Tuesday, January 8, 1907

Connellsville Courier

Location: Connellsville, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Connellsville Courier on Tuesday, January 8, 1907

Courier, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1907, Connellsville, Pennsylvania The Daily Courier I 'tart Week Averaged I g.y. ADVERTISING In The Daily Courier Invariably Brings ths R-estilts. VOL. S, NO. 49. EIGHT PAGES. CITY EDITION. CONNELLSVILLE, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY S, 1907. PRICE, ONE CENT. P l'- PORTER AVENUE PAVING MATTIR IS AGAIN UP BEFORE TOWN COUNCIL. .'f Members Poster, and Felty "Engage in Wordy Battle in lif L, Which thher Damage Done. 1HEGARBAGE FURNACEQUESTION White Board of Health Notice That-Refuse Cannot Be Dumped In to After Next Established on Many Streets. To-wn Council's first meeting ot 'Mnnday afternoon one long drawn out. Careful steps were tiikon; no ac- tion taken without careful investigit- Mon, or the appearance of such, ut leiixt, and no attempt maclo at haste. Tc the Hat bills, amounting to over the Finance Comipitteo gave ca scrutiny, bne or two, ot a do'.- lav or BO, tvere held out for veriaoa- tion. The committee apparently wants to be able to tell a, Different tale if eatled on tiio witness atand again. a time it appeared that har- mony might not rclgn throughout the moetlng, for when the question of pay- InK bills came up, Councilmen Porter and Felty Lad a hot argument. Felty took toe floor and spoke at length on paving hills. He consulted Brown, who said that action co not be taken before the March of court Felty asked if, where Mitdlscm uvriluo, Miiln to Qomctorj- Slephen street. CVrnc'.ory stroct Lo John nllov. John alloy. M.iln to OmctiM-y strfct. rtdhlilus struct, lo M.iln atrocl. alrtot. Uobblns to "-John alloy Eliza htroC't, CVrm lory bLruel to John alloy. Pltti-burjc ytri ft, r.ilcji ullt-y to Glb- sori iivi-nuc. rioiuh I Vino strei't, to Airwtln avo- nuc. Sycamore stvouL, to AuHtin uvonue. N'C'Wtnyyr avouuo. Vino to Oalc strcft. C-Jreun avonuo. Auh Htruyt c.iflt Lo oiul. Marlcc't Ptospert street to brary avoaui-. i Uun nvt'nuo, AdiHtion. Eleventh strctit. Murphy uvonuo <o Peter stitot. Peter rtti-i'i't, Kayottc to Ndn.i IMrU aLreot, Murpiiy avtnikj to I-Mnu sti-oot. l Isabella, struti, Gruen to Oavldwon .avenue. Fair.-ioiv .LVonuo, I'lltslmrK ytrei't to ir.n roi't Tenth stn-cl, Pt'.'ich to Fuyetto Mtj-uot Qilocn street. Conin.il alloy, KJ-U Mulll to Quota strovl. Xtirih avi nuc. Monntss cret-k to Fourth strout. North alli-y. Wa.U r to IMttHbnrp sui.-cl. Apple strict, to Alain strict. Church i-ireut, Wutur tu ot. burden of the proof rests on the brtr- oogh. Here Porter rose to his feet and aated Felty If he was, driving at For- Felty said he wasn't drlv- ply. President k as Jfelty hac I that he waa but Porter .-wast efto talk. 'He'tna'de a lengthy statement about 'fha Porter avenue case. He fthijt'-the paving was never completed uilrn of the South tihh> .aid HUh School buildings The eomniiuco van iti >o <ti- ifclLi] to havu the wife rwwovutj irom I'rul. ofilcc ai.tt bmught Mown n( ilrw DIrcclois Norton, ALkin- bon, G.ins, McCIlnnis and were pri'M'iit iiL Tho.iHUror Holt made Uic following STIFF SENTENCE FOR LEU HART. LIGHT CONTRACT HADEV COUNCIL. West Penn Company and New Haven Borough Come to Terms. TWO VOTES WERE ACAINST IT. List of Bills for Labor, EU.