Monday, October 28, 1861

Gettysburg Compiler

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Compiler, The (Newspaper) - October 28, 1861, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania TheCoxrtux'ls published every Monday Morning, by Hcxwr J. STAIILB, at 75 per annum if paid strictly IN 00 per annum if not paid in advance. No discontinued, at the option of the publisher, until nil arrearages arc paid. AovtRTisEjirvTS inserted attliCUsual rates. PRiNTiJto done with neatness and "i South Baltimore street. directly rapiers' Tinning Establishment PaiNTixfi OrrirE" on the nig.n. WHAT A NliWai'APEB tlrpang that gentlemen my Uoy, To the tUBte of tlic'dny, my boy, Whatever it be, hit on the key, And pipe in full concert a war, niy boy. from nil co-sntrics nud climes, my hoy, rhymes, my boy, Mixnl up with all Of (f) lyinjf reports, Ami published nt regular times, my boy. Articles able ami wise, my bov, At least in the editors' c.i c-s, iny boy, And so grand Tlmt few a n. It r.-tan d To what in tlie world it applies, my boy. reviews, my bov, l.illle scrap., to instruct nml iimnse, iny boy, Anil lengthy debate Upon iruulci-fc ol'Mate, For wisc-heiided folks to JUTUM-, my hoy. The funds as tlu-y wore tl.c-v .-ire, iny Imv, Tue ami quirk.- of the Imr, my boy Anil cvi-rv wei-k A elrver iTilitjiic On rising theiilr.uiil itur, my hoy. The of Jnpitr-r'fl nirions, niv tiov, Tue stt-itlinir d'imcbiiily'K my bov, Tin- ol' the Tue >iyle ol ihe And the nil nf the liutt'nons, inv buy, t Lint of Hid, i.iy im, JUtuislifd ly s pill.-, liuy, Till vo-.i with siirprine Vi liy :iny one dies, Or wliiit'., disuidci that Kill-, my hoy. Who pot nmrrieil to whom, uiy Whw were tin- Muom. my Who Ims hud hirtli On thii< inrrriA-nt.lined earth, And who loiters to tu.nh, mv The prices cntih- nnd grain, my to dignn.! loihiiin. n'n LM'H-, Hut 'tutiuhl take mi- too'luiijj, To tell ii. A ijuiirtt-r of all they contain, my hoy. me JVHI mil y overspreading (ho he.ivens, and daylight Where the Danger Lies. K.v-Oovernor Wright, of Indiana. lalo <o Prussia, recently eh at Indianapolis, in which he <uiid :_' "There is more danger tbis from a divided Xorth Ihnn from anythingel.e. A firm, decided, united Xortli, will tht- question, nt.d that speedily. Hut Ke mvfl nut listen to those. wixfmlle ,f Xi.rtl, are trar .'o with tht Tint vliat tliftefrstian'ivliiiifiht it vuilrttlic tomtit hi nntagonUtic to all those fears which un- der cover of the darkness, will .teal at times over the boldest. In spite of this, I could not shake off the uncomfortable feeling produced by that voice. Vainly 1 tried to dose my Eyes remained" obstinately I open ears sensitively alive to the .smallest Some, half-hour had elapsed; when again I felt the.hamc chill stcalingover me. With tho perspiration Guiding on my I darted nji in bed, and listened -vi my might. An t.'ie mysterious voice followed. meeting an acquaintance, who fortunately liappcned to be a man in authority, was in- troduced into court, and accommoda- ted with ?i sent. The prisoner at the bar, wlio was nffiified of robbing and murdfli-ing a poor country was a man of low, slight stature, with a f-o.irse brutal east of feihu-es, rendered Peculiarly Mi-iking by Uieir strangely sinis- tivci-v for n small bright eves wandered fur- rested the town." i me. i MHUIIIC -taut of dead silence, and I involuntarily from his gazo, as I would from I tlmt of some loathsome reptile, nnd kept be nmck on go into J my eyes steadily averted from him till the end of the trial, which had been nearly t 11.1 J assistance of the waiter, forced thc man to discontinue liis work. In an instant I recalled the of the workman. It was Ihc very man i had in the felons' dock that There was no doubt about it. That hideous face, ns it peered through the broken pane, had fixed itself indelibly in my memory, and now identified itself, bi-yond tin- The Curative Effects of Grapes. Dr. LTerpin, of Jlentz, lias published a very interesting account of the curative eii'ects of gropes, in vurious disorders of the body. They net, firptly, introducing larjje ininntitii-s of into t he system, M'hieh, i n-ssinj; through the blood, cany by 1 erspiration and other excretions, the elf.'trs and injurious materials of the body second- bilit.y of doubt, with the sini.