Wednesday, December 26, 1928

Connellsville Daily Courier

Location: Connellsville, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Connellsville Daily Courier on Wednesday, December 26, 1928

Daily Courier, The (Newspaper) - December 26, 1928, Connellsville, Pennsylvania Jti dition P- 9 he entire plant of the refining com- pany. A dozen, flre companies fiom "surrounding and the city of Plttsburg fought the blaze for several hours before it was under control (Fifteen other fliernen -were injured fighting the flames and _scorea of oth era endangered by explosions of gaso line and oil The dead firemen are Adolph Son- oett, SO, and Joseph Do Terro, 44. both of Stowe township Both were volunteer flre fighters Death Stalks About Many Homes During Christmas Festival By United Press, "Violent death was an uninvited gueet nt scores ot Christmis ceiebra- tions in tho United at-os A United Press ourvey todaj re- vc-aled that trnlBc accidents fires fire- works and poison liquor took a heavy toll of human llfp "With some parts of tho countn stlU MORE THAN CHRISTMAS TREIS DISPOSED dF HERE Practically All Shipped Trom .England Mountains And. Cnnadn. EIGHT PAGES. Salvation Army Gives Oat 216 Baskets Among Needy People of Region FURNISH TURKEYS, TRIMMINGS FOR WHOLE HOSPITAL STATE SOON MAY SUPPLY THE NEED tota of violent tho country hat4 ENTERS HOMES UNDER CHARm PLEA, ROBS HIS BENEFACTORS be given a IB, ot Indian Head, hearing today before Alderman J B Wallace on a charge ot" larceny He "was arrested >estor- by Chiof of 'Polios G L Grubb "within half aa houi after thefts at adjoining- homes had been repoi ted C. K Buckley 110 No ih Thtr reported losing a J55 wris vra-cb on Monday evening Yestorda Mrs Elizabeth Hrabak leiortcd vanity case small sum of money taken from "her resldenci The chief ai reeled Miller, who ad mitted the robberies He said tha he sained entrance to the houses b and picked up the article Vhlle a lunch being prepared Police say the boy haa often slop in the police station, seeking aheltu there on cold nights unhe-ard from the- d-eaths reported in reached 170 at mid morning and ther-e- every ind'catlon the figure would 200 Fires were especially prevalent In the South where Christmas U cele- brated with firecrackers and toman candles like the Fourth of July In the North Poison llquoi deaths were confined meetly to the East where nliH> recorded in Now York Citj Traffl-c and hunting accidents were ge-neral In the countn Thr-ee skaters were drowned Massacl us-ettfc the nation-wide death toll classi- fied by causes Is followti Traffic, 102 jolbou 1 quoi 12 tiro and fireworks II hunll ig accidents Jrowninge ahootlngd aJid sulcldce A now ludtistry In Pe-nnayhaila Is growing to moot the Slates de nand for 1 oOO 000 ChrlstmaB trees annually Con lellsvlllo drew in a -verj limited at this supplj but tho to Scottdalo and is to riorson forestry Department seoii the time Tho "3a vanon Artm ihn of Santa Clans on n largr Mondav Two hundied ntxtoon has j tho largest number ever glvou out from headruarters here- 's cm distributed Families in and neubj Comicllsilllo rccolvwl 121 baskets wliiUs iho jomnindor wero distributed with iho enbrar Ing Scottdale Iron Bridge Ponusvllle and homoi- along tho Sprlnrllold nlko OJilopjlo Dunbni he- Li Incnrlnga and Hiook iiilo ThlrU two baskets wero sent The Khvnnls Club donated till kov and all tho trimmings to tho Connolli Iho Armv Blood ready lo aid I n "nrt on I) W nurses and were D-irh eontnlned n wt.s-. kujulll< mv jjarn eonrmned a gencroup only 15 -tears torents of pork loast ami othf- foodstuffs