Saturday, January 29, 1916

Gettysburg Compiler

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Gettysburg Compiler on Saturday, January 29, 1916

Gettysburg Compiler (Newspaper) - January 29, 1916, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania rfr GETTYSBURG, PA., SATURDAY, JANUARY 29.191G NO, '2 3 TRHl CTiPTQ'dav a liUrlb ul kill bru 'day afternoon Oliver Sbarrah was brother Charles Deardorff. She and j Mrs. Sharrah placed a blanket on the ground fur him to lay upon and he j rolled over on it without aid. She' brought into court by Sheriff Hurt- _____ man. Sharrah lias never lost his since his first appearance in AT THE JANUARY COURT BE-jCourl. Seated near his Counsel he_ is in frequent communication with j them and seems to be no more con- jcerned than anv one of the'hundreds GINNING ON MONDAY. A'most Two Days Were Needed to 'of spectators that fill "be court room leach session. Beiore he was ar- Select the Jury to Try Sharrah. 1 raigncd and entered his plea, his jcounsel, Hon. Ceo. j. Benner and J. KT mrjm AI I llD formerly from Taneytown. but resided in Gettysburg oiuce her i marriage to Mr. Ogden. who has bet'ii dead ;'or some She leaves .PERSONAL POINTS OF YIEI i-yuvu PJTOC r-r> r- T-I r T iivra.ii ior souie .one leaves heard him say. :'01 Sharrah shot me, MRS. FRANCfa COLE OF EU- d four "daughter.. Wrn. TT-11 ,1 I 1- the He asked me in and i didn't think he would do it." _ j David Sharrah testified of going: CHANAN VALLEY. Ogden. in the employ of the Gettys- burg Department Store; Mis< Flora Ogden. ut the store of G. W. Weaver with his wife to the Snarrah home Lucien Heltzel of Mt. Pleasant, and and Miss Phoebe liv- and summoning Dr. Woompr. He ..._-.. heard the statement of Deardorff i testified to by his wife, charging 01 Benjamin Livelsperger of New Oxford. President Judge Donald P. Mc- Pherson and" Associate Judge W. Howard Dicks and E. P. Miller con- vened the regular January term of court on Monday. The constables were first called 'Donald Swope moved to quash the I Sharrah with having done the shoot-! 'entire array "of jurrors for the Janu-jing- This witness was on the stand j r_ (_ ary court on the ground that at'least ;at_ the noon _ adjournment on Mrs_ Mary ,vidow of thg ]ate j Evergreen one had not been designated sufiici- Wednesday ana his examination was Hon< Francis Cole, died at her home! ently by his true initials to identify continued when court opened in Buchanan Vallev on last Saturdav Mrs. An ing at home: Mrs. H. C. Koehner, of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Mrs. iSbimer of Hudson, N. Y. The fu- jneral was held Thursday, services by COMINGS AND GOINGS INTO AND OUT OF THE i 'Social and Other Individual ings and Other Local Items i of Interest. T. J. Barkley, with interment in Cemeterv. atternoon. him. John E. Krtig. of Oxford town- ship being summoned as John D. Kriig. The defense took the position to lay out the body of Peter following a four davs' illness from _ Edward Xaugle testified of, ooisoning. aged 74 vears. u incr tri niii- the- IvrwTi- nt Pffpr i. and sworn thprr were" tew re tlie defendant was entitled to tnere were re- i. t turns. In Straban township a sign ibc tried before an Over and turns, in c. f board was down and in Reading .ner 's composed or not a rnarf washerf less than jurors and that if there Deardorff at the home of his father about noon of the day lie died. Calvin Moritz assisted Edward Xaugle in laying out the body and so testified. Peter Deardorff. the aged father v wa, i summoned! there "would not be such! of the dead man has been in constant East Middle street a Qf _ defendant attendance at the trial and he testi- reported in bad repair ano the: re- f select to the fact of the body of his son port was referred to tne trial yohn brought from the Sharrah Attornev. i _. _ ,.r_ .1 _ township there was a road washed out and these matters were referred was a mistake about one of the jur- ors summoned, as onlv 48 had been months and 20 days. Mrs. Cole was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Livers and was born near the site now occupied by the State Tubercu- losis Sanatorium at Mont Alto. Upon her marriage to Mr. Cole fifty-four ago they moved to the prop- erty in Buchanan Valley where she spent the remainder of her life and where she died. Mr. Cole's death of court and Preston Peters ot Ben- dersville. and C. G. Morrell of Big- summoned. Judge McPherson over- [killing of Peter I. Deardorff _and the Tate of Altoona. She is survived bv Francis Sneeringer. of Bonneauville. T, ruled the motion to quash the arrav j motive for the deed rested its case. lerville tor the second week The OHve_ Sh h j and Immediately the deiendanfs coun- Grand Tury was called and sworn .1--. and Martin L. Baker o" township was appointed Judge" McPherson made "-Mlhen begun. With District Attornev cnarge to the Grana Jury caning