Monday, January 15, 1844

Adams Sentinel

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adams Sentinel on Monday, January 15, 1844

Adams Sentinel (Newspaper) - January 15, 1844, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania At OU per annum, in advancer- 50, if bot paid frithtn-riwyear._> GxSARPER, EDITOR AND TB I C Adverti per iqaare-fqr-8'Wcclry'; 25 cents for each .rontiriuartce. "RESIST WITH SPIRIT OF IXNOVATJ0N UPON PRLN'CIPLKS SPECICUS THE FOKTRY. 'from Godty's Ludy't January S. J. HALF.. cos arc in the humblest home, jjildhood's route.iw there, d poinfprt in the lowlieBt rupuij Wherp.fltnmLi 1111 olti Ariii-Chair.... On Davy Crockett's return constituents, after his first sessiopin Cat of thejn surrounded beganXo'1 interrogate him about Washinewn. "What time do the dine at asked, dshington, said he4 "common Mr. Webster, it will be seen RISING. by this extract from leite. the Commercial Adverjiscr., is an early to er: When" I came Jo breakfast I found that Mr. Webster had been up several hours, writing by candle light, in his stu- dy." correspflridenEg 'nnd other writing for the day finished, and he was qnite at leisure to" company me any where., n. Those troublesome juVea- iles, denominated by sotnolwly us are described in a late Lmu parents sliould the vraitembluHct of their own offspring in the sketch, they should immediately set about ;i reformation either in the nurserj- gavcnumnif, or in the pajentnl rt" gime _ GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE. _. jlinc. Tlie experiment has .b.een fully {.Concluded from last woeL] tp ifoo .satisfaction of the Thej-evemie derived from the piMic 'guine friends of the works during the past competition in the carrying though not realixjng the estimates which 'These boats during the-- past' yetir Raye were formed at tlur t'uiiuiu'iicHtiifiit uf j "reduced "the handsome I of teeT1 J profit to the Commonwealth over the ex- j tolls and tonnage, arid given to their fe i! We kitow Slit Hope .with Hath warm rd the mother's breast Weitww the Hath foiimT u place of Bright visions of the household band, Of faith, and prayer j .HeojtjpinciJ with, baud with SurrQiirid ihe Cnuir. grace con A charm to most-fcir, bright'flame, dinners at one but the gentry, and.big. at three; As, for rep- resentatives we at four; and, aristocracy and the Senate, they dcfnt gal their, ivjtcn does the-PTesideiitfodder4" Hickory'1'V'ex theOoionel to appoint a time in aecordaifrcewiijv the dignity-of the- jjiekory Jfe don't Another species which we do ubt not is knoyvn% mosUof .our read- be in mamma's angel-boy, U11Y --H. T- Mr, of the or betnno- present bed, and sleeps the riy or some pressing engagement has in of wledge, we strongly The report Canal Coiamissioncrs which will be laid before .you, and to Vrhich ypur particulat js invited suffer, one of them her' at and railroad; Ipes-'pf that ce it his gowl Arm 'y power, Irmrto lie is found in-a'sound 1 r ,m the parlor, But "he that TIT TO be expected is7 will wipeits sticky finders, 1 M 1 'ti frjira the ice in 1848, closely; jde'nUfiied; V Aretucjein tne nrcfnund} What nerves, thecwre tnarr with Htrength, Thotue and liis'mayTesra't length Within a good Arm The monarch on his golden threnc, Of hundred kings the heir, "ImpoWiirif for heard hiriPsay there have Colonel Ussey; of the ;parish of-De Soto, and dressed hi has shaved fhat he hasTuItylested a reinedy'forl troublesome: to tterjget for six months 't if a whole glass 'of wine is not thrown over-her 7lap into the bargain. 'Can he, as with one itjiujg-ugui. jLjxejrjoining is "uikets, tut stutlyTfor writing, for think- i make a couch of; ing, arid for all kinds of mental-labor ''stir the fire possession irom the time when {lie first streak olTfr spring, the liavijmble gislatiire. -In th >-i- -t -weeks is of 1843 was rendered about eight ___ _ ______ _ -t paid 'by section boats'was SI ..