Monday, April 22, 1935

Connellsville Daily Courier

Location: Connellsville, Pennsylvania

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of Connellsville Daily Courier on Monday, April 22, 1935

Connellsville Daily Courier (Newspaper) - April 22, 1935, Connellsville, Pennsylvania p TEN: THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONTI APRIL 22, 19? Sldch Jjlooin on PATTERN The fitters ot Weeding he- t Ih picture- readv to make a gav color spot j rpnls rirt, githtre in s readv to make a ga.v color spot in >our roon D Pt in troob fr-ut h (S to the Inch) etch flower is p-haded in its n uuril colors T! is 1 ans i is; make an especially effective detention i niantL "Y i i need o' (ourse not Eiame it for it needs onlj to bt. and then s -eddj to In pattern 53al >ou will find a tr insfrr pattern of a hansms 0 m< hes a c clurt and ke% material requirements illuMiutioiis of Bt tcho nee led To obtain this pattern eend 10 -ents in stamp-, or com fefcired) to Hie Couner Hoisehold Arts Dept 2oO lUh Street V iork N Lord's Supper Is Served in Biblical Way at Kt Pleasant Special to The Cou-ler 1IOLNT the first time in the historj of t le Me Episcopal Church setter morninc at a sunrise prajtr toiinninion was serv-Ml a table m the Sun lay schcol rotrn There was a good attendance a the I the jO o recened into the church The Be i ritual it is used Band to flork members of ths newly organized flr department band are requested to he present Tuesdav at 7 30 "o clock at the firemens rooirs w th s to begin work on the ne band Ewing VcCloj of Scott da o will direct the band It is to laaie it to "Bake its in tial appearance on Memorial D11 Class Confirmed Til c persona were confirmed at TrmU Lutheran Church Sundar are James Kurtz Carl Kurtr e Flora bvans C ulnts on Street. Mjers o! United while in town Saturday eAemnfj fainted on the He was carried to Frick Me mirtal where he revived nd w ib allow ed to go home Trustees The t-ustees of the Reunion buemn Church have organized a- fo lows President A M McClo-v secretary Dr Rob ns m treasurer Paul Doncaster rommittee J V Cooper and Sherman M Her Miss Mice Ramsay will con tnuo as church secretarv Class Keteneil. the Reunion C lurch Sundav morning the fo low Irs class was received into mem1 e" ip Marv Louise Evans Samuel hindle J- Imogene Shaw E !en T loiipson and Howard s presented to the b rs at the mornme service b> Dr Ti Marsh secretary of the ion K egation Schools "Resume Tuesday. Tie public schools will resume Tuesday morning following the aster vacation Other loseph Pinko 52 vears old was n Imitted to Frick Memorial Hosl ital 1 st niKlit after he had heen struck ever the head with a bottle in an argument M's Marv Murraj 65 jears old ot t is place was struck "bi an auto riobile last evening She suffered 1 "burns As Chirles McCeachv to old of bimthton was standing on the sfrest last evening a car backing up sirmk him on the leg fracturing it He is at Prick Memorial Hospital GRANT FULTON HEADS RURAL ML CARRIERS UNIONTOWN MAN FATALLY INJURED IN MOTOR WRECK Spec al to The Cfl-rJer L 1 9 M chad S'-go o II w is killed nt Ins ,5111 m hi K n neir the ovtr unipd f i Mill lorni nj 11 es into Jr k r ffet street Siincln rneiit I Tl tlu 1 ichu i lorsm ti i 11 <1 lie. 1 i n nctl md in tcrmined llonu. Hi n belie fi om Uio i.l not tliioMn It r tping simck bvit it fiinlh stojtjfMl lien is a tmtc cr s (r-vived Iv Jus iitt LI IT 1 1110 who In 1 il if. hied fioin 1 10 (.ai i mtnutps litfoi t tnd a brother Joseph at mo His father died IS months ago Glint P iltou of Ln ion town wa-, elected president of r ril mail t. irrier v. o organized at Lock S to coTip-ng against competitive hid ling for their joha md to gain adequa e compem-a non SP! Ihc-lenr Murk M I-PRia Ohio April 2" fdTM s-t number of loaded JreUhl cars taken out. of this, citj in aru 2J hour period in (vc repo te< recentlv 11 he mount; 4o cars in one d 3 n it o from steel m Onr Classified Ads. Costs small Results big TROUTMAN'S Wall Papers and Paints at Factory-to- You Low Prices! Pennsvflle PENNSV1L.LE April and Mrs James Pearam -of Trafford cpent everai davs 'afet week visiting Mrs 1'earsons parent? Mr and Mrs Hrnce T'le True Blue of the Evan ,ehca! Church held its tnontnlv meet ing at the home of William dav eve line The t. Bible class of the Evan- Suiday School heM a tea in Means store room last Tueedav evening- Trs J AV McFadden M-s atherine irvm and. Mrs Keener were tee conmittee Mvrtle Miller spent a few lajs list week in Scottdale at the 'lome of her daughter Mr and Mrs Raloh Leasure Mr and Mrs Carl Morgar of Poplar Grove spent Tuesdav ev ning the home of Mrs Morgan s pa enU Mr am. Mrs J E Baker Mrs EllzabethLerhirt lias i oved from the C E Bittner to Scottda'e Lxjuise Blosser was a Con caller Thnrsdav altenoon A Complete Room. Lot of Wall Paper .79 You get Id-rolls side 6-rolls Leilmg and 20-yds ot bordei all for 79 Our wallpapers are guaranteed to complete satisfaction beautiful floral patteins stupes, and plastics suitable foi ever} room in jour home Furniture and Floor Enamel 69c nt. 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SWAN OPENS LABORATORY AT MEDICAL HOME II clinic tl ]a( "vs Sw, c'mlucttd 1-ibora orj teclmi ci in lia-i eon opene t tlio Medici Bll Mint, l South Plttsblirg stroot H u H IIP oner tie J i i men) iml in i ooper jtkm with HIP pi i diis of the i its S Ins I o L duUuiE liii atorv i tl o dr i, s oro of lenn U to secure evv nm IEMS Mi Svvan is a uite of SI 1 of To noltgj I of litsbui? stliciccl il St Kins PlUshurf, He is a. g He phuniiicisL or the Lmversits or riusliiifK Ami has bwn ulontifkd th the Hu i clruK store for tlio past r cht jeirs will Inide %is tme phiim ind lahc i tOM d llltS Use Onr Classifies Ads. Costs small Results big All Electric Sewing Machines See The New Models Here A M.r% popular sule Rotarj hand- some walnut finish cab- modern fei- tures and a ta hiren'a Small Pnjmont Bnlnnce Monlhlj. 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