Monday, April 14, 1851

Gettysburg Republican Compiler

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gettysburg Republican Compiler on Monday, April 14, 1851

Republican Compiler, The (Newspaper) - April 14, 1851, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania By IIESXKY .1. .S "TRUTH IS MIGHTY, AND WILL PREVAIL." TWO A-YEAK. 51 r--- Drniitrit tn jCihrnfnrr, Slgrirultnrr, jRhrhfs, dpnrrral Sumestir null SiitHligriirr, Sliurrtising', 33RD YEAR. GETTYSBURG, PA.: MONDAY WORKING, APRIL 14, 1851. NO. 28. (Sljc Republican Compiler IS I'UliUSHCD EVERY MONDAV JHOKSJ.VC, STABLE. SJ.75 a Year, if paid in Advance Or S2.OO it' notimid in Advance. No subscription discontinued, except at the Ion of the publisher, until all arrearages are paid. RATES OF ADVERTISING. One square, one insertion, S 50 One square, two insertions..... 75 One square, three insertions, 1 00 E very subsequent insertion, per square, 25 A liberal discount will be made to those who advertise by the year, orforthree or six months. fcJ-Coinmunicatioiis intended for the Com- piler must be POST-PAID, toinsure attention. (Kr The office of the Reoublican Compiler. is on SOUTH BJLL TIM0ME STREET, (East side.) ONE SQUARE AND A HALF FROM rH E 0 0 a RT- H 0 U S E. EAIL-EOAD MEETING ripHE following persons, who arp named in JL the Act to incorporate the Gettysburg Itailioad as Commissioners to open books, receive subscripiions, and organize said Company, to wit: Robert ilcCurdy, Jnsiah Benner, Henry Myers, John Pfontz, Samuel Ptirboraw, Wrn. McSberry, George Basehoar, John Busbey, Joseph .Kepner, Jacob Diehl, Bernard Hildebrand, Charles Blhh, William B. Wilson, John Musselman, Sen., Abraham Krise, John Musselman. jr., William R. Sad-; ler, George DeardorfF. Jacob Y. Bushey. Jo- seph Hill, Jacob Feiser, Tempest Samuel Oeongre Shrvnck. David nf f BY C- MACKAY. Bear lightly on their foreheads, Time Strew roses on their way, The young in heart, however old, That prize the present day, And wiser than the pompous proud, Are wise enough to play. I love to see a man foro-et o His blood is growing cold, And leap, or sv, itn, or gather flowers, Oblivious ol his gold, And mix with children in their sport, JN'or think that he is old. All sports that spare the humblest pain, That neither maim nor kill: That lead us to the quiet field, Or to the wholesome hilJ, Are duties which the pure cff heart Religiously fulfil. The road of life is hard enough, Bestrewn with slag and thorn, I would not mock the simplest joy That made it loss forlorn, But fill iis evening path with flowers As fresh as those of morn. Give us but health and peace of mind, hatc'er our cliine or clan, We'll take delight in simple things, Nor deem the sports unman And let the proud, who liy no Kites, Despise us if they can! runner's Department. It was about two months before we left York, minglo in a wilh lho of {or tf Sick. and while we were at Brooklyn Heights, as I iier Ioved and lost on L Let tho niirso hclp pnlient in giving heard our Captain lell, that ore evening thero aild rough I lefyhts'nn account of himself to the phybician. came to his quarters, hand in hand, a little boy of we bllricd llCT. was M0t j o. Make it a point of conscience to follow and a girl, larger, but not much older than the j ,0 an rulc of warf my boy> nl, is boy. lie was about fourteen years old, and but wc gdvc her onc__we dill and a in t'l.o not the nurse she was not yet sixteen, and both looked sad, from a glllird, we riai.pd in llis aims to know best....... and almost heart-broken. It appears that they c i i i i, glass. 1 lie expense will not be abov 11 llie earlli tlie remains ol our poor little ANNIE. 3. wear a cheerlul countenance, and be In Verm on i. 10. Give fresh air on every practical occa- growers of wool in Vermont are im- sion. j pnriing into that Stale the full-blooded Merino 11. Let cvoryihii-.g, dishes, medicine glass- sheep, and have already found the'great advan- es, and all else, be kepi clean. ol enterprise. A Mr. Jesse Hinds, 12. Bear patiently every infirmity of the ol'Moridon, imported lately two eyes, atan ex- remember that it is much better to Pcnse 'S200 They will yield, it is said, an average of twelve pounds of wool. on Onn of the most easy, common and perfectly To make my story short, our good hearted painful duty imposed upon him, recited the foolish things in the world is to quarrel, no g Wood.