__ oLwhich 65: visitor's hat, his ee year. A likewise, .tookJ tke Siftte trucks. To to place among the boatmen on tlie- Dela- phe system; tb meet the ware division, which existed for several Jm Emtl. till putting a sequent upon the cominuedincrlaW: in the mnbcrof tVith willing hand sncLppen mind, -------Looks-upvclear-cycd, to heav< Strong, pure mountain wind, even. Ay, such the niSiVthat pod liailii .Whom angels guard with care. Jk it, then pour out.t-hp..white, forc.noon, scarcely u nio-ito retaining the yolk in the shell, nut in salt ment is lost; and it 'is .then 'that the a monstrous knack andmix with the yolk as long as it will; mighty results which his life 1 ?f on a gentleman's knee., kicking "Hfe'li his .bisj receive it; put a" portion of this a cer about twice-a .day. Ho .has made are produced. I tonally call uirhiinas eurly-as ten in the morning, and find him apparently Unoc- cupie'aTready to converse with them and "hisshins eyes out- gore'i Angela of tl than Notwithstanding these imptrdiments, ded. to'that cx'peririijpcd from.....the .higl i, andnfvery young, poking his: floods otHte Juniata in September.lak, -with their iirJK Vngcla of this claaa make- a point ail iiicii'ase OHT tilt- ii-cuibthuf 'A-is t JyiConTc ab'sbluiely Sft odditionnllrains wilt tie: .point of handling every thing "within their reach, bfealdng China j over-setting or- iiunit'iits Tvorse than a and. they maim all sorts animals at the opemHfi of die -the expectation-isr en regure 'd the experiment in two instances in his wi "Most" of 'the-ancient philosophers might-be named as patterns of health, temperance, and long life. .Pythagoras, in, particular, restricted himself to Beautiful is like a .mirror, catching and they rarely if ever sp.e him 'l n-m Images all around ft Remember that very much .at theirsEWiee, wonder when Mr. Webster does his yot abstract of live re- I ject ccipt's and expenditures on the several lines "exhibits the. following result: that cannot detendthemselvcs; they it iiiiiiocii iu rciittti." P --i i i JeinJ business men, engaged. The: JruthJ is ;Upon cat's tails, "pull-thft feathers -out that when their day's work "beirins his-itne canary's wings, take the goldTish" _____'j_ ends; are Main Loae, o makes them ForThYse and sun De.hiwnre DiviMJon; 92 North .BrynchcH; heart-it upwards ot 6ighW years.' His Mowers. i., j j .-L _ jier-dietj-aftarwith-results-------- Tt -s known JllsQ. ble. for temperance, uuu loitgeyity -too, when; hot rexrioved .Jby 'exvf fox to Cle- nienty-lived_ upon vegetable diet. The eastern ChiLadUh olished no after .scouring or -yawnipg. up of This habitT his The editor of "The asks the following question ;_ -pi d-ycru ever -Vtfow a young hold a -sk'ienjjf yarnyfor at Ms-favorite getting it of ledge on all subjects which have render- ed other and-has-at the same- time" afforded hinp so much lei- bis friendsr visiting ,With them; just as'friey.-do keep them dogs, angel macSws, and aneel Add increase "of aio'ck on Coluiii'- 6m 'njialJe the terms, tli'ari" can HP ,tion. into the deserts of Egj'pt and Arabia, alldwed themselves but id per- dayVas theirHDhly solid food, Strangely tangledT au.eichanger but hejtuned-out "an old Me ffio for vedrlong and happy. .St. Anthony, lived iTnapartyof ladies the conyeii'atibn Mr. is ma in the Philadelphia Law Repbrlei fur Ji iiary, tb'at Mr. WebsfeT is writinc retaliatory exeipse oLlh light of-seaich. Corrtrnandeirof "and decreaseiof tolls on the different lines, as.-cj5mpared tory ofihe-ado gjyirhaut 105; Ji Jcromcv 115; find'Romattldus on Health and'Long wild birds fruT m rnanv'arlmirprs'rinf fpw rtfi 67 sat by lamenting the degeneracy of the times, "counting is nothing to what it-was when'I was-young than a work from his own pen on such a IDT. Rush was student -what per cent, he thought had been added aid of Satufciavj in and statements which .have been published relative captain of one of-.'the British vessels, who was 7T iinieiFrehch me tiiat he ivtia wll on board myjVessel, Beaver, Shenango French Creek, Increase in 18-13, ,536 28 03 to thb uiifofUinatcdiffieulty-betvvjien Dr. Win! of ithat town, gives the" on board rnyjvess thai liTieithed to Engluh a It, thac subjects. <m order that they inluhl It ;pte that It is a-remarkable fact that the, common a doctofs" "sulkey But the- most extra- -passes by a flock; tONJb.uman-.liie by the skiltot practitioners of-nlMicine to include old increase hasJSeen but if you inconvenience of being treated themttlvet at they Dr; are, that Tyler.