amplo the Stato will bo In a position to supply tho entire .emanc' Ihoic was an hem jeai, but all ol' them came from without tho "Vermont Mainq and Canad i car loads were ehippetl In ria com wlth two cars ordinal ih ro- bomo wero tiuckad from the VANDERBI1T W. C. T. U. AIDING CRIPPLED TOTS ______ Tno Woman s Christian Temper Fiiance Union of Vaoderbilt will meet a 7. the home of 1 he president, Mrs B Kobe) 15, Thursday evening 7 30 o'clock -S Christmas program be presented consisting songs rendingii and nuotatlons an- fe V nual exchauge- will be dispensed with the value of the exchange will be to the crippled children's (unil <of Fayette Ohe union S5- the last meeting to donate for fund The aides of the hostess Sji "Ulis B S Means, Mrs John ]-ilut C "W Herbert Married Year But Forgetr. to Give E Wife Any Funds to duppott his wifa ana child today resulted In Noble Orndorff for court In dotault, of fSOO He vflt arrested on who appeared film e Alderman J E f A Y brought out that IB more m.srried life Orndorff J-er money for hewielt'-or child lu that Ojrndorji: lias liy-aa dioost fcontlnviougly Vflth broth-er-ln-lawi married Nc-'emboc, 1927 ou previous occas- Ijpn.jOrndortt proui to support the ,n ind yrim en hid release Ho POUNDS OF CANDY GIVEN AWAY AT DAVIDSON STORE The Christmas spiiit prevailed at all of the "Union Suppb Company s stores Monday afternoon At Davidson there one large tree and two smaller communllj tiees erected dlre< tly In tront of (he stoic (They were docorntcct with various colored bulbs At 4 o the children and wom- en were treated Piecodlng the treat the people gathered in the main store room where they weie entertained by school chlldien Some sang others tare readings recited anil rendered Instrumental selections After the ontertalnmenl, Santa Glaus, In the person of. Udttard Kit e distributed pounds ot candy and tBH calendars Bail Plnknuy, managet of tho Davidson store hud th being according to the aira a' iht all lancii hiuing bopn incHtlKUed hv Caption Prwl tleif ird ils nld'H Tho Farmers Cooper atho donated u tiunrt of rillk for cuch baskot I) wson but was lelioved of the work by the American Legion, which wan active In supplying tho needy Todav Cnptoln Holt supervised tlin distribution of IOMI and treats for the children f-om station i nt Siotldale Bvci -ion and Dimb ir Trid iv nlghi there will bo a dlHtrll utlon foi Con- nellBvllle ar-cl South onnollsvl'lo at who Aimor} A treo riona od hj Jra D "Vounkli will bo erected and il lumlna'ed with olsttilc bulbs donat- ed by tho West Penn Powei Com- Bccauso of the lllnens of Mrs Relf and noveral of tho persons who wore to have taken parl the- can ata may be dallod off Mrs Hell Is bedfast -with grip at hei home in Morton H.VC nue ILS ure tho Rolf rlilldrcn Jack Sue and Fred Captain Ileif was all but down' hlniHilf OHterdaj bu! was able to BO aboul was rolnK todtij NEWMYER LEGION POST DISTRIBUTES TWENTY BASKETS Vanderbilt Bund loo, In Spread Iner Christmas Chocr. UNIONTOWN MAN 94 RECEIVES HIS WIFE'S ESTATE OF nurses and other patients it tlio hos- pital ovn Christmas muses nnri 10 othei cmplojcs also enjoyed (he Tlio Klwanls Club also remembcicd Its HOT on patient! at tho Johnstown Hospital and foi warded randy and othoi Koodlcs to the children then- A laifco tree locited In Jie nuiues dinlngioom of. tho Connellsvillo Stale lloapllal, was boaulllully decorated Thcio wcto Individual tiees in all ot the -wards and looms Donations to tl o hospital on Christmas jncliidod Omdy Oppmans Taxi, fruit Mrs Tiod 1 ilsboo apples ira D 11 ult und candy Mr