Wednesday, February 8, 1933

Gettysburg Times

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gettysburg Times on Wednesday, February 8, 1933

Gettysburg Times (Newspaper) - February 8, 1933, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania GOOD EVENING My-idea, of facing the fact is a. bar- ber shaving- him- self with, a safety razor. "WEATHEK Colder. Member of The Associated Press Truth, Our Public Good Our Aim Read By Nearly Everybody In Adams Couaty ESTABLISHED 1902 GETTYSBURG; PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 8, 1933. PRICE THREE CENTS ADD TO NUMBER OF CANDIDATES tOR POSTOFFICE Wilbur Stallsmith ;Seeks Burgess' Post I Native Of Gettysburg: Announces His Candidacy For Kepublican j Nomination. Gffliland And Trox- ell Are Out In Front. Wilbur J. Stallsmith, East iiiddle I j street, Gettysburg insurance agent, j j today announced his candidacv for j WllliamS, jtbe republican nomination for I PUNKHOUSER HAS ELIMINATED SELF Mr. Stalismith, a native of Get- tysburg, was graduated from Get- j tysburg high, school ua 1913, and i worked for the Adams county cold 1 storage company for a number of j years, before entering the insurance i business. This is the firs: time he has; {sought public oSice. Decision that Gettysburg's next I postmaster muse be a resident of the borough of Gettysburg has been S definitely reached by Congressman i Harry K Haines, who will make the appointment, and town and county democratic party leaders. Postmaster John H. Eckert, whose J j terra has expired and who is serv- jn Default Of Bail De- PLEADS GUiLTY AT TRIAL mg as a holdover pending decision of the democrats on his successor, is a resident of a Gettysburg rural route, residing along the Lincoln highway about a mile east of town. fendant Must Serve 40-day Jail Sentence. Entering pleas of guilty to j charges of drivmg while under the: Two Eliminated This decision eliminates from the contest Jorm c. Bream, residingr along the Fairfield road, and several coimcv Jail other less active candidates for the of a before Juscice o influence of liquor and reckless' driving, J. Albert "Wishard. of near! i Waynesboro. was committed to the Seriously 111 Physicians expressed grave doubts as to the recovery of James F. Pershingr, younger brother of Gen. John J. Perszi- tajr, who taken to a Xew Tcrk hospita! Dec. 20 after he suffered a stroke of paralysis- i Associated Press Photo) Occupants Unhurt In Motor Mishap Car Driven By Robert Eldon, Of Aspers; Skids Into Telephone Pole In BiglerriUe. New Center Mills-Aspers Road Cuts Detour For Upper End Folk; Car, Forced From j Road, Hits Stone Mt Tabor Road Now Being Graded, I No One Injored Bat S20 Damage I Results To ilachine Driven By H. AmTrk. Robert Scion, of Aspers. had his- Concrete Cannot Be Poured Until Spring On Biocked-off Si retch From Guernsey Road To Tyson's Corner: Dangerous Curve At Latter Place Being Eliminated. car badly damaged, Tuesday, i it skidded, at the turn near the home s fof Willis Lady in Bigierviile. Mrr- Scon, who was driving, applied the brakes in making the turn and car skidded to the side of the road j CO11- muddy detours f to the Eeidlersburg road, where it ran znto a telephone pole, j -cr termers and other redeems Biglerviile. which is Mr. and Mrs. Eldon and Mrs. in the -_pper end of the county. ir_'. the through tafSc detour between No one was injured but the car j driven by George H. Amlck, Fair- field roaii, was damaged to the ex- tent of v, hen it was forced from the highway in Fairfseld, Tuesday evening at 6.30 o'clock. The accident occurred when, j Amlck drove to the left of the road to av oid striking a car entering the j FRANKLIN JURY S GLADHILL Man Is Named Defendant In Action Follow- ing: Accident. m i. LAWRENCE IS PLAINTIFF :e tor repairs. The cf the driver of the i As the result of an automobile other car vies noc learned. the length of the detour which [travel provides i residents in. that section were for-; ready access the 'o maice it in trie sprint. This also cists down considerably; report :nai it is easy to es much mere _ ________ __ cotintv seat. i Charge Against Emmltsburg: merly required to make in order to The highway department i Youth Resulted From get to and from Gettysbiirg as a re- j workmen -vho :.raaec <tr.a placed Fatal Accident. operation of the! the gra-.ei surface or. the Center state highway department of re-I MiIIs-Abpers rcr.a, e been trans-: Habard T. Glachill, of Emmits- i with concrete that sec- j ferr-jd to v.-erk en that section of burg, Maryland, was acquitted Tues- con of macadam along rout? the secondary read sys- day in the Franklin county criininal j extending from the edge of the old I tern scheduled for similar intprove- court of a charge of involuntary (concrete near the point where the and running slightly -ess than charge that grew! country club-Guernsey road forks; tws miles from the enci of ths JU i Xew Mexico. Oklahoma had sub- Boys To Be "Pate; zero readings and snow, with one __________ men are dead and a third is the knees, .dying from the effects of drinking i poison, which, because of its pecu- JLfOCa.1 liarly sweet Savor, the rr.en was ueach brand-. Five of them' State Display I ples of for their institutions, the "L-- theran cenominatlon and the coir.nranity; both have, by their precepts, provided splendid exara- i Missouri Senator i Is Dinner Speaker I Democrats Of Adams. Tors Ancl t Franklin Counties At Assembly In York Hotel. drank all but a pint from a gallon! Works Of Mrs. Elsie Siagmaster j lasr Passing of the Old School Next Tuesday. Dr. Rob- D. A. Riiey. of Greenniount. subject, j leased Meadow Valley farm Ko. i man frozen to death. in Similar con- George H. Kuzamel, of Tork ead men are: Michael Czsu- ski and George Douglass. George Lincauk is in a hospital. Physicians ILewars Included In Xative Pennsylvania. ExMfait. the i president of the athletic council at said he will probably die. Among the original manuscripts of a. dozen of Pennsylvania's lead- a mile "and a half north of town. 1 ruined. on the Carlisle road, and announces Jea i T.