-tui- counte-! ly, as a vegetable nulrnpenous and respirn nance that had imjjressed me so painfully in the morning. I have little more to r.dd. I immediate- ly hurried back to tho town and laid these tory sub-tnpce, which the juice of the grape contains thirdly, as a medicine, at the time so Sketch of Col. John W. Geary. Col. J. W. who commanded the federal troops in the near Harper's Ferry, has figured extensively in recent And <iov. Wright might truly that we can never have n "united Xorih" until Abolitionism is efl'ectually out." The Louisville (Ky.) iVmoernl. a a gallant Union pnpur, i, right when it "We make no njiolofiy for thix ell'ort in the .South to the floverq- inenl. grant the necessity ing il hut Abolitionism, thut j it, mii'-t also be suppressed. A i ISM AM) Jll'.sT IN TIIK SAMI-: u.o patriot nho loves his country consent gure ex-nsvcy n r.c.-n national eventp. lie commanded the Sec- l" them both.'' ond Uegiinenl of Vohmteers in Mexico, and was noted for great nrnmes. lc in- and the rigid (owhieh he subject- When h- first went o the nro When h- first went to t war in that republic he was Lieutenant Colonel of K regiment of nia Volunteers, and a, thcbatlloofChi-pul- The voice was in tho more, I concluded tho previous evenin.' ,by my very The miserable fear deuce, summed l.vTh Thc evi- Kf. cannot attempt to de- j prineipaliy cilc.mnslti -I that, the words were addressed he a ot otlt na by tveiy means in my power myself tluit I was wide not dicaniing. Look at mvself in ,ass on the I was a Cocked, and then, in of myself, what anuiMMl, by the palbd hue and scared expression of my ty." The judge, before pas-ing sentence, a.-ked the prisoner, as n.-md, if he had anything further to urge why sentence of death id not be passed upon him. io unfortunate man, in an eager, exci- I J I 1 1 Y Ll HI lilt; I tin <i i p laxative, alterative and Icpec, whoie he held command of his dcfaiative fourthly by the alkalies, which regimen t, he was wounded, but. notwilh- Oi-s 'r I u.n that, m-te: i- 1 i i .LCIIC oi uic toa di-ordered imiginivtion and tho foi-ttii-i A REAL EXPERIENCE. 1 wholly table- turning, and .ill iceiitr.eilies >f thai n.-iliit-c. I iehi-e credence to the iintheiilii ated gho.-t Moiy, (mind jou story ft I fan theirJoomie.-t hnmited room the haunted house, niihoiit Ihe fear of u nocturnal from tin- other world. I'.i-.l. although I liii-cdiug nun-, ft nt while 1 then- is a fiiireiu-e in which Tin." cin iiiiistane.-.- i am about to relate ar.- ol thi, nalnre, and were told me by ;oi inlini ite frien-l of mine, as h.iyinL' latc'y <H-eiirivd lo a. rui.ition oivn. 1 give the story as he gave it me, name- ly, in words nearly a, jio-i.-ible of Ihw actor in it. Two years ago. toward the end of the London weary of the imis.- ,uid bus- lie tlmt for Ihe last three month- had been on nt-onnd me, J deter- on seekiMg ;i few days' rest and <jui- in I conn try. The next satv tied a bit of a polka, and got into bed again. I had n hoirible sort of notion that some one was looking at me, and that it would never do to let them sec (bat I was the' lea-t I 1 soon found out, however, that bed, nn- der the cirr-iim.-lances, Wiis a mistake, and 1 determined lo up, nnd calm my nerves in th.c. fresh morning air. 1 1 dressed hurriedly, wilh many a look over my shoulder, keeping as much as pos- sible to one corner of tho room, whore no- body could get behind me. The grass in front of my windou wasglistc ning with tho heavy morning dew, on which no foot could press without leaving a visible trace. 1 searched the ulmle L'.mb-n thoroughly, but no .-ien eould I see uf iiny person hav- ing be< n ihere. J'oiidering over the events of the ninht. which, in spite of broad daylight nnd com- mon <etise. peisi.-tt'd in a-siimingasomewhat supernatural a.-pcct, J ntindered across the mea lows tow.u-d the by a footpath which led to thc ferry. As I drew near lo the cr.Mage 1-mv him standing at hi- door, looking up tlu: path by which I w.'is approaching. A- soon as he -aw me, he lurncd and walked down lo JiLs boat, murder on the day of its imouei on uic uav 01 its commission__nnd i tlint i.. l (ous recognition ol u prisoner condemned that he knew no more about it than a babe wafers. Km ployed rationally nnd methodically, aided by diet and regimen, the grape produces most important changes in thc i-ysU in, in f.ivoring organic tninsmnta- 'Siln I'Vniici.