Wednesday, December 21, 1960

Indiana Evening Gazette

Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Indiana Evening Gazette on Wednesday, December 21, 1960

Indiana Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - December 21, 1960, Indiana, Pennsylvania wto liftyiitoi best cotti maud of the English language are those who their mouths shut iii Covaff THtt rnnn 1 Twentyeight Rages Pennsylvania Wednesday December I960 EDITION Two Sections Pick Defense Aide Selects Gilpatric By M L ARROWSMITH PALM B3ACH Fla AP WeliKnown Scheid Slated AtC Of C Fete Aia George Scheid advertising manager of the Tarentum Presidentelect John Daily News and wellknown afterdinner speaker Kennedy today picked Roshas been scheduled for a repeat performance at the annual well Gilpatric who was dinnermeeting of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce undersecretary of the Air Scheid widelyknown and acclaimed as a humorous Force in the Truman adminspeaker with a serious message will be one of the main islration to be deputy secrespeakers at the chambers annual fete at Rustic Lodge on1 tafy of defense January 17 His address at last years meet ing was widely applauded by both male and female guests Tickets for the dinner meeting are being delivered to members oi record by William Hoey as a con venience and to make certain none is overlooked Personal delivery ol tickets is made necessary because time is of the essence Members are asked therefore to help speed up the sale by doing STcoT to join ad Mr Hoey on the firs tafy of defense Kennedy announced selection as ho started daylong conferences on of the new administra vtions budget a back ground of concern over the busi ness slump also bother ing the outgoing Eisenhower re gime Gilpatric a New York lawyer will be No 2 manat the Penta gon under Secretary of Defense Robert S is re signing as president of the Ford Motor Co to ioin the Kennedy ad Gilpatric was undersecretary ol the Air Force in In 195657 he took part in a study of the defense establishment financed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund In 1958 he was named bySen Henry M Jarkson to the ad visory panel of the joint congres sional subcommittee on military atomic energy Gilpatric also is a member of A two study committees which have prepared Defense Department na tional He won a Phi Beta Kappa key for scholarship at Yale He was graduated from the law school there in 1931 after serving as ed itor of the Yale Law Journal Gilpatric has been a member of the New York law firm of Cravath Swaine Moore since with the exception of the peri od he served at the Pentagon He also is chairman of the board of trustees of the Aero space founded this year at the request of Secretary of De fense Thomas S Gates Jr as a nonprofit organization to assist the Air Force in space and missile Although a Democrat Gilpatric crossed party lines to support Re 4 Col 1 Cinders Case Appeals Set appeal will be taken to the State Supreme Court from the corivjptioq of three nen on charges of cinders frauds Westmoreland County their at torneys said Tuesday The State Superior Court last week upheld the convictions in Dauphin County Court of Frank J petrosky Greensburg cinders dealer and Roland J Sell and Charles E Fait former assistant highways superintendents in West moreland County GEORGE SCHEID chamber dinner speaker School Pal To Get JFK SenateSeat t BOSTON AP Benjamin A Smith II 43 a former Harvard roommate of Presidentelect John Kennedy has been tapped to ill Kennedys Massachusetts Sen ate seat for the two years until he next election Kennedys term runs to 1964 A senator will be elected to fill the rest of the term in the 1962 elec tion they would ask the Supreme Smith a former mayor of Glou cester and now a manufacturer n the seaporj city was notified of the appointment Tuesday night by Kennedy himself Democratic Gov Foster Furco o had announced he would name Smith to the Senate at the sugges ion of Kennedy Furcolo said it was his under tanding Smith would not seek election to the Senate in 1962 Smith refused to speculate on his wlitical plans for two years lence Smith said the first word he lad received of the appointment was a direct telephone call from Kennedy from his winter head quarters in Palm Beach Fla Smith said Kennedy will resign See SchoolPage 4 Col 7 Skating Tonight Ice skating is scheduled this visit The meeting is open to every body Guests of members are cor dially welcome to benefit by the addresses as well as to be pleas antly entertained If members or others who want to attend are not provided with tickets through the canvass of the membership by Mr may buy or order tickets at the chamber office in the Indiana The atre Building Everything is being dpne to keep the affiar moving pro gram willJnpE hours The Rustic Lodge dininghall will accomodate about 500 comfortably There is plenty of parking room for cars The evening of January 17 Is destined to be another big occasion for the Chamber membership and friends Huge Tanker Breaks In Two Off Hatteras NEW YORK AP A large American tanker broke in two to day in violent seas off Cape Hat teras The Coast Guard reported some of its men in the water and others clinging to the drifting stern sec tion The Coast Guard said the strick en craft was the Pine owned by the Keystone Shipping Co Its home port is Wilmington Del The Coast Guard said the ship arried a crew of 37 However New York agents put the number at 39 including the skipper First word of the tankers trou le came from another tanker a Norwegian vessel named