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Gettysburg Times

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Gettysburg Times (Newspaper) - August 19, 1927, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania GOOD EVENING Strong laws are usually broken by weak people. [WEATHER Ifair Saturday. THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Member of The Associated Press Truth, Our Public Good Our Aim Read By Nearly Everybody In Adams County TWENTY-THIRD YEAR GETTYSBURG, FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 19th, 1927. PRICE THREE CENTS WHY YOUR i A Committee Approves Fine Program for Motorcaders With Huge Aerial Escort Battlefield Commission, Guides, Chamber Of Commerce, Civic Clubs, Hotelmen, Motor Patrol And Flying Service Will Cooperate To.Make Event Com- munity Affair. Gettysburg will .enter a car in the International Motorcade _ to Quebec _ provide for an 3erinV.escort_pf. tkree_hlpjan_es from the Gettysburg Flying Service, Inc., from some given point in Maryland to the Mason Dixon line and accompany the dis- tinguished visitors into town serve a buffet luncheon at noon present each member of the motorcade with a copy of the new battlefield booklet "Human Interest Stories of the Three Days' Battles at Gettysburg" and a copy of a special Motorcade edi- tion of The Gettysburg Tilths a guide will accompany each mo- torcade car over the 25.000 acre battlefield a band will furnish music and the school children will participate in the program of reception and entertainment, for the Motorcaders when they ar- rive in Gettysburg, September 9. These arrangements were adopted and approved by the Get- tysburg reception committee at a luncheon Thursday afternoon, followed by a meeting at the Hoffman hotel as guests cf H. C. Mitinger. The program was outlined from a draft submitted by Henry M. Scharf. A budget was fixed at to meet ex- penses incident to the reception and a committee, headed by Roy P. Funkhouser, president of the Gettysburg Chamber of Com- merce, was appointed to secure the necessary amount of money. I. L. Taylor of the Gettysburg national bank and E. W. Thomas of the First National bank are the other two members of the committee. AUXILIARY URGES HOSPITAL SUNDAY HERE ONJEPT, 11 Appeal To Ministers To Assist In Raising Funds For Lo- cal Institu- tion. The announcement of the aerial es- cort of threj biplanes was made by Henry Berliner, of the Gettysburg Flying Servce, Inc., and wa-> accept- _ed_ the. cn-mTviitrpf ng onp of distinctive features of the reception. This is the only Mopoing-point of the motorcaders at which such a feature has been announced and Gettysburg is expected io set a precedent foi en- tertainment hospitality through the j many varied features of the program. It was the consensus of opinion of) at the' Boys and Girls Divided in Money Awards For Poland China Exhibits. Announcement of the winners of cention should be made a community jfair> which Thursday evening affair and that the motorcaders should i after two days in the E. C. Shriver bf impressed with the fact that all (grove, was made today. of Gettysburg was extending the wel- j Forty dollars in prize money, of- rome and providing for tho entertain- jfered by feed, fertilizer and coal deal- merU. -This was declared to be selling to the Barlow co-operative scntial, because of the wide territory association, was awarded to eight boys from which the motorcade personnel and girls who showed Poland China -was drawn and because it has 'gilts at the fair. The stock was (icon found to be a popular plan 'judged by Edwin C. Rice, Arendtsville, throughout the South on just such oc- j who also judged other livestock and casions. poultry. Will Briny Results George Schriver and Mary Snyder The effect a community j were tie for first place, -winning have on the motorcaders. said one each. Other prizes were awarded the committeeman, would show telling re- j following: suits in the future, when the members Robert Waybright, third, Edwin cf the party return to their homes, Benner, fourth, Theron Gouker, impressed with Gettysburg as a unit-! fifth, Addison Durboraw, sixth, ed community eager and anxious to i Edgar Stambaugh, seventh, Eva play host to the thousand? of visitors Swartz, who visit thi-5 battlefield shrine an- A fanners' swine judging contest nually. vvas conducted on a friendly basis be- Captain Pr'ce of the highway pa-ltween swine growers of the Barlow trol, represented at the meeting by and farmers of the Em- Lieutenant Frack. announced that an ,mitsburg farmers' association. A honorary escort of four motor patrol- Jteam from each organization will men would lead the motorcaders i again compete at the Emmitsburg through Pennsylvania, receiving them j farmers' picnic August 24. at the Mason Dixon line, near Gettys- Miss Elizabeth Lofberg, home burg, s-d remain with the party until! economics extension representative for it crosses the northern boundary county, judged the home the state, into New York. j exhibits. Colonel