-co, of which phic three tions, in contributing healthy materials to i iv.-m- i repair and reconstruction of the various I tissues, and in dutei mining the removal of j vitiated matters which become u-eless i j and inj'nrions to the system. Directed by a i fkillful physician, this valuable, agent can be made to produce thc most varied vll'ects on the ci.n-liUition. It also the ad- vantage of being acceptable to most inva- lid.-. The treatment lasts fioni three to sK un When asked why he had not OVPr ,.om thc conviction that Providence in chose to work out its ends by extraordinary and supernatural means. Here ended hisMoiv. T L'ive, it to yon without addition or embellishment, as he told it to me. It is M-coiid-luiuJ, confess, but hitherto f never been forlun.ite, to hear a -tory with aiiL'lit of weeks. The quantity of grapes that may' bo consumed vuiies one to four pounds a day, commencing with small rjucntities, which arc gradually increased. 'J'lie skins and seeds not be Jn the ab-ence. of grapes, tho most beneficial ell'eets i the thirst they excite, time, or they bo manner as prunes. nt to satisfy if taken at the same slowed in the san.e brought forward this line of defence during tho trial, he declared that ho had wi.-Iied it, but that the gentleman who had conduc- ted his defence hud refused to do so. His counsel, in a few words of explana- tion, stated that, although lie had every reason to believe the story (old by the pri-o- ner, he had been lorced to confine his cn- in. <.o io near :i-lory wiin aiiL'.'it ol su deayors Ins behalf breaking down (ho )KltuniI in it that wa- u ,t open to tho circumstantial evidence lor (he, prosecution objection. mo.-t miniile nnd searching had bi i n m ale at liri-tol, but that fi om The Myst erious Newsboy. shoi't time had passed in that j The romancer will find a capital subicct town (sotne tlnce or and fiom for a tnlo in the following whieh I were born to task of pci- tbe leng.heiKHl period which had elapsed is vouched for as truthful by the Xcw Or-1 forming a mciry part in it-as thoud, il win he murder, ho had been unable to j loan, Picayune n opportunity to dl, ;llld achieve, pn r" M" r thC yMr R c-an-y forward nnd tcod o to oo t T 'T hclp cliw. a n.OB1.v (it mny ulj upon the weakness of the mg lud.w hogave hi- name as made be hoarl-broken) The fact is life his gallantry on that occ.-i.-ion he was pro- moted to thc rank of colonel, his commis- sion bearing date Noveml er He, received spec! il mention at Cerro Oordo. After the war, in 1818. he lived in lie Was jiji- pointed post master, and wa.- aftei wards elected the first mayor of the cily, holding his oilice for two or tlnee terms piior to the organisation of the vigilance Hi; was afterwards Kansas under the litiehiiniin Vnd after his recall settled at (irccnbiiry, Westmoreland county. 1'a. He a leading tillu- ri-t for the greater part of his life nnd was an ndininisfi-nlion Democrat, sup] orling in the recent l-'o-ter lor (iovernor and .John for His adven lui'ous disposition eould not re- main contented on the breaking out of this have been invette.l to moie adv.intage had it been u-ed in i nrehasing socks, ite., for the soldiers. The xihi.-s cost forty dollars, and were presented to a company. Now, :is it is again-i miljtnry ru'e to allow a company to carry its Owii H.ig. noiiiibuta regimental beinjf per- inilted. it is apparent, (hat Ihe sum in what is practically only aeoiiipliiiieiiinry have been mini, mo.eiiHe- I'nll.v ajiplicd in buying a blanket or shirt and a pair of warm woolen .socks for every member ol the company to which the gilt was imule. Thi-, however, bm sl.-incc of that sort of improvidence which the urgent need of every available dollar for the necessities of the war rk, in How to Take Life. Take lilo liku a man. Take it jii'-t ns though it it oiiinest, vital, cs-ential affair. Take it ju--t though you to his standard from all pur 1 and he has now the largest regiment, wu i, 1 believe, in thc United State.- service. They j ore splendidly equipped, and armed with j Knfield i-illes and sabare Col. I (iuary is a lull, powerful man, and bis hrave- ry has made him prominent in ihe military sei vice.