Monday, October 25, 1841

Gettysburg Adams Sentinel

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Gettysburg Adams Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 25, 1841, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania At -x2 perannum, ia 5U if not paid with in the year- s IT. .2.V per square for three sq.for eaciicontin'ce Resist with care the spirit o! innovation the principles oi your Oovernmett. hotvever specious the "X pursuance of sundry Writs of Yen j dhioni Usaed out of the Saturday Cvurit r. A Palpable the X. Y. Che? nut street Theatre, the other n-sht. du- ring the farce, xvhite the were From the United Sister Gazette. Mr. Clundler Dear Sir I was up- of itveniv rears much ailiicied with r, rr, f.t THE SPItlXG-TiaiE OF THE HE-' Court of Common Pleas of Adams county, j snd to me directed, will be exposed to BY SKETCHES'.. Public Sale, ai she Court-house, in XVijeB chi'.dfcoodV downy track we tread. And pleasure's sun :s s elide RT. with and the rheuma.iW. psrticuhriy in the wir I lhe following occurred At nichw the to winter British and letter from to the EJitor of the Boston Patnoi t says: may add here that -B- breac? j consider the borough of on lhe "Bd f x t j U hours v.-jth looisteDS day oj Aeveuner next, at 1 o'clock, j ,n silence i When sorrow fro-n our siv-35! eve A TR ACT OF L AXD. j Doth tail sear to aerr. usie in township. Ad i Tfien-lhen dolh 'he sea5cn county. Pa. 157 ACRES. The ol lhe heart. From the X. Y. Observer. SENSIBILITY OF THE DEAF AND DUMB. wa ovs nitiaie on W e-t 'trppt. in ihe our-j ough uf on which a--e erect- j sorrows keen, ed a j Fursued oar shares :jo pan, BfilCK HOUSE. I In the youth. i i) i o i i ii The of the heart, and Kitchpn. I'rj.-k zml i c well of near :he oft times turn wl-h searfu! eyes of Wtn. on lii? f L'nto those hc.urs. and Qii-ntin on the and 1 When thro' the world pathway seeia'J "fronting on sirf-ei. Seized A pathway strcivn flo-.-.-Vs-, and in execution as ihe Estdie of j purely :brlh our fec'.snps gusfied, Daniel Baldwin. Free irons and art. j t'ial !llOst halcyon L' T The of the heart 1 A Lot or o round, on York street in the borough of on which are erected a j Mtwo piorv T> iaL.t and tirifk Building and a well of xvaser near tinor. adjoining J.ot of the heir? of Catharine Culp. de- ceased, on the west, and froniinar on she Mam FSreei. and bounded by a twelve- foot alley on the south. Seized and ;a- ten ini liuckir.i Know can be found in oreai Purcel bcuglii, at a fair, a new plenty around the city) put in a pint hot of traae here be de- ji.. home, and his companiof.. by the alcohol, turning the h- i eers with a iiourisa of noisy ex- j Jiurpnt-y. shouldered anew s.pnde thai quid ot a greenish III? then iii pecZsnn to frighten them oil like a (lock of was composed of males and females of various agea eluding two or three young Sadies of about seventeen, of prepossessing appearance their intelligent, happy faces tendering it difficult to believe that the voice of gladness had never broken in upon the silence of their A young man, one of the was on the floor, snd afier having giren art exhibition by signs, of various emotions, 39 fear, hatred, admiration, he was desired by one of the company to illus- i he had purchased. On the way home, j for use. Uaihe the part Affected wiih this j black-birds. A late letter from Canton men- j 'rate love. As he proceeded to express j .Mi'-k. now and then, held out his j preparation a few times, and it will take lions another manisucre. equally evincive of j by gesticulation, the manner of one who {snsde at arm's, length to admire his new away all pain. profundity in military object wished to make himself agreeable to a possession but as this was done in a! I consider it so effectual a remedy, hav j of tllis latter exhibition must have been to j female friend, which he did" with i buy a new pair of brogues. or less, on which are erected a one and days. Go im-.i the (Seep thick listen io hushed, .fin the performance She Interest in A TRACT OF LAND, It is lhe very ga'-e of J actor, represen'.ing ihe plunged lone siar see.-n? a beacon light, hung' head foremost from the end of the bowsprit out frosri his golden poriHiS. to guide iss into the water, and rescued the infant and erring wanderers hcnie. Vice can also us mother, lhe real sailors in the pit delight. and twore that was among the piav peo they The Rock River Tragedy Seller from Judge Ford, daied Oregon city. Illi- nois. Sept. 27ih, to the editor of ihe Pe- oria Register, says 'The persona xvho had a hand in the Dr'iFcall murder last summer, have been indicted and tried at lhe recent term of the circuit court of and not unfrequPntSy a mass i Ogle county. One hundred and twenty of rottenness occurs, surrounded by much i persons were indicted and all acquitted This ruethou has all the advantage of with another which we will ex- plain. When one apple, among many in a bin. rots, the adjoining one? are con- sound fruit. Jsow the use of the lime is to absorb the gasses generated bv the pu- faciire fermentaiion. and prevent such leai'en from spreading. The quantity of lime necessary for this purpose is not grea'. and less than a cuan for a barrel is deemed sufficient. Moon-shine are probably ve rv few people aware of ihe fact that '.he in Germany