Artemis which radioed it was in the same area and watching the ship breaking In two in violent seas 90 miles east of Cape Hatteras The Artemis could not ascertain SavenCenh Crews Ord Shankle 1105 Oak is shown shoveling his walk this morning following last nights sixinch snowfall Oaxetta Photo by Fresh Snowstorm Ushers In Winter vania Up To 7 Inlhes Weather stole a nrarcfr on win unrolling a new carpet of tsnpW up to 10 inches thick across Pennsylvania pegged to begin of ficiajly at EST The layer of new sec ond major accumulation statewide in 10 all Hutthe extreme southeastern corner of the state Philadelphia reported a treacherous freezing rain then warm rain that removed the glaze On the brighter side prospects were for a white Christmas Temp aeratures were expected to range below normal for the remainder of the week The new snow caused traffic de lays in most areas but most had been overcotne by midday h e Pennsylvania Turnpike iissfpn imposed a 35 mile ioiir speed limit on the Super but removed a ban on all but emergency travel Allfour lanes of the highway were open no traffic delays were reported and cindering and plowing crews were at work In the mountainous sections otf central and western Pennsylvania increasing winds created a hazard from drifting snow but no inci dents were reported before noon In the warmer areas the snow turned to freezing rain which minimised the threat of drifts Six inches fell Pittsburgh PbJlipsburg BlairsviDe Brook ville and Somerset The biggest fresh reported was atsKane en inches fell f Betweenthree and four inches of snow covered the central area In Harrisburg the Capital wqrk force was cut about a third as the roads became near impassable for normal business Scranton reported 4 Inches of snow on the groundwith freezing rain and more snow expected Six inches of snow were reported i in Susquehanna Pike and Wayne counties Subfreezing temperatures pre v Road crews throughout the night salthigand the ether Pennsyl a nYfr Turnpike Commission issued b bulletin urging mcnorists to stay off the superhighway unless an emergency arises Tlie Philadelphia area which feared heavy accumulations from the Jow pressure system and a secondary system over the Chesa peake Bay generally g6t only a race of snow which turned to freezing rain after midnight But a short time later rising tempera tures turned the freezing rain in to a warm precipitation Said Taken In BanlcTheft YOUNGSTOWN Ohio The Plaze Branch of he Mahoning National Bank has Ixed the amount taken in a rob bery there early Monday at 341 Remarks Airline Pilots Rap Quesada WASHINGTON Airline Pilots Association today accused the Federal Aviation Administrator of irres as the of men who waited in the home of a bank teller Sunday night When ic and his family returned from a trip to Cleveland they forced lim to give them the bank keys and the combination of the night depository Workers Refused To Cut Deck NEW YORK city fire public office for his Public stalementsi collision over York City chief said today civilian workers refused for more than an hour during the Constellation fire to cut holes in the deck so water could be poured on the flames Battalion Chief F R Quesada administrator of the Federal Aviation Agency was criticized in a statement issued by Clarence N Sayen president of ALPA a pilots union Sayen said Quesadas state1 ments Monday after the adminisjSonrl jtrator briefed President Eisenhow1 jpository jtrator briefed President Eisenhow Still held in Mahoning Jail were er on the tragedy were irregular I n T LI 16 iran man im I I I I I hree men picked up shortly after he theft which occurred about Court to review the evidence and evening at the rink at Mack Com the question of jurisdiction munity Center xuvwituiM nc uieu WHICH uccurreu aocui he name of the vessel in trouble 2 a m Monday FBI agents said In Washington Coast were satisfied these three headquarters said the identity of were not the hoodedtrio who ap rha chin IT wi v mt tiuuiuCU tilU WllU OP the ship could not be determined peared with shotguns at the home immediately By American Association For Advancement of of teller Robert McCaulay 43 ISC Receives Grant To Carry On PreService Teacher Research Job and Quesada said the United Air SAN FRANCISCO Lines jet which was involvedjborn at St Marys Hospital from was 1J miles off course at theChristmas evttn until Jan 1 will fire started aboard the huge airo action craft carrier Quevedo wearing his Navy uni form rushed out to the carrier and went to work with other fire man There were probably 50 to JO firemen up there using what we Indiana State College has receiv ed a grant of from the Am erican Association for the Ad vancement of Science to carry on research project which is de signed to give preservice teachers science an opportunity to deal Pith research Given for the year 196061 through the American Association for the Advancement of Science committee on science research projects involving pre service teachers the grant is being used or project calling upon the services of tea students five for each of the two semesters of the 196041 academic year Dr Walter Gallati of the Indiana tatt College department f as the faculty was responsible for outling the project to the American Associa tion for the Advancement of Sci Drto have some experience in reGarvelli ence J1AMI1 oilllil search activities and projects Marys Robert W Lennox a senUon to enSa8e specula One of the ways of dealing from Boswell Mary n tne end of inquiry the problem of providing teachersa senior from PittsburghJohn