Clearfield Progress, September 10, 1966 : Front Page

Publication: Clearfield Progress September 10, 1966

Progress, The (Newspaper) - September 10, 1966, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Tniiiietbure, ssion Automatic Pilot wiu be sisaas 4ten TJ. Or Tri A nxvi._i ,1 Tomorrow; Conrad fr" chatty man, sburg Firm on Another wry a 24-hour delay Iorcinfi early stages of ih the TJ.taiJ 2 at that ti emini lls cape, sends ra g on the lar Atlas ne of a siml Conrad, normal- th second straight dav i astronauts were mi autopilot, which then f "ight on the fir f ti u man, said had bcp sleeping. e suu The times civen f them to the e d s launch the r Attempt tc S'rlH Slf" "XSi GOP ils Platform Colls for Constitution Convention; Pledges aci-non 2 tends from Route election County Group Sets Meeting At ClearfblJ be beginning at 10 a Saigon... Fighting Flares On Viet Elect on wniMution. American C L ,-WarnS Boards to do it. white ago to block three W from integration of initial today His Sw wanS'3013 Schools. may in- to school g. Was lne governor ..Uluer. WMC district For Railroad Work River Road Senate _ -r Highway Case decide that vr teachers Department, schools rails he repainne f Railr.oad --o local no rg n t2 rw Annual County Form Tour Set For Next Week Adelines Talks Bin near Inside The Progress Classified Ads approved Staess Sports ]1 Obituaries 6' 7 Hospital News..........2 Editorial, Columns..... Social News Church News Z Hello World 1C C f intersection The claimed this They train on the Two mines .cars off the Sljf Persons w other incidents news conference" rn the -OUL cairt iu rjlP f irn ._ liJiig IT13 V Please Turn to Page 10, Coi. 8 of 0m.Pson miles South thai ate, sound. It May Develop south of the Generally fair and the most Pag Page 2. Col 8 RJv.r Friday 7 p. m. 5.20 feet Committee, whkh aung that a three [X "n asks wiih K _ Claims ifc j rttssarrf Carmichael 25 wa. "impeding ir, to Thursday dcnng" Wn- judge m 'n Accidenfs "ttLCi Friday low 48; Hish 82- Overmghr low 50. Mjd Sfof. rport Friday low 72- Ovarnioht fow 41 For Schools in Area markable new her Rebic driven in of 11-40 n, at have cvents a month xd'Stnbuted school y Progress HIM on theatr ck atSOI Lea afternoon NEWSPAPER! HE WSPAPER! ;

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Publication: Clearfield Progress

Location: Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Issue Date: September 10, 1966