Wednesday, December 26, 1827

Adams Sentinel

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adams Sentinel on Wednesday, December 26, 1827

Adams Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - December 26, 1827, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania _ I. i i i .1 i ii.......L "i i u' nil I il ii i.....i ii i i i t' ..._ ABAMB SENTINEL" is published every- 'Wednesday, at i hot" .a three t offered for Rentjby Pub Vl Uc VendueVon Me _. PROCLAMATION. Tjke also to be 'introduced by our cab. vantages in Corinth. In France, according to the state- ments 6f the Prefects, only do opposi- tion members will be .returned to the v .chamber of Deputies. ,Th6 electoral colleges for the Arrondiasements were totoave meton'the Ifth of TJie censorship of thfrpress will be newed after the election, until which jy.ilUojay rn'e-'Kussianaccofitnts niadejjt) of nothing im- portant, details Bee foreign news. Paragraphs like tfyese, i as to; the ulterior Views, t, i partyv We know that been tnade to stilj publii s on'this pojint, but we i tltese attempts We apprehension w justly r i all-important subject, and UK not tHe public anxiety of Peimgyivama, to me adirectedi 3STQTICE ii hereby given, to of Adams County, that an Subscriberoffers vat Private OF ;JLANDy si- Mpuntpy county, adjpintng lands of Thomas La- riftier and containing about T lilt day iiexti at the "late DwelKng-hoiwe i CHRISTIAN BECKER, deceased; in Stra ban .tdinnishipithe J'injlhe high- state of cultivation, and a large por- tion of itvin meadows ;a comfortable two-story wetither-bioarded, and log Kitchen -r log Barn, and Stabfes Corn-house and Cave an exGellent, Apple .Orchard, With i variety of other Fr-ulf Tfees; springs of water, two wells pump at the door, This fronts g-reat-Turnpike koadleidingfrom Baltipioreto Pitts- bure "between Gettysburg and Littles- Town, 5 miles from each. The terms >yill be reasonable, and a large portion of the pure fty at easy payirientg._ Persons wishing to purchase will be shewa the property by the Subscriber on theplace. Subscyber takes this op- portunity of Itis friends, for the patronage tve has receiv.- -I----- W ml r-prsaicl A id Stills arid Vessels, Horses, Ryef by the and iiarness, an _ nuts, and, set of old mill irons, and a great of ffousefyfld, Kitchen Furniture. Sale to commence at 10 p'clpck, ,-A.- M. Viien. attendance and :a credit. will be iriven by the Execwtow; b State Legislature, isiy the vacancy occasioned by the deSb-of T. T. BONNER, Esq.' Will fbe held on the Bee. iivati at Districts composed p fend disa j i In speaking on this sub 11, i editor of thejRichinohd ff i S, Kentucky learn, says to questions, ____ VIA the First District, composed "of the'fcorough of the" the Cpurt in Gettysburg. District, composed'of %_ _ iu d we saw many mouths the National Aajt MesirsT] under Gen> Jackson's own h.m.l, Calhonn Chiltdn have Vtiwkr fa' fa used, that-tu- ed theW claims tP the contested in astonished and Startled by the <n Congress, tinder the late election, and j gant supported in Mt V- have fairly agreed to issue to J first message.''" a new election, which the Governor of the State has, no doubt, ordered to be held'. W-TTJ rthelowhship of Germany, at the _ now''occupied" by Mr, the town of Petersburg, in township of the third quarter of ear, commencing 1st July, and enSiiig 30th Sept- i warty passengers arrived lit the Port of Nbw-YorJc, from foreign ports Amtrican. It and interest hkve on thepub- tl J _i? <_. lie debt, .put of the means SUI7i any assistancftv whatever j. ta. i The following distressing event, Of Alt rh U A I _ A _ _ S Ae Offered, Sale, on On Middfe-streetjiri'said Borough, and AN OUT-LOT, ed Jn this neighborliobd; ami request those who are indebted to him, that they will make early those having any claims against him, will please present their bills forjiqui- near the Townrcontaining about Eight Acres. r Sale to commence at I o'clock, P.M. when be given, and the terms.made known by A. LIGHTEN WALTER, erniauy. In the Third District, composed of the townships of Berwick and Mount- pieasatit, at the house formerly occupi- ed by Stttrgeotri-in thertowii' of In the Fourth District, the townships of HSintington and Lati- morev