ The body was soon made fast to the wharf, and when tho police tug arrived it 1890 starts in very prosperous to the was taken on board and a search of the druggists and physicians, clothing made which settled beyond all A weather ^ ^ ^ - ^ doubt tbe question of identity. Tbedia- tioDal janoary tbaw will come in Pebru- Aecording to this, we needn't look man when alive were found, the watch I ^ tfao 22nd of February until about tbe having stopped at 11:46. A small amount | middIe of March* She's as beautiful as an angel, And as amiable as Bbe 1b fair; For she always takes off her high-crowned hat When she sits in an orchestra chair. of money was found in the pookets, and in a wallet in an inside pocket of the coat, besides some papers, was a card requesting tbe finder in case of accidental death to notify James Pitcher, Secretary of tbe Mutual Accident Association, New York. The card indicated tbat deceased was insured in that- association for $5,000. The body was, by direction of tbe family taken to an undertaker, as soon as tbe autopsy is held the funeral services will take place. When found there were no marks of violence on tbe body, and whether it is a case of accident or suicide will probably never be known. The Springfield Republican says that a strong infusion of boneset taken coloWour times a day, half an hour before meals and just before retiring, has routed "the grip" and left tbe system clear and invigorated. A little girl wanted to say that she bad a fan, but had forgotten the name, so she described it as "a thing to brush the wa'm off you with." Leas than a month until tbe next legal Holiday-Washington's birthday. Thanks to tbe patrons who will call and square their accounts. Now is the time for merchants and others to stock up ou printed stationery. Euvelojws, letter headB, bill heads, state-ments, anything, everything printed neatly and cheaply at this office. List of Letters. Remaining uncalled for letters in the Lock Haven post office for tbe week end-ng January 25th, 1890 A. B. Bachop, James Barnhart, Mrs. J. C. Budd, Peter Cunel, I. J. Craven, Miss Fancy CroweB, Miss Ida Ferguson, Mrs. Annie Dennis, Jacob Grand, A-L. Harvey, A young lady of Tyrone was heard to Miss Jennie Brown, Robt. Litton, Lnoy remark the other evening that her appe-Love, Miss Rose Mingle, William Molt son, tite was so strong that she would feel her-Miss Clara Nix ton, Emil Olsen, Robert H. 8elt able at any time to eat three gallons Probst, C. �. Philips, Miss Carrie Smith, of raw oysters and a half dozen of ham Miss Hannah Soyder (2), Miss Sadie Trex- sandwiches. The grippe bad better keep ler, Ed. A. White. out of tbat young lady's reach or it will be Persons should invariably bate their a gone sucker sure, mail addressed to their street and number, thereby assuring prompt and correct delivery by the carriers. Matter not so addressed is often detained on that account. R. S. Barker, P. M. -���.--. A Fine Crop of Tobacco. Tbe drummer grabs bis grip In winter and In summer, But now the tblng ban changed, The grip has grabbed the drommer. Id tho way of social teas the kettle is kept babbling and singing constantly Thomas Bartholomew, _ of Woodward | Jl^^n^^'"^ Columbus gumdrops are out already at one of our forehanded confectioneries. towns'iip, has just finished stripping and casing bis 1889 crop of tobacco grown on four acres of ground. Ho has 6,610 pounds of wrappers, 1225 pounds of filters A little boy says the snow birds m^ke and binders, a total of 7,835 pounds. The the snow, and since he has seen nono this crop is of the Havana*seed variety, aud is w*p,ter ^r blame for none of the "beauti -probably the best yield iu the oounty, pro-"ucing an average yield to the acre of 19oS| pounds. I ful" is at last located, Cindirella was a slippery maiden. Door fastenings have nobby deeorationa. A lucky citizen of Hollidaysburg won So.OOO in tbe lottery this month. The Great Nellie BIy. Nellie Bly's wonderful story in the Family Story Paper is the talk of tbe day. towns whore there are Ho newsdealers I wpniY, ft f .  , *rom the fruit preserver wo get our is literary journal will bo sent to any ad- [jams, and from the distiller ( " rcss for four months for oue dollar, con- taining Nelly Bly'.s great story. Address Monro's Publishing House, 24 and 26 Vandewater Street, New York, N. Y. The Till Family Concert. Attending h Funernl. A number of persons from this city are attending the funeral to-day of tho late J. F. Montgomery at Howard. .Mr. Montgomery was quite well known in this city, and had nomenniH rel-iMvos living in tho city. I. O. <J. T. Meeting. Regular mooting of the I. U. G. T. will bo hold this evening in their romn at 7:'J0 o'clock. All members are requested to be presaut as this is tho night for tho clcctiou of officers. II. W. Suafsteii, Soc'y. KNCIIJNOS. James A. Weusel spent Sunday with frieuds at Beech Creek. Charles McGhce, of Williamsport, is circulating among his Lock Haven frieuds to-day. Judge Mayer went to Uidgway this morning accompanied by Court Reporter llagermau. William Peck has recovered from his long illness aud was enjoying a carriage ride Saturday aftoruoou. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Brown wore called to Williamsport io-day by tho death ot Mrs. James W. H. Brown. Kuoch Hastings, of Beeeh Crook, re ccived bis commission Saturday evening as postmaster at that placo. James E. Drorbaugh who was formerly connected with T. C. Hilton & Co's drug store this city, is visiting his Lock Haven friends. Supervisor A. G. Brown has been quite ill for some time with iutlueuza but his many friends will be glad to learn fiat ho is recovering. Kditor Griei' of tho Jersey Shore Vidette spent Saturday night and part of Sunday in this city, it being hi.s first visit hero since tho Hoi'day after the Juno flood. j MissLovuhmd, who recently left this city , in a missionary to Japan, was a passenger j ^____ on the same steamer with Miss Bialand ! The Lust iirlck LaW. who was starting on her journey around ! Contractor L. U. Paup laid the last the world. Sho found tho globe trotter to brfok on the uew Normal School building be a very refined and highly cultured lady ; on Saturday afternoon. The magnificent aud an agreeable companion on tho ocean j structure is gradually nearing completion, i voyage. 1 and presents a handsome appearance. r our jim jams. Strawborri s have appeared unusually j early this year, but the crop of strawberry festivals shows no sign of bloomiug while tbo dainties are sold at 50 cents per box. At the postoffice window all sadness she stood- ... , That sweet face-ah, who could forget her? Wednesday night the talented Till familv 1 wWn that Qogallagber might be my name,"  ii , , : ., ^ _ J Said she, "Then I'd sure get a letter." �11 again appear at the Opera House, _ der tho auspices of the Good Templars. Freight traffic, says tbe Tyrone Herald, Their program includes a variety of musi- 18 at the Preseut tim� tbree times as heavy eal novelties which no other company knowuS'Sa^T*1 !S roJ* as was ever ...... * J known in its history. The large increase have. As this is their farewell tour io is to a great extent due to the striSe in the raerica the people of this city are not Punxsutawney region which has diverted likely to havo another opportunity of hearing them. Kntertatnment for the Children. Tho Till Family Concert Company will givo a free entertainment for tbe children in the Opera House on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, for the purpose of having them sing into the phonograph, which will thcu besting to the audience in the evening by the phoungrap'i. Admission for evening 20, !K) and 40 cents. Death of a Former Cltizeu. A telegram received by S. A. Newcomer from Wahpoton, North Dakota, announces tho death ol C. K. Faruswortb, at that place on Saturday morning, January 24tb, of pneumonia. Deceased was asou-iu-law of J. C. Fux, of Bald Eagle towuship, and resided in Lock Haveu in 18G8 aud 1869. the orders to the Clearfield region. The coal business over the Beoch Creek railroad in the Clearfield district was very fair during 1889, although not so good as the previous year. The shipmeuts up to the cloee of the year show tbat 1,556,930 tons of coal passed over tho road, a falling off in total in favor of last year of 13T,565 tons. "Our next issue," wrote the editor of a contemporary, "will be exceedingly interesting, as it will contain the names of all our delinquent subscribers," But when the time came to send out tbe next issue it was discovered that there were no delinquent subscribers-they had all paid up! Such is tbe power of tbe press. She (reading the theatrical notes)- "Lillian Russell wears stockings higher than any other woman and most girls would like to know where they oorce from." He-''And the fellows would like to know whero they go to." A sigh and a -wiieeze, A couffh and a sneeze- An, these are the sounds mat are borne ou the breeze. The aoootdtoa skirt has gone out of style. It was too load.

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