--.V. Y. llfiulJ. urg, Kai-risbiirg or V 'oavs lie AM? of his route, from the hd.oi-earnc-tly is 'lllc favorable ImTb pretty iann- vepy anxious that you should not be kept girl in my life, through the cold rude blasts of winter's ,y, confidently and become-1 can some- ordered thc articles, he never nbonttuo miles they have been down from the 'T, the early morning, and the pitiless wisdom int 1 ce fl iTnn iT''i'' wa.s oW1, of "I in fiirjn tliU whole court, at least the unprofessional part storms, without a murmur, and ever'look- 0" o one o t T I tt woma" I ..ken up my ..uavters belong an' that you would want to croL the <O -s some doubt ing bvightand cheerful. In the latter pa, t' 2" do id v't Ivlll 7' I jury ci.n-M, L servant of ujy tathei-'s, and bail P.-n-lv i about the case, and that cirnumstjinMnl of LS.'i.S i -V n "ty ntmopphi-re through space. Men are IVe- a souml one, gave verdVl Ihe hir-hand. Dry good- dealer- tnii-l look out how they excite femal early this moinitiir." -I'.-y very lu-rs, and bad long bei-n a I'.ivorite resort of mine when wi.-hin- frosh air. j (ing The of the se.ond after my A.s I rapidly up tow-anl the j about the case, and that circumstantial cvi- of IS.uS Newsom f-uddenly disappeared 'V -M.....' atmosphere through spare. Men are IVe- I aiKwered tho man not a word, and got- howrovor stronS- i'llould be much to thc regret of Ins fellows, and more I a T.nno'e' If a I "nll'V permitted to curry a verdict of especially to thatof bis employers 'C c J c <p'no and follows it up, there is nothing in reason lo cling to the earth, or which presse-upon of fifteen Ihe I I am sure that the fervent, thou j, e is noiii t (o I caii only desci ibo it as a cold damp blast however, the heat an in.-u it with a force, tho unds to the inch .I how exclti they V'llill :uii; credit lo gay law, or n modification, pertain to C.-HHIDII ,i bidlsin Might? 1 do not of meet- is .UK- Ur- ing with a of the subject in any in the. Union.. It my eyes, 1 got up, put on my J Mealing lound and behind me, enveloping "ate maw rang in my cars, and his face dressing-gown, and liuhtini! a cisar. sal. me in its I .1: i ......i dressing-gown, and lighting a cigar, sat me in ils icy folds. down at the open window, ami tln-amily j I distinctly heard the words "Oeor-e ''over before me. fttt t ran I f.... n i _ distorted with anxiety and passion, rose fitajip'itigll? to tlie New ork Tribune, the Secretary of, on his ty summers whoso well developed rounded divided imo upwanU of.UK- ties. The State about two htimiml and eighty-five mih-s from e-j-t to ami figure and smiling face was of itself a pic- my boots for thrco cents, and went home as rich .is a lord. Told mv landlady I had a tagf. TJefore me low, flat meadows stretched down to the river, which .-eparu- ted us from tho town. In the distance the mussive towers of the cathedral appeared in bold and bright relief again-t the sky.__ The whole landscape, indeed, was bathed in a flood of light from the clear summer moon. I was gradually getting sleepy and begin- ning to think of turning in, when I heard A soft, clear voice, proceeding apparently from some one just beneath my window, "George, George, be quick. You are wanted in the town." I immediately looked from the window, ami although the moon still shone most brilliantly, somewhat to my I could no one. Thinking, however, lhat it some friend of my landlord's, who was ing him to come into the town upon less, I turned from the window, and ling into bed, in a few was fust it haw about three hours, ture of happiness. Seated near her not Newson., but somebody else, for Xewsorn ndred J i .......