( for the Past Month Ordcriwj the Burges and Borough Treaour. cr Showing Balances. AM member 9 with Uic reception ol Councilman Hobln Mcioi o WLTC- pi t aL tho rc'nulai month y ut' tho Town Council lu-Ul Monthij ev- Thu bCHHlon a short one princlpsilly Llut routlro bimmess boiiK ti rinnactcd. rl he .iccopUim o of iho I'onn Coini <iny in to Kurd to tho con trad wat, read unil (UM'UhMLul by inoinhi is prt'Hout all buing in favor of Uic oonlrucl, wilJi tho excopLion ami MuKky. Thu :-on'.iacL culls tor a tf-im uf Hvo yuai'H, coirnionc'fnj; 1 tuceinl-er I, 1 9 K; UuKmcc (HI. The report of Btireosb Solbaoa fur December is as L'olUnvh: p.-iij liiu-s 71 j ,u f to remain on Left iV-rfoltH u' Aslminu avoniu1, or Main i iivut, al. :i 7't I of per i'ach. 'flic Conn- c'l tS) JH'ivlh'KQ tu iiifl'L-ario LlcoiT-t' minify T sion; this num'ior at any time -vithln five Permit monuy.................. r, on yuars m, ;hn rtann ralo, IJ2 Norribt n., iu j.i HI 4 no i Foil't-ils li.ititl, thryc The following blllM were paid: A. D. Solsion, salary for O. MuOfnnlH. fu! and ux... J. H. DoiompK-............... Frank McCii'LIcti Gt'O. L'niucia Arch HotHilay Harry Mctjormlc k fam Mitts I. "W. Rutu-r EiorouK-h TI-CJIH Mm. G. !3. StllUvaicon. G. A. iluiSuttM, fo'-i-r.nin Bernard Nlohol.i1. street work. C. N. Balsloy. T. Mupplio'i J. A. CtinniiKhain, ropati s. Frlshoe i-luntvvaro Co Hiipplli G. H. Kennel On. Plan, illll l'o., m.U< ri.il. Willlnin In, pluinblrw S. IX Woods John A. J. IViuph'ton, bt.us li. Stjott, iiK'iX'hancISo...... W. C'oililn, hiiryt-iK Uoff3 Joa. H.ilfhlll. w.ithhiK sit. John Ktntiv F. E. Markcll, ill ugn.......... Dull Uoop iho present on until Xi'i'naL lights are burning. Treaburor Long w is instruct ud to riettlo with Mrs. W L. Dunn, wife of the lute T.ix CnUo-'tor L. on paynienl pf ?M '.0 on bol.h iho and 1904 tax duplicates, l Tlie following was HurKOh-i S. E. Net- it son'h report for December: of ,irn u'it, four; com m ltd d, t r.urucst. h.ilary. month. SI.17. As NolKtHi perv-d only 12 do nu days of Uio month ol' ho was paid only for tho iiumhor nf days on n Ed Ross Sentenced. E. E. Ross, tho Connellbvillc jeweler, convicted ot assault and and lurceuy by bailee, County Detective Alex McButh being the prosecutor, was sentenced to months in (ho work- house tnls afternoon. Auditors Organize. Tho County Auditors have organiz- ed, with. J. Frank Gray as President and John S. Riteuour u0 Secretary. W. J. Ruble U the other mumbct of tho Board. Has Diphtheria. ISIalcolm Scott, a known High School student, is ill with diphtheria it tho honjo ot J. T. McCormick No. -110 North Pittsburg street. fluty. Act I nc; lUii'KCSa .T. K. Da la Joy's report from December 30 to January 7 was follows; An o-Jty, r-Hcl flnr left for- five; illsinlsM'd on rnprimuiul, nno- rcctlvori from tlm-n, 1 in; mcfiveil from ,'ift; cnllcc-ii on order fronj J IT Kelly lo I. K WllUoy lor lmp( d iot.ii, 7 The Treasurer's report was us fol- lows: C'crtltH'itto No 17, duo January 1" a 'Hi intficyt