Wednesday, January 28, 1801

Adams Centinel

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adams Centinel on Wednesday, January 28, 1801

The Adams Centinel (Newspaper) - January 28, 1801, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Fhe Adams Centinel N WEDNESDAY, January 28, iSol. Vol. I. GUtnr----THE PUBLIC GOOD, OUR AIM.- (tf- The Centinel is every Wednefday, on paper and type of which this js a forwarded to jiich places asjhall be, diretted, by the eariiefl op- portunity.------The annual price is Two Dollar to be paid half-yearly, in ad- One Dollar on receiving the Jirjl number of each half year. Advertifements, of no more length than breadth, infer ted the firjt four times for One Ddlar and for each continu- 'ance after, one fifill of a Dollar. Thoje a fjuare in the. fame propor- tion. French Revolution! PROPOSALS By JAMES MAGEE, Printer, For Publifhingbv- Subicription, A Conciie Hiftory of rhe FRENCH REVOLUTION. Ix A SERIES OF IKI-TERS, By HELEN MARIA WILLIAMS, With an INTRODUCTION. TERMS. 1. IT fhall be printed on a good Type and good Paper and hdndiorne- 5y bound. 2. It will contain upwards of 300 pages, duodecimo. 3. The price of this Volume to Sub- fcrioers will be ONE DOLL An, paya- j-ble on delivery to non-iuuicribers the will be increafeH. 4. A Lift of tfoe Subfcriber's Names be annexed to rne work. 5. As foon as a fufficient number of are obtained, theayvork will be put to prefs. JL HE events of ihe BfSJjTh Revo- are the moft and the raoft extraordinary of anv on the re- of Hifrory. Thev exhibit fcencs the higheft importance to every peo- ple. Tr> Free States they furnifh v rv iolerr.ii guard againft the too free exerctle of party-f pirit for whatever advantages may have le- iulted to France from her political con- vulfions it is certain that the plied evils which that nation enduicd, arole from the exceffive heat of party fp'rit. The author of i-hr-'e LETTERS was an to all -he fcenes that pafTed from the fa1! cf Mondrchy vo the of RcbefVc -e. and or- ganization of the D govern- pc; F anceaioic Irom a hideous to tne enjoy- ment oc her Liberty. The IN i 11 o D a o T i o N will co'nprife a compendious hiftory from th? f: ft dawn of the Revohii ion until the of the King, compiled from the moft correct auiho-iri.s. The whole em- bracing a period of fix yeais. The move.iic.-us of that tre- mendous Re, are but 1'-. ie known in ihe interior of this country. It is only in large towns cirus that volumes of to be found. In order to cvend tb neceild'v fo 'mation as :ar ns poll) Sir, and mat every member of rhe CO-TUP IIM'I v eafiiy obtain it, this is of- fered to the Public as cheap as the printing, paper, and binding will poffi- bly permit. A more complete i'.iuftrarion of the work will be icen in tne Suj.crip- tion papers. The U'otk iv'iillts Printing-Office are received. January 6, i COT. -Servants' Indentures, For bu.'c this Office. Proclamation. WHEREAS the Honorable jofipk Henry, Efq. Prefidentof the fevera! Courts of Common Pleas, in the counties compofing rhe zd Dif- triclfc, and Jufiice of the Courts of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deli- very, for the trial of all and o- offenders in the faid iJiftpfi and William Gllliland, Jo'in and William Scott, Efquires, Judges of the Courts of Common Picas, and JuPuices of the Courts cf Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery for the trial of all capital and other in the County of iffued their Precept, bearing date the 26th day of November, in the year of Onr one tboufand hundred, and tome y directed, for holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deli- very, at t'ie in the town of GettyIbuig, on Bifbdpay the 2od day of February NOTICE IS HBHfflBY GIVEN to all the Jui'bices of rhe Peace, the Co- roner, and Con (tables, within the faid County of Adams, that they be then and there, in toeir proper perfons, with their roils, records, inquifitions, exa- minations, and other remembrances; 'o do thofe things which to their offices, and in that behalf, apperrainto be done and they who will profecute a- crainft the prifoners that are, or then vhnll in the Jail of the faid county of Adams, are to be then and there to profecute againfi them as {hall be juft. Da-ed at Gettyfbu-'g, the lyth day of January, anno Domini, iSor. GEORGE LASHELLS, Sheriff- God fave the Conzmoriwealth, A Stray Calf. CAM E to the Plantation of the fub- fcriber, living in Mount Pleafant vownfliip, Adams county, fome time in July lafl, a black atwlroyhire fported CALF, about one parti- cular ma'k. Ihe have it again by proving property and paying charges. JAMES HORNER. Jan. 15, 1801. For Sale, HPHE Sublcribers' PLANTATION, -a. fiiuare in Cumberland townfli'p, (even m'lesfrom 143 acres and allowance about 70 a- cr-es cleared, the remainder well tim- iheicareon thepremifes a good dsvcllifg houie, under it a goud oichaid of apMe trees thiee {prints of