--v before the Supreme Court, and of the day, aud evening, as usual, I sat ohtaillcd tlccreo the third day of the down to write my journal. I had hardly I te''ln' davs nfter- Ilis wifft It appears harm as I know on I don't rob widder's houses. I don't know widders. I don't i debts in St. Louis, amounting lo put the bottle to rny neighbor's lips. I ain't got no neighbors and tho fact is I don't own any bottle. Couldn't fill 'em if country down to write my journal. I had hardly j days after' Ilis wife "Ppcared, don't own any bottle. Couldn't fill 'em if poultry, opened tho book when, to my horror, the j comPlilincd that she had a defence to the j I did. vo hours deadly chill that T had experienced in the 'euit' prevented from presenting it "I'm an innocent man. Nobody can onstant- morning again crept round me. 5" tnc n Durance her by her husband me i11 the face and say I ever hurt 'cm from my bod, and led me nolens vofens to thc town. I could hear nothing that interested me in any wny, nnd feeling tired and hungry, I derided on breakfa-ting at the hotel which overlooked the market-place, and then ta- king myself back to the cottage, in spite of the mysterious voice. The cheerful and noisy bi U- eo08e-skln over turn which my fancies had taken viudow itself. ---------e WMIII iiiji miiuii-s IJIICI 1-aKCn Fancying that this was caused by the After I had breakfasted I lit my cigar and fron, the open window. I was Mrolled into the bar, where I talked foi ten getting out of bed to close ,t, when I heard minutes with the landlord without eluciZ proceeding from the very ting anything of gre.tter moment than that it was his (the landlord's) opinion that quick You are wanted in ,hings were blld_very; thai Squire Thorn- I bury was going to give n great ball on tho These words produced an indescribable occasion of his dauglHer'sapproaci J trembled from head and that Weston's ox______ tain to carry off the prize at the next Agri- cultural Meeting. I bade him good-morning, nnd turned my homeward. I was cheeked on my way down the high street by a considerable crowd, and upon inquiring what was the matter, was informed that-the Assizes were being held, and that an "interesting" mur- der case was going on. My curiosity was roused, I turned into the court-home, and, with a curious creeping about the rootsof the hair, stood and listened. Hear- nothing mere, I walked to the window, and looked out. Aa before, nothing was to be I stood in the shade of the cur- tain for some minutes, watching for the to.bow hinuelf, Bnd then laughing my own nervousness, closed the window rctarned to bed. morning light now gradual. add, the beating of my own coward heart. I got up and walked about, endeavoring to shake off my fears. The cold shadow, however, followed me about, impeding, as it seemed, my very respiration. I hesitated for a monieut at the door, longing to call up the servant upon some pretext, but, checking myself, I turned to the table, and resolutely sitting down, again opened my journal. As I turned over the leaves of the book, the word Bristol caught my eye. One glance at the page, and in an instant the following circumstances flashed across my memory. I had been in Bristol on that very the day on which this dreadful murder had been committed! On my way to a friend's house, I had missed, nt Bristol, the train I had expected to catch and having a couple of hours to spare, wandered into the town, and entar- ing the first hotel I came to, called for some luncheon. The annoyance I felt at having some hours to wait was aggravated by the noise a workman was making in re- placing a pane of glass in one of the cofl'ee- roem windows. I spoke, to him once or twice, and, finding my remonstrances of no and his friends, that the case would not be and yet I haven't got a roof to called up until the second week in the term. 'ny my noac' JIY old landlady rated On this representation, the court ordered the I I couldn't pay, and I decree of divorce to be stricken from the Cause why ain't it better to dwell on thc rolls. In the meantime, however, the hus- band had married another woman. Here, .then, is a pretty quandary. The lawyers will be puzzled to say whether the second marriage, made after a formal judicial disso- lution of the first, is not quite legal, not- withstanding the Court saw fit to recall its decree of divorce on learning that ithad been obtained bv fraud. To Cure a new axe, put a white hickory handle in it, bore .1 hole in the top of the handle, fill the holo with gum camphor, and seal it up. Then take the axe and cut cord wood at fifty cents a cord, until the heat of the handlo dissolves the camphor. woman in love is a very poor judge of character. She can see nothing but ex- cellence where others see nothing but shal- lowness and rottenness. Ditto ou the oth- er side with a man in more so. teachers sometimes receive very funny excuses for absence