Adams! }-e3r 7heir vn'u-es. a? they mingle veils of de county. Pa. s-'-jcittlr-a lands of Gfitrgp j around the throne of :Jie Most jI some 'old w Will. Ecq- and oiisirrs. R0t kindle within him.! pie. for no shore-going lubber rouid han-! light of the moon i? of a full and beauti- cnniaining EIGHT more or j amj wJxise spirit not with ec-idle grr-v-lines in such ful green color. The fact is of de- like these? i They went out of the pit in a body, 10 monstrasion. however, by the following is holding con-i look cfier their on tfie stage, and I method- When the moon shines full, io pariakc of a Can of grog. j lay a sheet of while paper horizontally in its rays, and bv the e'nie of the paper O'? Cj 1 etasy on cotstempUiirg srer VVhrt not fee's thst he with pure beings that he is paper j piv.ce a lighted lamp. Place some small eci beiv.-ren the lamp and the paper as lo Crfsi a shadow on paper of size of a dollar or less. Then cut a j hole corresponding wish the size of the by the Price of In April the diligence between Kochechonart and Limoges, France, when conveying a number of witnesses to appear on a irial about tu come on before the court of .Li- moges, was overturned, and many of ihe passengers xvere more or less injur- mirked the deportment of the most re- fined of hersez. to whom all the inieis of intelligence were free: Call it weakness or foolishness lo ba pleased with such an exhibition of the power of the deaf and dumb lo enter into ihe liveliest and lenderest emotions of the human heart but I was just so weak and- foolish that as this timid girl stole out of eight, a mist gathered over my eves, and I found them filling with tearsi What would i not have given for the power to pour upon her hearing ear the of a voice of love; and then to unloose her tongue and listen lo the mu- sic that would come back when the chords of her heart's harp were touched. It may be that the loss of outward; (and. may I say grosser) senses, is more than made up by an exquisite sensibility ed. All arrangements fora compromise of pout that anticipates and exceeds the having failed, actions were brought against expression of sounds ihat takes an im- the proprieior of the diligence, and the j press deep and precious and pure from following sums have been awarded to be j ihe faintest gleam of thought that kindlea paid by him. for the damages occasioned. <n lbe eye. or plays on lhe face of a The is curiou? fora broken thigh j friend; and thus in the still. O! howstili; SSOOf. a bruise on ihe abdomen 800f. a {chambers of that mute spirit, there may wound in ihe hend GOOf. the entire loss of-'heblis-s irm we never feel. a 4500L a broken rib lOOOf. a bro- ken shoulder lOCOf. a rupture 2000f. a in the head GOOf. a contusion 500f. thuo 40Cf. Total, 1 uiior-, whisnrr she'nsme of your oner came to take away the piece of fur- Cm jit gat Jtffeclion in and children employed in the i Ye riches; dyes, and send forth niture. He was qtjiie a man. snd paper that the I i? ve sre 1 weight wss in produce I f-n '-he fiiah road to the eastward of that j Lp'.'.er? from New Orleans business. 'he And then I thought the time is coming when ears may be opened and the full tide of heaven's own music poured "in when those lips will be unsealed, i and break forth into singing before the love now and radi- smiles. It shall hear of love. It shall speak of love. Every sense shall be tempered wjth ethereal fire, and made exquisitely form's old 0135-: :o s-ie ilie. Apt en'.b'enr.s Sife. he -0s any in. she mind of the driver. plsre. not a iiitle puzzietJ, some lisne j gratifying intelligence that ihe weather j alive in joy and every nerve become a ring, which ihe air of heaven shall move in melodv so sweet, that saints and am.OTnn our davs coming, j The sola, thus loaded. arcordir.glv since, by a man digging poti- there had been cold as to render str we __re rradv. like ihe glorious for- in the wagon, and iocs in a field, whsie a young woman necessary, and thai such a rispck j m f _( J tl i i I ri prepared so tnem wr.a a t'--'-'- ef..f 3.u; "flowers, we wrap our hero made his escape, p'j ol i xrarrneriis p.rrw.d in hoiv be-ide him. eqijaliv at some maclu been to the prevailing fever thai' angels, and He who made thai harp, _! t nerv, with a wheel in j ar.sen'-ees ant ha! a r.esr sgncul'.urs; j ;hcsr journe ind Mrangers Commence i'hail wjih rapture foiever. eys '.ii'.'.her j There were oiher pleasing indie Sv.urdav. -Some "jij- '3t he he BITI73I IXGirS CO-IT, For iarge qnannty '_ on bsnd. GEORGE S. 51 ORRIS. 26. 3m ETTERS of adm'ni? estate of CH4RLES I he wa-5 'cr.t il.e had 13 hve, nl'.f'Z io. ;he t-.piiiioni of iho-e in house, so that wlien he arrived r.e his cohered a !u.f-n, a? dt'ssi. Ths: even- ing washed clcKp.-t-vi she v }-'.-n him on bfd ;i.e nior- In a was cij.. aid a gr-nilpmaii a Inixum TORS, tr, serve ono year, wi.l be houl at tl.c i Never alloxv m holmiffhed h-d a holo in ihe hrH i-f t'Jitabtf Jlnrnt the ff iof ihiit whirh "i? .ng s-he horse I'LVM-. u-, U-t-rnal Hie. J B. SlcPlIERSON, Cashiir. Oct. 4. 1C McT.prnl has sailed for Liverpool in lhf- ciuvaidly uf y.'-u be guiliy. Acailia from as it i? airy the 'I peiceive Krch-nd five It la lo to p- ThP iTioat art to Ir-arn mnrh, r.r.dcr- i take a iitUc rJ a

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