at- [Ravrnond Tooper there rs associated lo c'b-iect to hcr competency as tention to tneir and ine oath for" the Commonwealth. John D.iwife the accused. Mrs. Sharrah tney had taken and directing tnem Keith. Esq.. Wrtliam Bersh. ESQ.. and :aPPearmS waived her OI im- as to the that, woula require -Vt'orncv R E Wible fmunity. After the court their attention. j "Tv-e-itv 'directed the Cormnorp.vealth to call The Grand Jury took up the afternoon and nine jur- Sharrah to the witness stand. presented to _ Jiemi llje Distnc, were "obtained. The arrav Degan -her ".ttorney and made the following, :urors was exhausted on eunesday aiterrroon and was on j i tne stand when, court adiour.ned. ves four sons and three daugh- ters. John F. Cole, A. W. Cole. Hon. James C. Cole. Francis J. Cole, and Miss Edith Cole, all of Buchanan Valley: Mrs. Annie Beezer of Seat- tle. Washington, and Mrs. George F. 'and Sheriff Hartman under f TT i i I onci 411 unuci 01 _, J Com. vs. Howara Dill, cnargea witn of the conrr sumrnoned from the au_ The Common wealtn objecting to tne false pretense on oath of S. R. Hav- Funeral was held on Wednesday morning with requiem high mass in St. Ignatius Church. Buchanan Val- ley, of which she was a member. In termeni in the church cemeterv. Anna Mary Small, widow of the late Daniel H. Small, died at her home in McSherrystown on Wednes- day, aged 79 years and 8 months. Death was due to paralysis after an illness of two years' duration. She was a daughter of the late John and Catherine Topper Heidler. of Heid- lersburg, where her early life was spent. On Sept. 27, 1857, she was united in marriage in Conewago Chapel to Mr. Small, a well-known carpenter and butcher in McSher- 7. and she rystown, who preceded her in death. April i4th. 1905. She is survived by five children: Mrs. John M. Groft of McSherrystown. Miss Clara Small, at home. John Small of Hanover. Gregory Small of Baltimore, A. A. Small of Gettysburg. One sister, Mrs. Henrietta Stahl, of Hanover, ,--talso survives. She was a faithful and consistent member of St. Mary's Catholic Church. McSherrystown. The funeral will be held Jerfa.cihCh The funeral was held Saturday morning from St. Mary's Church, with a requiem high mass at 9.00 o'clock by Rev. L. Augustus Reudter with interment in the family lot in the Conewago Chapel Cemetery. Lucien Heltzel, a resident of Mt. 1 Pleasant township all his life, and aj Mrs. Charlotte Kutnp, wife of respected citizen of his neighbor- i v. v. i v, <w. a.i-n.1 Lti CC-Ai crstocK was mund ,a ana and from this number buc LJii l_d.J 111 WI.M k_ LIU LU i j- the court a.ked counsel dled <lome. to ihe caic was continued tne torn. two uror? were SCCIi and court 1 t tJ I i 17 1 L7 U L red on Tuesdav i1 _ _ Albert h.nsig. cnargeci heen exhausted Amos Kump. of near Cash town, died after a brief illness at her home on oreparecl to ooint of Oxford on Sunday Saturday, aged 78 years. 2 months jar tne age ot about 07 years. Mr. and 26 days. She contracted grippe court retired on Thursdav a 'ionS sufferer of during the early part of the week 4'hear the argument of counsel "that [cancer been confined to his j which developed into pneumonia and rfeed a few days. Mr. JJeltzel I caused her death. In addition to her Nicholas j husband she is survived by a broth- of Harrison Brough, of Franklin 7. He fol- township. step-daughters. Mrs. arming his Bright Cook and Mrs, Minnie Show- burg, was confirmed, showing a ?.nce of Account of Ida M. Kart and C. Kalph Hart, executors of the estate j of the late_ Henry M. Kart. of But- p ler township, was confirmed, show-', ine a balance of S2020.TO. ;han Sefton Gettysburg the Qther side John F. Gable, larrner. Huntington ,hibited from being witnesses. I cemeterv. T-71 After the noon recess Judee Mc-L-Kenj- hranklm I-ivelsberger died __ _j_ _i__T_____ _T T r T-. T i -viici me lioou recess juaee C. tanner, Liberty town-jpherson sustamed the motion" of the j Commonwealth to strike from the jcmming. larmer. btrr.- ;record all evidence of Mrs. Sharrah land that she be withdrawn as a wit- Thc account of George W. J canniet maker at ness. the cour- that under nd J. C. Mintcr. administrators Keaser Plant. Gettys- the law and authorities slie was in- the estate of Jtlinabeth A. Minter.; Thursdaj-. Jan. 20 .at the home of his daughter. Mrs. John Duttera, in New- Oxford. following an illness of over ffin died at the luesday evening about age of years. De- ceased had been an inmate of the Old Women's Department for the last 30 j-ears. For many years of her life she lived in Gettysburg, mak- ing her home with several of the older families of the town and was John Stevens, farmer. Cumberland out statutory right to waive her a_ week, aged 78 years. He was a re-i generally liked by persons who knew tired miller, having moved to for her kindly disposition. The -.._ in from the mill at New funeral services will be held jn the competent to testifv and was with- Piester.