at the house of Gen. Samuel the-4owri "of Petersburg, in GEORGE WELSH, the township of Huiitington. In the Fifth composed of the townships of Harniltonban andrLib- efly, at the house now occupied by 'Col. James Millers-Town. In the JSixth of crept -watchTJor game, and mimicked theitali of he the ball had passed-, leaving through the head of his companion, Is indescrjibable. Balt.Chron; theltownships of Hanultoujuid I ing, at the honse formerly occupied by Adam Swartz, in the town of Berlin. ;t, composedjof at the_hPuse -ofJohn CHILLICO'THE, Dec. 6.v A lamentable instance of the deplo- rable effects which result -from an ex- %m I IQTI 1'QOft rtf QA JLdUi ending September ted at and fondness -.for--ardenV occurred on Thursday afternopn, with'; THOMAS WILSON. Dec. U. tv Coutt Dec. 18. 3t PUBLIC SALE. WILL be offered, at Public Sale, Wednesday the Id of Janua- ry next, on the premises, containing _16a ACRES, situate in Mountpleasaht township, Adams coun- ty, adjoiniftg lands of Samuel Swope, and other larrds of the subscriber. The improvements'are "a MLog I) well ing-House, stone- s and never Tailing water a good Apple Orchard, and a great number of Peach, Pear, and Plumb trees a sufficiency of meadow and wood-land. A further description is no per- son will purchase, we presume, before viewing the premises. A Patent Right, clear of ull incumbrance, will be given to the purchaser. If. BRINKERHOFF. Dec. 18. ts not Sold on said day, it will be RENTED for one year, to the highest bidder. WILL be exposed Sale, on Saturday the Sth of January nsxf, on the premises, ____________ THE UNDIVIDED ONE-FOURTH PART Ol ot situate in Mountpleasant township, A- dams adjoining lands of Peter Weikert, Abraham Eckert and others, about in a few yards of our office. An indi- vidual named _Wk, ARMSiROjSfi, ;just -Ua from is .the act duties on :v are, therefore, .at a to pfVhiGh about 90 acres are cleared, the Jialance well timbered about 20 a- T the cleared, .land is good mea- dow. The improvements are a large two-story "--r i 4 In the Eighth District, composed of the township of Straban, at the house formerly occupied by John in In the Ninth District, composed of the '.ownship of Franklin, at the blouse of John Marks, in said township. In the Tenth District, the tbwnship of Conowago, at the house of Adam Oaster, in M'Sherrystown. In the ElevenfltrBTStrict, the love of the liquor, or from previous intoxication, undertook to drink a quart of whiskey, which some, unthinking persons had agreed to bestow on him for the purpose; and, after huzzaingr for JACKSON, actually toswal-j low about three halfpinft in the course of a few minutes As might naturally" be expected, the draught was almost instantly fatal; and the wretched man, who hair come to this place for the FOR RENT. WILL be Rented by Public Outcry, on Thursday the, of January the premises, House, with a '_ brick back building, 2 Log Barns, a Stone STtLL-HOUSE, a pump near the of the house, and a never-failing spring near, the still- be soJd as the Estate of JA- COB The terms of sale will be made known on said day, when attendance will be given by JOHN SNYDER, JMm'r. By the Court, GEO. ZIEGLER, CTJc. Dec. 18. ts of the township of Tyrone, at the house of Michael Bower, in Heidlersburg, in said township. Jn the Twelfth District, composed of thfftownship of Mountjoy.'at t'hchouse Convejancing. Subscriber informs his friends and tbe-public, that he will attend" of Thomas Larimer, in said township. By the act regulating the Elections in this Commonwealth, it is made the duty of the Judges, Inspectors, and Clerks, who officiated at the General Election in October, to attend and per- form thellu ties required of them at this Election. They will therefore attend at the places of their Districts, on said daj', at nine o'clock in the forenoon, to do and perform the several duties en- joined on them by said Act. Given under my hand at Gettysburg, this 7th day of December, in the year of our PHILIP HEAGY, S purpose, as we understand, of teaching' a last-'-afrout dusk the same evening, in spite of every ex- ertion which was made forhis recovery. Three or .four individuals were taken up situate in Mountpleasant township, A- dams county, containing 1 