Wednesday, November 19, 1800

Adams Centinel

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adams Centinel on Wednesday, November 19, 1800

The Adams Centinel (Newspaper) - November 19, 1800, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania NO. WEDNESDAY, November 19, 1800. T T 1 v ol. L T K. U T I: _, O U It C U.I D PUBLIC GOOD, OUR. The Centinel pnblipied c- try Wednesday. and type of which this is a forwarded to Jni'n asjhallbe by the earlltji op- portunity. The ami'tal price is Two Dollars to be paid half year in ad vaiicc itz. One Dollar on receiving the firjlnuitiber of eaci'i half year. Advertifeinents, of no more, length breadth, inferted f.rjt four times 'for One Ddlar and for each ance after, ore fifth of a Dollar. Thoje exceeding a fquam in the fame propor- tion Tkofe geTiileman "who took charge j inscription will pleafe to ac- cept the finrere thanks of tke Editor for their attention and will cv'ifr-r a fa) thcr obligation on hi-n tortyai to the Printing-Office as early at pojjille. Waililngton. YET the d-rk nighr of the tomh fhali the iuftre of ITS fdtnc and, when brais and marble fhail nave fallen irro de tfjc 1'weet remembrance of h'S virtues, palling in proud tranf million to reniorei ifial! en'lure forever Major La. Apiil 800 H E foregoing mere phbnjhed on th nit. ahd it !S u uh y.iuch we the that f'.e patronage r j y, has iccn of the al> hra'c d lc' in the t'rn cam') at ihe clojc of the y ther with General U'aj'Li Tt'ift- and anjivtr, ir ,1. i-d by many, that their e, -rre-ic their co-nJmitTti'ite r. ,7 (J peculiar filiation of aftu, r to domvtk miji.hi'ej-- -jterhnpi, none hut a ON could have Jo ably and Jucajjully batt-d. From the extraordi c-y the compilers h -ve. exporter rl nearly all the valuable id, ,-J- zvork tt willjoon be ie >y the and they do not u> ifeit ha> it be truly worthy r stge. Someperfons (f'oni r-) hive, viewed it in the 1: >i; valuable fchool book. Thty i but a citrfory view of the ovjrcfs it -u-ill 1 embrace.. j _ It is of much importance th it en r fnoidd be, in the c< 1 'illufiriovs ivhofe, grc v A is intended to perpeiua'e _ the jniant in hJs craciL cis- JOHNSTON and AM f i A M I LT O N dt'jlroilS of pCt pe tnatmg the E Elegiac Poems, maj'-eily- Orations and pro- ductions, bath ift prrfd and zuhtc'n have been written and in commemor -.trait of our ILLUSTRIOUS If-'slSt- ''NG I ON. to compile them in a volu-ne uta'h bound, -with Likenejs of- tke General. There -will c added an Apbyndix. con taining his famvell addrefs to the patriotic rejisnaiion bef-nre as cofimancter in ftis -wife, pat'ieiic ajj 'eel 'ion ate. Ugai. iu his country on his retiring the Prefiiviiiat. chair his of the command of the troop, of the Stales and tajdy his it ill and teft.'nrcnf. tt names wilL be fit efixed. March 8, 1800 quent the fir ft word he l.fps be WaSHi NGTON. Bat it is iu fchoch alone that it -uill Le found in flntfiive and intereCntig. Tl-ofe who wifi to Le acq 'tainted a Ihjlory off he l-fr in n'rft in peace. and i'in't- in the he'-ns of his y- mfiv3 may find an elegant recall. 1'h.fe turfy raifi to preface hi, po- Legacies to his them in a more foapc than have ever yet been puhlifned. Thofs who wijh to fee an di'play of A.nei .can Geriim may pof'fs jpedmeiis of Orctjjy jcarcely beneath thejiyle of Cicero or De The li.'tencjs of Gen. Wafiling on, will be executed by one if the fir ft at tifh. T R4 VCJS 70 WILLIAM n SUBSCRIPTIONS for the abort, work rci cited at Printing-Office. At tins THREE SERMONS, briefly the Evidences of and proving the New fefi-a-renr to be Philip Dodd-'idge, D which is prefixed, A brief view of the argument in fupport of the truth and authority of the Scrip f-ires of the Old 31 Cents. A Short and Eafy Method with the DELS J erein the certainty of the Ch.nft.ian Religion is dero-nftrat- ed In a l-rrer to'a Friend. liy Mr. Charles j 9 Cents. The PROMPTER or, a commenta- ry on common layings and fuhjects, which are full of Common Ssnfe, the heft fenfe in the 25 Cents. An ORATION, on -he Prngrefs of the United States, and Duties in if.__ B'. Alexander Efq.__Pncc i 2-T- Cents. An ADDRESS to the People of the Uniteu Sioies. Bv Wafli- mgtoa, 12! Cents. f Mothers Catechifm. Shorter Catechifm. T? o kxecui ions 6 ummons A rJ Apprentice Indentures. An ALMANAC tcr the "Y Loid, 1801. Contaminc, behcusthe ufu-.l Afrrono- mical Calrnlarmns, A 1 1ST of STAMP DUTIES, !o the Law now in operation.__Ali'o__ A vrtre-vof Mifcc'lanenus and en- tertaining holding Courts of La v. of RoAds, four dollais and 80 Cents; per doz'-n CQ Cent- fn.g'.c 6 Cents 5 R A G S. wo per pound, will be for Clt-an and Cotron llTos__ and, per pound, for dciiveretl at; tl'.is Pr i--__ From the Gazette of tns United States, b- a Kcc, NTORTUNATELY for the Unit- ed Stares, and to Urcat injui y of Hie American character, uncommon i p.ins is taken, through the m.