R Js t0 mislead V16 public and in with research experiences the Wagner a senior from dict inocent time of the collision The jet and a Transworld Air lines Constellation smashed to gether over Staten Island last Friday The accident claimed 135 lives The union president added Certain tentative facts have emerged but have not been veri fied in relation to other facts and the overall problem To issue i statements at this time which even infer that certain events led to this accident is sheer specula Sayen said that for an agency Saint involved an accident investiga f inn f n Pncjnua in nHAn 1 be sent home in Christmas stock ings Women of Si Marys Auxiliary are making the oversize stock ings trimming them with ribbons and bells CoralGraceton Fire Co party Give AAA lor Xmas lieutenant comman serve was doing researph in the library of the Brooklyn Navy Yard when the r Retain Dist 50 At McCrearys nc Employes at McCreary Tire t call hose nozzles that Rubber Co yesterday elected to shower water in all directions could find but they werent very What was needed he said was to cut holes in the deck and drop the distributors below He said civilian workers how There was no need to look at the calendar today to de termine if Old Man Winter had arrived And there Is little reason now to doubt the accuracy of the weathermans For 24 hours proceeding the snow that lias caused In diana County area residents to dig out this morning the weatherman was predicting up to six inches Last night this entire district received the predicted six inches Because of the adequate warn ing road crews were on the job and have reportedly done a re markable job in keeping county roads open County motorists took precau tions onthe highway as indicated by the fact that no major auto col lisions were reported during the period of the heaviest snow School officials said this morning that many buses were behind schedule and attendance was somewhat af fee ted however schools were In operation in spite of the overnight snowfall Residents living along state high ways were confronted with moun tains of snow deposited byhigh way trucks and graders thafpush ed the snow from the roadways to the side blocking other entrances to the roads Little drifting is reported appaiw ently because of the moistness of the overnight snowfall ForDfvoircfc Sgt Jamas H Hatfield today be ran a telephone protest against he courts of Berks County n an effort to speed up his di vorce action Every hour on the hpur begin ning at 10 Hatfield began calling the governor of Pennsyl vania Every on the hour he phones of senators and con gressmen in other parts of the nation will ring with the help of his friends Hatfield who Is stationed at Donaldson Air Force Base Hos pital here has announced this pro est against the courts which he claims have delayed divorce pro ceedings In the case of Hatfield vs Hatfield since March 1958 The courts have met on the natter several he said but they refuse to reach a de cision My wife and I have been estranged for four years and I not seen her during that except in the law The courts have suggested that since he is stationed in South Ca rolina he might not be entitled etain District 50 of the United he said They were being put Mine Workers as their bargaining through any deck opening they agent In an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board the employes favored District 50 over the United Rubber Workers Tally in the election was 135 for District 50 and 68 for the URW Lee Hoover representative of The Indiana project is entitled A Parasite Survey of Western Pennsylvania The purpose of the project Dr Gallati explains is in the area of basic research and is not aimed to have i any definite commercial or medi cal benefit The purpose is to add to knowledge in general The AAAS Dr Gallati explained has over the years been increas ingly concerned with giviag high project school teachers of science an opGaJlati pprtunity to deal with research and Thesis with research experiences a senior from Coalport Association for the Advancement of ami Donald Poling 3 junior Science Umtecl Air Science has found is to grant se lected colleges modest funds for the punTose of out ad Seward Next semester A Patterson president of SHOPPING 1 Air Lines also took Que sada to task in a statement Tues other advancdav in always considered it ft Mne5Kr Indiana five top notch Indiana State College of the fs in the ad ever had refused for more than ut lllx an hour to do this citing Navy District 50 in this area said today regulations about cutting into a negotiations with the company will strength member of the ship soon get underway for a new con Since he was in his Navy unitract form Quevedo ordered the holes The present contract expires cut and the men obeyed him Jan 15 1961 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Indiana Search project this year Research SHOP FOR GIFTS IN OUR AD PAGES Inside The Gazette LAST MINUTE Last minute shoppers will want to read Hal Boyle on page BASKETBALL Read the roundup of last nights scholastic basketball ou page 22 Other n mvolved to working on the Indiana research is the W8y scfeilce makes Ivolvement in the matter behind ministrators the Dr Dr A good science ol public Eagles Party every Thursday Royal Remington ruujiv umtc ana n is noped payment S I the practice will be immediStamps Jewelry 7 ately J Give AAA fcr Xmas typewriters Green 112xR lllx Hi 89 10 WEATHER FOBKC4ST Colder tonight Low 5 to 10 Thursday partly cloudy aad coldtr wub snuw flumes ia Uje northern pgrtiow ol