- -Wood which proves troublesome by'snap- ping on the fire, may be rendered harmless by Captain spoke to the Colonel, and it was enormity of the case, the distress produced in matter with whom, man, woman or child or the st'd< the hearfi nward, when 'agreed between them that they would make a the community, by the conduct of the member; "pon what pretence, provocation or occasion, i a" llie wl11 oe towards tbejiack of drnmrner of the lad, for he was not too small to and with extraordinary caution as to his future Thereisno Aindof necessity nospecics ie e" carry a gun and then it puzzled them to Know conduct in respect to the vices and virtues of or degree of benefit to be gained by it. And wnat to do with his sister. But she soon set-, his position, he pronounced the "member from 'yet, strange as the fact may be, theologians tied that question, by telling them that she rqirinionduL wotild go with him and never part from him. one of the last balls which Louis Napoleon attended, we remarked a woman who quarrel; politicians, lawyers, doctors and prin- was besieged by a throng o'f adorers. .She was The gravity uf the bcene until the roars of CPS quarrel; churches, quarrel, and Slates quar-' a stranger, either Saxon, Bavarian or German. She was not afraid, she said, and she knew laughter .it the end, passes all belief; and Mr. rel nations and tribes arid corporations, men, i She had been twice a .widow, hut never once a shc would be useful in ihe camp, or any Crittenden. the present Attorney General of the women and children, birds and beasts quarrel wife. She married first an officer of drarroons. her brother went. So, at last, they quartered United States, at the time was a spectator in 'about all manner of things, and upon all rnan- her with the sutler's wife, and in less than a j the lobby. He has been heard to say that it ner of occasions. lobbj'. Me lias been heard lo say week we all loved ponr Annie, as though she i was the richest farce he had ever seen, and had been our own child; for. except a tear! that until the end. and the drop, himsell make a man feel bad, it is unquestionably a the spot ensued, and the bridegroom now and then, that would steal from her eyes and thought ii was a regular Legis- quarrel. No man ever fails to think less of' ed. The widow next married officer of dragoons, who quarrelled, on his wedding captain of huzzars, on the subject of perfecting If there is anything in the world that wiil muskets in the Prussian service. A in memory of her and mother, she seem- Im'r.e session, ed to be. the loveliest little alivp. I know she put on. sometimes, though, to picasr- s a kind A ISeur Story. ihe himself after, than he did before one; it briTlnl the happy husband swallowed grades him in his own eyes and in the eyes of, a cln-rry stone, which choked him, arid he ex- whpt is worse, blunes his sensi- pired between the beautiful bride and a b'uitla yet there was a F.i-tor 2. Peter Firestone, Abraham Fisher. A Glass. Jacob Gcttier. Hickcy, Isru-I Hcrruter, J Silwnrd Hall, I ITjgcrnian.Thorn is ITarp-r. Anilicw to think he'd a little rather than eai, any But when the red coats came on us on three sides, and two of them was betwixt ui and the Heights, I tell 3-00 il looked squally. There v.-ns one wav howover. and t i ihr.i was to fiijht our wny through. Our Gcn- Hurt. II-ill, J.icob Hcrre.icr, Daniel HPS--. 2. Cornelius Huughleiin. Jacob 2. Jjcob day. Hancr, Harncr. Jacobs tiusiiniiii Kcchler. Hush? Lilcnjn 2, Latta. Cornelius O Little. .M .Millan. i'oter, John, or Ni- Muntz, Caroline Victor K. eral wasn t of Satan himself; hut he M'liiicniiy I knew then ihat we were in a bat' condition. rCottnagcl. Thomas Xolen. and ,ve 1o lo u_ of u_ Jane Annie Anthony Pachcr, Rob- cri Paxton. Peter-. KhoatK Miss M PM Kol.JncUc.Gco lliere C01njris Christopher Chaiics ir.i'.i Sauni. H ti.Jiilh. Fr John C SnclK'. Co Tsjigirl, Jas Tho nps ir_, :rst ofalL n of rod coats, will) cavalrj" coining towards us from the cm; m 3 ''ln'3 Hivor, v.