andMiB Clmrlos Bailoj Infant shlrls and blankets C T U fiult, Mis W "tt and Mull mils and prtsents Won un Cultiix Club BOXES OF CANDY GIVEN OUT AT TROTTER; CHILDREN IN PROGRAM I OVER CHRISTMAS CARDS MAILED AT P.O. Eioryono Deposited by i O'clock Monday for Local Delivery Sent Out. POSTAL FORCE HOME EARLTt Lnnsnal Cooperation by PnWic 'J hanks of Postmaster s. Hoi himna and His Staff; Some Fiinre< to Afflv JlCfjulred VoHtiige Stumps More than 200000 greeting cards wero placed in the- noils during tlm week preceding Chiistmns Day Su permtendent of Mails Ra ph B Hyatl estimated todav The cancellation machine a-t thj offli e uhowod that there wore approxi- mately 200000 pieces ot C hrtstmaa mail during tho ruMi, In one- wook In addition to this about 11 OflO plecei that could not be handled thiough can elHtion machine canceled bj othoi methods durinr tho period Tlio Postofllce npp-oxi, mately 20000 Clmnmas package, the wwk bofo'c SERVICE ABOUT COMMUNITY TREE HELDMAN TO BE ARRAIGNED FOR DEATH OF WIFE By tinned Press C Ohio Doc Holdmnn, Loialu furnaee salesman will bo airalgned for murdei today in onnection with the death of his wile Waigaret, the phantom gunwoman was shot to death after ad- mitted killing Veiuuul Fouiu oal dealer Heldman has been held as a ma- eital witness since his wife's death !e claims she committed suicide but uthorltles attei an Inveetlijation, de- Ided to let county grand juiy eteimino whethei the stoiy is Una giving so as to bo prepared when the liutetldo seaflon opened Christmas growing is i oioid of huim fiom ii invaoions In fact tho most tieuoutt peat which at- acks w-hi e pmo oonsidered bene-Hcia lo growth of tho trees and e'uts off the top hertmg tie-es sm ill compact for p oas'ng docoratlon The atato Derartment of Forests and TVa ore in recommending lund- owners to grow Vo-way Spruce ae u.eing both lor waiei eou- wervation and as a lucrative produc- tion ou bai pea soil The plantings should be' made witi threc-ye-ar-old trees in squa-ios six feet apart CuttiugM according, to ox- ports should bo made Iho yours after Twenty four baskets of foodstuff vnro dlstr butecl on Christmas to thi i erh families in the lit town com Milton I Niwimei Post S'o 1S of 'he American Legion it ruiwsrn ponsriMd a 1 uletlde program on Mondn} evening w hleh w carried ut around a huge treo ereclcd on tho lawn of tho Legion TIomc Aftrrwarr1 legionnaires dislributed .20 binlcpts lo tho In Dawson borough nnr i utlyiiK districlR delivering the bus 1 ets to the homes rho Aim i lea i Ltglon Communlli innd was assisted by Ihe churcheii rnd Sunday HP tools in presentation I ft a ommunlty r-hristmns lit Llbcily Pieshjlorlan Churil lit Vauilerb It Join nikcls wero ilvon to Lhi nsiody at uidtibllt Hov Crawford Coultc delivered ill uidroBB on hrlBtnu s tn< Rev llllam i Scitlc- offered and imoked the bi m rilctlc n at Daw- u proKium The choii ol Phlllu O (.ochran M< mortal MUliotlixt 1 pis e iyal Chunli sant, rait In A In at WIIH u .JO (.hlldic.ii U w is a mourned today tint sin i emulnod li the lollcf fund ot lie Newnijci Post At Vnndcrbllt the American Community Band farniihwl music Choirs of Iho three churches T866 Rlon Ihe bulk (it thw property KOG-I to the Redbtono Frosbyt ry lu bo used for lOLal mission YOUTH SWALLOWS BLUEVITROL Bar ot South Cen- nellfiville is In tho Corne'lsuntj Stdtf Hospital because of pn son ha G to havo taken afte-r A rjuur rel h A girl 1-Ie has nuido no tatp-mont about tho Incidonl T he young man wafl roportwl to bo schools mil a playlet The Spirit of Cbrlritnms also by children Altai tho proRiam Santa