rluc1 on s.tmo, Sl.'n.Oii- WIMU i.il lund over drawn idilaiico in ttuwi L fund, In; b.iJ- .inci' In p.Lvins fund. ID 1 tml.inuu la trfiisui v, The Interest on No. 17 was paid. The 1'ollowinK blll paid: Isaac Hay, h'ibot cr Thonun l.ihorer Andy CalhoLin, laboi i c Ch.it I t-M Cunulr.Knnni, hiuling. Harry I lay, n-pntrs Ali'X. T.u Health Omen- S. Croaslnnd cumpiir.y. ropnhn. SHORT MEETING. B.lls for the Current Month Paid and Reports Read Before New Haven School Board. AH mpmher.-, wen- prcspnt nt tiif r.'Kiil.u- ini'lillih nf the Nviv Sr-lniol Mould Mnuiinv uv piiln.'. i'rc'.-hk'iit Dr. G.ill JirvMdniK. Thi' iihii.il roiltiuu bti1- itL.-ib was trjinf. ii-tod. 1'cnit Klcotrlo ('iimiiuny, CuiiiU'llsvilli' <3oniiiMuy, ri'tit, JllMjO; Smith IJawilun, ha-niiu-, S2.DII. Mrs. b. nunn, wife of 'lu- l.'li TaM Colloclur AV. L. IMmn, was from an tax of Uu- of and cm tiio 1IIOI Cnl'i-viii! .I.iiin'.-, lupoituil In ihi' X.'.v llttM'ii Xntlori.il rccelvvil fni Inilldlnj; anil tiohuol NEW OFFICERS Elected at Meeling of Camp WaiUr E. Brown, Society of the Army o' tht Philippines. There was n large uirnoiil l.isi i IK'II nl tho nn-uiiiiK ol' i I. Drmvn, Army ol tin- n.cvtinK win linld In tiir unico m c', tain II. A Crow. 'I'hi mtwi imp L-) tion <if oilit'ors :'or tltc niHUing ThOHe cltni i.'n nix1 as fulhiwri: Tn lu.tmlnr, W. li Di'liu't, Vlro (Jnritin dur, Harry IJIshoi Ailjiituit, II. Crow; C. H H Joel C'. Stinwn; H M. U. Oooihvin. Crow annmmn d had hc'C'll .'iilvised Ih.1 NVar iJipi nient that Iho injd.iiK Iri I'hllipl vulcraas Kt'i-voil 1 I'yoinl tlu ir i liMLiiiunl in tho PhllipiiUit'S woulii for ilistrllrtdun will be ncltl on February 'I PISIDENT OF SCHOOL BOARD. Dr. H. F. Atkinson Elected to Succeed E. T. Norton, Resigned. A HIGH SCHOOL INSTITUTE I Proposed by Principal Dcffenbaugh It I Approved by Hugl' Stillw.iuon on tlie M.lttcrs Transacted at Meeting, 1C. 'I' iN'ur'nu -pi :i (Mi SrlKinl ll'iiril ,tl Us i-iv.ul.ir llloi'l lii< .M.....I., li.v iiiiinl.iirf ill his i -It- linn I'rfniil.MH. The .u-iioii l'''l sniiif, ljut aiuli'l- "'I.i Mr. Niirtiiii t iu1 MI.iv h.ivu :o lonvi' tin ;n v tun- i mov.tl b (ioubU1 up roonih. ,ind nn sli irt Mieir Tiintjlc in o- der to reao'i all Lli" sclinula. Aicnliee' J. C. Kullon reqiiehtud that hih pa> nn nt for a HOI of plans for au i buildfnp: be u'lt'idr.iwu. Hu I'xpei-ta to .-ee the lioai il wilhui a lime Lo consider the iniilUT. .1 r. M.ii'tin is an.viouy to tiinush tiludu trco.s for thu Soulh Side b.iildii.u, bii' his1 ommi'iiic itlon w.is J.ju] on thu 1 ibU-, (Jiu- ul (be ini'jnjois .suit's it 'In1 Smith Side COWH mijiiit not t iKe Kindly to the innova- tion, il. T. Wilson, in a rommunic.i- lioii lo -S Scht-ncK, oifored for a-i uld stov.' in the liasoniu'H ol! the Kniu! b d building, but tills w.is rufuntd. Ki.iuU llol'-ainl, J.iuttnr at the Souln Side hntldlu z, t'cimricd lli.ii ;L on one of l bo radiators iu tho foabi1- mcnt ft Llif ni-w Soutl Side building broken oil1 and noodH ri'paiilng. Tbn ni.Utor will te taken up fit once the American Wanning tic Venti- lating Comp.my. )i il W. in li-kin If. 'I1 WIlMill t .t i.'