-Jicre ihcy'd landed, ar.d our ch'i-sion WHS friuercd awaj to Tin-; JHimberul three tunes as rnanv as we did but wust go al sim4 r-iic or "ij-itbcr; the drums bcai to r.ns-tf-r. in than five melancholy in her manner. Besides, wasn't froil1 IIOIISP. a very latgebnar stole she a soldier's orphan? she thechild "P him to stop. Ho h-ft of one who had laid down his life i.. our cause. his :ixr' ;it I3rtlin' bul k and Bruin and wasn't it our duty to love her I lurn lcfl him- Her brother l-arned fast at his drum in a ai'd lhc blowp his moi.ih he could handle sticks with so thal il drummer in the reffiment, find by the timethui l" lie lo knock" -Vot "red coat" Howe c.une with his h'ebbians to liavin" lhc bin, with, he attack us, he was re.idy and fit ior d.ity, am] as of llis flsls- every moment clever a as ever beat a reveille or a "roll'' llial he ''C coinpt-Hc'l to cave in. A in the armies of Jj--fore th.a dr-Mtlful ling followed, ami thetwo rolled over battle, liiilc Anni- was sont'over to York v. hh lhc !ike cnllPlri of wrcsilen, in a ihe Old he wonldirt huvo lo il Sol- any women nronn.1 h-n tl.Prc was fighting so "ndcr t r hi'n. IroMinsj Ills hr.i'! sitliii'rnlunin do; and wncn v.-e went over she joined with Thcl.nt.-r, soon the nijrlu after we fought our wr.v to the .l" :it took U) !lis ii i i. heel's sn bull, all the At tliat limn wu were surprise, so _ i j f win'-; j-.n-i coiiiii-llimr to fol- siMicfiily Jiiat v.-e no for pr'-prjr.j- low o'.vn nose. v.jth a3 biiiriit cf ha.! oeen pi.t sn a s s ins from strni-'-it lino On v.-HJ) ol'i'.TS. the power of irritability on the other. i 'J'he p-nson why people quarrel about religi is, they have so little of it; and the harder quarrel the more abundantly they prove il. A man has a right to stamj fast by his religious right lo insist upon a right to present it respectfully on all proper candidates for her favor. ji ' y cu-an J cats. :lic cur for l T1PTOIJ in the C-3IJ5 lhc Diinionij, a -iown for be 1-' I'' v. ,-j, 11 v .'--'Vr. ev''j "Arpiv a and a THOMAS' McK.N'I'JiiT. :-.T.fc'- Yo-: woi.icr v.a.-, rnj i'j; O-t. li, 1350. 5m ral. Oi'l rc "J4J 'Now, in-, ijis." S r. r.-.r.t w njr his V ..fv.r it. "J'IK- (JT- ri iji. ivn 11, it w-o mfi tl o on -A Manv a Jir.v: f< 11 v. If b" t fr-l; 1 l.r.'rv a-' J of n v.c cr Wn5; a of MI' men, v.e rind any m.iri that will quarrel about these things, in my opinion has not much to quarrel about. Politicians need not quarrel- quarrels with a man for his political opinions, is himself (Ifiiying tin; first principle of free- iln.-n, ofi'noujrht, nior-ii liberty.) with- out which there is nothing in politics worth a groiit; it is therefore wrong upon have on this subject a right to vour own opinions; so have others. You h.ive a right Jo convince them if 3-011 they have a to do tiie but J tS J sipsiu 1 say, do not fjunrrel- Tlic irjjtii is, ihe and pcaTably we nil net on. the Ijvncr for onr- m-3v s and Jn wcs <jf t< n, ihe v. jxjiicy a .nan clu-nts if ht is abusive., YOU, A JSfundrcd Years A hundred years ago, a stupid German mon- arch reigned over these United colonies of Great on the whoiu earth, with the exception of Switzerland, there i was not n feinglc republic of any A hundred years ago the French lilies floated over Quebec, Pittsburg-, and New A hundred years ago the old French monarchy Basiile reared its accursed tow- Louis XV dallied with infamous wan- tons, squandered his subjects'money and blas- phemed in his own person ihe name of man. Fifty years ago the name of Napoleon was still comparatively unknown. Fifty years ago cot- ton mills had. as il were, just been invented Knilroadd, ]ecomotivcs: and magnetic tele- graphs, were prnclicallj- unknown. Fifty }-eara ngo there were scarcely five "millions of people in the United and Ohio was almost as much of a wilderness as Oregon is now. Fif- iy years agoWaihinglori had justdied.JcrTcrson v.-as living, Ci-.y, Cass, Webster, and Calhoun, were names ns yet tofame. TJisj Uiinrty in Alarm W HJnlltT V'Jjo lie is. li'tW V-011, ihe way 5s to alone; for K Thin lisas c-ilin, -i.i OJ v. 3J: ct v. 3th. 'ly inr r.'3 of to h n f-arlli you Contrive lo ansv. t.'. "'.-.1 rr in-'n JJCCO.TJ" a is nf the f.1 in lhc a .6 liir-m lo bpfome one of he. difficult. :le tins rut only lo ovcr- may givpycu ;o mourn Jill d.ijs rjevf-r revenge an injury. Jiial rcciionsly w.Tur.d i3p ih-e abim, lhc of slie first prajcr. The lo ;3ic clmrrJi. he arose of pr.oj-cr, ajid stood playing vory with 3hf borrowed seals, when sud- denly he as if he had discovered ndcn of r.ittlcsMkts; ilir- of she alarm Ind comuirr.cfid. The people dandy fuiionsgrab walch wish Innds oiitshlcol llic packet, ai'cmpt- ;o sqrceeze it in'.o sil-oncc, bui in vnin; at Icpl up ils lnr-r-T-r, and h seemed as if it would never The sweat rolfcd off ihe poor fol- low; lie soiz-cd ins hrft, nntl making an fnr tho dt-or, he biirm-d off wiil his v.-iich preset in one h'ir.d, T.nd his lint in fur1 othor, arnid suppressed laugl.lej of the ivhuii

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