Monday, August 30, 1852

Adams Sentinel

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adams Sentinel on Monday, August 30, 1852

Adams Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - August 30, 1852, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 3V JTomilt, to foreign unit JDotucstic Jftws. agriculture, tiftiuation. JMornKtn, 0ncnre art 3ri, amusement it n vtm At per annum, iu Or SO.ifnot paid within the year. S VOL. LII. 'UKS1ST WITH UAKK TMK SI'IISJT OK IN'.MjVATION Ul'ON Till: UK VOUH O sm-.OUS fcc. fcc. JIPT sq-naro for 3 20 coiila per squaic for each Contiuuauec; T..K 1'K THE PEESENT. Look not I'.irwunl. wnh In-art mill eve. wiili witi-lilul e.inii-ali I'lie in iini-ii'-. us ihi'v tly. lie, ii Will IIM tin- nuiirt' in h HIII in ike iln-i h nir tlii'iiMiwtt. ifsiiil mc-imrv w Of wnsicj ilnyaatttl Imu And, for the fruits ilmi sl ur-i uM li( Tlic moment- spent in vain M.iiln viriii it noliivr a'orc The H tliy wiii-kini; linic, 'I'lir past rcUniiBim inori1. Iji'i nriilu-r incnmry nnr Impc. dreams thy The pri'scru onlv power To in ike iliL- liuurr snnlii. Sn wi.rli, iruth, fur tin- hour in- Down. Tin- future. leave to Hud, The present I.- thiiii1 nwn. HOME. Of ill ilip -pois tlm I ili'nruM p! ICP i- honu: 'Tis there -lie Hives 10 rest, And nevijr loves in roam While ve round iho siniiiii" lirartli. fis lleJIVun'r, Of all thai man c-i-i feel, 'I'lie -ire there While O'IT Ins! alTt'ctinns il, T.ikc lialmy .iir 51 is rire-s. IIK Hiiiilrcn's Unlike the world. lire free from ynile. Of .ill pilgrim p.uli clow. I le nriiost re.-ii'ih h Character for the Character IM everything tii yotinir, :i.s it Llic of success in lifu Jt is hotter than iiKKt. aiujjln fiirtutio it is hotter tiititi tlte of rich anil pow- erful friends. A young person ul'tMubli.-lj- cd character, of virtuous ut' conduct, (luiuirlijiu lie pour, iiml ii-ft lo liis O'.vn unaideil i'iToris, will rarclv fail to nialco a way for himself in the world, lie may lie availed Ijy misfortune hi: may lose his health or fall into adverse and He so cmbar.i.-si'd and in liis ooursc; but as a jrcucnil rule, it cannot lie questioned a tnir character, a clitiractt'r for intelligence, virtue, and worth, is the Mirot jdi'dgu of suceebs in life. For many years 1 have been accustomud to w.iteii with interc.-.t, the fortunes of the young in their progress in and Ion GETTYSBURG. PA., MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 1852. NO. 43.; since have 1 eome to tin that it, so far as .uccess i.s concerned, wheth- er in the learned or iu the or- dinary busine.-, of character, virtue. lutelligoiicc, a well regulated mind and heart, is of higher value than heiivhip to the richest estate than ali outward advan- tages whatever. Such an estate, such ad- vantages, are apt to inflate with pride, to lead In impudence, to idleness and vice whcie this is the ease, it takes but :i short time to S'l'wnder a furtntic and bar BLITZ THE FIRE ANimilLATOR. The recent successful experiment with I llic lire annihilutor.s lias reminded u-. i outwitted ny ehioflv with connected with the lirst ox-' hibiti'Hi of them in -Vow Vork, and which "'''fr caused ti feud between i'. T. Uarnuni and Siirnor Jililz, so wi'.ll known fur his vontril- ahca-, powers, his. skill in training and his extraordinary feats in .Vatlira 1 Ma- E.iliug- Peas with a Peiknife. It is not ofien that men of the world are tli.ue win) are conversant unks; but the author of in (hi: relates a of that rhiMv :i I'role-ssor cu Mathem ilics got uf ,111 nld hunter a stud-int, with a-, lie would have .solved a JJ.irnum had invited the Siirnnr jo be (in New at an e.Mie-iniental as much ea-e proble'ii in h'u A J'rol' of jMathcmatie.s beiti" sent to the A linnnlac'c .Mimutiins for stientilic younger who hail just graduated, anil old hiinti'r, as guide und cook. Pas- sing a cie-iring where wen; some peas, they cainpei o-t the borders ati'l while the Processor exhibition, in which he was interested, uf pn'-poMjs, took with liitn, as a companion, a the machines that put out a great lire with a great smoke. The great, d.'ceii'er was .it, little man, droned h black, with iron r-.