-i Mjppl'i llr< NVvv." 1'uh. printing Sth'll J an sllppll- illl. ml ilruin l-iuill. llf-villi- J'linhlK Mill i ii s Thi- Conrio! C'.i printing i oniit run i-o.. n-paii I II in- ]lHVtll illness ot Swiotar: Gco. It. Iti-uu-n, IJr. Atkinson 311 this IMirncity. Hoiitlnp liiinlnusu was. Irani- actcil. Ifeilth OIliciT Allen Hyntf unmiiinc- Hint he li.in notill-'d the Wlato Heallh Dopartmcnt tllat after thin riprlriK no inoro K.u-baKO may be (lumpiMl In ihu Yunijh rivor. The mat- tor WHS to I'tnvn FARMER KILLED. Samjcl P. Johnson Run Down by B. i O. Train at Stewarton. Saintiol I' Juhnsoii, ,v farmur o: nc.ir .Mill Run nni over and near HU'wnrtun Monday lli.s body was illscDVori'd hy .L passl'iK Iioif4lit crow and briiiiKlu lioro to tho t c'hl.ibluiJunuu oi'J, 1C, Sim- The Identity of the victim waa not, Gb- labllHhod until tliib morning. The body badlv mangled Tin fon- tururt bo'nj; almost mire- only JI.IIKM-S on lilts person were lound in a pooketbuok. Thcio was one sheet 11oin a. calendar, bistrlug the dale, "'Xlnirsilny, .lanuaiy 3." An- oilier n momor.inrtuin from Jus- tice of tht Peace Krank Millor of town, reading' "Balance duu on and lino, Sq utro Milk1.' tippoared at moi'Kue this niornlnK and irlonfjfled Ihe body. A brother-in-I.iw, U. Slaughenwhile, oC town, took chtirge of tho body. .Tolnibon's wife die] about 30 yi-jrb JJe lived on a farm ne.ir Mil1 Tluri with his year old Ktliel John Johnson Mill Run, Mrs. II. II. SlaughGnwhito ol town, bi'oiher nnd sister, and two sirf- UTS in tho West survive. HO was about 1j 3oars of ntfe. Johnson will bo buried tomonow afternoon at i.JO .U Mill Run. Cervices at the United Brethren Church, UNIONTOWN, Jan. an order handed down lais morning by Judge Robert E. Umbi an end will be pnt to the tralllc In hotel licenses which has 'iJ i boon Koing1 on hi the county for i in months past. Those now hi-vins bo- -M tels will be compelled to hold on to oidored j tneni. unlms di nth or bankruptcy or death overtakes them. Judge Umbol'd j ift i order was as t'nllows: im in r to pivu liquor Jiccrsc hold- M 'H) oi n lair not Icy. it is aiinoun jnd thnt (-7 after ibo Ilrst MondiLy In March, 3007, 7'l no nppMo.'UJrtn 'or rt triLllhtVr will bo honi'i ur fiiU'rl, In CJIHG of tit-, i Hi or insolvency. It- will a IHO bo i hiiL t ni.irlr nt tho Mini It itJ'in of court can maintain only is mi j until tin u'nd "f the present liccnso DIt A rm M.iy I. T" continue lonpcr. ,ippll< -itloii i must, be at iho j coining Ht'HHlun. I This order vluilly concerns the hotel 1 keepers of Fa; etto county. During the jKibi months tlicre htvQ been an unusually large numbers of trans- lei'b made, the result of much hotel speculation. With these tranrfens has como a rise in Hie cost of hotels, and, incidentally, a rlbo in tno price of minks. Judge Reppert this morning sen- tenced Jaihes I1', of Browns- ville to ye.irs fn tho penitentiary for hhooling his brother, Leon ird Lett- hart, last Humjiicr. The vi< tlm lin- geicd between life imd death for sev- eral weeks, but lias since i'ully re- covered. State Senator S. Crow madu nn'carneil appeal for leniency in Lunhart's beli.tlf, stating that under tlie conditions, the shooting waa jus- Lenhart hatl. Crow Kifd, not 1 loon sivcn a lair share of Itis fath- er's estate, brooded