20 Acres, late the property ofMratuim Hoogfilelin, de- ceased. The improvements are a Stone and a large frame Barn a good Apple and Peach Orchard never-fail- ing springs with Oufiiciency of mea- dow, Sec. ii. Adm'r. Dec. __ tv COMPLETE TWO HOUSE to the business of CON VEYANCING, ai his Office in South Baltimoi-e-street, next door to B. Gilbert's Mortgages, Releases, Bonds, will be drawn with neatness 8c despatch. ISAIAH DILL. Gettysburg, July 31. __tf_ next morning on suspicion of having, by dint of threats, induced him to swal- low the poisonous liquid; but after ha- ving undergone an examination before the Mayor, they were all discharged, with the exception of hus been- recognised to appear at the next term of our Court of Common Flees, to an- swer for this no-, d offence. Tutherto, of, the the foreign commerce By comparing the sed. since its operation, with an equal portion of pears that bbth ports have, in the They stand thus; portations for the years 1824, two hundWd and forty-one lions of dollarsT-total for 1825, .1826, and 1827, two hundred millions Total value ,t for the three dred value for the three latter Kt Baltimore, Dec. 14. FROM EUROPE. hundred and fifiy-sevon millions. tions are dropped both waya.'f; articles of. ported in 1827, are estimated .at wards dollars, System. It has uniformly been asserted by the opponents of den. Jackson's preten- sions to the Presidency, that his eleva- tion to that station followed by a concentration around him of the active and thoroughgoing opponents of the and that G t of his cl For Sale. Inquire at this Office. THOSE persons indebted to James Dimcrm: for FEES in the several hl nro DPC. H. Willet C. Ogilby, H AS' nprn-r1. an OfT.T in thf room af Rrgisrrr's rfr. Srpt. 1 pay the same over to Oeo. and Oeo. Ziegler, pre- sent occupants) who are by law autho- rised to receive the Fees for his use. In the Recorder's Office, many remain in the Orphans' Court, many appointments of Guardi- ans, kc. In the Common Pleas, it may be to remark, that in all splits, the Defendants have beeti una- ble to pay, the Plaintiffs are liable for thr Cos's. Further rutirint rxtrn- '.hc of April By the arrival of the packet ship Wm. Brrnes, at New York from Liverpool, advices some days later than those hitherto received, have come to hand. In taking a hasty glance over the for- eign contents of the New York papers, we find little of unusual interest. Ac- counts from the allied fleets mention that Ibrahim had broken the armistice, but met by a party of the English fleet, which farced his ships to return to sortie was 'made in person, with forces, 57 vessels, but miralCodrineton, with 4 ships, the A- sia 74, and 3 frigates, the watch, and by attacking the foremost, compel- led them to ptit back to port. Doubts are entertained of which side the Aus- p-ians will take, whether they wfthatr thislate period jom with the allies, or associate wilh the Turks, in opposing thf. alliance which has excited thxir ut- most jealousy, {ien. Church and his ocrnpy the of the harf heatf.n back the t he a farm a Tatt-as and T r i po those first named, has also rendered al- most abortive the-provisions of the riff in their favor.' It belongs to the jnirposc of this report, which looks, to tlic encouragement of the national dustry in preference to any that isTbiV here to state, that, n 'administration of the general govern- ment, art ft interests, and dangerous to the liberties of the. countsy" In New York too, yet more recently, advocates of Jackson openly denouncing the American i Flushed withtriumnh.they havenotonly drawn the sword, but have thrown away i the scabbard. uThe people." says th? N. Y. Evrn- inffPoAty-'Arp with SURKS of tht present administration. aff.ucm in are which ihr "AMERICAN of rnonopok and j the value of woollen and Cotton goods, imported into the United from the country just .named, one hundred millions of dollars; asd the value of iron, arwl of articles manH- factured from iron, seventeen During one of lens from that country to this, e-xrofded the amn'ifif of erpotlcd to thr Ti-hcle. of Europe For thfl of wi> amnnnf of foreign grrat. States thtWB titir.ftryu] 'ttiplfft cAttAfti t n% V

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