- isuc above to zero. Aut i Ozarks. farm experts said the peach Gertvsburg collese, sooke on -'Bovs" Another man "ho drank some of 1 ing nrers and women wnters ob- This year, too. marks the tenth anniversary of the present own- ership and management of The Gettysburc the daily -news- paper property hsviajr been ac- quired from the "ST. Lsvere Hafer on ".farch 15. 1923. Since on Pace Three' Texas at the weekly meeting the Iso.iuG is missing. Police be- ranging from the Gettysburg Rotary club at the he may have wandered off en; Fortenbaugh. head "of the his-1 that it wiU be tenanted after April', 2ero- W. C. A, Monday evening. ?ory department will be the speak- I. bv John F. Cool, Gettysburg R. 3. Jce, snow ana screech- He urged the Rotarians to be also" of near Greenmount. The', caused i.nree deatns m -pals" to their boys and to other er. On Saturday afternoon at lease was consummated through P. j into the woods and died. The fifth I apparently was unaffected. One cf the men found the jug) by the state museum ana on exhibition in a prominent SPOrtSmen Honor Grad o'clock, a program of sport events W, Stallsmith real estate agency wiR be broadcast, sponsored by the j and representative here of the Joint linois. In northern Illinois the bliz- described as one of the boys, pointing out that the boy of among rubbish consigned to a city today is the citizen of tomorrow. dump. York-Gettysburg alumni club. A feature will be a quartet, singing an original song, "The March of tne Bullets." WEATHER REPORT Eastern Pennsylvania: Partly clondy and much colder tonight, with a cold wave. Probably snow flurries in north and west portions. Thursday partly clondy and cold- er. Stock Land bank York city. He also pleaded for the club's! corporation of! many years. One man who i support of the character-building j left his home in Chicago six days! organizations even in times of MARRIED IN" HANOVER S. S. OFFICERS TO MEET Officers and teachers of the Get- Gettysburg Presbyterian Sunday school will meet this evening after the regular mid-week prayer serv- ice tc perfect organization of the senior and young people's depart- ments, as well as a teacher training class. ago to roam the streets in quest of! employment suddenly went blind, shortly after the storm struck. P.-T. MEETING The Glenwood Parent-Teachers' association will be held Friday, Feb- ruary 10. Included in the entertain- ment for the evening will be music stress, asserting that such organ- iliss Annie Pascoe. daughter of i place in the museum lobby in risburg are these of Mrs. Elsie Singmaster Lewars. of Gettysburg. Other authors represented in the display are: Henry Van Dyke. Ov.en Wister. Ida TarbelL Lloyd Miffiin, Margaret Mark Sullivan, Christopher Morley, Katheriiie Mayo. Joseph Herge- Frederick Weidner. Of Cleargeid, Is Elected President Of Xew Hiast- in? Association, Democrats of Adams county 'attend the Jefferson-Jackson cin- 1 ner :n the Hffrei Yoritowre, Satur- day night. February II. Trill hear ar: address fay United States Sena- tor Bennett C. ClarS. of ..Iissouri. a son of a famous democrat of other 1 cays. Champ Clars. i Guests from "5Tork and Frsnklin counties also attend the ban- cuet. On the prcxrani the senator _triil ce Earry I.-. cf tr.e iin S "Louc'.is York, chairman 'of theccrnmitteemakrg: the ce It is exceeded that 4C-0 persons- J. attend the I Frederick P. "Weidner, a member POSTS cf the faculty af the Clearfield high BAH, AT GETTTSBtTKG _s__ k i u, w-ji_jji.i. Izations are neceted more at Maria Pascoe. McSherrys- Margarefc Dcland and times than during prosperous days, town, and Horace B. Iiegore. son of Mrs, Cora Legore, Hanover, were COUNTIAXS GET LICENSE cnarried by Justice of the Peace L. A marriage license was issued at i D. Sell at a civil ceremony con- the office of Clayton F. Palmer, clerk of the courts, Tuesday after- noon, to Bruce E. Witter and Fran- ces E. Harman, both of Hunters- by Mrs. R. Stoops and son, William. town. ducted in his office, Hanover. Mon- day evening at o'clock. The ceremony was witnessed by Mrs. Mary Folmer, 'Squire Sell's secre- tary. Helen B. Martin. The manuscripts will remain in the museum for an indefinite pe- riod as companion exhibits of original compositions by Pennsyl- vania musicians. Ravniond S. Eberly. Harrisburc, for whom a tench warrant was la- in court at. Getiysburg: Sat- rAvemi chimney Wo clcnu them for Call UoO-UB, I school and graduate of Gettysburg college, class of 1925. has been elected president of the Old Tcwr. j sportsmen's association, a new urcay, appeared before tiie clerk of hunting group, organized by sports- j the court in Gettysburg. Hoiiday men of Clearfield and Clearfield: afternoon, ar.d posted bail county. S for his appearance in court when Mr. Weidner is a son-in-law of' wanted. Eberly was convicted in Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mumper, South j January court in Adams county on Straiten street. 4 a charge of arson.___

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