Monday, June 16, 1856

Adams Sentinel

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adams Sentinel on Monday, June 16, 1856

Adams Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - June 16, 1856, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania At Or 21 family to foreign IDoincsiir News, politics, iliicraiure, Agriculture, tlroucation, illoralilji, ilSS; if ROBERT G. HARPER, EDITOE AND PROPRIETOR. "UKMST WITH CAUL 1'IIK KIM 111 1' Ol' Ui'ON Till-: I'lUNOII'MvS VuUl! (UlVMIN MKNT, HOWKVKR SI'KCIOIN T11K J'llBTKXTS "__ __- ._ GETTYSBURG. PA.7 MONDAY, JUNE j tier bijuuic 1 25 for curl r.m! 1 VOL. LVI. NO. 32. 'Tis a Night of Glorious Beauty. Tin a night of itlnrious Irauty, With H moon-lit cHUiiiwl fU.v With iioueht I" liruik the The wuiideriiig; niuU'H low Tin- brown fine Iks Phioudyd (.lose, With M-ll of gli-ienini: white; From true bum; [ik'siuwf: pfivrls, lu the moou'e palu, fihery Thb tfrnj' old inoiinttiin loouiuth up the umlni.'lit OMT fok'inii crnndeur Thw mellow UJIOH It-. TCat, Olio brislit ftur nwti-Ui Jt-tuth, glitterinc, like A gem on Lwiutj'ii icy i-linin the lake Is bound, Mill it.' licaiinK I'twt, nil iiround. aliove. below, Si-cmi nt rc-t. 'ti -A which I now hoid. for I remembered to have j arm? seeu one bearing the name oi Nancy Luther. "No such said tbe King, pleas- This letter was iaken from the mail bag, antiy. and it contained seventy-five aud "What then is the object of the thanks- by looking at Ihe post mark, you will ob- giving serve that it was mailed on the very day af- ter tbe hunorcd dollars were taken from .Mrs. Naseby's drawer. I will read it t" j you if you please "Oh, give thanks that it is not worse At a hotel the other evening, a young and fally rooustached dandy from a certain The court n.tddcd ascent, and I read the city was seated at ihe tea table, at raiher a following, which was wishoiit date, save that late hour, when a bar-keeper came in. and, _i .....j. i _. .______ .1. -i wnerc was ter of rags are required for a pound wf paper, and four hundred million pounds were therefore consumed in this way last year." IMS Kenwyne, two dogs, one of which was the parson's, were Sgbtnj" at tbe west end of the church the parsnu, who was then reading the seeond lesson, rushed out of his pew, went down and parted them, returned to the pew, and, doubtful where he h-id left made by tbe ou the oat-side. took a seal opposite. The uac Jy on, y" asked the "Why clerk. and fork, tipped back in his chair, and gazed at the bar-keeper, aud exclaimed j-up wiih a gon- "No, wjs ths Jbe bar-keei-crl'" 'Are r.nt 1 give it "tfis'cr ccnd vu hcer ?cvente live dolcrs which I want kx.-pe for me the servi til I come horn I cant kcpe il beer coz 1 am ia thl- afraid it will git some stule. Dnni spoke wun word a livin abnuJ thl? I <3ent want nobide I hev uti cnny money, I am fiul hccr ony that for uulhin snip of 35z inadwnrJh is heer vit "nlcr I hope 3u git ri'i of Jicr now. Giv 5" my 3uv lu all frcns. This is from your ais-lcr j NAXCY LtTHEji." I ing the dogs, said Rocer. Some on Horses. A man, who wanted .9 buy a horse, asked a friend bow to tell a horde's age. his was ihe repiy. The next day the maa wca! to a hoiss dealer, who showed i hiai {.plctidid black horse. The No, sir. called Nanry LmJifr inel in irrnilile n link1, tlionagh her Jorik your a1 OTJCC, of wjiaiyoo ihadwra, wailing for her to Af-k 3hc jnnjjpy T' I oirnlnl mt tnnljc Tip niy CSJKIPC the jipfir s-hc re til "Now, j him JtfliT aii'3 lhat the kllCT cr ihc'H- rpcfiji'-a. Th? jury A a (3 now I will truly j i'T accounled for ih-pjc the d inic There is a phy.-ician in Trov in a linlc sharp r bajincsf is he give? a party, craois Ihe rfiinc j the Jicin whh and warm how he than twcnly-ftvjr hoars a chokra nmr- in acrnrjiurc1 j Cl-js jn final ihai Ijt-pr- him ciujdmcd fur the Bumblebee" the cognomen of Air. T., of Newburyport. He gained the title from the fact of his catchiug a bumble- bee one day as he was shingling his barn, and iu attempting to destroy the'insect with his hatchet, cut off the ends of his thumb and fore-finder, letting the insect go un- harmed. Other mishaps happened to the same old codger in the same barn. In one of his abstractions he shingled over his spare hatchet; and cutting a small aperture in the building to let a littie daylight in, this man actually set in a wooden as beiug eco- nomical aud-not likely iu be broken Oucle T., in one of bis oblivious freaks, nailed his left arm so firmly betwist two boards of a fence be was putting up, that he had to call help to get esiricated from his self-imprison- ment, lie once put a button on the gate instead of tbe post. But tha rarest of'all was when he ran through the streets with his hands about three feet asunder, held before him, begging the passers-by not to disturb him as he had got the measure of a door- way with him. 85F-A correspondent in Sullivan, Maine, details a very curious case. Capt. Tuftsj of that town, having in a Keg in bis store about two pounds of gunpowder, poured the contents into a paper, which be carried to tbe house and gave it to his wife for safe keeping. Mrs. Tufts put the powder in