Clans poreon ot Asstetant Mino Fore- man William Smldtkey mado his ap- pe-aianco, and with his aldos dis- tributee' about 1 400 pounds ot candy and seveial hundred caloidare Ai- Saita weio Superintendent Bonton Boyd, Store- Managoi William Wishart f L Robert Woinei and Michael Apparently every child At fho plant was in iiUeiHi It was the largest better tola mornin 1 o vi rol It and most ordeily gathcilng in many youra at tho auditorium p'Hnting, though growere for decoration ntiuke-t llllcl eirlier tings ar'o mo'D satlafactoiy fui tha rut- Doesn't Like to evei pio'dde couple never did so to 'CHRISTMAS TREES NEW PLAN Dumber ot homes in Conuells- I Men's ChofUS SlHCS were erected in 0 Her Suitors; Burns Homes By tin 1 tea YOXrTOSTOWNr Ohio Dec was hold Jn jail here todiv accused of buinlng the homes of two unwelcome suitois Both men narrow- ly escaped with thoir lives The -woman had wained the.u both that "she would fix them' if the-v didn't stay awai trorn her they said The men are M Himllton and John Hill Their houses were only small flame afCahs BOY SCOUTS OFFER MOVIE ON THURSDAY AS CHRISTMAS TREAT Troop 8, Boy Scouts will play host to the young: people uE the city Tlun s- day ovsuiiiK at 7 o clock it tho T nit d P esbyterlan Chuich Six iccls ot motion plclnios will be shown mi Iiitl- Ing a Tourieol foatuio entitled Ihe Deei Slayer" from the storv by Coopoi Two more leels will featuio a good comeuy All children unclci 16 nro invited this being a Christmas tieat spontoi ed and paid tor by thu boyu thom- selves hoplnn especially that Ilieio will bo many pieueni Theie will be no clmige At J o'clock 'jUuusday uttei ,10011 tl e same piogium will bo presented ut tlie Connellsvlllo State Hospital as a lulstmas tieat (01 those who mu t spend the holiday seauou theic wero and ..are. carols the g ith- o Ing Joining W Mitchell and Rev R P Biowell look pan in the seivieo Iho Goodman sisters aid Mis R r Tirowoll sang i the) M io Collins gavo it rending Negro With Extra Christinas "Cheer" Holds Up Motorists lames Pleisont Cissidv colored of Mount in bclnj? held for ourt on a chaise of operating u moto whllo under tl-o Influence of I itozicit- Ing liquor lie wan arrested at b o'clock Chr stman cvonhiK near Whistle Purk bj Ralph BurketL, i doput} sheitff The nemo romlng tow ird Connelln vllle, was visibly di unk the authori- ties mu and trnfil mcnt or the vostage bv the ad- ilreswe Approximately 150 tarda without postage were adrTes-sed for polntj the city Notices been sent to to si pply the necessary postage Superintendent Hyatt aald that this was an unusual, ly unrall number considering- the vol- ume ot many thousands ot Christmas greeting cards mailed ThH la an In- tU-ation that greater care is taken in ho preparation of maillnt bj the senders than, in cwvlous Thi -employe of the Cnnnollsvlllo fBc-e were enabled to got to their homfi Monday Ropublh is In a serious condition porch and lawns Xtse bulbs In place ot the old- made possible Illuminat- _________erected vtud would it otherwise impossible C'Margv. "with --ecfclees ot Scoltualo was Mayf lait evening He uwlei- ball by the fni will appear this Aid J E. "Wai- Carols at Hospital A double quartet of the eouue-lK- Ulle Mate Choriib wenf to the Cou- neHsvllle State Hoepttal Mondav ninB a.nd spent a half hour singing Chi litmus carols Fred Thomson, Screen Star, Dies After Operation HOLLYWOOD Cttl Use K ed Thomson noted stai ofwcstein fllnm died today at the Queen ol Anteli Hospital Ho underwent an opemtioii lust week toi gallstones III Sunltiiiluill. Ollletl n 10 me. well-known JUDGE