-iy hair, and a ro-tlesS, observant P' a small quii'iii.'y to ir'ivo relish lie mingled iu the crowd unre- 'ur diuuer. cognized, of a lonely Tiie temporary structure ill which the was Uking some observations, the hunter lire wa-s to lie kindled, ami then annihilated, illl'l Jptdu-tt.' prepared the dinner. The was about fifteen feet square, aud one storv 1'rofe.vjur noticed a chuckling botwee-i the and a half high. Tliere was an upper floor, i student ;iud the backwoyiNiu in, and sus- but, no stairs, as none were nc-j.icd. The pecting some tiii-k, scrolled quietly- towards ctirpeuter wlio bad nailed it down had tllu to got a uew point of observa- niorely left a hole by which he descended ljllt U1 to watch tlieir proceedings, after performing his job. j Supposing the I'rofoss'jr deep A large concourse of people assembled to i tioiia and angles, they rel.ixed their caution, witness tiie uxperiinent, which wa-i to conic an'l lie observed that each was making a, nff.i little after dark. Tbe spectator-; i spoon with bis penknife. Here aitjiii'.-d at tlietr leisure the building ami the j a conspiracy to deprive him of his share queer looking cans that contained Darnum's tuu be had only a penknife to cat pro- t-licm with. Saying nothing, he walked A Noble Youth. The follow ing anecdote was r.dated to a gentleman, during a night he spent in a iariiilinii'-o m hginia, suiue few years since Jn 17-------, towards I be close of a dtean day, u unman with an infant child was discovered b.ilfbuiicd in the .snow, by a little Virginian, "even year- old. The lad was reluming from school, tmd hearing tbe inoatin of some one in distress, (h'vw down-It's satchel uf aud repaired lo tbe spot, whence the sound proceeded, with a ill unless becoming one of riper linking tbe snow from the benumbed boclv of tbe mot her. am! u-ing means to awaicen her to a sense of her drplorable condition, the noble youth succeeded in getting her upon her feet the infant nest ling upon iN mother's hieait, turned its eyes upon their youthiui pre.-ervt-r and smiled, as it seemed, in fy-atilude for its ]neservation. a countenance filled with hope, tbe gallant youth cheered tho sufferer on, bear- ing with bis tiny arms tbe infant, obild. while the mother leaned for support on tbe shoulder of her little conductor. "My home is bard would lie exclaim, as oft a., her spirits failed; and thus for throe. Minnesota Salt llegiou. Probably tlicn: is not a riebiir '.alt, regioi on the face of (be earth than the one i III unit 'J'bo territory geiierally su] to be valuable for its agricultural n souu-es alone; nothing, however, euu more erroneous. natural ngricit' tural vveallli is probably second to none i tbe Mississippi valiej, but, its niinera wealth i.-c not les-; extensive and valuable. Among tin1 latier its salt stands pre-en'i ucnt. region lies iietwcon ftc-tv-suv en and forty-nine degrees north laiitnde and ninety-seven ninety-nine degree1 longitude. exact locality was ascertain ed and delined bv an cxjieditioii sent ou: from Fort Snelling, by Major ii: The same Majur Long, wards was of tbe expfcditioi across tbe Jio.-ky Mountains, to explore, llie Columbia known as rver anil Jjotin's cspedition.'' Terrilorv A ilcst" ip- miles, did he cheer onward to a happy haven, the mother and child, both of. whom lull- "I'is !i i.iv- nni-ni tin- earth. SUNDEEED TIES. makes him ;t sure and easy wav. to ivealth, to honor, aud to happiness. What I Have Seen aud Heard. A friend of mine a lit tie boy whom f have beard be conh! do sotnelbini; to make people happy, lie has read uf some few great act- oi benevoleoee, and be wishes lie could imitate them, motiev. would trive ;i people he would food. and book-s to all the poor children. I be- lieve the little fellow- really takes comfort, in thinking of tiie good be would do if be bad money enough. 