of children from recitations. The following is about as original as any we ever saw Ceptathomdigintaters." For the benefit of our readers who never studied law or stuck type, we may add that Bluuleu law or SIUCK w walked to the window, and, with the j tly, boy was kept at home diggiu' tatcw." corner of, the house-top than with a brawl- ing in a wide house But I ain't got a house-top and if I had, a corner wouldn't be safe, would it I'm a clesp'rito man. I'd go to work if it wasn't for my excessive I'm afraid of taking the bread out of some- body's mouth. Besides, wisdom is the principal thing; don't the book say so What's money to wisdom Ain't I study- ing character? If a man kicks me because I can't pay for my lickors, ain't I getting understanding Ain't it a lesson to human natur? I'm tMd the world owes me a, liv- ing. When ia it going to pay, I wonder I'm tired of waiting." VERV Francis Meagher was offered the Clerkship New worth many thousands a year. If he would have accepted, the nomination would have been tendered by all parties. But he de- clined, that he might go untrammelled to the field of battle. But the gallant soldier has a future. When peace shall have been ag-iin re-united, Thomas Francis Meagher will be among those whom the people de- light to honor. teamster may do a good business, wheel-barrow man cairies before flOO, iemain unpaid until they can be pro. 'pcrly examined. Disbursing officers arc not to transfer their duties to agents, and contracts arc to bo made by regular disbursing ollicors of the army. Washington, last Sunday, Col.--------, remarkable for his pom. posity, and efforts to look ferocious rode up to the. door of a boarding-house and knock- ed imperatively. being immediately answered, he repeated the summons furious- ly. A good-natured gentleman occupying rooms on thc second story, possessed of con- siderable wit, thrust out his head, and asked mildly, what was wanted The Colonel, blustcringly, demanded Where is Capt.and Mrs. He was blandly answered, gone to church, sir." When the Colonel with a displeased and magisterial air said, "d------n I want to find people who don't, go to church The gentleman a liltle piqued, instn Is anything the There is, was the hoM'- reply. Have 1 given any You have, sir." Really, 1 am ignorant of it." Sm-li language won't suit here, sir." My dear sir, what hingu.ige You were talking of soup." We were." You mentioned ox-tail." I did." "That is it, that is it, sir. That ladies blushing out of the room that higii- ly improper language which I never heard at any board before, and should not havo expected it from you." Why, sir, I but called it its proper name. You asked a question, and 1 replied. I am, however, sorry that it has given I really do not knuw ho-.v I could well have ,'tvoidcyl it." Then, sir, I advise yon. when you havo occasion wny time to speak of that peculiar soup, do not call it ox. tail." No, sir'." But what shall I call f, A follow- remedy lor tantly replied, remedy lor _ coughs, and is very similar and Gi-n. Scigc.l In CtHctiinati. It is a fact, says Pparance to "Aycr's celebrated Cherry 1W- the Cincinnati Commercial that this distin- viz: Acetate of morphine, 4 grains guished military man, shortly after he came tincture of bloodi-oot, 4 drams wiuo au- to this country, worked at an iron foundry 4 drums syrup_xif- Wild Cherry, 3 in this city, where he was paid the remu- Mix and take a teaspoon I ul nerative sum of S5 a week for his services, times a day, or oftoner, if nocesgary. The. Mexican war however, breaking out j geteoffthe follow- within a, nonth after ho obtained work at will tho next b. th. this foundry, he enlisted and entered that samo r JJucfluse canfpaign as a private soldier. Upon his' return to this city, at the close of thc ho remained but a short time, being indu- ced to go to St. Louis, where he soon be- came the captain or chief of the-associa- tions of Freemen and Turners, was a lady fulls, what she fall a.gaiu.H. Against her own will. teen hundred mid sixiy, and the next will be eighteen hundred and him. The Secretary of War is becoming impatient with the expenses of of music for the! army, it already to a sum tlmt will make this itcjrt of iNEWSPAFERr

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