Monday, July 14, 1902

Dubois Morning Courier

Location: Dubois, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dubois Morning Courier on Monday, July 14, 1902

Dubois Morning Courier (Newspaper) - July 14, 1902, Dubois, Pennsylvania DU BOIS MURMNQ COURIER f VOL 160 CORBET PS STORt NEWS ALL BODIES ARE RECOVERED So Says Robinson of Cambria INSPECTORS EXAMINED MINE YESTERDAY And Childrens Dresses Madeof per chambray and oxford WHITE AND COLORS age 3 to 14 Former Price now Former Price now Jformer Price now CORBETT and TJTefef Me ON THE Midway flORRIS AND BERQER Carnival WILL EXHIBIT ON BRADY NEXT DOOR AND OPPO5ITE l OST July AND CONTINUE THROUGH OUT THE Something Doing Every Minute Day and See Dana Thompson Dive 95 feet from a tower in a tank of water three and a half feet Free Twice Twelve Distinct and Separ ate Statue Turning To Flying The Old Keltons Eruption of The Red Ostrich the the Eats Em The Ferris Flying ComeAnytime AND Youll Find Out That Theres Can IK Except in Klondike Section July lins not yet recovered from the tcir Mi mini and nmuy vieiU to frio city to view tho wiimHa with They come Iroin all rivts withiu a railius of fifty and tlus mine entrance is cue of the points of The greatest interest yesturday wns cen tered in the funeral A olond of deepest monrninp hoveled over Camhriii where u Inrge majority of the victims Hundreds of people visited the suburb aud siluntly witnessed the passing of the many The full extent of tho disaster is still The dead unmlwr so far as certainly This iiuluies two of the rescued men who succumbed after reaching the o on The work of removing the dead was carried on with groat beginning with and large crowds hovered aronnd the mine en trance to watch the funeral trains the dead and mutilated BASEBALL IN THE BIG LEAGUES NATIONAL LEAGUE At Pos hiclmnfl kind Fcltz utvl Chlm S tf 10 j Iittlner 4 10 Williams fun Kllnr White and At 4 s New York K IlHMTIivUirabro Smith MRthcws T and 061 am bring out This evening Mine Superintendent Robinson said I dont think there are any more bodies in the James chief of the state bureau of mine gave permission to the Cambria company to resume operations in all sections of the mine except in the Klondike sec where the explosion ooonrre for several days nntil perfect seonrit is assured the bratticii of openings and repairs necessitate the explosion are Mine Inspectors of John town of Altoona i and of Union mode a thorough inspection o the mine They found workings free from gas and the apparatus working The eported to Chief but lie re used to give ont any details of thei would he say anything o the probable He did say a though tliat the mine was a well con ducted Coroner Miller will tomorrow fix a time for the and all tho in spectors will be present to Sew York I0 2 Hrtiohlyn Hull IltUilinrg 1 5 4 AMERICAN 4 o rmtursrm ittul an Don i i Al 4 o B i 4 On t anil ulurk Mcoinnlly nu At HallerlisWill nioee nud At 9 2 5 BntterlrsIicrnhardtand iVoort Miller nm PBHNJPACKER GOES OUT ment wnit ixwsiblo hy the Buried widow of Charles No Clue to nor the so far as the Courier has have a well developed theory yet regarding the silk robbery at Seylers store last Seyler could probably identify the especially the silk taken ont of his bnl the goods call not be Seyler lias learned tliat there has been a chain of such robberies committee over the interior of the and the evil beneficiaries are no doubt con nected in some way in the transactions V A very interesting meeting was con ducted yesterday afternoon by The Fourth ward quartet sang there selection which were en joyed by all present The ladies auxiliary desire to thank all who patronized them on Saturday The Railroad lost the bowling contest on Saturday The town boys scoring 7 points However the railroaders win the series by 4 2 Junior gymnasium class this after noon at Business mens class at Employed jninor class at S Fire Department i There will be a regular meeting of the DoBois Fire Department evening at eight An officer of the organization is authority for say ing that it is an important meeting in View of the reunions that are com ing along call for some early action by the DnBois lived 011 the Brown home stead on Boones between Sabula and died loin Friday evening and was buried San The old lady was of he second generation of the Browns who weri wef ory Kingdom and was known to everybody in that A large number of descendants who constitute the third and fourth gener ations of that family of Browns since locationg in this part of the 1 n still reside in Union Houston and of the Methodist church will meet in the parlors of the church at eight oclock this All members are requested to be pre sent as there is business of importance to be The MorrisBerger carnival company arrived on the and from were they showed last The company carries three cnrs of baggage and over fifty A new front has been placed in the front of Cannons shoe on Long This improvement will afford a much better display of 1omeTeam Again There is won among tho baseball fans of Brockwayvilk For ond timo the team that represents the growing town over the dills Ims fawn conjpeltol to suffer dcfoat at the Vanderslice Will Get the AppointIlnml the DuRois gome longht utterly im boys who root for TO FILL HIS PLACE ling to wager the long the ON THE B5NLH ontnome