1 have seen tins boy" rush into hi-, moth- er s parlor, without cleaning bis boots from tiie inii'I before be entered bis ea If he i.nly had (leal to clothes, lt--n at last moitnteJ a stand, j cooked. presence restricted the opera- Profes.sor and explainei. pies of tli-j Airiiliilator, and set forth the immense benelits that woulil accrue from it to all combustible communities. JJanium was around, and. a'thouirh he had been search in-.: for iiis friend Ijlitz. wily professor of deviltry dodircd the i showman and remaiiie At lenirtli red nous, and they were able to make but thai- low .spoons. The peus were poured into the dish, and lo it was ail soup 1 'iiagine them seated around their food. each stabbing with his penknife at the peas, which dodge mule1 the surface like trogs wheu pylted hy mischievous boys. Atier ihis ridiculous process had been car- ried on awhile, the hunt-rand student flour- ished their xvo.idon s-poous, aud with a hur- niiddle iu" the flo'T, ami an rah a dive at the peas. The Profes- at invisible, eveij thing was ready. A head of highly combustible matter had been _ As the branches of ivy that twine around j a chair, and begin some line .-.lory lo bis sawooak and minrrle their ten-j mother, wiile.ut notieiii" at evervW-p unls iu their upward course, around the left a .atantirv of mt.'d o" prep ireil on assist int jn'oceediug to s-t, fire to it, when all in tbe winitv by -a cry from the upper room of tin; "Dou't! 1 me out! llou'r burn me up 1" s-hoatc-d u polico ollie.-'r, "tlicre's thos e who love aud ate iul pet up-m titecar- 1 have h-ard mother say Thomas is thai the lace for your cip? loved weave silken, tender fibres, c tiiat con.bino the elasticity of the sapliuir I shall l.ave to forbid v'our coutiJ- into the with the strength of the full gn.wn "mou" parlor unices you reuieniber why arch ot the wood, and bind u-ircthcr the a. scraper are placed at the Theu I indissoluble tics. __ around with tender, yet j have seen her net :i dust-pan and brush and _ _ _ carefully remove the trace.-of his feet, while In tie common walks of life these tics he went' to put awav the cap. Twice iu a arclomicd; m the ordinary, daily inter- single dav 1 have seen this done, tercoursc ot iriouds, they arc strengthened 1 Tlmma? .iocs wish to srive his mother tbeynrc cultivated and dcvcb.pcd by au trouble be loves her, amf often notices amiable a.-twn, a kind word, and a suuuy that her cheek is paie, and she louks wearv .-mile. At lirst, they in.iv indeed be He thinks that if he lives to be a man. his taint, imperceptible but as the flowers of, dear moi her >l.all not work so hard and j-prmg fully dcvclope. in every balmy j so tired as she iWs now. ]Jut a liule breeze, and every smile c.f the sun, so these more tbou-ht would enable Thoma< to save ties, beui" and ciicrished, increase bis fati-ue.and .rive her pleas- till they become the f-ndcst delight and 1 ure even now. Let. her see him keep lii< ttie dearest solace ,.f the heart, amid the j things in order his cup and tippet ores and perplexities of a busy life. in the proper his books wb'ere they hut a destroyer come.-. IVrchaucc "rim disease appears in hideous form, aud pros- trates the form of the loving one. Aud as bend over the couch, anif minister to the wants of the dear one who is laid low__ wheii hojpc ha.