GARY'S ESTATE VALUED AT 13 MILLIONS 1 ORK Occ iipprnihal of tie estate of Iho lato ludgo Ulbeit H hoiul ot tho United btate St ol Coipoiatifjn lit his oath Aup-imt IB places HB net at lil 072 .b ho appialsal was I uido Toi Iho York-Htato tax commission and wad based 01 HKUIOH prepared by Ihe New Ti ust Companj muiiii-ginv, ox cutoi and li UBtoc or tl o Ouiy eslilo Hla renllj lioUHngH Including Ills Ito icie ostato at Jo] icho N Y vul- neii at Gioua value of poi- soi al jiroporty was estimated at 700 061 of which icplc- sontod inoceeilb tiom iho unction snlo ot Hie nit collection I he I uBt company lias appiovod debt clalmi against the cUato 178 07J 01 .lira to stop and It was necoHHaiy to lire a couple of shots into tile an to frighten him flhomus Jackson also olorcd was a PIISB< ugoi In tho aiitimoblle A bottlo ot liquor WIIH tou id on poi- son lie was linod }2G and costs when Kivo i a hcarlnt butcre Polite trato J K this moinlni; Revival Services At Breakneck Negro May Die After Christmas Drinking Party Bad 1 (juoi yesterday tod in a cutting s-ciapo at Kid, a Pitts burg A. Likt l i lo Railroad cunn that may cuise Iho death ot DavS UtBej 16 coloietl lie IH .1 puUonl In the Con nellsv'llo fetito with a sell oils wound in tho abdomen n lontf gash mound tho luck punctured lunt and otb< i Htabs Acconlliif lo Utsov his assailants woie drunk men undoi ar- leet in (onnoctlon with tne aro J Jj IVIoory llotiry Notles and lullus all colorod Hospital authorities aro doubtful ot Utsoy a re- lu tho Unlontown Hospital lodaj Ilosiiltal authoiltlos u-c of the opin Ion the wounds .no- not of i lutal na uro und that she has a good chance tor recovorj She ib some- what Improved 'Ihe sbooling- took place Christmas morning about 11 o clock Capurl told pollco after tho shooting that he on- of a" tfrrod tho jesuiurint of Mrs Capuii s fathoi, James rwlo of Hopublic walkod up to tho booth In which hio wife was spited leading a magazine and asJtotl h< i to ruluiu home wllh Upon he refusal Capuii is Bald to havo gone o the home ol a hi oth- er obtained i utvolvei nnd icluined to Ihe lestauiiiit whoio ho Is said to havo. iliexl Iho nhots rollowlnj. the shootli g Capuii mado mas Gvo work at the PostofH.e was re- iuced to a greater extent this year ever known heretofore This londltlon was due In a Srejt measure lo tho of the jiatron? the ollro and the untiring efforts the of postal employes nnilec W S Bohanna PostmaBter Beho-nna extenr'ed his to the foi, nnd the public for the most excellent rooperatlon which made possible tlio lemarkablo workk in quick delhciy Ills escapo bui lato yonteiday affor- noon mailo his wuv to tho (jniontown Hospital to inquire Into tho condition of his wile As ho ontoicd tho ward Mis Capuii 1s Mid to hnvo raised up in hei bed ind sciciimed upon which hoi huslmuil left tint room only to walk InU) tho aunt, of Constab e Uiiny Hail ol Hodstone laniue who had tl iced him to Lniontowi KING GEORGE SHOWS GAIN covery aid tho men be held pond- Ing tlie- outcomo of h'b Injuilce 1 ho wounded man this morning .lid whtl-e one oC his asbjtlanlt, held him aiiolhe cut him wlji i knife Doc George the improvemei t which LONDON today hold permitted his half ullllon flubjocU, to celcbiata Chriatn-aa with the- cublom- ary hplilt At er a confiultut'on with his (olluiiguos, DUWHOU ot Penn surgeou to the king and inking ph5- in nt the jial ice, indicated In a st ite-mcnl to tlmt the' MT. PLEASANT STORE ROBBERS GET 25 YEARS FOR ANOTHER CRIME Spoclnl lo Tlio Courier MCTI NT PLEASANT Drc 26 _ S atn F'ollco at GiecnsburK 1 ave been that Bi uce