of games in which tho team The gstno was piayod at Brock way vi the score was eight to Show It to Ba five and it was a mich easier victory July that was played hem last Mayor Ashbridge interposes an Mike ilcClain again did tho slab tion Thaddeus Vandersliee will work tor the DnBois team and Poas successor of Judge Peimypaekcr ley Ross handled the work at the ljoa tho It is understood thatother end of the battery point C Vnuderslice is the pcrsonnl choice Williams and Groves sought to of Peiinypacker apd that the take care of the principal ncees local with theexception ofsory in evening up for Broekwayvilln the who w away from I and they did good work hut it went and Senators Qnay and Penrose signified their approval of the and that Vanderslice shall be the ap pointee of Governor Stone and also the nominee of the party The governor is understood to be willing to make the Tllb wishes of Judge Peiinypacker were not nmde known before the may or left for his It was not William Host at her home at Hickory yesterday afternoon between two and throe She was well advanced in years and her death was principally dne to tho in firmities of old She had lnon sick for the past throe then yot known that Jndge Pennypackj deceased is survived by er had decided to and how and one mayor will view t matter of the danel r Jra Rohel both proposed appointment no one presumes wlloareside at Her bus to The mayor tnry hmself hav a friend he desires placed in a jnd cial or he mny find it eutir ly agreeable to accept the judge There seems to be no di position on the part of the leaders cross purposes with Mayor Ashbridg in this matter of judicial positioi They consider it poor politics to ha a break in the organiaztion on the e of the fall has for many year close friend of Judge Pennj They have many ideas i common and are particularly congou Both are veterans of the rebe and comrade Vanderslice ed in the army some time after peac was He has acted as local counsellor fo the Baltimore and Oiiip Railroac for niB feiiow Presidetn Roosevelt has issued proclamation officially announcing postponement of the Worlds Fair tc and the department state i nansmitting the proclamation to th leads of the various nations of tli A pair of Hungarians came np th street together Saturday afternoon when one of them was overheard by a passing citizen to say ironically to hi companion why don yu talk Unin Sta and O lie New National are on i visit to Munch is on a business trip o the Paul the broker in the loore Sohweni FJ ent Sunday at his home near LucL Strictly All Wool Suits Suits com rising the entire Mens and Youths balance of our Spring andSummer Suits at and band died a number of years Hoyt was one of the old resi dents of this having spent forty or nfty years of her life in this The funeral will take place on Tues day afternoon at two ocolok and bur ial will be made in the Hoyt ceme Alice Dlzcn Mary Alice Dixon died at her near the BerwindWhite shaft on Sunday rooming at one Death was caused by heart She is survived by her husband and nine Burial will be made in the Rnmbarger cemetery this after noon at two Undertaker Horning is in The best rread flonr mode Munch sole tf Miss Elizabeth of who has been the guest of Miss Ade line of Long returned to her home You wouldnt go to a drug or a Would you If course no more than you would GROVER SHESSElBi BURIED YESTERDAY Victim of the shooting Affair at EPLER HAS HOT BEEBT ARRESTED Pjoleof Rockton or the Oplninon That Should Have Bceu Held and an official Investigation Taken Place July tin yoiinu man who shot and killed at Rockton on lost Frt ilay was Imriert here this John Epler tlio young man who admits that he did the shoot but declares that it was purely is at his home here and aa yet has not been placed tinder arrest It is the general opinion in thin com munity that the shooting was an acci dent and it is not thought that Epler will be although he may have to vindicate himself at the offici al investigation that is EPLER HOT ARRESTED be Rockton People Think 7 here Should Official Three is general feeling of dissntisfacton among the sidcuts of this place in regard to the shooting of Grover which occurred here on Friday and which caused his death as he was be ing taken to his homo at Reynolds ville on the Tho statement ot the young man who did and liia companion are garded as but the opinon ex ists that all should have been lield and an investigation DnBois Daughters of American volutioifc will the chapters Bow hotel building this Effie Powers wo a the freeforall at Bradford on Ncrva Rit who was a big favorite here in the freetor all on the Fourth of July finished uy your To sell them quickly we have marked 90 them all Tho first comers will secure the cream of the so you had better take advantage of this Sale at MORRIS Oxfords and Slippers ny where but New ones in way upon but mighty close to bottom on Union Bargain YUDOR Porch Shades These Porch Shades roll up nice as window shades one of our make and are smoother ami nicer than other porch Prices and BAMBOO Porch and XI HAMMOCKS See the nice Hammocks 10 oar ront Hammocks worth their weight in gold hot days and our prices are only and Porch Seats 5 Round Porch Seats made i laited bulrushes 5 cents The Shoe Union Bargain Stors

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