Davis, superintendent of, the battlefield commission, announced LoCSl Council Will that the trip over the battlefield would j f? -f f not be counted as a regular trip for j HiHiertain those guides selected to participate in the motorcade reception. President "The members of the Visitation As- September 11 will be "Hospital Sunday" in Gettysburg and Adams county! On that day ministers through out the county will make special pleas for financial support for the Annie Warner hospital here from their pul- pits, i Designation of Sunday, September] 11, as ''Hospital Sunday" was sug- gested by officers of the Adams coun- ty woman's auxiliary of the hospital, and replies received by Miss Reba S. Adams, president, and Miss Edna Albert, secretary, indicate that the ministers will join unanimously and whole-heartedly in issuing the plea. Seek Hospital Funds In recent years, the auxiliary has attempted to rajse money annually for the hospital, but its work has been rather limited in scope, according to j the officers, and the idea of a "Hos- pital Sunday" was hit upon as the most feasible and most practicable plan for reaching the largest num- ber of Ministers have been requested by the auxiliary officials to present the needs of the hospital to their con- gregations, either in sermons or spe- cial announcements, asking for spe- for the institution on that occasion. Outlining the hosp'tal's need, of- ficers of the auxiliary sc.-nt a letter to each minister in the county. The let- ter, in part, follows: Much Charitable Work "As you know, hospitals are not J money-making: institutions. No pub- lic hospital can exist without receiv- ing outside assistance. This is so well recognized that in all large cities the churches have set aside one Sunday of the wear as 'Hospital :md on that day a special collection for the hospitals is taken. This is what we ask you to' do here in Adams coun- ty for the Annie M. Warner hospital. "Our hospital does a great deal of j charitable v, urk, much more than is covered by the appropriation from the state. In fact, during one quarter of last yar the charitable %vork amount- ed to while the state tion for the same period was only S500. It is unquestionably the duty of the Christian people of the coun- ty to help bear this burden, and we feel that if they were apnealcd to per- sonally they would gladly and gen- erously respond. Approved by Slate "You know ths Inch standing of the hospital; that its X-ray department and equipment for electrical treatment are the latest and best obtainable, and that the hospital is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare and the American College of Sur- geons. If you desire any special in- formation before you present sub- ject, please apply to Miss McKay, supsrintendent. Annie M. Warner hos- pital, who will be glad to answer any "As to rates, it is a fact that even Questions. those who pay the maximum are not charged an amount which covers the expense to which the hospital is put to maintain its service." "Lute" Hangs Out New Shingle As "M'ryin5 Gettysburg will soon be in line for honors as another Gretna Green, or Elktcn. Maryland, and Luther C. Plank, clerk of courts, and custodian of the mar- riage license docket, ill shortly >ie with "marrying parsons'" else- where. Of the last four marriage li- censes issued bj MrJ Plank, three were to couples residing outside cf Pennsylvania. The clerk of- ficiated at three; of the four wed- dings which followed the issuing cf the licenses. Thursday afternoon. Mr. Plank issued licences to and married H. R. Van Pelt and Miss Helen K. Van both of Cleveland, and C. H. Carlson and Miss I. M. Dorsey, of "Washington, D. C. Miss Rcca M. Gehringer and George H. Schuler. both of Al- lentown, were married by the clerk of the courts. Wednesday afternoon, after he issued them a license. A marriage license was issued Thursday afternoon to George Lorain. Ohio. and'Mayme Book, Amherst. Ohio. Hopes Flicker e i TOT (jirl rlier Lost in Ocean Builder Declares Plane "Miss Doran" Can Remain Afloat in Pacific Onlv 24 Hours. Bushman intimated that, with an- sociation of Lancaster, Adams and nouncement. ha felt certain that the j York counties will be guests of the guides would contribute their serv- .Betsy Ross Council, No! 119, here next ices to the reception comnrttee. .Thursday afternoon and evening. A Colonel Davis also stated that he J trip over the battlefield will be the would permit cars to move faster [feature of the afternooon with supper than the regulation speed limit over .served at Little Hound Top. A regu- the field, because of the shortage of jlar meeting- of the lodge -will take time allotted for Gettysburg, and that, tplace in the evening. in addition to the motor patrol escort, James B. Aumen, assistant superin- j tendent of the park, would act_as pilot i over the field. I. L. Taylor intimated that he felt! certain that Superintendent Keefauver approve of the request of the committee that the school children be j dismissed from school in time to par- ticinate in tha reception. The committee is also making ar- rangements for the decoration of the streets of town for the motorcade Deception, as wall as the auditorium Jof the hotel where the buffet luncheon fTtfill be served. Those present at the meeting were: Henry M. Scharf, Hotel Gettysburg, presid'-ng; Colonel E. E. Davis, super- intendent of the battlefield commis- sion; Henry Borliner, Lowell Hard-! ing, C. P. Swope, and A. H. Nash, of; the Gettysburg Flying Service, F. B. Miller, Hagerstown, and R. F. McMann, Washington, D. C., of the -Standard oil company: D. J. Forney, Arthur Jones, John W. Brehim, Paul L. 