- who is the fathpf nf n This is" tfieTarne lish of lesson tfie- "ordinary ol all the speeches of the ieath- is that of me may 'be regarded as deciding a controi; in the s, negro who a in North large family, and generally esteemed-as one ofthe mostiniluential antUespectable "citizens of many years cft- civil community. Oldchahticfecrawttkes .in the-morning, claps his wings and vo- W omen rule h-e-r-c Immediately from a neighboring roost, another answers, Carolina last week, on being exalntrle3_ as to the nature of-an bath, was if_he. knew what would be the cbnse- if-ho told- a j also PresidenTefthe Farmers' and Mechanics' at this' received some, time seem to. liave, The ctzen king, entrapped a. treaty that does no honor to his shrewdness, fsdetermin- to nuilify' and French Creek, 11 Total exccaa of reccjpla overexpendi- turea, ago from'the Governon olasonie- put-reciprocity, and this new Jessbn, unHoubtedlyrwill teach Tohn. it appeayis-tjiatr ol the iiviiill oxcosi) the-saje, and Av Jfc hose into whose- haMs 'of H r'. be said he "ears no share in the kingdom-.'' they do h-e-r-e I" This is no soorieruttered thair'a third responds at distance, they do eyely w-h-c-lve hostilecharacter, to which, howev- no attention paid. More recently -another lejter, couched in J'ahiable Providence Chronicle, m noticing Senator Colquitt's recent sermon at the Wesley .Chapel in K says'; the system have pressed, annT do not need tVI6's't.1f hot all the'soIveriE ihsiiTutionilifff'e ult. 'now "'reMi'-fncd specie' -Editors in Congrjesn. There arc six T' into execution, at mo- U. on the 1st of Novcm- And the reason there arc so many old T milrr g bachelors, retorted the sister, is because of their light "can't get on their.knees to declare passion.. ovGrnnc' of Augusta, Me. Ed- matter of prudence as to take leiitures a very gratitying res liabilities trie rast year Old Bachelors do not as 'other__men._ They have nobody to; mund_Biirke amhJohrrR. Kedding, of New Hampshire; Chi- cago, Illinois; Yolney E. Howard, of Mississippi-; vaiiia. .Severance worked us a journey- man printer in Washington, before he J_L_____________ hose -Steps lor his protection which the aws of his country-have pointed out as proper" in.such cases. Accordingly, it taarrest they w-i o .re hut the sickness of Judge Buchanan, and tlie absence of the other Judges, or ofthe Death of to 65 equal to about received fronr my brother, N: Pcr cent- on 1'1C original cost of the j bounds ofprudence, that we shall tiot see July and Ilie. motive power depart- a nf ment. .-ments. wjiigh Ffirnc vpars-feast- the melancholy intelligence of the death t of three Simons, i pursuance-of the provisions of the of Burmah, Mrs. Comstock, of Arrakan, [IICt -pa dista-ssed the commumty. The graaual restoration of-public ,anB priyate confi- 1 11 i "'i ings. They eaten coldTand they nave nobody to make them sage tea, conse- quently they drop off. _ An unsophisticated Tcnncssoan. who_ not nnrlersinnrl ilie Grey Hairs and Xative The town of Walpole, Massachusetts, has been thrown into great excitement by the until Friday evening of last week, when the Governor promptly gave bail, before Judge the sum of to keep the" peace." qffetuoso of fashionable music to i hear Ole Bull, and afka he had been per- forming one of his most difficult "ges, the audience applaudrd vrhmu-nt- ly. A lady turning to not rtiost gentleman, 65 years ot'ajrr, with a young ffirl of about years of ago' one of the operatives in the cotton factory of her "tray wlm-is rrproKpnted to be both handsome and bewitching. They of Freedom. From an official return just presented to the Government of Great Britain it ap- pcars that .since the year Ib29, no less -ro J- I rroimsn a Company is vigorously prosecuting the as required by the wants of the "countrj% [work, and gives fair promise of its early which will'be redeemable in completion. That portion of the divis- I don't hear any muMc." an- swered the untutored Ti-nnpssefin. "but 1 do wish he would quit that tuning, and play tator. had passed mnn and ivifr, but all at tcmpt.< to track them fartiier has proved abortive. What mikes the rasi- more s'ranije is Mr. lias left a wife and larei% f'imily ofchiidren. '-ome of Thcro is a crood deal of saucy in Byron's anecdote of the lair Astronomers. He- says, literary ladies being asked they could be sufficiently interested in astronomy to sn rourh time in wa'tchins; the licdjhat di.