- His wife died in 1010. He i chapel of the County- Home ihurs- is survived by two daughters. Mrs. [day afternoon at 2.30. conducted by Sallie M. Bender and Mrs. John H. the Rev. F. E. Taylor, interment in Duttera. both of Xew Oxford, and Evergreen Cemetery. ivnsbip. was f.rrned. i he account of John rtdrninistrator of the estate o Miller, late of Cumberland township. one brother. T. C. Livelsbersrer. of i I u. G. Horner. poultryman. Cum-: be incompetent Chester. Funeral was on Sun- i Mrs. Mary Sanders, widow of [day. services by Revs. C. W. Baker :Zachariah Sanders, died at her home Blocher towns lup. _ i Defendant's counsel in order toiafd Garrett. interment in the j ia FairSeld on Saturday. She was i Henrv' larmer. Liberty! gret the contention on record clea'-iv Oxford cemetery. about 70 years. Death was due to a h'" complication of diseases. Mrs. Sand- township. to be allowed to have Mrs. ann Mr." hnvc ran a was a late arid Fortv-ihrcc vt-nrs 1'3-esh-nmi, wh" survives. four one <3ni3ghjvr. j i Khsnk Hamper. FcJix. I. -ir.r.'l inter ,v :o r, Hr mi vin nad he iracc'lv c Frances of Mr. r.nn "ur< 5< Mary C. Xhmk at home. Tapper of York, died three an-3 five sifter.-., i Death v.-as tiiphiheria aiit-r a "'-on ing jo the Sharrsr, homt oboist half Paul Carling and son tiave returned to their home in Glen. Gardner. N. J.. after spending six weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Wm.. Kendlehart. West Middle street. Wm. Beales of Carlisle street visited friends in Harrisbura: for several days this week. Marguerite Weaver of Co- jlumbia spent Sunday at her home on i West High street. Annie Tate of East Middle street visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Paulis in Philadelphia this week. Huber Miller and Miss Car- rie Miller have returned to their home on Steinwehr avenue after spending ten days in Harrisburg- where Miss Miller was a patient in the Harrisburg Hospital. Verna Swartz has returned to her home near town after a visit jwith friends in Hanover, j Eichinger and Zvfrs. jKoon? of New Cumberland spent 'this week as the guests of Dr. and. Mrs. George Cobean. W. A. Granville lias returned, from Philadelphia where he attend- ed a meeting of College President; of Pennsylvania. Fannie Troxell has return- ed from Philadelphia where she spent the past several weeks visit- ing friends. and Mrs. C. W. Baker of Oxford were visiting at the home of Mrs. T. J. Stable, Baltimore street on Mondav. McGuigan of York spenc Sunday with his parents, Mr. and. Mrs. David McGuigan, Chambers- burg street. His mother accornpaai- _ ed him. to York where she is visit- jing her daughter, Mrs. H. L. King, j Jennie Weaver of West Middle street is spending several weeks with friends in Philadelphia. Anna Miller, Baltimore street, 'spent Sunday with Miss Mary Snyder at- her home in New- Oxford. Byron Horner has returned to his home near towrn after spending several days with relatives in Phus.- j deiphia. j Wm. A. Harner of near Fairfield spent Thursday with Mrs. Edwin Plank. Steinwehr avenue. William Zincand, Miss Edna jZincand and Miss Ethel Zincaad spent _ Saturday at the home of Mrs. i Zinn in York. H. M. Roth and son Harold jwere the guests of friends in Carlisle over Sunday. Ray Noffsinger of Carlisle is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. Gilbert, East Middle Street. Margaret McAllister of East High street is spending several days with relatives in Harrisburg-. J. A. Singrnaster has return- Jed from Philadelphia, where he took part in the sessions of the Commit- tee ot Lutherans from the United States and Canada, which met to de- cide upon a common graded Sunday Schooj pamphlet for their Church. McG. Tawney Tias sold his brick residence on Chambersbtirg- street to W. Preston Hull, clerk in the postofnce. Mr. Tawney contem- plates moving to Philadelphia. Auto Hits Man- Rev. Daniel Weigle. pastor of the Messiah Lutheran Church. Philadel- phia, is in an unfortunate auto accident. Ke was driving north on p.road in his automobile and ar Cumberland street a man stepped directly in front of his ma- chine. P-efore he couid stop or steer to one side the man was struck and his _skuil and a leg fractured. Rev. Wcigle placed the man in hi? made a fas: run to the where the i attention. Rrv. TTcig3c ther. Station n-i'l pave himself own jcc at the hearing was r.eii o-'X1 bail 'o ir, court -of the Rev. Weiclc from irvxi SerninsTv JTen vv-v Tiere in Wolf died at her hone on Sunday from the {Continued on pace 5.) If Mothers Only Knew. Mother Grey's S-.vcct Powder? Cliildren relieve Fe-rerishness. KSST- achc. Bad Stomach, Teething Disor- ders, move and regulate the Bowel- desiroy worms. Thcv break U'j cold; in cj hoiirs. Used by mothers 25 vears. All Drugcpsts. -3e Address. Mother Grav C-.. LeRov. X. Y. 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