RatclifC of Donoi a and Stunley lloilrinlnk ol New Ken- J-liiBton who woro uriested and found guilty in the roblwiy of a soi vice nu- ll'n only in Noiomb'i In bu- lon Doddrklgo W were sentenced to the penitential y for 5 vi in tlatilift and Redzlnlak woro idonll- is tho two ilfled the jewelry storo i t Moyer Poinei horc on vrmbc 6 and cxrhnncod a inund nn hhota ulrh n night witchmitn whllo milcliiK theii grtawij i in iho t vening thej hid stolen i loupe owned bj B Evans, of ML- onioi und used Ihls rai foi thoir diuli lo fie i alghboilnc state The an-cst ct the pali In Vest Vii- Blnla hais up i niimboi of i ibboricn lluoufcliolH Webtoin fet ito Police bellovs An o d-timo revival Is In piogress at 1 l Ion Bethel Chinch at Breakneck with H G Hoiendoen evangclls ot olumbla Citj Ind in chaifo e audlLMicos each evening are le potted with tievotal coiuerslons S 11 vices will bo held each evening Annual Report of Kiwanis Activities king slightly Iminovcd toda lloie Is u blight in both tho local and gone'ial (ondltlons, lit ig a palt ot the HOW movement Dawtoil said The- ntalo- me it w is nndc at 11 40 A "M at 15 o clock losldeut ot ComiellaUllu, has been tho Boys irom Home Police been asked <o tearch foV two lioye Lrf-ouard Skelton 10 a.iid lUibe-rt Cole U bot'i of the Ntrrows left their homes vwtordav about 1 noon u.nd mit Im in liudeuii baniluiium. T rucleau V since last Oetoljei loi liealnunt ,and cuiis 01 IcLtus fiom anj ol 1 Is iiuislcil and othoi ttiemla In ihc i will be gieitlj appieilateil Mhile icMlclout of Connellsvllle he i nifmbtn o( Kifei lo s oichestia ami also looU n ptotnintut pirt in olhei music d uctlMik" IU is a sou ol Mis V b (illicit ot New "koik luinellyot The Weather loiii-ht wca hei h uilu fciug iloudnesb and waimir olouily thu iooa toietubl tin 1'iiin- 'io aiiciuturo Hecoul. l'U3 1927 u M mmum Me 1 i nil) li (i0'Ii Ing W II MclSfhiii tin Kuecebsol of. Mi Dm p- til thcr oUle ib lie in NDW YORK Babe De.-id. Dei 21 bubj NEW FLU By United WASHINGTON, Dec 26 an estimated numbei of IMW eases in lowu IS statos icported to the United Stales Public HeaKh Scrv. lie of more than boy LI edited with healing the fathei-' cases of Influenza for tho week ending d lughtor breij-i in one ot Amoricis Decemlxi a On the basis ot past experience the seivico miniated today that there had been actually moio Uiau 420000 new- cases in the icpoiting territory dur- ing thu The lepoit bhowod the epidemic wnt. aci mlly increasing in the Mid- West tnieadlujf but dying In the West ror the week ending Deeembei Iho sei vice had stlmat- cd ihi'ii wi'ie cises. An aui mobile blol of K K KI.IUH i omo turn duiliiK I nt rovf-ied llits nioiniiu in hi In iHliu-e .1 "H _' .inH pioi i Iho gar in load night w is re It w i-, lotaled n 1 i inkliii ave mobt talked of tomantes is dead "Wlithout warning Jl-dayolil Irving Beilin Jr died ot t heait attack euny yeste-idiy bin SOUL. w. liter fathoi cinn his inothe the ionrer Wlleii Mackaj slept Mounting re- pltced tho antleii) iled eolebiatlou around tho Berlin Chrlhtmas tifi Pew i illera wire t c ce ved bu' among them w u, ClutiK-c Mackaj of tho Postal lilegiaph Comiiiny, the f uh( i who jn uticdly M <kij wlnn "-he muiiel to tho lewihh Jlerl n i fe-w yoats Ailiultteil (o llusjillal. Lydla Coolov of blicel WHH nclmitica to the Conuellsi Ille y ulo llaiuiliu v T muaL. 1 leion Rebels Killed. MEXKO Cm Dec 28 Eleven killed In a battle wltb. uoopo near CJuadalaJura, Guadala ira correapoiident of a Picioa lejwrtod today Tho ro mM the baltls occurred iJOtn city.

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