< almost ceased to animate our hearts, and a fearful picture, that we dart not gaze UJKHI, is forced to our view, ab to what a fearful tens-ion, then, these ties arc drawn I The death angel is near. His white wing? nie spread wer the cherished oue aud with some token, perhaps pres- sure of the hand, n parting or a tender and confiding smile, to show that love is even in death, she loved is taken from last link is broken. Then these lies arc sundered, torn a a spirit only remains-. Who, tliat lias learned this sad experience that feit Lcart wning witli the :uigiiis3i have osbcrwisc so fra-'ile Kudclv they are such an hour, wo Jlia< ioriou? Jhingas i3je human soul Differ i, ami yet not wrecks! forever. There are few, wry few, who know no1 Jlu: of Mich lies, V ho It45 not i-mm-dinc .nx-n one dear Jo his hcart, !iy dm- Jk-s of jialnrc or alfFix-Sioii. ami in nine lyraut's em- lime wlicn health ami to aiarbk- an. 1 in-- worn with grief, and dy ticsdaiin, it, tllC fearful not We c, thai J3ic they a til in io the lofr.'" Tito master of cereiiionje- into the building, and ordered tiie intni K-r to jump d-uvn. ''1 can't get "Some drunken fnol lias !ie voice. irot up tiiere of in with bis said Jlariiiini, in a ton vexation. "U, for a Maine liquor these diggings'. Somebody must go up and haul tile fellow down.1' A stick of timber wa< procured and pla- ced in a slanting position, ;tnd a pol'cemau managed to crawl uniuto the attic. f Julio, here Ooiue out of this I" said the officer, poking about with bis stick.__ Untto his surprise, be i'oupd im one there. After himself tl-at the place was v.icant, the oilicer came down, curses upon the whole affair. graduate wore surprised. d.iuk countenances at the quiet sor said not u word, but coolly drew forth lii-5 mn-c'.e aud stick, aud" fitting them together, began to la-tie up the soup. Tbe hunter with I'rofess-ir. eba'igiag a fcatme, diiigeiitfy pTjed bis shell, and m a short time every pea had vanished. The wb-ile ope'vit'uii was carried ou with tbe sobriety wiib which he would have re- duced au while tiie hunter aud student looked confusedly at each other, without uttenug a oi" expostulation. 1 be joke was so good, tbat tbe conspirators were compelled to laugh; aud tbe old huu- tcr, as lie licked 1'is empty spoon, confessed thai for once lie hid been outwitted. A "Word to Mothers. The most common cause of :i hi ah shoul- der is to be found in the abominable practice of undres-inggirK' necks the hang- ing of their clothes will permit. Instead of the shoulder straps of their dress bcin-r, us they sboubl be, fairly above tbe root of New Hampshire, a recent purchaser of a farm in the neighborhood of------near this Again did the U-rch-bearer approach to the ae.-omial prows-es. (that is. "ti the ceil- belong, and not on or under the sofa. Let him see that a broom duster never fol- low him through a room. Let him obey and Finally, and abovirall, let her see him growing up in the fear of the and a strict observer of the truth, and he will do much good by his influence and example he will confer happiness mure true and last- wherever he is, than without these light the pile, and again the voice sounded from the upper room. me oat. I On-deinn (hie) ycr pictcrs. null ye bum a fell'r alive iwct me out I Let UK- out! Let me ou-u-ut I'' shouted Ixirnutn to the bearer, "this won't dn. Mr. (joltou, you send a man up into that huiidii'ir wlio iias bis ab'int him? Send h'-u quick- lv. too.'' Another person now ascended to the which ho examined by the light of a lan- tern thai was- passed up to him, aud he any amount of money would enable likewise reported the place empty. him to confer. lie that is faithful in things is the one who would be f.mhful in much. c jug is n most singular utensil. A jiail. a tumbler or decanter can be rinsed, and you may satisfv Yourself bv proof that it is clean but the jug a little hole in the top, and the interior is all darkness. No eye jveiietrates it, no liaud moves over the surface. You ran e3e-in it only by putting in water, shaking it up and pouring it out. If the water o-mes clean, you judge- %vu have in rkaning t3n.- jug, awl OVM. Hence the jng is like the human heart. No mor- tal eye far as as well for dcccn- babblement that was risin like the roic waves around him. ey, for tSe of Jjje child's- health, ought Jo be cweretl. Man v "Have a little patience, gentlemen, art-! 1 have been Thus tlic rial Jaacli- wc'll said lie. _ j ter's if r-.t of raore M-riwis yer kin jimctfl, but yer 1 and ijowjiir who jwvcc-3." growled a member of old Forty- j have t'le Jo .