over his troubles until ho was not In his right mind. Ho is yeans of age Judge Hopper t, in handing down t.he fcen- tonco, said Ihtil Ihe case was too well known to roqiihc lengthy comment. Tbo case of licrthanna R. N elite and others, alleged f'eirs to the iaie Berth- anna H. Smith oa ConnoHsville. against JJ. jr. Kepharr, to have him removed as administrator oC that estate, will Ilkoly come up sometime this after- noon. All t-ho witnesses aro present. Tho Moore Heirs have petitioned that a guardian be appointed for "Wil- liam H. Moore "f Now Haven, who. It Is cliilmod. Iff not able, physically or menially, to take care or his share o! an estate. He has about JS.OOO in cn-sli and property valued Tho petitioners fe.ir that he may ifc- coino tho vlcti-n of bomo designing pei son. A hoannff will be held within tho next two wrdks. M. Rankln has hocn granted .t divoi'co Tronj her 1 Rankin, afler the case had hun pond- ing for more Ui-m a year. Tho couple lived in German township, nnd later moved lo Whai'ton They cmild never Peter G. Sotiis. the Unlontowii Greek, has beer, declared a bankrupt and Sheriff M. A. Klefer has been dJrooted not. to tho proper1 y which has boon levied on for debts. The Masontown Distilling C'ompnny has notified court to the effect MARKLE APPOINTED To Succeed S. E, Nelson As Burgess of New Haven. I'NFONTOWN, Jin. order of oourt waa made thia moinlug ing (Iroi'KO A. Marklo Burgi o! Xew 1 on, to surcuof] S 12. Nelson, ro- The wiia of a surprise, for !l wan gener- ally belie vi'd thnt no appointment would bo made, owiiiK to the close approach of an Mr, Marklo a iavorlte In tbo ririninp, and bki beleriion was d, in the MIJO ol1 anv hrjinK made. The court ftiativl that Iho until ion of A. S. Had- dock was ttNo flluU. Noon Weather Bulletin. Rain or snow and colder tonight; Wednesday snow Hurried and colder, li, the noon weather bulletin. 3 thnt it has harped all aRcnts ami drivers, and will employ no more in tho J'ntiire. No reason Cor this action is assigned. A rule has boon Issued on Gcorsc C. .Marshall of Union town fiirecfcfns him (o appear nnd prove bis claim to a halt-Interest In two tracts of land in Dunbar township, nggrGKattnK 100 acres. D, C. J-'oltz claims the prop- erty. The potition from Bullskln township election district No. ,1, that tho polling place locntod In (ho residence of Flunk Foravthr. has been held over, no reasons ft ,i chnnjje aro aeslRn- ed There Is a vacancy In the position of Majority Inspector In this district to ho (Hied. Harry Moon was sentenced to pay a line of for opening a pit lamp in the mines, cont "iry to law. Rosso YlscontI and Joe Ellfe of. Dun- bar were lined ino and costs each for violating the pure food law ia the il- legal balo ot! olive oil. the negro v ho fired bcveral shots at a West Penn street car at Morroll, and who in turn waa shot by ConsU'Jlo Duncan in Dunbar hcvenil weeks was given a. severe lecture and sentenced to thrse years In tho penitent.ury for htb crime. James an old offender from. Brownsville, wns to the penlten- tlary for three years on a charge nf larceny. Rate has served several terms in the pop.

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