'Roy, Roy "P. Funkhouser, R. H. Bushman, L L. Taylor, E. W. Thomas, Herbert L. Grimm, Lieutenant Frack, Harrisburg, of the motor patrol, and Howard C. Mitinger. BABY HAS DIPHTHERIA Dorothy, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Irvin, West Middle street, has contracted diph- theria. The home has been quaran- tined by the borough health authori- ties. Motorcade Program Motorcade will be met at Mason Dixon line by delegation of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania state, highway department and state Chamber of Commerce cars, and by honorary escort <of highway patrolmen, Gettysburg Boys' band and dignitaries. Honorary aerial escort of three planes will accompany motor- cade'from some given highway point in Maryland to Mason Dixon lino and thence into Gettysburg. Procession will move into Gettysburg through living lane of school children who will occupy positions on both sides Baltimore street and Emmitsburg road, as far as possible. At Center Square, licensed guides will accompany each car on trip over battlefield. Buffet luncheon will be served at noon in the Hotel Gettys- burg auditorium. The caterer will be announced later. Gettysburg escort will accompany motorcade to Harrisburg. Gettysburg car will join motorcade here and accompany party to objective, Quebec, Canada. Presentation of "Human Interest Stories of Three Days' Bat- tles of Gettysburg" to member of motorcade, as gift from town of Gettysburg. Special edition of The Gettysburg Times will be presented to each member of motorcade as gift from town of Gettysburg. San Francisco, Aug. The Pacific' Ocean was the scene to-! day of a renewed search for a brown j eyed girl of 22 and four men missing fliers in the aerial derby to Honolulu who may still be afloat upon its limit- less leagues. Mi'dred Doran, pretty school teach- er of Flint, Michigan, and her pilot and navigator, John D. Pedlar and Vilas R. Knope, had been down ap- proximately -18 hours, according to the most hopeful estimates of the cruising radius of the biplane in which they set out Tuesday in the Dole 000 flight from Oakland to Honlulu. The time limit set by the builder of the plane on its ability to with- stand the sea was only 24 hours. The plight of John Frost and Gordon Scott, of George Hearsts' monoplane, "Golden the other j lost entrant, was considered possibly less acute. Fortj-one ships of the navy were cruising the -water today under the orders of Admiral R. H. Jackson, com- mander of the Pacific fleet. REBUILDING OF FAIRFIELD ROAD IS STARTED Maintenance Depart- ment In Charge Of Work; Will Elimi- nate Some Curves. Work of macadamizing Fairfield road, from the western boundary of j the battlefield to the eastern borough limits of Fail-field, was begun Thurs- day, according to announcement today at the local office of the state highway department. The work is being clone by the maintenance force of the de- partment. At the office of the maintenance supeiintendcnt, it was stated that the road would be rebuilt with water- bound macadam process, and that the work was expected to be completed in about fourteen weeks. One or two sections of the high- way will be built anew, the road be- ing re-routed so as to eliminate sev- eral dangerous curves. Build New Bridge One of two one-way bridges is to be done away with, the Adams coun- ty commissioners today advertising for sealed proposals for the building of a concrete bridg3 over a branch of Marsh creek in Highland township to be opened by the commissioners on Tuesday, August 30. The projected span will eliminate the present iron-railed bridge over the same stream, where the road will be changed with an S-curve where the crosses the present one-way structure. At Neely's, neaicr Fairfield, another one-way bridge exists, but no action toward rebuilding it has been taken by the commissioners. "It may be that the commissioners will decide later to add about four feet of road- way to this R. E. Deardorff, clerk of ths commissioners, said to- day. Seek Second Structure The stone arch bridge over Marsh cresk at Black Hole is wide enough for two cars to pass if the drivers exercise said Deardorff, al- though residents of Fairfield, who use the road frequently, have voiced the opinion that this bridge also should be widened a few feet to make it less dangerous for cars passing at higher) speed. The maintenance department also is engaged in rebuilding the