water, wittea fufHcient quan- lirv of meadow The fale will be held on the premifes on Wed- neiday the 2Srh in ft. where the title will be fhown and warranted. Aoreat bargain will be given. One third of the puich.ifc money will be requited in hand and rhe icfidue in annual pay- s. PoHeffioa may be had the ift of April next. ROBERT BIGIIAM. Jan. TO, 2wo WANTED, An APPRENTICE to the Soirning- Whcel and Chair Making bufincfs. CITY OF WASHINGTON. CONGRESS. A JOURNEYMAN, the above bufi.icfs, will generous v ao-cs and conffant employ. Inquire j of GEORGE MORTOlVj ftrcct, Chamberfhiirg. Jan, 9, APPROPRIATIONS Requifite for the prefent year. The Secretary cf the Treafury refpecl- fuily repot ts to the Houfeof Repre- fentatives of the United Stares, that for the fervice of the year 1801, the following appropriations, as detailed in the efiimates herewith tranfmit- ted, appear to be necetrary Dolls. Cts. For the civ ill iff, or the fupporc of government, including the contin- gent: expences of the fe- veral departments of- ficers the fum of 37 For the payment of an- nuiries and grants Ji753 33 For the fupport of the mint eftablifhment For the ordinary ex- pences of intercourfe with foreign nations For expences incident to the fearies with Great Britain, Spain and the Mediterranean powers For the expences of fupporting the claims of citizens of the United States, to property cap. tured and detained in fo- reign countries For aid to' difbreiTed American feamen in fo- reign countries, occa- fional afiiftance after their arrival in the Unit- ad States For dcfraving the ex- pences incident to rhe valuation of dwelling houfes and lands, and the enumeration of flavcs, in purfuance of the aft of Congrefs, pafied ihe gth day of Julv, 1792, and in addition to the funds heretofore appro- priated For the Military De- partment, including the pay of the army, rations, clothing, hofpital, ord- nance, quatter matter, and Indian expences the de fen five of the frontiers, con- tingencies, agreeable ro the eUimate of the Secre- tarv of War For the payment of military peufions For the Navy Depart- ment, including the iub- (iftencc and pay of offi- cers and men, hofpital contingent expences the fupport of the corps of marines for com- pleting navyyards, docks and wharves and on account of building fix fevemy-four gun fhips, agreeably to the eflitnate of the Secretary of the Navy 'k For the fabrication of cannon and f'mall arms, and the purchafe of am- munition for the army and navy, and for the miliria of the United States For the fuppnrt of light houfes, beacons, buoys and public piers, and other eftablifhmr.nts for the fccurity of navi- gation 70 95 For the fecond enume- ration of the inhabitants of the United Stares Forfatisfying rhe mif- celianeous claims, inclu- ding the expences of re- turning the votes of Prefident fidenc of ihe U. States Amounting m the whole to five millions, five hundred and twen- ty-nine thoufand, fix hun- dred and ninety-five dol- lars, and thirty-h'vc cents 29.695 q The funds ont of which appropria- tions be made for the before mentioned, are, i ft. Ti.e fum of fix hundred thoufand dollars of the proceeds of duties on im- ports and tonnage, which will accrue in the vear j8or> which fum is by law annual lyrcferved for the fupport of go- vernment. 2d. The furplus of the revenue and income of the United States, hich may accrue to the end of the ,801, after fadsfying the objt-as for which appropriations have been heretofore made. The Secre'ary alfo tranfmitsa ftate- mcnt of the receipts and expenditures of the United S'a'es, for rhe year pri- or to the t ft of Oftober laft, the latcft period to which an account carx be prepared. All which is moft refpcftfully fub- raiued, by OLIVKR WOLCOTT, Secretary of ihe Treafury, Treafury Department. December jo. i 800. After this general flaiement the Secre- tary defccnds to a d'fbnc! fpeciri ca- tion of the fcveral it-ms ii.c intercffing of which, frequently m a condenfed form, follow Dolls. Ctss Prefident Prefidt-nt Senate and Houfe of Re- pretentatives 2Oq-47o ry oo Trcafury Departmenr !.oan Officers and Clerks Department of State 2.4.800 Mint War Department 36 NavY D General P'-fl Office Surveyor Department Territory N W. of Ohio Miffiffippi 5 Lnd'ana 5 500 D'.-mands unprovided for 20.000 Annuities and Grants i O t INDIAN DFPARTMKNT. Annuities ro the fix Nations of Indians Cherokees oo Chickdfaws Cietks r.; a Choctaws Although the Choflaws are- enti- tled t'> claim the abtwr by treaty or authorised ng> ecment yet as ef- fects are prifurned to have cfulted from the fame grant ma-le to in the pre- Jtnt year, (he propriety and pol cy of re- newing the appropriation is refpcctfully F.xpcnces attending the trarilportation of the above annuities and allot the annuities per act the (Srh of Manh. Deduct fo much ap- propriated iNEWSPAFERr SlEWSFAPERl

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