-lip tliat t3ic wiirM will 4 Ivja; a of voices Mnandt-tl froni all jnarls- of tJac building. It of WCM. al -ni, wlien carried is a miMTablr dice. It haJo ytatr jnci lie caK oy tliem in lice preju- tor wLcn you for tJir rc-nnilci] in a Wliat W3jat a the itnnlr ijsloi s1alion< propr; not invoi for the bat 1 t-i 5n- others l3ic hint, lie r< e of llie tint ill aftcrnnpn, aii'3 lie c-vlaiHivJ, in dcr.-. oat of llacir to carJ iistre-ssfully Ijigh dial ii cannot s Ihcn, the of its j-lsjijiiug gaji tlic vliild IIH ali IH-T slioulJu, 1-v a care iis liapii 3'T llie and up 'IT- and proj-er llje if in it i- _'oi riil of. "That 3iajs tliis I inmWe 1 I'll iron i.Tay an cstra if I ever catcln IHMJ-" The rralitv dii3 raorc miwliicf tlwn lie liail fur it jirolialily owins to ll'c confusiM! tiie rimcat a 11 "i in- foiiml aijiou.: wlxiarc UH'filis, aui3 ik'V <j) 1ni-c Jliritj ilic .-IT-- -'tJa-r-jll 3s J4 ]n of I ofa firm jrditlc It that of all liindf. Tibcrc 3s a jmrcliascT wtcn Jraii is 5 ill will nor cooi well; and is lablc. In passing your frait to from well, nnfit for llic llic market Haronm not s that il lie s into one of Jjis Armon J3 sound and perfect be nonnoe ghi not too ready in pro- you think a iwd yrtuth will ne- become a Tnan. Yonder star- always avoid fmit, if tiat: 3 be 'ii tif t3ic world an-i 3cs.s A ir jnrn pic a sj.t iialun-i] WPP! 5> all ihi-richfti wi1! pii-a <3id not mire 3ns friends npnn ]iiiblie but to Sjiic pains for the flitainment of the knowledge necessary for their success in them. plaec. Jjiligeut inquiry for several days found him, and in live mouths after, the identical bouse in wbich we now sitting was erected, and received the happy family. The child g'-ew tip to entered the :i !unb at. New Orleans, but returned to end bis days, a solace to the declining year.- of his aged parents. "Where are they now lasted the nar- rator. exclaimed the son. "I .-tin the rescued is my moihcr.anJ btie, iuip'-iiited on mv naked arms, is tin1, name ot the noble youth, our presener I looked, and read, Spider's Siiread. _ Austrian jiapors state that a merchant of A ieuna has I.itcly piesenli-d to the iuduc- tnal Union of that Capital, the details of a series of experiments made by him to ma'i- ulaeui'-e spider's thread into woven tissues. The thread is wound on a reel, and two dozen spiders produce in minutes a beautiful and delicate thread, two thousand feet in length. The stuil's manufactured from it are spoken of us being far iu be.iuty and dclicacv of fabric to iliose ofs'lk. was a judicious resolution of a father, as well as a must pleasing couaplt- ment to bis wife, when, ou being asked what he intended io du with bis gT'-'s, he "1 intend to atip-entice them to ib est brine. So s.'wir Jug in it, upon er csci'llent iiinthfr. they iiiny learn the art of ti'iie. and be fitted to become, like her; wivej, nunhers, and heads of families, ainl useful uicinbers of society. were greatly utnUseil the other day at the u small, but vvrv stur- dy urchin, win; came rou'id flic cor- ner with his fluttering wind. face smeared with inohursx-s, aud a flourished in hand, while he sluHtlTi...; to another buy. about the sv.e uf a peppe-- of that salt region, together with its lo- cality, will be found iu the Topog at Washiiigton. Our first infonmition of that s.