road from East Berlin towaid Abbotts- town. Water bound macadam is be- ing used in reconstructing this stretch. Massachusetts Supreme Court Refuses Writ of Error For Two Radicals Defense Counsel Asks Another Stay Pending Ap- peal To U. S. Tribunal; Declares Vanzetti Is Insane; Warden Will Remove Men To Cells In Death House Immediately. v Boston, Mass., Massachusetts supreme court today refused to interfere in the case of Nicola Sacco and Bartclomeo Vanzetti and counsel for the two men new sentenced to be executed in prison rcext week launched upon a new move to bring: the case before the U. S. supreme court. Arthur D. Hill, chief of defense counsel, announced his intention of filing application for a writ of certiorari at Washington and at the same time set oat tc see Chief Justice Hall of the Massa- chusetts superior court to ask a stay of execution to permit print- ing of the record for submission to the highest federal court. The Massachusetts court in its decision written by Henry K. Braley overru'ed exceptions of defense counsel to refusal of Judge Webster to grant a revocation of sentence, stay of execu- tion and a new trial and to the refusal of Justice Sanderson of the supreme court to grant a writ of error. The court also denied a petition for a writ of error. Word of the decision was carried to the two condemned men in their cells in the state at Charlestown by Michael Mius- manno of defense counsel and Warden. Hendry announced the two men would be removed immediately to cells in the death house. Half a Carload of Local Product Damaged When Box Car Buckles. Washington, Aug. submarines have been ordered from the island of Hawaii to investigate reports of an "object in the water" on the route of the Dole Hawaiian flight in which two planes are missing. Rear Admiral McLane, commander of the submarine division, reported to- day to the navy department. Chief Engineer Eckles Promises Cooperation For Columbia- Wrightsville Bridge. Unfinished Mile Of Concrete Started On Bonneauville Road A detour was established Thursday afternoon by the state highway de- partment on the Bonneauville road, and all traffic to Hanover, via Bon- neauville and McSherrystown, is being- routed by way of Cross Keys. The detour is expected to be maintained about two months. John S. Teeter, Taneytown con- tractor, has begun work of concreting slightly more than a mile of the Bon- jneauville road, from the eastern bound- ary of the battlefield to the western edge of Mt. Pleasant township. Start Work At County Underpass The maintenance department of the state highway department this morn- ling- began excavating at the Gardners j underpass of the Reading railroad, (preparatory to turning over the re- (mainder of the work of building the j subway there to the public utility. ;The railroad will excavate only under its right of way. j The subway, wnen opened, probably [several months hence, will eliminate 'the present detour through Gardners from the concrete highway which has been built from corner to Mt. Holly Springs. Lawyers representing commissions of York and York counties conferred with Samuel Eekles, chief engineer of the state highway department, Thurs- day, regarding plans to build the pro- posed county toll bridge carrying the Lincoln Highway across the Susque- hanna river between Wrightsvrrhrand Columbia. The conference was on preliminary arrangements regarding designing of the bridge and relocation of the high- way to meet the lines of the new- bridge a short distance south of the present railroad bridge, which now carries the highway. The commission- ers desire the department to supervise designing and construction of the bridge, but no terms for this service were reached. Eckles promised cooperation of the department and termed the proposed bridge "a very desirable but informed the lawyers that a number of legal steps must be taken by com- missioners prior to construction. The commissioners' representatives prom- ised the legal matters would be at- tended to. Construction of the bridge is not expected to start until next spring. Ample funds are available for the bridge, for voters of the two counties authorized in bonds for its construction after persons interested in a privately owned toll bridge car- ried a case to appellate court to test the right of the counties to issue bonds which will be retired by tolls instead of by general taxation. Half a carload of furniture from the Gettysburg furniture factories was ruined almost b-ayond hope of salvage when a boxcar buckled in collision with another section of a freight train in the Western Mary- land railroad late Thursday afternoon. The accident occurred when a brakeman of a freight train, which had been divided for the Fourth street crossing, failed to hold a draft of cars, shifted to meet the other section of the same train, it was said. No one wus injured. The first car of the shifting draft was the boxcar, half filled with fur- niture. When it struck the first car of the other section, a carload of coal, the