-v Copper nn Suprrior, A Detroit correspondepi ol the Rochester Democrat states that veins of copper and lead ore have been discovered in Northern Michigan, bordering on Lake Superior, bv an "I fast Ncw'Ybrk Observer contains a letter from a Boston correspondent, which .states that there is i in some ofthe London papers recrived by the Hibornia an extract of a letter! 'Jrnm Mosu[ of very great interr-M. The of this extract is, that T-t-l Nx-storians, who had been driven; beinrj reinforced Ly the 'tribes fiinone wlMm they had taken re- had ivrrri.-iSf-d the river, recoverrd , villactin djiveii .ihe 1 Roords the greater part of the' Tivarv country, and ofthe .mountain by which alone the Country ran he invaded. U-i- to be hoped that the next arrivaLinay, r on firm intollirrpiiro. and chat the" hearts "of Christians may "be rejoired ny hearing than forty-five thousand new houses, for- ming seven hundred and fifty new streets and squares, have been erected, or are in the course of building, in London fyjrl its suburbs. It is stated that with the. ernor's MesJ-ap'1, went from LnnraMer to Philadelphia, miles.) tu one hour and fifty-seven miivites. The Pcunsylvaniuu jtiiblisho a of thirtv-eirht locofori'i papers whirh are favorabl.'to 1 Jeury A. Muhlenberi: for J'ovenior, and sixty favorable to Francis H. Phunk. ll seems to be the peivnil inipresMoti thnt Mr. Muhlen- berf will r--ceivc the iioniiii'U.lUli. i ion from the Ohio HTVCT-to the town of to the terr demand. As no bank charter will c.xpjre-durir tlie remainder of the present eiecuth'c the charter, remains in the possession of j term, there will be no necessity the Commonwralth, until the completion laws for their renewal at of the whole-liiifl. A port ion of The practice of rcwwlrsg' incor- the on it during the poraticn long before the expiration of ex- nva.s caused 1 Repairs to the works since j_i.vyng chartgrSj is manifestly wrong, transrcTfra. j where .U.mayl-eva'Miui'tly Be. Ir is evident from the foreeonitr ab-1 pro; er to continue them. Under present strarts. and from a review ot the details 'circumstances, I think it would not be rcint.'fined in tlv t'anal 'omrnisMoners- to embarrass the administration of report, that the Main line and my Miofessor. ly prematurely legislating Divhsinn, can at all times, made scur- _ subjects that will belpnfjto that pe- r.'s of piofiifiWe flu' noJ uf the admuii.Vitati'on of tin? govcrn- momvcahh. bv the exercise of a proper; ment. The situation of ihe vigilance over the (lisbursemcnt.s. Much its business certainly does not require the has been don-.; towards1" infrodurintr a granting of nny bank charters. system of strict economy, and di'-pensinir vinp that the evils of banking arc correc- with oiiic'-is. and laborers, u liosi-: ted by the rrocxl sense ol the community, 'sernce fends thr-tnrTTrmtt fff; I fpnprattilntc'f upon the Ij iii .1 I'm ill curiosity to sec h.'ther ally a man iu the moon re- There is a better way ot'tilling mes than by consukmg an Al- manac. Constant occupation preveni.- tion, and begets cpntentinont and the true the I S. Government tor over one hun- liri'd 1'ive separate rninprmies. with provisions, ammnnition and ot tier necessaries for seven months, (un- 1 til th'ev rnn trtr- sprinjr) ffrr (mm tlw fury of tli Covranl. juTve per Harbor, and The Hiver. Y. Hrprcssr-sTirs- that persons m are ready ute Hiiy aiiiKiiut of money m Jr.ff d m ly as i; is discovered. '1 persist in is ab--oiutf tolly. 'an it be to acknowledge that wo hnvo discAverod the truth be out aii'l perfected, all doubt mediate contiileiau.m of the subject lor must vanish as to the ot thew the present session (it lunst. two portions'of the public works The'repon ot the Superintendent of as uiran.s of rrveuue.' Prliool.--, will exhibit introfhiruon o An ht'iir's industry will do mon- t" ri'.d flrK'V'1 "iir !'''i'i a n.-niMi i 'i''. m nf fidvanct the of this most i'i! trucks fur tl.eir nil mr .j.-ublic institutions, can-- the t o ii'i.'H be do stnuigjv mmmcndcd. to your -T f. MM-. ,r. ,1 t

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