-ilt r< was fVom a. soldier in the CApeditiou. says tbat they bad been travelling for seve- ral days over a vast rolling p'aiti, with no trees or water; Ihe troops ami horses almost famishing wjth thirst, when they came sud- denly upon the shore o." a beautiful lake about half a ts-ile in diameter, sunk down deep iu tbe p'ain. Jt rese-ubled a vast sink bola. From tbe iieight above the waters a vast snow bank seemed to line its shore, but upou ei-aintoaiiou, it p'-oved be a'i incrus- tation of pore aud as white as snow. Tbe waters of tbe bike we 'e srronsc- ,v.ts it, that ooo batb- g out, iu a few utei would be covered with the white ervs- talizaiioi! of salt. If tliib salt region be as rich it is sun- posed to be, a railroad projected hito it would prove to be the best slock in the coun'.ry. There are mines; of undeveloped wealth more extensive, more du-abie and njoic i'uporlant than all the gold regions beyond tbe I'.ocky mouutai-is. We are informed also that a very short distance below tbe surface, the pure rock talt lies in strata like coal or lime rock. We hope the attention of the public aud the govern- ment will be turned to tiie subject. There is a '-egiou lyi'ig i'i our im mediate neighbor- hood, almost unknown, containing mo.e iinriiisic wealth than any State in the Uniou, and wh-cb would yield an annual income piv'-ably tbe entire reveuue of the Limit- box, who Tin; Hold. This htijre es- tablistsn'ont, after an expenditure o? 000 and three years of constant labor, is ou the point of completion, and is announced to be opened on the 1st of September. It is, with scarcely an exception, the most gorgeously furnished hotel of its in exisience. costlv tip- holstery and cabi'ict choice marbles and rich velvet render its apart- ments luxurious !o a decree not easily dc- seribud. The building, which has a front- age on Uroudway and Prince street of 5 Id feet, or nearly one-tenth of a ini'e, is five stones in heigl't. and is beautifully decorated throughout with rich paiuliug, of every simile, of every color and variety of style. Nearly oue hundred jiaHors, with bath roo-.iis and chambers attacl'etl, arc richly overlaid with velvet of the mostciist'y kind, and overhuni; with drapery of a design and shade corresponding with tbe fresco painting of the which is in no two the same- Besides near a quarter of a mile dii'.vn ihe .-treei. "0. IJill. Bill Get as many hoys as ev- er you can. nnd as waiiy sl-iiig'es as you can, and eujne up the sirci-t. the corner, as ;is lr. Jfarah C.uiter "Wri.'ii Oil 13} intn's o' these, there are about in a style but little inferior, with hot, ami co'd luths and every other convenience. All the principal rooms are provided with furniture, aud va- rimialy heavy silk brccateHc. The cnii-e building will accommod.Tle from (300 to TG'l giK'sls. b'.-th mantle and j'ier glasses, placed in the main parlors, the of which is not far The are by SI i'cct. and a1 c than im- ported. One of these is placed in tl-e bri- r cum- 1 .ired of 3icr intended Cnra rite if ing at all, is jxisjs shall have hnn, awi lie ajid jally tlu'1 3 1. iu'i nut 3 nuiit lime a Irller aavxl winter, and I j-Jajul is .niy Ywirilame -It fun 1" t3ni a Jat-- phibi-opher if l-uiLl v3iYl5 .-unl Ins -V. hall-, b of (Hr. gut <3 3 b 'almut "'is' that a .-.juvaai lly li-eld in llrat slarl- wljlrli was j-iijtn- di.-j.-iinv off. On a branch, .111'] dr.'Djk. i He cone far befTC rq W, 1 amj a, P.WJW! a Js 3n, a duel, al hotel of the city, with some very choice obacco smoke from two gentlemen opposite ne. They breakfasted upon bread and luttcr, tobacco, egg? and coffee, and I do ot doubt that tho pipe often furnishes the lie lower classes a light aud wholesome ueal. T'-friUc J) tauter from fr, the 'licil in a or it num, wiib :m ample toillion applaud yon, harm 3011 y when they you, what good r- lt liilly 'f we prc-inm: may ML t pirit, an] have it says he uevu- was strati. Arrttijiir Small A. J. Kdcman, a prclcaW Hungarian tor, bren asrr.-tol at Newark, J., charged with cansing the deali of two of children by inoculating iJipiii for Jinall pox. The states that Kvlcraan that which was jicrfonneiJ about the last of ?laj, wa< vartinatinn, tlio vaccine matter tal-oTi fmm the arm of a wbich hail brrn with Jnattcr from tbo of own child, it provii! the child from wbidb Uiolc tlx matter ibc the and of it. sr.xy.nd cljiW t-i Uahr the from the- one vaccinated, both d <r for act-. toasly, are as brook to tic thirstj twvcller. courtly COBKJ grutwi-

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