-diom of the public prints and o'lierwile, to the world believe that the peo- pic of country, are divided inro two Monarches, and Txe- puolicans rhan which, there never u as I a greater jaliehood endeavoured to be irnpofccL A very little reflexion will any unprejudiced obierver, that the ftate of our polir-cs is as i-e people who brought about the formation of the prefenr government are letieral pai ty ex- orjgmated in a to -'ie and and is cumpnfcdofmen, w.'ohavcand may be jaftlv called Ami. Fedtra'iJJs. j It is to be obfcrvtd, "the moft pernicious confcquenccs src iultro a country, fn.rn rhe a-enrs of I nations being allowed to inter- m its politics ami affairs of gnvern- This has been emmmemly the m 'lie United States. The Anti federalifrs have been con- tfanny from the com- mencement of rhe French Revolution, to engage thc warmefi of che people of this country in the aflnirs of that difh-aGed nation: and rhe pubhc iii.cuonarits of France were, a of tune, actively employed in "tempungto revolutionize the United otates. On the other hand the federal inter- elt fnfhined matciial injurv from rhe I riming Prefs of an Engltfi adventurer, wlncn was Cor man, from h-scha racier and manner of oppofmo the party I am {peaking of, and ootli tnc government of his own corn trvandof this, from their afperfions was a prmcipal caufe of impieflion btinft made, unfavnrable to the ad mi nitration of our excellent government Ir pave a handle to tiie oppofition, tint xvas made ufe of ro ciliG Tho conic qiJcncts were not at .iti e.rlv period, but are lo lamented. This, with the ed mifi-cprefentrtiions of a party th-t become and the i evolu- tionary fpint of the limes produced the cha-gc in the late, and a former e- Jectton. Ingl-nimen or other foreigners. wno are attached to a dihl-rent form of government, ihould throw thtir into the fcc-lc of the federaluls in by no means cxtiaordii that there m on, any thin. hhe a party, or even an of any conit-quencc, in favt.r o, a monarchical government in prefer- ence to the pitLnt, is utterly void of any foundation in truth. I will venture fopredicl, that if ever toe government is deflroycd, it will be by the violent and imprudent of the party that has always been hof. tile to it. It is in the nature of Jacobinifm, in every part of rhe to pull down and or whom miv be termed Jacobins or cf the mofl -violent kind, have excinfiw title of-r. publicans, pretend a fupenor attachment to cor.Ilirunon but that a fct of men, w .lowered furcnuoun. -.ppofcd to rhe j aaopcioR of the government, fliould now i u- is a thinj; TOO ro hf-iieved pcrJon r.f common fenfc :s or.c v.'e are all dehVient in. It a oreat happinefs for America, if her ci- tizens cou'd learn ro entertain a' h nle of an independent nationalcharaXcr. A la.idable of the kind meruionl cd, wou'U ren'd to unite real Ame- and weaken, if not deftrov, fo- reign attachments. to confld-r, rhat nations thing 1 k7 ratified- AN AMERICAN. Fr-ini the Pitrfburgh Gazette. Whyfhould ManforeflW hi, date of ineftimablehap- pmc.s of Americans, rhat they have free liberty of thought and fpecch up- on a 1 occalions and on anv fubj.-a xvhich hev think worthy of notice mnv communicate to the through rhe medium of a free prds. _ One afternoon mjhe hft week hav- hr..iinecl hoemji my ro s x ou cd to be; Jet me make vru a drml; of and then you can (moke your J, the 3rc fo that I only purchased a (mall cuttv laft in times are -roc lo hard, thar we farmers, as 7he faying 1S, muft Cur the parment ace- tJing to the cloth; to fupport our'fa- milies decently it requires the economy you know, rhat are umie of our neighbours jrertino- forward m the world. 'do work half fo hard as I do. but it is ilMd rlicy are parry men, nnd are paid for :n..k about liberty and equal- wfiich I'anj doubtful they do Vet I truft I have as honcft a heart ror my coun-ry's welfare and the public good, and maintain its ment m preference to the government "t any other country _upon the fa f God earth-but, fnys Bef! it vou would becoulc a party man be appoinrcd an Officer ia Tnhtia, ur a Jnfbte of 'he m-c u, more among No BeHev, laid I. if Governor would make me a to make him mv Major of Brigade he fliould crrd.t me for a fuir 'Of rc jiimentals, and afrcrwanls wallow a- bout the ftrccis them as drunk a, David's Nor fnould I like to execute rh- of j ice of arid the conftablc io- h-mnly relufe to pay any money into my hands, fearing I would appropriate U to other would rcoound to my honor, ro entrap any of my neighbors in fines merely bccaufc 1 Ihould get a dollar cofl. Indeed, John, I would nor wifh to fee you behave To dirtily, nor can I iuppofe tne wonld give com- I millions to 'if he did would he not by all pood'- cicizens? Why fuch officers as tljefc would difgmce the Frenc1- But, remember, Setfev, that ahho' fuch as have the gift of offices are in degree accountable for the qudl-Ticati- oris yet they fornetimes are. deceived-- with theOfalfe.glofs Of V a complete knbwledpe can- not cafily bo thq and mtniding ward in grafping ac o'ffiVtfschev ,..uu -P- T to hll any E W SVAPEIl EWSPAPER

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