wooden car buckled and burst, throwing- pieces of i'uiniture a wide area, some of it landing on top of the car, according- to reports. M. C. Jones, general manager of the local furniture factories, today said he did not know what his com- pany's loss would be, stating that piactically none of the furniture in the wreck could bo salvaged. A Western Maryland wrecking crow today cleared away tha wreckage. SAYS VANZETTI IS INSANE Charlestown State Prison, Boston, Mass., Aug. state- ment that Vanzetti had became insane was made by Attorney Michael Mus- manno today to "Warden William Hendry of the state prison after he had visited Vanzetti in his cell. Upon leaving Vanzetti, Attorney Musmanno called nawspaner men into tTuTwarden's office and with war- den present said: "Vanzetti took the news very badly. He kept shouting 'I knew it, I knew it. Get the million men. Get the million men who are making all that news.' "Sacco took the news quietly. He was eating when I got there. I told him that I was sorry to have to tell him the bad news about the court's decision. 'Well, we expected he said." Start Work On New Airport Saturday Workmen will start at work Sat- urday to put the new Gettysburg- fiy- field in shape for the opening of the airport, August 27. This announcement was made this morning by Howard C. Mitinger, resi- dent manager of the Gettysburg Fly- ing Service, Inc., who will be in charge of the preliminary work at the field. Mr. Mitinger advertised for workmen in today's issue of The Times and declared that he will start his men Saturday morning. The men will be applied to the task of grading, mowing the grass and in other ways getting- the large field in good condition for the arrival of the airplanes From Washington some time next week. FARM WEATHER REPORT Eastern Pennsylvania: Partly cloudy tonight.. Saturday fair. Not much change in temperature. Mummert-Sontz -ounion, August 21, Tnrk, throo miles west of Gettys- burg. MERCURY DROPPED TO 51, THURSDAY With the mean temperature drop- ping to 51 degrees, Thursday was the coldest August IS in many years here, according to Dr. Henry Stewart, of- ficial weather recorder. In Harris- burg, whore the mercury dropped to 50 degi eos, Thursday was the coldest August IS since 1S8S. The maximum temperature Thursday was 61. A partial icturn to warmer weather was experienced today, and still warmer weather is forecast for Sat- urday. Red Men Ready To Complete Plans For Convention Saturday To make final arrangements for participation in me annual Adams- York convention of Red Men at East Berlin, Saturday, members of Toxa- way council, 28, Degree of Pocohon- tas, will hold a special meeting at o'clock this evening. The local council plans to-have at least 50 uniformed members in the parade at 3 o'clock, a feature of the annual Rod Men's convention. The program will be as follows: Singing, opening ode; invocation, the Rov. Paul Glatfelter; quarter, address of welcome, the Rev. H. D. Houtz; vocal duet, address, the Rev. J. Har- old Little; quartet, presentation of the key to the borough, Chief Burgess Birdes A. Jacobs; response, Presi- dent William Stare; vocal memorial services, introduction of STcat chiefs, singing, benediction, the Rov. Paul Glatfelter. 150 Attend Oyler Reunion On Thursday One hundred rnd fifty members of the Oykr family held their first fam- ily reunion at Natural Springs park, one mile east of here, Thursday aft- ernoon, and effected an organization with J. Price Oyler, York street, as president. Other officers chosen for the first year Charles 0. Oyler, Hams- burg', secretary; S. G. Spangler, Get- tysburg-, treasurer, and C. R. Wolff, Gettysburg, historian. Speakers during the afternoon's session included -Herman Oyler and James Oyler, Johnstown; Emmert C. Oyler, Chambersburg; S. G. Spangler, Gettysburg; Charles Oyler, Reading; John Oyler, Maxwell, Iowa; Charles Nagle, Panama, Canal Zone, and Charles 0. Oyler, Harrisburg. It was decided to hold the 1928 re- union at Natural Springs park, August 2. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Entomologists On Way Into Virginia Forty members of the Northeastern Economic Entomologists' association, comprising some of the leading fruit A daughter was born to Mr. and of the country, who left Get- Mrs. Samuel Shanefeltcr, Littles- tysburjr Thursday on an inspection town, at the Warner hospital today.'triP into VirK'nia. several stops Both mother and child are said to Waynesboro, yesterday and spent doing nicely. at Martirrsburg. This morn- ___________ ing- they continued on their way to Jtut received one thousand latest j Winchester, Virginia. The CntOHlolO' your favorito hook now, 73 People's gists are inspecting orchards in, the ha Kodak. Viotrola Cumberland and Shenandoah Valleys. Drue Store. Store. j _______________ j Kverybwdy in Gettysburg and most of IntclHucnt ndvcrtiiini? can do to In. in Adams county raid The Gettysburg than ot I Times overy dfty. Boost gna. 'ness by sdvcrtining.

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