the oven nf a stove in an unoccupied room, with the intention of taking it out when at lei- sure, but forgot to do so. Not long after this, while Gtpt. T. was sawing in a lath mill, one of his hands was nearly out Hij physicians nearly despaired of his life, as every efiort to stop the blood had proved unavailing. In the mean time a fire was kindled in the stove which contained the powder, ia order to warm the room for the reception of Capt. T. Immediately after kindling the Sre his friends proceeded to carry him into the room, and had just reached the door when tbe powder exploded, breaking tbe clock, stove, and window glass, into atoms aad starling from its place one cud of the house. But tbe carious part externally its appearance is not remarkably ostentatious. The interior finishings and decorations, however, ure very superb. In the main eutrauce, there is a vestibule, fit- led for the reception of ordinary visitors, and close by the staircase ascends through an elliptical opening toward a stained glass dome. Immediately beneath the latter, on a massive base, is Kiss's celebrated bronzo figureof the Shepherd attacked by a Panther, and among other bronze decorations are du- plicates of mantel ornaments possessed by Louis Napoleon. The mirrors are rery massive, ic curiously wrought frames; the ceilings are arched, in strong relief, with a ground work of water colors, and the prominent points tipped with The walls are to be laid over with satin, ia neavy folds. Tbe furniture is in 'a corres- ponding style of elegance, and consists, prin- cipally, of elaborately carved oak. A num- ber of articles are veneered with oaken crot- ches, in the most exquisite manner, sow to closely resemble choice varieties of marble. The library case is almost wholly of oak, and has a lofty arched ceiling, ventilated from the top, aud surrounded with casts of Tasso, Schiller, Goethe, and other celebrated per- sonages. Other apartments are provided for various amusements, and all are fitted up with a view to secure the greatest pos-- sible amount of bodily comfort. Probably tbe most elegant dwelling in tho city is that of M. O. Koberts, reputed to have cost in the neighborhood of 000. _ The residence of Moses Taylor is a dwel- ling fitted up in the most gorgeous style, not less than having been expended in four or five of the apartments. One of these was fitted up at a cost of from 525.- 000 to S30.0QO." We will venture to say, that the statement can be gainsaid, that within ten miles of New York there are thousands of humble cottages in which there is more real happiness than ia either of these splendid palaces. Statistics of iondon. London covers at present ispace of 122 square miles. It contains houces and inhabitants, the annual in- crease of ihe population being upwards of The length of all the different streets is miles. The paving of tbem, cost and the yearly coat of keeping tbe pavezent in repair is 000. London has now miles of gas pipes, aud tbe same amount of water pipes. The introduction of gas cost There are burners in the city which consume every night cu bic feet of gas, valued at or 32, The bankers of London have under their control a capiial of and the different insurance companies have a cash n.r- it n-i "jiiicl; loofcwjg ai me. She onighi my eye, iJic volume ol Ji'imWc ctrtrcaJy 1 read in 3icr mo in a mo- hnlck ney mo- fir <3it3 j'lacc Ihe Isirip when And TJOW, JIC- Of 'I li-ntr, 3 you lo 3 leave my client's a "On ihe liurcan.'' y-fi-nr tanH jfhrTi shf; il TiMii) lhal The cirl arc 3 fiiwlly sLo1 i'l roesn anything, only ihal she joclc; lo What did They lhat ihpir <rs: t'3 JicariJ frpm She he Jjai3 no of Jicr llicy r: DfffrJhr 3'roiicli Snrgi-OT iiiiljini thai sc- ihc j'f'Tft'Ct of violin hv mtrc jirarlicc. He as ihe roiilJa of 3ji- -own csftricTKtf', llic jj'fcflacles as jnjimrujs. ]Mf is of A'i (.trainj Vjzicr, cow in ihe naive ihe f laliati T' "A deal, was the Tari's reply. w i o A ymMijh- T of "Vtry w-ith Mrs, Xascfcy j "Nf-l a jear." "JIow Hiocb os is right. and the rooi Thc who3e as then packed ap in thi necessarily kept, air-tiglt, bat may be freciy So ti'f air. Tbe powder is used 3n I fear Irish rituiss was recent j vAst he incw of ihs character yicl 1 old age an enjoyment, s glo- ry and a snadc. 50 into bed. will roalv- Trioncy wbere. Give bin) an ires and an ic is J heap, sn 3 in than four JL-JHTS owa foar groceries a IJock of for Jratli and vcraciiy, ana since ivcr I've 'Vra icr, sic al- ways tcpt lie bt'Bse cjjitii! ssd daceut." sy arc tncrrviic xnea lite emetics on cia't j> iown. ks.t catch dies is not to play. U horse thieves, 140 dog thieves, S ftejcrs, 23 coanterfeitcrs, and 217 iodi- vidasls -who live directly by the of iJas illicit trade, 141 swindlers, 372 spccalaie oa charity with docn- 443 reemers stofeti goods, Ac.; in all crimintls, who are Ino-wn W tbe police, and -who steal every ycmr to tie atnoutit of for Sat closet doz-cu times, and Hsien lo tie eonveriraliea which tales place betwaea coaple Lave been icsrrit-d one -sink they tliiol; tieciselva? entirely- alone, SarWattr aevw drooL

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